Why Was Horse Disqualified? (Question)

Maximum Security was disqualified from winning the 2019 Kentucky Derby for dangerously impeding the paths of others, but the last time a horse was dethroned for a prohibited substance was Dancer’s Image in 1968. More: What happens to bets placed on Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit after positive drug test?

  • When a horse is disqualified before the race begins, it’s usually because of some kind of interference with another horse. In most cases, a horse interferes with another and costs him placing. When a race starts, the horses break from the gate at massive speeds and it’s not uncommon for them to bang in each other.

Why was the Kentucky Derby winner disqualified?

Medina Spirit, the winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby before being disqualified for multiple failed drug tests, died of an apparent heart attack suffered during a morning workout at Santa Anita Park Monday morning, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Was the Kentucky Derby horse disqualified?

Medina Spirit’s positive drug test after the Kentucky Derby has been confirmed, setting the stage for the colt trained by Bob Baffert to be the second horse in the 147-year history of the race to be disqualified as its winner because of a failed drug test.

What happens when a horse is disqualified?

The question is, what happens to your bet when a horse you’ve had a punt on gets disqualified? The short answer is that you lose your stake. Some promise to payout on the winner of some or all races even if your horse gets disqualified after the end of the run.

Was Medina Spirit stripped of Kentucky Derby win?

The post-race test identified 21 picograms per milliliter of betamethasone, an anti-inflammatory that can be used to relieve joint pain in horses, which is more than twice the allowed amount within 14 days of the race in Kentucky.

What happens to bets if Medina Spirit is disqualified?

A: Unfortunately, you’re out of luck again. Even if Medina Spirit is disqualified, all pari-mutuel wagers were settled once the race became official.

Did Medina Spirit test positive for drugs?

After the Kentucky Derby on May 1, Medina Spirit tested positive for betamethasone, an anti-inflammatory drug that isn’t permissible to be in a horse’s system on race day.

Did Medina Spirit pass the second drug test?

Medina Spirit is a step closer from having his win in the Kentucky Derby disqualified. A second post-race drug test for Medina Spirit reportedly came back positive for betamethasone, according to Joe Drape of The New York Times. The first positive test for Medina Spirit was revealed May 9.

What happens to bet money if a horse is disqualified?

Bob Heleringer, author of “Equine Regulatory Law,” told The Courier Journal when the owners of Maximum Security were attempting to overturn that horse’s disqualification as the 2019 Kentucky Derby winner that once a race is official, the betting results are final, regardless of mistakes by the track or an appeal.

Do you get your money back if your horse doesn’t run?

your bet stake will be refunded if your horse fails to compete. After a race becomes Non-Runner No Bet, any Future Racing bets placed on the Win or Each-Way market will be refunded if your selection does not run.

What happens if you bet on mandaloun?

There will be no refunds, and no awards to anyone still holding a Mandaloun ticket. “All bets will stand as settled,” said John Ewing, data analyst for BetMGM. “The race result has already been determined official and paid. Disqualifications from positive drug tests will not change the results.”

Did the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner get disqualified?

Medina Spirit, the winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby before being disqualified for multiple failed drug tests, died of an apparent heart attack suffered during a morning workout at Santa Anita Park Monday (December 6) morning, CBS Los Angeles reports.

What is betamethasone used for in horses?

WHY IS BETAMETHASONE USED FOR HORSES? A. It is a steroid used to reduce inflammation in the horse’s joints and is not considered a performance enhancing drug. But it can give horses an advantage over those without betamethasone in their system who wouldn’t feel the therapeutic effects while racing.

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit disqualified; trainer Bob Baffert suspended for 90 days

Bob Baffert, the horse’s Hall of Fame trainer, was barred from all Kentucky racing facilities for 90 days and fined $7,500 as a result of the incident. In accordance with his legal team, Baffert, whose horses had previously won the Derby six times before last year, will appeal the verdict. Baffert was suspended for two years by Churchill Downs Inc., the organization that organizes the Kentucky Derby, in June. The prohibition will be in effect from March 8 through June 5, according to Monday’s judgment, which applies to all facilities in the state that fall under the jurisdiction of the KHRC.

We look forward to commemorating Mandaloun at a future date in a manner that is worthy of this uncommon accomplishment,” the statement said.

Medina Spirit died unexpectedly in December following an exercise at the Santa Anita racecourse in California, according to the owners.

The decision by the KHRC came a week after the commission held a closed hearing during which an attorney for Baffert, Clark Brewster, argued that the dosage of the anti-inflammatory medication betamethasone administered by Medina Spirit did not violate state rules because of the manner in which it was administered.

The following were the unrefuted and undisputed facts established at the hearing: (1) Medina Spirit was treated with an ointment rather than an injection; (2) the trace amount of betamethasone detected could not have affected the horse in any way; and (3) the trace amount of betamethasone detected could not possibly have affected the outcome of the race.

