How To Name A Horse? (Solution found)

According to Lisa, one of the most common naming methods involves the horse’s pedigree, pulling the name from the sire’s name, dam’s name, or both. When it comes to registered names, Lisa prefers one-word names to long-winded ones, but admits that it’s really just a personal preference.

What are some common horse names?

  • Dutch
  • Blaze
  • Paisley
  • Rawhide
  • Butch
  • Wyatt
  • Sadie
  • Cisco
  • Micah
  • Annie

How do you come up with a horse’s name?

“There are myriad ways that a name is chosen for a horse, but one of the most common is to name a horse after its pedigree,” Bailey said. Some racehorses get their names from one side of their lineage or the other, while some owners will find a clever way to use both the mother, or “dam,” and the father, or “sire.”

What are good horse names?

List of the Most Popular Horse Names

  • Bella.
  • Alex.
  • Lilly.
  • Alexia.
  • Fancy.
  • Sugar.
  • Lady.
  • Tucker.

How do horse names work?

The rules for naming a racehorse are as byzantine as the horse’s job is simple. Name a horse using initials or numbers. End a name with “filly,” “colt,” “stud,” “mare,” “stallion,” or any other horse-related term. Name a horse after a living person without written permission.

What should I name my black horse?

Cool & Unique Black Horse Names

  • Astra.
  • Darth.
  • Hershey.
  • Jinx.
  • Pepper.
  • Nyx.
  • Bean.
  • Deja Vu.

What is a good female horse name?

Top Mare and Filly Names

  • Prada.
  • Misty.
  • Ivy.
  • Daisy.
  • Sugar.
  • Holly.
  • Sierra.
  • Poppy.

What are unique names?

20 Unique Unisex Baby Names

  • Akira. Japanese in origin, this unisex name can mean “bright” or “clear.”
  • Averill.
  • Chrisley.
  • Dallas.
  • Dell.
  • Gio.
  • Kamala.
  • Leith.

Who is the Greek god of horses?

As the god of horses, Poseidon is thought likely to have been introduced to Greece by the earliest Hellenes, who also introduced the first horses to the country about the 2nd century bce. Poseidon himself fathered many horses, best known of which was the winged horse Pegasus by the Gorgon Medusa.

What should I name my boy horse?

Top Gelding and Stallion Names

  • Jack.
  • Dante.
  • Pepper.
  • Butterscotch.
  • Midnight.
  • Eclipse.
  • Poncho.
  • Spot.

What do you name a GREY horse?

Grey Show Horse Names

  • Foggy Notion.
  • Smoke House.
  • Partly Cloudy.
  • Storming Steed.
  • Dark Storm.
  • Rubble Racer.
  • Overcast.
  • Cloudy Moment.

What’s a cute horse name?

Cute horse name options include: Guacamole. Buttercup. Cupcake.

What are funny names for horses?

Funny Race Horse Names

  • Horsen Around.
  • Hoofy Heart.
  • Gaits of Hell.
  • Whatshesaid.
  • Talk Derby to Me.
  • Walk of Shame.
  • Odor in the Court.
  • Bored Bronco.

Why are horses named so weird?

So why are many horse names downright weird? It’s partly a way of getting around rules dictating that no professional thoroughbreds have the same name. That includes names which are spelled differently, but phonetically sound the same. Names can be no longer than 18 characters, with up to seven syllables.

Why do horses have 2 names?

Before a horse can be named, the owner must submit the proposed name to its governing body for approval. Many horse owners will provide multiple names because of the limitations of acceptable names.

What is the longest horse name?

Potoooooooo or variations of Pot-8-Os (1773 – November 1800) was an 18th-century thoroughbred racehorse who won over 30 races and defeated some of the greatest racehorses of the time. He went on to be a sire. He is best known for the unusual spelling of his name, pronounced ‘Potatoes’.

10 Name Generators That Can Help You Name Your Horse

Many horse owners spend a significant amount of time and effort deciding on a suitable name for their mount. If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t know where to start, a random horse name generator can help you come up with some original ones. Some generators allow you to customize your results by including certain terms. This is very useful if you want to include the name of a sire or dam, the name of a farm, or your own name in the final result since it will include that information in the final result it produces.

These online name generators might assist you in coming up with a wonderful name for your colt or filly.

Horse Name Generator

  • Racing horses of the standardbred breed on the track. Photograph courtesy of Barrett MacKay/All Canada Photos/Getty Images. The website, which is aptly titled Horse Name Generator, is incredibly straightforward. It provides a large number of popular horse names for you to choose from. Each page has a random selection of over 100 names drawn from a hat. Apple Grabber and Kinder, Desert Rose and Pancake, Sand Storm and Dumbledore are just a few of the names you’ll come across. If a particular name does not stand out from a particular selection, simply click the button and you will be presented with a completely other collection of names.

Windy Acres Ranch

  • Getty Images courtesy of Arnold Media Windy Acres Ranch is home to one of the most effective horse name generators available. The outcome is a one-word moniker such as Ruffian, Fleetfoot, Timpani, and Riverwind, among others. The fact that you have some influence over this generator is the most appealing element. You have the option of selecting the gender of your horse as well as any physical characteristics, such as the coat color. There are even five languages to pick from, including English and four that are inspired by “The Lord of the Rings.”

