Where Is Horse Shoe Bend? (Perfect answer)

HORSESHOE BEND is a horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River, located in the town of Page, Arizona, United States.

How do you visit Horseshoe Bend?

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How far is Horseshoe Bend from Grand Canyon?

This bend in the Colorado River is getting plenty of attention from those looking for the Grand Canyon. It is located approximately 140 miles from both the South Rim and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon – but only 5 miles from the beginning of Grand Canyon National Park.

How do you get to Horseshoe Bend?

To get to Horseshoe Bend from Flagstaff, take Highway 89 north approximately 125 miles. Watch for the parking lot on the west side of the road at mile marker 544, just before entering the town of Page. If the lot is full, staff will ask you to return later.

Is Horseshoe Bend near Sedona?

The fastest route from Sedona to Page is by car. A non stop drive will take approximately 3 hours and is a distance of 163 miles. Horseshoe Bend is located just outside of Page, Arizona. In order to make it to Horseshoe bend for Sunrise, I was on the road by 3 AM to begin my journey.

Is Horseshoe Bend open now?

Horseshoe Bend NMP is open every day except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day. The park boat ramp is open from dawn to dusk daily. For park emergency closure information select Option 4 after calling 256-234-7111.

Is Horseshoe Bend worth visiting?

Once a quiet cliff-side lookout that offered expansive views of this dramatic bend in the Colorado river from over a thousand meters above, today Horseshoe Bend is far from quiet, but it’s just as beautiful as it was before tourism discovered it, and it’s easily one of the best places to visit in Arizona.

What city is Horseshoe Bend near?

Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped landmark formed by the Colorado River, just downstream from Glen Canyon and about 9 miles from Lake Powell. The closest town to the beautiful rock formation is Page, Arizona, with the closest airport being the Las Vegas airport.

Is Horseshoe Bend Az open during Covid?

Horseshoe Bend is open, but there are closures at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Is Horseshoe Bend Az open?

Horseshoe Bend is open year-round from sunrise to sunset. Our busiest times of the day are between 9:00am to 11:00am in the morning and 4:30pm to 6:30pm in the evening. If you enjoy fewer crowds, try scheduling your hike around these busy times. There is no overnight parking or camping allowed.

Can you see Horseshoe Bend without hiking?

Short Answer: Yes! It is possible to visit Horseshoe Bend without a tour or guide. Many visitors to Horseshoe Bend make a point to see the neighboring Antelope Canyon, which requires you to book a tour through a certified Navajo tour company.

Is Horseshoe Bend better sunrise or sunset?

“ Horseshoe Bend is better in the morning. Some facts to keep in mind: the Horseshoe Bend Overlook faces due West. Therefore, during the pre-sunrise and post-sunset hours, the view of the Colorado River below – and the reason most people visit this world-famous attraction – does indeed tend to be in shadow.

Is Horseshoe Bend part of Antelope Canyon?

Horseshoe Bend is less than 5 miles from Antelope Canyon, and is a must do if you are in the area. Horseshoe Bend is a meander in the Colorado River that forms a horseshoe shape. Just 7 miles upstream from the beginning of the Grand Canyon, it is a great way to see river.

How far is Antelope from Grand Canyon?

How far is it from Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon? It is about a 2.5-hour drive from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon.

What type of rock is Horseshoe Bend?

This exposed the Navajo Sandstone, the surface rock found throughout the Horseshoe Bend area, which also forms the entire depth of the canyon walls of the Grand Canyon at Horseshoe Bend. This sandstone is notable for its crossbedding and iron concretions.

Who owns Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend is located within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is managed by the National Park Service. The parking lot is located in and managed by the City of Page.

Can you kayak in Horseshoe Bend?

Want another epic adventure? Paddle the Colorado River around Horseshoe Bend! Paddle through majestic Glen Canyon and around Horseshoe Bend on a kayak, packraft or paddleboard at your own pace, or if you prefer, take a kayaking tour of Horseshoe Bend!

Horseshoe Bend – Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service)

Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River (National Park Service / Brent) Dawn Davis is an American actress and singer who is best known for her role in the film The Help. Horseshoe Bend has become one of the most well-known and frequented destinations in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, thanks to its popularity on social media. Located along US Highway 89, roughly 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, the parking lot and trailhead are easily accessible. Expansion of parking and trail maintenance are among the changes taking place in this popular and picturesque destination.

Much of the rim is still exposed, so be cautious of your footing and keep an eye out for youngsters.


Walking to the viewpoint is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) round trip on a well-maintained trail that is well-marked. The route is accessible to people with disabilities under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Despite the fact that there are two shade structures along the trail’s length, there are none at the viewpoint. There are rails around the edge of the viewing platform at the overlook, but there are none down the route. Remember to bring lots of water, strong hiking shoes, sunscreen, and other basic hiking necessities with you on your trek, just like you would on any other.

Hiking should be avoided during the warmest portion of the day.

Where Am I?

