Witcher 3 Broken Flowers Which Horse? (Perfect answer)

When Morvran challenges you to a horse race, you may pick from 4 horses: Cantarella, Nemrod, Chestnut, Zerrikanian bay. You may pick any of them as they all have the same stamina and speed. The only difference being their color.

  • Ok, here’s another question about Broken flowers. Does the choice of the horse in the Vegelbud race matter later in the game? The first three horses are pretty obvious: the grey mare represents the witcher’s neutrality, the nilfgaardian and redanian steeds are the two powers at war, but what about the zerrikanian one?

Which horse do I bet on Witcher 3?

It does not matter which horse you choose as they have the same stats. If the Baroness goes to the races with you than she will bet on Nemrod no matter what.

How do you beat the broken flowers race in Witcher 3?

Broken Flowers

  1. Help Zoltan chase out the tramps. Before you can continue your investigation, you need to clear out the ruffians inhabiting the building.
  2. Search the ground floor for clues using your Witcher Senses.
  3. Read Dandelion’s planner.
  4. Talk to Zoltan.
  5. Talk to Vespula.
  6. Talk to Elihal.
  7. Talk to Molly.
  8. Win the Race.

How do I get the black horse in Witcher 3?

Wait until the final part of the “Blood on the Battlefield” main quest, when Ciri’s father will reward you with a black Nilfgaardian mare if you refuse to take money from him for bringing Ciri home.

Which girl knows where Dandelion is?

Zoltan and you agree that the woman who knows most about Dandelion is his fellow performer named Priscilla. She plays at Kingfisher Inn nightly, and Zoltan suggests meeting him there after sundown. Make your way there and meditate just after sundown.

Where is crow’s perch?

Crow’s Perch is located southwest of Burned Ruins and northeast of Troll Bridge.

Can you tame wild horses in Witcher 3?

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt can use Axii on wild horses to then ride them. It can also be used on multiple horses, so Geralt could essentially “tame” an entire herd.

Why does Geralt call his horses Roach?

“Płotka” is the Polish term for a female horse, and it’s also an informal version of the word “płoć,” which literally translates to “roach” or “roachy.” Geralt is known for favoring mares over stallions, therefore, the monster hunter’s preference ties his steed’s name to Polish terminology.

How do I start Broken Flowers Witcher 3?

The quest will start automatically after the seance in the Novigrad Dreaming quest. Go to the Rosemary and Thyme inn at the entrance gate to Novigrad (M6,20) to meet with Dandelion. Instead of the bard, you will find Zoltan there. The meeting with the dwarf will start with a fight with four unwelcome guests.

Can you romance Rosa Witcher 3?

Rosa Var Attre is never again featured in The Witcher 3. But after a few minutes of clicking through the many threads on this particular sidequest (apparently a significant number of other players had had a similar reaction), I discovered that this is indeed the only way that the Var Attre relationship can conclude.

Can you buy new horses in Witcher 3?

If you desire a more permanent replacement, you will have to wait until the final part of the “Blood on the Battlefield” main quest, when Ciri’s father will reward you with a black Nilfgaardian mare if you refuse to take money from him for bringing Ciri home.

What breed of horse is Roach?

If Geralt visits Emhyr after he finds Ciri, and does not accept the coin offered, when he leaves he is granted a black Pure Bred Nilfgaardian thoroughbred stallion.

Is Roach a special horse?

Roach is in many ways a unique horse. Some of Geralt’s frequent run-ins with magic and monsters have rubbed off on her which means she can do extraordinary things. This means, there are some details about Roach that you might have missed.

Does Geralt sleep with ESSI?

Essi and Geralt then had a long talk, where Geralt told her he couldn’t reciprocate her feelings but would sleep with her if that’s what she wanted from him. The two then proceeded to have sex, clearing up all the tension between them. She then curled up with Geralt and soon fell to sleep.

Is Priscilla based on Essi?

Her character design is likely based on the book character, Essi Daven. Even after the main game’s ending where Dandelion can tell you Priscilla is better and back to singing, she’ll still be at Vilmerius Hospital lying in bed.

What are Dryads Witcher?

Dryads, Aen Woedbeanna in Elder Speech and eerie wives by the Rangers, are the female inhabitants and guardians of the Brokilon forest. They are known for their amazing archery skills (they can easily kill a human from the distance of 200 feet), as well as their love for the trees, forest and music.

Broken Flowers

Broken Flowersis amain questin The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After finding thatCirihad contactedDandelionwhile she was inNovigrad,Geraltsets out to locate thebardat a brothel he had acquired, theRosemary and Thyme.


You should go to the Rosemary and Thyme, where you will discover two vagrants who have been ejected by Zoltan. After a nice meeting, four more vagrants arrive, so help him deal with them. After the fight, converse with Zoltan where Geralt ultimately discloses Ciri could still be in the region. Zoltan regrettably has some terrible news: he has no clue where Dandelion is, having gone while Zoltan was abroad. As a result, you’ll need to search the first level for any remaining clues. While the plannernear the entrance where the vagrants came in is the one you need, you can opt to browse about and check some other things and letters first if you so like before going to the planner.

Once you read the planner, you’ll get 500.

If you don’t, you can run into an issue later on and have to come up with another solution.