  1. They were unconvinced.
  2. In the meanwhile, those who placed wagers on Mandaloun’s victory had little recourse; the stewards stated that parimutuel wagering “is not affected by this judgement.” “We are disappointed, but not surprised, by the Commission’s decision,” Brewster said in a statement.
  3. The disqualification of Monday’s Kentucky Derby winner was the third time this had happened to a Derby winner, and the second time it had happened because of a doping infraction.
  4. The matter was not fully resolved until the owner of Dancer’s Image agreed to drop his legal battle with the race’s organizers five years later.
  5. The Kentucky Derby is scheduled to take place on May 7th this year.
  6. In a statement released Monday (via the Baltimore Sun), Mike Hopkins, executive director of the Maryland Racing Commission, stated that his organization will reciprocate the Kentucky suspension if it is affirmed on an appeal.
  7. Additionally, Baffert faces the prospect of a suspension in New York, where a ban on him imposed by the state’s racing association last year was temporarily lifted by a federal judge.
  8. In connection with the matter, an administrative hearing was held last month, and a final judgment is pending.
  9. According to an analysis of racing data conducted by The Washington Post in 2021, Baffert-trained horses were responsible for 29 drug offenses over a 44-year period leading up to the Kentucky Derby.
  10. Later, Baffert stated that his staff followed guidelines regarding how long before race day the substance should be stopped being administered.

He also complained that the level detected in Gamine was “a minuscule amount that would not affect a 1,000-pound animal,” but ultimately decided not to appeal the ruling.

Medina Spirit disqualified from 2021 Kentucky Derby win, Bob Baffert suspended 90 days

Despite more than nine months of delay, litigation, and laboratory testing, the 2021 Kentucky Derby finally saw at least a temporary resolution on Monday, when stewards disqualified Medina Spirit and penalized the deceased colt’s Hall of Fame trainer, Bob Baffert, for a period of nine months. The disqualification had appeared inevitable to racing officials since Kentucky racing standards allow for no measurable betamethasone in a horse’s system on race day, according to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.

  1. Their argument failed to persuade the audience.
  2. 14, the three stewards who were adjudicating the case – Barbara Borden, Brooks Becraft, and Tyler Picklesimer – issued rulings disqualifying Medina Spirit, ordering the Derby purse to be redistributed, and fining Baffert $7,500 on top of his 90-day suspension.
  3. It is clear that Bob Baffert’s fate was decided before we ever sat down for a hearing before the three stewards, one of whom is directly employed by Churchill Downs as the racing director at Turfway Park,” the statement reads.
  4. “We will appeal, and we will succeed when the facts and regulations are given to detached, unbiased decisionmakers,” said the attorney general of California.

Runner-up Mandaloun on track to become Kentucky Derby winner

In the meantime, Mandalounstands to become the winner of Derby 147 and further improve the career and net wealth of Louisville trainer Brad Cox, who had already established a North American earnings record in 2021 with $31 million in rewards. Brewster added that an appeal has already been filed. The Derby winner will take home $1.86 million in prize money. Cox would also profit from the promotion of fourth-place finisher Essential Quality to third place behind trainer Doug O’Neill’s Hot Rod Charlie, which would put him in third place.

We look forward to commemorating Mandaloun’s Kentucky Derby victory at a later date in a manner befitting of this unique accomplishment, according to the statement.

Churchill Downs intends to replace the paddock sign commemorating Medina Spirit with a sign containing Mandaloun’s name on Tuesday morning, according to a press release.

Despite the fact that the Kentucky Derby trophy has not yet been engraved, the track still has control of it. Death of the Medina Spirit: Even in death, the Kentucky Derby champion Medina Spirit continues to be significant.

