How Much Is My Rocking Horse Worth? (Solution found)

  • How much is my rocking horse worth? However, authentic antique rocking horses are generally worth anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000 depending on the aforementioned characteristics. Trending

How do you identify a rocking horse?

A Lines rocking horse can be identified by it’s turned pillars and the 3 holes in the brackets on the top of the stand.

Are rocking horses worth it?

Rocking horses are more than just fun toys. They actually offer a range of benefits for your child’s development, including: Using the leg muscles and core for balance and to improve mobility. The rocking movement can have a soothing effect.

How can you tell a Collinson rocking horse?

They are identiable by their diamond plate on the stand and have a plain pillar and their saddles were made of red corduroy fabric. The horse below is in his original condition and as can be seen his saddle has faded but his distinctive markings are visible.

What is an old rocking horse worth?

Evaluating Antique Rocking Horses However, authentic antique rocking horses are generally worth anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000 depending on the aforementioned characteristics.

How can you tell a vintage rocking horse?

A feature which helps to identify old rocking horses by Baby Carriages were very distinctive brown glass eyes. The stand is a simple one. with square tapered columns fixed with nails, which are concealed with wooden diamond shaped lozenges similar to those of the Collinson rocking horses.

How do you paint a rocking horse?

Apply one coat of Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat to the body of the rocking horse. Always make sure you have wiped away all of the sanding dust before you apply any paint! Apply two coats of your chosen colour to the body of the rocking horse, allowing dry time between each coat.

How can I fix the yarn tail of an old wood rocking horse?

How to Make Hair Out of Yarn for a Rocking Horse

  1. Hold the two-by-four in your left hand. Find the tail of the yarn and hold the tail with your left thumb on the piece of wood.
  2. Wrap the yarn around the wood lengthwise loosely until you have wrapped the yarn at least 50 times. Cut the yarn.
  3. Cut the yarn.

Can 1 year old use rocking horse?

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Great for both indoor and outdoor play, toddlers as young as 12 months will enjoy every minute of improving their balance and coordination. Thanks to the low saddle height, high back and handles, you can rest assured little riders will sit safely and securely.

What age is a hobby horse for?

Hobby Horse Natural Wood Age – 3 to 12 years. Product contents 1 hobbyhorse with wheels. The hobbyhorse: a very popular toy since the Middle Ages! This beautiful hobbyhorse is made of natural wood, has a light mane and a red halter.

What are old rocking horses made of?

Being made from solid wood, they were heavy and their centre of gravity was high, so they could easily topple over. It was in the Victorian age that the ‘safety stand’ was introduced and the idea of making the horses hollow was conceived.

Antique Rocking Horse: How to Identify One & Its Value

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Types of Antique Rocking Horses

There are two primary sorts of antique rocking horses that you may come across or already own, and each has its own unique characteristics. Rocking horses of both varieties were created many years after they were initially introduced, therefore they are not a reliable indicator of the age of a rocking horse.

  • A bow rocker is a type of rocking horse whose legs are extended onto two distinct wooden curves that allow the horse to move back and forth. Bow rockers were initially produced in the 17th century and are still in production today. Marqua Stand Rockers – Rocking horses that sit inside a wooden frame and rock back and forth are referred to as marqua stand rockers. Marqua stand rockers were first seen in the 1880s and are still in use today.

Antique Rocking Horse Manufacturers

Antique rocking horses were expertly constructed by great artists and carpenters, and the list of manufacturers is extensive. The following is a list of some of the most notable. Due to the fact that a significant number of manufacturers did not incorporate maker’s markings or emblems on their horses, they can only be recognized by expert evidence or the occurrence of a maker-specific trait (like paint color, bridle material, and so on). Some of the antique rocking horse manufacturers that you may come across are listed below.

  • F.H. Ayers
  • CollinsonsSons
  • Stevenson Brothers
  • GJ Lines
  • Baby Carriages
  • Lines Brothers
  • Crossley Brothers
  • Ragamuffin Toys Ltd
  • Haddon Rocking Horses
  • BrassingtonCookie
  • Parker Brothers
  • G. Woodrow
  • J.R. Smith
  • F.H. Ayers
  • Ragamuffin

Identifying Antique Rocking Horses

Whenever you are attempting to better identify an antique rocking horse, you should consider its materials and kind in order to give yourself an estimated age; for example, a bow rocker may be considerably older than a marqua stand rocker due to the time period in which the form was originally made. Additionally, looking for original materials such as genuine wood, ancient colors, genuine leather for the bridles and saddles, as well as a variety of other features, can assist you in beginning your quest for a classification for your antique rocking horse.

