Where To Buy A Horse Near Me?

Where can you buy a real horse?

  • Welcome to the New and Improved Equine.com! We’re known as the NUMBER ONE site for horse sales. Whether you‘re looking to buy or sell, we reach more than one million horse owners and sell more than 10,000 horses per year, all through our connections to the Equine Network.

How much does it cost to buy a horse?

To buy a horse, you can expect to pay between $100 – $10,000, depending on the horse breed’s pedigree, how you are planning to use the horse, and your location. The average cost of a hobby-horse is about $3,000. According to Seriously Equestrian, the most expensive horse breeds can cost up to $250,000.

Where do I go to buy a horse?

The best sources of horses for sale are individual sellers, horse dealers, and breeding and training operations. If you’d prefer adopting rather than buying a horse, rescue groups usually have them available and so does the occasional private individual.

What is the best website to buy horses?

Welcome to the New and Improved Equine.com! We’re known as the NUMBER ONE site for horse sales. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we reach more than one million horse owners and sell more than 10,000 horses per year, all through our connections to the Equine Network.

What are the cheapest horses to buy?

The cheapest horse breeds on average are the Quarter horse, Mustang, Paint horse, Thoroughbred, and Standardbred. Though prices will vary depending on the horse, there are often many budget-friendly horses for sale within these breeds.

Can you own just one horse?

You can have just one. The one-horse possibility isn’t something most of us willingly embrace. But it may, in fact, be the only option for equestrians today faced with less money, less space and less time to spend on their horses.

Is owning a horse worth it?

Owning a horse is both rewarding and challenging. Horse owners must be knowledgable, responsible, and have enough time in their schedules to take care of the daily needs of their horse. When done properly, owning a horse is a fun and therapeutic experience that greatly improves your life.

What is the best horse for beginners?

Here are seven horse breeds that are often touted as ideal for novice riders

  • Morgan Horse.
  • Friesian Horse.
  • Icelandic Horse.
  • American Quarter Horse.
  • Tennessee Walking Horse.
  • Connemara Pony.
  • Welsh Cob.

How long do horses live for?

In general, professionals recommend two acres for the first horse and an additional acre for each additional horse (e.g., five acres for four horses). And, of course, more land is always better depending on the foraging quality of your particular property (70% vegetative cover is recommended).

What is a stud fee for horses?

A stud fee is a price paid by the owner of a female animal, such as a horse or a dog, to the owner of a male animal for the right to breed to it.

What should I look for when buying a horse?

Buying a horse is not an easy decision. There are many things to consider: the size, breed, temperament, and even color of the horse.

Is it expensive to maintain a horse?

Caring for a horse can cost anywhere between $200 to $325 per month – an annual average of $3,876, according to finance consulting site Money Crashers. Some of these costs include: Grain/feed. Hay.

How much is a pony horse?

The Cost of Ponies The cost of a good pony can be the same or higher than a horse. Expect prices for suitable first ponies to be about $1,000 and upwards.

Horses for Sale – Equine.com

Good images, the more the better, to pique the curiosity of potential buyers! – Shot of the conformation – Shot of the horse in the saddle (if applicable) – Aerial view of the action (jumping, on the trail, etc) Guaranteed to succeed! Our Sell or your Money Back ad provides your horse with the maximum amount of exposure we are capable of providing. Profit from the additional photographs, videos, and other elements that are available as well. You may save money on your video purchases. Our Premium and Guaranteed advertisements contain video links to assist you in selling your horse more quickly.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Customer Support representatives.

Because our sponsored advertising allow for limitless content, you can spend as much time as you like explaining to purchasers why they should consider purchasing your horse.

Prior to advertising, make sure all of your ducks are in a row.

If you’re not sure, ask for assistance.


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Horses for Sale

It has never been easier to buy or sell a horse in the past. Horsefinders.com consolidates hundreds of horses for sale into a one, easy-to-navigate website for your convenience. With a few clicks, you may locate horses in your immediate vicinity, as well as horses with the breeding, training, color, or any other characteristic that you are looking for. Horsefinders has a large selection of horses for sale and for purchase, including Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Pintos, Paints, Ponies, Arabians, Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walkers, Crossbred Horses, Appaloosas, Connemaras, Warmbloods, Morgans, POAs, Trakehners, and Welsh Ponies.

Buying a Horse

There are a plethora of websites dedicated to listing horses for sale. The majority of people have a few hundred, but some have thousands. It is our opinion that in order to find a horse for sale, one must go through many thousands of horses for sale. Horsefinders.com can assist you in this endeavor. Horsefinders.com is one of the most comprehensive databases of horses for sale on the internet. Alternatively, you may use our complex, yet user-friendly search capabilities, which will filter through thousands of horses to discover the one that is the best fit for you.

Selling a Horse

The process of selling a horse can be simple or complex and time-consuming, and you may or may not receive the price you desire for your horse.

Using Horsefinders.com to sell your horse is a smart approach to employ. Horsefinders.com is promoted on all main search engines, ensuring that anybody looking for a horse will come across our website first.

Why use Horsefinders.com to sell a horse?

Photographs aid in the sale of your horse. Have you ever visited a website where the only thing you could see were text lists of horses with no pictures? The inclination is to avoid text advertising and instead look at horses that have photographs of themselves on them. Photographs are the best method to showcase a horse for sale on Horsefinders.com; text-only advertisements are not permitted. If you are serious about selling your horse and earning the best possible price, you might consider placing a photo advertisement and taking advantage of the persuasive power that good, huge photographs have.

