Star Stable How To Lead Your Horse? (Best solution)

Once you’ve bought your ‘lead horse’ training, all you have to do is hop off your horse, stand by its head and click the lead button that will appear as a prompt on the screen in the bottom right-hand corner near the horseshoe menu. THen you will grab the reigns and begin to lead the horse.

  • When leading a horse, make sure that you lead it from the left side, meaning that the horse in on your right hand side. Keep it relatively close to you and stay on the horse’s shoulder level. Never wrap the lead-rope around yor wrist or arm. Don’t let the horse run in front or behind you. What is the highest level in Star Stable?

At what level can you lead your horse in Star Stable?

Star Riders who are level 10 and above can go to the Horse Trainers around Jorvik and learn how to lead their horse for a small fee of 135 Star Coins.

How do you lead a horse?

Always lead from the horses left shoulder with your right hand about 15 inches away from the head of the horse and with your left hand holding the lead neatly coiled or folded. Don’t let the lead drag on the ground where it can be stepped on.

What is the safest way to lead a horse?

Note: You should always lead your horse with a halter and lead rope attached to the ring under the chin. If you have been riding and need to lead your horse, remove the reins from his neck by bringing them back over his neck and head and lead with two hands as you would with a halter and rope.

What happens when your star rider runs out?

If you pay for say, 3 month star rider and it runs out, then your progress doesn’t end. You are confined to Fort Pinta and Moorland though, and can’t continue with the quests. If you get it again, the quests will continue, and you will have all the areas you were able to go to before, unlocked once again.

What causes a horse to rear?

Rearing can be caused by fear; a horse that sees something alarming in front of it may stop and, if asked to continue forward, may rear rather than move ahead. A rider that is particularly hard on a horse’s mouth with the reins and bit may provoke a horse to rear from the pain the horse feels in its mouth.

Will a martingale stop a horse rearing?

Rearing is a serious problem and needs to be addressed by a competent rider and trainer. Yes, a martingale will keep your horses head down, making her less likely to rear, but I don’t believe it will solve the problem. It is merely a solution to a symptom. You need to ask your self, why is my horse rearing?


Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Update, everyone! Horse in the lead After much anticipation, the long-awaited “lead horse” option has finally been available to us. Horse Trainers are now able to instruct you on how to properly lead your horse! The horse trainers in Jorvik can now teach Star Riders how to lead their horses for a nominal charge of 135 Star Coins. This is available to any Star Riders that are level 10 and higher. Simply getting off your horse, standing by its head, and pressing the ‘lead’ button that will display on the screen below the horseshoe menu is all that is required once you have purchased your ‘lead horse’ instruction!

Silverglade is decorated for the holidays.

After having a good time with the Christmas goats last week, it’s time to go to work on the Councilman’s Christmas stocking, as well as finishing up a few more things for the Christmas tree.

Clothes that are brand new Head over to Jorvik City Plaza to have a look at the amazing new clothing that is available!

Meanwhile, while you’re at the mall, you may assist the Janitor with a festive Christmas quest!

Horse Market is a place where you may buy and sell horses.

Story Quests are coming up next week!

You’ll need the following items to get started straight away with the new missions that will be released next week: – to achieve the highest degree of reputation with The Lightning Circle (admired) It is preferable to have finished the mission in which you assisted in the healing of the Sleeping Widow’s roots – to have completed the sealing of all Pandoric fissures I hope this information will assist you in getting started with the new narrative quests that will be released next week!

Our anticipation is building as we look forward to seeing all of your photographs and videos of you leading your horses.

Warmest regards from the Star Stable crew x

How to lead your horse in Star Stable

Anyone who has worked with horses knows that one of the most rewarding aspects of having a well-trained horse is being able to lead it. Simply guiding a horse about by the reins is a fantastic experience, as a creature that is powerful enough to walk right through you demonstrates faith and patience in your ability to provide direction and control. The good news is that if you know what you’re doing, you can lead your hoses in Star Stable with relative ease. The bad news is that you will have to achieve a specific degree of proficiency in order to be able to execute it.

