What Is The Name For A Female Horse? (Question)

A mare is an adult female horse or other equine. In most cases, a mare is a female horse over the age of three, and a filly is a female horse three and younger. In Thoroughbred horse racing, a mare is defined as a female horse more than four years old.

What is a good name for a girl horse?

  • Heaven
  • Sublime
  • Blue Fairy
  • Angelina
  • Karma
  • Malaga
  • Zinnia
  • Millie
  • Pocahontas
  • Guyana

What is female horse called?

…male horse is called a stallion, the female a mare. A stallion used for breeding is known as a stud. A castrated stallion is commonly called a gelding.

What are male horse names?

These are some of the most popular names for geldings and stallions that you’re sure to hear time and time again.

  • Applejack.
  • Cash.
  • Buck.
  • Star.
  • Cowboy.
  • Outlaw.
  • Cupid.
  • Amigo.

What are the 3 types of horses?

All horse breeds are classified into three main groups: heavy horses, light horses, and ponies. Heavy horses are the largest horses, with large bones and thick legs. Some weigh more than 2,000 pounds. Light horses are smaller horses, with small bones and thin legs.

What is a popular horse name?

Jack, Charlie, Billy, Harry, Bailey, Alfie, George, Murphy, Bobby and Paddy are the ten most popular male horse names with many of these also featuring in the top ten list overall.

What are good names for a horse?

List of the Most Popular Horse Names

  • Bella.
  • Alex.
  • Lilly.
  • Alexia.
  • Fancy.
  • Sugar.
  • Lady.
  • Tucker.

Is a zebra a horse?

Is a zebra a horse? Zebras are closely related to horses but they’re not the same species. They’re both in the Equidae family and they can even breed with each other. The offspring (zebroids) have different names dependent on the parents.

What animal is mare?

A mare is an adult female horse. If your new horse is a filly, a female baby horse, she’ll grow up to be a mare. Horse experts have many words to distinguish the age and sex of their animals, from foal, for any newborn horse, to stallion, a full grown male, to colt, a young male horse.

What is a purebred horse called?

Terminology. The Thoroughbred is a distinct breed of horse, although people sometimes refer to a purebred horse of any breed as a thoroughbred. The term for any horse or other animal derived from a single breed line is purebred.

What are unique names?

20 Unique Unisex Baby Names

  • Akira. Japanese in origin, this unisex name can mean “bright” or “clear.”
  • Averill.
  • Chrisley.
  • Dallas.
  • Dell.
  • Gio.
  • Kamala.
  • Leith.

What do you call a black horse?

Cool & Unique Black Horse Names

  • Astra.
  • Darth.
  • Hershey.
  • Jinx.
  • Pepper.
  • Nyx.
  • Bean.
  • Deja Vu.

Names for Mares and Fillies

Discovering the ideal name for your new mare orfilly may be a difficult effort, especially when you consider that the name will be with her for the next several decades, making it critical to select the greatest possible option. Her given name might be a reflection to her personality or distinguishing qualities. Here are some suggestions to assist you come up with the most appropriate name.

Highly Popular Mare and Filly Names

These tried-and-true names are quite popular, and for a good reason: they are effective. When it comes to fantastic mare name suggestions, you can’t go wrong with any of these suggestions.

  • Beauty
  • sBella
  • sDream
  • sGoldie
  • sGrace
  • sHoney
  • sHope
  • sLady
  • sLuna
  • sRumor
  • sScarlet
  • sSummer
  • sWhisper
  • sWish

Tips for Naming Your Mare or Filly


Top Mare and Filly Names

  • Angel
  • sApril
  • sBrandy
  • sCharm
  • sCheyenne
  • sClara
  • sClover
  • sCookie
  • sDancer
  • sDaisy
  • sDiamond
  • sDolly
  • sDuchess
  • sEbony
  • sElla
  • sEllie
  • sEmma
  • sFancy
  • sFlicka
  • sFreckles
  • sFrida
  • sGarnet
  • sGinger
  • sGloria
  • sGlory
  • sHazel
  • sHolly
  • sHoney
  • sHope
  • sIvy
  • sJane
  • sJewel
  • sKylie
  • sLexi
  • sLily
  • sLucy
  • sLucky
  • sLuna
  • sMagic
  • sMelody
  • sMisty
  • sOpal
  • sPeach
  • sPoppy
  • sPrada
  • sPrincess
  • sPumpkin
  • sRose
  • sRuby
  • sSally
  • sSavannah
  • sSierra
  • sSilver
  • sSpice
  • sSugar
  • sStar
  • sStarlight
  • sStormy
  • sStrawberry
  • sSundance
  • sSymphony
  • sTess
  • sTori
  • sTwilight
  • sWillow
  • sWinnie

200+ Female Horse Names for Her Unique Personality

  • Which of these 100+ unique horse names speaks to you? Elegant horse names
  • Popular Icelandic girl names
  • Elegant horse names

Black Horse Names

Introducing a midnight mare to your female horse naming game adds an entirely new level of excitement. When choosing a female horse name for your dark princess, keep these wacky options in mind.

  • Black Coffee
  • Black Pearl
  • Black Raven
  • Black Widow
  • Dark Bella
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Ebony Angel
  • Eclipse
  • Ember Angel
  • Midnight Diamond
  • Midnight Frenzy
  • Midnight Rose
  • Nightmare
  • Shadow Lady
  • Stormy
  • Veiled Mystery. Black Coffee
  • Magic Cinder

Warrior Horse Names for Mares

It is not necessary for a military horse to be a stallion. Mares are a unique kind of legendary goddess in their own right. In order to enhance your beauty, give these bold and unusual horse names a try.

