Why Did Carol Kill The Horse? (Solution found)

In Episode 3 of Season 11, titled ‘Hunted’, Carol decides to kill the horse with the intention to present meals for the folks of Alexandria.

  • In Episode 3 of Season 11, titled ‘Hunted’, Carol decides to kill the horse in order to provide food for the people of Alexandria. The beginning of the episode presents Maggie and Negan on their perilous quest to find food for the people back home, only for the episode’s somber tone to be lifted thanks to the arrival of beautiful, wild horses.

Why did Carol kill Mika?

The insanity began when little Lizzie stabbed and killed her sister Mika to prove that she would come back to life, leaving Carol to knife Mika’s brain to stop her from coming back as a zombie.

What happens to the horse in the walking dead?

Death. As Rick Grimes rode the horse into Atlanta, he noticed a horde of walkers. While turning back, another horde blocked him off. Unable to escape, the walkers startled the horse, causing Rick to fall, the horse then being eaten alive.

Why does Carol die?

One of the biggest differences between the show and the comics was that in the latter, Carol engaged in a short-lived romance with Tyreese. The Walking Dead comic killed off Carol sometime after her breakup with Tyreese, who had cheated on her with Michonne.

Why was Carol kicked?

Only six main characters are seen in the entire episode: Rick, Carol, Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese. The episode is seen as a transitional stage for the development of Carol, having become cold and making difficult decisions to survive, ultimately causing Rick to feel unsafe and thus, he exiles her.

Why did Lizzie suffocate Judith?

That’s why she almost smothered Judith — by silencing Judith, she was trying to prevent the walkers from approaching and getting killed by her sister. At the same time, she believed that Judith wouldn’t really die from being smothered — she’d return as a walker (which is just as good as a human).

Why did Rick sacrifice the pigs?

But the uproar on Twitter came when the group’s leader, Rick Grimes, drew the zombie hordes away from the prison’s sagging fence by slitting the sides of live pigs and throwing them out to the hungry walkers. They’ve gotta get rid of the pigs, they could be a threat.”

How big is Alpha’s horde?

In Issue 143, an extremely large herd is seen when Alpha takes Rick at gunpoint to a building nearby the Whisperers camp. The herd is estimated to be nearing the ten-thousands.

What happens to buttons TWD?

Death. After becoming spooked by walkers in a field when Daryl tries to tie Buttons up to take back to Alexandria, Buttons takes off and is eventually discovered by Aaron and Daryl, but becomes swarmed by walkers and is mauled. Aaron shoots Buttons in the head to end his suffering.

Who supplied the horses for the walking dead?

If you love horses and love The Walking Dead, you need to follow Tommie Turney on Instagram. Turvey is a professional horse and rider trainer who does training for The Walking Dead series.

Why did Carol hyperventilate?

Melissa McBride’s performance in “The Same Boat” is sterling, as Carol begins hyperventilating, seemingly as a ruse to lure the Saviors into trusting her just enough to leave her all alone in a room — at which point she promptly breaks free of her restraints and destroys everyone who’s been holding her captive.

What season does Carol die?

As of the end of episode 4 of The Walking Dead Season 11, Carol is still alive. Carol is the series’ biggest wildcard. Her comic counterpart didn’t even make it a quarter of the way through the story, but TV show Carol has survived longer than anyone except for Daryl (who was introduced in the same episode she was).

Is Carol Dead in Season 3?

She is killed by a merciful Andrea during her reanimation process before she can bite a saddened Tyreese. Carol’s death leaves a significant mark on the group in the days leading up to the ultimate assault on the prison.

Why did Tyreese forgive Carol?

Tyreese says he cannot kill a child, leaving the onerous task to Carol. She tells Tyreese to do whatever he feels he needs to do. Seeing that the taking of another life affects Carol deeply, he says he won’t forget but he forgives her because it is not a decision she makes lightly.

Is Morgan from Walking Dead Alive?

Lizzie’s psychotic behavior and Mika’s innocence are addressed in the second half of the season, with the revelation that Lizzie was feeding rats to the walkers at the prison. During “The Grove” episode, Lizzie murders Mika, and intends to allow her to reanimate.

Why Did Carol Kill the Horse on The Walking Dead Season 11?

Carol is quickly emerging as one of the show’s most complex and nuanced characters, if not the most developed of the apocalyptic gang’s many personalities. Her transformation from mistreated spouse of the infamous Ed Peletier to ruthless archer has gained her influence among the survivors by making the cold, abrupt judgments that no one else would dare to consider. Carol takes center stage in the newest episode of the show’s last season, hosting yet another round of ruthless decision-making, which is expertly portrayed by Melissa McBride, who portrays Carol with ease.

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Official Teaser Trailer

BridTV3684 This is the official teaser trailer for Season 11 of The Walking Dead. 831409831409center13872

Why Did Carol Kill the Horse?

  • Season 11, Episode 3, titled “Hunted,” has Carol making the decision to slaughter the horse in order to provide food for the residents of Alexandria.

The episode opens with Maggie and Negan embarking on a risky journey to obtain food for the people back home, only for the program’s melancholy tone to be brightened by the appearance of beautiful, wild horses later in the hour. During Carol and the other explorers’ attempts to tame the horses – with the goal of using them for travel and agricultural labor – the grim beginning of Season 11 fades into the background as breathtaking shots of rushing horses fill the screen. This reprieve, however, was only temporary in typical The Walking Dead fashion.

The horse, which is resting on the ground, is comforted by Carol, who leans over for a bowl, which viewers believed was for food or drink when she first appears on the scene.


Carol’s Most Shocking Moments

That experience was most distressing because of the horse’s death, but it also served as a sad reminder of Carol’s good nature being tormented by her strict practicality. Carol is the one who is called upon to make the difficult decisions again again. Season 4, when Carol made the decision to kill two of her own in order to prevent a fatal sickness from spreading across the jail, marked the beginning of her transformation into a warrior. Carol’s classic remark “Look at the flowers” was conceived during the same season when she took it upon herself to rescue Tyreese, Judith, and herself from a zombie-obsessed Lizzie.

