Where Is Rocking Horse Ranch? (Solution)

What is rocking horse ranch?

  • See Below. Rocking Horse Ranch is home to one of the largest saddle horse operations in North America, where each horse receives exceptional care and training. It is important to note that there are inherent risks associated with being around animals.

How many horses does Rocking Horse Ranch have?

There are 110 horses at Rocking Horse, and 30 wranglers manage the rides with a perfect blend of no nonsense and patience. The sunlit trails were nearly as beautiful as the animals themselves. The 600-acre ranch is 3½ hours from Boston, and has been family-owned since it opened in 1958.

Does Rocking Horse Ranch make snow?

Does Rocking Horse Ranch make Snow for their Ski Hill? Yes, Rocking Horse Ranch makes snow for their ski hill. You should call ahead before going to Rocking Horse Ranch to make sure the ski hills are open for skiing and snow tubing.

How long has rocking horse ranch been around?

Rocking Horse Ranch Resort opened Memorial Day Weekend 1958 by founders Nathan “Toolie” Turk and Gloria Turk. In 1962, they were joined by Toolie’s brother, Bucky. Although Toolie and Gloria were born in New York City, their love for horses developed at an early age.

Who owns the Rocking Horse Ranch?

Owner, Steve Turk, welcomes two new members to our Hayride Team.

How many acres is Rocking Horse Ranch?

Rocking Horse Ranch sits on 500 acres in the Hudson Valley – it’s an all-inclusive resort that offers fun activities for the…

How many rooms does Rocking Horse Ranch have?

Rocking Horse Ranch is situated on 600 rolling acres in the Hudson Valley. The hotel and grounds are charming, with a ranch theme that is not hokey or tacky. There are 113 guest rooms, which allows for an intimacy and authenticity that is maintained throughout your stay.

What does dude ranch mean?

Definition of dude ranch: a vacation resort offering activities (such as horseback riding) typical of western ranches.

Is a rocking horse a good toy?

Rocking horses withstand the test of time—and for good reason! These classic toys have been inspiring imaginations for generations. Besides being whimsically fun, they help tots improve gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Another bonus feature: the gentle rocking motion can be soothing and comforting to kids.

ROCKING HORSE RANCH RESORT – Updated 2022 Prices & Reviews (Highland, NY)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Rocking Horse Ranch Resort. Which notable tourist sites are located in close proximity to Rocking Horse Ranch Resort? The Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park (4.9 miles away), the Walkway State Historic Park (3.4 miles away), and the Locust Grove Estate are all nearby sights (4.7 miles). What are some of the features and services available on the Rocking Horse Ranch Resort property? An indoor pool, complimentary breakfast, and a restaurant on the premises are just a few of the more popular features available.

Air conditioning, a flat-screen television, and a refrigerator are among the many conveniences available in the rooms.

During their visit, guests may take use of complimentary breakfast, an on-site restaurant, and a lounge.

Yes, there is parking available.

  • What are some of the eateries in the area surrounding Rocking Horse Ranch Resort?
  • What chances are there for physical activity at Rocking Horse Ranch Resort?
  • Is there a shuttle service to and from the airport at Rocking Horse Ranch Resort?
  • We urge that you contact ahead to double-check the specifics.
  • During their stay, visitors will have access to meeting rooms as well as a banquet facility.
  • The staff members are fluent in a variety of languages, including English and Spanish.
  • No, there aren’t any.

Rocking Horse Ranch (Highland, NY): What to Know BEFORE You Bring Your Family

Rocky Horse Ranch is a small piece of the West in the heart of New York City’s metropolitan area, yet it’s just a 90-minute drive from the Big Apple. This all-inclusive resort, on the other hand, is not your usual ranch resort. However, while the focus of this family-friendly location is horses and horseback riding, there is such a diverse range of activities available (and virtually all of them are included in the ticket) that even the most hardened urbanite will have a great time here. Rocking Horse maintains a low visitor count by having just 113 bedrooms available.

Originally formed in 1958, the resort is a family-owned and operated business that has been handled by the Turk family since that time.

