What Channel Is Horse Racing On? (Solved)

What TV channel is NHRA drag racing on?

  • What time and channel is NHRA drag racing on today? 2020 FOX NHRA TV Schedule 2020 FOX NHRA TV Schedule (times subject to change) Event Broadcast Date/Time Network Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Arizona Nationals, Phoenix Feb. 23, 9:00 PM ET FS1 Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals, Gainesville, Fla. March 15, 9:30 PM ET FS1

What TV station is horse racing on?

NBC Sports | Live Horse Racing | NBC Sports.

What TV channel are the horse races on?

Both the NBC Sports Network and the horse racing channel TVG will broadcast all races in the 2021 Breeders’ Cup World Championships.

What TV channel is Racing TV on?

Freeview/YouView Help. Racing TV will be ceasing its Freeview and YouView channel service ( channel 261 ) after 31 December 2020.

Where can I watch horse racing?

OffTrackBetting.com is a fully licensed, regulated and U.S. based website, allowing active wagering members to watch live Horse Racing & Greyhound Racing anywhere you can access the Internet.

Is Racing TV free?

Racing TV 30 Day Free Trial Click the button above to start your free 30 days of Racing TV or give us a call and one of our team will get you set up today.

Is At The Races on Freeview?

There are two dedicated satellite channels in the UK – At The Races (Sky 415/Virgin 535) and Racing UK (Sky 432 /Freeview 231 ) – that cover live racing worldwide.

Is Racing TV free on Freeview?

Racing TV will be ceasing its Freeview and YouView channel service (channel 261) after 31 December 2020. To help with this, Racing TV is offering our existing Freeview/ YouView customers a complimentary Amazon Fire TV stick, so you can continue to enjoy Racing TV on your main TV screen, with your same login details.

What time is the horse race on today?

2021 Belmont Stakes: Post time, odds, TV and live stream info, how to watch race at Belmont Park. The post time for the 2021 Belmont Stakes is 6:49 p.m. ET.

Is horse racing on ESPN?

ESPN.com – Horse Racing – ESPN/ESPN2 Horse Racing Schedule. 7:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.

Does YouTube TV have horse racing?

TVG, America’s horse racing network and leading ADW platform, is now available as part of YouTube TV’s new sports add-on package, Sports Plus, which launched earlier this month, the network announced on Wednesday.

How do I get Racing TV on my TV?

How to watch Racing TV Extra on your television. Equipment needed – Apple TV Box. Then simply search ‘Racing TV’, download the app and use your Racing TV website login details. This will enable you to access Racing TV, Racing TV Extra and on-demand videos.

Where can I watch Sky Racing?

Sign Up for the Sky Media Centre and stream thoroughbred, greyhound and harness races LIVE on your PC or mobile device then watch races on demand via our race replay search service.

Can I get Racing TV on now TV?

Join Racing TV now and watch complete coverage from 61 British and Irish racecourses as well as exclusive feature programmes and racing from across the world on your TV and online.

TV Schedule

America’s Day at the Races, which airs statewide and is produced by the New York Racing Association, delivers coverage and commentary of live racing at notable racing locations around the country. We are looking forward to our television coverage in 2022! America’s Day at the Races is anchored by Greg Wolf and Laffit Pincay, and the broadcast crew includes Andy Serling, Maggie Wolfendale, Richard Migliore, Gary Stevens, Nancy Holthus, Acacia Courtney, and Jonathan Kinchen. Using the links provided below, locate the station on which you wish to watch America’s Day at the Races: FOX Channel FinderSNY Channel FinderFox Channel Finder Every live broadcast will have the opportunity to win free Equibase PPs!

Date ChannelTime
Friday, February 25 FS2 3:00 – 6:00pm
Saturday, February 26 FS2 8:00 – 12:00pm Saudi Cup undercard FS2 12:00 – 1:00pm Saudi Cup Golden Hour FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm
Sunday, February 27 FS2 3:00 – 6:00pm
Friday, March 4 FS2 3:00 – 6:30pm
Saturday, March 5 FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm
Sunday, March 6 FS2 3:00 – 6:30pm
Friday, March 11 FS2 3:00 – 6:30pm
Saturday, March 12 FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm
Sunday, March 13 FS2 3:00 – 6:30pm
Friday, March 18 FS2 3:00 – 6:30pm
Saturday, March 19 FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm
Sunday, March 20 FS2 3:30 – 7:00pm
Friday, March 25 FS2 3:30 – 7:00pm
Saturday, March 26 FS2 12:00 – 1:00pm Dubai World Cup FS2 1:00 – 7:30pm
Sunday, March 27 FS2 3:30 – 7:00pm
Friday, April 1 FS2 3:30 – 7:00pm
Saturday, April 2 FS2 1:30 – 8:30pm
Sunday, April 3 FS2 3:30 – 7:00pm
Friday, April 8 FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm
Saturday, April 9 FS2 1:00 – 8:00pm
Sunday, April 10 FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm
Friday, April 15 FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm
Saturday, April 16 FS2 1:00 – 7:00pm

Horse Racing on Local and Cable Television Stations

People are interested in horse racing for a variety of reasons. They may be interested in it because they are interested in betting, or they may just be interested in witnessing thoroughbred horses working their bodies to the utmost extent possible. If horse racing is something that you are interested in, there are a variety of forums that will allow you to become involved in this famous activity. One of the most popular techniques is to watch horse racing on television, which is broadcast live.