Talk toVespula

When you come across Vespula, a washerwoman, you immediately learn that she is being harassed by Whoreson Junior’s goons, which you promptly report. You have a few options to pick from: Having finished, she is available for conversation; however, she becomes unpleasant when Dandelion is mentioned because, after he made promises about them being together, she discovered him at the harbor with another woman after a week of interrogating her about the washer women at the bathhouse, and she kicked him out.

Talk toElihal

This elventailor is located in theFarcornersdistrict, just outside of Novigrad, in the city of Elihal. However, they do not know where Dandelion has gone, adding that the last time they saw the bard was when he came in to get some tailoring done, but they were more interested in questioning Elihal about Kalkstein and how he badly wanted to see the alchemist than anything else. Unfortunately for Geralt, the alchemist was recently slain in one of the pyres, which is unfortunate for him. After you’ve finished the dialogue, you’ll be rewarded with 150 points.

Talk toMolly

Depending on whether or not Aryan was slain, the dialogue may go in a somewhat different manner. Make your way to theGildorfdistrict, where Maria Louisa La Valette has an estate and where Molly works.

  • Maria greets Geralt and the two of them proceed to the Veelbud Residence, where Molly is now hiding
  • If Aryan was slain, Maria expresses scorn for her son’s assassin and returns to the house where her son was killed. If Molly no longer works at the inn, Morvran will inform Geralt that she no longer does so because, when Maria’s nephew visited the inn to pay his respects for Aryan, he happened to meet Molly and they soon married, making her Lady la Attard, and she now spends her days at the horse races near Vegelbud Residence

If you want to race Morvran before Molly arrives to Vegelbud Residence, you can do it there before she arrives. If you win, you will receive the superior racing saddle. It’s possible to interrogate Molly about Dandelion once she emerges; however, she hasn’t seen him in a while, and their most recent encounter was when Dandelion came by to borrow currency for a barge.

He has also been spotted with his sister, who is a blonde-haired lady, according to her as well. Once you’ve finished chatting, you’ll receive 150 points. You can then speak with Morvran about whether you want to fast travel/ride back to Novigrad with him, or whether you want to proceed on your own.

Talk toMarabella

A school in The Bits, close to the La Valette estate, is where Marabella is currently working as a teacher for some of the students. You have the option of waiting until the class is finished or, if you indicate you are unable to wait, you must then answer the students’ questions. After that, she talks about how Dandelion spent their last visit poring over a mold-related book before pointing one out to her, evidently not seeing her lack of interest in the subject. You’ll receive 150 points at the conclusion of the talk.

Rosa var Attre

The Var Attre estate is located in the Gildorfdistrict. Assume you’re the new swordplay instructor, and the guard will accompany you inside the classroom. If you didn’t question Zoltan about her earlier, instead make your way around the left side of the estate (as you face the main entrance) so that you pass through the Passiflora’s garden. Following the garden/cliff walls on the right until you reach a breach in the fence is where you should stop (sometimes a vomiting nobleman is standing around here).

  1. When you come across a body with a love message written on it, you’ll know you’re on the right track.
  2. However, upon discovering that you are Geralt, “Rosa” will inform the guard that you are her new training teacher and will direct you to the training room, where she will be with you shortly after.
  3. Following your successful completion of bringing her health down to half or allowing Rosa to beat you up, you may discuss Dandelion with her before she wants a rematch.
  4. The discussion will return to Dandelion if you agree to offer her private fencing lessons if you wish to complete the quest Fencing Lessons later.
  5. Dandelion was fond to aKoviritrobairitz, whom he referred to as “Callonetta,” and this was revealed by the characters.
  6. If you wish to take Fencing Lessons, inquire about the time and location before departing with 150.

Talk to Zoltan

After you’ve spoken with everyone on your list, return to the Rosemary and Thyme to chat with Zoltan, who has recently purchased anowland and is attempting to train it to communicate. After not learning anything on his own, he inquires as to what Geralt has learnt, which leads to the revelation of Dandelion’s strange conduct as well as the varied descriptions of the lady. Because Zoltan is able to figure out that they’re speaking about Pricilla (who isn’t on the list), he says that Dandelion prefers her over any other lady.

Make your way to the inn when the sun goes down to see Priscilla put on a small show for you.

The following day, when Elsa sees Geralt, she will accuse him of being a murderer, but she will be dismissed by the other patrons, and Priscilla will intervene.

Her revelations include the fact that Dandelion was plotting an assassination attempt on one of Novigrad’s most powerful crime bosses,Sigi Reuven, and that the last she heard, Dandelion was being followed by Whoreson Junior’s men.

Naturally, you’ll need to speak with Whoreson Junior in order to learn more about Dandelion, but in order to do so, you’ll need to locate Sigi Reuven in order to find out where Whoreson Junior is located. The adventure will come to an end here for 800 points.

Journal Entry

While in Novigrad, Geralt learnt through the dreamer Corinne Tilly that Ciri had contacted me and that I was in the city. For this reason, he made his way to the Rosemary and Thyme, a wonderful institution that I had obtained from an admirer of my poetry, because he had reasonably anticipated that I would be present there. His hunt for Ciri appeared to be closer than it had ever been to a successful end. Unfortunately, fate had elevated his dreams just to stomp them to the ground in a terrible manner.