Navajo Nation officials have designated Horseshoe Bend as a landmark for the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area as well as Grand Canyon National Park as well as the cities of Page, AZ, Kanab, UT, and St. George, UT and the Navajo Nation. In certain areas, the boundary lines are quite close together. It is part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, as is Horseshoe Bend and the section of Colorado River that it is located on. The entrance to Grand Canyon National Park is approximately nine miles downstream.

A portion of the Navajo Nation’s territory is south of the parking lot, as well as the trailhead and viewpoint.

An Entrenched Meander

The Colorado River flows in a sweeping arc below the rim, over a sandstone cliff, and into the Grand Canyon. It wandered for miles and miles on its lengthy descent to the sea, occasionally making huge curves but always seeking the route of least resistance. It was around 5 million years ago when the Colorado Plateau was raised, trapping the meandering rivers that had formerly traversed the ancient terrain in their banks.

Over time, the rivers broke through the raised layers of sandstone, exposing the underlying shale. The Colorado River carved a 270-degree horseshoe-shaped bend in Glen Canyon, approximately 1,000 feet (305 meters) deep and 1,000 feet (305 meters) wide.

Parking Fees

Although Horseshoe Bend is located within a park, the parking lot is located on city property. Visitors at the Horseshoe Bend trailhead are required to pay for parking, according to the City of Page. Passes from the National Park Service are not valid for the parking lot. If you have any problems concerning parking at Horseshoe Bend, you may contact the City of Page through their website, which can be found here. PLEASE BE ADVISED: On holidays and busy weekends, the City of Page may compel all guests to take a shuttle service to go to their destination if the parking lot becomes too crowded to accommodate them.


Even though it may not be the end of the world, some people believe that you can see it from here! Horseshoe To find out where Horseshoe Bend is, please visit this page. (Even Google makes mistakes from time to time.) We are based in the state of Arizona. not While the climb itself is quite short, Horseshoe Bend might provide difficulties for those who are not properly prepared. Heatstroke or hyperthermia might occur at any time of year, depending on the weather. Check out this page to check whether you have what you need.

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  • You’re going to have the best time of your life.
  • You’ve heard of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, but what else is there to see?
  • More information on the Grand Circle’s magnificent splendor may be found by clicking here.
  • Only seven miles separate you from Horseshoe Bend!
  • Explore the reasons why the Antelope Slot Canyons have become the most photographed canyons in the planet!

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is available for reservation. Antelope Canyon is a canyon in the United States of America. Horseshoe Bend is only seven miles away. You wouldn’t travel all the way to visit only one of the Natural Wonders, would you? « Continue reading this post » The substantially enlarged visitor parking space at the Horseshoe Bend Overlook, located south of Page, Arizona, will be accessible to the general public beginning on Saturday, April 13th. A popular site for boating, fishing, and sightseeing, Lake Powell is the second biggest man-made lake in the United States and the second largest in the Western Hemisphere.

It has never been, and it will never be, possible to combine three numbers into one in mathematics. In the realm of Grand Canyon excursions, three people may fit perfectly into one, and the results are spectacular.

A Guide to Visiting Horseshoe Bend ‘the Right Way’

Horseshoe Bend receives more than 2 million tourists every year and is one of the most photographed locations in northern Arizona, according to the Arizona Tourism Department. Here, we’ll guide you through the essentials of how to get to this breathtaking location, as well as some pointers on how to interact more meaningfully with the environment. Horseshoe Bend, which was formed when the Colorado River looped around an impenetrable sandstone cliff, is one of the most well-known features in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s landscape.

Getting to Horseshoe Bend

Begin at Flagstaff, Arizona’s third-largest city, which is located about two hours north of the capital city of Phoenix. Traveling north on Highway 89 for roughly 125 miles will get you to Horseshoe Bend from Flagstaff. At mile marker 544, which is just before you approach the town of Page, keep an eye out for the parking lot, which is located on the west side of the road. If the parking lot is already full, you will be asked to return later. This means you are not permitted to park or drop off someone on the side of the road.

The basics

When is the best time to travel? Horseshoe Bend is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year; however, the best times to come are from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. to see the sunset. Going around sunrise or on weekdays will help you avoid the throng. Even though you’ll see less people in the early afternoon, the temperature will be at its highest at this time. Additionally, as a result of the strength of the sun’s rays, the canyon walls will not be as brilliant as they are earlier and later in the day.

Bring one liter of water per person every two hours.

What you should wear is:

  • Shoes with a closed toe (no sandals! )
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat with a wide brim
  • Sunscreen is recommended because there is minimal shade on the path or near the rim.

What it will set you back Although the National Park Service does not charge an entry fee at Horseshoe Bend, the parking lot is on land owned by Page, thus there is a cost for parking there. Parking in the lot costs $10 per car or RV, and $5 each motorbike, according to the city. Passes to national parks do not entitle you to a reduction on admission fees. It goes without saying that you’ll need a camera, preferably one with a wide-angle lens, with you. A wide-angle setting or panoramic mode may be used to capture the view on most cell phones.

Drones are not permitted on the property.

Hiking will almost certainly make you sweat, but standing on the rim will almost certainly make you chilly, especially if the wind is blowing.