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Why Did Carol Kill The Horse On The Walking Dead Season 11?

Carol is quickly evolving into one of the most nuanced characters on television, if not the most developed of the apocalyptic group on The Walking Dead. As the abused wife of the infamous Ed Peletier, she has risen to become a ruthless archer, establishing her authority among the survivors by making the icy, brash decisions that no one else would dare to consider.

Carol is once more at heart level in the most recent episode of the show’s final season, hosting every other bout of brutal decision-making, which actress Melissa McBride portrays flawlessly in the role.

Why Did Carol Kill the Horse?

  • Carol takes the decision to kill the pony in Episode 3 of Season 11, titled ‘Hunted,’ in order to provide food for the people of Alexandria
  • Nevertheless, the pony survives.

Maggie and Negan are sent on a risky expedition to get food for their families back home at the start of the episode, only for the program’s melancholy tone to be brightened by the appearance of beautiful, wild horses later in the hour. With the goal of training the horses to be used for journey and agricultural labor, Carol and the other explorers are able to forget about Season 11’s grim beginning as unexpected sequences of working horses fill the screen. It used to be that this reprieve was just temporary, according to fans of The Walking Dead.

The pony that is lying on the floor gets a dish of food or water from Carol as she begins to comfort him.

Carol’s Most Shocking Moments

Carol’s horse’s death was by far the most traumatic part of the episode, but it served as a terrible reminder of Carol’s great character being tormented by her strict practicality throughout the whole show. Carol is the one who is forced to make the difficult decisions over again. Carol’s transformation from victim to fighter began in Season 4, when she took the decision to kill two of her own in order to prevent a dangerous disease from spreading across the prison. During the same season, Carol delivered her now-iconic phrase, “Look on the flora,” when she took it upon herself to defend Tyreese, Judith, and herself from Lizzie, who was infatuated with zombies at the time.

r/thewalkingdead – Question about episode 3 season 11

They were in desperate need of food at Level 1. level 2They were hungry, not starving, so they ate more. As a horse enthusiast, this is a major turn-off. They have Daryl’s dog with them. They did not slash his throat in front of him. There are birds in the area. If the fish move to the beach, they are considered to be migratory. Horses are more valuable while they are alive. If it comes down to this, I’m glad this program is coming to an end. 1st grade It’s quite self-explanatory – to feed everyone.

  1. On top of that, they’ve taken in two other settlements (Hilltop and Meridian survivors), resulting in a big population that they’re having difficulty feeding at the moment.
  2. I believe the program provided a good explanation for why she murdered the horse.
  3. In the United Kingdom, episode 2 was only published yesterday.
  4. I’m curious as to why the delay.
  5. I’m not going to go into detail and ruin it for anyone else who could be in a similar scenario to yourself.
  6. Not even close to being the best.
  7. He goes about his business without waiting for anyone.
  8. If they were merely going to kill one, wouldn’t it have been simpler to simply kill it in the wild with an arrow rather than wrestling it and transporting it back to camp?
  9. What a piece of writing!
  10. Is it possible that they will manufacture blood pudding?

What is the purpose of a bowl for the blood? It’s probably at this level to keep the area from smelling bad. level 2 Probably only a smidgeon of column a and b Because blood has a high concentration of nutrients, allowing it to go to waste would be extremely unethical.

Why The Walking Dead’s latest death is more painful than you’d expect

The following are The Walking Deadseason 11 episode 3 spoilers. The fact that some of the initial survivors are still alive and well is the only thing that makes The Walking Dead’s eleven-season run even more astounding. There aren’t many, to be sure. It’s been eleven long years, and the only people who have stayed with this show through thick and thin are Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, better known as Daryl and Carol. These two fan favorites might seem like they’re on their way out, but you’d be incorrect since they’ll both be back for their own spin-off series once the main Walking Dead program has been cancelled for forever.

  1. They are already dealing with the fallout from the previous season.
  2. Josh Stringer is an American football player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.
  3. Even after their major rupture in thosebonus season 10c episodes, there’s still a lot of drama to be mined out of these two, both together and individually.
  4. “Hunted,” on the other hand, more than makes up for his absence with some interesting character work for Carol, the most of which focuses around a death that nobody could have expected.
  5. We are, of course, referring to Carol’s slaughter of the lovely horse in Alexandria in the first episode.
  6. Yes.
  7. But first, a little background.

Carol, with the assistance of a few Alexandrians, pursues this herd of animals in the hopes of taming them for agricultural work in the future.

As a result, there are some very stunning views of the horses galloping free, which are so lovely that we nearly forgot that The Walking Dead is set in the midst of a zombie outbreak.

Season eleven, which is just three episodes in, was in desperate need of this as well, because the first two-parter had been totally gloomy in an almost frightening fashion.

When Father Gabriel is implored to show mercy, he responds, “God isn’t here anymore,” before executing someone at random.

Agatha passes away shortly after, and she isn’t the only small character to succumb to death, but at least the horses are lovely, don’t you think?

Most of the time, this entails assisting individuals in their travels and rebuilding efforts, but one horse in particular has a very different fate in store for them.

Take a look at this.

Is it stocked with food or water?

That’s a strange occurrence.

Instead, it’s filling the empty space in the tank.

Because the people of Alexandria are starving and relief is still a long way off, it’s a terrible and horrific situation, but one that must be addressed.

Any happiness Carol may experience is swiftly broken by her own unwavering practicality, which can last for days on end.

— but in reality, it’s exactly the reverse of that.

Perhaps her remorse over season ten’s cave-in (along with other prior misdeeds) is what is motivating her to make apologies today, no matter what the personal cost is to herself.

It doesn’t matter how hard she cleanses, the trauma of what has happened is still there, seeped into her skin.

Absolutely, and it will always be true of every decision she takes to serve the wider group, regardless of how much personal suffering it may give her.

Carol’s hands may not have been stained with her own blood, but the stains will remain with her long after the blood has been washed away from them.

Viewers in the United Kingdom may now watch all of the episodes on Disney+, where new episodes of season 11 will be released every Monday.

The Walking Dead is a zombie television show that airs on AMC.