  1. His anguish was slightly alleviated when he came upon our old acquaintance, Zoltan Chivay – but the dwarf had only recently returned from a lengthy journey and was unaware of mine or Ciri’s plight.
  2. With the exception of a few triflings, the only thing they discovered was a planner that had notes on the ladies I had seen in the days leading up to my absence.
  3. Geralt engaged in conversation with the women in whose company I had previously been honored.
  4. Priscilla, a well-known and gifted trobairitz, was mentioned in their stories, and Geralt concluded that she might be able to provide further information.
  5. Whether he liked it or not, the witcher was in for an evening of exquisite culture, at the conclusion of which he wanted to have a serious conversation with the artist.
  6. As Geralt became increasingly aware of my predicament, he decided to swim to my rescue in my leaky boat, complete with no paddle and surrounded by crocodiles that preyed on human beings.
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  • Make your way to the Rosemary and Thyme
  • Assist Zoltan in chasing away the tramps
  • Make use of your Witcher Senses to search for clues on the ground floor. Take a look at Dandelion’s planner. Talk to Zoltan about it. Discuss the situation with Vespula
  • Discuss the situation with Elihal
  • Discuss the situation with Marbella
  • Find a way into the var Attre villa and escape. Keep up with the guard
  • Take a wooden practice sword and go to work. Continue to follow the guard
  • Beat Rosa
  • Keep following the guard.
  • Win the horse race
  • Travel back to Novigrad on your own or with Voorhis to complete your mission.
  • Consult with Zoltan about your options. After sundown, meet Zoltan at the Kingfisher Inn for a drink. Talk to Zoltan about it.


  • A reference to the characters in Fifty Shades of Grey appears in Zoltan’s description of Marabella
  • The quest name, Broken Flowers, is a reference to the French-American film of the same name starring Bill Murray, in which the main character chases down five ex-girlfriends from his past
  • And


  • If you were successful in freeing the spirit in the Whispering Hillock, you will discover a letter on Marabella’s desk stating that “New admissions to Miss Marabella’s refuge are now being accepted.” Names and identifies each of the orphans ofCrookback Bogby’s name who have unexpectedly arrived asleep on the threshold of the shelter, indicating that the evil spirit followed its promise by saving the youngsters.


  • It is possible to clip through the wardrobe into the next room as soon as the quest is completed. If Priscilla starts going towards a wardrobe after completing it, if you move in front of her and engage with her before she turns around, this is achievable. This chamber, strangely enough, has an Assassin’s Trousers
  • Nevertheless, you are unable to leave the room since the exit door is locked. Interestingly enough, these pants are the only ones of their sort that have been identified as being lootable

Broken Flowers – The Witcher 3 Wiki Guide

Broken Flowers is a recurring task in Novigrad, according to an advertising. Geralt is attempting to track down Ciri’s friendDandelion, and the most obvious trail to follow is that of the ladies Dandelion has romanced in and around Novigrad. You may start by visiting his company, RosemaryThyme, to learn more about this route. When you arrive, you’ll see the dwarfZoltani kicking some ruffians out of the way. Help an old friend out by cleaning up the area. When the ruffians have been driven out of the premises, use your Witcher Senses to explore and locate Dandelion’s planner.

  • You and Zoltan decide to divide the list (which is fairly lengthy) and start in search of them.
  • He has a bit extra knowledge about each of them that he thinks may be useful in the future.
  • When you arrive at her laundry company, she is being harassed by goons who want money from you.
  • When the guys have left, speak with Vespula about Dandelion before continuing your journey.
  • Make your way over to Elihal the elf’s tailor shop in order to meet him.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of Dandelion and be able to continue on your journey.
  • When you go into the classroom, she will be in the middle of instructing a group of youngsters.

The last is really amusing.

Once you have that piece of information, you may proceed with your journey.

Rosa, according to Zoltan, was in need of a fencing coach, as he suggested before.

Make your way to the basement and give Rosa a brief tutorial in sword play before disclosing that you just want information about Dandelion.

It is the only method to unlock the side mission ” Fencing Lessons “, which is required to complete the game.

advertisement Molly is the final, although not the least, member of the group.

When you get close to the home, the mother of Arjan from The Witcher 2 comes out to greet you.

If he is still living, she behaves in a much more courteous manner.

Greetings from General Voorhis, who can be found in the interrogation quest ” Imperial Audience.” He offers to accompany you to the races, where Molly is expected to appear.

When you arrive, the general will offer to race you for a reward of a nice saddle, which you will gladly accept.

Go chat to Molly when the race is done or if it does not take place to find out more about Dandelions’ “sister.” With all of your new knowledge about Dandelion, return to the RosemaryThyme to compare your notes with Zoltan, who will be waiting for you.

She performs at the Kingfisher Inn every night, and Zoltan advises that they meet after dusk there.

Enter the building and take in the performance. After then, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Priscilla on your own and discover that Dandelion had crossed a powerful villain named Whoreson Junior. It’s time to track down Junior and find out where Dandelion has gone missing.