  • Andorra
  • sAphrodite
  • sAthena
  • sCallisto
  • sCalypso
  • sChaos
  • sCleopatra
  • sDestiny
  • sDivine
  • sEpiphany
  • sFlame
  • sFury
  • sGypsy
  • sHera
  • sKryptonite
  • sNemesis
  • sPersephone
  • sRhapsody
  • sTisiphone
  • sXena

PrincessElegant Horse Names

It’s important to keep the name of your magnificent horse as royal as she is. Find the appropriate princess or exquisite horsename for your mare using our extensive database.

  • Anna
  • sAriel
  • sAurora
  • sBaroness
  • sCinderella
  • sCleo
  • sDinah
  • sElla
  • sEmpress
  • sEsmeralda
  • sFaline
  • sFiona
  • sFlora
  • sGiselle
  • sJasmine
  • sNala
  • sSeraphine
  • sTiana
  • sTiara
  • sWillow

Fun Female Horse Names

If you have a good sense of humour, you can consider name your mare something that is amusing or humorous. Try some of these amusing horse names for your amusing filly.

  • Among those included are: Betsy the Biter, Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy, Blondie Bliss, Bluebell, Brella Broomstick, Candy Corn, Clip Clop, Coffee Creamer, Crashtastic, Ice Cream Sundae, Java Jones, Little Bit, Lucy Goosy, Mane Course, Mrs. Hits-O-Lot, Neigh Mare, Sassy Pants, She Bites, Smartie Pants, Winnie

Foreign Horse Names With Meanings

Finding a unique name for your gorgeous filly might be difficult, especially if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary or unusual. So you might want to consider giving your mare a name that comes from a different country. Consider a variety of names for your female horse, including Native American, Hawaiian, Spanish, Hindi, and Arabian names.

Female Horse Name Native American

Choosing a Native American name for your horse may provide her with something truly distinctive and fitting for her particular nature while also being aesthetically pleasing. Check out these Native American names to see if any of them strike your interest.

  • A Native American name for your horse can provide her with something truly distinctive and fitting for her particular nature, which is something she will cherish forever. Test your whimsy against some of these Native American names.

Hawaiian Mare Names

Instead of a Native American given name, you can consider an islander given name. Take a look at this list of Hawaiian female horse names for inspiration.

  • Ailani is the great chief, and Akamai is the clever one. Aloha, which means “love and togetherness” in Hawaiian. Ele means “black,” Haunani means “snow beauty,” and Healani means “heaven’s haze.” Hoku is a Japanese word that means “star.” Kaimana is the sea’s force
  • It is also known as the sea’s might. Kakalina means “pure” in Russian. Kala represents a princess, Kiele represents a fragrant bloom, Lahela represents an innocent lamb, and Laini represents paradise. Malu – is a bringer of peace. Mana – a spirit-filled being
  • Nani is a woman of beauty. Ohanna, thank you for your kind donation
  • Olina is the Greek word for happiness. Pazhani means ‘free and independent’ in Persian. Puna translates as “spring of water.”

Female Horse Name Spanish

Horse names in Spanish are a lot of fun, and you might want to experiment with some of them. Take a look at these unusual and amusing female Spanish horse names.

  • Alba means white, Almira means princess, Balea means sweet, Brilla means shine, Catalina means pure, Eiko means wealthy, and Eldora means wrapped in gold. Estrella is a star
  • Febe represents radiance
  • Genoveva represents a white ghost
  • Grizelda represents patience and obedience. Hermoso means lovely
  • Jessenia means God sees
  • Jimena means heard
  • Octava means eight
  • And Reina means queen. Sol denotes the sun
  • Trathnona denotes the dusk
  • Tulipan denotes the tulip
  • Verano denotes the summer.

Arabian Mare Names

Arabian Nights, for example, can be a favorite of yours. And if that’s the case, you’ll probably appreciate these Arabian-inspired mare names.

  • Adiva means kind, and Aini means gifts of loyalty. Azia represents the rising sun, Badra represents the full moon, Farah represents joy, and Hooda represents correct leadership. Iman represents faith, and Jamilah represents beauty. Janan represents the soul
  • Kalia represents the everlasting
  • Khalida represents the immortal
  • Lina represents the delicate
  • Malika represents the queen
  • Mona represents the desire
  • Nawal represents the gift
  • Noor represents the light
  • And Reem represents the lovely gazelle. Salma is a calm person. Suha is the name of a star that has been forgotten. Warda is the guardian, and Zafirah is the victor. Zahra is a word that means “bright” or “shining.”

Female Horse Names Hindi

The Hindi language is abundant with feminine names that are both lovely and strong. Try on one of these names to see whether it fits your gorgeous filly well.

  • Aanya means “limitless,” while Aarna means “divine Lakshmi.” Chara means “calm,” Devina means “like a goddess,” Edha means “holy,” and Geetika means “beautiful.” Gulika means pearl, Henna means colorful, Idika means soil, Ishya means spring, and Keya means flower. Maira means “beloved,” while Mihika means “mist.” Prisha means “God’s gift.” Oja is a Japanese word that means “life force.” Omisha is a goddess of life and death who is worshipped in India. Shivani represents life and death
  • Tiya represents a bird
  • Vanya represents a generous gift
  • And Yashashvi represents renown.

Famous Female Horse Names

When it comes to finding a well-known horse name, you don’t have to search very far.

Trying to come up with the greatest name for your horse, on the other hand, takes time. Carry out your studies and let your colt a few weeks to demonstrate his or her individual nature to you. LoveToKnow Media was founded in the year 2022. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Female Horse Names: 171 Cool Names for your Girl Horse

Looking for names for female horses? Choosing a horse’s name may be as difficult as naming a newborn child. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. Prior to commencing the naming game, each character’s genealogy, physical characteristics, and even the horse’s behaviors are all decided. Furthermore, whatever name you choose for your new foal will be the official name of the animal. This is due to the fact that horse names must be registered with the appropriate authorities, who are often unhappy if you make a change.