Horse Trainers can be found around the city.

AB A variety of horse training facilities are available, including Marley’s Farm, Silverglade Equestrian Center, and New Hillcrest.

Then you’ll take the reins and begin to guide the horse in the right direction. When you are not wearing a bridle, you will not be able to lead your horse. You just have to pay for the ability once, and even if your membership expires, the ability will remain unlocked for you.

Lead Rope Function

Lead rope is a function that allows the player to lead their horse by the bridle of the horse they are riding. aHorse Trainer sells the function for 135SC and may be acquired from them. The player must be at least level 10 and a Star Rider in order to participate. Once the player has purchased the function, it will work on all horses with the exception of Spirit, and the fee will not be incurred again in the future. Despite the fact that the player’s Star Rider membership has expired after purchasing the feature, they will still be able to utilize it.

As a result, a horse’s head silhouette will be displayed on the dismount button and the user will be required to click on it before continuing.

This move is only accessible if the horse is wearing a bridle, which is not always the case.


  • While the method the player leads a horse is reasonable from a game mechanics standpoint, it is an inappropriate and potentially dangerous manner to lead a horse
  • The feature was added to Star Stable Online on December 16, 2015.
  • In almost all cases, horses should be led from the left side, with the lead held by two hands (preferably with the leading hand holding the lead about 8 inches from the chin and the excess lead in the other hand), and with the horse walking alongside the leader (never behind or in front of the leader)

How To Lead Your Horse Star Stable?

What Is The Best Way To Lead Your Horse To Star Stable? In Star Stable, what is the highest level at which you may lead your horse? After much anticipation, the long-awaited “lead horse” option has finally been available to us. Horse Trainers are now able to instruct you on how to properly lead your horse! The horse trainers in Jorvik can now teach Star Riders how to lead their horses for a nominal charge of 135 Star Coins. This is available to any Star Riders that are level 10 and higher. What is the proper way to lead a horse into a stable?

  1. Grab the horse’s left shoulder with your left hand and, with your right, aim towards or press on the horse’s left shoulder with your right hand.
  2. Continue to go ahead in order to stay with your horse while it moves backward.
  3. When you cancel your membership, you will also cancel any recurring payments associated with it.
  4. You will still be able to play at the beginning regions of the game once your Star Rider membership has expired, and none of your game progress will be lost.

How To Lead Your Horse Star Stable – Related Questions

Marley’s Farm is a tiny farm located northwest of Silverglade Village. It is owned and operated by Marley. Marley is the owner of the property. The Barrel Race and Marley’s Paddock Track are both staged at this location each year.

What to do when a horse tries to walk in front of you when leading?

To halt, Amy recommends that you walk a few feet with the horse following behind you and then stop.

The horse will not follow you until you apply a little amount of force to his collar. If the horse sneaks up behind you, almost collides with you, or attempts to move past you, reverse him several paces and urge him to stay quietly for a minute.

What is the safest place to approach a trapped horse from?

Follow the horse for a few paces, then come to a complete halt,” Amy instructs. The horse will not follow you until you apply a little amount of force to his collar. If the horse creeps up behind you, almost collides with you, or attempts to move by you, reverse him several paces and urge him to stop still for a minute.

Where can I feed my horse in Star Stable?

When you’re ready to feed your horse, drag the hay icon from your inventory to your horse and drop it when the icon has a green outline. Watering, grooming, and choosing your horse’s hooves are all everyday chores that you perform to keep him healthy. Feeding is one of those activities.

Where can I find jorvik wild horses?

The Jorvik Wild Horse, of course! What store do I go to acquire it? One horse can be found at Fort Pinta, while three horses may be found in Valedale.

What is the fastest horse in SSO 2020?

