What Is The Most Beautiful Horse Breed?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds From Around The World

  1. Arabian. This breed originated from the Arabian peninsula.
  2. Marwari. A unique breed from India, the Marwari horse has inward-turning ears that meet at the tips.
  3. Andalusian.
  4. Friesian.
  5. Akhal-Teke.
  6. Gypsy Vanner.
  7. Haflinger.
  8. Appaloosa.

What are the top ten rarest horse breeds?

  • Arabian horse. Due to their distinctive characteristics,Arabian horses are high in demand.
  • Akhal-Teke. The price of the majority of horses worldwide depends on speed,race,and other horse racing abilities.
  • Thoroughbred.
  • Selle Français.
  • Dutch Warmblood.
  • Hanoverian horse.
  • Oldenburger.
  • Holsteiner.
  • Andalusian horse.
  • Gypsy horse.

What is the ugliest horse breed?

It’s said that an overmuscled unwieldy equine is the ugliest horse in the world.

What is the cutest horse in the world?

Ten of the cutest horse breeds from all corners of the world include the Falabella, the Bashkir Curly, the Akhal-Teke, the Haflinger, the Knabstrupper, the Gypsy Vanner, the Shetland Pony, the Arabian, the Percheron, and Friesian.

What is the rarest color of a horse?

Among racehorses, there are many successful colors: bay, chestnut, and brown horses win a lot of races. Pure white is the rarest horse color.

What is the cheapest horse breed?

The cheapest horse breeds on average are the Quarter horse, Mustang, Paint horse, Thoroughbred, and Standardbred. Though prices will vary depending on the horse, there are often many budget-friendly horses for sale within these breeds.

What is the rarest horse in the world?

The Galiceño is a critically endangered horse that has a long history in the Americas. It is estimated that there are fewer than 100 pure Galiceños left, making this the rarest horse breed in the world.

What is the prettiest horse color in the world?

5 Beautiful Coat Colors in Horses

  • Buckskin. A buckskin horse has a lovely golden coat with black accents.
  • Palomino. Another golden beauty, palomino horses are simply stunning to look at!
  • Cremello. The cremello color is exquisite!
  • Roan. Roan is a fun color pattern!

Who owns the most beautiful horse in the world?

The rare Friesan horse in Arkansas has its own Facebook fan page. Frederik the Great, a rare Friesian horse living in Arkansas, has more than 39,000 followers on his Facebook fan page.

Do pink horses exist?

Khadi is a Perlino horse, an usual breed defined by their cream coats and pink skin and their blue or glass eyes. Because of this, they are sometimes called pseudo-albino horses. The cream colour can vary from a very pale off white to a pale coffee colour, but shines through pink under their short summer coats.

Are purple horses real?

The purple horse thing, that’s entirely mine. Yes this is real horse. His name is Teaspoon according to the owner.

Are all black horses rare?

A true black horse usually has brown eyes, black hair coats, and black skin. They have no areas of brown or reddish hair, but they do sometimes have a blue hue to their coat. Black horses aren’t exactly rare but are seen as uncommon among breeds.

Which horse breed is the best for beginners?

American Quarter Horse

  • Quarter Horses are arguably the most popular breed for beginners.
  • Photo Credit: Erin Brown.
  • Paint Horses are notoriously athletic and calm.
  • Morgans are great horses for beginners because of their willing and sweet demeanor.
  • Missouri Fox Trotters can be a smooth and safe option for beginners.

What is cold blooded horse?

What is a coldblood horse? Coldblood horses are the heavy horses, often referred to as “gentle giants” because of their stature and placid temperaments. They tend to be placid and kind, with easy-going temperaments that make them suitable for riders of all abilities.