The trip itself

A new route that complies with the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) is being built. From the north end of the parking lot to the walled overlook, which was constructed in 2018, it is 6 kilometers. Extend your journey to either side of the overlook for a barrier-free glimpse of the blue-green seas underneath you. There, you may take in the spectacular view, set up a tripod to photograph the sunset, or simply pose for a picture with your travel mates and their luggage. Just be careful not to get too near to the brink!

  • Visit Horseshoe Bend for around an hour and a half, and then take advantage of the remaining time in the day to explore Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.
  • (Please go to the website for details on operating hours and contact information.) Alternatively, you may visit the recreation area itself to learn more about the region.
  • Renting a houseboat, a powerboat, or a kayak from the Wahweap Marina is an option; but, if you want to stay on dry land, there are several hiking paths surrounding Lake Powell.
  • Guided excursions allow you to see the sights from the comfort of a boat or helicopter, with the assistance of professional guides.

It is only possible to see this slot canyon, which is a spectacular landscape built by millions of years of erosion, with the assistance of a tour guide. Make a reservation in Page to assure that you will be able to visit.

Where to stay

As a result, most people opt to stay several days in Page since there is so much to see and do in the vicinity (Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Lees Ferry, and other attractions). You may choose from more than 300 different lodging options in the region; here are just a couple of suggestions to get you started. Lake Powell Resort: Located inside the recreation area, this Aramark-managed resort is a short walk from Wahweap Marina and is a popular destination for those who want to go on the lake.

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The Hyatt Place Page/Lake Powell is one of the area’s newer facilities, and guests praise it for its spectacular views of the lake, as well as for its wonderfully clean rooms and delicious breakfast, among other things.

Leave No Trace

Horseshoe Bend is a remarkable site with spectacular natural beauty and natural habitats for local fauna that should be preserved for future generations. Follow theLeave No Trace principles to the greatest extent possible so that future visitors can continue to take pleasure in your work.

Horseshoe Bend (Arizona) – Wikipedia

As seen from the viewing point, Horseshoe Bend is an impressive sight (2016) Horseshoe Bendis a horseshoe-shapedincised meander of the Colorado River in the town of Page, Arizona, United States, located near the town of Page. The “east rim of the Grand Canyon” is another term for this section of the canyon. Horseshoe Bend is located approximately 4 miles (6 kilometers) southwest of Page, 5 miles (8 kilometers) downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell inside the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Route 89 in the southwestern part of Page.

Horseshoe Bend is most popular shortly before sunset, when big groups of visitors make the half-mile journey down to the overlooking cliffs and back up again.

The viewpoint is located at 4,200 feet (1,300 meters) above sea level, while the Colorado River is located at 3,200 feet (1,000 meters) above sea level, creating a drop of 1,000 feet (300 meters).


Horseshoe Bend is a fantastic example of an entrenched meander in all its glory. When the Colorado River was a meandering river with a floodplain that was virtually flat six million years ago, the area surrounding Horseshoe Bend was significantly closer to sea level. The land began to be raised somewhere between six and five million years ago. The Colorado Water was confined in its bed as a result, and the river cut swiftly downhill, resulting in the formation of Horseshoe Bend as we know it today.

  1. Uplift, according to one theory, was caused by delamination, in which the lowest layer of the North Americantectonic plate under the Colorado Plateau separated and sunk into the underlying mantle.
  2. Another option is that the uplift was caused by heating at the crust’s base, which would explain why it occurred.
  3. This would have generated the buoyant forces necessary to pull the area out of its abyss.
  4. This exposed the Navajo Sandstone, which is the surface rock found throughout the Horseshoe Bend area and also forms the whole depth of the canyon walls of the Grand Canyon at Horseshoe Bend.
  5. This sandstone is renowned for its crossbedding and iron concretions, among other characteristics.
  6. It is a meander with an incised cutoff (that has been abandoned).

Afterwards, the river will depart Horseshoe Bend, leaving a cutoff meander that resembles The Rincon, which is located further north along the Colorado River in Utah.


For a long time, Horseshoe Bend was mostly popular with local people, but the number of visitors to the area has skyrocketed as a result of increasing visibility on social media. Today, the overlook is a popular tourist site, attracting more than 2 million tourists every year to the area. The overlook is now a charge-based location, with a $10 per car fee (as of 2021) to enter.


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Geodetic coordinates: 36°52′46′′N111°30′50′′W / 36.87944 degrees North, 111.51389 degrees West

Horseshoe Bend Arizona

The Grand Canyon is seen from this bend in the Colorado River, which attracts a lot of interest from people seeking for it. Grand Canyon National Park is around 140 miles away from both the South Rim and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon – yet it is just 5 miles away from the beginning of the park’s main entrance. By driving the 18 miles up to Page, Arizona, on Highway 89/89A, you may get a glimpse of Horseshoe Bend while traveling from Rim to Rim on the Grand Canyon Highway.