Fillies Mares Foal
Daisy Tricky Silver Galaxy
Cherry Jasmine Epona
Bluebell Ginger Calliope
Starlight Dreamy Miracle
Flicker Glitter Empress
Luna Gravity Dancer
Chicka Gold Mine Garnet
Beauty Pandora Ruma
Ruby Salsa Sandy

Take a look at these top suggestions.

Cool Female Horse Names

Take a look at these brilliant suggestions.

  • Amber, Aqua, Bella, Beauty, Arabella, Aria, Angel, Snow Flake, Snow Fury, Daisy, and many more.
  • Elizabeth, Sansa, Galaxy, Samora, Cream, Beautiful Blaze, Nightshade, Candy, and more characters
  • Tabitha, Glitter, Arctic Angel, Black Widow, Midnight Diamond, Magic Cinder, Cherry, and Sparrow are some of the characters.

Unique Female Horse Names

A female horse, often known as a mare, is a delicate creature among horses, but they are also strong if we treat them with kindness. It goes without saying that horse and pony enthusiasts always pay greater attention to female horses and ponies. Here is a collection of specific names for female horses that you may use to nickname them.

  • Cinderella, Destiny, Bluebell, Buttercup, Blossom, Black Pearl, Dahlia, Dolly, and Marigold are some of the characters.
  • Sweet Pea, June Bug, Honey Bear, Cheese Cake, Butter Scotch, Buffy, Bubbles, and Fudge are some of the names for these characters.
  • Munhckin, Emerald, Ginger Snap, Persia, Waffles, Truffles, GoldMine, Moon Shine, and many more.

Cute Female Horse Names

Do you believe that a nice name for your female horse is the finest choice among the others that have been suggested? As a result, the answer is yes. Choosing a clever name for your female horse is something we will always like doing. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Heather
  • sHoney
  • sGina
  • sHope
  • sLexi
  • sLollipop
  • sCricket
  • sGrace
  • sHarper

Famous Female Horse Names

Here are some well-known female horse names for your young lady’s mount; they are some of the most prevalent names given to mares. You have the option to pick if they appear to be catchy to you.

  • Coffee
  • sBella
  • sBeauty
  • sTabitha
  • sFlicka
  • sGlory
  • sZara
  • sZelda
  • sSaphire
  • Big Mama, Native Dancer, Marigold, Jasmine, Juliet, Jonstey, Autumn, Pepper, Katty, Amber, and Santa are some of the characters.
  • Holly Hock, Nut Meg, London, Olaf, Fargo, Lady Bird, Gucci, Rosie, Prada, Sydney, and Paris are just a few of the characters.
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Best Female Horse Names

Are you looking for some original suggestions? Actually, mare names should be distinct from those of the stallion in order to avoid confusion. Some unusual suggestions for a female horse are presented here.

  • Trotsky is well-known for his gaits, particularly those of the Tennessee Walker horse. Moonlight or Moon Dancer are the best names for a chestnut or paint horse
  • Moonlight or Moon Dancer are the best names for a chestnut or paint horse
  • Sirena is a copper-colored mare for young female horses. Alvira is a well-known manufacturer, although it is most known for its strawberry roan. Titania is a nickname for a Perlino girl. Trauma is the most appropriate name for a bay color mare. When it comes to your dapple gray horse, Celestia is a must-have
  • Otherwise, you’ll be missing out. Another one-of-a-kind suggestion for mare is the Valentine’s kiss. For those of you who enjoy taking photographs of your horse, camie like is literally camera like
  • Dark Shadow– Dark Shadow is yet another fantastic moniker for uncommon colors such as blue roan, dapple gray, or any other rare hue. Pearl is used in place of silver dapple. Zsa Zsa is an abbreviation for palomino horse.

Funny Names for Fillies

Using humorous names for registration is not a good idea, but you may use them in a stable or on a farm. Your horse will have a stylish and catchy appearance as a result of these humorous suggestions. Here are a few tags to take into consideration.

Popular Mare Names with Meanings

Here are some suggestions for names for your special companion! As reported by Horsemart in a recently published infographic, the name “Rosie” is one of the most popular horse names for female horses. The name, which translates as ‘Rose’ in English, is an excellent option for an equine who is kind with her stablemates and owner. Mysterious– Mysterious is another another name that ranks high on Horsemart’s list of unusual horse names. The word derives from the English language and refers to something that is concealed or kept a secret.

  • Also, you may shorten it to Misty and use it as her nickname.
  • A mare named Peaceful is an excellent choice for a mare who is peaceful and at ease with its surroundings, as the name indicates.
  • He was known as a “bucking equine” and his horse was known to pose a threat to the riders on a number of different occasions.
  • The name is a classic choice for Christmas infants, and it is equally popular for both men and females.
  • Autumn – Derived from the Latin word ‘autumnus,’ the name Autumn refers to the season that follows summer and signifies the beginning of autumn.
  • Ideally, it should be administered to mares of the hue orange.
  • The moniker is derived from her identify and literally translates as ‘the queen.’ This is an appropriate name for a horse who exudes grace and a royal atmosphere, as is the case with the regal title.
  • The stone itself is a valuable piece of jewelry; as a result, the name Amethystis is a fitting moniker for a horse that hails from a highly regarded breed of horse, as well.
  • Cute?
  • Then perhaps she could choose a name that is pleasant, simple, and short, such asPip.