  • Even though many people listen to horse racing on the radio, witnessing these strong beasts in action is an even more thrilling experience.
  • When it comes to watching horse racing on television, there are a variety of possibilities.
  • Some digital cable stations provide commentary in real time or on a delayed basis.
  • Horse racing television broadcasts provide detailed analysis and information from industry experts.
  • Horse racing television may be seen on a variety of platforms, including local stations, satellite channels, and cable networks.
  • Pundits on horse racing television stations provide viewers with their perspectives on horses, riders, and other topics.

Horse Racing live on TV today – Races & TV listings

Not nearly, to be honest. Sure, everyone enjoys a good, old cowboy movie, but actual horse racing doesn’t appear to be quite as popular as it once was.

Those of you who appreciate watching sports on television should give this great sport, which pays tribute to a practice that dates back thousands of years, serious consideration.

Horse Racing

The name ‘equestrian’ is simply a fancy phrase for ‘horse riding,’ but it refers to a long and illustrious history of horseback riding, as the term ultimately derives from the Latin word for horse. This demonstrates that the practice and ability of horseback riding is a centuries-old tradition with an undoubtedly rich historical background. Horse racing has, in fact, been traced back to ancient Egypt, Rome, ancient Greece, ancient Syria, and Babylon, according to the data available to researchers.

Horse racing has never lost its widespread appeal; on the contrary, it has grown to encompass additional sorts of horse racing and has led people to carefully breed horses that are quicker.

Types of Horse Racing

Despite the fact that the fundamental framework of the sport has stayed mostly same over the millennia, many styles of horse racing have developed as the sport has progressed. Horse racing may be divided into four categories: flat racing, jump racing, harness racing, and endurance racing. Flat racing is the most popular type of horse racing in the world, and it involves horses galloping (which is the horse’s version of sprinting) from point A to point B on a track. Leap racing, commonly known as National Hunt racing, is a sort of horse racing in which horses jump over obstacles.

Harness racing is characterized by horses trotting or pacing (similar to a horse’s equivalent of a jog) while pulling a sulky, which is a sleigh.

Endurance racing is characterized by riders traveling across country on their horses over extended distances, which can range anywhere from 10 kilometers to 100 kilometers in length.

Horse Breeds Matter

When it comes to horse breeds, the Thoroughbred has to be one of the most well-known. The breed was created by crossing English mares with Oriental stallions in the late 17th century in England, and it has been around ever since. Thoroughbreds are said to as ‘hot-blooded,’ which means that they are exceedingly active, which makes them good racehorse candidates. TheArabian is another popular breed that was developed by the Bedouin, a nomadic Arab tribe. The Arabian is one of the oldest horse breeds still in existence, and it was bred specifically to be agile and capable of traveling long distances without becoming fatigued, making it an excellent choice for endurance racing competitions.

A quarter horse’s most recognized characteristic is that he is an exceptional sprinter; in fact, the term “quarter horse” originates from his ability to outpace other breeds in quarter-mile races!

The Greatest Jockeys to Ever Saddle

There are so many fantastic names that it would be hard to list them all here, but we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t provide you with some suggestions. Here are some of our favorites: The first is Jerry Bailey, who holds the record for being the only person to ever receive theEclipse Award for Outstanding Jockey seven times! Bailey is well-known for his great racing career, which included winning 16 consecutive races with his stallion Cigar! We also had Bill Shoemaker, who won his first race at the age of 18 and went on to win a further 8,882 races before retiring, including at least one win in every major North American event.

Best TV Moments

There are so many wonderful moments to chose from, and we’d want to include them all, but here are some of our favorites: Calvin Borreland with his stallion ‘Mine That Bird’ was the winning bird in the Kentucky Derby in 2009. This combination was running as a longshot, with odds of 50 to 1 being offered to them. In the end, though, after Mine That Bird regained his footing, the two raced like a racing bullet, setting a new world record for the fastest quarter-mile in 23.77 seconds. In the Aintree Grand National of 2009, Liam Treadwell and his horse Mon Mon are the next competitors.

The two waited until the leading horses had been knocked down before sprinting to the finish line to claim victory!

Saddle Up!