15 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the World (With Pictures)

According to a DNA analysis, horses were domesticated for the first time around 6,000 years ago. Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan were home to the world’s first domestic horses, however they swiftly expanded throughout Europe and Asia. These horses were employed for a multitude of tasks, including but not limited to meat production, milk production, and, of course, riding. Horses are still being utilized for a variety of purposes all around the world today. They’re frequently employed in a variety of activities including as racing, agricultural work, meat processing, and hauling heavy weights.

Some horses are more attractive than others, despite the fact that all horses are magnificent in their own way.

The 15 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

Image courtesy of Olga i through Shutterstock. The Akhal-Tekehorse breed is one of the most ancient of all domesticated horse breeds, dating back thousands of years. They were originally developed for speed and endurance, resulting in a horse that was sleek and exotic in appearance. Their coats are gleaming in the sunlight, and their fine-boned bodies reflect the light. They’re an extremely uncommon kind that originated in the Turkmenistan deserts, and there are only a little more than 6,000 of them left on the earth.

2.Appaloosa Horse

Image courtesy of Sven Lachmann and Pixabay.com For its eye-catching look, Appaloosas are readily identifiable. These horses are speckled with white and dark spots that appear in a variety of patterns such as blanket, leopard, snowflake, and marble, as well as other variations. Due to their kind and loving nature, they are a wonderful horse for riders of any skill level to learn on.

3.Arabian Horse

Photograph courtesy of shooter qa and Shutterstock When it comes to famous horse breeds, few can match the glorious reputation that Arabian horses have earned through the centuries. They’re widely regarded as among of the world’s greatest endurance horses, and their genetics have been incorporated into nearly every racehorse breed now in existence, including the most popular ones. Aside from that, they’re magnificent creatures with a noble demeanor and distinguishing characteristics that distinguish them as one of the most immediately identifiable horse breeds.

4.Friesian Horse

Image courtesy of AlkeMade and Pixabay. Friesian horses are entirely black and stand tall at 15-17 hands, making them a striking sight.

They have powerful physique and graceful gaits that give them the appearance of being exceedingly dignified. Despite the fact that the breed has been on the verge of extinction on multiple occasions, they are gaining in popularity, which is assisting the breed in its efforts to increase in numbers.

5.Gypsy Horse

Image courtesy of Penstones and Pixabay. Gypsy horses have coats that are comparable to those of pinto horses, despite the fact that these horses are formed very differently. The Gypsy Horse, also known as the Galineers Cob or the Gypsy Vanner, is a breed of horse that originated in Ireland and Great Britain. They are rather little horses, but they are quite well-built. Gypsy horses are frequently piebald or skewbald in appearance.

6.Haflinger Horse

Image courtesy of Alexas Fotos and Pixabay. It was developed in Austria and northern Italy and is a small but beautiful horse that was created by crossing several breeds, including Tyrolean ponies and Arabian horses. The Haflinger is a small but beautiful horse that was created by crossing several breeds, including Tyrolean ponies and Arabian horses. Horses of this stature stand 13-15 hands tall, with a refined head, deep chest, and slightly sloping shoulders. They have well-muscled bodies and walk in a rhythmic manner.

7.Knabstrupper Horse

Photograph courtesy of Filmbildfabrik and Shutterstock. If you’ve never heard of a Knabstrupper before, you’re not alone in your ignorance. It’s a Danish breed that comes in two different size variations. Some are pony-sized, with heights of less than 14.2 hands, while the majority of specimens stand between 15.2 and 16 hands. Because of a genetic process called as the leopard complex, this breed has a spotted coat, which makes them stand out from the crowd. Not all Knabstruppers, on the other hand, are discovered.

They have a similar appearance to the Dalmatians of the horse world.

8.Marwari Horse

Image courtesy of Olesya Nakipova through Shutterstock. This unusual breed originates in India’s Marwar region, and its ears, which bend inwards, make it easy to distinguish it from other dogs in the area. The breed was developed by the crossbreeding of Arabian horses and ponies from the surrounding area. For generations, the breed has served as a calvary horse, and its devotion and valor on the battlefield have become well-known.