The tree also possesses the capacity to maintain an elegant posture despite the difficulties it experiences. The name is appropriate for a mare that has endured a difficult life and is still able to stand tall and proud with all of her elegance and vigor.

Good Female Horse Names

Ash is the given name. The name Ashis is taken from the tree of the same name and is appropriate for a horse with a black coat. The name is Shimmer. Shimmeris ideal for a horse with a mane that is glossy or white in color. Despite the difficulties that it encounters, the name represents someone who shines brightly, glimmers, and gleams. Dinah – Keep in mind Dinah is a character from Alice in Wonderland. In the film, she played the role of a cat that preferred resting and taking her time before joining Alice on her travels.

  • Nana, does your horse serve as a buddy for your kids?
  • Then then, why not call her Nana after the well-known dog from the Disney film Peter Pan?
  • Finding excellent names for your female horse is not difficult, but it might be challenging to come up with some of the greatest names for your female horse.
  • The fact that they are original concepts that you may not have seen anywhere else is a plus; choose one of these names.
  • The name, which derives from Spanish origin, may be translated as truth, white, or feminine.
  • The term is appropriate for a mare that is self-assured and who has great leadership abilities among her friends.
  • “Lond,” which signifies wild or courageous in the Celtic language, is the source of the city’s name.
  • Equine athletes that excel in both skill and intellect are known as Athenas, after the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  • Chocolate-covered peanuts (Snickers) — Snickers is a sweet that is enjoyed all around the world.
  • Yes, Snickers was a cherished horse owned by Frank Mars, the founder and CEO of Mars Inc., who named the chocolate after his equine companion.

Candy – While we’re on the subject of chocolate, Candyis another excellent name for a female horse. Candy is derived from the Latin word for white, brilliant, and glowing, which meaning white, bright, and shining. The term is appropriate for both white and brown mares of different colors.

Horse names for mares based on color

The color of a horse does not become obvious until it reaches maturity. Colors might have an influence on the name you choose for your mare, from dapple grey to grey to buckskin to chestnut.

Jade Green in the Spanish language
Lavender Purple in Latin
Cloud Best for white horse
Lunar White glow
Blanco White in Spanish
Blanc White in French
Cherry Bright red in greek
Carmine Crimson red in french
Bianca White
Wit White in dutch
Altoid A mint
Raven A blackbird that looks like a crow
Emerald Green in Greek
Willow Pale green and English surname
Sky Light blue or blue
Rot Red in German
Aswad Black in Arabic and best for an Arabian mare
Gris The word for Gray in the Spanish language
Salt Best for white horse
Pumpkin From Pumpkin Fruit
Vanilla Sweet horse
Topaz Yellow or Golden Yellow
Ruby A diamond name
Fiona Fair white
Jade Jade plant
Sugar Looks catchy for cool white horse
Cinnamon Brown in greek
Nila Blue in Sanskrit
Ash Grey
Kelly Bright Green

How to Name for Your Female Horse?

Here are a few considerations to bear in mind:

Take a critical look at your horse

Take into consideration your filly’s physical beauty. What hue is it, exactly? Any physical distinguishing feature that distinguishes her from the rest of the group may be seen on her body. You can also consider her personality before making your decision. A horse named Lilly or Bella may be appropriate for a horse who is lively and friendly. The same, on the other hand, would not be appropriate for a wild or surly horse. It’s as simple as spending a few days with your mare to get a sense of her personality.

What is her occupation?

If so, do you intend to compete with your horse in the future? Or will she be treated like a member of the family? Perhaps you’d like her to be a part of parades or horse exhibitions, for example. Consider what you intend to do with your horse before you begin. If you intend to race her in events, we recommend that you give her a name that will catch people’s attention. If, on the other hand, she will be providing rides to children at a neighboring carnival, you might want to consider names like ClownorMario instead.

Be inspired by others

Horse names may be derived from a variety of sources, including literature, renowned movies, television episodes, and even previous horse racing competitions. Take a stroll down memory lane and recall the horses that you have admired throughout your life. Was it Bull’s Eye, the renowned horse owned by Woody in Toy Story, or did you always have a romantic crush on Ginger from Black Beauty that you were fantasizing about? Additionally, conduct a Google search for show and racehorses who have created a name for themselves in the equestrian world.

Human names can also work

The internet is a fantastic resource for finding names for human babies. Alternatively, why not utilize the same database to choose the name of your new buddy as well? There are simple filtering tools available on the baby name websites, allowing you to scan the names according to the initials and meanings that you prefer.

Try short names

Selecting names for a stable horse should be kept simple and short, with one or two syllables being the optimum choice for everyday use. Make an attempt to call the horse by one of the names on your list. What does it feel like to yell out someone’s name? Is it simple to speak on a regular basis – throughout the day? Is there any response from the horse? It’s important to have at least three names in mind when coming up with a shortlist for your new equine buddy. The regulating body for horse registration is complex, and if they discover a repeated name or a term that is vulgar or objectionable, they may reject your application outright.

What Is a Female Horse Called?

Selecting names for a stable horse should be kept simple and short, with one or two syllables being the best option for everyday use. Toss out a few names and see if the horse responds. When you shout out the name, how does it make you feel? Is it simple to repeat on a regular basis – all day long? Is there any reaction from the horse? It’s important to have at least three names in mind when brainstorming for your new equine buddy. In addition, if they discover a duplicate name or a term that is vulgar or objectionable, the regulating organization for horse registration may reject your application completely.

If your mare is a racehorse, the authorities demand the name to be at least 18 characters long, with a restriction on the amount of spaces and numbers allowed in it.

