How To Make Your Horse Rear In Star Stable? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • Welcome to the Star Fam! To make your horse rear, simply push the forward or back key and X. You can only rear while walking (not trotting, cantering, or galloping). Pushing the X button while in any of the other gaits will pull your horse to a sudden and complete stop. Happy trails!

How do I make my horse lay down in Star Stable?

The Jorvik Wild Horse is a gentle giant, and if you ask for it, it will lie down for you! Just make sure you’re standing still while riding your Jorvik Wild, and click Spacebar to ask it to carefully lie down.

What button do you press to rear in Star Stable?

The player can reach the Star Stable Guide by clicking on the yellow exclamation mark. Page Three: Controls

  1. W – Accelerate.
  2. S – Slow down / move backwards.
  3. A and D – Turn to left and right.
  4. X – Stop.
  5. SPACE – Jump (once you learn how)

Can horses have babies in Star Stable?

Our new app is called Star Stable Horses, and in it you have the chance to raise a tiny foal until it’s big enough for you to ride on in Star Stable. In the future even more foals from other breeds will be available to raise and play with.

What is the rarest horse in SSO?

Starbreeds are mystical and rare horses making an appearance exclusively in Jorvik. It is said that they came about after magic meteorites fell on the island and began affecting the wild horses. Most of them are trained in the Druid riding school in order to be ridden by other members of Aideen.

What happens when you sell your horse in Star Stable?

Star Stable on Twitter: “@AliciaCatheri12 When you sell your horse you will receive Jorvik Shillings in return, we do not refund Star Coins.” / Twitter.

How do you make a horse gallop in Star Stable?

Horse Trainers can be found at Marley’s Farm, Silverglade Equestrian Center and New Hillcrest. Once you’ve bought your ‘lead horse’ training, all you have to do is hop off your horse, stand by its head and click the lead button that will appear on your screen down by the horseshoe menu!

How much does a Level 1 horse cost in Star Stable?

Prices. The price to train a horse depends on which level it has reached. The price increases by 25 Star Coins every level. It costs 2625 Star Coins in total to train a horse from Level 1 to Level 15.

What pets can walk in Star Stable?

Walking pets includes dogs, cats, and Mistfoxes. There are also flying pets like the seagulls, owls and the limited time panda rays. Saddlebag pets are only able to ride in a saddlebag.

Where are the magic horses in Star Stable 2020?

These special horses will join your horse family for 750 Star Coins each! Find them at the magic horse spot next to old Jaspers’ farm in Moorland.

Where is the purple pony in Star Stable?

Purple Pony is a cosplay store owned by Rin in Jorvik City Plaza selling three Whinfell horse plushies, a Knights of Unistria costume set, a Canter Ella costume set, mermaid and pirate costume sets and elf ears.

What breed is Tin Can SSO?

In the collections journal Tin-Can is referred to as a ” Jorvegian Wild Horse “, despite Alex and other character’s stating otherwise in SSO and previous games.

Who created Star Stable?

Star Stable Online is played in more than 180 countries and has been localized in 11 languages so far. DFC Intelligence went to Star Stable chief executive Fredric Gunnarson to learn how the firm came to develop an MMORPG for horse lovers, as well as springing to the forefront of successful games for female gamers.

How To Make Your Horse Rear In Star Stable?

To Make Your Horse Rear In Star Stable, Follow These Steps. Is it possible for horses to have babies at Star Stable? Our newest program is called Star Stable Horses, and it gives you the opportunity to grow a young foal until it is large enough for you to ride on in the Star Stable environment. A greater number of foals from various breeds will be available in the future for people to nurture and play with. What is the name of the most powerful horse in Star Stable? The Shire model is the tallest horse model in the game, standing at almost six feet.

The Mustang is available for purchase for 969 SC.

How To Make Your Horse Rear In Star Stable – Related Questions

Your horse character sheet will include numbers and categories on the right-hand side of the page, which you can find by looking at it. The greater the quantity of points earned, the quicker the horse will go. If you wish to make your horse even quicker while also leveling up, you may purchase saddles, saddle blankets, and reins that have the word “swiftness” written on them.

Can you play star stables for free?

For the time being, Star Stable is available for free trial, therefore you are not need to be a Star Rider in order to participate in the game and progress up to level 5.

Can you play Star Stable on iPad?

Although it is possible to download it on an iPad, the game will not be optimized for it. In addition, we are unable to give technical help to iPad owners. We recommend that you play on an iPhone in order to have the greatest experience possible!

How much does a Level 1 horse cost in Star Stable?

Prices. The cost of training a horse is determined on the degree at which it has progressed. Every level brings a rise in price of 25 Star Coins. It costs a total of 2625 Star Coins to train a horse from Level 1 to Level 15 at the highest level.

Where can I find jorvik wild horses?

The Jorvik Wild Horse, of course! What store do I go to acquire it? One horse can be found at Fort Pinta, while three horses may be found in Valedale.

How much does it cost to transfer a horse to star stable?

This horse is completely unique among Star Stable Horses, and if you take good care of it until it reaches level 10, you’ll be able to sell it for 749 Star Coins to move it to Star Stable Online!

What is the fastest horse in 2020?

Winning Brew, a Thoroughbred, holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest horse in the world, clocking in at 43.97 mph.

What is the fastest horse in SSO 2020?