Winning Brew, a Thoroughbred, holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest horse in the world, clocking in at 43.97 mph.

What is the cheapest horse in the world?

The fact that horses may be costly is undeniable, with some horses fetching more than a million dollars on the open market. Fortunately, numerous breeds on the cheaper end of the spectrum will sell for far lower costs. Quarter horses, Mustangs, Paint horses, Thoroughbreds, and Standardbreds are the horse breeds that are the most affordable on average.

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How much are the new Gotland ponies in SSO?

For 750 SC, you may get a Gotland Pony, which belongs to the Gen 3 breed. South Hoof Farm is home to all six of the variants on the theme.

How much do you have to pay to be a star rider?

The first five levels are completely free, but you must subscribe to get the full game experience. Monthly memberships are available for $7.49 per month, three months for $19.50 per month, six months for $31.99 per month, and a lifetime subscription for $69.95 per year. You actually can’t accomplish anything without subscribing to some kind of service.

How do you know if your a star rider?

Being a Star Rider grants you access to all of the game’s content and places, but you will still need to level up and unlock these areas for yourself. A particular reputation or character level is required for some regions, and gaining a higher level can only be obtained by questing.

How do I cancel my star rider?

You can cancel your Star Rider membership at any time by login into your account and selecting Account at the top rightSettingsCancel Subscription from the drop-down menu that appears.

What level do you have to be to unlock Epona SSO 2020?

In addition to having reached level 16, you will need to have performed the following tasks to gain entry into Epona: – Assisted Helga with her summer villa.

What is the max level in Star Stable?

Star Stables on the Internet The current maximum level for the player is 23 (with modifications) and the greatest level for your horse is 15. The current highest level for the player is 23 (with mods).

Is Star Stable horses free?

Star Stable is completely free to use. It is necessary to be a Star Rider in order to fully unlock the game and have access to all of its adventures and objectives.

Where is silverglade Equestrian Center?

With its location in the heart of the estate, the Equestrian Center is protected from the elements by strategically planted vegetation and intelligently constructed hedges.

The Equestrian Center is comprised of four buildings, the majority of which are constructed of timber frames with white infill.

Who is Marley in SSO?

Marley Summers is a farmer who lives on his farm (Marley’s Farm), which is located northwest of the village. He is the youngest son of Ronnie Bob Summers and the brother of Courtney, Barney, and Carney Summers.

Where is Holly in Star Stable?

Holly was born and reared in Los Angeles, where she met Erik and Madison Hightower, who introduced her to their family. Erik was the one who took the longest to warm up to her, while Madison was the one who warmed up quickly to her. Erik became her husband after she fell in love with him. They made the decision to relocate to the South Hoof Peninsula.

What are horse afraid of?

Bags made of plastic. Plastic bags are practically every horse’s greatest fear when it comes to handling. On their own, they cling to tree branches and emit eerie noises that are hard to ignore. Plastic bags are quite frightening to horses, and it is better to keep them away from them at all times.

How do you lead a horse to refuse to go?

Flick the whip or rope so that it comes into contact with the horse’s rump if the horse continues to refuse to walk forward on the lead line. If the horse takes the initiative and walks forward, give him praise and walk forward with him. If the horse continues to refuse to move, keep flicking at him, increasing the amount of pressure with which you strike him.

What to do if a horse approaches you?

If you do decide to approach him, proceed with caution and say his name to prevent shocking him into action. The condition of his lip should revert to normal once he is up and moving around. In contrast, if the slackness in his lips remains while he is awake, he may be suffering from an accident or a neurological condition. Inquire with your veterinarian about the situation.

How do you send a horse to a horse island on Star Stable?

In order to send your horse to Horse Island, you must first click on the bulletin board located in your home barn. You’ll notice a tab titled “My horses” where you may select which horse you’d want to send away on a wonderful vacation, as well as what sort of vacation you’d like your horse to go on!