Our Editor Loves

  • Rocky Horse Ranch is a small piece of the West in the heart of New York City’s metropolitan area, yet it’s actually on the East Coast, just 90 minutes away. This all-inclusive resort, on the other hand, is not your usual ranch getaway. Though horses and horseback riding are the primary attractions at this family-friendly venue, the variety of activities offered (and practically all of them are included in the ticket) ensures that even the most jaded city dweller will have a good day. Rocking Horse maintains a modest visitor count by offering only 113 rooms. You’ll discover that even during the busiest times of the year (summer and winter), you won’t have to stand in long queues because of the vast array of activities on offer. Founded in 1958, the resort is a family-owned and operated business that has been handled by the Turk family since its inception. When Toolie and Gloria Turk purchased Friedman’s Shady Lawn Rest Hotel (which had been a popular gang hangout during Prohibition), they transformed the old hotel into a family-friendly resort and ranch, gradually adding new amenities over time such as indoor and outdoor pools, snow skiing, and water skiing, as well as horseback riding.

Family Interests

  • Prices are all-inclusive and include bicycle rentals, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, water parks, and water sports.

Family Amenities

  • The following amenities are available: baby sitting, children’s programs, connecting rooms, cribs, a Family Room 5+, a game room, a kids’ pool, kids’ theme meals, laundry, a meal plan, onsite dining, a pool, and a refrigerator.
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Find the Best Price for Your Stay

The Rocking Horse Ranch’s rooms are all decorated in a rustic style to match the surrounding landscape, with faux log furniture and bedding featuring horses. Accommodations are available at the Main Lodge or in the Oklahoma Building, which is directly adjacent to the Main Lodge. Rooms in the Main Lodge can easily accommodate groups of two to six people, with certain rooms in the Main Lodge having the option of connecting to other rooms to accommodate even bigger groups. All of the rooms are equipped with electric refrigerators, flat-screen televisions with cable, free Wi-Fi, and daily housekeeping.

  1. The rooms at the Main Lodge are a little bit larger than the ones in the Oklahoma Building, which is next door.
  2. There is also a second sink and vanity outside the bathroom, which makes getting ready in the morning a little easier if you are traveling with a large group of people.
  3. Because the first-floor hallways are very frequented, consider requesting a room on the second level, particularly if your children require an afternoon nap.
  4. All of the Oklahoma rooms open to the outside of the building, but because there are no additional facilities in the building, it is a significantly calmer environment.
  5. All-inclusive!
  6. This much beyond my expectations.
  7. Arrive at least 20 minutes early if you want to be on standby.

We went to the trampolines, corn hole, day and night tubing, fun barn ball pit, checkers, splash park, movie trivia, reptile display, wagon ride, petting zoo, target shooting, game room, and character lunch with a 711-year-old.

All of this was available in temperatures as high as 30 degrees, haha.

Don’t miss the opportunity to observe all 116 horses return to their stable for the night.

Please keep in mind that riders must be 48 inches tall or you will be able to send them to free childcare while you ride!

It’s becoming increasingly unusual to encounter a cash-only establishment these days.

It would be wonderful to have a screen divider.

Parents want to be as comfortable as possible when their children are playing.

Debra OMy family and I have come to the resort for the first time.

Just so you’re aware, you sign up for rides for the following day.

Although I am on the first floor of the main lodge, the thunder monkies in the chamber above us have sounded like they are practicing a new routine, which may be due to the lack of sound insulation in the room.

That is not the case here.

As the name implies, Rocking Horse Ranch was created with children in mind, and there is no shortage of activities to keep them entertained.

It includes even the “luxury” activities, such as waterskiing instruction and horseback riding, which are normally charged separately.

While the Fort Tiny Children’s Nursery is designed for children aged 5 and younger, the Wild Buckarroo Day Camp offers exciting activities for children ages 6 to 12.

The main drawback is that the children’s activities are only available during the day, so parents planning a night out will need to make other arrangements for their children.

Pony rides are available for children aged 7 and under, with a staff member leading one of the older horses around a tiny track.