The Witcher 3 – Broken Flowers, Zoltan, Dandelion, Superior Racing Saddle, var Attre villa

Broken Flowers, Zoltan, Dandelion, Superior Racing Saddle, and var Attre villa are all featured on this page. If you want further assistance, ourWitcher 3 walkthrough might be of use. Dandelion, Ciri’s old buddy who is now the proprietor of a pub in Novigrad, has come to your attention in your dreams. If necessary, leave the inn (maybe taking advantage of the innkeeper’s ample supply of food and drink on your way out) and deal with the alcoholics on the street.

Broken Flowers

Select your method of dealing with them, whether it is by offering them money, utilizing the power of suggestion, or simply sending them on their way with no further interaction. After that, follow the goal marker to the Rosemary and Thyme, fending off any thugs or bandits who dare to assault you as you make your way through the city’s murky streets. Aid Zoltan in his pursuit of the tramps. Before you can proceed with your investigation, you must first sweep away the thugs who have taken up residence in the premises.

  • Talk to Zoltan about Ciri and Dandelion after the tramps have vanished from the scene.
  • The tavern’s ground level appears to be deserted, so activate your Witcher Senses and begin looking for clues on the ground floor of the establishment.
  • Take a look at your Inventory and read Dandelion’s Planner for a list of women’s names along with driving instructions to their respective residences.
  • Talk to Zoltan about it.
  • Consult with Vespula.
  • When you arrive, you have many options for appeasing the guys who are bothering your target: you may either pay over the money owing to them or stop the conversation and quiet them with your sword.
  • Talk to Elihal about it.

Elihal may be found in a modest structure in the vicinity.

Before you depart, chat with Elihal again if you’re interested in exploring his wares.

Speak with Molly about it.

Continue walking through the streets until you reach the Baroness’ residence.

Finish your conversation with the general at the estate beyond the city gates, and if you want to try your luck at earning his saddle, agree to take part in a race on the estate grounds.

Take First Place in the Race You’ve logged a significant amount of riding time, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty winning the competition.

Speak with Molly about it. Locate Molly in the spectator stand and have a conversation with her regarding Dandelion. You should finish the conversation after you have gathered all of the information you require. Voorhis and Baroness La Valette will accompany you back to Novigrad, if you so choose.

Find Marabella and speak with Rosa var Attre

It is necessary for you to return to Novigrad in order to accomplish your current task. You may, of course, return on your own bicycle, having the opportunity to explore your surroundings. You can also approach Voorhis and the Baroness (who are located at the top of the spectator stand) about joining them on their journey home. Speak with Marabella about it. Returning to the city, descend the stairwell and take the short stroll to your next location. Inside the school, select whether you want to wait for the class to finish or disrupt it.

  • If you’re feeling patient, take a few minutes to go about the classroom and see what you can find.
  • Continue to work your way through the conversational options to learn about his interest for fungi, and then put the conversation to a close.
  • Attre To bring your inquiry to a close, exit the school and travel north, returning to the city’s more wealthy sector by way of the stairwell.
  • In the event that you inform the captain that you have come to visit Rosa, he will dismiss you and send you on your way, requiring you to find another entrance inside the home.

Get inside the var Attre villa

Figure out how to gain access to the Var Attre villa. To get access to the villa, you have two options: navigate your way around the rocks to the back of the house, or make your way via the dangerous sewers. It goes without saying that the first option is the simplest. Option 1Start by facing the entryway to get your bearings, then follow the wall around to the left, proceeding down the steps. A little distance farther down the route, the buildings begin to crumble, offering an expansive view of the surrounding farmland and countryside.

  • After there, look for a little ledge a short distance farther on and descend to the grassy trail that winds around the boulder.
  • The opposite side involves dropping down the next ledge and climbing up the rocky ledge to the right.
  • (Optional) Option 2: Facing south, with the villa door in your rear view mirror, seek for the steps leading to the south-east corner.
  • Once you’ve down the ladder, follow the sewage channel to the north-east, where it will take you in the direction of the goal marker.
  • At some point, everything will come to an end, and you will emerge outside, with the countryside extending beneath your feet.
  • Remove the love note from the body on the ground and climb the final rock to get access to the villa garden.
  • Proceed to the main building and present yourself to Rosa var Attre.

Take a wooden practice sword and go to work.

Continue to follow the guard.

Rosa should be avoided at all costs.

No worries, she’s a piece of cake to defeat in combat; all you have to do is keep whacking her with your wooden sword till the session comes to a close.

After that, clarify that you’re seeking for information about Dandelion in particular.

Now she’s a little more combative, able to block your assaults more effectively and able to take more punishment before giving up.

After that, politely deny Rosa’s request for a one-on-one private session, inquire about Dandelion once more, and attempt to defuse the resulting quarrel.

Using ourWitcher 3 walkthrough and guide, you will be able to complete the main plot, as well as theWandering in the Dark andFamily Mattersmissions, and ultimately reach one of several possibleWitcher 3 endings.

Learn about the best Witcher 3 builds, the greatest Witcher 3 modifications, how to generate money in Witcher 3, where to discover Places of Power, and how to do Witcher 3 crafting and Witcher 3 Alchemy, among other things.

We can also assist you with expansions such as our Hearts of Stone guide and our Blood and Wine walkthrough if you’ve completed all of those tasks.