Horse Rider Supply

  • A woman extolling the virtues of her horse. Vladimir Godnik is a photographer for Getty Images. Horse Rider Supply has a horse name generator as well as a comprehensive collection of horse names that you may use. Choose from a variety of filters such as color, gender, size, nationality, or simply browse the alphabetized database of names. There is a lot to pick from in this section. For mares, you’ll discover names like Bridle of Frankenstein, Lady Slippers, and Winsome among the many options available. If you have a black horse, you might want to think about names like Ace of Spades, New Moon, or Polynesian Pearl for him. There is also the option to download a name generator that you may use when you are not connected to the internet. Using this feature would be convenient if you wanted to browse choices while you were in the stables without having access to the internet.

Language Is a Virus

  • Photograph by Ezra Bailey / Getty Images There are many different types of poetry, wordplay, and name generators for the English language on Language Is a Virus, which is a website dedicated to the English language. In the list of animal names, there are a few intriguing discoveries for horse enthusiasts. This is a multi-faceted resource for naming your horse’s sire and dam. You may go through the alphabetical horse name database, which includes names such as Aditya, Fraley, and Nanako, among others. Each one implies a gender and a meaning, yet there is no indication of the name’s origin. Alternatively, you may play about with the generator. Simply click on the button, and a new name (typically three words long) will be generated. The results will include names like Robbie Nick Porgy, Fatale Gino Zoey, and Tap Spyro Scooby, all of whom are intriguing characters. Their individuality grows as you click on them more and more. Continue to the fifth of ten sections below.

Baltimore Sun Racehorse Name Generator

  • Every year, the Baltimore Sun devotes a significant amount of coverage to the Preakness Stakes, and they also offer a humorous “What’s Your Race Horse Name?” generator. Despite the fact that it is a basic little quiz created for a single person, it is entertaining to play with and generates some wonderful racehorse names. The idea is that you answer one personality-type question and then receive a moniker that corresponds to your response. There are other questions accessible, and it generates names that are appropriate for any fast-moving horse, such as Smart Crush and Franklin Princess.

RumMonkey Horse Name Generator

  • RumMonkey is a humorous website that offers a range of name generators in addition to their popular quizzes and movies. They also have a mobile app. “The Ultimate Horse Name Generator” is one of the tools available. Starting with a few personal questions about yourself, such as which generation you belong to and what general sort of job you perform, you will be able to go on to the next section. Before creating a horse name, it asks you if you’re searching for a filly or a colt’s name, as well as your own personal information. You are not required to be truthful in this survey, and you will receive more results if you select a different set of questions. As an added bonus, you may incorporate the sire’s and dam’s names, as well as any other words you wish to include or use as inspiration, into the title. For example, the name Brazen Starlight is given to a filly whose name contains the word “light.”

The Egyptian Name Generator

  • Aside from their renowned quizzes and movies, RumMonkey is a humorous website that offers a range of name generators. “The Ultimate Horse Name Generator” is one of the tools available to you. To prepare for this one, you’ll need to start by answering a few questions about yourself, such as which generation you’re from and what general sort of work you’re doing. Before creating a horse name, it will ask you whether you’re searching for a filly or a colt’s name, as well as your own name. No need to be completely honest here, and selecting a different mix of responses will get more outcomes. As an added bonus, you may incorporate the sire’s and dam’s names, as well as any other words you’d like to include or utilize as inspiration in your naming scheme. When a filly is named Brazen Starlight, it is because she was given the word “light” in her name.

The Native American Name Generator

  • Courtesy of Lynn Stone / Getty Images If your horse is a Paint, Pinto, Palomino, Appaloosa, American Quarter Horse, or any other North American breed, use RumMonkey’s Native American name generator to come up with a unique name for him or her. You’ll just answer a few questions, enter a human name, and select whether you want to be male or female, just like the others on this site. Native American names such as Zitkala, Eyanosa, and Washta are among those that will be returned by the generator. In contrast to the Egyptian name generator, however, there is no explanation provided for the name. In order to avoid confusion, you may wish to conduct some preliminary study about the name before committing to it. Continue to number nine of ten below

Band Name Maker

  • Photograph by Sasha Bell / Getty Images This isn’t a horse name generator in the traditional sense. It is a band name generator that is used to name rock groups. However, it produces some quite interesting outcomes that would make excellent horse names. This generator allows you to include a certain word in the name if you so choose. For example, if you search for the term black, you will see results such as Black Factor, Luminescent Black, Black Alley, Chip of Black, and Black Beacon, among others. The process of discovering genuinely unusual names is enjoyable.