9.Norwegian Fjord Horse

Image courtesy of congerdesign and Pixabay. The Norwegian Fjord is an athletic breed that originates in Norway’s hilly regions and is strong but compact. Despite the fact that they are all dun in color, there are five approved shade variants under the breed standard. They’ve been used as farm horses in Norway for hundreds of years, and they’re one of the world’s oldest horse breeds, dating back thousands of years.

10.Orlov Trotter

Image courtesy of Osetrik and Shutterstock. The Orlov Trotter is so named because of its quick trot, which is passed down through the generations.

These horses are well-known for having tremendous stamina as well as speed. In Russia, the Orlov Trotter, which was developed in the late 1700s by Count Alexei Orlov, has become the most well-known of all the Russian horse breeds.


Image courtesy of StratoArt and Pixabay. The Percheron, which was formerly employed as a warhorse, is now regarded to be a gentle giant. These creatures may grow to be incredibly colossal, weighing up to 2,600 pounds and standing up to 19 hands in height. These horses are excellent for riders of all skill levels because of their even-keeled temperaments. Aside from the fact that the breed was formed in the French region of Perche, nothing is known about the breed’s origins beyond the fact that it took place there.

12.Pinto Horse

Image courtesy of rokopix and Shutterstock. In the minds of many horse enthusiasts, pinto horses conjure up images of Native Americans riding on horseback, a bow in hand. These horses were originally brought to the New World from Europe, but once they were released into the wild, a large population sprang up around them. Native Americans captured and tamed vast numbers of these horses, favoring them because of their pinto markings, which served as a kind of built-in camouflage for the tribes.

13.Rocky Mountain Horse

Image courtesy of Plotitsyna NiNa through Shutterstock.com. Despite the fact that many riders like the Rocky Mountain Horse for its four-beat single-foot pace, the breed’s appearance is equally as distinctive. When it comes to the Rocky Mountain Horse’s classic look, the most prevalent combination is a chocolate coat with a flaxen mane and tail, which creates a stunning contrast and gives the breed its own distinct appearance.

14.Shire Horses

Image courtesy of Plotitsyna NiNa through Shutterstock.com Aside from its four-beat single-foot gallop, which is favored by many riders, the Rocky Mountain Horse’s appearance is also noteworthy. When it comes to the Rocky Mountain Horse’s trademark appearance, the most prevalent combination is a chocolate coat with a flaxen mane and tail, which creates a stunning contrast and gives the breed its own distinct look.

15.Trakehner Horses

Image courtesy of pixabay user ceskyfreund36. The Trakehner is a warm-blooded horse breed that is most recognized for its agility and ability to jump high fences. They are frequently employed in equestrian sports like as show jumping and dressage, where they perform well. Horses of this breed are well-known for being calm and docile, which makes them an excellent choice for teaching younger riders.


It is unlikely that anyone would disagree with us if we declared that all horses are breathtakingly gorgeous. Despite the fact that beauty is a matter of personal preference, we can all agree that certain species are objectively more beautiful than others. This list of 15 horse breeds is by no means complete, but the horses on it are unquestionably some of the most majestic and gorgeous animals on the planet. Images used in this post: Makarova Viktoria, Shutterstock

12 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds That Will Take Your Breathe Away

On the planet today, there are over 600 different horse breeds, each with their own distinct charm and personality. Although all horses are attractive in their own right, there are certain particularly attractive breeds that captivate the attention of humans. The Friesian, Arabian, Andalusian, Clydesdale, and Lipizzaner are some of the horse breeds that are usually regarded to be the most attractive. Many of the world’s most attractive horse breeds, such as the Arabian, have been intentionally developed in recent decades to have a distinct appearance for local horse exhibitions, such as those held in the United States.

It is also possible that certain primitive societies considered horses to be gods! See our list of the most attractive horse breeds below to discover more about the history, statistics, and facts of these magnificent creatures.