At what level can you lead your horse in Star Stable? –

Levels 10 and up are considered advanced. After much anticipation, the long-awaited “lead horse” option has finally been available to us. Horse Trainers are now able to instruct you on how to properly lead your horse! The horse trainers in Jorvik can now teach Star Riders how to lead their horses for a nominal charge of 135 Star Coins. This is available to any Star Riders that are level 10 and higher.

What happens when your star rider runs out?

If you pay for, example, a three-month star rider and it expires, your progress does not come to an abrupt halt. You are, however, restricted to Fort Pinta and Moorland, and you are unable to continue with the tasks. If you receive it again, the missions will resume, and you will be able to access all of the locations you were previously able to access once you get it again.

How do you get Star Stable?

How to get Star Stable from the internet. In order to begin your Star Stable Online journey, you must first visit the company’s website and either log in to an existing account or create a new one.

Click on the “Log In” button located in the upper right corner of your screen to begin your session. To register, simply click on the Play Now button.

How do I get my horse to lay down SSO?

Where can I get Star Stable to download? In order to begin your Star Stable Online journey, you must first visit the company’s website and either sign in to an existing account or create a new account. Click on the “Log In” button located in the upper right corner of your screen to begin your login session with us. If you want to sign up, simply click on the Play Now button.

How much does it cost to get lead ropes in Star Stable?

How to Download Star Stable from the Internet. To begin your Star Stable Online journey, you must first visit the company’s website and either sign in to an existing account or create a new one. Click on the “Log In” button located in the upper right corner of your screen to log in. If you want to join up, click on the Play Now button.

What is the fluffiest horse in Star Stable?

News from the Star Stable. The fluffiest horse in the history of the world! The 16th of October, 2019. Greetings, StarFam! The Curly horse has always been one of the most requested Star Stable horses of all time – and guess what? It has finally here! Greetings, curly-haired gentleman!

How to train a horse to lead in GTA 5?

Simply get off your horse, stand by its head, and click the lead button that will appear on your screen, near the horseshoe menu, once you’ve purchased your ‘lead horse’ instruction. One of these trainers will sell you the lead horse training that you need.

How does star stable work with customer support?

On a daily basis, the Star Stable HQ staff reviews all of your comments on Facebook and Instagram and all of your letters to Customer Support, and we’ve been seeing some really incredible ideas.

Star Stable: How to lead the horse

You should pay close attention to what we have said in this post since we will be teaching you how to guide the horse in Star Stable.

What to guide the horse in Star Stable,

A monster that you can train and lead in the game, it is powerful to walk directed by you, and it teaches you to be patient and confident when leading it, as well as allowing you to guide it by the reins.

How to guide the horse in Star Stable.

Additionally, you must reach at least level 10 before you may visit the horse trainers in Jorvik and pay the 135-star coin charge to learn how to ride a horse. Read more about it here. If your horse trainer instruction has been canceled, you may hop off your horse and stand near to his head, click on the leader button next to the shoe menu, then grasp the reins and begin directing him. The horse trainers are located at New Hillcrest, Marley’s Farm, Silverglade, and Equestrian Centre. In order to lead the horse, you must first make sure that it is properly bridled.

The information in this tutorial on how to ride your horse in Star Stable is intended to assist players in learning the ropes of the game after reading it.

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Parent reviews for Star Stable

First and foremost, I would like to state that I joined SSO in 2012. Although I’ve been a lifetime rider since early 2013, this is not a review published after only two weeks of playing on a free account. Instead, I took the time to learn about what they had to offer and to see how the product evolved. Also surprising is the fact that SSO was a better game in 2012 than it would be in 2021. Isn’t it ironic how things work out? What exactly is SSO? In this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, you’ll be tasked with two tasks: horseback riding and protecting the land of Jorvik against evil forces with your sorority.