When Winning Brew, a Thoroughbred, runs at 43.97 mph, he is officially recognized as the world’s fastest horse by Guinness World Records.

Where can I buy a Shire SSO horse?

During all of the excitement surrounding the debut of the new Shires, make sure you stop by the horse market at Jorvik Stables Arena and say hello to Eddie and Ferdinand!

Where can I buy Lusitanos SSO?

The Lusitano, of course! What store do I go to for them? Two of the horses may be found in the Silverglade Equestrian Center, while one can be found in Fort Pinta!

Where are the Trakehner in SSO?

Trakehner, the lovely Trakehner! What store do I go to for them? Two horses may be found at the Silverglade Manor, while one can be found in Fort Pinta.

What is the highest level on SSO?

Star Stables on the Internet The current maximum level for the player is 23 (with modifications) and the greatest level for your horse is 15.

The current highest level for the player is 23 (with mods).

How many horses are there in SSO?

There are 11 horse jobs available in the horse market right now. You may pick between 13 different horse sets by using the set changer. Take a look at this position plan to figure out where the numbered locations in the table are located.

What age is Star Stable for?

The age range of Star Stable is really broad! I am aware of players as young as nine years old and as elderly as far into their forties. I’ve discovered that the majority of gamers in the game are between the ages of 11 and 17.

Can you be a boy in Star Stable?

Never again will you be without a moment. While guys are allowed to play Star Stable, and many do, the game’s main narrative line is around a girl, and so the majority of the characters are female. The fact that we have a game that has excellent female main characters is a source of great pride for us. There are so many cool games available with awesome male main characters that we’re very glad to have one with awesome female main characters!

Is Star Stable on mobile yet?

Star Stable Online will be available shortly. watch this space! “The popular horse adventure game is now available on mobile devices across platforms.” In keeping with today’s gaming scenario, we are happy to introduce the mobile edition of Star Stable Online to players all around the world, allowing them to smoothly transition from their PCs and Macs to their smartphones and tablets.

Can I play Star Stable on Chromebook?

It is unfortunate that Star Stable can only be played on a PC or a Mac, and that it does not work on Ubuntu, Linux, or Chrome OS.

Is Star Stable shutting down?

The batteries that provided backup power to our servers blew on Wednesday afternoon, resulting in the game’s hardware being forced to go down without warning. Since then, we’ve been working around the clock to restore everything for you, and we’re thrilled and glad to announce that our efforts have been a complete and total success.

How many horses are in Star Stable 2020?

There is no restriction on the number of horses that can be owned.

Can you get star coins without being a star rider?

You will not be able to earn Star Coins. Depending on your Star Rider membership, you may be eligible to earn Star Coins as a weekly allowance every weekend, with the option to purchase extra Star Coins on our website. Special promotions on Star Coins may also be found at the Star Stable Store, which is accessible from the main menu.

Where is firgrove village in Star Stable?

Firgrove Village is located to the east of Jorvik, just below a mountain range, on the outskirts of the town. Several businesses, a café, an inn, and a stable are located within the village, which is enclosed by a wooden barrier.

SSO Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks I’ve learned while playing Star Stable Online include the following:

  • If the other person is on your Friends List, you will be able to send him or her messages across servers. Regardless of whether or whether you are friends with the players on your server, you may send them letters. Whenever you are conducting stable duties, you may save time by beginning on the right side of the barn and working your way to the left. Muck the pile in front of the end stall, and then proceed to the middle stall to muck the mound. Alternatively, you can pass the hay and water through the stall wall and then turn around and place the hay and water in the stall you are now in. Afterwards, muck the large stall and fill it with hay before proceeding to the stall on the far right. You may run the water through the stall wall one more time and muck the final clump of feces. While working, you can control your motions with the arrow keys, and you can move the hay, water, and shovel using the mouse. When I muck Steve’s barn (since his barn is different), I begin by mucking the centre first and then moving on to the hay and water, working my way from left to right
  • If you proceed up the steep slope to the left of where Pi put up her equipment for the Pandoric Rift in the Golden Hills Valley mountains (first location), you can bring your horse along with you to the site. A designated shortcut can also be used instead of returning the same way you came
  • For example, if your horse becomes thirsty while you are performing stable duties (mucking, putting out hay and watering), complete the stable chores first with the water that is now in your bucket. After that, water your horse when you’re finished. Since your horse’s drinking consumes the water in your bucket, you will avoid making a trip to the well as a result of this. The fact that you are doing stable chores does not diminish the water supply, so you will still have enough to give to your horse. Do you need to get back to your home stable as soon as possible? Make a phone call to arrange a pickup rather than paying 25 Jorvik Shillings for transportation there. If you must go large distances, such as from Valedale to Fort Pinta, Firgrove to Silverglade Equestrian Center, or Valedale Lake to Moorland, try to limit your usage of the transportation service. When traveling from Steve’s to Moorland or from Moorland to Fort Pinta, you won’t need it unless you’re in a rush
  • While main highways may make your horse move quicker, there are plenty of shortcuts you may take when you stray from the official trails. When traveling to or from Moorland, cutting via Nilmer’s Highland (where the circus wagon/tent is located) will save you time. It will also save you time when traveling from the Winery to the Harvest Counties bridge. You can also leap over the Silversong and Southsilver Rivers at low-lying points to travel to different parts of the city more quickly. In particular, if you are traveling between Harvest Counties and Golden Hills Valley, this is beneficial since you have a 10,000 Jorvik Shillings restriction, which means you can only transport that many Shillings at a time. When you reach 10,000 Shillings, you will no longer be able to save the additional Shillings you have earned, so find something worthwhile to spend them on. Try to accomplish as many tasks in a single region as you can at one time. This will reduce the amount of time you spend traveling big distances, which is beneficial! Example: If you’re in Golden Hills Valley and you’re tasked with shutting Pandoric Rifts, you should close the rifts first and then proceed to Golden Hills Valley to complete the fishing, stable chores, village tasks, and racing there before heading to Avalon in Valedale to empty the Shadow Sucker. When you are collecting light bulbs to give to the Security Guard for the disco, make sure to collect more than 5 (at least 10) because they may not all operate at the same time. This will prevent you from having to go out and acquire more. You can also test more than the necessary 5 times, and he will accept them, but they will have no effect on the situation. Golden Hills Valley has a shortcut that takes you via the Labyrinth Shores area of the valley. As soon as you get to the little island/patch of land where the smugglers have hay bales and barrels, take the first right (between the rock and the orange sea grass) that you see. This will lead you directly to the opposite side of the route. You may take the shortcut in either direction. a photograph of the place has been included for your convenience (see above). You’ll have to leap to get across the bridge. Make sure you stop on the tiny island so that if you do not make it the first time, you will be able to return to the mainland through the little island as a last resort. If you do not comply, you may be escorted back to the shore near the picnic table where you started. Doing missions concurrently (at the same time) will save you from having to dash back and forth between them. For example: Do battery-driven cows fantasize about being replaced by electronic sheep? Aideen’s tears stream down her cheeks. to see the melting of snow
  • In order to get started on the task/quest more quickly, go through old familiar conversation. In addition to using the space bar, you may make your horse jump by pressing the number “0” (zero) on the number pad. Just make sure that the “NUM LOCK” button is turned on
  • If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll try my best to respond to you
  • Please do not inquire as to how to perform bugs on your computer. We have been informed by Star Stable administrators that using flaws (such as the Wild Horse glitch, the speed glitch, or getting into closed regions) is against the game’s regulations and Star Stable’s Terms of Service. Romance roles are also out of place since they are inoffensive. Anyone who attempts to complete them will have their account suspended, so don’t put your account at danger by attempting to complete them. Star Stable is keeping an eye on you! Inform your friends about the flaws and refrain from using them.
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Star Stable Guide

The Star Stable Guide is a collection of six separate pages that give information about the game and can be viewed in My Stableon the internet. By clicking on the yellow exclamation mark, the player will be sent to the Star Stable Guide page.


Thank you for visiting the Star Stable Guide. The information contained within these pages will assist you in preparing for your online adventures by providing you with background knowledge about the game. Learn about the world, how to play, and a whole lot more.

Page Two: Getting Help

There are several ways in which Star Stable may aid those who want support from time to time. You can do the following:

  • Consult the Frequently Asked Questions and other help literature on
  • To access the “Help Menu,” press the “?” button located near the map in the game. Inquire with other players in theChat
  • Send an email to the Game Support and you will receive assistance from a Game Master.

Page Three: Controls

Control your character by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard or the A, S, W, and D keys on your mouse. Keeping control of your horse:

  • Using the arrow keys, you may accelerate, slow down, or travel backwards
  • The A and D keys can be used to turn left and right
  • X can be used to stop
  • And SPACE can be used to jump (after you learn how).

Controlling your horse may also be accomplished with the use of a mouse. More information may be found in the “Help Menu.”

Page Four: Jorvik

Jorvikis an island that is well-known for its kind inhabitants, breathtaking scenery, abundant natural resources, and, above all, horseback riding opportunities. At Jorvik’s riding camps, hundreds of girls and boys from all over the world come to practice their riding skills over the summer months. One of the most well-known campgrounds isMoorland Stable, which is located on the southern shore of Silverglade.

Page Five: Factions

There are numerous different factions of individuals in Jorvik. Some are kind, some are mysterious, some are entertaining, and some are downright antagonistic. If you play your cards well and become friends with them, you might reap a slew of perks. The following are examples of well-known factions:

  • Global Energy Domination (G.E.D.) is an acronym that stands for “Global Energy Domination” and is owned and operated by Thomas Moorland and his son Justin. On a mission to harness the natural resources of Jorvik
  • Silverglade Village is the focal point of the resort. Druids who live in the woods and mountains of Jorvik
  • Dark Core – A mysterious organization on the hunt for something hidden deep under the island
  • Keepers of Aideen – Druids who live in the forests and mountains of Jorvik

Page Six: Subscribe today – Become a Star Rider!

By subscribing to Star Stable, you are automatically designated as a Star Rider. This is the most efficient method of getting the most out of your time at Star Stable, and it comes with several benefits. You may become a Star Rider by visiting the web shop and upgrading your account right now.


When in Jorvik, the Horse is the player’s constant companion as well as his primary source of mobility. Horses are the game’s central component, and they are employed for a variety of purposes including transportation, racing, and contests. In SSO, the player’s very first horse, theJorvik Warmblood, is selected and personalized by him or her when they first sign up for the game. At the start of the game, the player is just renting this horse from its previous owners, who have already paid for it.