Meet with Zoltan at the Rosemary and Thyme

Consult with Zoltan about your options. Take use of the time before leaving the villa to look for treasures. When you’re finished, head back to Zoltan’s Rosemary and Thyme for a drink. Engage him in discussion and share all of your newfound knowledge about Dandelion with him. To bring the dialogue to a close, find out more about Priscilla. After sundown, meet Zoltan at the Kingfisher Inn for a drink. Exit the Rosemary and Thyme and make your way north into the center of the city. Following your arrival at the Kingfisher Inn, proceed inside to relax and take in the entertainment.

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Offer your assistance in rescuing him, so putting the present mission to a conclusion.

– Return to the index page of this post to see the remainder of ourWitcher 3 walkthrough guide.

Broken Flowers: The Witcher 3 Walkthrough And Guide

Broken Flowers is a key quest in Novigrad in The Witcher 3 and takes place in the city of Novigrad. It is your responsibility to locate the Dandelion in this location and speak with his acquaintances about him. Here’s a tutorial for the Witcher 3 levelBroken Flowers. This quest is recommended for players with a level of 11 or higher.

Go to Rosemary and Thyme

Your first task is to travel to the Rosemary and Thyme neighborhood. On the map, you can see where the place is. As you approach the front door, a cutscene will begin to play. You’ll meet Zoltan, a dwarf who will become your new best buddy.

Defeat the tramps

After the cutscene, use your fists to fight the tramps and complete the mission.

Search the room

Look around the room for any hints about the Dandelion’s disappearance. Make use of your witcher’s sixth sense. On the ground floor, you’ll discover a barrel and his personal planner. To find out what the next clue is, read the Dandelion’s Planner.

Talk to Vespula

After then, you’ll see five different locations on the map. They may be found on the map below, where they are denoted by the quest symbol. Vespula is the first lady, and she lives in the southernmost part of the kingdom. As soon as you arrive, you’ll come across several bandits. We went with the phrase “Vespula has new protection.” You only have to mention The King of Beggars and they’ll let you go without a struggle!

Talk to Elihal

After that, go to a neighboring residence where you’ll meet Elihal, who happens to be a male.

Look for Marabella

Following Elihal, you can seek for Marabella, who is located within the city. She works as a teacher, and there will be some little children around. You have the choice of waiting outside or selecting the ‘Can’t Wait’ option. We selected ‘can’t wait,’ and she will present you to the other students in her class. From here on out, it’s all good-natured banter.

Talk to Molly

Next, locate Molly, who happens to be a member of the baroness’s staff. It’s more convenient to accompany them to the race track. In the course of the chat, you will have the option to race with the general.

If you do, you will be awarded a superior racing saddle, assuming that you win the race, which is unlikely. You can even pick your own horse if you so choose. We went with Cantarella, the first horse we saw, but Nemrod was recommended.

Win the horse race

Next, track down Molly, who happens to be a baroness’s secretary. I think it’s more convenient for me to accompany them to the track. In the course of the talk, you will have the option to race against the general. Assuming you win the race, you will receive a superior racing saddle as a result of your efforts. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting your horse. We settled on Cantarella as our first horse, although Nemrod was also a good choice for us.

Talk to Rosa

Rosa var Attre is the final woman on the list. She’s in the mansion, and she’s surrounded by security. When you knock on the door, a cutscene will begin to play. Geralt was barred from entering because we said, “I’m the new cook,” throughout the course of the talk.

Find a way into the villa

It is simple to enter into the villa by walking towards the left side of the courtyard and then towards the back. You’ll be able to access the villa’s rear compound by climbing up a flight of stairs. When you walk towards the sounds you hear, a cutscene will begin to play.

Follow the guard

After that, accompany the guard to Rosa’s training grounds, where you will serve as her new sword teacher. Take the wooden practice sword out of its sheath.

Beat Rosa

Then, as Rosa’s new sword teacher, you’ll need to accompany the guard to the training grounds. Grasp the wooden practice sword and prepare to battle.

Consult with Zoltan

You should return to Zoltan after you’ve finished meeting the five people on the Dandelion’s list. Following your meeting with Zoltan at Rosemary and Thyme, Dandelion will ask you to meet Priscilla, a poet whom Dandelion admires.

Meet Zoltan in the Kingfisher Inn

After that, proceed to the Kingfisher Inn. After the sun goes set, you’ll have to come inside. Meditation is only permitted outside the inn. If you come inside this room after dusk, a cutscene will play, during which you will be introduced to Priscilla’s singing. After a few sequences, the quest comes to a conclusion. Articles that are related: Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for An Eye for an Eye: The Witcher 3 The Witcher 3: Redania’s Most Wanted Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Ciri’s Story: The King Of The Wolves is a fictional character created by author Ciri (Witcher 3 Guide) The Witcher 3: Defender of the Faith Walkthrough and Strategy Guide The Witcher 3: Novigrad Dreaming: A Walkthrough and Strategy Guide Walking across the Pyres of Novigrad: A Witcher 3 Walkthrough and Guide The Witcher 3: Fake Papers: A Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Broken Flowers – Novigrad – Walkthrough

Important Items in this Area
Letter from Frann
Letter from Bohmil de Rabbe
Letter from a Female Admirer
Dandelion’s Planner
Love Letter
Eithne Card
Gwent Players in this Area
Zoltan Chivay – Eithne Card

House Cleaning

Then, after leaving the Golden Sturgeon (if you haven’t already), peruse the notice board near the tavern for the notice “Contract Issued by the Temple Guard of the City of Novigrad,” which begins the quest “Deadly Delights.” Once you have the notice, you can go to the notice board near the tavern and pick it up. It’s well within your financial capabilities, but let’s stay on track for a change and go see Dandelion. His residence is located in the docks district, just north of the aforementioned bridge that joins the docks district to the nonhuman district, to the north-west of the “Gate of the Hierarch” signage.