Horses for Sale: Buy and Sell Horses online

We bring peoplehorses together from all around the world! A unique mix of our passion for horses and our desire to be online results in a novel experience in the traditionally dominated horse world. A cross-border trade of horses is made possible by ehorses, which connects people who have a common interest in horses. Since 1999, we’ve grown from a little start-up to become the largest horse market in the whole globe. As part of our efforts to maintain this record of achievement, we are continually setting new objectives that will guide us in the right direction.

  • In this instance, ehorses is the most appropriate platform for you to use.
  • Whether you are looking for trained dressage horses, dependable jumpers, or excellent ponies for leisure time, you will be able to find horses in all performance classes and disciplines on our horse market.
  • With the help of our ehorses horse market, you may connect with possible buyers of horses all around the world.
  • You will locate the ideal buyer for your horse in a straightforward and expedient manner.
  • While consumers may search for a horse on the internet, sellers can reach a large number of potential purchasers via the use of the internet.
  • More than 18,000 adverts from private and commercial sources are displayed: horses of various abilities, from high-performance sport horses to Haflingers for leisure riding, are available for purchase.

Start a free test phase

Horses of various breeds may be found and sold on the professional online marketplace for horses. If you are looking for a horse or would want to sell a horse, ehorses is the place to go! The world’s largest horse market provides thousands of horses for sale every day. Whether it’s a sport horse or a sport pony, a broodmare or a dressage or showjumping horse, the horse market has a significant number of sales adverts for horses in a variety of disciplines. Even rarer horse breeds are represented on the internet horse market, and breeders will find a large range of stallions and broodmares on this market.

  1. In the event that you are interested in purchasing one or more horses, but have not yet discovered your ideal horse, the ehorses horse market is the place to be for you.
  2. You may also set a search order that will always alert you about freshly hired horses according to your criteria.
  3. Because of the advertising on the one hand and the search feature on the other, the horse market is able to connect interested buyers and sellers in a timely and convenient manner.
  4. To inquire about a horse, the first step is to contact the individual who is selling the horse.
  5. An appointment should then be set up so that the horse may be seen in close proximity to the location where the appointment was made.

With over 16 million page views every month, our horse market gives the ideal venue to sell your horse or horses. As a premium seller, you have access to a variety of professional sales tools that will help you to enhance your sales. Continue reading b

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The sale of horses as a premium seller has a number of benefits, including an exhaustive statistical examination, an unlimited length of your adverts, as well as a personalized and equestrian-experienced customer service representative. When selling your horses, you may input information about the horses’ breed, type, suitability, sex, price, and a variety of other qualities into a database and make them available to potential buyers. Thus the horse may be readily displayed in our horse market according to previously stated qualities, same for the acquisition of horses.

  1. There is also a horse market dedicated to breeding horses, which is open only to breeders themselves.
  2. The horses for sale are provided by private horse owners as well as by studs, breeders, riding and training stables that have the essential knowledge in the horse trade.
  3. Owners, who are seeking for a suitable purchaser, can offer their horse with an advertisement for the sales and publish therefore arbitrarily numerous announcements.
  4. For a successful horse sale owners should consider these points: We propose that you make the horse advertisement as significant as possible in order to maximize your chances of selling the horse.
  5. A description of one’s ancestors is equally as vital as information on one’s degree of training, on one’s potential accomplishments, or on one’s environment.
  6. More information may be found here.
  7. ehorses GmbHCo.
  8. Horses for sale and for purchase.

Browse Our Horses-for-Sale and Free-Horse Listings – The Horse

Are you seeking to buy or adopt a new horse? Browse through current listings of free horses (offered to a household at no charge) and horses for sale or adoption. You may filter the listings using the category drop down menu below, or perform a more precise searchhere. NOTICE OF CHANGE: As of February 8, 2021, we are only accepting ads from 501(c)(3) charity organisations for the “Horses for Sale or Adoption Category.” The Horsedoes not control, is not liable for and makes no representations or guarantees with respect to any user-generated listing featured on TheHorse.com.

You shall do any required, suitable, wise or judicious investigation, inquiry, research and due diligence with respect to any user-generated listing. If you suspect a fake listing, pleasecontact us.

Gentle Trail Horse for Adoption

Are you willing to be Benson’s Valentine? Benson is our gentle and attractive “honorary Arabian” (paint) gelding with tons of trail experience… Cookies are used on this website to enhance your browsing experience. If you continue to use the site, we will assume that you are in agreement with this policy. Accept More information can be found at

6 Places To Look For Horses For Sale

If you have ideas of getting a new equine buddy in the future, then knowing where to buy a horse might make your search easier. Are you ready to begin your search? Then have a look at these six sites where you may discover horses for sale.

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1. Online Horse Classifieds

One of the most efficient ways to locate a large number of horses for sale in your region is to browse the horse ads sites on the internet. Online horse advertisements, which are only dedicated to the sale of horses, frequently contain a large number of horses to pick from.

2. Facebook Groups

Do not forget to explore Facebook groups in addition to online horse classified groups while searching for horses for sale. It is possible to find horses for sale through a variety of online organizations, and many of them have a regional concentration to assist you in narrowing down your selections. Consider becoming a member of our Facebook group to network with other horse enthusiasts and owners who can guide you through the process of purchasing a horse.

3. Breed or Discipline Publications

Do not forget to explore Facebook groups in addition to online horse classified groups while looking for horses for sale. There are a plethora of organizations dedicated to promoting horses for sale, and many of them have a regional concentration to assist you in narrowing down your options. Consider becoming a member of our Facebook group to network with other horse enthusiasts and owners who can assist you in your search for a new horse to ride.