With so many spectacular races and so many gorgeous and magnificent breeds represented in the sport, it’s tough not to consider live horse racing to be one of the most thrilling sports to watch on television today!

Live Horse Racing In The USA 2022

With so many options available, travelling to the Hippodrome to see a horse race is no longer the sole choice for horse racing fans these days. The question is, which live horse racing viewing platform is the most reliable.

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Our Choice: betting websites and mobile apps

Horse race betting apps and websites frequently provide streaming capabilities that may be accessed immediately after creating an account. We’ll take a quick look at some of the more popular ones. Additionally, a great range of horse racing information, promotions, and deals may be found on well-known bookmaker’s websites, many of which offer live streaming as an additional feature. To give you a taste of what you might expect to find at live racetracks, inquire about the following licensed operators in the United States:

  • BetAmerica (the most popular horsebook in the United States)
  • TVG (which provides thorough information on previous performances)
  • TwinSpires (which offers outstanding odds and fascinating betting opportunities)

Watch live horse racing online

The internet played a significant part in making live watching possible, and all that is required nowadays is a reliable internet connection. A large number of websites not only provide the ability to watch the races, but they also provide up-to-date news on the issue as well.

  • BetAmerica horse betting app, TVG horse betting app, TwinSpires horse betting app, ESPN horse racing section, TVG2 (previously HRTV), and TwinSpires horse betting app are all available.

TV Channel websites

The websites of major television networks make certain that everyone who is involved in this sport will be happy, therefore they cover completely all of the races, providing interviews, information, and making predictions about future racetracks, among other things.

Please see the following websites for a sampling of the TV channel’s websites that offer live horse racing streaming:

Watch Live Horse Racing with ESPN

  • On this website, you will discover entries and results
  • The racetracks can be readily seen live without the need to pay
  • And the racetracks can be easily watched without the need to pay.

TVG2 online

  • Here you can discover entries and results
  • You will also be able to watch the racetracks live without the requirement for a subscription
  • And you will find a calendar of upcoming events here.

Live Horse Racing on Mobile

It is possible to watch a race live using mobile applications that may be downloaded from the aforementioned websites for individuals who are constantly on the move. Some of them offer a mobile App version, and you may opt to watch a race on your tablet or on your smartphone depending on your preference. Generally speaking, the quality is the same. The resolution for these kind of viewings is high quality, and a decent wired 3G network is required at the very least. To get a taste of the horse racing mobile experience, check out the mobile versions of some of the websites mentioned above, or look for mobile applications from your favorite betting operators.

TVG Mobile

  • Picks and selections
  • Account management capabilities
  • A comprehensive betting menu that includes all of the riders
  • And more.

The BetAmerica Application

  • Get the opportunity to keep up with relevant racetrack news at any time and from any location
  • Check racing results whenever you like

Traditional ways of watching a race

It is critical to feel comfortable and calm when participating in an activity that we enjoy, with no white noise buzzing about us. In this situation, watching a racetrack on television would be ideal. This is especially true if you have a large screen in front of your couch. Television networks have achieved a significant breakthrough in recent years, offering sports packages that, at first glance, appear to be virtually endless in their scope. Horse racing events are aired live, allowing viewers to pay careful attention to the horse they have placed a wager on, if that is the case.

The majority of racing-related shows are devoted to explaining and providing viewers with detailed information on a certain race.

We recommend that you make use of your television remote in order to:

  • TVG2 television channel (all about horse sports, including racetracks in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom)
  • ESPN+ television station (which broadcasts other sports as well)

2. Pub: for the atmosphere

Bars and pubs are well-versed in the art of keeping a customer seated. The mere presence of a television screen in the room will immediately generate a welcoming atmosphere. People will feel more comfortable in this setting, but they will also be surrounded by others who share their interests, even if they are rooting for the wrong horse: your adversary. Regardless, for a few of hours, you’re all playing the same game against each other.

3. Hippodrome: for once in a lifetime moments

Except for visiting the Hippodrome, there is no other way to properly appreciate what a racetrack is all about. That is the ultimate thrill and adventure that every gambler and sports fan should have the opportunity to participate in. Whatever you do, nothing can ever take away the clamoring noise from everywhere, the anxiety everyone is breathing in, the last-minute unfathomable shift in circumstances, the terror and thrill you are experiencing. Find out about the next must-see horse racing events, and purchase a ticket to one of the most prestigious horse racing venues in the United States:

  • In addition to Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky (where the Kentucky Derby has been held annually since 1875), there is Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland (home of the Preakness Stakes)
  • Belmont Park in Elmont, New York (home of the Belmont Stakes racing)
  • Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California (considered to be the most beautiful racetrack in the world)
  • The Pleasanton Fairgrounds in Alameda, California (the oldest fairgrounds of

Remember to keep an eye out for the next major event in ishorse racing!