  • And it just so happens that this gorgeous voice belongs to Geralt’s old acquaintance Zoltan Chivay, who happens to be a paragon of dwarfdom.
  • In this scenario, on the other hand, you have something in common: Dandelion has gone missing, and it is in everyone’s best interests to track him down.
  • There is a “Letter from Frann” hidden in a barrel at the front door.
  • His diploma may be seen on the wall next to the north-western door on the first floor.
  • Another trophy of Dandelion’s may be found under a table, alongside an eccentric portrait of the bard, which is worth mentioning.
  • In addition to the boring looting that may and should be done on this level and upstairs, there is also a lot of other stuff to accomplish.
  • While this is all well and good, it is necessary to explore a wine rack behind a window near the door in order to locate “Dandelion’s Planner,” which has information on Dandelion’s most recent meetings.
  • Read the book in your inventory to discover a few names: Rosa var Attre, Molly, Vespula, Marabella, and Elihal, just to mention a few.

After you’ve finished reading, speak with Zoltan again and inquire about the people that have been named. Once you’ve completed the task, you’ll be rewarded with five objectives: five females to speak with as you continue your hunt for Dandelion. Joy.

Flowers in the Non-human District

It’s best to start with the areas you’ve been to the most often and extensively. Return to the nonhuman district and go to the south-western corner of the island in order to locate Vespula, who has gotten herself into some serious danger. Make a choice between paying what she owes (200 Crowns) or convincing them that she is under protection from the King of Beggars, or say anything else to incite a scuffle. After you’ve gotten rid of the Bandits (levels ten and eleven), you’ll be able to speak with Vespula and get some of the information you need to track down Dandelion.

Objective Reward
For getting information from Vespula 150 XP

Once you’ve protected one of Dandelions blossoms from Whoreson Juniors thugs (on the left), you may head over to Elihal. Is there an elf that dresses as a man? It’s not that unexpected, to be honest. Isn’t it true that elves exist? (right) Get back to the merchant’s shop on the north-east side of the bridge that joins the nonhuman district with the bigger island to the south, which contains Elihal’s lair. Inquire about Dandelion and. elves, to be precise. What else is there to say? Questions will bring up a number of topics, including the demise of Kalkstein, an alchemical buddy from the first Witcher game, which he will mention (a well paying one, at that).

Well, that’s life.

Objective Reward
For getting information from Elihal 150 XP

Sewer Secrets

They may all be located in close proximity to one another since they all live around a plaza at the northern end of Novigrad’s core district (which is referred to as “Gildorf” when you first reach the city), immediately south-east of the Passiflora and the “St. Gregory’s Bridge”signpost. But first, locate an open sewage grate towards the northern end of the area, next to some steps, and use it to avoid dealing with any of the females. The sewers may be reached by descending the ladder. From there, proceed north-east.

Assassinate them, examine several containers on top of a wooden platform for treasure, and then demolish a wall to the south-east of the wooden platform, which leads to a tiny chamber with mediocre loot within.

Well, that’s life.

which brings us to another point.

The Gildorf Three

Return to Gildorf square and make your way to the southernmost of the three markers in order to locate the estate of the baroness la Valette, a lady with whom Geralt has a longstanding relationship. That is not the type of history I’m talking about. When Geralt comes knocking on her door, she’ll be the first one out to welcome him, escorted by none other than Morvran Voorhis. Anything north of the Pontar, even a “neutral” city like Novigrad, appears to be a perilous location for a Nilfgaardian general, yet Morvran appears to be at ease enough to participate in some local races, to which Geralt is invited.

When Morvran arrives to the races, he will blabber on about horses before challenging Geralt to a race.

Once you’ve won, Morvran will follow through on his offer, and Molly will eventually be pointed out to you as the winner of the game. If you speak with her, she will provide you with further information on Dandelion.

Objective Reward
For winning the race Superior Racing Saddle
For getting information from Molly 150 XP

Engage in some horse racing (on the left), then converse with the third flower, Dandelions (right).

A Barnful of Trouble (Level 11)

While you’re out here. well, you may as well check out some of the sights, don’t you think? The first step is to travel south from the racetracks in order to locate the “Vegelbud Residence” signage. If you so like, you can now quickly return to Novigrad if you so desire. If you travel north-west from here, you’ll come upon a signpost that says “Wheat Fields” at a junction. It is possible to discover Carsten, both as a town and as a marker, by traveling south-west along the road from the “Vegelbud Residence” road signpost.

They’ll lock you inside so that you can deal with the monsters who have taken up residence inside, who just happen to be a quartet of Ghouls (level eleven).