One of the Southwest’s “small wonders” near the beginning of Grand Canyon National Park

To get to the edge of the cliff overlooking Horseshoe Bend, you’ll need to walk about 3/4 mile. As you stand on the rim of the canyon at Horseshoe Bend, you can view the river and snap some great shots of the canyon. This location has become particularly memorable, and many visitors seek it out whenever they are in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon. Many people are unaware that the Grand Canyon is bordered by other lesser canyons, and Horseshoe Bend is sometimes mistakenly assumed to be located within the Grand Canyon.

  • Increasingly, people are include it in their Grand Canyon experience since they may have their photo taken and it seems like you are “IN” the Grand Canyon.giving the impression that you are in the Grand Canyon near the Colorado River.
  • While flying into Page, Arizona, you can be picked up from your hotel and taken on an air tour over Lake Mead, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and Marble Canyon before landing.
  • There are more and more air excursions that take you over this stunning bend in the river, which is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Grand Canyon Adventures is now offering Horseshoe Bend tours from Flagstaff, which is conveniently located off of I-40.

Horseshoe Bend (Page) – 2022 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

United States of America Hugh NMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States There have been 21 contributions. February of the next year, 2022 Another attraction in northern Arizona is the Grand Canyon. It was well worth the very short trip to the observation location to see this sight. Despite the 50 mph wind gusts on the day we visited, we had a great day. Written on February 23, 2022This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor Inc.

  1. After visiting Antelope Canyon, we continued on to Horseshoe Bend.
  2. When we visited, the weather was beautiful and the scenery was spectacular.
  3. Written on February 22, 2022This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor, LLC.
  4. February of the next year, 2022 Horsehoe Bend is accessible through a short 20-minute trek from the trailhead.
  5. When you’re in the Page area, it’s definitely worth stopping by.
  6. February of the next year, 2022 Parking is $10 per car, and the walk is just 1/2 mile each way But the climb on the way back is challenging.
  7. I believe it will be more striking towards high noon – when the sun is directly overhead.

Written on February 22, 2022This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor, LLC.

Written on February 22, 2022This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor, LLC.

A 10-minute drive brought me into the town of Page, where I met up with the Antelope Canyon tour group.

Written on February 20, 2022This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor, LLC.

It’s just a bizarrely curved bend in the river that’s unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before.

Contributions from Kirk KAndover, KS10 Couples in February 2022 A straightforward half-mike stroll.

The only problem was that there were a lot of nats flying around everywhere.

A lot of money might be taken in by spraying for these things.

Jan 2022It’s a short walk from the parking lot, which is convenient.

Despite the fact that it was January, it was a little packed.

Even if there isn’t much else to do when you’ve finished taking photographs, the trip is worthwhile.

Couples in February 2022 Simple parking for $10, a short stroll to the area, and I came away with some incredible photographs.

It is recommended that you arrive before the exact sunset hour. Written on February 15, 2022This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor Inc. Results 1 – 10 of 9,475 total results

9 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

COVID-19 emergency notification: At this time, A Taste of Koko does not recommend any travel plans. For individuals who are planning future vacations, this page is intended to be a useful resource for them. Contribute to the Navajo Nation by making a donation. The COVID-19 Fund was established to assist the Navajo Nation in responding to the COVID-19 epidemic. Last summer, I went on a girls’ vacation to Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, and was completely swept away by the natural beauty of the desert!

Finally we went up to Monument Valley and then returned to Flagstaff to finish our journey.

Nature enthusiasts and explorers go to this location on a yearly basis to explore, photograph, and learn more about this region of the United States.

Here are the top nine things you should know about Horseshoe Bend, Arizona before you travel there!

Where is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona?

Mile Marker 545 on Highway 89 in Page, Arizona 86040 Horseshoe bend was constructed roughly 200 million years ago when a massive mass of sand dunes blanketed the country from Arizona to Wyoming, forming a horseshoe shape. Geoscientists term to these locations as “ergs,” and over time, the sand dunes got petrified and formed into stone. As a result of water and mineral building, a solid, homogeneous layer of sandstone formed, some of which was more than 2,000 feet thick in certain places. The reddish Navajo Sandstone developed as bedrock, then layers of silt accumulated on top of the bedrock throughout time.

  1. As the bulk was exposed to the elements (wind and rain), pieces of it began to deteriorate.
  2. Horseshoe Bend is a geological formation that was developed around 5 million years ago near the Colorado River in the United States.
  3. The Colorado River began to cut through infinite layers of rock when it reached Horseshoe Bend, resulting in the formation of this natural sculptural environment.
  4. Today, the river has a 270-degree bend, which is the result of the river’s bending.
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How to get to Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend is located southwest of Page, Arizona, just off Highway 89, and is a popular tourist destination. Flights into either Phoenix or Las Vegas, which are around a four- to five-hour drive from each place, are the most convenient ways to travel to Page. From Austin, we flew to Phoenix, where we then drove the four hours up to Page, stopping briefly in Sedona along the way. Road 98/89T will be reached by taking U.S. route 89 south and turning left (east) onto route 98/89T. Parking will be on your left in less than a half mile, on your left side of the road.

Remember that mobile coverage might be weak in some areas, so prepare ahead of time by utilizing a map or plotting everything on your GPS to prevent becoming separated from your group.