Various other horses may be acquired from a variety of vendors, however they can only be purchased with Star Coins.


Horse names, like the player character’s name, cannot be entered in; instead, they must be selected from a list of names shown on two scrolling scroll bars. Horse names must be formed up of two words selected from each scroll bar, and they must rhyme. This is done in order to allow for greater customisation of the name and to discourage gamers from selecting names that might be regarded improper. When purchasing horses, a player must first come up with a name for their horse before the transaction can be finalized.

Horse Character Sheet

Horses are subject to a variety of circumstances that influence their performance in the game. All of this information can be accessed on the horse’s character page, which includes information on the horse’s level, mood, talents, and equipment. The sheet may be accessed by hitting the letter C.


Horses get experience points by participating in races and completing specified missions.

Horses are currently limited to level 15 at this time.


Maintaining a horse’s happiness will improve its overall performance since it possesses an unseen happiness stat. The mood gradient found on a horse’s character sheet will be used to portray the horse’s current state of mind. Specifically, these figures are as follows:

  • Level 1 – The horse will move 50% slower than at the previous level. Second-level horses will travel 40 percent more slowly than the first-level horses. In Level 3, the horse’s movement will be 30 percent slower. Level 4 – The horse’s movement will be 20 percent slower. Level 5 – The horse’s movement will be 10 percent slower. Level 6 – The horse will go at a typical pace at this point. Level 7 – the horse will go 10 percent faster than at the previous level.

The only way to improve and maintain the Horse’s mood is to perform its daily responsibilities (feeding, watering, grooming, and picking hooves), see the veterinarian, or hire stable care assistance. If you do not complete one of these tasks, the horse’s disposition will deteriorate.


The horses of Jorvik have certain characteristics (referred to as talents in-game) that influence how they will perform when being ridden. These statistics are as follows: Strength is defined as the height and distance your horse can jump. How rapidly your horse changes gaits is a measure of discipline. Swiftness refers to how quickly your horse moves. Endurance is defined as the amount of harm a horse can withstand. Agility refers to how quickly and sharply your horse can turn. On the horse’s character sheet, the talents of the horse are divided into four rows, with each row adding up to generate a total score for each stat in the horse.

  • Row 2: Shows a horse’s Breed Bonus.
  • These statistics improve as the player levels up their horse, and by level 15 this statistic should hit ten across all skills.
  • A horse’s Equipment Bonus is depicted in Row 4, and these attributes are the only stats that may be actively influenced by a player.
  • This is also the only stat in which a player may have an impact on a horse’s ability to go fast.


The sort ofgeara that a player wears to their horse will have an effect on 1-4 of the horse’s base stats, depending on the horse’s breed. The performance of a horse can be greatly increased or decreased depending on the mix of equipment used by the player. At this time, the only things that can be equipped with horses and have an effect on their stats are as follows:

Special Abilities

Some horses have particular powers that can range from being only aesthetic to being beneficial or detrimental. On a horse’s character sheet, the Snowflake Icon and Magic Horse Icon are represented together. Color Changing: Depending on the color the player chooses, the magical horses of Jorvik can alter their appearances. The color of the horse’s mane and tail may be selected by clicking on the magic horse icon on the horse’s character sheet. This has no effect on the horse’s numbers; it is just a cosmetic modification that does not influence them.

Special Animations: If you hit the space bar when a horse is standing still, you will see special animations for some breeds.

In addition to the five regular gaits that all horses have, some horses are released with a special gait that is distinct from the rest of the herd.

There have even been races when the horse’s ability to employ their particular gait has been a deciding factor in the outcome.

In order for these gaits to be activated, the horse must typically be walking. The player must then hold down the Shift key while simultaneously pressing either the up arrow key or the ‘w’ key to complete the task.


The Jorvik Warmblood is the only horse in the game that can be entirely customized by the user. However, there are additional ways in which a player can distinguish their horse from the rest of the field. Horse Color: Because most horses are available in a variety of hues, not every player is required to have the same colored horse. Equipment: While having superior riding gear can improve your riding skills, choosing distinctive colors and styles will make your horses stand out more. Horse Stylists: Horse Stylists may be found in various locations across Jorvik.

Head and tail decorations, leg wraps, and saddle bags are all available for purchase from certain sellers in Jorvik to enhance your overall image a little bit more.

Owning Multiple Horses

It was only possible to possess one horse when Star Stable Online originally launched, the Jorvik Warmblood, at the time of its introduction. On April 10, 2013, they expanded the number of horse breeds available, enabling users to acquire more than one horse. By just going up to the horse you intend to purchase and clicking on it, you will be presented with the purchase menu. Players may now acquire as many horses as they wish, however not every horse can be kept in the player’s stable at the same time.

If a player has more than 18 horses, the rest of the horses must be moved to the player’s pasture for the time being.

Horses are sold at a price of 2500 Jorvik shillings each horse.

Once a horse is sold, it is permanently removed from the game, and players will never be able to repurchase that horse.

Model Generations

As Star Stable Online has progressed, the models of the horse breeds that have been integrated in the game have also progressed. Time and the software program that was used to create the model and textures play a role in determining the model generation. It is possible that some of the horses have both a prior generation model and a current generation model in-game, while others may have had their whole model completely redesigned.