The Walking Dead is a terrifying show.

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The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 recap: Hunted

The third episode of The Walking DeadSeason 11, titled “Chased,” puts viewers in the first-person perspective of the chaos of being hunted and slain by The Reapers. The episode is shot in a shaky and unpredictable manner to convey the chaos. As we go from Maggie to Daryl and Dog and Negan, numerous additional people are dead, kidnapped, or go missing as fleeing appears to be practically impossible to do. The gang is split up at the most inconvenient of times, and for the time being, we follow Maggie on her path of survival without her comrades.

The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 – The hunt

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 features Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. Photo courtesy of Josh Stringer/AMCA. s While hiding within an unfinished mall, Maggie quickly discovers that The Reapers will not leave her alone for very long. She is on the verge of death until Negan arrives to save her life, along with Alden, who has been seriously injured. The three of them have no idea where the rest of the group has vanished to. Maggie, on the other hand, is determined to carry on despite Negan’s objections.

  1. Once outside, the three of them go after the cries of a woman, who turns out to be the eponymous Agatha.
  2. If they weren’t sure who they were dealing with, they came across a walker who was chained to a tree and appeared to be burning alive, with the word “JUDAS” written over its head.
  3. Because, after all, they could have just scrawled the word “TRAITOR” on the wall, but they picked something more specific and rather terrifying instead.
  4. Alden urges Maggie to continue without him while they are there.
  5. Maggie and Negan are the only ones left who can fulfill the job.

The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 – Horses

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 features Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. Image courtesy of Josh Stringer/AMCA. s While hiding within an unfinished mall, Maggie quickly understands that The Reapers would not leave her alone for the night. Fortunately, Negan arrives to save her life, as does Alden, who is gravely injured in the process. Nobody knows where the rest of them went, even them. In spite of Negan’s reservations, Maggie is determined to continue. However, they are completely unaware that Father Gabriel is still alive and well—and that he is giving no mercy to one of the Reapers who is dying.

She joins the group when Duncan succumbs to his wounds, and the never-ending squabbling between Negan and Maggie is carried forth.

Maybe the Reapers are a religious extreme organization or a cult, since this seems to be a suggestion.

Walkers approach in on Agatha, and the three takes refuge in an abandoned chapel as Agatha is pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, Alden asks Maggie to continue on her own, despite his protestations. Although she first refuses, she eventually concedes to Negan’s demands, leaving Alden with a few guns and provisions. Maggie and Negan are the only ones left to finish the assignment.

The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 – Meanwhile in Alexandria

Rosita Espinosa is portrayed by Christian Serratos on AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 – Photo courtesy of Josh Stringer/AMCA While the residents of Alexandria work to construct the walls around the city, the youngsters Judith, Gracie, R.J., and Hershel Jr. spend their days hanging out together, playing cards and talking about more mature themes. They have basically come to grips with the idea that their parents are always on the go, protecting them and the ones they care about the most.

In a later scene, we see them consume the horse meat with some trepidation, but they realize the necessity of surviving at any costs.

The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 3 takes small storylines and combines them into one episode.

Apart from what has already been stated, there isn’t much more to say about this episode other than what has already been stated. The introduction is dramatic and tension-filled, and there are moments when you are on the verge of jumping out of your seat. Maggie is still unable to agree with anything Negan says, even when he is completely correct. When she eventually agrees, it is not without a slew of obstacles from her side. As a result of Maggie’s absence during the events of The Whisperers, she will never accept him as anything other than the man who murdered her husband.

  • For a variety of reasons, Alden’s undetermined fate was upsetting.
  • The quest for reclaiming horses was a lighter plot thread, but even when the horses were reclaimed, one of them had to be slaughtered in order for the residents of Alexandria to have enough food.
  • It would not be shocking to see a walker horde descend on the city in the near future and slaughter a large number of residents because no one will listen to him.
  • It appears that the youngsters are becoming a little older and wiser than other children their age.
  • While being hopeful and innocent, it’s comforting to watch children already come to terms with really terrible and unfortunate events while remaining hopeful and innocent.

What did you think of the third episode of Season 11 of The Walking Dead? Please share your ideas in the comments section below. Season 11, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead will premiere on September 12, 2021.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11, Episode 3 Review: All The Pretty Horses

The Walking Dead is a trademark of AMC Film Holdings LLC, which reserves all rights. When I watched the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, “Hunted,” there was one scene that perfectly encapsulated all of my problems with this new and improved zombie show. The show’s writers, under the direction of Angela Kang, have made significant strides since the embarrassing Seasons 7 and 8, but quality control is still lacking when it comes to the script, which they continue to botch. The moment I’m referring about features a group of Alexandria’s surviving ladies who have gone out to fetch the horses that the community has left behind.

  1. They decide to return home before it gets too dark since they are feeling dejected.
  2. One of the ladies yells, “They’re on their way to the dairy farm!” We’ll be able to lock them up there!
  3. We make a beeline for the dairy farm, where the last of the steeds is being herded successfully.
  4. But how do you do it?
  5. How did they manage to catch up with them in the first place, let alone herd them through a fence, is beyond comprehension.
  6. So, how can we be confident that they have apprehended everyone else?

All The Pretty Plot Holes

AMC Film Holdings LLC will produce The Walking Dead in 2021. All Intellectual Property Rights are Reserved. When Ezekiel, Yumiko, Eugene and Princess manage to get out of their cell and steal two suits of Stormtrooper armor, it brings to mind the opening episode of the season in which they almost complete their escape from the Commonwealth. Of course, we were aware that two of the guards were bumping ugly on break and that they would have to remove their armor in order to perform the deed—but how did our heroes know where this was taking place, let alone reach the armor without being detected—let alone get out of their cage in the first place?

The following is what Angela Kang has to say about her audience: “We believe our audience is dumb, so we’re going to write these crazy, unbelievable situations and not even exhibit our work, and our stupid audience will just lap it up anyhow.” That has been the arrogant attitude of The Walking Dead’s showrunners since since Scott M.

Either that, or they are completely oblivious to the fact that, despite the fact that this is a zombie show, we want things to make logic.