Objective Reward
For killing the Ghouls 25 XP 20 Crowns

Find one of the new signposts out here and use it to return to Novigrad in a short amount of time. Then return to the plaza, where the other two girls are waiting. This time, proceed towards the eastern-most one, taking the stairwell down to the lower elevations where Marabella resides to arrive to her residence. When I walked into her house, she was in the middle of instructing a class of youngsters. You both agree to wait until class is finished before speaking with her. Continue to put up with her poetry, discover more about Dandelion, plunder the school, and then depart.

  1. Take the elevator back up to your room and proceed to the north, past the well, up some stairs to find a house guarded by a group of Nilfgaardians.
  2. It is necessary to travel east of the Passiflora and south along ledges, jump a gap, and scale some rock walls (one of which has a dead body on it, as well as an unopened “Love Letter” nearby) to reach the back, where you should speak with Rosa.
  3. As you enter the home, take a Wooden Sword from the guard and proceed downstairs to a training chamber.
  4. Fight Rosa and reduce her down to half her life expectancy in order to compel her to speak more.
  5. You’ll end up sparring with her again after you’ve asked her a few questions about Dandelion.
  6. Accept the invitation to begin the quest “Fencing Lessons”.
  7. In any case, her more traditional twin sister Edna will show up and talk about Dandelion in depth, providing you with the additional information you require.

The timing of your response isn’t important, nor is the optional dialogue you can engage in with them; just make sure you confirm your interest in teaching Rosa more swordplay before moving on.

Objective Reward
For getting infromation from Rosa 150 XP
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You should return to Dandelion’s bar, where you will discover Zoltan attempting in vain to teach an owl how to talk. Afterwards, inquire about his new acquaintance, and compare notes to discover that, to your surprise, you have been more productive with your time. Dandelion’s mystery woman, who will be performing at the Kingfisher Inn later that night, is identified by Zoltan. You’ll be there before you know it. First and foremost, though, speak with Zoltan once again and engage him in light conversation if you so want.

  1. Of course, elderly Zoltan enjoys a game of Gwent!
  2. Play him and you’ll discover that he’s equipped with a fairly rudimentary Scoia’tael deck, consisting primarily of cards with the “Muster” ability, some weather cards, and “Commander’s Horn” cards in abundance.
  3. If you defeat him, you will receive the “Eithne”card, which is a 10 Strength Hero Card that may be used in Scoia’tael decks.
  4. also has an excellent deck of cards on hand
Objective Reward
For beating Zoltan Chivay at Gwent 25 XP Eithne Card

Zoltan proudly displays his freshly acquired, and oddly-dressed, pet (left). In the wake of considerable in-depth professional analysis, Geralt follows the trail of leads to the object of Dandelions’s continued affection (right). Anyway, walk over to the Kingfisher, which is located around the north-eastern end of Hierarch Square. this is the same tavern where you played Gwent with the Innkeeper Olivier, if you remember that. When you enter, you’ll be treated to a concert, after which the innkeeper from White Orchard will appear and accuse Geralt of being a witch.

Inquire about Dandelion, and after yet another detour, you’ll find out what the bard has been up to recently.

Objective Reward
For meeting with Priscilla 800 XP

CCC: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide/Walkthrough – Story 11

Broken Flowers is the eleventh story in the collection. STORY NO. 11 – Withering Flowers Level: Objective: Recommended Level: Objective: Pay a visit to the Rosemary & Thyme garden. Geralt will now have to chase down Dandelion after meeting him in a vision earlier in the day. The first step is to pay a visit to the Rosemary and Thyme Bed & Breakfast. As you go out the door with Corrine, the dreamer, you’ll be accosted by a bunch of inebriated individuals. To get them to leave, you may either bribe them, use the axii symbol to persuade them to go (for some free experience), or force them to leave.

  1. Even though the rear door will be shut, when you approach the main entrance, an old buddy will appear and “unlock” it for you in a dramatic moment.
  2. They appear to have taken exception to being tossed out into the street and have returned to express their dissatisfaction by pounding on the pavement with their hands.
  3. They will escape the building as soon as they have lost all of their health.
  4. Using your witcher senses, search the bottom level for clues to help you solve the mystery.
  5. Pick it up and bring it up with Zoltan to start another conversation.
  6. To read it, go to your inventory and find the newly discovered planner there.
  7. The goal is to speak with Vespula.

On the outskirts of the city, there is a washerwoman (close to the Rosemary and Thyme).

As you get closer, you’ll notice that she is pregnant.

Vespula has been given new protection.

Following that, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with Vespula.

The goal is to speak with Elihal.

Enter the cabin to discover the tailor who is waiting for you inside.

Ask Elihal about Dandelion and then depart the hut; it’s a rather straightforward task.

The problems have begun to set in.

In the midst of your conversation with them, the baroness will come, escorted by General Moorvran Voorhis, whom we saw previously in the Emperor’s palace.

After that, he’ll offer to show you the way to the villa where she’ll be staying if you want.

You’ll be challenged to a horse race by the general as soon as you get at the villa.

Because the race is pretty long, you’ll want to employ the traditional blocking method (slow down in front of the general’s horse while you regenerate stamina in order to keep him behind you) to your advantage.