The exit will be located between mileposts 544 and 545 on the highway.

You should be able to see signage pointing you to the parking lot once you have exited. The Horseshoe Bend trek is roughly 1.3 miles round trip in length, starting at the parking lot and ending at the trail’s conclusion (about 0.6 miles each way).

Horseshoe Bend entrance fee

There is a cost to enter the Horseshoe Bend trailhead parking lot, which is located near the trailhead parking lot. Prices are set by the city of Page, Arizona, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Motorcyclists pay $5, while all other passenger cars pay $10, and you may make your payment at the tourist center. The cost of entrance for commercial vehicles with a capacity of 14 persons or less is $10 per van per day. Unfortunately, National Park Service permits are not valid for use in the parking lot at this location.

Full-size buses that can accommodate 35 or more passengers cost $140.

The trip from the parking lot to the overlook is just around 15 minutes long.

Best time of year to visit

There isn’t really an optimum season to visit Horseshoe Bend unless you like milder temperatures in which case fall and early spring are the best times to go. Summer is unquestionably the best time to visit, but keep in mind that this is the busiest time of year for tourists. If you are wondering when time of day is best for you to visit, it actually depends on your own schedule. If you come at the dawn or sunset, you will be rewarded with some very breathtaking images to remember your trip by.

You may find that not only will the sun be at its most intense, but that your photographs will seem washed out, and that you will be unable to catch all of its vibrant colors.

Snowy conditions can occur at any time, and you may find yourself stranded or unable to reach the viewpoint.

Best time to shoot photos

The Horseshoe Bend Overlook is oriented due west, which means that the best views of the Colorado River are obtained during the hours before sunrise and after sunset. Depending on the season, you may, on the other hand, be trapped with vistas that are obscured by shadows. Seeing this natural wonder in its full splendor during the day will allow you to appreciate its full scope, but the light may be too much for your camera to catch every detail. Many travelers stop at the well-known viewpoint on their route to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, which is a popular destination.

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Horseshoe Bend Tours

On a whim, we decided to take theHorseshoe Bend Overlook Trip at sunset from Horseshoe Bend Tours.com– the tour is now listed on the internet for $59, but we paid $98 per person during the summer. This trip is ideal if you want to take photographs without having to deal with large groups of people. To be completely transparent, we paid for this trip and the firm is unaware that they are being featured in this piece.

Our tour guide drove us in a vehicle along a secluded dirt road that led us to within 100 meters of the canyon’s brink. The thought of standing on the edge of a high cliff with a 1000-foot plunge was extremely terrifying.

Where to Stay Near Horseshoe Bend

There are numerous places to stay in the Page area, as well as in the surrounding areas of Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon. The location of your accommodation is largely determined by who is accompanying you and your financial situation. It may also be determined by what you intend to do for the remainder of your trip on the island. In the surrounding areas of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, you’ll find a variety of accommodations ranging from family-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts. It is recommended that you book your hotel accommodations well in advance if you are planning a long trip, as many locations can become fully booked, particularly during the summer months.

This luxurious, modern hotel is located just seven short miles from Lake Powell and offers a wide range of high-end amenities as well as a stunning view from many of its balcony suites, which are available for a fee.

Camping near Horseshoe Bend

If you wish to go camping, there are a handful of options for you:

  • Located in Waheap, this campground has 112 dry camping sites and 90 campsites with hookups. Campsites start at $30 a night and include amenities like as showers, WiFi, and laundromats. There are no restrictions on making reservations. Page Lake Powell – RV park with contemporary facilities and a nightly rate of around $45. A total of 54 camping spots are available at Lee’s Ferry, with all of them being first-come, first-served. A $20 fee is charged, and there are flush toilets and an RV dump station available
  • However, there are no showers and no previous bookings are permitted.

What to pack?

A one-mile walk from the parking lot is required, however in the heat, it becomes a very lengthy one-mile walk, so be sure to dress in tennis shoes, bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and plenty of water with you.

Other things to do around Horseshoe Bend

  • Upper Antelope Canyon– Located just a few miles from Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon’s awe-inspiring hues, slot canyons, and whirling landscapes are a picture opportunity you won’t want to miss. Upper Antelope Canyon is a must-see destination for photographers. Guided excursions and boat cruises are available to take you through both the higher and lower Antelope Canyons. A sight to see is the Glen Canyon Structure, which is located within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River. Lake Powell is a great place to spend the day boating, fishing, or just sitting by the beach. The John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum is a great place to learn about the area’s history. Grand Canyon National Park– Grand Canyon National Park is also located near to Horseshoe Bend and is worth a visit. I wish we had been able to extend our visit by a couple of days so that we could have spent more time exploring the Grand Canyon. The Rainbow Bridge, the North Rim, and a helicopter trip are all options. Road Trip To Utah National Parks – You may take a day vacation to Zion National Park as part of your seven-day road trip.