There is no way for things to just happen, and this is especially true off-screen.

Why was the sequence created in the first place?

Although Carol’s agonizing choice to slaughter one of the horses for the sake of the Alexandrians is by and away the best sequence, even it was confused since we show the children chewing scraps of flesh at the same exact moment as Carol is out in the stables slaughtering the horrible creature.

Wasn’t it horse flesh, then, instead? Was it possible that they were consuming something else? It’s a bit perplexing.

Don’t Fear The Reapers

The Walking Dead is a trademark of AMC Film Holdings LLC, which reserves all rights. The Carol horse-whisperer saga is a side story in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. After the Reaper attack, the tale’s true meat (or, more accurately, the symbolic meat of the story) is fully devoted to its survivors. (However, at a certain point the titles of all of these factions become incredibly illogical and irritating—Wolves, Saviors, Whisperers, Reapers, and yet our own heroes have no such designation, for some reason.) The film’s opening scene is a badly orchestrated mess that masquerades as a thrilling action sequence for the audience.

  1. Because the Reapers are throwing hatchets and knives at our heroes from off-screen, why is this scene recorded from such a distracting angle?
  2. When those blades are swung towards the huge guy, it appears as though everything is moving at a glacial speed.
  3. The beginning portion is just distractingly poor, to put it mildly.
  4. Maggie finds herself abruptly and strangely alone, and she decides to travel forth in search of more survivors, or perhaps simply to get away from everything.
  5. When she goes inside, the Reapers are obviously already there—I guess one of their abilities is being able to predict where the good guys will be at any given time.
  6. He’s in pain, and how he’s managed to go this far on his own is still a mystery.
  7. Another superpower possessed by the Reaper is the ability to move in complete quiet and invisibility.

He comes dangerously close to saving the episode as well, but falls just short.

They assist Alden in exiting the premises and track down two more of Maggie’s associates.

Why bother knowing any of these people’s names if they’re only going to be exploited as cheap means of death?

It looks that Elijah, Maggie’s own masked companion who appears to dress in a similar manner to the Reapers, has been captured, but I’m not entirely confident of this.

Maggie tries to save her, but Negan is forced to carry her away, rescuing her a second time from probable death, but Maggie is not appreciative for this second life-saving intervention.

Maggie, you’ve been gone for years.

They abandon Alden on his alone when Negan informs Maggie that she must make the decision and she launches into a rambling speech about how he no longer has the power to determine who lives and dies.

Basically, they leave Alden behind and pledge to return for him when they.

They are both reminded of the day when Glenn first met Lucille as Negan kills a zombie outside with his crowbar, and the blood streaming from his crowbar.

It simply brings back memories of when this show took such a drastic turn for the bad, and I’m left perplexed as to why I’ve grown to appreciate Negan and why I’ve grown to loathe Maggie so much over the course of the season. Watch my video review of this episode, which is embedded below:

Verdict: Negan And Gabriel For The Win

The most interesting female characters in this program are not the show’s main protagonists. Carol’s incessant wishy-washy melodramatic crap is nearly unbearably aggravating, and it’s hard to take her seriously. It would have been better if Maggie didn’t exist because she is a one-note bore. Add more of Rosita’s level-headedness to the mix, and more of Princess’s crazy quirkiness to the mix. Whenever Magna and Yumiko aren’t pushed into a stupid romance corner, they become more fascinating and multifaceted characters.

  • Michonne, on the other hand, has disappeared after losing all credibility when she abandoned her children in the midst of a desperate and terrifying war with the Whisperers, and Rick is no longer on the show.
  • Gabriel, on the other hand, continues to be one of the most unexpected characters on the show, having gone from being a sniveling coward and rat to becoming one of the most cold-blooded assassins in our merry little band of thieves.
  • “I was under the impression that you were a man of God,” the Reaper continues.
  • Gabriel In many respects, Negan and Gabriel are the two characters who have changed the most and the most continuously throughout the course of the series.
  • Daryl has evolved a lot over the years, but he’s been essentially the same person for a long time.
  • All things considered, this was a rather mediocre episode.
  • Maybe this was just a lousy episode that happened to be sandwiched between two fantastic ones.
  • What did you make of it?
  • Oh, and don’t forget to check out the trailer for World Beyond Season 2 as well!
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AMC’s The Walking Dead’s eleventh season begins with the episode ” Hunted “, which is the third episode of the season.

On a grand scale, this is the one hundred and fifty sixth episode in the series. It will premiere on September 5, 2021, in the United Kingdom. Frederick E.O. Toye directed the film, which had a script written by Vivian Tse and was directed by Toye.


Maggie’s mission crew becomes split and becomes the target of the Reapers. Carol, Rosa, Magna, and Kelly make an unsuccessful attempt to capture horses for Alexandria. Judith, R.J., Hershel, and Gracecope accompany their parents on their trip.


Seeing the Reapers launch their attack, the gang retreats into the surrounding forest. Alden, Negan, and Gabriel are hurt, and Cole is slain by one of the Reapers, who also wounds Alden. Duncan, on the other hand, is wounded multiple times with throwing knives throughout the course of the game. Maggie is temporarily entangled by a whip, but Elijah rushes to her rescue and frees her, only to find himself caught and carried away from the scene. Maggie is alone and takes note of her surroundings.

  1. This, on the other hand, allows her enough time to flee.
  2. Kelly and Carol arrive just as she is about to do it, and she is surprised by their presence.
  3. However, Kelly claims that something unexpected came up, and she vows to work her next shift with Magna.
  4. Carol passes Aaron and a group of Alexandrians who are repairing a wall as she makes her way to the storage room.
  5. Carol claims to be preoccupied because she intends to apprehend Alexandria’s fugitive horses while she is away.
  6. Carol argues that, without the horses, they will be unable to scavenge for food or move heavy objects, and as a result, they will starve to death.
  7. Hershel inquires as to whether Judith is ever afraid when her mother departs, but Judith responds that she is accustomed to it, jokingly mimicking their farewell speeches.
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Judith claims that it is simply to make them feel better, but Hershel believes that it is to make them feel better about themselves.

concurs with completely.