  1. Because when people try to portray horse activities in a more impartial light, SSO delves deep into the concept of small girls and flatly refuses to include any male figures.
  2. Where has the inclusiveness gone?
  3. More than anything else, they utilize trends to generate money rather than to provide a positive message to their players and teach them tolerance.) Oh, and they use “they” rather than “she” to refer to their players “and give you short haircuts or dress you in neutral colors.
  4. Speaking about your sorority, let me tell you something.
  5. Because there aren’t many quests in the game, but there aren’t many at all.
  6. You just do not have any actual power or impact over the situation.
  7. How are you expected to put a stop to the bad guys?
  8. (Interview conducted for themanequest.) They don’t even bother to keep their lore constant, instead altering it with each new game, as is the case with their secondary adversaries, the dark riders, who are completely different from their appearance at the beginning of the game.
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It comes down to a few “exciting” options: either you go on the social side and try to meet people, but you’ll notice that the chat is so censored that you’ll barely be able to speak, or you’ll notice that there are a lot of rude and brainless people on the game, bullying is common, and a lot of players are just creating drama for the sake of creating drama.

  • Only one thing remains: racing, and oh boy!
  • It took them YEARS to attempt to put a stop to cheaters, and I’m confident that they will be able to find another glitch to exploit in the future.
  • The same goes for the championships; keep in mind that, despite the fact that all of the breeds are meant to be the same pace, some of them will be quicker, such as the gen 2 pintabian.
  • Consider customer service.
  • Their responses are copy-and-paste and, in many cases, they do not even respond to your query at all.
  • And they will make every effort to make you the guilty party.
  • I had several technical difficulties with the game, and despite my repeated attempts to contact them, they were unable to assist me in any way.
  • If you have young or impressionable children, keep them away from social media because the main specialty of SSO and And will make you feel guilty every time you try to express yourself, telling you that if you’re not satisfied with the game, you can simply quit.

To summarize, SSO is as follows: Expensive, empty, the community is mostly problematic and toxic, the customer service is a living hell, the gameplay is archaic and boring, the amount of quests is ridiculously small, the game is too easy after 8 years, the developers constantly push you to buy with real money, the developers make money off minorities while pretending to care about minorities, the developers don’t have a consistent lore I recommend that you look at the youtube channels of Rattle and Ginny O in order to have a more complete understanding of what I have just attempted to describe.

Do not waste your money on that game; it is just not worth your time. However, you may play it for free and keep an eye out for star rider tickets, which appear rather frequently.

This title contains:

Consumerism and the Ease with Which It Can Be Played PrivacySafety

Lead ropes! or. lead halters?

Who is excited for the lead ropes coming to SSO this update? Do you love them, or do you hate them? Will you use it? Or will the novelty wear off? We’ve discovered that you will need to be a level 10 Star Rider to learn how to use the lead function, and you will need to pay a one time fee of 135 Star Coins! To learn this new feature, just visit one of the horse trainers!Let us know your thoughts on the lead function!

Post by PaigeW onDec 17, 2015 10:44:11 GMT 10

I haven’t bought it.yet. I just don’t think I would enjoy it because the walk is so slow. Would be faster to get off the horse and run wherever I need lol. But, I still want to experience it so I probably will buy it sometime in the future. Most likely when (if) the next double star coin weekend rolls around.

Post by Rebecca McBlanket onDec 17, 2015 10:59:36 GMT 10

I bought the lead rope, and i think I’ve used it about 3 times? For 10 seconds. LOL! It would be really cool for role plays and all that. And its cool to watch, the controls and directions are all crazy and messed up. Could get used to them, but they are weird.Would i spend 135SC on them again? Probably. But, just to have it more than anything.Its cool, but maybe slightly over rated.Im also waiting for another double SC weekend. We haven’t had one since the new prices were introduced. We had 24 hours, but no weekend. I wonder if they have stopped it.Ill be super bummed if they have.