Bob Baffert’s suspension

  • Baffert’s 90-day ban is expected to begin on March 8 and end on June 5, which would cover the first two legs of the Triple Crown: the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. During that time, the trainer can ask the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission to conduct a review of their decision, or he can ask the commission’s executive director, Marc Guilfoil, to grant him a stay of the proceedings. He may ultimately decide to take his case to the Franklin Circuit Court, which may cause the final outcome of the race to be delayed for months or perhaps years. It was not until owner Peter Fuller abandoned his legal struggle on behalf of Dancer’s Image in 1973 that the previous Derby drug disqualification, the 1968 case in which Dancer’s Image was knocked out in favor of Forward Pass, was finally addressed. Bets on the Medina Spirit: What happens to bets on Medina Spirit if the winner of the Kentucky Derby is disqualified? In addition to Medina Spirit’s Kentucky Derby victory, Baffert’s 90-day punishment reflected a series of offenses in the year leading up to the 2021 Derby. A third positive test for a Class C substance during a one-year period provides grounds for a 30- to 60-day suspension under KHRC recommendations, however there is no specific provision for subsequent positive tests under the KHRC standards. Gamine, a Baffert-trained filly that finished third in the 2020 Kentucky Oaks, was disqualified in January 2021 after testing positive for betamethasone following the race. During the year 2020, Baffert also had a positive test at Del Mar and two positive tests on Arkansas Derby day at Oaklawn. Medina Spirit’s positive test result was referred to as Baffert’s fourth medication violation in a 365-day period, but it could have been considered his fifth. “We applaud the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission for taking action against American horse racing’s most infamous violator, Bob Baffert, and we are pleased to see some justice brought to the tragic life and death of Medina Spirit,” said Marty Irby, executive director of Animal Wellness Action. “In scandal after controversy, Baffert has continued to drag horse racing through the dirt, and we urge on every racing jurisdiction in the country to hold him accountable by matching the suspension of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission in their own state. We are delighted that Baffert will not be participating in the forthcoming Kentucky Derby in 2022, and feel that the horses will be better placed and the event will have greater legitimacy as a result of his absence.” Even though Baffert acknowledged Gamine’s betamethasone positive from the Oaks, while claiming that the filly had been weaned off the medication before the state’s 14-day withdrawal period, he vehemently denied Medina Spirit had been treated with the same substance when confirming the initial test results, only to back down a few days later by admitting the horse had been treated for a skin condition with Otomax, which contains betamethasone. Baffert’s counsel attempted to establish a crucial distinction by arguing that Kentucky restrictions applied only to the injectable medicine and not the ointment. They were unsuccessful. Guilfoil and Dr. Mary Scollay, executive director of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, were among those who held to the language of Kentucky law, which defines a positive test as the presence of a restricted or illegal substance in a sample. A June hearing before Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate heard testimony from KHRC general counsel Jennifer Wolsing, who stated that the technique by which betamethasone is supplied is “not distinguished” under Kentucky laws. Sullivan: According to the rules, Bob Baffert has a slim chance of escaping disqualification from the Kentucky Derby. Baffert filed a lawsuit against the KHRC to obtain additional testing in an effort to determine the source of the betamethasone, and his attorneys claimed vindication when a New York lab determined Medina Spirit’s sample contained betamethasone valerate (which the ointment contains), but not the acetate version found in the injectable betamethasone (which the ointment does not). Despite the fact that the results were described as conclusive by the attorneys, the report produced by the New York Drug Testing and Research Program included a disclaimer that the research had not been peer reviewed. However, while Scollay insisted that the positive test resulted in a “non-negotiable” disqualification, regardless of the source of the substance, Baffert’s camp was also engaged in a public relations campaign in an attempt to minimize the trainer’s potential penalties and negative consequences for the trainer’s business. Mandaloun:Can you tell me which horse finished second in the Kentucky Derby in 2021? Information on Mandaloun that you should be aware of In spite of a previous two-year suspension issued by Churchill Downs and the approach of Derby 148, the majority of Baffert’s clientele have continued to support the trainer. If Baffert were not training them, seven different horses would have gained Derby qualifying points, and all but one of them are still in his stable today. There have now been 21 prep races conducted that are eligible for qualifying points, and six of those races have been won by Baffert-trained horses. Some of the year’s most promising 3-year-olds will be unable to compete for the Kentucky Derby unless Baffert’s owners transfer their horses to other trainers or until the trainer escapes fines the stewards’ suspension and Churchill’s ban from competing. If this has the effect of diminishing Derby 148, Churchill Downs is ready to accept it as a price. “The Derby has profound historical roots,” said Dale Romans, a trainer based in Louisville. “I believe it would have detracted from the Derby if he hadn’t received the penalty.” Tim Sullivan can be reached at 502-582-4650 or [email protected]
  • His Twitter handle is @TimSullivan714
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Medina Spirit is stripped of Kentucky Derby victory, Bob Baffert suspended

Medina Spirit is no longer the winner of the Kentucky Derby, which took place last year. At least for the time being. A week after holding a hearing, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission said on Monday that the now-deceased horse had been stripped of his victory after testing positive for a lawful medicine that was not permitted to be used on race day. It is just the third occasion in the 146-year history of the world’s most prestigious horse race that a winner has been disqualified. Mandaloun is declared the winner as a result of the disqualification.

In the case of bettors, a class-action lawsuit has been filed and is currently making its way through the courts.

The suspension was due to begin on March 8 and conclude on June 5, but it has been postponed because Baffert’s counsel want to file an appeal against the ruling.

In addition, if the appeal is denied, the winner’s $1.86 million prize money would be forfeited and returned to him.

“We are saddened by the commission’s decision, but we are not shocked.” It is evident from the numerous public remarks made by KHRC officials in recent months that Bob Baffert’s destiny was determined before we ever came down for a hearing that this finding reflects an unacceptable deviation from both the facts and the law.” “We will appeal, and we will succeed when the facts and regulations are given to detached, unbiased decisionmakers,” said the attorney general of California.