She is startled when a throwing knife narrowly misses her as she is trying to find a way into the room.

When she gets out of the stairwell, she quickly puts together a makeshift alarm by placing glass bottles on the door handles.

The walker attacks her, but she manages to kill him and throw him over the railing, despite the fact that she loses her flashlight during the process.

In time to stop him from killing her, the sound of glass breaking alerts them both, giving Maggie the opportunity to dodge the Reaper’s attack and kick him through the railing and down the staircase to her death.

Gabriel lies injured in the forest, his leg impaled with a knife.

With newfound determination, Gabriel pulls the knife out from his leg and sets off in pursuit of the Reaper.

Maggie struggles against the Reaper she encountered earlier, but is eventually able to stab him in the neck with a broken bottle.

Maggie throws a knife into the back of the remainingReaper, but before they can kill him, the Reaper throws a flashbang, stunning both Negan and Maggie.

Rushing to Alden’s aid, Maggie finds that he has been gravely injured in the attack.

He asks what the plan is, to which Maggie resolutely replies the plan doesn’t change; they will reunite with the others and then retrieve the food.

Knowing quite a bit about theatrics, he observes that the Reapers demonstrated just how insane they are, and warns that they can’t be on any road they might use.

Negan assures Maggie he is on her side, so Maggie asks him to help her carry Alden.

Rosita is keeping herself busy while Gabriel’s on a mission, so gladly joins Carol and the rest in their attempt to retrieve horses.

Catching up with Carol, Rosita confides in her that she’s been having dreams aboutAbrahamrecently.

Rosita used to be disturbed by this dream, but now believes it to be a message for them, although she doesn’t know what Abraham is trying to say.

Kelly asks if Magna thinks they’ll catch them, but the latter isn’t sure, since horses are wild creatures.

Continuing on, they hear a woman’s screams while she’s fighting walkers.

The woman turns out to beAgatha, defending a mortally wounded Duncan.

With his dying breath, Duncan asks Maggie to make sure Agatha gets home.

Carol and her companions continue their search, until they discover the mutilated bodies of several horses.

Despite this, Carol wishes to continue the search.

Noticing her distress, Magna comforts Carol with a hug, convincing her to call off the search.

Rosita, however, hear hoofbeats and realizes they still have a chance to catch the horses.

Rosita notes the horses are running towards thedairy farm, which has paddocks where they can lock them in.

She thinks the horses aren’t running and, in fact, want to come home.

Gabriel finally catches up to the Reaper he’d been tracking.

He greets Gabriel in a friendly manner and tells him not to be afraid, but Gabriel assures him he isn’t.

Furious, Gabriel points out Nicholls tried to kill his friends, but the latter retorts that they tried to kill him in turn.

Disappointed at Gabriel’s continued refusal, Nicholls says that the thought Gabriel was a man of God.

Maggie spies on a group of walkers, while Negan observes there are twice as many as before, and implores Maggie to revise her plan.

Negan insists that he can help her, and that he has changed in the time she’s been away.

As the group continues on, Alden asks Maggie if she’s okay.

He suspects that Alexandria isn’t what Maggie thought she’d be coming home to, or the place she told Hershel about.

Additionally, she believes Hershel is not shocked by many of the events that have transpired.

Maggie is taken aback, but she is overjoyed that Alden is raising a child.

Soon after, they come upon a walker who has been burnt to the bone and bound to a tree stake.

Suddenly, the gang finds itself surrounded by others walking.

Agatha sacrifices herself to the walkers in order to ensure the safety of the others.

Carol and her companions return to Alexandria with the horses in tow, much to the delight of other Alexandrians who had waited for them.

Magna catches up with Carol and expresses a desire to speak with her.

Carol is perplexed, but Magna understands that Carol does not believe Conniei is alive, but cannot accept the implications of this if she is not.

Even though she feels sorry for Carol’s situation, Magna encourages her to stop what she is doing since she is just making things more difficult on Kelly and the rest of the family.

She then slaughters the horse for food when it has been calmed.

The youngsters are apprehensive about eating it, but Hershel convinces them that it isn’t all that horrible, and that it is certainly better than spiders.

Magna and Kelly eat together until Carol arrives to take Kelly on another errand, much to Magna’s displeasure.

Maggie notices a church while they are walking down the road and decides that they will take a stop there.

Alden, on the other hand, begs her to do so since he is causing them to go more slowly.

Alden concludes that the supplies are the most important item since their society would starve if they do not have them, which includes Adam.

Maggie responds that Gage has made his decision, to which Alden responds that he is in the process of making his.

Suddenly, Negan interjects, pointing out that the sun is setting and that Maggie must make a choice.

She forcefully informs him that he no longer has the authority to determine who lives and who dies.

Although Negan accepts the criticism, he continues to urge Maggie must make a decision. Maggie makes the difficult decision to leave Alden after all, albeit with food and a knife in case she needs to defend herself or someone else.