Antique Bow Rocking Horses

Antique bow rocking horses are among the most aesthetically beautiful rockers available, owing to the fact that the entire body of a bow rocking horse is always visible. Early specimens of bow rockers can be quite expensive, owing in great part to their age and the quality of their craftsmanship, due to the fact that they have been in production the longest. An online auction for a bow rocking horse from the mid-19th century that had some evident damage to the paint and was missing a saddle brought in over $3,000 for the horse.

Antique Marqua Rocking Horses

Because of their safety and stability, these Victorian rocking horses were extremely popular during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Generally speaking, owing of their frame systems, these rockers are bigger and take up more room than bow rockers. Vintage Marqua rocking horses that are still in good working order may be rather expensive; in one antique auction, an early English version of the framed rocking horse from the nineteenth century is being offered for between $5,000 and $6,000 dollars.

Antique Metal Rocking Horses

Antique metal rocking horses were frequently constructed of low-cost tin, and as a result of their widespread availability, they are not highly sought after by collectors. As a result, these mid-century rocking horses are only worth an average of $15-$50 on the secondary market.

Evaluating Antique Rocking Horses

As is true of most antiques, the condition of a historic rocking horse (including the paint, frame/rockers, saddle, and bridle), the materials used to construct it, and the quality of the craftsmanship all play a role in how appraisers estimate its monetary worth. Although the value of authentic antique rocking horses varies based on the traits listed above, they are normally valued between $2,000 and $7,000 on the market. Selling antique rocking horses presents a significant chance for financial gain, but their high costs make them a more difficult collection to come by, especially for those with limited funds.

Among other things, a restoredLines Brothers Edwardian Rocking Horse, which was recently sold for somewhat more than $3,000, is estimated to be worth $2,000 even though it was manufactured in the 1950s.

Whether to Restore or Retire an Antique Rocking Horse

The antique rocking horse collecting community is divided on whether you should leave your antique rocking horse in its original state or restore it to its original splendor. The unfortunate reality for rocking horse owners is that this decision can occasionally have an impact on the value of their animals. There will almost always be an interested party nearby, regardless of whether you choose to invest in having your antique rocking horses professionally restored – as these delicate works of craftsmanship should only be worked on by a professional – or whether you choose to manage it in its current state.

Retiring Your Antique Rocking Horse for Good

Whether you’re thinking of selling or handing down your antique rocking horse to the next generation, the best way to ensure that it preserves its beauty and worth is to keep it permanently out of the elements, away from moisture, dust and filth, and dirty hands. Because antique rocking horses have provided countless rides during their lives, it is important to provide them with a well-deserved period of rest and relaxation. All rights retained by LoveToKnow Media, Inc. in the year 2022.

Price Guide to buying and choosing antique Rocking Horses

Purchasing a rocking horse is a significant investment, and it is critical that you choose the appropriate choice. I mostly offer antique and vintage rocking horses, albeit I do not specialize in them. The first important decision you must make is whether you want to purchase an old or a new vehicle. Contemporary Only a few new rocking horses can compete with the carving quality of old ones, and those that do cost comparable rates. New rocking horses, on the other hand, are typically of high quality with a blemish-free finish.

It might seem to run counter to the allure of owning an elderly horse that is in what would be described as “poor condition.” Antiques that are one of a kind Antiques that have been restored As I mostly sell antiques, I would argue that they would be a better long-term investment than other types of investments.

Old rocking horses may have a distinct personality, so don’t expect them to be completely devoid of flaws when you buy one.

Original or Restored?

It goes without saying that an aged horse may be completely transformed. They were frequently constructed with such high quality that they are structurally as excellent as new. Complete restoration may entail re-setting the blocks that make up the horse’s body, gessoing, and repainting the horse’s coat. New tack is frequent since the old would typically wear out with use, and partial replacement seldom looks appropriate when it comes to appearance. Similarly, genuine horsehair manes and tails are nearly consumable, with a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years for hair and less for manes and tails.