  1. Baffert’s Louisville-based attorney, Craig Robertson, echoed sentiments that were similar to Baffert’s.
  2. “It is in direct conflict with the scientifically verified facts in this case as well as the guidelines of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission,” says the attorney.
  3. According to a statement from Churchill Downs, “Churchill Downs acknowledges Mandaloun as the winner of the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby and expresses our congratulations to owner/breeder Juddmonte, trainer Brad Cox, and jockey Florent Geroux,” the track stated.
  4. The issue was finally resolved after more than four years of litigation.
  5. This unusual tale of horse racing intrigue began a week after Medina Spirit was officially crowned the victor of the Derby by the American Thoroughbred Racing Association.
  6. A news conference was scheduled outside Baffert’s stable at Churchill Downs after he received word that Medina Spirit had tested positive for betamethasone, an anti-inflammatory medication.
  7. Baffert said he had no clue how the drug got into Medina Spirit and then proceeded on a public campaign to proclaim his innocence, which was met with widespread support.

Baffert’s counsel asserted that the regulation that was broken only applied to betamethasone that was injected intra-articularly, not betamethasone used topically as an ointment.

The KHRC did not accept this line of reasoning.

Hong / Associated Press) For the next two years, the Hall of Fame trainer will be barred from training horses at Churchill Downs’ trademark Louisville track and any other tracks controlled by the company.

listed five horses trained by Baffert that tested positive for drugs in the span of nearly a year.

Baffert is not only barred from competing at Churchill Downs, but horses trained by him are also unable to obtain Kentucky Derby qualification points as a result of the suspension.

Due to the low likelihood that Baffert will be able to reverse the Churchill ruling in time for the May 7 race, owners will be forced to choose between remaining loyal to him or switching their horses to another trainer.

From now forward, all major 3-year-old events will qualify horses for the Kentucky Derby, including the Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

His next start was the Shared Belief Stakes at Del Mar, followed by a victory in the Awesome Again at Santa Anita, when he beat older horses in the process.

However, on December 6, after concluding a training at Santa Anita, the horse slumped and died on the track, apparently due to a heart attack, according to authorities.

There were evidence that it was cardiac-related, but it could not be ruled out as a result of other factors.

If Medina Spirit is declared the winner of the Kentucky Derby, it is unknown whether or not she will be returned to the racetrack. While racing’s ultimate objective is to settle disputes on the track, this one will be settled by attorneys and judges, and there will be a lot of them in this case.

Medina Spirit Stripped of 2021 Kentucky Derby Win

A new victor of the Kentucky Derby has been crowned: Medina Spirit is no longer the champion. For the time being, at least, Almost a week after holding a hearing, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission stated that the now-deceased horse had been stripped of his victory after testing positive for a lawful medicine that was not permitted to be used on racedays. In the 146-year history of the world’s most renowned horse race, this is just the third occasion a winner has been disqualified. Mandaloun is the winner as a result of the disqualification.

  1. An action was filed on behalf of bettors, and it is currently making its way through the legal system.
  2. Originally set to begin on March 8 and expire on June 5, Baffert’s ban will be put on hold as his attorneys prepare to appeal the judgment, which will take several weeks.
  3. Aside from that, if the appeal is denied, the winner’s $1.86 million prize money would be forfeited.
  4. “While this decision constitutes an egregious deviation from both the facts and the law, the numerous public statements made by KHRC officials over the previous few months have made it quite evident that Bob Baffert’s destiny was determined before we even sat down for a hearing.
  5. Baffert’s Louisville-based attorney, Craig Robertson, voiced sentiments that were similar to Baffert.

According to a statement from Churchill Downs, “Churchill Downs acknowledges Mandaloun as the winner of the 147th Kentucky Derby and sends our congratulations to owner/breeder Juddmonte, trainer Brad Cox, and rider Florent Geroux.” It was 1968 that Dancer’s Image was disqualified for using a forbidden drug and Forward Pass was awarded the victory, the last occasion a horse was disqualified.

  • The only other time Maximum Security was disqualified was in 2019, when it was disqualified due to interfering with the competition.
  • To get to the first stage in resolving this situation, it has taken about ten months.
  • A horse that is not suffering from any health problems may be able to run more efficiently with this medicine.
  • Initially, Baffert said he had no clue how the drug ended up in Medina Spirit, but he later went on a PR campaign to prove it.
  • His legal team asserted that the law in question only applied to betamethasone that was injected intra-articularly, not betamethasone that was used topically.
  • That argument was rejected by the KHRC.
  • Hong] During the next two years, the Hall of Fame trainer will not be permitted to train horses at Churchill Downs’ flagship Louisville track or any other tracks controlled by the company.

Baffert was unable to manage two of the positives, which occurred in Arkansas as a result of contamination that touched more than simply his horses.