Other Cast

  • The party scatters into the woods as the Reapers start their onslaught. All four of the Reapers hurt Alden, Negan, and Gabriel, while one of them kills Cole. A number of throwing knives are used against Duncan, who suffers a stab wound. Elijah comes to Maggie’s aid when she is briefly ensnared by a whip, and after freeing her, he is ensnared and dragged away. Maggie is by herself, taking in her surroundings. Sensing a Reaper nearby, she attempts to strike him with Elijah’s sickle but is unsuccessful. The fact that she has enough time to flee compensates for this setback. Magna, who is stationed on the city’s walls, is preparing to use her bow to take out one of the vultures. Her plans are disrupted by the arrival of Kelly and Carol, who stop her in her tracks before she can even begin. But Magna intervenes and inquires as to why Kelly is absent from her shift with Magna before Kelly can flee. However, Kelly claims that something came up and that she will still work with Magna during her next shift. Kelly snubs Magna’s gentle question about whether or not she wants to talk about “it.” Aaron and a group of Alexandrians are repairing a wall as Carol makes her way to the storage room. Then he inquires as to whether she is already on her way out, noting that she was supposed to assist with wall repairs. As a result of her plans to apprehend Alexandria’s fugitive horses, Carol claims to be preoccupied. Knowing firsthand how difficult it is to capture the horses, Aaron advises her that it is more important to focus on repairing the walls instead of attempting to capture them. Carol expresses concern that, without the horses, they will be unable to scavenge for food or move heavy objects, and as a result, they will starve as a result. A game of cards is being played by the girls Judith,Gracie,R.J. and Hershelare Asked if she ever gets nervous before her mother leaves, Judith responds that she is used to it, mockingly imitating their farewell speeches. While reflecting on this, Hershel observes that when the adults go out, they say the same lines as in the past, but they can’t guarantee that they will return safely anymore. She claims it’s simply to make them feel better, but Hershel is of the opinion that they’re doing it so they can feel better. Judith, on the other hand, is adamant that her mother will always return, which R.J. concurs. Maggie is approaching a shopping mall on her own, trudging through the snow. She is startled when a throwing knife narrowly misses her as she is trying to find a way in. Her search for a different door results in her entering the building through an alternate entrance. In the stairwell, she constructs a makeshift alarm by placing glass bottles on the door handles and closing them. She makes her way across the deserted shopping mall and up another flight of stairs. The walker attacks her, but she manages to kill him and throw him over the railing, despite the fact that she loses her flashlight during the attack. Her lighter in hand, she climbs one floor and inspects the route she took, while a reaper sneaks up behind her and takes her place. In time to stop him from killing her, the sound of glass breaking alerts them both, giving Maggie the opportunity to avoid the Reaper’s attack and kick him through the railing and down the staircase to her death. Maggie, on the other hand, does not see the Reaper’s body when she examines it, and she soon hears the footsteps of her pursuer approaching her. Gabriel is lying in the wilderness, his leg stabbed by a knife, with his leg immobilized. He silently prays before witnessing a lone Reaper hobbling away from the scene of the crime. Gabriel takes the knife out of his leg and starts off in chase of the Grim Reaper, fueled by his newfound drive and grit. Maggie and Alden are reunited on the upper floor of the shopping mall, but before they can even gather their breath, they are struck by a pair of Reapers who approach them from behind. Maggie fights against the Reaper she had encountered before, but she is finally successful in stabbing him in the neck with a shattered bottle, ending the battle. Negan appears out of nowhere and assists Maggie by finishing off the Reaper with his crowbar. Maggie stabs the Reaper in the back with a knife, but before they can finish him off, the Reaper unleashes a flashbang that knocks Negan and Maggie unconscious. In the few seconds it takes them to regain consciousness, they discover that the Reaper has vanished, along with the body of the Reaper they were able to kill. Maggie rushes to Alden’s rescue, only to discover that he has been critically hurt in the attack. Maggie tries to assist Alden in getting back up, but Negan is taken aback by Maggie’s determination to continue. In response to his question, Maggie forcefully states that the strategy has not changed
  • They will rejoin with the others before retrieving their food. As a response, Negan speculates that the others may be dead and denounces Maggie’s scheme. Being well-versed in theatrical production, he notes that the Reapers have proved exactly how mad they are, and advises that they must not be present on any roads that they may travel on. When Maggie confronts Negan, she tells him that he needs to come up with a better strategy that would not end in them being hungry. After Negan reassures Maggie that he is on her side, she requests his assistance in transporting Alden. While exploring the woods, Carol, Magna, and Kelly come acrossRosita, who is gathering mushrooms. Rosita is keeping herself occupied while Gabriel is away on a mission, and she is delighted to join Carol and the others in their endeavor to recover horses. When they eventually track them down, they attempt multiple times to sneak up on them, but they are unsuccessful because the horses are startled before they can lasso the animals. When Rosita finally catches up with Carol, she confides in her that she has been experiencing nightmares about Abraham lately. During one of Rosita’s nightmares, Abraham attempts to communicate something essential to her, but he is shot in the head just as he is about to do so. Even though Rosita was first troubled by the dream, she has since realized that it is a message from Abraham for them, even if she has no idea what Abraham is trying to communicate. Magna, on the other hand, informs Kelly that she recently heard that if horses allow you to touch their ear, it indicates that they trust you. Kelly inquires as to whether Magna believes they will be able to capture them, but the latter is skeptical given that horses are wild animals. Maggie calculates that they have 2 miles to go until they reach their destination after taking a brief rest from the journey. As they go on, they can hear the screams of a woman as she fights off walkers. Maggie and Alden rush to the scene to assist, much to Negan’s displeasure. The woman turns out to be Agatha, who is protecting Duncan, who is in critical condition. Maggie apologizes to Duncan after assisting Agatha, but he dismisses her apology, stating that they were fortunate to have gotten away with it. Duncan begs Maggie to see to it that Agatha returns home before he passes away in his sleep. When he dies away, Maggie mournfully stabs him in the brain in an attempt to prevent him from reviving again. Carol and her comrades continue their hunt until they come across the disfigured remains of many horses, which they then dispatch. Kelly is