Post by Rebecca McBlanket onDec 17, 2015 11:31:25 GMT 10

I think it would be a bad move for them. Raise the prices AND get rid of double sc? Its the only time i buy them! lol Sometimes i buy from the gift shop. But very rarely. I wonder if they would have said something though? A little “heads up” hey guys no more double sc.They would probably just wait for us all to click so they don’t get so many angry support emails lol

Post by Hannah Miststone onDec 28, 2015 4:21:11 GMT 10

I bought the leading function on the release day, only because I was pretty curious about how it works – And I ended upusing it about half a minute and then it was that. Pretty expensive half-minute joy was thatOh well, afterwards I’ve used it mainly when moving my horses around my home stable, gives more realistic feeling when you don’t need to ride your horses from one box to the another. ^^’ I guess role players benefit the most of this function, for others it’s just an additional little spice-up to the game.
● Hannah “Hohha” Miststone ~ Level 19 ~ Spring Star (WE1)● Katja Ironpaw ~ Level 18 ~ Wind Star (NA)Also formerly known asMisty.


shanessie6:Heyyy Jan 20, 2022 9:29:27 GMT 10perfectponies:Hello horse people:Jan 23, 2022 23:20:58 GMT 10elim:HiJan 30, 2022 15:18:46 GMT 10annabelle:hey popsciclesFeb 4, 2022 10:52:08 GMT 10elim:HiFeb 6, 2022 16:09:42 GMT 10elim:Any clubs on sunbeamFeb 6, 2022 16:16:23 GMT 10elim:Is any onlineFeb 6, 2022 16:18:36 GMT 10mishkaakateddy:hi any clubs on na serversFeb 7, 2022 10:49:22 GMT 10elim:Any one NZ/AUS club please tell me more infoFeb 7, 2022 17:35:03 GMT 10elim:Mail me Isabella moon parkFeb 7, 2022 17:35:23 GMT 10elim:HiiiiiiiiiiiFeb 9, 2022 18:05:06 GMT 10ridgees:hey thanks I always realy wantd to play this game you guysFeb 10, 2022 9:03:27 GMT 10daphne:HelloooFeb 13, 2022 4:14:28 GMT 10elim:HeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyFeb 25, 2022 11:50:43 GMT 10

This weeks update!

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Link to The Forum Discord Server!

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Star Stable is a 3D online horse game for girls and boys of all ages that takes place on the internet. Players will be able to communicate with one another and form strong bonds with them. You begin your journey at Moorland Stables, where the player is met by Justin Moorland, the son of the stable’s owner, Thomas Moorland, who is pleasant in his greeting. This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Star Stable and how to have a good time with it.

  1. 1 Participate in the game by signing up. Once you have registered for the game, you will be prompted to login using your password and email address (it is not a problem if you do not provide a genuine email address at this point). To begin, you must create your character and his or her horse. On the screen will be a foundation model of your character, which you may customize. You have complete control over your appearance, including your hair, hair color, eyes, and make-up. You begin with an orange shirt and mauve jodhpurs. After that, you select your first and second names from an alphabetical list of possibilities. If you choose a name that has already been picked, you will receive an error notice. After that, you may personalize your horse. It has the same fundamentals as character selection, with the exception that you can customize the horse’s mane and physique before selecting a name for it. After that, the game begins to load and you are ready to begin playing!
  • The game is completely free until the player reaches level five. In order to continue the adventure and gain access to exciting new features, it is necessary to consider purchasing a membership.

2Acquaint yourself with the currency of Jorvik. There are Jorvik Shillings and Star Coins, among other things. Jorvik Shillings may be gained by doing basic activities such as racing, completing missions, and selling items from your inventory, among other things. Star Coins, on the other hand, are more valuable. Star Riders are given a weekly stipend of 100 Star Coins to supplement their income. Star coins may also be purchased with relative ease through the website. Star Coins may be used to purchase items such as equipment, clothes, and, later on, horses.