The majority of people fall somewhere in the middle between wanting something old and something fresh, wanting to see some “character” or wanting a restoration that is devoid of flaws.

Whatever you’re looking for, Sally’s Rocking Horses will most likely have it in stock or be able to locate it for you. (Not all of our inventory is displayed on this page.) Antiques that are one of a kind Antiques that have been restored

Swing Stand or a Bow Rocker?

Approximately 1880 marked the beginning of the transition from the conventional bow to the “Marqua” position. Bows can be aesthetically beautiful, but they can also be a more challenging ride, as they can tip over, slide over the floor harming the surface, and take up a bit more room than other types of rides. The majority of individuals currently purchase a Marqua stand, yet the decision is always a personal one. Bow Rocking Horses are a type of rocking horse. Marqua is a stand-alone structure.

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The greater the size of the horse, the higher the price is going to be. A collector with a limited amount of room may pick little nursery style bows and other smaller rocking horses to display in their collection. Someone who has a huge home may wish to make a statement with a giant rocking horse in an appropriate space. Children should generally be accommodated by anything above 37″ in height; anything over 37″ in height is sufficient for a seven year old, who does not tend to ride very often beyond this age.

In fact, a huge horse may be a little intimidating to little children.


From the Victorian era to the interwar years, there were a large number of rocking horse manufacturers. Ayres and Lines stand out from the crowd since they are high-volume producers that also produce high-quality products. Many more exist, some of which are at least as good as this one. Check visit my stable sites, where I have included information on some of these ancient manufacturers, as well as my collection of books, many of which are unfortunately out of print.


Finally, take into consideration all of the factors. Ayres, lines, and other countertop manufacturers These rocking horses will attract higher costs than other rocking horses in the same condition. A 40-year-old “Ayres or similar high-performance tires will cost around $2,000. A 48-hour period “Ayres or equivalent high-performance tires cost between £3,000 and £3,500. A 52″ will cost between £4,000 and £4,500, while something about 55” height will cost between £5,000 and £6,000. For “additional carving,” add between £300 and £500.

  • A good antique rocking horse, such as aCollinsons, will be a bit less expensive than the average.
  • A 52″ Collinsons costs around £2,250, while a 55″ Collinsons costs approximately £2,750.
  • In good condition, well-known premium brands such as Stevensons will sell for around two-thirds of their current retail costs.
  • Rocking horses are commonly available in quantities ranging from 50 to 70.

Please contact me if you are unable to locate what you are looking for on this website. A large portion of my inventory does not appear on the internet, and new inventory frequently sells before it is even advertised.

How Much Is My Rocking Horse Worth?

What is the monetary value of my rocking horse? Antique rocking horses are being evaluated. Although the value of authentic antique rocking horses varies based on the traits listed above, they are normally valued between $2,000 and $7,000 on the market. Is it really worth it to ride rocking horses? The Advantages of Rocking Horses for Children Rocking horses are more than just amusement for children. They truly provide a variety of benefits for your child’s growth, including: improving mobility and balance by utilizing the leg muscles and core muscles; and increasing leg muscle strength.

  1. What is the optimal age for a rocking horse?
  2. With a white seat belt that secures the infant in place, you’ll be completely safe.
  3. What is the monetary value of a wonder horse?
  4. Your 1958 Wonder rocking horse is worth between $20 and $25, depending on its condition.

How Much Is My Rocking Horse Worth – Related Questions

When a rocking horse is not equipped with safety straps, it might be dangerous. If the structure’s stability is inadequate, it may collapse, resulting in injuries to children. However, it is dependent on the parents; if they keep an eye on their children, it is safe for them. Because of this, if the parents are not cautious enough while the children ride on the horse, it might be dangerous.

Can a 9 month old use a rocking horse?

Because it does not need riders to maintain their balance while sitting upright, it is suitable for babies as young as nine months, which is unusual for rocking horses.

Are spring rocking horses safe?

Robust AND SAFE – The spring Rocking Horse is composed of high-quality metal and powerful springs, which are coated with plastic tubing for added safety, resulting in a riding toy that is both sturdy and safe to ride on. It comes complete with a saddle and reins, allowing your young equestrian to lead their new buddy about.

How does a rocking horse work?