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Gen 1

Models from the first generation The Jorvik Warmblood (who was also called generation 1 at this point) was the first horse released after the Jorvik Warmblood was released, as their name implies. They were made with the help of a tool called Autodesk 3D Studio Max and were launched between September 2011 and March 2017 on the market. Many of these models were blocky, cartoonish, and rigid, and they had any distinguishing movements of their own. The models were capable of performing all elementary movements, including five different gaits at differing speeds, a hard stop, a rear, a jump, a back up, and an idle animation, among others.

Due to the age of these models, breeds in Generation 1 are unable to use certain types of equipment that were upgraded in May of this year.

Gen 1.5

Models from Generation 1.5 All of the breeds that shared a common basic model with the Jorvik Warmblood were included in the generation 1.5 horses. These were the very first models that were generated with the Autodesk Maya software. It was around this period that all of these breeds (including the JWB) had their models totally redone in-game, resulting in a more fleshed overall appearance as well as a more fluid set of motions. Besides receiving updated rudimentary motions, these horses also gained additional idle animations that helped them appear more lifelike while yet maintaining a little more cartoonish appearance as compared to the new blossoming Generation 2 horses who were being made at the same time.

Gen 2

Models of the Second Generation Generation 2horses were the first breeds to be introduced that were much more like their real-life counterparts in appearance. From July 2016 to April 2019, they were made available for purchase. Many of the horses released during this time period received updated rudimentary animations (which were unique to each breed), different sets of idle animations, and were the first generation to establish the trend of specific breeds having special animations, among other things.

Breeds from Generation 2 will not be able to use specific pieces of equipment that were upgraded in April of 2020 due to the age of these models.

Gen 3

Models from the Third Generation Horses from Generation 3 are the most recent models available, and they have the fewest technological constraints compared to horses from previous generations. In December of 2017, they began releasing new material, and they are still releasing new material to this day. In addition to all of the advantages that the Gen 2 horses have, the Gen 3 horses are the most realistic, fluently animated, and highly textured of the models available. Any new horses that are introduced into the game will fall into this category, and if a horse breed has not yet been changed to match the style of this model, it will be done in the near future.

Horse breeds

Among the breeds that may be found in Star Stable Online are the following:

Regular Breeds

  • Acadian
  • American Paint Horse
  • American Quarter Horse
  • Andalusian
  • Appaloosa
  • Arabian Thoroughbred
  • Clydesdale
  • Curly Horse
  • Danish Warmblood
  • Dutch Warmblood
  • English Thoroughbred
  • Finnhorse
  • Fjord
  • Friesian Horse
  • Friesian Sport Horse
  • Haflinger
  • Hanoverian
  • Icelandic Horse
  • Irish Cob
  • Knabstrupper
  • Lipizzaner
  • Lusitano
  • Marwari
  • Morab


  • Connemara, Chincoteague Pony, Gotland pony, and Welsh Pony are examples of such horses.

Fictional Breeds

  • There are several breeds of Jorvik Friesian horse, including Jorvik Pony, Jorvik Warmblood, Jorvik Wild Horse, Rune Runner, and SuperShire.

Magical Breeds

  • Ayla, Barkhart, Brinicle, Dorcha, Erinys, Fawncy, Heidrun, Kampos, Nixie, Pepita, Petra, Solas, Tellina, Tombhoof, Umbra, Vega, Whinfell, Woodear, and Zony are some of the characters in the game.


Star Stable is a 3D massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) set on the fictitious island of Jorvik, developed by the studio of the same name. The game is completely free to play, and there are downloaded clients available for PC and Mac in more than ten different languages. The story of the game leads you on a trip to preserve the island of Moorland and the horses of Moorland from a CEO who wants to demolish the land and build condominiums on it.

Character Creation

Star Stable begins with the creation of your character utilizing a rudimentary character maker that is presently restricted to female characters only, indicating that the game’s intended audience is female (they target 7-17 year old girls). There are six different head options, four different hair colors, and eight different hair and eye styles to choose from. The name generator provides you with a selection of pre-set first and last names from which to choose, but I find it easier to just press “random” until you discover something you like.

There are 21 different breeds accessible in the game, which along with the various color possibilities means that you may create a total of 94 different potential horses in the game.

The horse is also given a name, which you may select from a selection or generate at random until you come up with something memorable.


The game begins on the island of Jorvik, where your home stable in the Moorland zone enables you to work and care for the horses at the Jorvik Equine Institute, which is located on the island. It is the horses that are considered to be the lifeblood of the island, and there are missions that take you over the area to either aid them or disrupt the work of the island’s CEO who is attempting to develop its property. Player-created riding guilds at Star Stable encourage reading and team building by bringing players together in a fun and engaging environment.

  1. One task I completed required me to visit a blacksmith in order to obtain horseshoes, but the blacksmith required an unique metal, so he sent me to a mine.
  2. However, searching for what you need might be a little difficult.
  3. Exploration and learning are encouraged in the game without being overly harsh; if you become stranded or lost, you may contact for help and be transported back to Moorland Stables by using a telephone.
  4. I’ve played a lot of MMOs, and I’ve never seen a game that even came close to realism when it came to horse movement — until now.
  5. The simple act of running around on this small island was a lot of joy.
  6. You interact with humans and non-player characters (NPCs) by clicking and speaking with them.
  7. When you need to bring the horse to a complete stop, pressing X will cause the horse to rear up and come to a complete stop.