Quizopolis What’s Your Horse Name Generator

  • Horses having a good time in their pasture. Alan Crowhurst is a Getty Images contributor. If you submit your own name into this “quiz,” you will receive your “horse name,” according to the results. However, you may insert any two names to produce a list of genuine horse names. This generator would be useful for quickly generating one-word stable names that are short and sweet. For example, if you admire the paintings of Jackson Pollock, typing his name into the search engine brings in the word Mosquito. When his name is abbreviated to Jack, the horse’s name is changed to Trapper to reflect this. It is possible to get some intriguing results by entering any combination of names

Horse Names: a List of the Most Popular Names for Horses

This is one of the most significant decisions you will make about your new equine best friend, and it is one of the first ones you will make about your horse. Despite the fact that many horses already have names when they are acquired, it is not commonplace to give a horse a new name or nickname to commemorate the fact that they have become a member of your family. In the United States, there are millions of horses, each with a unique name that has been given to them by thousands of people throughout the years.

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As with human infant names, popularity patterns in horse names are similar to those in human names.

While the actual number of people who use a particular name may fluctuate significantly over time, many of these horse names have been popular for decades and will likely continue to be widely used for many more years ahead.

List of the Most Popular Horse Names

Page load time: lin 1. Bella 2. Alex 3. Lilly 4. Alexia 5. Fancy 6. Sugar 7. Lady 8. Dakota 9. Cash 11. Daisy 12. Spirit 13. Cisco 14. Annie 15. Buddy 16. Whiskey 17. Chance 18. Molly 20 Molly 21 Molly 22 Molly 23 Molly 24 Molly 25 Molly 26 Molly 27 Molly 28 Molly 29 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30 Molly 30

124 Best Horse Names

When you name a horse, there’s something magical about it. Our first equines are small plastic ones that we balance on the tops of our bookcases when we are children. Star and Jet are some of the names we give to the horses. Then we go to digital models, which we control as we navigate around the pixelated landscapes of our computer games. Bramble and Lucky are some of the names we give to these horses. When it comes time to name a real live horse, though, you’ll have to put a bit more thinking into it than that.

  1. The process of carefully considering all of the options and then picking the greatest and most amazing name is quite enjoyable.
  2. You’re certain that only one name will be the appropriate one.
  3. A horse’s name should be chosen so that it will be a great match for the horse.
  4. The lists that follow are divided into numerous categories, each of which is tailored to a certain sort of horse (or pony!).

However, for the purposes of these lists, we have attempted to go farther away from clichés and discover unique names that will encapsulate the characteristics of your horse while also making you grin.


Horses are frequently given names that are in some way related to the color or pattern of their coat. Chestnuts, for example, are given “red” names such as Garnet, Ginger, and Flame. Because a horse’s coat color is a distinguishing element of his personality, it’s only natural to want to include that characteristic into his name. Here are some examples of color names that are a little out of the ordinary:

Black Horse Names

  • NOIR
  • ONYX
  • DOMINO (for a black horse with white markings)

Bay and Brown Horse Names

  • The names AUTUMN, OPIE, FIONA, and PIPPI LONGSTOCKING (a chestnut with a lot of chrome would be the ideal choice for this name! )

Palomino and Buckskin Horse Names

  • TRAVELLER (a great tribute to General Robert E. Lee’s favorite horse)
  • TRAVELLER (a wonderful nod to General Robert E. Lee’s favorite horse)

Pinto Horse Names

Many horse enthusiasts want to name their horses after anything that is associated with their breed. Most breeds have a distinct’style’ of naming; for example, Arabians are frequently given Egyptian-inspired names, while Welsh Ponies are frequently given names and spellings that are derived from Welsh origins. Rather of focusing on specific breeds of horses, we’re going to look at broader classifications of horse types in this article.

Draft Horse Names

  • MONTE, BAYMAX (the friendly, inflatable robot from Disney’s Big Hero 6), GOLIATH, and the UNIVERSE are all characters in the film.

Sport Horse Names

  • BOLT
  • BILLIE JEAN (for tennis player Billie Jean King, winner of 39 Grand Slams, or choose the name of one of your favorite sports stars! )
  • BOLT
  • BILLIE JEAN (for tennis player Billie Jean King, winner of 39 Grand Slams, or choose the name of one of your favorite sports stars! FARGO
  • JET
  • PHARAOH (or, if you’re a racing enthusiast, use the notorious misspelling “Pharoah”! )
  • PHARAOH (or, if you’re a racing fan, use the infamous misspelling “Pharoah”!

Western Horse Names

  • TRIGGER, CHAMP, OAKLEY, and BONNEY (the surname of notorious outlaw Billy the Kid, but considering its pronunciation, this name is better suited for a mare)
  • TRIGGER, CHAMP, OAKLEY, and BONNEY (the surname of notorious outlaw Billy the Kid, but this name is better suited for a mare considering its pronunciation)
  • RIO
  • sDALE
  • sGENE
  • sCASH

Pony Names

  • KOKOMO (complete with its own theme song! )
  • OLAF
  • KOKOMO (complete with its own theme song!


With this type of moniker, you may go a number of various paths. For example, you may select a name for your horse based on how he behaves, such as an assertive mare or an understated male, or you might give him a name that represents a trait you would like him to exhibit. These are only the beginning of your journey; use them as motivation!