It may be divided into two types: one where the horse section is permanently linked to a pair of curved rockers that are in contact with the ground, and another where the horse half is suspended from a rigid frame by iron straps; the horse moves exclusively in relation to the frame, which does not move.

Are old hobby horses worth anything?

It may be divided into two types: one where the horse section is permanently linked to a pair of curved rockers that are in contact with the ground, and a second kind where the horse half is suspended from a rigid frame by iron straps; the horse moves solely in relation to the frame, which is stationary.

How do you identify a rocking horse?

The twisted pillars of a Lines rocking horse, as well as the three holes in the brackets at the top of the stand, make it easy to identify.

Who makes Wonder Horse?

The original toy is currently made by Wonder Products Company, Collierville, Tennessee, in a comprehensive line geared for children ages one to seven, with a model available in every price range. Wonder Products Company is based in Collierville, Tennessee. The Wonder Horse is available in four different variations.

What is a rocking horse called?

the term for a toy horse placed on rockers — also known as a hobbyhorse

Who invented rocking horses?

The barrel horse had been constructed by the 16th century, and the first documented rocking horse emerged in England around the 17th century, according to historical records. Take note of the stitching that was used to attach the animal skin to the wooden frame. As early as the 18th century, rocking horses were being manufactured both in Europe and in the United States.

Are rocking horses good toys?

The majority of them are still entirely constructed of wood, but some are more like large soft toys that children may ride about on. Rocking horses are not only entertaining, but they are also beneficial in the development of balance, coordination, gross motor skills, and the stimulation of children’s imaginations.

How dangerous are Power Wheels?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is quite tough when it comes to product faults that are potentially hazardous to customers. Overall, the punishment prompted Fisher-Price to make changes to their product design in order to guarantee that their goods contain safety measures. The consequence is that Power Wheels are among the most secure ride-on vehicles available on the market today.

How do you keep a rocking horse from tipping over?

It is possible to put two rubber stoppers at either end of your rocking chair if it tends to lean too far back or forth. Those brakes are put in place to decrease the duration of the rocking action. Additionally, putting stoppers to your rocking chair can reduce the amount of surface area on the rocker where your child’s fingers may become trapped.

Are bouncy horses safe?

Horse with Polka Dots on It Parents may be confident that this toy is safe for their children because it is made of non-toxic materials that have been certified. This horse is white with blue and red patches and has a music box on its head that lights up and plays music.

What is a spring horse?

A spring rocking horse is one of the first toys you’ll remember from childhood, regardless of whether you owned one at home or rode one at the county fair with your family. The horse is a ride-on toy that may be played on three different degrees of difficulty. Realistic walk, trot, and galloping noises are activated when the riding action is performed.

What is the best wood to make a rocking horse?

Pine is in good health. Given that it is intended for a small infant, it is unlikely to sustain excessive wear and tear. Pine will exhibit signs of wear more often due to dents and scratches, but in general, it should last for many years. It’s been decades since our children used this pine dresser, and it’s still in very good condition.

What is the oldest rocking horse?

It was held by Charles I (–), and it was purchased by the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood in England in 2006 for £25,000 (about $39,000 in today’s market), making it the world’s oldest known rocking horse.

What might the rocking horse symbolize?

For starters, the rocking horse might be seen as a sign of childhood nostalgia.

A rocking horse could only be ridden by a tiny child without causing damage to it. It can also be seen as a symbol of a fascination with horses and horse racing. He obviously feels or reflects his anxiousness through this object.

Is rocking good for kids?

A healthy heart rate and blood circulation are established in a youngster by rocking him or her gently. The rocking action encourages the infant to feel safe, which has a relaxing impact on him or her. When a youngster is chilly, rocking might also aid to warm him or her. We are meeting the social-emotional needs of a child when we rock him or her.

What is my Wonder Horse about?

It is the story of a young guy who utilizes his drive to catch a horse in My Wonder Horse (which is said to be impossible to capture). Not everything is supposed to be recorded in a photograph. The horse is a symbol of liberation. Throughout my wonder horse story, the horse signifies freedom, which cannot be kept hostage by anybody.

Where do rocking horses come from?

The rocking horse as we know it now goes back to the 17th century, when wooden rocking horses first emerged in Europe and spread around the world. Only a handful of these early rocking horses have survived, and they are now housed in museums and private collections. The King of England, King Charles I of England, rode on one of the very first of these horses when he was a little lad.