You can choose from a basic beginner’s ride around the property’s woods, or you can be tested on your horse-handling abilities before attempting the more difficult routes.

The horse-drawn carriage rides and stable tours are a great way for individuals who enjoy horses but do not enjoy riding to participate in the activity.

An obstacle course built on floating crates can be found in the larger “big-kid pool,” which includes a gigantic water feature that pours massive buckets of water on you at regular intervals as well as a big water feature.

Even though the 250-foot “Gold Rush” water slide in the far corner of the complex is extremely rapid, the ride is still safe enough for smaller riders to attempt it.

Swimming Pool (Outdoor) The larger outdoor pool has a softer slide than the massive indoor pool, but it drops you into deeper water, so youngsters who aren’t strong swimmers shouldn’t check out the larger outdoor pool.

The Lake is a body of water.

These include Banana Boat excursions, water-skiing lessons, paddleboat and kayaking, and fishing with the Ranch’s provided line and equipment.

Winter also heralds the arrival of the Ranch’s Winter Fun Park, which offers skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing opportunities, with all training and most equipment provided (although snowboarders must supply their own equipment).

Additionally, the Magic Carpet Conveyer Lift, which takes skiers, snowboarders, and snow tubers to the top of “Big Hill,” is a unique experience, and the Ranch’s advanced snowmaking technology assures that as long as the weather is cold enough, there will be several feet of snow for sliding on.

  1. An indoor shooting range and archery gallery, as well as a miniature golf course, are among the attractions.
  2. Tennis, basketball, volleyball, softball, horseshoes, bocce ball, and shuffleboard are just a few of the outdoor games that may be played on the courts and settings available.
  3. Because of the large variety of activities available and the relatively small number of visitors, you’ll discover that even during peak season, nothing is overly crowded – and in some cases, you’ll have an activity all to yourselves.
  4. The Main Dining Room The main restaurant has a kitschy-western feel to it, as well as a large fireplace that appears to be welcoming even in the hot months.
  5. However, the Maitre D’ has a keen eye for tablemates, and we were seated next to a group of families with kids of a similar age to mine, who quickly became fast friends after only one meal together at the restaurant.
  6. Breakfast buffets include the normal selection of hot and cold foods as well as baked goods, and if you don’t like for what’s on the buffet, the staff is happy to prepare eggs to order.
  7. Lunches include a variety of sandwiches and salads, as well as BBQ and baked pastries or ice cream for desert.
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The menu changes nightly, but it always includes all-American comfort cuisine, such as pastas, burgers and hot dogs, barbeque, salads, and a variety of dishes to suit even the pickiest eaters.

My children rated the chocolate fondue station as the best part of the dessert buffet, but there are additional baked goods and ice cream options available on the dessert buffet.

Meals and soft drinks are included in the rates at Rocking Horse Ranch.

Snack bar and grill are available.

Alternatively, if you’re concerned, you may always have a piece of fruit or other nonperishable treat during breakfast to help tide you over.

However, in addition to the fundamental, everyday activities that will keep your family occupied, the Ranch’s employees will provide a new slate of entertainment on a daily basis.

And there are activities for children such as arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, a variety of contests ranging from limbo to pie eating, and a nighttime campfire replete with music and marshmallows to burn.

What I like best about Rocking Horse Ranch is the personnel – they are all always polite and charming people that go above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a good time.

The Art of Appropriate Timing At Rocking Horse, it’s difficult to find a really off-peak season – even when the weather is too cool to enjoy the outdoor pool but too warm for snowtubing and skiing, you’ll find plenty of activities to fill in the gaps, such as apple picking and eerie Halloween festivities in October.

  • For those who are ready and able to take their children out of school, there are options to save money while still enjoying the Ranch even more on your own time and terms.
  • You can also take advantage of the free shuttle service to and from the Poughkeepsie train station, which is served by both MetroNorth trains from New York City and Amtrak trains from the surrounding area.
  • Massages and facials are available in the spa, which is tucked away in a corner of the Main Lodge and provides the usual selection.
  • You could also visit the nearby Mohonk Mountain House, which boasts the country’s second-best spa, according to Conde Nast Traveler, for a more luxurious experience.
  • The world-renowned Culinary Institute of America is only 10 miles away, where you can dine at their student-staffed eatery and take enthusiast classes to hone your culinary skills.