4. Sale Barns

Horse sales barns frequently feature a diverse selection of horses available for purchase. Identify a local sale barn and communicate your requirements for a horse to them over the phone. Although they may not currently have the appropriate horse for you, sale barns regularly receive new horses and may be able to put you in touch with a fantastic horse. When attempting to pick where to buy a horse, sale barns might be a terrific choice to consider. Is this your first time owning a horse? For more information, see our well read post 7 Mistakes First-Time Horse Owners Should Avoid.

5. Tack Store Bulletin Boards

Don’t forget to check the bulletin boards at your local tack and feed stores for any new listings.

Although it is an old-fashioned way of promoting, it is nonetheless popular and efficient. A brief visit in to the shop on a weekly basis might allow you to keep an eye on the bulletin boards as you fill up on the products you require for your business.

6. Horse Shows

You should attend your local horse shows if you’re seeking for a show mount. You’d be astonished at how many show horses are genuinely available for purchase on the market. You may not locate a horse for sale at the show, but by chatting to trainers you can spread the word about what you’re looking for and you may make some crucial contacts that may help you in the future. It might take some time to find a new horse, but it is critical that your new horse is a good match for you and your riding style.

Is there somewhere else you can go to get a horse that we didn’t mention?

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Texas 523 resultsBrowse our community listings of horses for sale in Texas, the Lone Star state. With over 979,000 horses in the country, Texas is a leader in the equine industry. The American Quarter Horse Association is based in Amarillo, and Fort Worth is home to the National Cutting Horse Association.

Chestnut Rabicano Arabian Mare

SubcategoryArabicGenderMareAge18 years 6 monthsHeight14.2 handsSubcategoryArabicGenderMareAge18 years 6 months ColorChestnutLocation Nacogdoches is a city in Texas. The most beautiful chestnut Rabicano with a flaxen mane and tail broodmare on the market. Good manners on the ground, but not a force to be reckoned with.

SIMBA is a 12 yr old fancy all around gelding!

Subcategory Quarter HorseGenderGeldingQuarter Horse 12 years old, 14.3 inches tall ColorSorrelLocation Grand Saline, Texas is a town in the state of Texas. On the website AThorsebid. com, you may bid on horses for sale. BIDDING IS NOW OPEN and will close at 9:03 a.m. on February 21st.

Adorable Bay Pony

SubcategoryPonyGenderGelding Age9 yearsHeight11.2 hands Age9 yearsHeight11.2 hands Weatherford, Texas is the location of ColorBay. Hanz is a 9-year-old bay ranch pony with a robust build and a strong leap. He is 11 hands and weighs 112 pounds. This pony is one of them.

Cool Buckskin Jumping Pony

SubcategoryQuarter PonyGenderGeldingSubcategoryQuarter PonyGenderGelding Age12 years and one monthHeight13.2 feet ColorBuckskinLocation Weatherford, Texas is a city in Texas. Pluto is a 12-year-old buckskin pony with a height of 13.2 hands. He is the sort who takes the initiative. He’s a sweetheart and a good friend.

Nice Welsh Pony

A subcategory of the Welsh Pony is Welsh PonyGenderMareAge6 years and 1 monthHeight12.3 hands. ClimateWeatherford, TexasColorChestnutLocation Amiga is a six-year-old pony mare with a height of 12.3 hands and a kind disposition. Excellent size and willingness to work.

Gentle Ranch Gelding

SubcategoryQuarter HorseGenderGeldingSubcategoryQuarter HorseGenderGelding 14 years old, 15 hands tall ColorSorrelLocation Weatherford, Texas is a city in Texas. Fire Ant is a 14-year-old gelding with a strong build and a height of 15 hands. He is an extremely gentle gelding with a nice temperament.

Flashy Christmas Special

SubcategoryQuarter HorseGenderMareAge3 yrs 10 mthsHeight15.3 handsColorBayLocationCopperas cove, T.Daughter of HBF Iron Man and That’s Y I’m Cool! This mare has it all and double registered.

Horses for Sale

3349 resultsFind horses for sale or adoption. Browse various breeds such as Quarter horse, Tennessee Walker, Paint, Thoroughbred and more at Horseclicks.com! With tall horses for sale all across the USA, you’re bound to find the perfect horse that has been placed in your area from local breeders and sellers near you.


Subcategory PonyGenderGelding Height11 hands, age5 years and 4 months ColorDunLocation Lexington, Kentucky 40503 (USA) Say hello to Snickerdoodle. 11 H has excellent manners. Welsh cross gelding with a good temperament. Drives and rides with direct reins on the Eng and West saddles. Brush and tack may be caught in a kid-friendly manner. EASY TO RIDE, IT GOES OUT RIGHT AWAY. SNICKERDOODLE will be trailing after.

8 yr Reg IDSHR Shire QH Draft Cross Gelding

SubcategoryShireGenderGelding Age: 8 years and 7 months; height: 16.1 hands ColorBlackLocationFairbank, 50629Mac is a 2013 Reg.

IDSHR Shire/Quarter Horse Draft Cross, Black Gelding, who stands 16.1hh and is registered with the International Driving Horse Registry.

Chestnut Rabicano Arabian Mare

SubcategoryArabicGenderMareAge18 years 6 monthsHeight14.2 handsSubcategoryArabicGenderMareAge18 years 6 months ColorChestnutLocation Nacogdoches is a city in Texas. The most beautiful chestnut Rabicano with a flaxen mane and tail broodmare on the market. Good manners on the ground, but not a force to be reckoned with.

Registered Missouri Foxtrotter Dappled Palomino

Subcategory GenderGelding in the Missouri Fox Troupe Height14.2 inches, age4 years and 7 months ColorPalominoLocation Marshall, AR 72650ON (U.S.A.) ON THEHORSEBAY.COM, you can find more information about the auction, including the current bid price. Roadie is a kind of.