Elegant Horse Names

  • The names ISABELLE, RANDOLPH, DEBUTANTE (you can use this as her registered name, and “Debbie” as her barn name)

Bossy Horse Names

  • EL JEFE is an abbreviation for El Jefe. (It doesn’t get any more literal than this
  • It literally translates as “The Boss” in Spanish and is pronounced El HEH-fay.) If you want a mare, use the name LA JEFA.)
  • sBOOTS
  • sMAJOR

Silly Horse Names

  • sBALKI
  • sFLOPSY (Mopsy and Cottontail would be excellent names for stablemates in this case.)

Names for Well-Traveled Horses

  • sUTAH

Names for Cultured Horses

  • MOZART, JACKSON, BEETHOVEN, MONA, DICKINSON, BARD, DA VINCI, SULLIVAN, and CHOPIN are among the artists who have contributed to this work.

Names for Horse Pairs

When you have not one, but two horses to name (you fortunate duck! ), the process becomes much more complicated due to the fact that the number of horses is multiplied. If you want to make things worse, double the difficulty. When it comes to selecting names that go well together, even the most experienced horse namer will admit failure and throw their hands in the air. For example, if you’re attempting to come up with two perfectly matching names that seem like they belong in the same stall, what better way to go than to use an already well-known duo?

  • (Fans of the television series ” Little House on the Prairie” will recognize these as the names of Charles Ingalls’ team of powerful chestnuts.) ANNEDIANA
  • SAMDAVID (Fans of the television series ” Little House on

What are your thoughts? Do you have any favorite horse names that you’d like to share? Please leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite books! Samantha Johnson is a freelance writer and the author of many publications, including The Field Guide to Horses, which she co-authored with her husband, David Johnson (Voyageur Press, 2009). She breeds Welsh Mountain Ponies in northern Wisconsin, and she is also a qualified horse show judge with the American Horse Show Association. Make sure to follow her on Twitter at @miraclewelsh

The Rules of Naming a Horse

Determining a name for a newborn child might be difficult, don’t you think? It may be a very time-consuming operation. It is important to examine a variety of factors, including whether you want a unique or popular name, if you want to name the kid after your great grandmother, and how you should spell the name. The list might go on forever. For those who think that’s difficult, consider the task of giving the name to a horse. The process of naming a horse is made even more complicated by the fact that not only does the name have to sound absolutely amazing when yelled out loud, but it also has to follow to exacting rules established by The Jockey Club.

You can submit up to six names, which will be sorted according to your taste. Names are assigned in accordance with the availability of the names and the compliance with the requirements given below:


It is not permitted to use more than 18 letters in the given name. Spaces and punctuation are considered to be letters.


It is possible that the name does not comprise entirely of initials.


No apparent commercial, artistic, or creative meaning can be derived from the name.


Names that are profane or vulgar in nature will not be accepted as candidates.


The name cannot be deemed objectionable to religious, political, or ethnic groups, nor can it be judged in poor taste. Neither the name nor any part of it should appear to be intended to harass, humiliate or criticize any specific people, group of individuals, or entity in any way.


The name cannot be that of a living person unless The Jockey Club has received formal permission to use their name, which must be on file with them.


Any horse-related terms such as “filly,” “colt,” “stud,” “mare,” “stallion,” or “stallion colt” are prohibited from being used as part of the name.


It is possible that the name will not be totally comprised of digits. When using numbers more than 30, be sure they are correctly written out!


In any case, whether the designation is written explicitly or not, a name cannot finish with a number designation such as 2 nd or 3 rd.


A racecourse or graded stakes race, such as the “Preakness Stakes,” cannot be included in the name.


It is not permitted to use a name from the restricted list (i.e. Horses voted Horse of the Year, Kentucky Derby Winners, etc.) It appears like there are a lot of regulations, doesn’t it? There are even more than those that have been listed! It’s now clear why naming a horse is such a difficult task in the first place. Not only must you be certain that you are not picking a name that has already been taken, but you must also adhere to all of the rules and restrictions. Talk about a time-consuming procedure!

A racing horse’s registration papers may be quickly identified in this manner, which is useful if the horse’s papers are misplaced.

What should be noted is that horses frequently change between racing names and barn names in addition to their racing names.

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How Does a Racehorse Get Its Name?

The lone sailor Promises have been kept. It’s a good piece of magic. Magnum Moon is a supermoon that seems to be magnified. Imagine having to scream “Promises Fulfilled” at the dog park since these are not the kinds of names you would select for your pet. They are, on the other hand, completely acceptable for racehorses’ names. The 144th Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday, and all four horses will be competing for the roses. Some racehorse names appear to be humorous or even haphazard.

The Jockey Club, the primary controlling body of the horse racing business, has the last say on the names of horses entered into competition.

In his opinion, “the most common reason for a name to be rejected is that it is a direct match to an existing name, or that it is too close in spelling or sound to an active name.” There is also a character restriction of 18 characters, which includes spaces and punctuation.


Due to the fact that no two horses may have the same name, owners must be inventive in order to come up with something distinctive. According to Bailey, for many horse owners, the first step is to consult with the horse’s parents. As Bailey points out, “there are a variety of approaches that may be used to choose a horse’s name, but one of the most prevalent is to name a horse after its genealogy.” Some racehorses receive their names from either the mother, or “dam,” or the father, or “sire,” of their ancestry, while others are given names by their owners in a cunning way that incorporates both the mother, or “dam,” and the father, or “sire.” For example, the horses Gone West and Proposal are the parents of the horse Elope.