After the race, you will get the opportunity to speak with Molly (or whatever her name is).

Molly (since the game says Molly over her head, thus Molly it is) is in charge of finding the missing Dandelion.

Following your thorough listening, climb/jump to the top of the pavillion where the general will be waiting to take you back to the city in a short amount of time (quick travel).

The goal is to speak with Marabella.

It is agreed that she would wait outside (listening to the class discussion is rather hilarious) and that she will come in and speak with Geralt shortly after.

My brain cells, my priceless brain cells, have vanished, never to be seen again.

We’ve reached the final woman on our list.

AttreAh is the lady who has a habit of savagely hitting fencing teachers.

Speak with the captain of the guard and inform him that you are the swordplay teacher that the woman has been looking for.

When you reach the bottom level of the home, you’ll notice that the basement has been converted into a sparring room, where Rosa will be waiting for you.

If you are at an acceptable level, the combat is rather straightforward.

Alternatively, you might simply hit her with fast light attacks while dodging away when she retaliates.

Following your successful acquisition of the final piece of information you want, Rosa will challenge you to a rematch.

The struggle, on the other hand, is exactly the same in every way.

Fencing Lessons becomes accessible as a secondary quest option.

The goal is to consult with Zoltan.

Objective: After sundown, meet Zoltan at the Kingfisher Inn for a drink.

When you walk through the front door, you will be taken to a scenario in which you will finally meet Dandelion’s love interest.

Dandelion will be discussed after the performance, and Priscilla will tell you about two guys that he recently became brutally “acquainted” with after the performance. It appears that we have found a new lead after all. This mission has come to an end, and a new one has begun.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Broken Flowers – walkthrough – The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough

FollowingNovigrad, Oxenfurt, and the adjacent areas The City of Novigrad is a free city. JuniorPreviousNovigrad, Oxenfurt, and the adjacent areas The City of Novigrad is a free city. Novigrad Daydreaming is a fictionalized account of a real-life event that took place in Novigrad, Russia, in the year 2000. Here is a walkthrough for theBroken Flowersstory quest from theWitcher 3 Wild Huntguide, which you can find on this page. The answer provided below will assist you in meeting Zoltan, will explain how to begin the quest for Dandelion, and will demonstrate how to effectively win the battle with Rosa.

  • Meet-up with Zoltan in Rosemary and Thyme
  • Meeting with Vespula and Elihala in Rosemary and Thyme
  • Rosa var Attre and Dueling Rosa

Meeting with Zoltan in Rosemary and Thyme

The book of dandelion Following the seance in theNovigrad Dreamingquest, the quest will begin automatically after the seance. Follow Dandelion to the Rosemary and Thymeinn at the entry gate to Novigrad (M6,20) to meet up with him. Instead of the bard, you’ll come acrossZoltanthere instead. The meeting with the dwarf will begin with a brawl between the dwarf and four uninvited visitors. After then, look for a hint that will lead you toDandelion’s whereabouts. Pick up the book that has been left on the closet shelf beneath the window.

Now it’s time to chat to the ladies.

Vespula, Elihala, Molly and Marabella

Vespula Vespula is the first woman you will come across as you approach the gate. She will require your assistance after being attacked by four bandits. You have three options for dealing with your adversaries:

  1. Be victorious over them
  2. Make up a story about the woman being under the protection of the King of Beggars. Pay 200 crowns for her services

Following your talk with the girl, you can visitElihal, who has a shop to the east of the location where you encountered Vespula. He will not be able to provide you with much useful information. During the mission, you will have the opportunity to compete in a race outside of the city. After then, you can speak with Molly. She resides in a house near the notice board in the city’s center, which is convenient for her. The situation may become pretty exciting – you can accompany the baroness and the general to a horse race and compete in it – you may even win a unique saddle in the process.

Once again, you will not be provided with any valuable information.

It is possible to enter the baroness residence by the later route.

She is not going to provide you with any relevant information.

Rosa var Attre

The final young lady is Rosa var Attre, who resides in the city’s northernmost reaches. She will have some of the crucial information you want, but not nearly enough of it – you will need to contact other females as well, anyway. Take the wooden sword and put it to good use in the training. Make your way to the front door. A guard will stop you; if you want to get inside, tell him you’re the new fencing teacher and he will let you in.

The only alternative is to travel around to the rear of the building and through the rocky passageway that leads to the garden. Following the talk with the girl in the garden, proceed to the building with the bodyguard. Carry thewooden sword with you and proceed to the training facility.

Dueling Rosa

Fight with Rosa in a brief fencing match before the match. You will engage in a brief sparring session with Rosa. You’ll have to steal nearly half of her health from her. The second round will begin immediately following the conclusion of the talk. Taking away the remainder of her health is your responsibility this time. After the chat, her sister will arrive, and after a little discussion, you will be able to leave the house. Pay attention to the speech, though, because Rosa will ask you about fencing lessons two or three times throughout the game.

After you’ve spoken with the last female on the list, return to Zoltan’s room.

After then, wait until the sunset (if needed, you can use meditation to pass the time).

Next Novigrad, Oxenfurt, and the adjacent areas are included.

JuniorPreviousNovigrad, Oxenfurt, and the adjacent areas The City of Novigrad is a free city.

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