Tennessee Walker Gaited/Trail/Hunter

Subcategory Tennessee Walker is an American singer-songwriter and musician who was born in Tennessee and raised in Tennessee. GenderGelding Age: 8 years and 10 months; height: 15.3 hands LocationBasin, Wyoming 82410ColorBlack The website thehorsebay.com has further information on the horse. Tennessee Walker, a 9-year-old black child. 15. 3 a.m.,.

Palomino Tennessee Walking Gaited Trail Horse

Subcategory Tennessee WalkerGenderGelding Age13 years and ten monthsHeight16.1 feet LocaleTyner, KY 40486ColorPalominoLocation WHERE ALL OTHER INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND, THE LISTING PRICE IS THE STARTING OFFER ON THEHORSEBAY.COM.

Tennessee Walking Gaited Trail Horse

Subcategory Tennessee Walker GenderGelding Height: 16 hands, age: 4 years and 9 months ColorBlackLocation a bowling alley, a putting green WARNING: THE LISTED PRICE IS THE BEGINNING PRICE ON THEHORSEBAY. COM, WHERE MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE

Quarter Horse Trail and Lesson

Subcategory Quarter HorseGender Quarter HorseGender MareAge 10 years and 9 months tall with 15 hands LocationLaporte, Colorado 80535ColorGrey FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT THEHORSEBAY. COM. THE PRICE LISTED IS THE START PRICE ON THEHORSEBAY.

Tennessee Walking Horse

SubcategoryTennessee WalkerGenderGeldingAge10 yrs 1 mthHeight14.2 handsColorGreyLocationLancaster, KY 40444THE LISTED PRICE IS STARTING OFFER ON THEHORSEBAY. COM. PLEASE VISIT THEHORSEBAY TO VIEW MORE.

Pony Land San Diego Horseback Riding

Enjoy trail and beach rides that will both relax and energize you. Our guides are knowledgeable and experienced. Our rides take you on a tour of the picturesque River Valley Nature Preserve, which is located about 15 minutes south of downtown San Diego. Horseback riding at the beach, swimming adventures, and sunset rides take you through the Preserve and to the only beach in San Diego where you can ride a horse! Taking our Riverbed Ride is a tranquil retreat into a lesser-known region of San Diego, where you will be surrounded by aromatic, lush flora and the odd sighting of animals.

It is not essential to have any previous experience.

Beach rides are subject to closure by the State Park, so please phone ahead to ensure that you can ride.

Pony Rides and Petting Zoo

With a safe and entertaining hand-led pony ride, you can instill a lifetime love of horses in your little buckaroo. Open on Saturday and Sunday, we have ponies available for children under the age of six who weigh less than 70 pounds. We are open on Saturday and Sunday. Designed for anxious, first-time riders, our pony rides are three circuits around a corral with an experienced guide and are available on weekends. Do you have a large group of children? We also have a Pony Carousel with ponies of all sizes, including tiny, medium, and giant.

You’ll quickly realize that a visit to Pony Land is much more than simply a pony ride when you consider our picturesque setting, lovely ponies, and wonderful petting zoo.

It’s an affordable, enjoyable family adventure that kids will remember for years to come. Take a look around. Please contact to make an appointment.

Parties and Special Events

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable birthday idea? Make a reservation for one of our Pony Land Birthday Party Packages! Begin with a gentle pony ride for children under the age of eight, led by a caring adult. Our Pony Carousel is available if you are traveling with a group. Afterwards, spend some time with some of our fantastic critters, which include bunnies, a little cow, lambs, goats, pigs, chickens, and even some exotic creatures such as a peacock, camel, and zebra! In addition, we have a huge western-themed picnic party area that includes picnic tables that are ready to use as well as a buckboard barbecue grill.

Make a birthday moment for your child that they will cherish forever.

We can also bring the ponies and pony carousel to you if that is more convenient for you.

Horses, Wagons, Ponies, Petting Zoo Event Rentals

Interested in creating a distinctive event that will truly stand out from the crowd? Make a reservation for a wagon. Our stunning horses hauling a dazzling wagon will make your event stand out from the crowd. Horses, carts, ponies, our pony carousel, and even exotic animals such as Moses, our camel, are available for hire. We are a company that specializes in LARGE events. Our Clydesdales have no trouble pulling wagons with up to 18 passengers, and we offer specialized wagons for a variety of occasions, including a stage coach, hay ride, flatbed, bob sleigh, and more.

It is possible to rent wagons that can manage uneven terrain or can withstand the heat of long parade route routes.

A large number of our wagons are hauled by tractor.

We specialize in traditional Indian Barat weddings and offer a beautiful collection of gold and red accessories with intricate gold and red work.


When planning your next special event, you want to make a big impression. Make a reservation for a carriage. With our stunning horses hauling a gleaming wagon, your event will be really memorable. In addition to horseback riding and pony rides (such as on our pony carousel), we rent exotic animals such as Moses the camel. It is our specialty to plan and execute large-scale events. It is no issue for our Clydesdales to pull wagons carrying up to 18 passengers, and we have specialized wagons for a variety of occasions, including stage coach, hayride, flatbed, and bob sleigh, among others.

No need for a horse in your situation?

For weddings and other special occasions, we also rent white horses. We specialize in traditional Indian Barat weddings and offer a beautiful collection of gold and red accessories with intricate gold and red embroidery work. Take a look at our information about rental properties.