distressed by what she sees, and Magna consoles her through it. Carol, on the other hand, is determined to continue the hunt. Rosita argues that they should be able to continue the next day, but Carol is certain. Carol is distressed, and Magna notices this and consoles her with a hug, persuading her to call off the hunt. On the walk back, Kelly promises Carol that they will be there the next time. Rosita, on the other hand, hears the sound of hoofbeats and knows that they still have a chance to catch up with the horses. They come into five horses running across a clearing. Rosita observes that the horses are fleeing towards the dairy farm, which has paddocks where they can corral and secure them. When they get at the property, they successfully trap the horses but are unable to capture them until Kelly insists that they drop the lassos and try again. She believes the horses aren’t running and, in fact, are desirous of returning home. Carol is successful in calming a horse down to the point that it enables the women to pat it. Gabriel has finally caught up with the Reaper he’s been on the trail of. Nicholls, the Grim Reaper, has been severely injured and is chanting a prayer. A pleasant greeting is extended to Gabriel, who encourages him not to be scared, but Gabriel assures him that he is not afraid. Afterwards, the Reaper declares that he has been blessed, and he requests that Gabriel pray for him. Furious, Gabriel points out that Nicholls attempted to assassinate his companions, to which the latter responds that they attempted to assassinate him. He begs Gabriel to pray for him once more, claiming that even his adversaries are deserving of such treatment. Nicholls expresses his dissatisfaction with Gabriel’s persistent reluctance, claiming that he believed Gabriel to be a man of God. Gabriel responds coldly, saying that God is no longer present, before slaying the Grim Reaper. In the meantime, Maggie is spying on a bunch of walkers, while Negan notices that there are twice as many as before and implores Maggie to change her strategy. As Maggie informs Negan, “You have my permission, if you desire to go.” He claims that he is capable of assisting her and that he has changed in the time she has been apart. Maggie, on the other hand, does not believe him and bitterly warns Negan that he must stop claiming to be one of them, even if he thinks it himself. As the gang carries on, Alden inquires as to Maggie’s well-being. Maggie reassures him that she is capable of dealing with Negan, but this is not what Alden was referring to. He has a sneaking suspicion that Alexandria is neither the location Maggie expected to be returning to, nor is it the place she told Hershel about. Maggie claims that she is no longer surprised by anything, with the exception of the demolition of Hilltopdid. Additionally, she believes Hershel is not shocked by many of the events that have transpired in the past. Maggie is assured by Alden that she would reconstruct it even better than it was before, and that it will most likely be completed by the time Adam is old enough to remember it. – Magda is taken aback yet overjoyed that Alden is now a father. In order to prevent Alden from telling Maggie what to do in the event of his death, she cuts him off by vowing to begin the rebuilding process immediately upon returning. They soon come upon a walker who has been burnt to the bone and fastened to a pole. The walker is referred to as a “Judas” by the placard above him. Suddenly, the party finds itself surrounded by people walking about on the street. In their attempt to battle their way out, they are bitten by an unknown creature. AGATHA gives herself over to the walkers in order to secure the others’ survival. The moment Maggie tries to step in to stop Negan, she gets pulled away. Many Alexandrians were delighted when Carol and her companions returned with their horses, much to the delight of the rest of the city. Carol leads one of the horses away as the others are being tied down. With a desire to chat, Magna tracks Carol down. Magna asks Carol to refrain from giving Kelly false hope any longer. Maggie understands Carol’s disbelief, but she can’t comprehend the implications of Conniei’s death since she believes she is alive. In response to Carol’s assumption that Manga would be interested in knowing whether or not Connie’s family knew, Manga responds that she simply wishes for her family to recover. Magna has sympathy for Carol’s plight, but she encourages her to cease and desist from what she is doing because she is just making things more difficult for Kelly. Carol rides over to the stables and ties the horse up for the night. She slaughters the horse for food when it has been calmed down. After lunch, Alexandrians have horsemeat, which is traditionally served on Sundays. The youngsters are apprehensive about eating it, but Hershel convinces them that it isn’t all that horrible, and that it is certainly better than eating spiders. Outside, Rosita leads Cocoto to see the horses, while Carol washes her hands to remove the horse blood that had accumulated on them. Till Carol shows up to pick up Kelly for another run, much to Magna’s chagrin, the two of them dine together until Carol leaves to pick up Kelly for another run. When Maggie and the others are walking down the road, they come upon a church and decide to stop there for a rest. The notion is shot down by Maggie, who senses Negan’s desire to abandon Alden and disapproves of it immediately. Although she is hesitant to do so, Alden strongly advises her to do so because they are being held up by him. After that, Alden explains that he left Negan and the Saviors and joined Maggie because he believes she will do the right thing, no matter how costly it may be to herself. Because their society, including Adam, would starve if the supplies were not available, Alden concludes that they are the only thing that counts. In response to Maggie’s statement, Alden points out that Adam is unlikely to make it out ofMeridian alive given his injuries, and he requests that she leave him alone as she did with Gage in the previous episode. Maggie responds by saying that Gage has made his decision, to which Alden responds by saying that he is in the process of making his own decision. After that, Alden explains that, if the plan fails, all she has fought for would have been for naught, and Adam’s future is anything from assured. Suddenly, Negan interjects, pointing out that the sun is setting and that Maggie must make a choice quickly. Maggie responds by assuming that Negan finds it simple to endanger another person’s life. She informs him that he no longer has the authority to determine who lives and who dies. Later, she accuses him of being responsible for the current circumstances, alleging that Negan has ruined all they have worked so hard to achieve. No matter how harsh Negan gets with Maggie, she must make a decision, Negan maintains. As a result, Maggie decides to leave Alden, but with food and a knife to protect himself, despite his protestations.
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  • Eighth asAlexandria Resident
  • C. Thomas HowellasRoy
  • Michael ShenefeltasBossie
  • Eric LeBlancasPowell
  • Jimmy McAfeeasAlexandria Resident
  • Elizabeth asAlexandria Resident
  • Anthony Porrey asAlexandria Resident
  • Mario Williams asAlexandria Resident
  • Shellane Demarest asAlexandria Resident
  • Rachel Hernandez asAlexand