  • Crop Circle is a son of Perfect Circle and Lost in the Weeds, and he is the son of Perfect Circle.
  • Some horse names may be inspired by pop culture or current events, however owners are not allowed to name their horses after real people.
  • “We gained permission to use the name Barbara Bush in the early 1990s, and she gave her consent on stationery from the Office of the First Lady,” says the author.
  • In order to ensure that no other horse has been registered with the same, or a similar, name, the name will be input into a computer system and ran through a phonetics check to ensure there is no other horse registered with the same, or a similar, named.
  • Names are not permitted:
  • The name must be totally comprised of letters, such as COD or FOB
  • It must have more than 18 characters, including spaces
  • And it must be entirely comprised of digits. Use of names of living persons, unless written permission to use their name is on file with The Jockey Club
  • Use of names of deceased persons, unless approval is granted by The Jockey Club based on a satisfactory written explanation submitted to the Registrar
  • Use of names of racetracks or graded stakes races
  • Names that are suggestive, offensive, designed to harass, or that have a vulgar or obscene meaning
  • Names that are considered offensive to minors
  • Names that are considered offensive to minor
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Some names are given “permanent” status by the Club, which means that they can never be registered for any other horses. This honor is bestowed onto the names of the most famous and successful racehorses, such as California Chrome and Man o’ War, among others. According to Bailey, if a name has been issued but is not a permanent name, it can be re-used in the future. On the Jockey Club’s website, you may find a complete list of the naming criteria for horses.

200 Horse Names For Your New Equine Friend

Every horse owner is well aware that coming up with creative horse names may be a challenging endeavor. Good horse names might come to you out of nowhere, but naming your new equine companion can be a difficult task at times. Is it possible that you are having difficulty coming up with appropriate female or male horse names for your new four-legged friend? It’s be that you’re simply curious about some of the greatest horse names we think we’ve come up with. However you choose to name your horse, we’ve produced a list of 200 names for horses that we believe you’ll enjoy: 1 – Abby2 – Ace3 – Adobe4 – Alfie5 – Amber6 – Annabell7 – Annie8 – Apache9 – Apollo10 – Apple11 – April12 – Asia13 – Athena14 – Bella22 – Belle23 – Bella22 – Belle23 – Big Red24 – Big Smokey25 – Blaze27 – Blondie28 – Blue29 – Bo30 – Bob31 – (one of our favorite cold weather horse names) 85, 88, 89, Fiona90, Fitz91, Freckles92, Friday93, Goliath94, Hampton97, Harley98, Harvey99, Henrietta100, Honey101, Isabelle102, Jack103, Jake104, Jasper105, Jazz106, Jet107, Jewel108, Jonesy109, Juliet110, Kit Kat112, Kokomo113, Lady114, Layla115, Lily117, Lucky118, Lucy119, Lucy120, Maggie121 (one of our favorite black and white horse names) Rusty163, Sally164, Scout165, Shelby166, Shiloh167, Smartie169, Smokey170, Snowball171, Spirit172, Star173, Stormy174, Sugarfoot175, Sullivan176, Sunny177, Sydney178, Tater Trot179, Taz180, Thumper181, Thunder182, Tilly183, Toby184, Tootsie185, Tornado186, Townes187, Sullivan181.

Willie199, Willow200, and Willow201.

We hope you enjoyed it.

If you still haven’t come up with a name for your new best buddy, there are a plethora of name generators available online that will assist you in coming up with fantastic horse names. Additionally, you may look at the most popularcat names and dog names for extra inspiration.

Did we leave off any names that you like? Let us know in the comments below!

Becky Newell contributed to this article. In this tutorial, we’ll go over the following topics:

  1. Using the AQHA’s ‘Research Foal Names’ tool to find names for foals
  2. What happens when a given name has already been taken
  3. AQHA name conventions
  4. Making use of the name of an American Quarter Horse
  5. Changing the name of a horse

Before we get started, let’s go back to the fall of 2017, when Lara Simmons of Bristol, Wisconsin, purchased a Quarter Horse mare from an online auction. “She was 2 years old and had been started, but the owners discovered she had a (osteochondritis dissecans) lesion and required surgery,” Lara explains. “She had been started, but the owners discovered she had a (osteochondritis dissecans) lesion and needed surgery.” “She underwent surgery in April 2017 and was unable to work for several months afterward.

Lara Simmons named this foal Completelyunexpected, aka “BOGO,” after the foal’s unexpected arrival. (Credit: Amy Dotzler Ellis)

When the horse arrived at Lara’s house in October 2017, she was truly a hunk of fat and soft fur. “So we started working on conditioning her and putting her on a diet,” Lara explains. “She’s a dark brown mare, and we named her ‘Kahlua’ since our horses all have barn names that are based on alcoholic beverages.” A little more than four months later, Lara and her husband were in Tennessee to pick up another horse that Lara had recently acquired. I received a call from my friend Luann, who was farm sitting for me, while we were getting ready to go to the Grand Ole Opry.