Female Horse Terms

If you are reading about horses and their categorization for the first time, you may find the language a little complicated and laborious to comprehend. Many diverse words used to describe horses of varied genders, ages, and purposes can cause confusion even among breeders, whether they realize it or not. It is, on the other hand, convenient to distinguish between a female and a male horse and to discern their ages only based on their names. Let’s take a deeper look at what’s going on.


While a foal is still sucking its mother’s milk, it is referred to as a suckling or a very young foal. Such a baby horse is completely dependant on its mother’s milk for survival. Keep in mind that dam milk is essential for a foal’s health since it provides essential vitamins and antibodies that aid in the foal’s growth and development. As a result, the availability and quality of milk are critical to the health and well-being of the young animal. The term “weanling” is used to refer to a suckling that has weaned itself from its mother after three months of life.

The only way for a foal to continue to develop after losing its mother is if someone provides it with the required nutrients.


The term “weanling” refers to a young horse that has been weaned from its mother’s milk. Young horses are usually weaned after six to twelve months, depending on their age. Due to the fact that weanlings weigh approximately five hundred kilograms, they require a special nutrition plan after that period. Their organism necessitates more than 23 ounces (650 g) of crude protein per day, in addition to a large number of calories. When young horses have finished weaning, they should begin eating and digesting forage that contains additives.

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A baby horse, also known as a foal, is a newborn horse that is less than a year old. This phrase is most commonly used to describe horses, although it may also be used to describe donkeys in some cases. Typically, you will use it for baby horses until they are able to stand on their own two feet. Keep in mind that this statement is frequently used in conjunction with the terms suckling and weanling, which can lead to a great deal of misunderstanding.


Many people confuse foals with ponies, but the two animals are not the same. Ponies are little horses that grow to be less than 58 inches (1.48 m) in height when they reach adulthood. As previously said, foals are young horses that do not have the necessary size requirements.


Yearlings are horses that are between the ages of one and two years old, regardless of their gender. These young horses are comparable to early teenage humans in terms of development. If you choose, you may categorize them by to gender, using phrases such as colt for males and filly for females to characterize them more specifically. However, they are not physically mature enough to be considered adult horses, just as teens are not physically mature enough to be considered adults. Because sexual maturity is not reached until the very early stages of development, these horses cannot be used for breeding.

In most breeding farms, it is normal practice to allow yearlings in their natural environments and habitats to grow and develop. On the other side, this is the perfect time to sell a young horse to another breeding farm or to a horse enthusiast because it is the most profitable season.


Fillies are female horses that are still too young to be referred to as mares, hence they are referred to as such. They reach sexual maturity at the age of two, and some breeders employ them in their breeding programs as a result. It is, on the other hand, rarely a good idea. It is preferable to refrain from engaging in this activity until they have reached the age of four. In fact, it is the first phrase that can be used to clearly distinguish between young horses of opposing sexes. Despite popular belief, research conducted in 2010 discovered that colts (young male horses) are more timid than fillies, despite popular belief to the contrary.

Strange, isn’t it?


Formalized euphemism for young female horses that are not yet mature enough to be termed mares. Some breeders utilize them for breeding since they reach sexual maturity by the age of two. It is, on the other hand, rarely a wise decision. When they are four years old, it is best to refrain from engaging in this activity until they have stopped growing. In fact, it is the first phrase that can be used to clearly distinguish between young horses of different genders. Despite popular belief, tests conducted in 2010 discovered that colts (young male horses) are more timid than fillies, despite the fact that the contrary is generally true.

Isn’t that odd?


A broodmare is an adult female horse that is solely responsible for the rearing of fresh foals. It’s important to remember that having a high-quality broodmare is essential for producing exceptional progeny. In most circumstances, selecting the ideal prospective mother is not a simple task since you must consider a variety of various characteristics while making your decision. Breeders, for example, must have extensive knowledge and take into account major heritable features such as conformation and temperament when breeding.

  1. The health of a broodmare is also important for high-quality breeding since the state of her body, as well as her regular vaccinations and deworming, can all have an impact on fertility.
  2. The upkeep of a pregnant woman and her foetus after that period is frequently problematic.
  3. Broodmares are delicate creatures that play an important role in putting together the greatest possible team in any horse kennel.
  4. There’s one more thing!


Every young horse has a dam who cares for him. It is the phrase used to refer to the foal’s mother, who plays an important part in the foal’s development. Generally speaking, a young horse acquires half of its genetic features from its dam, as you are surely aware.

Additionally, terminology such as half-brother and half-sister might be found to denote the equine family that has a common mother. Full siblings, on the other hand, are related through a mare (mother) and a sire (father).

Common Doubts

The difference between a mare and a filly is determined by the age of the mare and the sexual development of the foal. A mare is a young female horse older than three years old, whereas a filly is a young female horse younger than four or five years old. Most breeders in the United States and the United Kingdom consider fillies to be horses until they are five years old since they cease developing at that time. Most other countries, on the other hand, regard the age limit to be four years. Fillies are the ideal horses for beginner riders since they are quiet and sensitive in their nature.

Differences between a mare and broodmare

Make a note of the fact that these phrases are not universally acknowledged, and that they differ from breeder to breeder. The word broodmare is most commonly used to refer to an adult female horse who has given foal in the current calendar year, which is the most prevalent usage. A mare, on the other hand, is mature enough to give birth to a foal, but she has not done so in the current calendar year.

Differences between a mare and stallion

Of course, the difference between a mare and a stallion may be easily distinguished by inspecting the area behind their stomachs. That is not, however, the sole difference between mature female and male horses in terms of appearance. There are also several variances in their behavior that you might observe. Most stallions are hostile with other horses, but mares are calm and compassionate toward their foals. In addition, they have quite diverse ways of spending their time. For example, stallions like running about the herd and demonstrating their authority to everyone.