HORSERACING TV Channel Information

Known as HRTV (HorseRacing TV), it is a 24-hour television network that broadcasts coverage of the horseracing industry. Magna Entertainment Corporation (MEC) and Churchill Downs Inc. (CDI) jointly own HRTV, which broadcasts 15 hours of live horse racing each day from legendary racetracks across the country, including Santa Anita Park (Los Angeles), Churchill Downs: Home of the Kentucky Derby (Lexington), Gulfstream Park (Miami), Pimlico Race Course: Home of the Preakness Stakes, and Arlington Park (Arlington) (Chicago).

HRTV, which is based in the Santa Anita Park studios, provides race analysis, expert commentary, and award-winning original programming, which includes exclusive interviews with jockeys, trainers, and owners, as well as historical information, horse auctions, and late breaking news from the world of horseracing.

DIRECTV Channel:N/AHORSERACING TV (DISH Channel:404, DIRECTV Channel:N/AHORSERACING TV) Packages with the following features are available:

  • DISH: America’s Top 120TM
  • DISH: America’s Top 200TM
  • DISH: America’s Top 250TM
  • DISH: America’s Top 500TM
  • DISH: America’s Top 1000TM

15 Horse Racing Youtube Channels for Horse Racing Enthusiasts

The greatest Horse Racing YouTube channels were selected from among hundreds of youtubers on the internet and were rated according to their number of subscribers, views, video counts, and freshness. Send Us Your Channel Information


USATVG is one of the most extensively disseminated horseracing networks in the world, broadcasting to over 100 countries. youtube.com/user/tvgnetwork/.+ Follow 2 videos every week from October 2006 until the present. View the most recent videos and request an email address

The New York Racing Association, Inc.

US Beginning with the preliminaries and continuing until the conclusion, the New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) presents the most prominent names in horse racing while also producing the most significant races in the business. youtube.com/user/NYRAvideo/v.+ Follow 3 videos every day starting in June 2008. View the most recent videos and request an email address

At The Races

UKAt The Races is a specialized horse racing channel that broadcasts live horse racing activity from the United Kingdom and Ireland on a daily basis. The TV channel’s domestic distribution network reaches more than 12 million households in the United Kingdom and Ireland through digital satellite and cable television. The most comprehensive web resource for horse racing information. youtube.com/user/AtTheRac.+ Follow 1 video every day during the month of February 2007. View the most recent videos and request an email address

Horse Racing Nation

The official YouTube channel of HorseRacingNation.com, featuring coverage of the Kentucky Derby and the biggest events in racing! youtube.com/user/HorseRacing.+ Follow 4 videos every week starting in April 2009. View the most recent videos and request an email address

Horse Racing Ireland

To establish and promote Ireland as a world-class center for horse racing and breeding research and development. Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) is a state-sponsored organization that was established in 2001 to serve as the country’s national horse racing authority. youtube.com/user/horseracing.+ Follow 1 video every day from September 2008 to present View the most recent videos and request an email address

Gold Circle Racing

Republic of South Africa When it comes to thoroughbred horseracing events in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, Gold Circle is a part of a multi-faceted and interconnected sector that operates on a national scale. youtube.com/user/GoldCircleR.+ Follow 3 videos a day in March 2013View the most recent videosGet Email Address


North America is a continent that includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Horse racing news, results, prior performances, handicapping, and more are available at your fingertips. youtube.com/user/DailyRacing.+ Follow19 videos per week starting in March 2007. View the most recent videos and request an email address

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Videos may be found at Follow View the most recent videos and request an email address

Metro Manila Turf Club

Malvar is a town in the province of Batangas, Philippines.

Welcome to MetroTurf, your best bet for horseracing in the Philippines. We offer to you our welcome to come and visit us. youtube.com/user/MetroManila.+ Follow View the most recent videos and request an email address

Winning Post

The only horse racing spectacle in the world that is located in India is the oldest and most prestigious. Provides an insight and suggestions on Indian racing as well as racing from the United Kingdom, Singapore, France, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia, as well as Sri Lanka. Follow winningpost on YouTube at youtube.com/user/winningpost. View the most recent videos and request an email address

Qatar RacingEquestrian Club

Qatar’s capital city is Doha, which is also known as Ad Dawhah. The Qatar RacingEquestrian Club’s official video channel may be found here. Follow 30 videos a year at youtube.com/user/qrecit/videos+ from December 2013 to the present. View the most recent videos and request an email address

Where Can I Watch Live Horse Racing?