Getting horses to the Kentucky Derby, a race he has won seven times and is now leading with six, has been the foundation of his company.

Earlier this month, the Fair Grounds in New Orleans hosted the inaugural win-and-you’re-in race.

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Medina Spirit was allowed to compete in the Preakness under tight testing regulations after winning the Kentucky Derby the year before, and she finished third.

Last year’s Breeders’ Cup Classic turned out to be his final race, where he finished second to Knicks’ Go, who was named Horse of the Year.

A necropsy was done, however the cause of death was unable to be confirmed with certainty.

It was discovered that he had no medicines in his system other than those that had been previously reported by his veterinarian.

If Medina Spirit is declared the winner of the Kentucky Derby, it is unknown whether or not the horse will be returned to the track. It will be settled by a panel of attorneys and judges, as opposed to the aim of racing, which is to settle matters on the track.

The unprecedented disqualification of a Kentucky Derby winner, explained

Despite the fact that the horse who crossed the finish line first did not win the Kentucky Derby, he was placed second overall. Maximum Security seemed to have won the 145th edition of the sport’s most prestigious race in two exciting minutes, according to the official results. However, despite all of the excitement surrounding his most thrilling victory to date, spectators were quickly made aware of an objection brought against the first-place horse by second-place finisher Country House. After an agonizing half-hour, the announcement came: Maximum Security had been disqualified, making him the first apparent winner in Kentucky Derby history to be disqualified, and Country House, a 65-to-1 longshot, had “won” the Kentucky Derby.

  • It has never happened before in the history of mankind.
  • Nonetheless, the drama is far from done, as Maximum Security’s owner has filed an appeal with the Kentucky Racing Commission in an attempt to have his victory overturned.
  • Although it was determined that he had breached the race’s interference regulations by taking a misstep to his right, a video playback revealed that he had altered the trajectories of War of Will, Long Range Toddy, and Country House.
  • The offense is as follows: On its own, this narrative has a lot to offer: a historic disqualification, as well as a horse with historically long odds becoming the first-ever recorded champion of the Kentucky Derby.
  • The choice to withdraw from the Kentucky Derby was not a wise one.
  • An overturn of this magnitude could only occur in these days of political correctness.
  • 5th of May, 2019 — Donald J.
  • The president’s obsession with culture wars is grating and predictable, but he’s right about one thing: no one wants the Kentucky Derby to end on instant replay, and he’s right about that.

How Maximum Security won the race and lost the Kentucky Derby

If you want to see the entire race, it will only take you two minutes to do so (Maximum Security finished at a nice two-minute, four-second clip.) Previously, Maximum Security was being offered 9-2 odds, which placed him in the top tier of competitors, according to the bookmakers. He is three years old and, as of Saturday, had never lost a race before. It cannot be overstated that Maximum Security was in the lead practically the whole way, from the firing of the first shot to the crossing of the finish line.

According to NBC Sports: If “a leading horse or any other horse in a race swerves or is ridden to either side in order to interfere with, intimidate, or obstruct any other horse or jockey,” the horse or jockey will be disqualified, according to the regulation.

During the derby, the riders aboard Long Range Toddy and Country House both expressed their displeasure with the stewards in charge of officiating the race.

When you take a careful look at the footage, it is evident that there was some interference.

Thanks to Deadspin, we have an excellent, up-close view at the crucial moment: HTML5 video is not supported by your browser at this time. As a result, Maximum Security was ruled out. The Kentucky Derby had been won by Country House.

The disqualified horse’s owner is trying to appeal the decision

The disqualified winner’s owner, Gary West, is naturally furious and intends to file an appeal with the state racing commission, despite the fact that race outcomes are not susceptible to review, according to the state racing commission. In his speech, he used some foreboding phrases, nearly but not quite hinting that something was amiss with the strange manner the race had been decided. On NBC’s Todayshow, West stated, “If the state racing commission refuses to hear about it, I believe this to be something that is significant enough that the entire racing world is looking into it.” “And I believe they should be given the opportunity to learn the truth about what happened.” For example, according to John Swenson, a seasoned horse racing writer, who wrote for Vice in 2013: “Cheating is profoundly knit into the very fabric of horse racing.” The dark side of the sport’s elegant surface is represented by fixed races.

  1. Regardless of whether West’s implied claims are supported by evidence or not, they do fit into a lengthy and problematic historical context.
  2. When the betting ended, the horse had 65-to-1 odds to win.
  3. However, he is towards the top of the priority list.
  4. We’ll have to wait and see if West’s appeal is successful in its endeavors.
  5. According to West, Maximum Security will not compete in the Preakness, the next major race in the sport, which will take place later this month.