Photograph courtesy of Olesya Nickolaeva/Shutterstock Friesians are a horse breed that originated in the Dutch province of Friesland and are often considered to be the most attractive horse breed in the world. Friesians, who are distinguished by their distinctive black coat and long flowing mane, were originally intended to transport medieval European knights into battle. Friesians were responsible for much more than only transporting noble knights in sparkling armor; they were also responsible for powering Dutch agriculture.

Because of its beautiful appearance, this exquisite breed became a favorite option for carriage drivers, dressage riders, and even the film industry after the Industrial Revolution.

Fortunately for us, the Friesian breed was able to rebound effectively after the Second World War ended.

Thus, all Friesians are black with no white markings and have those magnificent flowing manes and tails that have become synonymous with the breed.


Viktoria Makarova courtesy of Shutterstock As far back as 3,000 BC, the Arabian horse’s origins are unknown, although it is considered to be one of the oldest ancient breeds on the face of the planet. The nomadic Beduin tribe of the Arabian Peninsula was responsible for the development of the breed’s gorgeous and graceful characteristics. The Arabian horse has the ability to perform well in practically every discipline in which it is trained. These horses are particularly prized in the endurance sports because of their exceptional endurance.


Another old and magnificent horse breed, the Akhal-Teke is distinguished by its glittering sheen that is one of a kind in the world. According to legend, the breed hails from Turkmenistan and has been there for more than 3,000 years. As we say in our guide to the world’s rarest horse breeds, it is estimated that there are around 6,600 Akhal-Tekes surviving in the world. So, what is it about these horses that makes them sparkle like gold? The key, as it turns out, is in the peculiar structure of the hair that makes up their furry covering.

Because of the Akhal-resilience, Teke’s it is an ideal choice for long-distance riding as well as for most English-style disciplines. Kambarbay, the famed perlino Akhal-Teke stallion, has been dubbed “the most beautiful horse in the world” on several occasions.


Olga i/Shutterstock In Spain, the Andalusian is a horse breed that has been there since the 15th century. Because of tight selection standards, the building’s unique baroque look has remained unchanged since its construction. Like Friesians, they have long, thick manes and tails, which make them a sight to see when they are in full flight. Over the decades, Andalusian genes have affected the development of various current horse breeds. These magnificent horses accompanied the conquistadors on their voyages to the New World, where some of them managed to escape and become the wild Mustangs of today.

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Aside from that, they are a popular breed for classical dressage and cinematography.


Photograph courtesy of Bianca Grueneberg/Shutterstock Haflingers are easily distinguished by their chestnut hue and flaxen manes and tails, among other characteristics. They are descended from the hilly area of Hafling, which is in Austria and Northern Italy and is home to many eagles. The Haflinger horse was developed with the goal of creating a breed that could be used for a variety of tasks such as forestry and agricultural work, as well as riding and driving. Since they are exceptionally sure-footed on rocky terrain, they have even served in the Austrian Army.

Besides being excellent all-arounders, Haflingers are also commonly utilized in equine-assisted therapy.


Thanks to @sumatambo for the photo. Percherons, the heavyweight champions of the horse world, were initially utilized as military horses in the old Perche area of Western France, where they became famous as heavyweight champions. Similarly to Clydesdales, their principal function rapidly evolved into assisting in the powering of agricultural machinery and the transport of heavy loads. In the late nineteenth century, they were also made available in the United States of America. Percherons are typically seen in white or black coloration.

Because of the introduction of Arabian blood around the turn of the nineteenth century, this is the case.

In France, Percherons account for the vast bulk of draft horses on the land.

It has even been possible to generate good dressage and show jumping horses from crosses of Percherons and warmbloods!