Because of their strength and predispositions, stallions are also superior working animals than mares in many situations.


As you can see, there are a variety of names that may be used for female horses. Despite the fact that different names are used to refer to females based on their ages and functions, some of the phrases pertain to the same life cycle. This is especially true when it comes to determining young ladies. Some names, on the other hand, are exclusive to a region and might vary from breeder to breeder.

50 Female Horse Names For Your Filly

As soon as we get a new animal into our homes, the first thing we do is give them a name. This name should be one that embodies their personalities or conveys something of who they are to the rest of the world. In this post, we will discuss the names of a very gentle and lovely species, female horses and ponies, as well as their characteristics. Was it ever dawned on you that the right terms for a female horse or pony were “mare” or “filly?” The more you know, the better. Picking the appropriate name for your horse may be a difficult task since there are so many factors to consider.

Sometimes you have a plethora of thoughts whirling around in your mind, and other times you are completely blank.

We’ve attempted to make your job easier by compiling the greatest names for female horses from all across the globe in this collection. However, if you want further inspiration, we recommend that you visitfunny horse names for some suggestions. horse names with a western flair

Good Mare Names

If you are considering owning a delicate and tender creature, the female horse may be the best choice for you. It is important that a horse’s name be both charming and loving at the same time. It might be difficult to come up with a suitable name for your mare because the possibilities seem to be unlimited! Therefore, we have produced a list of suitable names for mares of every breed and color that can be found on the internet. 1.Adira is a Hebrew name that meaning “strong.” 2.The name Alsie is of Greek origin and means “strong-willed.” 3.Amelia is a name of Germanic origin that means “striving, hardworking.” 4.Arabella is a female name (Latin origin) Ara is an Arabic word that meaning “altar,” while Bella means “beautiful.” As a result, Arabella means “beautiful altar” and is frequently described as meaning “prayerful.” 5.Aria, which is of Italian origin and means “air, singing, or melody.” 6.Argo is a Greek word that meaning “quick.” Perfect for a horse with a lot of speed.

7.Arwen (of Welsh origin) is a name that meaning “noble maiden.” 8)Asta is a Greek word that signifies “divine power.” 9.Audrey is a name of English origin that meaning “noble power.” Fall or the season that follows summer is defined as “to fall or the season that follows summer.” 11.Balletic is a word of French origin that meaning “graceful.” Beauty (of French origin) refers to something that is “pretty or attractive.” 13.Bella (of Italian origin) is a name that meaning “beautiful.” 14.Bolt (of Dutch origin) is a fantastic name for a horse that is quick or has a distinctive marking, such as a lightning bolt.

15.Bridget is of Gaelic origin and means “strength.” 16.Celeste (of French origin) is a name that means “heavenly.” 17.Chitsa is a word that means “fare.” 18.Dizzy, which is of English origin and means “clumsy and lovable.” 19.Duchess is a term of Latin origin that meaning “wife of a duke.” 20.Lithe (of Germanic origin) is a word that signifies “slim and elegant.” 21.Major (of Latin origin) is a term that means “great and vital.” Nituna (Sanskrit origin) is a name that meaning “daughter.”

Cute Female Horse Names

Is your horse endowed with those endearing, endearing eyes? Do they make you want to snuggle and play with them for the rest of the day when you gaze into their eyes closely? Here are some helpful hints for coming up with the appropriate moniker: A horse’s name should be simple to remember, easy to pronounce correctly, and not be confusing to your horse, according to the American Horse Society. In the same manner that people deserve respect, love, and devotion, animals deserve the same. Thus, by caring for them and calling them by their names in a soft voice, we may demonstrate our devotion for them; as a result, the name of the horse should be carefully considered.

In this section, you will find a list of some of the prettiest horse names that may be suitable for your horse.

A dark beauty would be well-suited for the name Coley (of English origin), which means “coal black, charcoal, or swarthy.” 26.Ella is a German and English name that means “fairy maiden.” 27.Elvira, which is of Latin origin and means “truth,” however some sources believe it is Spanish in origin and means “all true.” 28.Emma (of Germanic origin), which means “universal.” 29.Luna (of Latin origin), which is derived from the word “moon.” 30.Marae (of Hebrew origin), which means “bitter.” 31, Mary (of Egyptian origin) is a name that meaning “drop of sea, bitter or cherished.” 32.Merry is an adjective that implies “joyful and cheerful.” It comes from the English.

Neche is a French word that means “friend.” Nina (of American origin) is a name that meaning “strong.” 35.Pip –Does your female horse have a short mane and tail? Cute? Amusing? Then perhaps she could choose a name that is pleasant, simple, and short, such asPip.

Ancient Female Horse Names

Horses are, without a doubt, magical creatures. For those that enjoy literature and want to give your horse a distinctive name, you might want to consider these historic horse names. We think they’re quite dignified and appropriate for a horse with a sense of grandeur, so check them out. So why not have a look at our completely original horse names listed below and see if any of them are suitable for your filly. “The stone that is claimed to have healing qualities for both – physical and mental diseases” is amethyst, which has its origins in the Greek language.

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39.Borak, which is of Arabic origin and means “lightning.” For number forty, Hera (of Greek origin) was inspired by King Zeus’s wife, and her name literally translates as “the queen.” “Devoted to God,” according to the meaning of Isabella (of Hebrew origin).

45.Opulent (of Latin origin) refers to “luxurious.” 46.Palatial (of French origin) implies “in the manner of a palace.” 47.Pelipa – (Zuni) a name that means “horse lover.” 48.Shimmer (of Germanic origin) refers to someone who “shines, glimmers, and gleams – notwithstanding the difficulties it encounters.” It is a positive adjective.