Why is it called a hobby horse?

The idiom “to ride one’s hobby-horse,” which means “to follow one’s favorite pleasure,” was derived from the term “hobby horse,” and in turn, the contemporary connotation of the term “hobby” was created. Dada is believed to have been called after a French child’s phrase for hobby horse, which was used to describe the artistic movement.

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Vintage Rocking Horse

Change country: Rocking Horse for sale on oneBay in the United States

Rocking horses

In children’s toys, a rocking horse is often designed like a horse and placed on rockers that are similar to those of a rocking chair.

Jousting practice

When it comes to rocking horses, they are often designed like horses and placed on rockers that are similar to those seen in a rocking chair.

Hobby horses

In Cornwall, the May Day ‘Obby ‘Oss festival is where the most renowned traditional British hobby horses may be found, and they are the ones that are most associated with Padstow. In this case, they are fashioned of a circular framework that has been firmly coated with a shiny black cloth and are carried on the shoulders of a dancer who has a monstrous mask affixed to a tall, pointed hat over her face. A skirt (made of the same material as the frame) drapes from the edge of the frame to around knee-height on the model.

  1. A little tail of horsehair may be found on the other side of the coin.
  2. A “Teaser,” waving a padded club in front of each ‘Oss, dances in front of them as they dance through the tiny streets, accompanied by a lively band of melodeons, accordions, and drums singing Padstow’s traditional May Song while they dance.
  3. Children have been known to create “Colt” ‘Oses and participate in their own May Day parades.
  4. May Eve (also known as “Show Night”), May Day morning (when they greet the sunrise at a crossroads on the outskirts of town), the 2nd and 3rd of May are the dates on which they appear (when a ceremony called “The Bootie” takes place in the evening at part of town called Cher).
  5. As he did in Padstow, he wears a mask that is connected to a tall, pointed hat that conceals his face.
  6. A long cloth skirt, decorated with rows of multicolored roundels, cascades to the ground on all four sides of the model.
  7. In addition to the horses themselves, a small entourage of musicians and other attendants accompany them.

The horses’ visits are (or were) thought to bring good luck to those who receive them. The neighbouring community of Dunster had had a similar hobby horse, which would occasionally come to Minehead to see what was going on. Source:Wikipedia

value and price guide

Which of the following will be your Rocking Horseworth in 2022? Here are some examples of goods that have recently sold.

Item Title Date Price
Wooden Rocking Horse 11/2021 $995
Rocking Horse Swedish Primitive 1800 S Wooden Horse 10/2021 $450
Large Brass Rocking Horse 36 L X 29 H Approx 40 Lbs 12/2021 $600
Walt Marston Large 43 Long 3 Dimensional Wooden Rocking 10/2021 $295
Large Hand Carved Wood Colorfully Painted Rocking Horse 11/2021 $349
See allsold itemson eBay for more prices 02/2022 $-.-

Quick Guide to Identifying Your Antique Rocking Horse

Who knows what you’ll be worth when the year 2022 rolls around. A few products that have recently sold are shown below:


Dappling, dark, and bold, with a lot of black utilized throughout the design. The eyes, nostrils, and mouth are all bright red and gaudy. Upholstery pins were utilized as eyes in this project. Both the mane and tail are curly. The centre of the saddle was constructed of red corduroy, while the remainder of the saddle was made of leather. The bridle was tacked on, and numerous ornate tacks were used on the dawdle and bridle. Linear pillars that are rectangular in shape with a diamond cut out on top.

BABY CARRIAGES LTD Also of Liverpool,

Dappling is employed, as is a lot of bold black, although in a finer patched manner than in the previous version. cows tail hair that is curly (as Collinsons) There is no saddle block on this saddle. The saddle itself is constructed of cloth, occasionally velvet, and other materials. The skirt and the rest of the tack were made of leatherette, however real leather was occasionally used. Cotton is used to make the blanket, known as numna. On the horizontal rails, the ends are rounded. On the top of the stand, there are three holes for brackets or hinges, according to BCL Rambler.


Face and body painting that is both beautiful and subtle. Angular sharp angles on the corners of the blankets give them a classic shape. However, there is an indentation collar on the turned pillars. Three bolt/screw holes are found on brackets or hinges. On the bottom of brackets, the initials of the firm are occasionally inscribed. b) The thistle logo is sometimes found on the front of the martingale.