Au Cr/Shutterstock It was in the 16th century that a stud farm in the Austrian Empire developed the Lipizzaner horse, which is still in existence today. It is closely related to horses such as the Spanish, Arabian, and Barb. Slovenia’s national horse is a lovely grey or white horse breed that has been around for centuries. Several Lipizzaner horses are utilized at the renowned Spanish Riding School in Vienna, where they compete in high-level classical dressage performances. Typically, the horses are fully trained by the time they reach the age of ten after arriving at the school when they are four years old.

They are most often seen in nations in Central and Eastern Europe. All Lipizzaner horses are born black and grow to a light grey tint as they age in their lives. Versions in black, brown, and bay are also available, however they are quite rare.


Originally from North-Western India, the Marwari horse breed is a stunning specimen of the horse world. It is distinct from all other horses in that it has inward-curving ears that are unusual in appearance. In fact, it is closely connected to the Kathiawari horses, with which it shares this peculiar characteristic, and they are closely linked to each other. To be honest, both breeds are well-known for having excellent hearing! Owning a Marwari was traditionally considered a privilege reserved for Indian monarchy and nobles.

Marwari horses were also prized as warhorses because of their courage and exceptional ability to navigate their way back to their owners’ fields.

Gypsy Vanner

Photograph courtesy of Nicole Ciscato/Shutterstock It is usual to see the gorgeous Gypsy Vanner, which is the horse of the Irish Travellers, on the roads of Ireland and across the British Isles. It is a very recent breed, having only been recognized by the official registration in 1996. Although some sources claim that Gypsy Vanners have been actively bred since the Second World War, others believe this is not the case. Their forebears are said to have been colorful Shire horses that the Romani chose for the purpose of hauling their carts.

A coat of black and white colors is commonly seen on this creature.

These horses are still in use today, pulling the carriages of Romani visitors across the country.


The Knabstrupper is a horse breed that originated in Denmark and is renowned for its stunning speckled colour. They are sometimes mistaken with the Appaloosa, which is another black and white horse breed. The origins of the breed may be traced back to a chestnut mare with leopard markings who was bred in the early nineteenth century. They were formerly the cavalry horses of the Danish cavalry, but their distinctive leopard coat made them an obvious target for assailants. The Knabstrupper, which is available in both horse and pony sizes, is an excellent all-arounder who can be used both under saddle and in harness.

Knabstruppers were utilized in the festivities of the Danish royal family because of their eye-catching coats and costumes.

Black Forest Horse

A5W3ED A stallion of the Black Forest horse stands tall. In accordance with its name, this breed is believed to have originated in Germany’s Black Forest area. The official studbook, which was established in the late nineteenth century, continues to register only horses of chestnut hue with a flaxen mane and tail to this day. Because of its exceptional patience and mild disposition, the breed is sometimes referred to as the “Golden Retriever” of horses by enthusiasts. The forebears of the Black Forest horse were initially utilized in forestry and agriculture, and their descendants are still in use today.

Today, the breed is regarded as an all-arounder who can be used for both riding and driving. The breed is presently listed as “endangered” by the German government, which has taken steps to safeguard it.


OlesyaNickolaeva/Shutterstock Aside from being the heroes of the enduringly popular Budweiser advertisements, Clydesdale horses are also noted for their thick, flowing feathers, white blaze, and gentle disposition. This endearing breed hails from the Clyde river region in Lanarkshire, Scotland, where it was developed. Their numbers increased dramatically throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when they were shipped to Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, where they became popular farm animals.

Clydesdales are especially popular among pleasure riders and drivers because they are easy to train and move well in harness.

Aside from that, because of their exquisite beauty and movement, this large horse breed is frequently seen at equestrian competitions of all kinds.

The Seven Most Beautiful Horse Breeds In The World

Even though all horses are lovely, there are a few unique horse breeds out there that stand out from the crowd in terms of aesthetics and performance. However, keep in mind that beauty is subjective and that it is always in the eye of the beholder when looking at this list of items. As a result, it should not be assumed that any horse of any breed is incapable of becoming absolutely gorgeous. This list is purely for the purpose of showcasing some of the most stunning members of the horse species.