You’ve put your wager and are now interested in seeing how your horse performs, correct? Horse racing is broadcast live on television and the internet in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as in other countries. The following is an example of how you may see the action:


Horse racing may be seen on terrestrial television, with the largest races shown live on ITV and ITV4 every Saturday, as well as on the internet. Furthermore, the major festivals are broadcast during the week, ensuring that you never have to miss out on the finest action. In the United Kingdom, there are two specialized satellite stations – At The Races (Sky 415/Virgin 535) and Racing UK (Sky 432/Freeview 231) – that broadcast live horse racing from throughout the world. RUK covers 34 courses in the United Kingdom, whereas At The Races covers 26 tracks in the United Kingdom and 26 tracks in Ireland.

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By streaming the horse racing with your favourite bookmaker, you can keep up with the action in real time. Most bookmakers will allow you to watch your races live after you have made your bets, as long as your investment is more than a certain amount.

Bet and view

This feature, which is available through the Racing Post app, lets you to watch every race in Britain and Ireland live on your mobile device. Simply sign up to your favourite bookmaker’s website, put a wager of £1 or more, and then sit back and watch the race unfold live.

Racetrack Television Network on DISH

Terms and restrictions apply; please contact us for further information. This is courtesy of the aforementioned DISH Authorized Retailer. Only new and qualified former customers are eligible for this offer. Important terms and conditions are as follows: Qualification: Credit approval and a 24-month commitment are required in order to receive the advertised pricing. Depending on your credit qualifying, you may be required to pay an up-front activation cost and/or a receiver upgrade fee. Offer expires on April 13, 22.

  1. Includes America’s Top 120 programming bundle, local channels, HD subscription costs, and a Hopper Duo Smart DVR for one television in the quoted $69.99 price guarantee for a period of two years.
  2. Taxes, surcharges, add-on content (including premium channels), DISH Protect, and transactional fees are not included in the 2-year price guarantee or the quoted price (and are subject to change).
  3. No charge for the first three months; after that, you will be billed $30/month for Showtime, Starz, and the DISH Movie Pack unless you call or cancel online.
  4. To use the Voice Remote feature, the customer must push the Voice Remote button.
  5. In addition, Google is a trademark owned by Google LLC.
  6. If you have chosen DISH Protect Plus, you will be paid $9.99/mo.
  7. After two years, all services will be charged at the then-current daily rates.
  8. Internet and phone services are offered by third-party vendors and are invoiced separately.
  9. The prices displayed on the internet do not include any warranties.
  10. If you terminate your lease, you must return the leased equipment, or you may be charged an unreturned equipment fee.
  11. Watching live and recorded television on DISH Anywhere requires an internet-connected Hopper and a mobile device that is compatible with DISH Anywhere.

Taxes and surcharges may be applicable in some cases. All packages and offers are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. It is possible that further limitations will apply. DISH Network LLC retains ownership of all intellectual property rights in the year 2021.

How to Watch America’s Day at the Races

On today’s Fox Sports 2 broadcast, the hosts will take a deep dive into horse racing coverage from throughout the country, which will last for three hours. Today’s America’s Day at the Races can be seen in the following ways: Date of the game: January 29, 2022 Time of the game: 12:30 p.m. ET Fox Sports 2 is shown on television. With fuboTV, you can watch America’s Day at the Races online: Begin with a 7-day no-obligation trial! In the world of horse racing, yesterday was a huge day, as there were some unexpected victors in a variety of events.

  1. Despite the fact that Rock Sugar was given the fourth best odds to win the opening one-mile race, they ended up capturing an astounding victory.
  2. There were a few shocks on the track yesterday, including Exxaltress, who was the No.
  3. It was a fantastic day for horse racing at Aqueduct.
  4. ET to catch up on all of the latest in horse racing news that is occurring throughout the country today.

How To Watch

Fox Sports 2 is the television channel, while FUBOTV is the live streaming service (Sign up now for a free trial.) Some of the links to items and services on this website may result in Sports Illustrated receiving a financial reward.

How to Watch Breeders’ Cup

In California’s Del Mar, the 38th edition of the top event in North American thoroughbred horse racing comes to a close today with Championship Saturday at Del Mar. There are nine races, each having a prize pool of more than $1 million dollars to be won by the winner of the race. The FillyMare Sprint, Turf Sprint, Dirt Mile, and FillyMare Turf will all be featured today before the broadcast shifts to NBC later this afternoon. Watching the Breeders’ Cup is simple: The game will take place on November 6, 2021.

  1. NBCSN is the ETTV channel.
  2. The winner of the FillyMare Sprint for three-year-olds and higher, which will take place over seven furlongs, will get $1 million in the opening race of the day.
  3. She is the morning line favorite (3-to-5 odds) and has won nine of her ten career races, making her the morning line favorite.
  4. Glass Slippers returns (6-to-1 odds) to defend its championship in the Turf Sprint, where it will be one of 12 horses to take the starting gate in the five-furlong event.
  5. In the Breeders’ Cup Dirt Mile, Todd Pletcher, who was just elected into the Horse Racing Hall of Fame, will saddle Life is Good (4-to-5 odds), who is favored to win by a length.