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Horseshoe Bend Overlook Trail: hike, directions, map, fee, best time to visit

Warning: As a result of COVID 19, some of the information in this article (for example, operation hours) may not be current. There isn’t any question in my mind. In the area surrounding Page, there are so many natural beauties to view that it would take more than a week to see them all. If you’re planning a road trip across Arizona, make a beautiful red circle around the town of Page on the map. A few of the most fascinating slot canyons in Arizona, such as Antelope Canyon and Water Holes Canyon, can be found here, as well as the mesmerizingLake Powell with its many bends, the Lone Rock and Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Marble Canyon (which is the beginning of the Grand Canyon), and a thousand other wonders in Glen Canyon.

I’m referring to Horseshoe Bend, which is unquestionably one of the most stunning vistas in Arizona, and which has swiftly gained in popularity to the point where it is now considered one of the top things to do in Page and throughout the Southwest.

Where is Horseshoe Bend? Directions from Page

Horseshoe Bend’s parking area is located approximately 4 miles south of Page, on the road to Bitter Springs and Horseshoe Bend. You must take a right off of Highway 89 and then follow the signage to the destination.

From Monument Valley to Horseshoe Bend

You must take AZ-98 W at Shonto and drive up to Page, going via Antelope Canyon, if you are driving to Page after visitingMonument Valley. You will arrive at the Horseshoe Bend parking lot after turning left at the crossroads with Highway 89 and driving for 2 miles on the left.

From Grand Canyon to Horseshoe Bend

If you come in Page from the south (for example, after seeing the Grand Canyon), Horseshoe Bend will be easily visible on your left as you enter the city.

As you travel along Highway 89, you will notice signs directing you to Horseshoe Bend (Overlook Trail). Take the exit marked, and you will see the parking lot on your right immediately.

From Las Vegas to Horseshoe Bend

You’ll already be on Highway 89 if your prior stop was further west (for example, Las Vegas or just Kanab). You should continue south about 5 miles after passing the Glen Canyon Dam, remaining on the main road and avoiding entering Page.

Horseshoe Bend Hike: Plan Your Visit

Following your car’s parking spot and reading the signage, you’ll realize that getting to Horseshoe Bend will have required some effort on your part.

Horseshoe Bend Trail

To get to this spectacular natural wonder, you may follow a 1.5-mile round trip route that starts at the parking lot and leads to the cliff’s edge. In summer, the trek is short, but the heat is oppressive and the uphill climbs can be challenging, therefore it is recommended that you carry plenty of water. Upon reaching the top of the 984-foot moderate incline, you will come to a little rest area with a shaded gazebo, where you may take a break and read the panels that explain the geological history of the Horseshoe Bend while also giving you a quick summary of what you will see along the way.

It will be difficult to make the return trip since it will be steep and in the sun, which is why you should consider hiking during a time of day when temperatures are lower.

Horseshoe Bend Overlook: What Can You See?

Upon arriving at Colorado Springs, you will see a river bend that looks exactly like a horseshoe and has been shaped by the Colorado River. The overlook provides a bird’s-eye perspective of Horseshoe Bend, and you will be amazed by the grandeur of the scenery and, most of all, by the astonishing height of the vantage point. As a result of many people leaning a little too near to the edge to take the ideal selfie, frequently disregarding the norms of common sense, and in some cases, it turned tragic, rails were built around the middle section of the cliff in 2018.

This is the finest location to see and snap a picture of yourself with the “classic vista” of Horseshoe Bend.

Take note that the overlook’s central area is only partially covered by a barrier, with no protection available for the rest of the ridge.

Horseshoe Bend: Best Time to Photograph

Late morning to early afternoon is the greatest time to shoot Horseshoe Bend since the sun is high in the sky and lights both the river and the rock during this time of day. However, it is quite hot at that time of year, not only in the summer. To avoid the heat, go early in the morning or before 9 o’clock.

You can also go in the evening at sunset when the sun is behind Horseshoe Bend, which means that the sun will be in your eyes and will “burn” the photos a little bit, but already a few minutes after sunset you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the canyon.

Horseshoe Bend Map

Horseshoe Bend had been largely unspoiled until a few years ago. No entrance or parking fees were charged for this event. As a consequence of the large number of people visiting and the accompanying hazards, it has become essential to implement safety measures, extend the parking lot, construct a Visitor Center, and pave the route that connects the parking lot to the edge of the canyon, all of which have occurred since 2014. Parking (maintained by the municipality of Page) is not free, but it is required unless you have the crazy notion of walking roughly 6 kilometers down the road from Page!

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Horseshoe Bend Tours

Horseshoe Bend may be reached in a variety of methods, some of which are somewhat daring. While standing on the overlook and looking down, you’ll notice little boats cruising down the Colorado River’s bending curve. Simply get in your car and go back to the aforementioned Glen Canyon Dam, which is only a few of miles away, if you would want to do the boat trip as well. After touring the dam, you will descend to the river level, where you will be able to board rafts to continue your journey. In addition to escorting you down the river, a guide will inform you about the geological evolution of this spectacular location.

You can see a comprehensive list of all of the flight excursions that depart from Page by clicking on the link below.

It was discussed in detail in this article.

Is There an Alternative That is Less Crowded?