When you use the mouse to control the horse’s pace and turning, the movement appears to be quite lifelike.

Horse stat improvements are provided by the apparel you may earn in-game or purchase in the game’s cash store, which will benefit your horse’s abilities in the areas of riding, leaping, command, and care.

To achieve high rankings in races or to rescue individuals who have become imprisoned in the game world, precision timing and strategy are essential.

Fortunately, you won’t have to dismount too often, as it’s only truly necessary to clean and feed your horse.

Over all, however, I had a great day just running about and unwinding with friends.

Although I wasn’t expecting much from a kid’s game, when you fall to the ground, the entire screen lights bright red and you are given a warning to be more cautious in the future before you are allowed to restart the game. Being shocked to see the entire screen turn crimson made me feel terrible.


Roleplaying and socializing are important aspects of the game, and they are encouraged by the availability of clubs to join and the presence of several locales in the game that are ideally suited to either activity. Because of the distinct locations and the enjoyment of the experience, social connections are encouraged. There was a wide lagoon with a horse diving board in my favorite place, and on the opposite side of a boardwalk, there was a shark swimming around, which was another highlight.

Picnic places and dance floors with music are put up around the game, allowing players to employ the dance emotes with their friends.

Dev Chat

I had the pleasure of communicating with Therese, who serves as the Star Stable’s public relations and social media liaison. For me, she addressed a couple queries in a way that made the team stand out even more. What method did you use to get such smooth horse movement? It is enjoyable to simply ride about and take in the view. We have a large number of employees who are horseback riders, and some of them are actively involved in the equestrian community. In the end, we were able to achieve the most realistic animation possible thanks to their knowledge and the efforts of excellent animators and engineers.

  1. We are continually working with safety, such as game masters, as well as a filter that prevents certain terms and word combinations from being used in the conversation.
  2. We maintain an open channel of communication with parents and frequently teach the young gamers how to behave online, such as avoiding sharing passwords and so on.
  3. The importance of the community in MMOs cannot be overstated.
  4. My social media staff, which I oversee, is closely connected to the community, and we frequently consult with the players for guidance and recommendations.
  5. In addition, we have game masters who ride around with us.
  6. They go out riding with actual riding groups and have a great time!

We are the only game that updates once a week in reality. On top of tiny repairs, we really add new elements to the plot on a weekly basis, which is truly unique.

In Closing

Star Stable is completely free to join and play until you reach level 5. After that, you have the option to purchase a lifetime membership for $64.99, pay monthly at $7.49 per month, every three months for $19.50 per month, or every six months for $31.99 per month, or pay every three months for $19.50 per month. I believe that this game justifies its subscription model by releasing weekly updates that allow it to continue to grow — not only by fixing bugs, but also by adding new content to the tale practically every week.

In addition, I’ve realized that adult MMOs may learn a thing or two from children’s games, just as previous children’s titles have.

She enjoys playing MMOs for the shear enjoyment of it and despises anything that feels like a second job to her.

Heather “gentlestar” Barber’s most recent blog entries (See all of them)


“Fundamentals” are the building blocks of any system. 1 Rule: Always embark on a mission (you will look slightly ahead). The second rule is to always ride one horse ahead of your lead/partner when insplitorcombmoves! Rules 3 and 4 are to always ride on the outside lines of the arena. In order to guarantee an equal arena, riders should ride on the outside dots. Dressage has four basic gaits that you should be familiar with. A horse’s “gait” refers to the manner in which they move and the pace at which they move.

  1. Trot━ This is the second gait.
  2. Canter ad nascimento prolongado This is the fourth gait.
  3. Listed below are some tips on how to make it attractive.
  4. When the signal is given, the line lead comes to a complete stop, and everyone else walks forward and comes to a complete stop NTT to the rider in front of them.
  5. You should never stop inside of the person in front of you because if you do, everyone behind you will have to back up as well, which is not a pleasant sight.
  6. Those letters that are just inside the corners of the arena are referred to as corner letters (F, M, H, K).
  7. In the RA, the arena points, which are activated by the rake at the entry, are responsible for providing correct riding and meter data.

A real 90 degree corner is achieved by holding down the arrow key and releasing it when everything is straight.

By hitting your arrow key, you can round a corner and then stop tapping when you are straight.

If your line divides, re-identify yourself as a member of the new line (new primary labels).

Secondary Labels: Numbered pairs are used to label the line (1, 1, 2, 2 etc).

When riding in Dressage, the presumed direction is the left side of the horse.

When overtaking another rider or line, pass the left boot to the left boot of the cyclist in front of you.

Using MovesCues, cut the arena at the mid letter that is closest to the player’s position (A, B, C, or E).

Make your way around the arena from one end to the other.

Gait Curl -Curl in the gait that was requested, then immediately return to the gait that you were in before your curl.

Half Curl on Go: All riders do half of a curl on go while remaining on their own tracks without altering.

The leader will curl over in the direction requested if on go (for a set) or if at the wall; the rest of the group will follow the leader.

Riders do this task one by one.

On your computer screen, you will seem one horse ahead of everyone else (comb alignment).

Tilt: When the signal is given, all riders slant in the direction specified, aligning themselves with the slanted lines on the road.

Every rider must cut back towards their lead in order to remain in the same line order as they were when they started.