Trainer Chad Brown has won this event four times and will enter two horses in this year’s edition, including the French entry My Sister Nat (15-to-1 odds) and the British entrant Pocket Square (who will sail in from the United Kingdom).

How To Watch

NBCSN is the television channel, while FUBOTV is the live streaming service (Sign up now for a free trial.) Some of the links to items and services on this website may result in Sports Illustrated receiving a financial reward.

Where to Watch/Listen: Horse Racing Coverage for Dec. 2-5

This weekend in horse racing will see Aqueduct wrap down its autumn meet and two major racetracks begin their headline racing seasons, one of which will begin a month and a half earlier than normal. Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas, will debut its annual meet on December 3, rather than in the middle of January. The renowned track, which holds the Kentucky Derby, is a must-see attraction. The Arkansas Derby, which is the pinnacle of the Presented by Woodford Reservepreps meet, has additional stakes races and incentives to commemorate its extended meet, which will continue through the day after the Kentucky Derby on May 8.

  1. 3.
  2. The Pegasus World Cup Invitationalcard on Jan.
  3. Two-year-olds will compete in the Remsen Stakes, two-year-old fillies will compete in the Demoiselle Stakes, and older horses will compete in the Cigar Mile Presented by NYRA Bets, all of which will take place on Saturday at Aqueduct.
  4. The racing at Oaklawn Park, Gulfstream Park, and other tracks in North America and abroad will be shown onTVGas as part of the channel’s full package of racing programming.
Date Program Time Network/Social Media
Dec. 2 “America’s Day at the Races” 12 p.m.-4:30 p.m. FS2
Dec. 2 Live coverage of horse racing post time varies TVG
Dec. 3 “America’s Day at the Races” 1 p.m.-1:45 p.m. and 4 p.m.-5:30 p.m. FS2
Dec. 3 Live coverage of horse racing post time varies TVG
Dec. 4 Live coverage of horse racing post time varies TVG
Dec. 5 “America’s Day at the Races” 12 p.m.-4 p.m. on FS2, 4 p.m.-6 p.m. on FS1 FS2 and FS1
Dec. 5 Live coverage of horse racing post time varies TVG

Please keep in mind that all hours stated are Eastern Radio Schedule timings.

Date Program Time Network
Dec. 2 At The Races with Steve Byk 9 a.m. Thoroughbred Radio Network
Dec. 2 Race Day on HRRN Presented by TwinSpires 3 p.m. HRRN
Dec. 2 Brisnet Call-in Show 6 p.m. HRRN
Dec. 3 At The Races with Steve Byk 9 a.m. Thoroughbred Radio Network
Dec. 3 Race Day on HRRN Presented by TwinSpires 3 p.m. HRRN
Dec. 3 Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets 6 p.m. HRRN
Dec. 4 Equine Forum Show 8 a.m. HRRN
Dec. 4 Off to the Races on The Racing Biz Radio Network 10 a.m. ESPN 950 AM

Please keep in mind that all times are in Eastern time.

Today’s Horse Racing Cards & Schedules

These Horse Racing TV schedules were last updated on23/02/2022 at 7:00 (UK time)

Fixtures Start TimeUK Competition TV Channels
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK TodayWed 23rd February 2022 11:30amWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting Sky Sports Racing
Live RacingLive Racing from Ludlow and Punchestown TodayWed 23rd February 2022 1:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Live RacingLive Racing from Kempton TodayWed 23rd February 2022 5:00pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK TomorrowThu 24th February 2022 11:30amWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting Sky Sports Racing
Live RacingLive Racing from Huntingdon and Thurles TomorrowThu 24th February 2022 12:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Fri 25th February 2022 11:30amWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting Sky Sports Racing
Live RacingLive Racing from Exeter, Warwick and Meydan, Dubai Fri 25th February 2022 12:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Live RacingLive Racing from Dundalk Fri 25th February 2022 5:00pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Sat 26th February 2022 12:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting Sky Sports Racing
Live RacingLive Racing from Kempton and Fairyhouse Sat 26th February 2022 12:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Live RacingLive Racing from Chelmsford Sat 26th February 2022 5:00pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Sun 27th February 2022 11:30amWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting Sky Sports Racing
Live RacingLive Racing from Naas Sun 27th February 2022 12:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Mon 28th February 2022 11:30amWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting Sky Sports Racing
Live RacingLive Racing from Carlisle Mon 28th February 2022 12:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting RacingTV
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Tue 1st March 2022 12:30pmWATCHLIVE UK Race Meeting Sky Sports Racing
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Wed 2nd March 2022 12:30pm UK Race Meeting Sign up to view
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Thu 3rd March 2022 12:30pm UK Race Meeting Sign up to view
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Fri 4th March 2022 12:30pm UK Race Meeting Sign up to view
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Sat 5th March 2022 12:30pm UK Race Meeting Sign up to view
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Sun 6th March 2022 12:30pm UK Race Meeting Sign up to view
Raceday LiveLive racing from around the UK Mon 7th March 2022 12:30pm UK Race Meeting Sign up to view
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TVG Network – Wikipedia

All timings are in Eastern Standard Time.