Because to its increasing popularity, witnessing Horseshoe Bend alone or practically alone has become nearly impossible. What’s more, is there actually a viable alternative? It’s difficult to find a scene like this, with a rock structure that is so well carved and sculpted. Several other but equally magnificent vistas may be found in both Utah and Arizona, including: Dead Horse Point State Park, Goosenecks State Park, and additional “bends” or “goosenecks” (one can be seen in Capitol Reef, too).

Horseshoe Bend is a bend in the Colorado River that occurs near the confluence of Waterholes Canyon and the Colorado River.

What is the best way to get there?

The trailhead for the trek is located here, and it will take you all the way along the south side of Waterholes Canyon to the precipice at the end.

Because I have not personally participated in this trek, I urge that you only do it if you have prior hiking expertise and a good sense of direction, as I have not. In any event, before beginning on this walk, make sure to consult with the Waterholes Canyon tourism office.

Hotels Near Horseshoe Bend: Where to Stay in Page?

If you want to spend the night near Horseshoe Bend, the most convenient location is undoubtedlyPage, which is home to a variety of high-quality motels and hotels. However, we would like to point out that not far away from Page is theLake Powell Resort(100 Lake Shore Drive), which is located on the banks of the picturesque Lake Powell and is well worth a visit. Accommodations in Page (Arizona)

Photo Gallery

Warning: Operating hours are subject to change, and closures for special events may be necessary; thus, we highly advise you to verify the official websites of the venues.

Tips For Visiting Horseshoe Bend, Arizona along the Colorado River

I’m fairly certain you’ve seen photographs of Arizona, or perhaps advertisements for vacation in the United States in general, and you’ve seen the famed Horseshoe Bend. Do you understand what I’m talking about now? Is it possible to have a greater picture of the Colorado River winding through this stunning Southwest United States desert landscape?

What is Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Curve is a section of the Colorado River canyon where the river forms a massive horseshoe-shaped bend in the canyon. A scenic viewpoint from which you may acquire a wide panoramic view of the scene is available to you here. Particularly appealing to me was the emerald green water of the Colorado River underneath me, which is not a hue that one generally associates with the Colorado River.

Where is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona?

Horseshoe Bend is one of the most popular attractions of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which is located in Page, Arizona, near the Utah border in northeast Arizona. Located along US Highway 89, roughly 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, the parking lot and trailhead are easily accessible. There is plenty of handicapped-accessible parking available near the trailhead.

Visiting Horseshoe Bend

Nothing much to do in Horseshoe Canyon itself, apart from look in awe, however how many shots you want to take from various angles will depend on how many you want to shoot in one sitting. One-way route to the picturesque viewpoint leads directly from the parking area, and it is only 0.6 miles long. You really don’t need to spend a lot of time at that place. Although there are certain overlooks around the rim that may be reached on foot, there is only a tiny piece of the rim that is really gated.

  • I was astounded at how many people were willing to take a chance on falling down the cliff simply to get that desired Instagram-worthy shot.
  • Because this is primarily a natural feature, caution should be exercised when photographing it.
  • At one point, I had to intervene and pull a small youngster away from the edge of the rim.
  • My stomach grumbled as I watched, but I couldn’t help but try to tempt him back.
  • It’s not worth it in the end.
  • It appears that several boats are traveling down the Colorado River below us.
  • I felt compelled to descend into the canyon, either on foot or by boat, in order to have a better understanding of the landscape from below.

However, you may want to extend your visit by packing a picnic to eat while taking in the scenery. Horseshoe Bend would be most stunning at dawn or sunset, and it would be really hot in the middle of the day in the summer, in my opinion.

When is the best time to visit Horseshoe Bend?

If I were to return to the Lake Powell and Page Arizona location, I would go to Horseshoe Bend at sunrise or sunset if I had the opportunity. Sunrise is one of the greatest times of day to shoot the bend because the sun will gently begin to illuminate the canyon walls as the sun rises higher in the sky. Are you willing to get up early in the morning to attend? According to my own experience, it is always worthwhile! When the sun isn’t shining, the bend and the river are hidden in shade. Visiting in the early afternoon is also a popular option.

Horseshoe Bend is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year.

The finest weather will be in the spring or autumn, when it will not be too hot or too cold.

The Grand Canyon East

The fact that Horseshoe Bend is deemed part of the Grand Canyon East Rim region was only discovered a couple of weeks after we had visited was a pleasant surprise. The Grand Canyon East Rim is not like the other Grand Canyon rim areas, such as the north rim, south rim, and west rim, where you may stand on the rim of the canyon and see into it. Grand Canyon East is comprised of the area around this area, which includes the Glen Canyon area, which is located on the east side of the Grand Canyon and merges into it.

Because it’s the only point along the Grand Canyon where you can get a close-up view of the Colorado River cutting its way downstream, it’s a popular tourist destination.