The debate about the Kentucky Derby is a debate about instant replay

According to Trump, “back in my day, they would never have overturned the Kentucky Derby on instant replay” was a valid point of view when it came to the Derby. There’s too much political correctness here. Remember that the true political discussion we should be having is about dead horses at the Santa Anita Park racetrack in California, which isn’t going to happen. Since Christmas, over two dozen horses have perished in the area. Horse racing is a dangerous sport in which people lose their lives on a regular basis, yet it only draws the public’s attention for one day in May, when the Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

But, anyway, let’s confront Trump on his own ground.

Gabe Fernandez of Deadspin was dismayed by how instant replay had become so prevalent in more widely watched sports such as football and baseball: “Saturday’s review was the latest example of a growing annoying trend where video replays are requested in the hopes that the tiniest of margins will fall in the challenger’s favor,” he wrote.

  1. This is not uncommon.
  2. There has been a long-running discussion among sports fans about how much room should be left for human error.
  3. However, it came at a cost to one’s ability to move gracefully in sports.
  4. “At the very least, an umpire or referee makes his or her decision throughout the game fast.
  5. “Oh, whew, that’s an obvious call, there’s no argument whatsoever, pleased the replay captured that,” you say after seeing a video.
  6. We begin with a state of uncertainty.
  7. Uncertainty increases in our lives.

Both of these disappointments were on display on Saturday, when the real-world champion was defeated on a technicality after an excruciatingly long delay.

Instant replay may have provided the “right” call, but did it detract from the whole experience?

As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision, sports gambling is swiftly becoming legalized across the country, with the Kentucky Derby being the most prominent example.

The existence of a vehicle for the purpose of repairing faults that were not detected in real time should be commended rather than criticized.

Given that it is predicated on the notion that incorrect decisions are acceptable, it is an odd hill to die on.

When millions of Americans place their hard-earned money on the outcome of sporting events, the outcome must be as clean and trustworthy as possible in order to be considered legitimate.

What kinds of sports do we wish to see in the future?

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit faces disqualification after second failed drug test

  • As reported by the New York Times on Wednesday, a split sample of Medina Spirit’s post-Kentucky Derby drug test revealed the presence of betamethasone, further undermining the horse’s claim to be the Run for the Roses champion. According to Joe Drape of the New York Times, lawyer Clark Brewster, who represents Medina Spirit owner Amr Zedan, stated that a laboratory at the University of California-Davis verified the presence of betamethasone, a corticosteroid, in the sample. Betamethasone is lawful as a therapeutic assistance for horses, but it is prohibited if it is detected in the blood of a horse on race day since it is thought to be a probable performance enhancer. Medina Spirit’s trainer, Bob Baffert, said on May 9 — eight days after the Kentucky Derby — that Medina Spirit had tested positive for 21 picograms of betamethasone. Medina Spirit had tested positive for 21 picograms of betamethasone. In the evening of the same day, Churchill Downs declared that Medina Spirit would be disqualified as the Kentucky Derby winner in the event that a second test, known as a “split sample,” returned positive. Mandaloun, the second-place finisher and trained by Louisville resident Brad Cox, would be crowned the winner. As stated by Tonya Abeln, vice president of corporate relations for Churchill Downs, “Churchill Downs is still awaiting formal notice of the split sample test findings.” The split sample, said to Craig Robertson, Baffert’s attorney, revealed the presence of betamethasone in Medina Spirit’s system at a concentration of 25 picograms. “There is more testing that is being undertaken, including DNA testing,” Robertson stated in his letter. “We anticipate that this extra testing will establish that the betamethasone found in the blood was derived from the topical ointment Otomax and not from an injection.” At the end of the day, we anticipate that this lawsuit will concern the use of Otomax to treat Medina Spirit’s skin rash.” Initially, Baffert said that Medina Spirit had never been treated with betamethasone before. Baffert admitted that he had administered Otomax to treat dermatitis on Medina Spirit’s hind end on May 11, two days after making his initial statement. Betamethasone is listed as an ingredient in Otomax. For his part, Brewster told the New York Times in an interview that “the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has agreed to have the original blood and urine tests sent to an independent and accredited laboratory for analysis in order to determine whether the specimens contain any other components proving that the source is the topical ointment.” If such is the case, Churchill Downs will most likely wait until the results of those tests are ready before making a decision on Medina Spirit’s standing as the Kentucky Derby winner. In the race’s 147-year history, just two Kentucky Derby winners have been disqualified for their performances. Maximum Security was the first horse to cross the finish line in the 2019 race, but he was disqualified after stewards determined he interfered with other horses in the second turn. Dancer’s Image was banned from the 1968 Indianapolis 500 when a post-race drug test revealed the presence of the prohibited substance phenylbutazone.