  1. Advertisement 3 Take a trip to the café.
  2. You have the ability to modify the camera angle and even zoom in.
  3. Your inventory is kept in your backpack.
  4. Milkshakes, sodas, tea, coffee, and sandwiches, as well as a variety of sweets, are available.
  5. 4 Prepare your horse for competition.
  6. The higher your level and that of your horse, the nicer quality apparel you will be able to purchase.
  7. Continue to participate in more and more races, and that bar will eventually fill up with orange, indicating that your horse has advanced in level.
  8. Recall that the better your horse’s mood and the higher its performance level, the better it will perform!
  • Understand the Jorvikian monetary system. There are Jorvik Shillings and Star Coins to be found in this world. A easy way to earn Jorvik Shillings is to do activities like racing, completing missions, and selling items from your inventory. Star Coins, on the other hand, are significantly more valuable. In exchange for their services, Star Riders are paid a weekly stipend of 100 Star Coins. It is also possible to purchase star coins through the website. Horses, equipment, and apparel may all be purchased using Star Coins. In Jorvik, there are a plethora of shops, each with its own set of prices, quality, and other characteristics. Advertisement 3 To the cafe we must go! Everywhere you look, there are cafés
  • All you have to do is pick a place with a few tables and chairs, and you’ll see an option to sit down on the bottom right of the screen. If you want to zoom in on something, you may alter the camera angle. Both ordering and opening the backpack are possibilities. It is your inventory that is kept in the backpack. Upon clicking “order,” a waiter appears beside you with a voice bubble asking “May I assist you?” and an inventory-shaped list of food and beverages is displayed for you to choose from. In addition to a variety of sweets, there are milkshakes and sodas, tea, coffee, and sandwiches on offer. Following the purchase, the item will be placed to your inventory (just like regular purchases), and you can then drag the item onto the table, where your character will eat and enjoy it. 4 Horse training is essential. Every character, including you and your magnificent horse, has a level, with the highest level being fifteen. When you and your horse reach a higher level, you will be able to purchase better-quality apparel. There is also a tiny bar next to your horse profile that allows you to level up. As you continue to participate in races, that bar will gradually fill with orange, indicating that your horse is progressing in the game! In the case of your character, the procedure is very similar, except that the bar is much larger and longer, and it can only be filled by participating in several missions and activities. Keep in mind that the better your horse’s mood and performance level, the better it will perform.
  1. 1Take pleasure in your surroundings. Star Stable is renowned for its stunning 3D quality, and simply sitting and taking in the environment may do wonders for your mood, especially if you’re not too preoccupied with missions and racing. Even better is to share the experience with a friend. Go to Fort Pinta Beach and just relax with your horse while watching the waves crashing on the shore. Try visiting Jorvik during the evening hours
  2. The scenery is breathtaking
  3. 2 Race. Not only will it provide a little XP boost to your horse, but it is also beneficial to train and strive to achieve your champion racer goals while riding. It seems like there are races everywhere you look, including a pony race! There are other titles to contend for. Championships are far more difficult and time-consuming, especially when you’re surrounded by level 15 know-it-alls. But don’t be concerned
  4. After all, practice makes perfect, right? Make an effort to put on better gear and clothing. If you want to make your horse quicker, invest on equipment and attire that says “fast.” Swiftness 3 is the ability to move quickly. It is possible to play using Swiftness 1 and 2 equipment, however the greatest players utilize only “Swiftness 3” equipment and apparel. 3 Carry out quests. Every single day, if you are a Star Rider, you will be able to participate in hundreds of entertaining adventures. Some tasks are daily and do not award experience points, but they do reward a large amount of Jorvik Shillings and help you build a stronger bond with the location. Doing missions may occasionally open new locations, some of which need you to be at a specific level to access, such as the Golden Hills Valley. But don’t worry, you’ll make it
  5. 4Shop will see you through. There are several shops, which means there are plenty opportunities to spend some of that extra money! Advertisement