  • “She inquired as to whether Kahlua was expected to produce a foal.
  • “She carried this kid all by herself, even while wearing a sheet,” Lara explains.
  • His barn name, which was an exception to Lara’s alcohol-themed motif, was “BOGO,” which stands for Buy One Get One, or Buy One Get One Free.
  • Later in the year, Lara purchased another 2-year-old mare from an internet auction, this time for $1,500.
  • “It was a miracle,” she adds.
  • My husband arranged for a veterinarian to examine her.
  • “I had a good chuckle at my husband’s expense for days,” Lara recalls.
  • In Lara’s words, “what are the chances that I acquire two horses in two different online auctions in two different years and they both arrive pregnant?” she wonders.

When we discovered Lara’s tale on Facebook, we were immediately taken by it. She gave some fantastic suggestions for name concepts. But how can she and the other members find out whether or not they are allowed to use the term What Are The Odds in their music?

Using AQHA’s ‘Research Foal Names’ Tool

We’ve got some excellent tips, as well as an interesting tool. Since its inception in 1940, the AQHA has registered more than 5 million horses. With so many names already used, it might seem like a difficult undertaking to choosing a name for your foal. That is why the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) established the Research Foal Name tool:

Step 1:Go to.Step 2:Under the Ownership section, click Research Foal Names.Step 3:Log into your AQHA account. If you do not have an AQHA account, learn how to create onehere.
Step 4:Check name availability.
Step 5:If a name is not available, click Reset to check another name.

What Happens When a Name Is Already Used

We looked into the name What Are The Odds and discovered that it was given to a chestnut gelding by Runaway Winner and out of Merri Kismet by Merridoc who was born in 1998. Ernesto Soto of El Paso, Texas, is the owner of this horse, who was bred by LP Racing in Wittmann, Arizona. Because that name is already used, Lara will be unable to use it; however, we have discovered a few additional choices that are available:

  • What Are the Odds
  • What Are the Odds 19
  • What Are My Odds
  • What Are the Odds

AQHA Naming Rules

Although the Research Foal Name tool might be entertaining to use, it is important to remember the AQHA naming requirements. Names for American Quarter Horses can be anything you want them to be. Despite the fact that many people like it, you are not forced to name your AQHA foal according to its lineage if you so want.

  • Because the AQHA computer systems are not configured to allow for any more characters than that, the name cannot be more than 20 characters in length (this includes blank spaces and integers). The importance of space cannot be overstated. (For instance, the term What Are The Odds is already used.) Whataretheodds is also not available as a result of this.)
  • A name may contain Arabic numbers (1234. and so on), as long as there is a gap between the name and the number that has been added at the end
  • Punctuation marks are not permitted (for example, if you look at DASHS DIGIT, you will see that there is no apostrophe in the word ‘dashs’ since it is not authorized under AQHA standards)
  • Keep the name as simple as possible. (We make every effort to report anything that appears to be improper.) You must obtain formal permission from celebrities before naming your horse after them, even if the celebrity is deceased, like in the case of John Wayne
  • And

Reusing an American Quarter Horse’s Name

It is possible to re-use a given name. Let’s examine if Lara could use the name What Are The Odds as a rename by using the following conditions to determine if she is eligible:

  • The horse cannot have any descendants that have a proven track record in competition (show or race)
  • The horse must have died, and the death must have been recorded by the animal’s current record owner. The horse is not allowed to have competed in any AQHA competition. (This causes a great deal of confusion.) By “not competed,” we mean that the horse could never have raced, even if it finished dead last, and could never have set foot in an AQHA show ring.)
  • It is impossible for the horse to have received a special accomplishment award. (“AQHA Horseback Riding Program” is regarded a reward or achievement on the part of the horse, hence such names are not permitted to be used again.) Nominations for the AQHA Incentive Fund or Challenge are not considered rewards or recognition, therefore the horse’s name might be utilized as long as the horse – as previously indicated – was never displayed or raced. The horse cannot have any product or get that is less than 10 years of age, and the horse’s produce or get cannot have achieved any of those awards/achievements or special recognitions on their own behalf.

Let’s go over them one by one and check them off: ‘What Are The Odds’ is a gelding, and he has produced no progeny to far. Lara, you’ve done a fantastic job! However, the following two criteria rule out the use of the name: What Are the Odds is an elderly horse, but he is still in good health. And he’s on the go! In 24 starts, he had a top speed index of 104 and was victorious in six of those races, earning him a total of $38,311 in prize money. As a result, the domain name What Are The Odds will never be available for use.

However, as we previously stated, there are still a plethora of names from which Lara may pick, including Freebie.

Changing a Horse’s Name

Consider the following scenario: Lara sells her Freebie, but the next owner – who spent a lot of money for the horse – doesn’t like the name Freebie since it is offensive. When changing the names of their horses, owners must ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The horse did not compete in any AQHA event (show or race – which is the same as reusing)
  • The horse did not get a special achievement award for his or her efforts. (See the AQHA rules for further information.)
  • According to AQHA records, the horse never earned any money or received any awards while affiliated with an AQHA affiliate
  • The horse never appeared on any breeding documents filed to AQHA
  • And the horse never produced any registered progeny. It follows that the mare in question cannot even have appeared on a breeding record – even if the pairing occurred five years ago and resulted in no foal.)
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A horse’s original registration certificate, a signed statement requesting the change, and your preferred name selections should be sent to the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) for processing. You may submit a single name choice or a list of ten. Just make sure to label them with a number. The first is your favorite, the second is your second favorite, and so on. Name changes are subject to a cost of $100 ($155 if your membership is not current). As for the question of submitting a name change request with your transfer when you acquire the horse, we’ll take care of you as soon as possible.