Horses for Sale

Are you prepared to make a purchase? We have created a top-quality breeding program at our family-owned and controlled ranch over the past twenty years, offering athletic, healthy American Quarter Horses to people and organizations. We breed healthy, sound animals that may be used for a variety of purposes through a mix of precise genetics, high-quality nutrition and veterinary care, and professional training and handling. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Beach rides, wagon rides, pony rides, petting zoo, parties, event rentals and more – all just 15 minutes south of Downtown San Diego. ​​

“Your fantasies of horseback riding on the beach can finally come true here! We had a wonderful time together. Connie, our tour guide, was excellent. The horses are all lovely and well-behaved, and the owners are pleased with them. They are well-cared for and cherished. I strongly recommend anyone interested in visiting to do so and to take a trip to the beach. Even the border of Tijuana, Mexico, can be seen in the distance. This is an experience I will never forget!” Maeve F., a resident of Nottingham, Maryland

Partial Horse Leases — SaddleBack Equestrian

Horse Leases on a Part-Time Basis

Partial Leases

Partial leases are available for SaddleBack Equestrian school horses. Please contact us for further information. Individuals contemplating the purchase of a horse or those who just like to spend greater time with horses outside of classes without incurring the price of having their own horse can explore leasing. Board, care, farrier/shoeing, and vet bills are all covered by SaddleBack, as is all other horse-related fees. Taking advantage of SaddleBack lease options allows you to pay a fraction of the cost while still obtaining the benefits of riding “your” horse throughout the week in addition to being assured for lessons and events.

  • Riders are able to experience the joys of horse ownership without the commitment of acquiring a horse and incurring the monthly fees of boarding, farrier, veterinarian, and other expenses. Riders who lease a horse are guaranteed to utilize it for all lessons and events, as opposed to non-lease riders who ride available school horses, which fluctuate from session to lesson. Leasing a horse is a short-term commitment that is far less expensive than purchasing one. Leasing provides an opportunity to assess a rider’s dedication to riding. Getting out of a lease is less difficult and emotionally draining than having to sell a horse you no longer desire.

SaddleBack provides partial leases on their well-trained school horses, which are available for purchase. Leasees would always be guaranteed to ride their favourite school horse in lessons, horse exhibitions, and clinics if they signed a partial lease agreement. They are also permitted to ride their horse on their own two times a week in addition to their instruction. Fees for partial leases of SaddleBack School horses are now as follows:

  • Leases for 12 months are $275 per month, six months are $295 per month, and three months are $325 per month.

Horse boarding (covering feed, hay, shavings, daily care, and labor), shoeing/farriering, training, and vet costs are all covered by SaddleBack’s insurance. The leasee’s expenditures would include the lease charge, lessons, clinics, and horse shows that the leasee participates in (horse rental fee waived). Along with the bridle, martingale (if necessary), and girth, SaddleBack includes these items in the rental fee. In the event that you do not have a saddle of your own, you may rent one of SaddleBack’s lesson saddles for an extra $25 per month.

  • Five dollars off each class
  • The school horse rental fee is waived for horse exhibitions and clinics
  • And much more. When compared to owning a horse, the lease covers all of the horses’ boarding, farrier, and veterinarian expenditures.

Horses Available for Lease

In the summer of 2016, Kip Away (also known as Kip) joined the Saddleback family. Kip is a 12-year-old thoroughbred gelding. This cute and friendly 16.1 hand chestnut spent the most of his time at the racetrack, competing for seven years and making 37 starts, earning a total of $126,207 in prize money. This is where he first met his prior owner, who served as his groom and assisted with his care and feeding. She opted to acquire Kip as a personal horse when her racing career was drawing to an end because of his gentle nature, need for attention, and willingness to work.

  1. Given the fact that his former owner owned and managed a horse training company at the time, as well as the fact that she was about to welcome two more children into her family, Kip didn’t have much spare time left to devote to his training.
  2. When SaddleBack stepped in, Kip met some new school horse buddies, became a valuable asset to our program, and is completely pampered by those who ride him now.
  3. Many bluesmultiple Championships in the 2’3 Academy Beginner level were won by him throughout the 2017 season!
  4. Penny (also known as Penny) is a Medium Pony with a height of 53 inches or 13.1 hands.
  5. Penny possesses a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) card and has demonstrated show experience in both “A” grade Hunter/Jumper competitions as well as schooling competitions.
  6. Penny is not just a showy show pony (during her show career, she has won several trio-colors and Championships), but she also provides instruction to walk/trot riders who are just starting out.
  7. Although she is known for having a VERY bouncy trot, her canter and jumping ability more than make up for it.

Penny is available for lessons, rentals, and appearances at various events.

Beauregard’s full name is Beauregard and he is also known as Beau or Beau Beau.

Beau is now a member of the Saddleback family.

With his lease rider, he finished the 2016 show season as CHAMPION in BOTH the Academy Beginner Hunters and Equitation classes!

Consider that he is very certain he is a dog and all he really wants is attention, to assist with grooming by holding brushes in his teeth, hugs, time to play in the snow, and a few Pony Cannolis, which are some of his favorite sweet treats.

For the time being, this large darling is available for lessons, displaying, and a partial lease.

A paint horse farm initially had him, and the breeder wanted to sell him since he didn’t have the perfect paint horse pattern.

Prior to being a member of the Saddleback family, Bishop worked as a foxhunter with his fourteen-year-old friend Brady, who was named the SBE school horse of the month for the month of October!

Whip horses are trained to undertake a variety of tasks, and his preference would be to hunt and halt strays or large groups of hounds.

It’s clear that he is well conscious of his strikingly stunning looks, and that his demeanor is both energetic and hilarious!

He can be extremely playful and enjoys giving hugs and nuzzling you with his nose while you’re in the cross ties and have a few moments to spare.