X On “go,” everyone will hit the X key to bring the game to an immediate halt.

14th, 12th, 3rd, or complete pivot (360). From a standstill, turn your horse in the amount requested. Rear━ Wait for the camera to take a step back, then hit X. (back key, X). • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

‎Star Stable Friends

Keep in contact with your friends and family using the finest Star Stable Online companion app! Star Stable Pals allows you to stay in touch with all of your Star Stable Online friends without having to worry about missing another game update! FEATURES All of the most recent Star Stable news is sent directly to your smartphone! Create and send in-game messages to all of your Star Stable Online buddies! Keep track of your Stable Care days, and conveniently replenish your supplies when you’re running out on them!

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Make use of the in-app purchase function to stock up on Star Coins! has it available for PC and Mac users.

Version 2.91.0 includes performance enhancements as well as bug fixes.

Ratings and Reviews

This game is fantastic, however I believe it may benefit from some more features. Here are some suggestions that I believe would be excellent additions to the game: Having the ability to customize the color and pattern of your horses is quite cool! I believe that you should be able to select a color and then shape it to a color of your choosing. You might also use other patterns such as patches, dapples, socks, and stripes to decorate your home. Create a variety of shapes. You should be able to decorate your horse with feathers and change the length and color of his mane and tail, which may be braided and multicolored.

  • You should be able to lead your horse and purchase halters.
  • Stirrups and boots would be a wonderful addition.
  • Reduce the cost of goods and services.
  • Could you please give us permission to breed horses?
  • Can you please allow us to lunge horses as well?
  • Horse sales would be fantastic if you could have one day a week where certain types of horses were available for sale for as little as 50 STAR COINS apiece.
  • Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts; I can’t wait to see them in action!

Great app and simple controls

Don’t be fooled by other reviews; this program is absolutely worth your time and money. First and foremost, let me to clarify. Star Stable is a computer game, it was developed for use on a computer device, and it explicitly claims that it is not a game, but rather an application that players may use to keep up with the newest developments in the world. Why people believe it is a mobile version of the game is beyond me, so please refrain from submitting negative reviews based on a misinterpretation which you could have prevented by simply reading the description of the application.

It is not the program itself that is having problems; rather, it is the fact that the app in your phone has most likely been downloaded incorrectly; a simple delete and redownload would more than likely resolve the issue.

Now it’s time for the review.

The only negative aspect is the price of star coins, which is understandable but also prohibitively expensive.

As a consumer, I would like to see the price of star coins reduced to be more reasonable for the general public, perhaps not at the same level as when you purchase them on the official website, but at a similar level. I’m looking forward to future expansions and updates.

Awesome! But.

This application is quite useful! It’s really useful when you want to check what’s new on Star Stable Online, and it contains a wealth of useful information as well! Regardless of whether this is unique to me, when I go to check how many star coins I have, it will indicate, for example, 95 instead of the correct number of coins. However, when I log into the game, there is more to see. Despite the fact that this is a minor issue, it frustrates me since it led me to purchase additional star coins when I did not need to.

Please take care of this!

More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Linked to You

The following information about you may be gathered and associated with your identity:

Data Not Linked to You

The following information may be gathered, but it will not be connected to your personal identity: For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


SellerStar Stable Entertainment ABSize149.6 MBCompatibility SellerStar Stable Entertainment iPhone It is necessary to have iOS 9.0 or later. iPad It is necessary to have iPadOS 9.0 or later. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 9.0 or later. LanguagesEnglish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian Bokml, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish Rating for those above the age of four CopyrightCopyright 2005-2019 CopyrightCopyright Star Stable Entertainment is a production company based in Los Angeles, California.

  1. Star Coins L $26.99
  2. Star Coins M $9.99
  3. Star Coins S $4.49
  4. Star Coins XL $46.99
  5. Star Coins XL $26.99


It is said that horses are the very essence of the island, and that the people of Iceland have long appreciated their deep and enduring link with them. Star Stableis a massively multiplayer online horse game that serves as a successor to the Starshine Legacyseries of games. The game, which was first launched in 2005 by Star Stable Entertainment and is played here, allows the player to design a beginning horse and rider to begin with, however there are other additional horses available in-game.

However, what was meant to be a summer of horseback riding suddenly devolves into a nightmare when a greedy construction firm, GED, threatens to demolish the neighborhood stable.

In the Star Stableuniverse, Helena Dahlgren’s Soul Ridersseries of novels takes place in the form of a fantasy series.

Tropes present in this game:

  • Area with Abandoned Farm: A few distance from the starting stables is an abandoned farm. It’s not spooky or anything
  • It’s just.a little.boring, really.
  • After putting an end to their unlawful operations, there are a number of GED construction sites that are transformed into this type of facility. Knowing that your efforts contributed to the stoppage of those machines and the evacuation of the personnel is quite rewarding

Supposedly Free Game: You can play about in the beginning region for free, but if you want to finish the narrative, form a guild, or even just learn how to leap, you’ll have to stump up some real money.

  • Jumping is taught in the game through a quest that is transferred later in the game to the free-to-play section, allowing all players to learn how to jump. However, if you want to play the entire game, you’ll have to shell out some cash.