TVG Network

Country United States
Broadcast area Nationwide
Headquarters Hillsboro, Oregon
Language(s) English
Picture format 720p(HDTV)480i(SDTV)
Owner FanDuel Group
Sister channels TVG2
Launched July 14, 1999
Website .tvg.com

FanDuel Group, the U.S. subsidiary of Irish bookmaker Flutter Entertainment, operates the TVG Network (abbreviated “TVG” for short, which stands for “Television Games Network”), which is an online horse and greyhound racing betting business as well as an American sports-oriented digital cable and satellite television network owned byFanDuel Group. It is devoted to horse racing and greyhound racing in New Jersey, where it administers the4NJBetsplatform on behalf of the state of New Jersey and the racing business in the state.


TV Guide Network (now Pop) was established on July 14, 1999, by the United Video Satellite Group, which was then in charge of the TV Guide Network (now Pop) and the TV Guide magazine at the time (from which the “TVG” initials were partially taken). UVSG was not the one who started the channel; it was ODS Technologies. ODS separated from UVSG while working on a betting platform that would be accessible via television at home. They also working on a web-based version of the game. After that, ODS relocated to Colorado.

  • Gemstar International Group Ltd.
  • Morning Line,Fandicapping,:58 Flat,Lady Luck (an all-female panel discussion show concentrating on the day’s races), and Drive Time were among the new programs added to TVG in May 2006, as well as some existing ones (which covered exclusive racing from theMeadowlands).
  • The channel previously operated a fictitious betting site, TVGfree.net, which allowed it to maintain a presence in the fifteen states that prohibit televised and off-track betting.
  • TVGfree.net was shut down in February of this year.
  • TVG officially discontinued its long-standing partnership with Churchill Downs Incorporated at the end of February 2007.

Following the acquisition of Gemstar-TV Guide by Macrovision, which primarily sought to increase the value of its lucrativeVCR Plus+ andelectronic program guide patents, the company later stated that it was considering selling TVG, TV Guide Network, and theTV Guideprint edition’s namesake to other parties.

The transaction was completed on January 27, 2009, thereby divorcing the channel from the firm that had bought the channel’s initial owner back in 2007.

In October 2015, the network was rebranded as TVG2, a sister network to the original TVG.

The high-definition broadcast went live on April 4, 2014.

As part of this partnership, TVG will simulcast a block ofTrackside Liveon Friday through Sunday afternoons on the major sports channelNBCSN (which has a reach of at least 80 million households, compared to TVG’s 45 million).

Wagering services

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire (under 4NJBets), New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, West Virginia and Wyoming are among the states in which TVG provides wagering services to residents.

TVG account users can place bets online at TVG.com, as well as over the phone (landline or mobile phone).


There are nearly one hundred tracks covered by TVG, with exclusive coverage of some of them. These include North Americantracks such as Woodbine Race Course,Keeneland Race Course,Del Mar Racetrack, Meadowlands, and Monmouth Park, to name a few. A number of races are also broadcast from various tracks in the following countries: Argentina; Australia; Austria; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Hong Kong; India; Ireland; Japan; Norway; New Zealand; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; South Africa; South Korea; Spain; Sweden; the United Arab Emirates; and the United Kingdom.

Current programming

  • PFT Commentator (Pardon My Take), David Portnoy, Dan Katz, and Stu Feiner are among the personalities that appear on the website Barstool Sports on Sunday mornings. Road to Harness Racing– A harness racing program that includes action from Meadowlands, which is home to the Hambletonian, which is the sport’s most prestigious event. Horseracing All Access– A show that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at horse racing from the perspective of insiders. Racehorse Today– A Saturday morning preview show covering the weekend’s stakes action, with an emphasis on the handicapping angle, exotic and multi-race wagers, and interviews with trainers and jockeys conducted live at the races. A show with the similar style as Horseracing Today, but which focuses on races held at tracks outside of the United States
  • International Racing Legends is a television program that features interviews with prominent horseracing figures. Lisa Kerney hosts a Sunday morning program called More Ways to Win, which deals with sports coverage from a betting standpoint. Pick 6 Central is a tool that analyzes important Pick 6 Carryovers and provides recommendations. telecasts of live races, which air Monday through Thursday evenings, are known as Race Night. Racing from coast to coast – Watch live racing from some of the most prestigious racetracks in the United States. Featuring live racing telecasts from East Coast tracks, along with commentary and handicapping viewpoints for all of the highlighted events, Starting Gate is a must-see show. ‘The Daily Line’ is a morning chat program that includes weather forecasts from racetracks around the country as well as quick updates on the morning line and any noteworthy scratches for the day’s most important races. Races, interviews, commentary, and contests are all broadcast live from the Los Alamitos racetrack on The Quarters, a late-night quarter horse racing program. The Works– A look at the final preparations of horses vying for important stakes victories
  • TvG’s team of hosts and experts deliver live commentary and information from featured tracks and the TVG studios in Los Angeles. A look back at some of the most memorable moments from television coverage of past major races and events (TVG Classic). Sports programming on television consists of racing coverage during the day on Mondays and Tuesdays, with a single host who analyzes the races and responds to viewers’ emails and tweets. Rich Perloff and Caleb Keller are the regular hosts, but Peter Lurie and Nick Hines have taken over on occasion.