237 Cute Girl Horse Names for Your Filly or Mare.

Any links on this page that direct you to things on Amazon are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a compensation. Thank you in advance for your assistance — I much appreciate it! My granddaughter is in the process of selecting a name for her first female horse, and she is determined to find the ideal fit. She is looking for a name that is both feminine and charming. As a result, we collaborated to develop a plan and choose the most appropriate girl horse names.

Exalted Horse Names Mystical Horse Names Flower Horse Names Colorful Horse Names
Angelic Andromeda Lily Amber
Celestial Aphrodite Violet Cherry
Countess Athena Daisy Cocoa
Divine Echo Rose Sienna
Empress Calliope Bluebell Sky
Goddess Delia Holly Jade
Khaleesi Fauna Petunia Pear
Legend Iris Heather Raven
Miracle Juno Ivy Giada
Princess Luna Jasmine Ginger
Queen Venus Wildflower Scarlette

Choosing a fantastic name for your mare or foal is a time-consuming and difficult task. While it might be entertaining, it is critical to do it right and choose a name that is appropriate for your animal.

Best horse names for a girl horse.

Many individuals name their horses solely for the reason that they like the way the name sounds. It doesn’t matter how long it is as long as it is concise and appealing to them. Others, on the other hand, desire to be able to trace the horse’s lineage or name their horse after something that is particularly meaningful to them. Others desire a name that has a meaningful connotation or is distinctive, yet captures the horse’s temperament or expresses a critical characteristic. It might be difficult to come up with the right name for your filly – should you stick with conventional names, human names, or try for something a little different?

There is a reason why they are so popular.

Whatever strategy you use to naming your girl horse, our list of names will hopefully not only assist you in making a decision but also make the search enjoyable, allowing you to begin to narrow down your selections until you find the ideal name.

Naming tips for female horses.

Owners have called their horses by the lineage of their sires or dams for hundreds of years. For example, Dash for Cash was an outstanding racing quarter horse whose progeny commonly included either the word dash or the word cash in their names, such as Dashingly and Queen for Cash, among others. Alternatively, you may put a play on the names of the baby’s ancestors; for example, the renowned racehorse “American Pharoah” was the son of “Pioneer of the Nile” and “LittlePrincessEmma,” while the great racehorse “Pioneer of the Nile” was the son of “Pioneer of the Nile.” And yes, I am aware that Pharoah is misspelled, but it is the spelling used by the horse’s owners when they registered their horse with the Jockey Club in the first place.

With inspiration from a horse’s genealogy, you may create a plethora of unique names for your horse.

Name the horse after someone or something special.

Naming a horse after a person or something exceptional that has happened in your life is a wonderful way to honor the people and events that have shaped your life. Have you ever wondered how the name Zenyatta came to be given to her by her owners? Zenyatta Known for signing the Police to A M Records and producing their album Zenyatta Mondatta, music producer Jerry Moss is most known for signing the Police to A M Records. He acquired a yearling who had yet to be called, and he named her Zenyatta in honor of the band and their record, which was released the same year.

She won her first 19 races before suffering a defeat at the Breeders Cup Classic, which marked the end of her career.

The name is a fantastic choice for our filly, and she serves as a memorial to our grandmothers’ memories.

Look to your girl horse’s personality for a cute name.

Horse names may be selected by keeping an eye on your new acquisition. Ruffian, another one of the greatest racehorses of all time, is an excellent illustration of this. Ruffian does not conjure up images of a delicate female horse, and she certainly wasn’t one. Ruffian was a massive bay filly who had a reputation for bullying her grooms. She went about her business in the manner and at the time that she desired. Ruffian was given this moniker by her owner because of her combative nature. The racetrack was her playground, and she used her dominance to win 10 consecutive races, each by a significant margin.

Ruffian was euthanized after the accident.

Funny horse names.

Funny horse names are OK for use in registering your horse, but I do not recommend that you use one for regular riding. As for choosing an amusing name, be certain that it has a deeper significance than just being amusing.

The Jockey Club is the organization that establishes the standards for Thoroughbred horse names. These rules are tightly followed, resulting in some rather bizarre and amusing horse names on a regular basis.

Be creative with the spelling.

Horse names are often inspired by popular culture and unusual spelling, which is popular among horse owners. Here are a few illustrations: Junkinthetrunk, Turducken, Odor in the Court, Where’s the Beef, Whatamichoppedliver, and Seinfeld Nosupeforyou are some of the most popular games on the internet.

Best exalted names for your girl horse.

Names like Queenie, Princesses, and Goddesses are considered to be exalted. I’m familiar with a few of horses called Duke, but none named Duchess, which I believe would be a fantastic name for a filly. You may also add characters such as Angel, Countess, and Khaleesi. I would even go so far as to call Black Caviar a prestigious moniker. Black Caviar was a large dark bay filly that was born in Australia and was unbeaten in 25 starts. She competed against everyone, boys and girls alike, and even flew to Europe to win the Diamond Jubilee, the year’s grand prize race.

Exalted names may be a burden for a kid, but for horses, they contribute to their individuality and mystique by being associated with them.

Angelic Celestial Chosen Countess Divine Divinity Empress Glory Goddess Halo Heaven Heavenly Hero Khaleesi Legend Miracle Princess Queen Queena Queenie Regal Regina Reign Royal Royale Rule Saint Trinity Victory Queenette Czarina Glorious Grand Haylo Highness Holy Lady Winner Champion Champ

Best mystical horse name for fillies and mares.