Here’s our special list of the seven most beautiful horse breeds in the world.

These massive and magnificent horses have become extremely well-known in the United States as a result of the well-known and beloved Budweiser ads. A new foal is born at Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri every year, and it provides delight to those of us who are passionate about horses. Upon reaching adulthood, these massive draft horses weigh between 1,800 and 2,000 pounds, and they are typically 180 pounds at birth. And, despite the fact that many people believe this is a real “American breed” of horse due to its widespread appeal, these horses were originally bred on Scottish farms before being imported.

Are you interested in learning more about this large and attractive breed?

The Knabstrupper

Are you a fan of the iconic leopard-spotted horses that have become so well-known? If that’s the case, you’re absolutely not alone! The Appaloosa horse breed and the Knabstrupper are related in that they both have color genes. The Leopard Complex is the name given to the gene that is responsible for the spotted horse coat patterns. It’s worth noting that the Knabstrupper horse did not arrive in the United States until 2002 and has no link to the Appaloosa breed. This horse with beautiful markings, also known as the Knabstrup horse, is a Danish import that has made its way to the United States.

Are you interested in learning more about the beautiful spotted horse breed? Check out our piece on iHeartHorses.com dedicated to Knabstruppers, which you can find here.

The Gypsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanners are commonly referred to as “people-sized” draft horses because of their small stature. Because of their massive bones and broad-shouldered body form, these horses were originally developed to pull gypsy wagons, which was an easy task for them to do. The bulk of these horses are between 14 and 15 hands high at the withers, and they are all incredibly attractive regardless of color. The following is an interesting horse information for you: There is no distinction between a Gypsy Cob and a Gypsy Vanner horse.

They make ideal family horses, and their placid demeanor makes them popular with riders.

The Akhal-Teke

While not every one of these horses is a gleaming jewel, they are all incredibly attractive in their own right. A distinctive feature of this unique species is the metallic sheen that appears on its coat, causing it to shimmer and dazzle anytime the light shines on it. This historic racer, which serves as Turkmenistan’s national horse, is available in a startling range of hues. There’s no denying that these horses have a stunning golden coat (known as buckskin or palomino), but they may also be found in a variety of colors including black, bay, chestnut, buckskin, cremello, perlino, and gray.

For example, the natural movement of these horses gives the impression that they are flying when they trot.

Would you want to learn more about this magnificent horse breed?

HorseBreedPictures.com provided the image used in this post.

The Black Forest Horse

Haflinger horses are well-known for their golden manes, which are a natural match for their golden chestnut coats, which are also golden. However, when it comes to the Black Forest Horse, the flaxen mane of this breed shines out against the deep chestnut coat of this type. Similarly to the working horse, this kind of horse has been in existence for hundreds of years. The Black Forest horses are a light draft horse breed that is well-known for its beauty. Many Black Forest farmers refer to them as the “Pearls of the Black Forest” —awww!

Are you interested in learning more about this magnificent horse breed?

The Friesian

The Friesian horse breed is a pleasure to behold, since it is large, black, and stunningly gorgeous. Many equestrian aficionados throughout the world consider these magnificent horses to be real “black beauties,” as elegant as they are strong, and they are adored by their admirers. He hails from Friesland, which is called “Fryslan” in the Frisian language and is a province of the Netherlands in northern Europe’s northwest region. This light horse breed is visually appealing, with dazzling movements that draw the viewer’s attention to it.

A fun tidbit about the Friesian people: they are not always black; some of them are also chestnut in color. Are you interested in learning more about this stunning horse breed? You may learn more about the breed by reading our page on it.

The Arabian Horse

Isn’t it interesting to know that every horse breed on the planet can be traced back to an Arabian horse? These magnificent horses, considered to be the purest of all horse breeds, are renowned for their remarkable and distinguishing characteristics. Those who are fortunate enough to acquire one of these horses may attest to how unique they actually are. Centuries of close connection with people have contributed to the development of these horses into one of the most sociable horse breeds on the planet.