Alternatively, consider visiting the nearby wineries: the Shawangunk Wine Trail is a part of the Hudson Valley’s 300-year legacy of winemaking and is a great way to spend a day.

Rocking Horse Ranch

DetailsAll-Inclusive The Hudson Valley is home to a four-season family resort. We’re more than simply a herd of horses. We’re the most entertaining guests your family has ever encountered! Rocking Horse is a family-friendly resort located on a 500-acre expanse in the middle of the gorgeous Hudson River Valley that offers four seasons of activities for people of all ages. Whether it’s our Winter Fun Park or our indoor waterpark, The Ranch is the ideal setting for your next big adventure with the family.

Finish the evening with our top-name family entertainment, which includes magicians, campfire sing-alongs, comedians, and jugglers, among other things.

Activities are only available to visitors staying for an extended period of time.

Places To Stay


Facility Info
  • There are three main rooms: the largest room3, the total square footage of ten thousand square feet, the reception hall’s capacity of 250, the banquet hall’s capacity of 250, and the number of rooms four.

TripAdvisor is a website that provides information on travel destinations.

Contact Rocking Horse Ranch in Round Rock, TX

  • Our address is 1801 E Palm Valley Blvd Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Our phone number is 512-859-7915
  • And we may be contacted by email at [email protected]

Obtain Driving Directions Hours of Operation

  • The working week is Monday through Friday. Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday
  • 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday Closed

Get in Touch!

First and last names* Email address* Phone number* Message* Thank you very much! We’ve received your message! Thank you for getting in touch. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Come Home to Rocking Horse Ranch

Obtain a TourLease Agreement Immediately Follow Uson on Instagram (@rockinghorseranchapts) for more information. ” href=” aria-label=”Instagram Image 2″>rsaquo; ” href=” aria-label=”Instagram Image 2″>rsaquo;

Rocking Horse Ranch Resort

Test If all of the inside activities at Rocking Horse Ranch Resort aren’t enough to entice you, take a walk outside and dip your toes into the sand instead! The private property lake is joined with a tranquil beach location for guests to enjoy. Relax in the sun at your leisure, or challenge your friends to a fun game of beach volleyball on their regulation-sized court! test Don’t forget to bring some imagination and excitement to your next business meeting or event at Rocking Horse Ranch! Their Western flair, range of engaging onsite activities, and Award-Winning facilities all work together to make your company’s event the most memorable one you’ve ever hosted!

  • Contact us now to learn more!
  • In the heart of the Hudson Valley, you can bring generations of families together for a memorable reunion that will be remembered forever.
  • Come and experience a fantastic setting that is jam-packed with exciting activities that will bring your family even closer together than they were before.
  • Take a deep breath and relax in your private AAA 3 Diamond accommodation, which is only a short walk away from all of the fun that the resort has to offer.
  • test The Rocking Horse Ranch Resort, nestled in the breathtaking Shawangunk Mountains, is a year-round destination that puts the grandeur of the mountains front and center.
  • Alternatively, you may remain on site and see the exotic animal display.
  • The resort has a private onsite lake where you may enjoy a variety of water activities that are included in your package.
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Waterskiing lessons are even available at the resort!

Originally, this ranch was a rural outpost that was primarily concerned with horses.

test The Rocking Horse Ranch is the perfect spot to unwind after the thrill of your wedding day.

Stay in one of their exquisite rooms and spend as much time as you like with your loved one on the premises.

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be sure to have an incredible getaway with your new husband or wife!

All year long, visitors may enjoy trail riding and horse-drawn wagon trips.

TestingRelax in the Rocking Horse Spa after a quiet afternoon of golfing.

Choose from an amazing array of well-appointed condo-like accommodations—including suites—that can accommodate groups of up to six individuals.