In the 2’3 Academy Division division this past year, Bishop performed admirably and was awarded the Rider of the Year Award!

Lily, also known as Little Piece of Heaven, is a gray welsh cob mare that stands 13.2 hands tall.

Lily has earned several champion and reserve awards in a variety of dog events.

Besides that, Lily has received several year-end ribbons, including a Year-End Reserve Champion title in the short stirrup discipline.

Despite her little stature, she is certainly formidable!

Lily is no longer a jumper pony; instead, she has been employed as a school horse at Saddleback for over two years in its current form.

During the summer, she might be a touch sluggish, but when the winter arrives, her real nature comes out to play.

Keep an eye on her since she will eat almost everything you put in front of her face, and she has even eaten a bell once or twice!

Lily is a little pony that is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.

Besides lessons, she is available for leasing, pony parties, and competitions.

A foxhunter by trade, Brady spent the most of his life before becoming a Saddleback school horse.

A whip horse is used to transport hounds away from the hunt field, but it is frequently kept near to them.

When requested, he will give you all he has, despite the fact that he prefers to preserve his energy and was frequently discovered fast sleeping before and after hunting.

Brady has participated in both entry-level dressage and competitive trail riding competitions in the past.

Brady became a member of the Saddleback family in 2016, and he has welcomed his transition to the role of school horse.

With only a simple request, he will practically do everything you ask of him.

Brady is available for lessons, rentals, exhibitions, and a variety of other activities.

Belle is bay in color and has a star and snip on her face, as well as three white pasterns and one white coronet.

When Belle was at the school, she was utilized as a school horse, and she earned multiple ribbons in the short and long stirrup divisions, including blues, and even competed in the Devon horse show!

Because they were a military family, they had to travel around a lot, and adorable Belle was always along for the ride.

When her owners informed us that she would stay absolutely still and calm in the cross ties while the two kids painted her hooves with nail polish, we knew she would be a wonderful fit at Saddleback Ranch.

Saddleback Equestrian has enjoyed having Belle as a member of the team.

Belle is now available for lessons, short and long stirrup exhibiting, as well as lease and rental possibilities.

Charlie, who is registered as Bold Meadow with The Jockey Club, is marked with a star with a connecting stripe and a snip on his forehead.

Pony horses are the horses that appear in the pre- and post-parade floats and parades.

In preparation for each race, the pony’s rider extends his or her arm over the starting gate and attaches a lead to an anxious racehorse on his or her way to the starting gate.

When it comes to horse racing, the pony horse is frequently a soothing presence, acting as a safety net for both horse and jockey.

Once Charlie arrived at SaddleBack, he began receiving training rides.

He now has an auto flying lead change and competes in local Hunter Jumper schooling shows.

During the last year, Charlie has advanced to the 2’3 AC Beginners division and has brought home several championship ribbons for his riders.

Riders appreciate Charlie because he is neither too quick nor too slow, nor does he spook, nor is he inconsistent.

Charlie is presently available for lessons, partial leases, and showings in addition to other activities.

He just earned Reserve Champion at the KJM Show, which took place this past weekend, with the help of a student who was partially leasing him!

The mark on his front left shoulder looks to include the letters “PA” from his registered name, which is a coincidence.

For example, barrel racing, youth/4-H, hunter under saddle, and dressage are all included in this category.

Upon joining SaddleBack, Payday immediately began teaching dressage lessons to the riders there.

SaddleBack began working him over jumps while he was taking dressage lessons, and he was soon competing on full courses with some of the more advanced riders in the group.

In addition to the 18″ Academy Short / Long Stirrup Divisions, Payday has competed in the 2″3 Academy Beginner Division on numerous occasions.

Riders also enjoy riding him in equitation classes since he has a very smooth trot and canter, which is desirable.

It is true that he sees monsters from time to time and that he can be a little spooky on windy, cold days, but our advanced riders look forward to “winter Payday,” while all of our riders look forward to “summer Payday.” Congratulations to Payday and his 2017 partial lease rider, who were crowned Champion and Reserves in the HJEOOHJA 2’3 Academy Beginner Divisions for the 2017 season!

  1. My Shadow (also known as Shadow) is a 15’2hh Quarter Horse Gelding who is dark brown in color (almost black when not sun-bleached) and has a white star and snip on his chest.
  2. Shadow has been a school horse for nearly eight years, despite the fact that he is 12 years old.
  3. While he can be a bit grumpy in the cross-ties, once the bridle is on, he is eager to get to work.
  4. In fact, when inexperienced riders don’t steer correctly and point him in the direction of a jump, he has been known to leap a jump or two on his own!
  5. No matter how challenging his surroundings or any new jump are, he remains the “steady-eddie” that many of our students have relied on for their very first show.
  6. Shadow has earned too many ribbons to count, as well as several Year End Awards, including a year end ribbon in the 2’3 Academy Beginner Division for 2015.
  7. In addition to lessons, Shadow is available for partial lease as well as showings.

She is a registered member of The Pony of Americas Club and is one of the school’s newest additions.

Having her as part of our beginner program for our newer walk/trot canter riders has been a fantastic addition.

Her present forte is being an amazing walk, trot, canter Large pony-we have a Small, two Mediums, and Rose, who is now 14’1hh, is our Large pony!

Her former owner believed she needed a job rather than merely grazing in the pasture and contacted SaddleBack in the hopes that we would provide her with the love, care, and exercise she deserved as his grandchildren grew older.

She was initially purchased for his grandchildren to ride, but when they grew older and moved away, she was turned into a pasture horse, and she has now found her new home with us!