  • Colin Cole, Michael Turner, Duncan, Nicholls, and Agatha
  • Five horsemen.


  • First appearance ofJenson
  • Last appearance ofCole
  • Last appearance ofMichael Turner.(Alive)
  • Last appearance ofDuncan.(Alive)
  • Last appearance ofNicholls
  • Last appearance ofAgatha.(Alive)
  • Last appearance ofAlden.(Alive)
  • First appearance ofJenson
  • First appearance ofCole
  • First appearance ofAgatha.(Alive)
  • First appearance ofAlden.(Alive)
  • First appearance The title of the episode, “Hunted,” alludes to the fact that the party is being chased or “hunted” by the Reapers at the time. On August 29, 2021, users to AMC Premiere will be able to see this episode in its entirety through streaming. This episode makes reference to the events of ” Forget “, in which Aaron and Daryl attempted to obtain Buttons. Greg Nicotero portrayed the walker that bit Agatha’s arm in the film.


vdeEpisodesofThe Walking Dead
Season 1 ” Days Gone Bye “” Guts “” Tell It to the Frogs “” Vatos “” Wildfire “” TS-19 ”
Season 2 ” What Lies Ahead “” Bloodletting “” Save the Last One “” Cherokee Rose “” Chupacabra “” Secrets “” Pretty Much Dead Already “” Nebraska “” Triggerfinger “” 18 Miles Out “” Judge, Jury, Executioner “” Better Angels “” Beside the Dying Fire ”
Season 3 ” Seed “” Sick “” Walk With Me “” Killer Within “” Say the Word “” Hounded “” When the Dead Come Knocking “” Made to Suffer “” The Suicide King “” Home “” I Ain’t a Judas “” Clear “” Arrow on the Doorpost “” Prey “” This Sorrowful Life “” Welcome to the Tombs ”
Season 4 ” 30 Days Without An Accident “” Infected “” Isolation “” Indifference “” Internment “” Live Bait “” Dead Weight “” Too Far Gone “” After “” Inmates “” Claimed “” Still “” Alone “” The Grove “” Us “” A ”
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Season 7 ” The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be “” The Well “” The Cell “” Service “” Go Getters “” Swear “” Sing Me a Song “” Hearts Still Beating “” Rock in the Road “” New Best Friends “” Hostiles and Calamities “” Say Yes “” Bury Me Here “” The Other Side “” Something They Need “” The First Day of the Rest of Your Life ”
Season 8 ” Mercy “” The Damned “” Monsters “” Some Guy “” The Big Scary U “” The King, the Widow, and Rick “” Time for After “” How It’s Gotta Be “” Honor “” The Lost and the Plunderers “” Dead or Alive Or “” The Key “” Do Not Send Us Astray “” Still Gotta Mean Something “” Worth “” Wrath ”
Season 9 ” A New Beginning “” The Bridge “” Warning Signs “” The Obliged “” What Comes After “” Who Are You Now? “” Stradivarius “” Evolution “” Adaptation “” Omega “” Bounty “” Guardians “” Chokepoint “” Scars “” The Calm Before “” The Storm ”
Season 10 ” Lines We Cross “” We Are the End of the World “” Ghosts “” Silence the Whisperers “” What It Always Is “” Bonds “” Open Your Eyes “” The World Before “” Squeeze “” Stalker “” Morning Star “” Walk With Us “” What We Become “” Look at the Flowers “” The Tower “” A Certain Doom “” Home Sweet Home “” Find Me “” One More “” Splinter “” Diverged “” Here’s Negan ”
Season 11 ” Acheron: Part I “” Acheron: Part II “” Hunted “” Rendition “” Out of the Ashes “” On the Inside “” Promises Broken “” For Blood “” No Other Way “” New Haunts “” Rogue Element “” All or Nothing “” Warlords “” The Rotten ”

The Walking Dead Recap: Horse Whispering

When Magna and Kelly are halfway through this episode, they start talking about horses and how to acquire their trust. A quiet conversation that takes place between bouts of zombie mayhem and the horrors of mankind, one that’s supposed to be of greater significance — an emotional weight that both resonates and instructs, suggesting a brief glimmer of hope in this otherwise miserable existence — but it doesn’t seem to be. But, as the old theme song says, sometimes a horse is simply a horse. And that is okay.

  • As soon as the credits roll, we have the distinct impression that we’ve seen this movie before.
  • The survivors are once again in survival mode.
  • If I gave you Cole’s headshot, could you tell me who he was without having to use a multiple-choice answer?
  • The same goes for Duncan, the hulking brute who is best known for his gigantic firearms and piggyback rides.
  • Even if it means a great deal to Mags, for us, this is a low-risk exit strategy.
  • Gabe is alone until he comes across a wounded Reap on the side of the road, who immediately begins Bible-thumping: “We have been blessed.
  • After a brief pause, the G-man declares that “God isn’t here anymore.” He then proceeds to sever the Reaper’s head with his sword.
  • Maggie, on the other hand, is alone at a shopping mall – or so she thought.
  • Maggie confesses that her plan is a complete disaster, but she has run out of options.

In order to survive, Negan goes with with the flow and delivers the best line of the night when they hear a lady screaming outside in the distance: “So we’re going to gettowardthe screaming.” Cool.” Unfortunately for Maggie, it is yet another member of her tribe, Agatha, who receives a terrible bite to the arm during the fight.

Negan had to tear her away from her attempt to prevent the already-doomed Agatha from becoming the main part of the meal.

It seems like she always has a good reason for being stubborn, therefore Aaron doesn’t waste any time in playing the ace card and argues that she should forsake her plan: “Remember Buttons!” The fact that Carol confesses she’s not very good at horse-wrangling will not dissuade her from pursuing her goals (however, she knows a magic mushroom when she sees it).

Even fortuitous, they’re on their way to a farm, where even the most inexperienced city slicker ranch worker can tame a wild horse.

They do not require a heavy hand; rather, they require love, people!

Animal sacrifice may go down in history as her most brutal act to date (and Carol killed akidonce).

The calm but forceful lecture from Magna is directed at Carol, who has raised Kelly’s expectations regarding her missing sister (remember Connie?) to an unreasonably high level.

Although reasonable, how many withering glances and “you ain’t one of us” zingers can Maggie and the other members of the group get up at one time?

The choice to leave Alden in the church to bleed out and turn has left Mags and Negs as the only ones still alive in the group.

The scene serves as a not-so-subtle reminder of the pain she’s still carrying around with her, and in a show constructed on improbable premises, Maggie’s willingness to forgive would be a narrative sin of the highest caliber.

The hope is that this expedition would result in a tense but durable partnership.

Aside with Judith operating a juvenile card game like she’s the next Tony Soprano, one of the least prominent stories contains some of the most amusing scenes in the film.

The foreboding implication is difficult to ignore, especially when the youngsters remark about how their parents always arrive home on time, exactly as they promise.

Whisperer-baby Adam, Alden’s adopted kid, is unlikely to be seen by his biological father. For Maggie and Michonne, it is possible that just one of the main characters will make it to the end of the story. What Happened on The Walking Dead Recap: Horse Whispering

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