Things to do near Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

You’ve come to the right place. Many exciting things may be found in the surrounding area of Horseshoe Bend Arizona, including the Page and Lake Powell region. A full-day experience may be created by combining many of these activities. I wouldn’t recommend making the drive to Horseshoe Bend unless you were planning on doing other activities in the Lake Powell/Page area while you were there.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, with its sculpted white and red granite and turquoise waters, is a breathtaking site to visit. A beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by a stunning canyon – both below and above the surface of the water. In addition to being a massive man-made lake, Lake Powell also provides an extensive range of recreational opportunities. We didn’t do much other than relax and enjoy our camping area at Lone Rock Beach, which was directly on the beach.

It’s gorgeous and provides a tranquil setting for a pleasant break.

The top sandstone cliffs, on the other hand, call out to you to come play.

Camping at Lake Powell’s Lone Rock Beach Campground is an excellent option.

At Lone Rock Beach, we went kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming in the lake. Because it was early April and still quite cold, I only had a brief 2-minute plunge. Other locations of interest to visit in the surrounding region include the following:

  • Rainbow Bridge is the biggest natural bridge in the world, and it is only accessible by boat and guided excursions. The trip also involves a tough walk up Navajo Mountain. Remember that this is a holy location to neighboring tribes, so please be polite and refrain from climbing the bridge. Rent a houseboat and go on an extended exploration
  • Hike in the backcountry of Glen Canyon

Antelope Canyon

It’s possible that you remember it from the old Microsoft screen saver. Antelope Canyon was the subject of the world’s most expensive image, which sold for $6.5 million. Because those polished fissures in the slot canyon are so stunning, I’m going to say it again: More information may be found in our page on how to visit Antelope Canyon.

How far is Antelope Canyon from Horseshoe Bend?

Antelope Canyon is only a few minutes away from Horseshoe Bend. It is quite convenient for you to visit these two popular Arizona attractions in the same day!

Glen Canyon Dam

Stop at the Glen Canyon Dam visitor center if you want to be awestruck by incredible engineering marvels. In 1963, the Glen Canyon Dam began storing the Colorado River’s waters, which has resulted in the creation of 1,9000 miles of coastline at Lake Powell as a result. There are interesting free exhibitions that explain how and why the structure was erected. The Colorado River and the dam may be seen in all their glory from this vantage point. The Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant is open to visitors for a fee.

Page, Arizona

Page was established as a company town for the building of the Glen Canyon Dam in the early 1900s. It is presently used as a tourism and pleasure facility for those visiting the region. It’s a golfer’s paradise, and it makes for an excellent base for visiting the area’s attractions.

Getting to Horseshoe Bend

Page was established as a company town for the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam in the early 1900’s. Tourists and leisure enthusiasts from all over the world come here to enjoy themselves. It’s a golfer’s paradise, and it’s a terrific place to base yourself while exploring the surrounding area.

CarRV Rental

If you do not have access to a vehicle, see the list below for rental car alternatives from Las Vegas, Sedona, and Phoenix, respectively. It is possible that you will want to rent your own RV, campervan, or motorhome. Check out RV sharing for more information.

Tours to Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Check out the Horseshoe Bend trips listed below, which depart from Las Vegas, Sedona, and Flagstaff:

  • Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour from Las Vegas (the most popular! )
  • Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Monument Valley 3 day tour
  • Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour from Sedona
  • Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour from Flagstaff
  • Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour from Phoenix
  • Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour from Tucson
  • Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe A 30-minute flight from Flagstaff to Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend
  • A Colorado River Smooth Float and Horseshoe Bend trip from Flagstaff
  • And a 30-minute fly from Flagstaff to Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe Bend is one of the highlights of our 9-day Canyonlands Express tour with G Adventures.

Where to Stay in Page, Arizona

Lone Rock Beach Campground is a great place to camp for a few days. The Lone Rock Beach Campgroundon Lake Powell, which is around 30 minutes from Page, was where we tented for $12 per night, as previously noted. Other choices are as follows:

  • The Lake Powell Wahweap Marina RV Park provides full hookups, and the Lake Powell Resort, which is located at the Wahweap Marina and offers boat tours and an outdoor pool, is a popular destination for visitors. Check out the reviews and make a reservation here. Family-friendly hotels include the La Quinta by Wyndham, the Wingate by Wyndham, and the Country InnSuites by Radisson. Eco-adventurers will appreciate the unique features and concern for the environment that Shash Dine’ EcoRetreat has to offer.

Here is a list of all the hotels in Page.

Other Places to Visit in the American Southwest

If you’re planning a road trip to the Southwest, here are some more excellent suggestions:

  • Utah has a plethora of amazing places to visit. It’s important not to miss these epic adventures in the American Southwest. In Moab, there are 16 fantastic things to do. In Zion National Park, there are 14 things to do (with information on how to plan a visit). Death Valley National Park has nine incredible things to see and do.

Places to visit near Antelope Canyon

When visiting Antelope Canyon, be sure to include the following attractions:

  • Grand Canyon: 8 Best Tips for Planning a Trip to the Grand Canyon
  • Sedona: 18 Amazing Things to Do in Sedona
  • Monument Valley: 15 Amazing Things to Do in Monument Valley
  • Se How to Visit Las Vegas on a Budget
  • How to Visit Las Vegas on a Budget

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