This darling is presently available for lessons, exhibiting, and a partial lease on a short-term basis. The SaddleBack Equestrian Center is located at 22650 E 71st St S in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74014.

Adoptable Horses

Tatum43884759HorseMale/NeuteredGrade16 years 8 months Kira (in Illinois)46851366HorseFemale/Mustang/Grade12 years 9 months Pharaoh46877878HorseMale/NeuteredArabian29 years 10 months
Niache46877972HorseFemale/Quarterhorse21 years 4 months Thicket48124134HorseMale/Donkey/Mule15 years 7 months Brina – Adoption Pending48241522HorseFemale/Pony14 years 7 months
Hannah “Handel Bars”48440957HorseFemale/Saddlebred21 years 10 months Butter48661027HorseFemale/Paint/Pinto/Pony1 years 11 months *Hold*Popcorn (in foal)48661343HorseFemale/Pony11 years 1 month
Hodor48661547HorseMale/NeuteredGrade10 years 5 months Coffee48661703HorseMale/NeuteredPony/Grade1 years 5 months Mr Squiggles48661829HorseMale/NeuteredPony/Grade2 years
Little Miss48662187HorseFemale/Gaited /Grade1 years 7 months Amarillo48662706HorseMale/NeuteredGaited /Grade1 years 10 months Firefly (in foal)48662757HorseFemale/Gaited /Grade7 years 5 months
Cricket48662781HorseFemale/Gaited /Grade8 months Meadow (in foal)48662899HorseFemale/Gaited /Tennessee Walking Horse7 years 5 months Dani – for foster48662969HorseFemale/Pony/Grade15 years 5 months
Fortune Kitty48792542HorseFemale/Thoroughbred6 years 9 months Mafruka48792545HorseFemale/Thoroughbred8 years 9 months Noodle49121662HorseMale/NeuteredSaddlebred7 years 3 months
Harby49221163HorseMale/NeuteredThoroughbred15 years 1 month Isabella49221191HorseFemale/Thoroughbred14 years 1 month Agnes (in foal)49311109HorseFemale/Tennessee Walker/Grade10 years 1 month
Dustin49311117HorseMale/NeuteredTennessee Walker/Grade1 years 1 month Margo49311122HorseFemale/Tennessee Walker/Grade2 years 7 months Rex49311125HorseMale/Tennessee Walker/Gaited11 months
InMemoryOfNancy49321041HorseMale/NeuteredThoroughbred7 years Wade49386965HorseMale/NeuteredShetland Pony/Grade7 years 1 month

If you are unable to adopt but would like to assist, Sponsor a Horse and Receive a Gift! Your contribution will help us continue our vital effort in rescuing Kentucky’s at-risk horses. You get to select the horse you wish to support as well as the amount of your donation. Simply click on the “Sponsor Me” button on the right. Donating $500 or more will qualify you to become a Sponsor-a-Horse Guardian. Guardians will receive a photograph of their sponsored horse, and they will be notified when their unique horse is adopted or placed with a reputable rescue organization.

Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.

Horses For Sale

Hemphill’s is a well-known and respected local company and farm with a long history. The place to go for all things horse and rider is well-known across the industry. We take great satisfaction in creating a friendly atmosphere for horse enthusiasts from all over the world to come and ride, take lessons, acquire horses, and purchase a variety of other horse-related items such as feed, riding gear, brushes, and so much more! As a family-owned business, Hemphill’s has been carrying on a heritage of providing horses to summer camps and engaging in private sales of excellent horses for more than 50 years.

Hemphill’s Horses, Feed, and Saddlery Clinics

Hemphill’s Horses, FeedSaddlery has hosted a number of clinics with the goal of educate riders on a variety of issues. Former clinicians Dale Myler, Melanie Smith-Taylor, CMTPA Luanne Wason, Steve Akley, and others have participated in our programs.

Browse Hemphill’s Currently Available Horse and Pony Inventory Below

With a long-established and trustworthy reputation as professional horse merchants with an eye for excellent horses and ponies that are sold at reasonable rates, we have built a solid foundation for ourselves. Customers come to Hemphill’s from all over the East Coast, as well as from all of New England, to purchase our products.


The date is February 21, 2022. Black AQHA gelding, 15.2h, 9 years old Invitation He is the only gelding in the herd. This lovely gelding is well-trained, calm, and secure. He has been incorporated into an English lesson plan. « Continue reading this post »


The 16th of February in the year 2022 Medium pony gelding, 13.2h, 10 years old, bay, ride and drive. Yoda has experience working at a summer camp and in a hunting barn, and he is a pushy individual.


The date is February 13, 2022. Pinto pony mare, 12 years old, 14.1 hours. Big pony mare with three comfortable gaits: walk, trot, and canter. Sturdy and showy large pony mare with three comfortable gaits. Has more trail experience than the average personRead More »


The 13th of February, 2022, is a Saturday. Pinto pony mare, 12 years old, 14.1h. Large pony mare with three pleasant gaits: walk, trot, and canter. Sturdy and showy, she is a show stopper. possesses a greater amount of trail experience than


6 year old tb gelding born on February 13, 202216.2 hours.