Country House wins Kentucky Derby after Maximum Security is disqualified

  • LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The University of Kentucky is a public research institution. In the most contentious decision in Kentucky Derby history, a 65-to-1 long shot was declared the winner. Following the disqualification of Maximum Security, who crossed the finish line first, Country House was declared the winner of the race by the stewards. A winner has been disqualified twice in the event’s 145-year history, but this is the first time a disqualification has occurred as a result of a foul accusation made during the race. Dancer’s Image was disqualified from the 1968 Indianapolis 500 due to a drug offense that occurred days after the event. Maximum Security was knocked down as a result of an incident that occurred as he was heading around the corner and deviated out slightly, squeezing War of Will and causing Long Range Toddy to take back control. In spite of the fact that jockey Luis Saez was able to straighten Maximum Security almost immediately after turning, racing officials determined that the foul was egregious enough to bring down the Derby winner — and an impressive one at that, considering Maximum Security had led the race from the start. NBC reported that Bill Mott, the trainer of Country House, stated during the 15-minute assessment of the foul accusation that he believed Maximum Security would have been disqualified if the race had been held on a weekday rather than the Kentucky Derby weekend. WHAT EXACTLY IS AN OPINION? As an example, consider the case of Country House and Maximum Security. PAYOUTS: Following Country House’s unexpected victory in the Kentucky Derby, here are the rewards. REACTIONS AROUND THE WORLD: Wild outpourings following Country House’s victory in the Kentucky Derby According to Mott, “it’s not supposed to matter if it’s the Kentucky Derby or whatever it is.” “There were a couple of horses that were on the verge of going down in the race, and that effectively killed any hope for them.” Code of Honor ended in second place with a 14-to-1 odds, while Tacitus finished in third place at a 5-to-1 odds. Maximum Security was officially ranked 17th, one spot behind Long Range Toddy, according to the rules. The $132.40 payoff for a $2 winning ticket in Country House is the second-highest payout in Derby history
  • The first-place payout was $132.40.
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Trainer: Kentucky Derby winner faces disqualification due to ‘cancel culture’

Bob Baffert, whose horse is facing disqualification from the Kentucky Derby after failing a drugs test, has blamed the incident on “cancel culture” in the horse racing industry. Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby by a half-length at Churchill Downs earlier this month, but it was revealed on Sunday that the horse had tested positive for double the allowed quantity of the steroid betamethasone during the race. If the findings of the drug test are upheld, Churchill Downs has prohibited Baffert from entering horses at the track and has warned that Medina Spirit’s victory will be ruled worthless.

  1. “Churchill Downs came out with that statement – it was very nasty,” Baffert remarked of the statement.
  2. We now live in a very different world.
  3. It was something along the lines of a cancel culture, so they’re looking into it.
  4. pic.twitter.com/aZLeOp8kBz @existentialfish is a Twitter handle owned by John Whitehouse.
  5. Medina Spirit will be entered in the Preakness Stakes on Saturday, the second leg of the Triple Crown of American horse racing, according to trainer Bob Baffert.
  6. However, despite the fact that Baffert has had at least 30 adverse doping tests for his horses, he reiterated to Fox that he maintains a drug-free facility.
  7. “These horses don’t exist in a vacuum,” he explained.

People are reaching out and touching them.

I mean, there are so many different ways for these horses to become infected, and when they’re testing at such stupidly low levels, it’s a big concern.

Additionally, Baffert speculated on Monday that Medina Spirit may have tested positive after a groom ingested cough medication and urinated on some hay, which the horse subsequently consumed.

Some of the hay was consumed by the horse.

“I’m concerned about preserving my legacy.

I’ve worked with some of the greatest horses that have been through there.

That which has occurred is just dreadful.

It’s unfair to the horse in this situation. He’s a fantastic horse. He put forth a lot of effort. His performance in that race was deserving of victory, and it breaks my heart because these horses are like my children, and for something to happen to him in that manner is terrible.”

Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Has Been Disqualified After Failing A Drug Test

The winner of the Kentucky Derby last spring, Medina Spirit, has been officially disqualified, and his trainer, Bob Baffert, has been suspended, according to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, which announced the decision on Monday. Lab tests revealed that a steroid was present in the horse’s bloodstream. Churchill Downs, the venue for the prestigious horse race, issued a statement on Monday congratulating the new official winner of the event. “Today, Churchill Downs officially acknowledges Mandaloun as the winner of the 147th Kentucky Derby, and we express our heartfelt congratulations to owner/breeder Juddmonte, trainer Brad Cox, and rider Florent Geroux for their accomplishments.

Medina Spirit died abruptly on December 6, despite Baffert’s denials of any wrongdoing on his part.

Furthermore, the findings were corroborated by a facility at the University of California in Davis, in addition to being evaluated by a Kentucky-based racing commission laboratory.

It was only a “trace quantity” of the chemical discovered by the drug test, according to him, and it would not have had an impact on the horse’s performance during the race.

According to Brewster, “the stewards’ decision to deny Medina Spirit a win he had won was not in conformity with the law, but instead constitutes prejudiced, intentional, and unjust behavior.” The stewards announced that Baffert will be punished for 90 days, with the suspension taking effect on March 8 and ending on June 5.