Model made specifically for the GJ Lines Brothers On the head, the design was more streamlined, with a removable saddle and a bridle that was tacked on.


A) The physical shape of the body (They used a Leeway carver) genuine horse hair is used for the mane and tail. Both a leather saddle and a cushioned saddle are available. Ayres-style pillars with a classic design. Brackets, two pairs on either end of the table. Each end of the horizontal rails featured a cutout profile with rounded ends and rounded corners.

BARKER Of Birmingham

Legs that are straight and uprightish in appearance. There is no saddle block, only a leather padded saddle. Pillars that are slender and irregular in form Horizontal rails had rounded ends, as did vertical rails.

F.H AYRES Of London,

Finely carved and shaped, with exquisite heads that are just stunning. The heads of the participants were frequently tilted to one side. Beautiful, delicate Dappling, and the heads are masterfully drawn, as always. It is customary to utilize glass eyes that have been nicely painted and accentuated. The most common colors are dapple, light grey, and brown. Real leather cushioned saddle Bridles made of leather that may be taken off on occasion are used. The blanket, known as a numna, is composed of cotton and trimmed with white braid.

Typically constructed of timber and with magnificent traditional turned pillars. Each bracket, also known as a hinge, has four bolt holes in it. (Ayres horses were frequently mounted on bow rockers in the past.)

Rocking Horse: What Is It? What Is It Worth?

Designing Media Platforms is the responsibility of the Media Platforms Design Team.

I recently purchased this rocking horse for $125 and was told that it was made circa 1900. Does it still have value?

M.M. from ELBURN, ILLINOIS Doll and toy collectors are particularly fond of rocking horses, which are quite rare. The wicker basket on this twin rocking horse is a replacement from the early twentieth century. Most likely, the hand-carved wooden horses with their original painted finish would have featured a leather seat with a hand-painted wooden back to keep the youngster in place. If the toy were still in its original condition, it would be worth $800 dollars. The new seat has reduced the value of the original seat.

It should be noted that the figures presented are simply preliminary and may be subject to revision depending on firsthand examination and more study.

This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.

Vintage Rocking Horse – 25 For Sale on 1stDibs

ELBURN, ILLINOIS – M.M., M.M. Collecting rocking horses is a popular pastime among doll and toy enthusiasts. On this twin rocking horse, the wicker basket is a replacement from the early twentieth century. For the most part, the hand-carved wooden horses with their original painted finish would have featured a leather seat and a hand-painted wooden back to keep the youngster in place. In its original condition, the item would be worth $800 if it were still available for purchase. In the case of the replacement seat, its worth has been diminished.

In appraisals, the fair market value of an item is defined as the amount that one could reasonably anticipate to pay at auction for an object of equal age, size, color, and condition.

If you go to, you may be able to get further information on this and other related topics.

Rocking Horse Attic – Rocking Horses For Sale

Decorative rocking horses, vintage and retro furniture, architectural details, and interiors, as well as old toys, Teddy Bears, and antique dolls In the Rocking Horse Attic, you’ll find your hidden treasure! Buy Sell Advertise Browse is a service provided by Buy Sell Advertise. Rocking horses for sale in the featured section – click on the photographs to see the additional rocking horses that are currently available. For Sale: A Bow Rocking Horse from the Georgian Period. Click here to see this rocking horse that is for sale.

  1. Rocking horses in a range of finishes with either fixed or detachable saddlery are available for purchase.
  2. Stevenson and his brothers For Sale Is A Rocking Horse By F H Ayres Click here to see this rocking horse that is for sale.
  3. For example, Collinsons was one of the manufacturers who created rocking horses throughout the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
  4. Brian Lancaster is a writer and musician who lives in the United Kingdom.
  5. Viewing of the objects is only permitted by appointment with the vendors.
  6. RockingHorseAttic promotes on behalf of buyers and sellers in the United Kingdom and across the world.

Please contact us to inquire about the availability of rocking horses for rent at the time of your request. ***Please keep in mind that, owing to the current COVID situation, rocking horse rental services are not currently available.

How do I tell if a Rocking Horse is Victorian, Antique or Vintage?