Beautiful, sweet-natured, and athletic young horse with a can-do attitude and a promising future ahead of him. Starting over fences, he was adaptable and willing. « Continue reading this post »


The date is February 4, 2022. 14.2h mare, 18 years old, grade qh. Madonna is a nice all-around mare that is well-broken and ready to perform anything is required of her. Mare is an excellent choice. « Continue reading this post »


The date is February 4, 2022. 15h, 15yo grade appaloosa gelding with a good disposition. Under saddle, this handsome and easy-going horse has three lovely and well-balanced gaits, which he can do in both English and Western styles. Performing well in the arenaRead More »


The 29th of January in the year 2022 Grade saddlebred gelding with 15h and 12 years of age. Three pleasant under saddle gaits: English, western, and a combination of the two. A person with a good sense of humor and a nice disposition. Read More » about the video


The 28th of January in the year 2022 a 15.2h bay OTTB mare with a 15 year old bay colt. This is a beautiful large mare with a wonderful natural motor and a sound mind. Three delightful gaits under saddle, willing over fences, and a willing over fences. « Continue reading this post »


The 13th of January in the year 2022 20-year-old ride and drive gelding with a 14.3-hour time. Cute young working gelding that is looking for a new home. He has largely served as a driving pony, although he has also served as a.

Lady A

The date is December 26, 202114.3h, and the time is 19 yo pinto mare. Trails, games, and lessons are all possible with this sweet mare. Has experience working at a summer camp. Read More » about the video


On December 19, 202116.1h, a 9-year-old bay ottb gelding was born. Kismet is a lovely, athletic, and gifted horse who moves with grace and poise. He is well balanced and a beautiful mover. The ride is soft and uncomplicated, and it is simple to maneuver.Read More »« PreviousPage 1Page 2Page 3Next »

Hemphill’s Horses, Feed, and Saddlery Horse and Pony Sales Information

Horses are purchased from a variety of sources, including friends on the East Coast and others in the West Coast. When purchasing from local purchasers, we ask that they email images, a video, and information about the horse to [email protected] so that we can decide whether or not the horse will be a suitable match in our camp leasing herd and the sales barn before making a purchase. Trades are taken into consideration. Always remember that we purchase at wholesale pricing since there is a cost associated with working or training, feeding, and advertising these horses.

Horse Purchase Deposit Policy

Some horses may be kept for a period of time with a deposit before being purchased. A deposit of ten percent of the asking price will keep a sale horse or pony for three business days if paid within three days of the auction. During that period, you are welcome to come back and try the horse again if you so like, and you are also welcome to schedule a vet check if you intend to do so in the future. Optional and at the buyer’s expense, pre-purchase veterinary examinations are performed. The customer is responsible for making arrangements with a local veterinarian of their choosing.

Unless special arrangements are made in advance, the horse will be kept in a box stall and turned out separately for a few hours throughout the day during the period that the deposit is being held.

If you ultimately decide to purchase a horse or pony, the deposit will be used against the purchase price of the horse or pony.

Post Horse Purchase

If you purchase a horse or pony, you will receive 5 days of board free of charge if you require it. If you require longer time to organize transportation after the initial 5 days following your purchase, board is available for $20 per day for up to an additional 10 days. The shipping rates for a horse are a $25 hook-up charge plus an extra $2.50 each loaded mile if you pay us to carry it.

We Proudly Feed Blue Seal

No need to explore any farther if you’re seeking for grain to feed your new horse. We have a vast selection of Blue Seal horse feed, making it simple to locate the product that is most suited to your equine’s nutritional requirements. View our contact information and find out where you can find us for your horse sales and leasing requirements, for feed, or for supplies and equipment for anything horse and rider related. We are conveniently located approximately 20 minutes off of I-95 between Augusta and Waterville, in the heart of the historic district.


Customer Service, AQHA Services, February 17, 2022|AQHA Services, Customer Service

Plan your itinerary for the 2022 AQHA Convention with these exciting events and last-minute reminders!

Customer Service, AQHA Services|February 17, 2022|

AQHA releases the tentative schedule for the 2022 AQHA VRH World; AQHA RHC Finals; AQHA Level 1 Cattle Championships, presented by the Four Sixes Ranch; and NRSHA National Championship Show.

Customer Service, AQHA Services|February 17, 2022|AQHA Services, Customer Service

View the AQHA Weekly Service Report to see how the AQHA Member Experience Team is working to better serve AQHA members worldwide.

AQHA Members Plus is a membership program for AQHA members. Through the AQHA Members Plus program, you will be able to take advantage of even more discounts and benefits. Signing up for these additional perks is simple and completely free!

Top Resources

Service Centers are a type of business that provides a variety of services. A member of the AQHA Member Experience team is ready to help you at an AQHA Service Center if you require assistance.

Latest News and Blogs

February 22, 2022|News and Publications, Livestock Shows and Fairs, Sports and Recreation The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) has implemented new Nutrena Level 1 Champion of Champions classes, as well as additional Adequan® Level 2 13- -Under and Select core courses, for AQHA members to enjoy in conjunction with their American Quarter. • AQHA Services received the International Intermediate Exhibitor of the Year Award on February 21, 2022. Attend the Virtual Summit for AQHA Members in the European Membership Region, which will take place April 4-9, on the AQHA International website.

  • Ranching, News and Publications|February 18, 2022|News and Publications, Ranching The AQHA Executive Committee has authorized the addition of new Ranching Heritage Breeders to the organization.
  • Take note of these fascinating activities and last-minute reminders as you plan your schedule for the AQHA Convention in 2022!
  • Don’t wait any longer — the AQHA has extended the deadline for saving money on aged-horse registrations until April 30!
  • Attend the AQHA and Along For The RideTM Reception on February 26 at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, which will include a roundtable discussion with industry professionals.
  • and will take place at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center.
  • The AQHA VRH World, the AQHA RHC Finals, the AQHA Level 1 Cattle Championships, presented by the Four Sixes Ranch, and the NRSHA National Championship Show will all take place in 2022, according to the organization’s preliminary calendar released on February 16, 2022.

15th of February, 2022|News and Publications, World Exhibitions This year’s AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Championships will take place in 2022, and the time to qualify is approaching.

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