Planning for Next Breeding Season: Stallion Directory

The American Quarter Horse Association’s online stallion database,, is a reliable source of information for both mare and stallion owners.

  • Data is thoroughly reviewed before it is made public
  • Pedigrees, performance records, photographs, and videos may all be found on this website.’s nicking tools allow you to create effective mare-stallion crosses with ease.

Stallions in your area may be found by using theStallion Locator.

Visit to learn more about the company, to list your stallion, or to simply browse the site.

Horse Names: 200 Unique and Catchy Names for Your Horse

Known in Greek mythology as Abraxas, he was one of the sun god Helios’s eternal horses, and he was a powerful warrior. In addition to a clay-colored coat, Adobe Creek in California, which was the site of the upscale Pink Horse Ranch country club in the 1950s, might be referenced. The name of the black horse that belonged to the Greek God Hades, which means “death.” Pippi Longstocking’s horse is named after a word that is easy to speak. Fans of the Disney/Pixar film “Brave” may remember Angus as Merida’s trusty Shire horse from the film’s plot.

This Welsh given name translates as “fair,” making it an excellent choice for palominos.

In Greek mythology, Arion is the name of a fast, black-maned horse with a white mane.

When it comes to the horse who is “as quick as an arrow.” In “The Neverending Story,” Artax was Atreyu’s horse, and he was named for him.

This seasonal name conjures up images of harvest time on the farm and is especially appropriate for horses with coats that are the hues of fallen leaves, such as brown or reddish.

Barnaby is a lighthearted option with a noble heritage, as seen by the word “barn” being in the name.

Bianca, which translates as “white” in Italian, is an appropriate name for the palest of palominos.

Boaz is a Hebrew given name that means “quickness.” The character of BoJack Horseman, the self-loathing, famously cynical cartoon horse voiced by Will Arnett, is being referenced in this piece.

Billy the Kid, a notorious criminal of the Old West, went by a variety of aliases, one of which was William H.

Daniel Boone, the American pioneer and frontiersman who was renowned for his riding prowess, is mentioned in this passage.

Boreas was the deity of the north wind according to Greek mythology.

The rich, golden brown color of the liquor is appropriate for horses with brunette coats, commonly known as “bays,” since it complements their coloring.

A fabled Greek horse that could breathe both light and fire, according to legend.

Brown beauties have a lovely name to go with them.

A horse’s rear foot are kicked into the air while their head is lowered.

Get your jollies on!

“Little House on the Prairie” author Laura Ingalls Wilder’s horse was named Bunny.

Butters is a sweet country name that has an even prettier nickname: Butters!

Buttons is a “perfect” name for speckled breeds such as the Appaloosa, which has a distinct pattern of spots.

Pinto horses with brown and white patterning will look fantastic in this color.

To the legendary musician and actor Johnny Cash, who never forgot his farm kid beginnings, we offer this salutation.

Whether or whether your horse competes, he or she will always be regarded as a champion in your eyes.

Spotted horses are given this amusing moniker.

Cheval is the French term meaning male horse, making it an excellent choice for a male horse name.

Chiron was a centaur who appeared in Greek mythology and was renowned for his sage advice.

Mares with a tinge of crimson in their coats are known by this spicy moniker.

When it comes to pastures, clover is a pleasant addition that may also provide a lucky sensibility for rescue horses.


The popular newborn boy’s name is also the name of a young male horse, so why not use it as the name of your young male horse, as well.

Additionally, the baked item may be used as a sweet word of love, particularly if your horse’s coat is spotted, as in the case of the chocolate chip type.

No matter where you reside in the world, the Texas metropolis of San Antonio evokes images of ranch life in the Lone Star State.

Dash is a nickname for this Scottish given name that is highly horse-friendly – Dash!

The majority of foals are born in the early hours of the morning.

If you want to give your filly a more formal name, consider Debutante—or just call her Debbie for short!

Consider the name Dolly, which was given to a horse with a large blonde mane in honor of the legendary Dolly Parton.

The Dothraki are a nomadic tribe that travels on horseback in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Appaloosas with spots are appropriately named.

Elsa from the Disney film “Frozen,” with her characteristic blonde braid, is the epitome of palomino beauty.

The goddess Étain is referred to as the “horse rider” in Irish mythology, which means “horse rider.” The city of North Dakota might serve as a humorous allusion to the state’s wild horses.

This Irish name, which meaning “fair-haired (or coated!) hero,” is a wonderful choice for horses with fair coats.

Sorrels with warm red coats will like this.

Silver-hued horses benefit from the presence of Gandalf, also known as the “Gray Pilgrim” in the film “The Lord of the Rings.” The name Georgia translates as “farmer” in Greek.