This is a difficulty that individuals encounter on a regular basis when they label something in order to make it more appealing to a potential customer. When used to describe an item, the term “Antique” is commonly acknowledged to refer to an era in which the item was created; this era is 100 years or older. The same is true for “Vintage,” which refers to items that are 50 years or older. Victorian architecture was built between 1837 and 1901. Plastic rocking horses didn’t really become popular until the 1970s.

  • We see horses that are mistakenly labeled as “Vintage” or “Antique” on auction sites and other places all of the time.
  • To be honest, the odds of an Australian Rocking Horse being considered “Antique” are quite minimal.
  • There are very few turn of the century Roebuck Rocking Horses still in existence; thus, if you encounter an Australian Rocking Horse that is labeled as “Antique,” you may be 99 percent certain that it is mislabeled and should not be purchased.
  • There are several turn of the century English rocking horses still available; however, there are only a few in Australia, and those that are accessible are brought in and held by collectors from all over the world.
  • The following are five specific varieties of rocking horses that are frequently misrepresented on general auction websites; these are commonly promoted as “extremely ancient,” “Antique,” “Vintage,” or “1800’s,” among other things.
  • In reality, most people are fortunate to have reached the age of fifteen.
  • In order to give them some legitimacy, “Velocipedes” (Tricycle horses) are really produced in Asia with a “Antiqued” finish and marketed through trade houses as if they were made in the 1800’s out of countries such as Germany to give them some reputation.
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Since the original German and French ones were typically coated with fur, it is quite improbable that we would come across one in Australia; if we did, the owner/collector would not be willing to part with it, and they would not put it up for auction on a general auction site.

The majority of these are Balinese, and they are all “Antiqued.” (3)Pull Along/Platform HorsesThe same as before, but manufactured in the Philippines.

5)Keep Covered a Secret Because they were most likely manufactured in the 1980s or earlier, it is doubtful that they are classified as “Victorian,” “Antique,” or even “Vintage.” In fact, they may still be purchased new in Australia from Equine Manufacturing, which is located in Melbourne.

There were some early Australian Hide Covered horses manufactured as early as 1948, but it is highly improbable that any of them survived.

6)Plastic Horses (also known as plastic ponies) Polyethylene is, in fact, the substance in question.

They are clearly neither “Antique” or even “Vintage,” given that they were only manufactured from 1974 until present.

Lindsay’s purchased a few of them and used them as their Deluxe model.

As a result, when people paint them, the paint tends to peel off in the process, and all of their hard work is for naught.

According to several sources, bumper bar paint is now adherent, however I have not personally tested this.

the horse manufactured by Australian Rocking Horse Mfg src=” h=225 300w, h=450 600w, h=113 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px”>Australian Rocking Horse Mfg horse Material for Research and Development Rocking Horse reference books are available in two excellent high-quality editions that are widely regarded as the “encyclopedia of Rocking Horses” by those in the industry; they are highly recommended and fascinating reading: Patricia Mullins’ THE ROCKING HORSE, A History of Moving Toy Horses is a book about the history of moving toy horses.

This book covers the majority of the major Rocking Horses from a wide range of countries and provides an excellent insight into the various Rocking Horse styles that have developed throughout the world over the years.

This book is primarily concerned with the history of British Rocking Horses, including the various trading names, dates, and addresses, among other things; if you are looking for a specific detail about a particular British Rocking Horse, this book is most likely to have the answer for you.

If a purchase appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is.

As a general rule, you will not be able to find a “Antique” or “Victorian” rocking horse for sale on general auction websites. Sorry to disappoint you, but that bargain is most likely not what it appears to be. : Vintage Rocking Horse

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Ships to the Netherlands are available.

Ages range from 24 months to 7 years.

Ships to the Netherlands are available.

At the time of purchase, an 8% discount is applied.

18 months to seven years of age Ages range from 24 months to 7 years.

Ages range from 18 months to 5 years.

Ages range from 36 months to 7 years.

Ages range from 18 months to 5 years.

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Ages range from 18 months to 5 years.