Following the lifting of limits on the ability of states in the United States to allow sports betting, the network stated in July 2018 that it will be launching studio programming exclusively to the issue. Paddy Power is a bookmaker that specializes in sports betting. Betting exchange Betfair recently bought the daily fantasy sports provider FanDuel, with the intention of using it as its primary brand for sports betting in the United States. It is planned to broadcast the new programs, The Barstool Sports Advisors and More Ways to Win, on Sunday mornings starting September 9, 2018.

On Air Talent


  • Adam McGrath
  • Tom Amoss
  • Christina Blacker
  • Simon Bray
  • Caton Bredar
  • Donna Barton Brothers
  • Matt Carothers
  • Tom Cassidy
  • Britney Eurton
  • Gabby Gaudet
  • Scott Hazelton
  • Nick Hines
  • Kurt Hoover
  • Joaquin Jaime
  • Mike Joyce
  • Caleb Keller
  • Lisa Kerney
  • Peter Lurie
  • Jorge Ortuzar
  • Ken Rudulph
  • Todd Schrupp
  • Dave Weaver
  • Adam McGrath
  • Tom A


With the launch of the first nationwide Interactive Television Horseracing channel, EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) and its DISH NetworkTM satellite TV service, in partnership with TVG Network (TVG), announced today the launch of the nation’s first interactive television horseracing channel. It will be possible for TVG Network viewers to get the latest news and information about horseracing, as well as to engage in pari-mutuel gambling on horse races in some regions, through the new ITV channel, which will be available through their DISH Network satellite TV system.

  • The deployment of the new TVG Interactive Horseracing channel begins today and will reach more than 10 million ITV-enabled DISH Network members by the end of March.
  • DISH Network offers the most ITV channels in the United States and is the world leader in the number of ITV-enabled homes, according to the International Telecommunications Union.
  • Horse racing news, live odds, anticipated payouts, picks and handicapping information, race conditions, and up-to-the-minute race results are all available on the TVG ITV Horseracing channel, which is available to users with DISH Network service.
  • The ITV Horseracing channel, as well as the ability to place bets through a TVG account, are available in the following 12 states: California; Idaho; Indiana; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maryland; Massachusetts; North Dakota; Ohio; Oregon; Washington; Wyoming; and Idaho.
  • 405), or through the sports part of the “dish home” channel 100 (Ch.
  • Customers must be at least 21 years old to play, and they must subscribe to a TVG Network wagering account as well as create a password-protected TVG Network account in order to participate.
  • In addition, a television gaming account may be created by visiting the TVG website at.
  • Currently, TVG Network viewers may engage with and gamble on horse races over the phone in states where such wagering is permitted by law.
  • DISH Network provides more than 20 interactive TV channels, including games, sports, news, and children’s programming.
  • For further information, contact 1-800-333-DISH (3474) or visit the website at.

a brief description of EchoStar Communications Corporation EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) provides satellite television services to more than 11 million consumers through its DISH Network, which has been the fastest growing supplier of advanced digital television services in the United States for the past four years.

  1. According to J.D.
  2. Call 1-800-333-DISH to learn more about EchoStar’s DISH Network (3474).
  3. Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.
  4. Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.
  5. TV Guide International, Inc.
  6. Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.

Those interested in learning more about the company may visit the website at The matters discussed in this news release contain forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, including risks and uncertainties related to declines in our magazine business; the timely availability and market acceptance of products and services incorporating the Company’s technologies and content; our new initiatives aimed at increasing advertising revenues at the TV Guide Channel; the impact of competition; and our ability to successfully implement our new initiatives.

These forward-looking statements are made with the understanding that the Company has no duty to update them.

and/or its subsidiaries, Gemstar and TV Guide are trademarks or registered trademarks of Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.

and/or its subsidiaries. The names of other firms and products mentioned in this document are solely for the purpose of identification and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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