For blonde manes, this is a moniker that is as good as gold.

Gringolet is the name given to Sir Gawain’s favourite steed in the legends of King Arthur.

The hippocampus is a legendary creature that appears in the mythology of many civilizations.

“Hippo” is a simple and charming name that is perfect for everyday use!

Isabella (or Isabelline) is a word used to describe palomino horses who are extremely light in color.

Calamity Jane, the American frontierswoman and sniper, gets a shout-out in this episode.

Despite the fact that horses are known for sprinting at tremendous speeds, the world’s fastest horse has been timed at 55 miles per hour (the world record).

Horses with “paint” coats have distinct swaths of color that almost appear to be puzzle pieces when viewed from different angles.

An ancient Greek given name that translates as “beautiful horse.” Kelpies are described as a shape-shifting ghost in Scottish tales, and they are thought to haunt streams and rivers while appearing in the appearance of horses.

The name Kohana means “swift” in the Sioux language.

According to mythology, King Arthur’s confidant was a skilled jouster who served as his right hand man.

Because your horse is as lightning fast as a lightning bolt.

Suitable for both lucky race winners and saviors in need.

The coffeehouse classic is perfect for coats with a creamy brown sheen.

Horses have played a crucial part in conflicts and wars throughout history, which is reflected in the name of this military unit.

Marengo was well-known for his stability and fearlessness, and he was known for his 80-mile gallops.

The term “blackbird” refers to a bird that is black.

Misty of Chincoteague is the name of the wild-born pony who appears in the award-winning children’s book of the same name.

This funny interspecies name might be amusing for giant brown horses with a big personality.

The French military leader is usually shown riding his warhorse, Marengo, in paintings and sculptures.

Nevada is the home to the vast majority of wild horses in the United States.

Originally from Germanic tradition, the Nixie is a shapeshifting water ghost that occasionally takes on the appearance of a horse.

In “Frozen II,” the Nokk is a water spirit in the guise of a horse who protects the Dark Sea and eventually becomes Elsa’s buddy.

And it has a charming nickname, Nuggie, to go along with it.

Oakley is an Old English given name that means “a meadow of oak trees.” It is also a humorous allusion to Wild West sniper Annie Oakley.

The black gemstone is a typical option for black horses because of its dark color.

Pegasus is a heavenly winged horse who appears in Greek mythology and is one of the most well-known beasts in the world.

Peregrine, a Latin name that means “traveler” or “pilgrim,” is a fitting name for a horse with an adventurous temperament.

Philip is a Greek name that translates as “friend of the horses.” The name Pie is a lovely choice if your horse’s coat is piebald, which means it is covered in irregular black and white patches.

If your horse has patch marks around his or her eyes, Pirate is a fun and entertaining selection.

Ponyboy Curtis is the young narrator of the coming-of-age classic “The Outsiders,” which is set in the American West.

Horses are well-suited to the name’s pastoral connotations.

The term “prance” refers to the high-stepping stride of a horse.

Rembrandt was a painterly choice for “painted” pattern coats, and he frequently depicted horses in his paintings.

The name of the Gaelic lad also alludes to a sort of horse coat in which hairs of a different color are intermingled with hairs of the primary color.

Rohan is a realm of horsemen in Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” Teddy Roosevelt served as the head of the Rough Riders volunteer cavalry before being elected as the 26th President of the United States of America.

Rose like to keep things simple.

Roswell is another German given name that is equine-inspired.

Sorrels have a lovely rural ring to their namesake, which has been used for centuries to refer to redheaded women.

It is even better suited for horses.

Shadowfax is Gandalf’s horse in “The Lord of the Rings,” and he is capable of running faster than the wind and comprehending human speech.

Silili, a celestial character who appears in the Epic of Gilgamesh, is strongly related with horses and other animals.

Pets that are black or gray have been known by this name for a long time.

Snowball was a black horse in Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” despite the fact that white horses are more fitting for the film.

In Greek mythology, this is one of Helios’ horses.

Sven is a reindeer in the Disney film “Frozen,” but we think Kristoff’s devoted friend would be fine with his name being given to a carrot-loving critter in the real world.

Norman Thelwell was an English cartoonist who was best known for his illustrations of ponies and horses.

Tornado, Zorro’s horse in various films starring the masked vigilante, is known for being extremely intelligent and swift.


Trigger was a well-known actor in his own right, and he co-starred with Rogers in a number of Westerns.

Troy, on the other hand, is a more subtle nod to the ancient tale, whereas Trojan is more obvious.

Your horse may not be magical in the traditional sense, but they are rather exceptional.

Vic and Vicky are casual nicknames for each gender that make this a winning name.

Westeros is a continent in the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” and it is home to numerous horses (both alive and undead).

Wildfire is the name of a ghost horse that appears in Native American mythology.

Wyatt Earp was a law enforcement officer, horse racer, buffalo hunter, gunfighter, saloonkeeper, and boxing referee in the Old West.

Wynonna is a Native American given name that means “first-born daughter.” If you want a first mare, try Wynonna.

We hope that this list of 200 horse names has provided you with some ideas. Whatever you decide to call your horse, we wish you a long and joyful journey through the world of pet parenthood!

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