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Rocking Horse Toys & Games

Do you need to get in touch with us regarding something? Please get in touch with us; we’d be delighted to hear from you. 270-312-4755 6950 Brandenburg RdEkron, Kentucky 40117, United States

The Story of Rocking Horse Toys

My fascination with vintage toys and games led to the creation of Rocking Horse Toys and Games. I’ve always had a fascination for antiques and vintage items. I began with a china doll from the 1870s when I was approximately ten years old. My grandparents had given it to me as a Christmas present. From there, it was antique toys, even older apparel and headgear, and a variety of other “Old or Antique” items that were on display throughout the store. I was requested to perform a school presentation on Victorian children’s toys around 15 years ago, and I gladly accepted.

  1. I made the decision to utilize the reproduction toys that belonged to my youngest kid.
  2. From then, I set out on a journey to conduct more research; I am skilled in this area; I have a BA in History and have recently completed my Master’s in History!
  3. Every year, I was requested to return to conduct my program since it turned out that my station was the most popular.
  4. After a few years, parents and teachers began to inquire as to where they may obtain the excellent toys I was selling.
  5. Later, it was in the lesson plan I supplied to them (I had just completed my Masters in Education), but I knew they were probably too busy to go out and get any because teachers are already overworked, as I know from personal experience!
  6. I started ordering the toys and have them on hand for students when I performed school presentations.
  7. So please come in and take a look around.
  8. Whenever you shop with us, you can be sure to discover the greatest quality replicas as well as hard to find vintage and antique toys!

Enter and have a look around; we have everything you need to make your children happy and possibly rekindle that small spark of childhood in yourself! Let’s get this party started!

Welcome to Rocking Horse ToysGames

My first rocking horse was created in 1979, when I was fourteen years old. Since then, I’ve been on an incredible journey filled with ups and downs that has culminated in a zenith these past few years. It is now time to put them behind and embark on new challenges. This means that no more rocking horses are on the horizon from my end. I’ve met so many lovely people, established new connections, and received tremendous assistance from those who are more experienced than I am in the woodworking sector.

I’d want to express my gratitude to all of the consumers who believed that a Wilson rocking horse was a worthwhile investment.

Sincerely, Jackie Wilson is an American actress and singer who is best known for her role in the film Jackie Wilson.

Jackie’s Rocking Horses

These stunning pieces are meticulously hand-carved with affection from only the finest materials. To place an order, please call us. An enlargement of the first photo in each series may be accessed by clicking on it. PRICES: To get a pricing summary, please visit this page. To view and download the Wilson Rocking Horse’s price list, please click here. This is one of Jackie’s custom-designed pieces: Horse with a “shabby” appearance The Horse with Bridle in Shabby Black and White Colors In this case, Jackie created a horse just for a woman who discovered Jackie’s website and information on the Internet.

  1. Jackie hit it out of the park with her performance!
  2. Below, on the left, you can see the unusual horse, who seemed to be enjoying itself in its new home.
  3. You may enjoy viewing an expanded version of each photograph by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
  4. It’s called the Chiquita, and it comes with a western saddle.
  5. 60 lbs., 58 inches long, 15 1/2 inches broad, and 3 feet tall to the top of the ears Legs are made of oak and are hand chiseled and disc sanded.
  6. Hand painted in a five-step technique by the artist.
  7. The Secretariat – a racing glider ($2100.00) for the Secretariat.
  8. 38 lbs., 48 lbs “long, 20″ broad, and 33” high to the top of the ears The body is made of hand-chiseled wood, with oak legs.
  9. The rider is supported by an antiqued red wood stand and has a smooth gliding movement.
  10. To be named after one of our magnificent horses, we created the Tonka.

These horses are only for show and are not meant to be ridden: ($350.00) 7 lbs., 28 inches long, roughly 7 inches broad, 19 inches high “height to the tops of the ears There are four different hues to choose from (from top) A variety of designs are available in various colors and glazes, with no two patterns being the same (shown below) White horsehair tail with wood grain showing White horsehair tail Pinto stains on the left, Buckskin stains on the right, on the mantelpiece Our Wheeled Horses are seen below.

Toy with a pull string: ($410.00) Horse on wheels (the photo on the right gives you a sense of how big it is).

Saddle and bridle in the English style The vehicle is mounted on wheels (I call it a “Pull Toy”) His tail and forelock are both made of black horsehair.

Our Primitive Horse is seen below: ($295.00) It is a standing horse (not on rockers) created from reclaimed ancient wood with all of its wonderful cracks and individuality, with or without a rope mane and tail, finished in wax and stain. It is available with or without a rope mane and tail.

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