When you stay at Rocking Horse Ranch Resort, you won’t be “roughing it,” thanks to conveniences such as queen-size beds, Plush Top mattresses, full-sized bathrooms, free WiFi, and televisions.

Rocking Horse Ranch – Highland, NY

  • Q:Does this sound like a decent spot for a romantic couple’s getaway? a:I would say no. It’s a great place for children and horse lovers, but it doesn’t strike me as very “romantic.” Martin H. is an American businessman and philanthropist. 2 months ago, 2 people found this article to be useful. Q:Are there any activities I may participate in with my 19-month-old? Is it safe for me to take my 19-month-old horseback riding? Is it possible to participate in activities with a baby this small? A:I’m not sure if you’ll be able to take your infant horseback riding, to be honest. I would either give them a call or look at their website. It’s a lot of fun to hang around here

Frequently Asked Questions about Rocking Horse Ranch

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, this is a great spot to go. The answer would be no. It’s a wonderful place for kids and horse enthusiasts, but it doesn’t strike me as very romantic. Martin H. is a lawyer who practices in the state of New York. This was helpful to 2 people 2 months ago. if I bring my 19-month-old, are there activities for him? Is it safe to take my 19-month-old horseback riding? Can a baby of this size participate in activities? My answer is that I’m not sure if you’ll be able to take your infant horseback riding at this point.

Having a good time here is a must!

Take a winter adventure at Rocking Horse Ranch Resort in Highland

Are you cooped up inside due to the snow and cold? Get out and enjoy a winter adventure at Rocking Horse Ranch Resort in Highland, where you’ll be sure to have SNOW-mazing fun! Steven Turk, the proprietor of Rocking Horse Ranch Facility, explains that the resort was founded in 1958 and has always been a family vacation destination. Just make sure you make a reservation because they’re only operating at half capacity right now. After that, you may practice your skiing talents on their little mountain.

  • Alternatively, you may put on your skates and glide around a wintry paradise on wheels.
  • All you have to do is grab a tube and ride down the mountain.
  • “Horseback riding is available all year round.
  • You may also take a sleigh ride with Bill and John, two four-legged tour guides who will take you around the countryside.
  • Do not let the excitement end there; instead, stay the night so you may repeat the experience the following day on our Road Trip: Close to Home.

Rocking Horse Ranch

With an indoor water park and unlimited horseback riding, this award-winning, RV-friendly family resort in Highland, New York is a great place to spend the day. Specializes in group events, horseback riding, and even has an indoor swimming park that is open all year long! Having spent 10 years cultivating a regular family customer and introducing additional amenities to the Ranch, business was thriving by the year 1968. Rocking Horse was quickly becoming a household brand in the world of family vacations.

The name “Rocking Horse” was picked since it immediately conjured up images of happy children having a good time.

Water skiing, snow skiing, a nightclub, and a variety of other facilities and activities were available at the ranch, which was the first and only ranch in the country to offer these amenities.

Every year, changes were done in order to provide a better experience for the visitors.

HITO’S TRAGIC STORY On the eve of New Year’s weekend, on January 2, 1971, around 11 p.m., disaster struck.

Despite the four feet of snow on the ground, every guest was able to leave the hotel in one piece.

The next morning, all that remained were the chimneys and stone walls that had been painstakingly constructed throughout the previous night.

Within two weeks, they had chosen to start over from the beginning.

Most importantly, it was still the type of life they wished to have at that point.

This time, the new Rocking Horse Ranch would be built from the ground up, rather than simply being a makeover of someone else’s concept.

A structural engineer was appointed, and construction began in March of 1971.

Their thoughts were confirmed when the Ranch opened its doors to a full house of visitors in June of the same year, a testament to their success.

They were joined by Steve Turk, Toolie and Gloria’s son, in 1981 to carry on the family legacy.

Under his direction, the Ranch has expanded to include three elevators, a 250-foot water slide, a themed indoor pool, state-of-the-art snowmaking equipment, a 25-foot climbing wall, and has been awarded a three-diamond rating by AAA for excellence.

The Turk family would like to thank all of our visitors for their support over the years and looks forward to continuing to be your hosts for many years to come.

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