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  • Question What is the breed of the first horse you purchased for Star Stable? ChristenglitterCommunity Answer You begin the game on a Jorvik Warmblood as your first horse of any kind
  • This is the breed you will ride throughout the game. Question What level do I have to be at before I can access Epona? It is necessary to be level 16 in order to unlock Epona, as well as to have completed a few special objectives. Check out the Star Stable News for more information on those quests. Question I purchased 1000 star rider coins twice for a total of $29.99, but only received 1000. What happened to the rest of my coins? In most cases, they won’t appear in your account for a short period of time. Contact Star Stable using the “Help” section of the website if it has been more than 24 hours after the incident occurred. Question What happens to my horse if I am only able to play the game for a few hours once a week and am unable to feed it on a consistent schedule? Your horse’s name, health bar, and EXP level are located underneath your character’s name and health bar, respectively. Additionally, a circle with a green, yellow, orange, or red face inside of it is possible to view on the screen as well. That demonstrates its contentment. The color green indicates that your horse is really content and will perform admirably
  • The color red indicates that your horse will be slower than normal and that you will need to resume feeding it on a regular basis. Basically, nothing will happen to your horse
  • It will not die or refuse to allow you to ride it
  • All that will happen is that the face will get red if you do not care for it on a daily basis
  • Question When and how will I be able to access Golden Hills? Some players, particularly at level 14, may be required to complete the tale before moving on. Question How do you raise the status of your character? Quests must be completed in order to progress. To locate missions, you must first search for yellow dots on the map or mini map (you may access the full screen map by using the “M” key
  • You can also click your small map) or look about for NPCs with yellow “!” symbols over their heads. Question Will I ever be able to locate Justin once he has been kidnapped? If so, what is the appropriate level? Yes. There is a task in which you must travel to a secret island in order to try to locate him
  • I believe it is somewhere around level 15
  • Question What is the best way to groom my horse on level 2? Click the I button or the bag that appears right above your map. An instrument for grooming should be available. You can dismount off your horse by going to a stable (or anywhere where there is a green spinning thing around your horse’s profile in the top left hand screen). Drag the grooming equipment to your horse by clicking on it and dragging it. Allow it to groom the border when it goes green
  • After the border is green, release it. Question What is the total number of levels in Star Stable? The highest possible level will be reached in April 2021. Of course, this is subject to alter over time. Question What is the best way to obtain Star Rider? Star Rider is available for purchase on the Star Stable website. It should take you directly to the Star Rider deals when you log in (using the pink button in the upper right corner of the home page). You can choose from one month, three months, six months, or a lifetime subscription.

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  • Before you begin playing, make sure to review the Star Stable Terms of Service. Star Stable has some quite stringent restrictions concerning some online activities (spamming, profanity, online dating, for example), and failing to adhere to these policies may result in your account being suspended or banned.


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Summary of the ArticleX Player’s participate in races, complete missions, and explore the intriguing island of Jorvik while riding their horses in Star Stable, a fun 3D online horse simulation game. Begin by registering your email address on the Star Stable website and setting a password for your account to protect your personal information. Following that, simply follow the game’s instructions to create your character, tweak his or her appearance, and choose a name. Then, choose a horse and personalize it by choosing a mane color, a body color, and a name for him.

Your primary objectives are to train your horse and improve your riding skills.

Rapidity and strength determine how high and how far your horse can jump, discipline determines how well your horse responds to commands, endurance determines how many injuries your horse can withstand, and agility determines how quickly your horse changes directions.

Continue your training, racing, and accomplishing objectives in order to progress through the stages of the game.

Because Star Stable is a fairly social game, you may participate in activities like as joining riding clubs, chatting with other players, and going on quests with them.

In the Championships, you’ll be competing against riders of the Level 15 level, so make sure you and your horse are well-trained and prepared to take on these competitors!

Every week, new tasks and stories are added to Star Stable, ensuring that there is always something interesting to accomplish.

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