According to Churchill Downs Incorporated CEO Bill Carstanjen, “reckless actions and substance violations that put our equine and human athletes’ safety or the integrity of our sport at risk are not acceptable, and as a company we must take measures to indicate that they will not be accepted.” A series of testing failures by Mr Baffert endangers public faith in thoroughbred racing as well as the reputation of the Kentucky Derby, according to a statement.

However, despite the fact that the racecourse had placed fines on Baffert, only the state’s racing commission had the authority to officially disqualify Medina Spirit as the race’s champion.

Baffert was also fined $7,500, in addition to being suspended from the state of California.

According to the Associated Press, he filed a lawsuit against the racing commission in June, saying that the commission had violated due process in connection with a urine sample taken from the horse.

Medina Spirit disqualified as Derby winner; Baffert suspended, fined

Wave/Gray News/WKYT/WAVE/Gray News/WKYT According to a decision issued Monday by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, Medina Spirit’s Kentucky Derby victory has been ruled fraudulent and “all purse money has been forfeited.” As a result of the adverse drug test, the horse was disqualified, and Bob Baffert, the animal’s trainer, has been banned for 90 days and fined $7,500. If the verdict is sustained, Mandaloun will be recognized the official winner of the Kentucky Derby 147, giving trainer Brad Cox his first major race victory in his career.

The horse tested positive for betamethasone, an anti-inflammatory that is forbidden in Kentucky on race day, in a post-Derby drug test eight days later, according to the animal’s trainer.

After Medina Spirit’s doctor advised betamethasone for a skin rash, Baffert said the horse was given the medication as an ointment.

The administration of betamethasone as an injection is prohibited per KHRC regulations.

According to attorney Craig Robertson, “it is in direct conflict with the scientifically documented facts in this case as well as the rules of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.” “We will be submitting an appeal as soon as possible.” A exercise session ended in tragedy for Medina Spirit when he was killed on the main track at Santa Anita Park, in California, in December.

In addition to swelling lungs and froth in his windpipe, Medina Spirit was found to have an enlarged spleen, congestion, and hemorrhages in his tissues, all of which are characteristic of a horse who has died abruptly.

released a statement on Monday’s disqualification that did not mention Medina Spirit or Baffert, but instead praised Cox and Mandaloun’s owner, as well as the jockey who rode him in the Derby.

“Our congratulations go out to Mandaloun’s owner/breeder Juddmonte, trainer Brad Cox, and jockey Florent Geroux,” the statement reads.

Asked about the manner in which he was proclaimed the new Kentucky Derby champion, Cox responded, “Well, it’s absolutely not how you want to win a race period, let alone the Kentucky Derby.” To be honest with you, there’s a lot of legal stuff that I’m sure will come up, or a process that we’ll have to go through, so it’s a long way from being over for sure; we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out over the next few months or a few years; I have no idea how long this will take.” According to Animal Wellness Action, “We applaud the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission for taking action against American horse racing’s most infamous violator, Bob Baffert, and are pleased to see some justice brought to the tragic life and death of Medina Spirit.” Baffert continues to drag horse racing through the mud in scandal after scandal, and we call on every racing jurisdiction in the nation to hold him accountable by reciprocating the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s actions.” We are overjoyed that Baffert will not be participating in the forthcoming Kentucky Derby in 2022, and we feel the horses will be better off, and the event will have greater legitimacy, as a result of his absence.” Gray Media Group, Inc.

owns the copyright to the 2022 WAVE/WKYT broadcast. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Kentucky Derby Disqualification Voted NTRA Moment of the Year

It was decided that Maximum Security’s historic disqualification from the 145th Kentucky Derby Presented by Woodford Reserve will be the NTRA Moment of the Year for 2019. Maximum Security won the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs by 1 3/4 lengths, but was later disqualified — becoming the first Derby winner in history to be downgraded for a racing infraction — and finished 17th after being interfered with late in the second turn. Stewards determined that this move had the potential to negatively damage War of Will, Long Range Toddy, andBodexpress, resulting in Country House, the initial second-place finisher, being promoted to first after a 22-minute debate by stewards and the winner being declared.

Although Maximum Security was denied the famous victory, the son of New Year’s Day went on to achieve additional notable successes, culminating his season with three straight graded stakes victories, including two Grade 1 victories, to cap off a stellar campaign.

The NTRA Moment of the Year was selected from a pool of 14 events that demonstrated a variety of human emotions as well as excellent demonstrations of horse agility and performance.

The winning moment, which was represented on Twitter by the hashtag MaximumSecurityDQ, received 390 votes out of 1,072 total votes made on Twitter and online.

With 121 votes, the riderlessPreakness Stakesjaunt by Bodexpress,BodexpressRun, finished third in the race.

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