Horse names from mythology conjure up images of power and heritage. Other renowned names may be found in mythologies and stories from other cultures as well, including those from Celtic and Irish mythology and legends as well as Norse, Hindu, and other classic myths and legends. Great horse names may be found in mythology, stories, and old tales of wonder and enchantment, among other places. The fact that myths are prevalent in so many different cultures means that you have an almost limitless amount of possible names to select from.

Maya, on the other hand, was also the mythological Greek mother of Hermes, who was born to Zeus.

Therefore, it would be an appropriate name for a dapple gray foal.

Andromeda Aphrodite Althea Athena Daphne Echo Calliope Delia Eos Fauna Enid Isis Iris Juno Luna Nyx Venus Tara Uma

Best flower names for girl horses.

A profusion of flowers is provided by nature, and with that abundance comes a plethora of one-of-a-kind and appropriate terms with which to name our horses. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Lily Violet Daisy Rose Amaranth Acacia Azalea Belladonna Bluebell Buttercup Blossom Clover Camellia Dahlia Daffodil Daisy Dalia Daphne Delphine Dianella Diantha Erica Evanthe Fleur Fiorello Flora Hana Heather Holly Hyacinth Indigo Ione Iris Ivy Jacinda Jacinta Jasmine Jessamine Jonquil Kalina Kamal Kantuta Liana Lilac Liliane liana Lilly Linnea Lita Magnolia Manuka Marguerite Marigold Marilla Maryam Rosemary Myrthe Myrtle Nanala Narcissa Neeja Orchid Pansy Peony Petal Petunia Poppy Posey Primrose Prunella Rada Rayen Ren Rhoda Rhodes Rhoswen Romy Rosa Rosalie Rosalind Rosamel Rosanna Rose Rosella Rue Sanne Senna Shoshana Sigal Sireli Snapdragon Snow flower Spruce Susan Susannah Suzanne Suzette Tancy Thistle Tulip Veronica Viola Violet Wildflower Wisteria Yasmin Zahara Zalie Zaria Zariah Zaynab Zinnia

Best girl horse names based on colors.

Colors may be used to inspire a horse’s name; it might be the color of the newborn horse’s coat; or it could be a color that you like that is portrayed in the personality of the young foals. Regardless, here is a list of our personal favorites:

Alani -Orange in Hawaiin dialectAlba -White in Latin, Ancient RomanAmber -Yellowish ArabicApple -Bright yellowish GermanicAsh -Grey, Old EnglishAuburn -Reddish-brown-Old FrenchAzure -Blue Old FrenchBeryl -Pale green-Greek LatinBianca -White-ItalianBlue -Blue-GermanicCarmine -Crimson Red-Arabic, FrenchCerise -Cherry-FrenchCherry -Bright Red-Latin, GreekCinnamon -Reddish-brown-GreekClementine -Orange, French LatinCocoa -Chocolate brown, Nahuatl, Spanish, English Indigo- Deep violet-blue, GreekIvory -White, EnglishIvy -A deep green with a hint of blue, Old EnglishJade -Green or blue-green, SpanishKelly -Bright green, IrishLavender -Light purple, LatinLilac -Pale bluish-violet, Arabic, FrenchMahogany -Dark reddish-brown, SpanishMaize -Yellowish, Arawakan/Taíno, Spanish (Haiti)Mauve -Pale blue-purple-pink, Latin, FrenchNila -Dark blue, SanskritOnyx -Black, GreekPearl -Off white or cream, Latin, FrenchPhoenix -Reddish-purple or dark red, GreekPink -Pink, EnglishRaven -Black bird, Germanic, Old English
Coral -A pinkish-orange to reddish-orange hue, LatinCrystal -Ice, clear glass, Greek LatinDove -Warm gray or soft white with a hint of gray, EnglishEbony -Black, Greek, EnglishEmerald -Green, GreekFawn -Beige, FrenchFern -Green, German, Old EnglishFiona -White or fair, GaelicFuchsia -Bright, deep pink, LatinGarnet -Dark red, EnglishGiada -Jade, ItalianGinger -Reddish-brown, EnglishGray -A color between black and white, Old EnglishGwen -White, WelshHazel -Brown to Green, GermanicHeather -Muted shades of gray with flecks of other colors English Raven -Black bird, Germanic, Old EnglishRose -Dark pink, LatinRuby -Red, LatinSage -Gray-green, LatinSapphire -Deep blue, GreekScarlette -Red, EnglishShani -Red, HebrewSherry -Red, English, FrenchSienna -Reddish-brown, EnglishSky -Blue, Old Norse, EnglishSunny -Yellow, EnglishTawny -Light brown or tan, Old FrenchTeal -Greenish-blue, EnglishTopaz -Golden yellow, GreekViolet -Purple, LatinWillow -Soft pale green with blue, gray, or yellow Old EnglishWisteria -Soft purple, English


You may receive an excessive amount of information and opinion from others; but, the final decision on the name of your horse is yours and yours alone; thus, select a choice based on the research you’ve done.


Dakota (one of our favorites), Cash (very suave! ), Daisy (“Daisy May?”), Spirit (kids’ favorite horse), Star (a bright light in the night sky), and Duke (tough!) are among the top 10 horse names.

Princess Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Buddy (bestfriendforever), Tucker (a fun but tough name), and Lady Belle (Classic Disney name from Lady and the Tramp).

What are some unique horse names?

Pickle, Valkyrie, Momma, Chili, Klaus, Phantom, Bam bam, Stuart, Rowan, and Porkchop are just a few of the innovative and distinctive horse names that have been suggested. If you’re searching for something unique and different in a name, these should be the right match! Check out this post for some unusual racehorse names: Is It Because Horse Names Are So Weird? Here are 15 amusing examples!

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