Loretta is the Bobcat Girls’ Alpha Bitch, and she is the queen bee of the Bobcat Girls. Ponies are popular among girls of all ages: Because you don’t have a gender choice, the game operates on the presumption that you are male (you have to play as a female). Anti-Poop-Socking: Some tasks need you to wait until the next real-life day in order to complete them. If you desire, you may sleep in-game in order to continue to the following day (with real-money dollars, of course), making it a more permissive version of the trope than the official one.

  1. Ascended Glitch: Some players discovered a problem that caused it to look as though they were playing in a first-person mode that did not exist in the game.
  2. Robot Horses: While your horse will slow down if you don’t give him enough encouragement, you may potentially gallop indefinitely (assuming you don’t get snarled up in anything).
  3. It is only available at special events.
  4. The disadvantage is that they can only be purchased with real-world money, do not have any natural stat enhancements, and were, until recently, significantly slower than more mainstream breeds.
  5. You may bribe your way to victory if you don’t want to put in the effort to earn the shillings for the expensive bridle that makes your horse turn quicker.
  6. Character Customization: You have the ability to customize the appearance of both your horse and rider.
  7. Alternatively, you may utilize the corkboard in your stable to alter the look of both your character and your horse’s appearance.

Cool Horse: Of course, that’s what I mean.

Kembell, who is the owner of a local construction firm.

Drake is also included because she takes true pleasure in destroying the lives of everyone in her immediate vicinity, including her staff.

Although it was wholly out of their control, his grandpa despises him and his father for the death of his daughter, and they both miss her as a result of it.

Never-ending Winter: The Valley of the Dinosaur is always frigid and frozen over, with a heavy mist hanging in the air to top it all off.

Green Aesop: The local construction business is a sleazy bunch of jerks who are dishonest to the core about everything except the fact that they take pleasure in abusing the environment.

Despite the quest title, “An Unpleasant Task” is simply merely you tying demolition marking tape around trees in return for a bulldozer clearing away a road that has become obstructed by rubble.

For paid subscribers, there is an opportunity to learn how to leap while riding a horse in a mission called Horse Jump.

Playing while the server believes it is nighttime might be a nuisance.

To participate, players must choose a name from a list of predefined (though lengthy) options.

And select wisely, since once you’ve decided on a name, you won’t be able to alter it. The majority of gamers are men: inverted. The game is oriented at females, and female is the sole gender choice for your avatar.

  • Pet The Horseis on full show here
  • Even individuals that don’t care about the player character personally will be concerned about horses in this situation. If they despise horses, they’re almost certainly a villain.

Pony Tale: This is self-explanatory based on the game’s title. Everything on Jorvik is based on or revolves around horses, and according to local tradition, the horses who dwell on the island have an extremely close link with the humans who live on it.

  • One of the first individuals you meet is Loretta, the leader of the local riding club and residentAlpha Bitch — though she turns out to have some redeeming traits after you get to know her
  • Another is the narrator, who introduces you to the other characters. Justin Moorland portrays the character of the devoted best friend, at least until he is abducted by the powers of darkness and taken away. A few while later, he is rescued.

Horse that rears: If you hit the X key to bring your horse to a complete halt, your horse will rear. However, this is never addressed as a training problem, as it would be in the actual world. If you come into contact with something, your horse may likewise rear, although this is a little more comprehensible. Health Regeneration: If you or your horse suffers injury, you simply have to wait a few seconds for your health meter to fill back up. Really, the only way you’ll ever need a doctor or a veterinarian is if you deliberately smash yourself into walls over and over again, and even then, you’ll have to work really hard to both get back up to speed and find the next wall before your health is depleted once more.

These may perform some elaborate function, or they may simply be aCosmetic Award.

Moving more than four or five steps at a time is not possible when walking.

  • Your horse, on the other hand, must be avoided. The horse will begin to move at a walk, then a trot, then a canter, then a collected galloping gallop, and finally a full-out run with each subsequent press of W on the keyboard. If you don’t keep encouraging your horse, it will begin to slow down and then stop altogether after a few minutes.

Screw the Rules, I’ve Got Money! : The owner of a local construction business isn’t too bothered with matters like who truly owns the local stables; he’ll find a way to get his hands on it and bulldoze it to the ground one way or another if it means making more money.

  • ‘Screw the Rules, I’ve Got Money!’: The owner of a local construction business isn’t too bothered with details such as who truly owns the local stables. He’ll find a way to get his hands on it and bulldoze it to the ground, no matter what the rules are.

Across the country, an equestrian is sobbing: “Zig-zagged.” The game of Automaton Horses is played entirely in the traditional sense; however, players are required to feed and groom their horses on a regular basis (or pay to have it done for them) or face negative repercussions in the form of sad-faces and debuffs. In the beginning, horses have weak stats that must be trained and raised up through participation in races and contests. The book addresses several aspects of good horse care, such as shoeing and cleaning up stables.

Mission with a high degree of secrecy: It’s one of your initial tasks to sneak around and cause havoc with the GPS surveying equipment so that you may get extra time to demonstrate why the stable should not be demolished.

Some of the later missions are less forgiving, but you still have to make a lot of mistakes in order to be discovered.

You are welcome to have one as well, if you so choose.

Playing at night is not recommended due to the fact that you will be unable to see anything and will be more likely to run head-first into a barrier.

Because the intended audience consists primarily of adolescent and preteen females, who are likely to have to get up early for school and, as a result, should not be playing late at night, this may have been done on purpose.

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