And their frames, which are long and slim like a ballerina’s, give them the appearance of pure beauty.

Are you interested in learning more about this gorgeous breed?

Don’t keep these beautiful horse breeds all to yourself—share them with other equine enthusiasts who will appreciate them, too! And let us know in the comments what other horse breeds you admire!

Horses are renowned for their beauty around the world. However, there are a few breeds that stand out above the others in terms of appearance. They stand out from the crowd because they have something special about them. These horses may be found all over the world, including India, Turkey, Spain, and anywhere else in between. Take a stab at it! The top ten most attractive breeds from throughout the world, according to you?

1. Arabian

This breed is believed to have originated on the Arabian peninsula. Their dished faces and high tail carriage are well-known characteristics of the breed.

2. Marwari

The Marwari horse is an Indian breed that is distinguished by its inward-turning ears that meet at the points.

3. Andalusian

This beautiful breed, which originated in Spain and Portugal, has traditional characteristics that have remained virtually unchanged over the course of history. The Friesians are a couple of wolves.

4. Friesian

The Netherlands is home to these remarkable black horses with feathers on their legs, which are known across the world. They have a gracefulness that belies their bulk.

5. Akhal-Teke

The Akhal-Teke horses, who are considered to be the most beautiful in the world, are well recognized for their shiny shine. Turkey is home to a large number of horses like this one. A Gypsy Vanner foal and a Gypsy Vanner mare come face to face.

6. Gypsy Vanner

The Gypsy horse, which originates in the British Isles, is distinguished by its rich mane, tail, and leg feathers.

7. Haflinger

When it comes to the Haflinger, it is usually a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. It was developed in Austria and Northern Italy. They are of a tiny stature, yet they are constructed to last.

8. Appaloosa

The color patterns of this American breed are well-known for their intensity. The majority of them have a distinctive speckled coat pattern.

9. Paso Fino

The elegant gaits of this beautiful Spanish breed make it a sought-after pet. A herd of wild mustangs in the wild.

10. Mustang

Originating from the Spaniards, this breed is well-known as the “wild horse of the American West,” due to its wild disposition. From short to tall, slim to thick, solid colors to spotted, each of these horses has something that distinguishes them as gorgeous. Which breed, in your opinion, is deserving of the title of MOST BEAUTIFUL?

10 Prettiest Horses in the World

With more than 260 different horse breeds throughout the world, it might be difficult to limit the list down to just ten of the most beautiful horses. After all, each and every horse breed has its unique set of enticing characteristics. This collection of the world’s most beautiful horses includes horses from well-known countries as well as those you may have never heard of before. Some are extremely uncommon, but others are ubiquitous in many nations throughout the world. These individuals were picked based on the color and/or pattern of their coats, respectively.

10 The Knabstrupper

Unlike the Appaloosa, the Knabstrupper shares the same color genes as the latter. The Knabstrupper has a one-of-a-kind name to match its one-of-a-kind characteristics. This is a Danish horse with a white coat that has been spotted. Its dots can be any color, including black, brown, and gray. Many people believe that this horse’s look is similar to that of the Dalmatian! The speckled patterns on this horse’s coat distinguish it as one of the most beautiful horses on the planet. If you were to compile a list of uncommon horses, the Knabstrupper would be quite at home.

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Compare the population of the Knabstrupper horse to that of another breed, such as the Shetland pony.

Those who own Knabstrupper horses are enamored with their horses’ intelligence, exquisite movements, and, of course, their stunning coats.

9 The Chocolate Silver Dapple

An increase in the coat’s dilution results in the appearance of the chocolate silver dapple coat. iStock.com/dotana What a lovely name for one of the most beautiful horses on the face of the earth! The Silver in this horse’s name refers to a gene that is found in black horses and is responsible for its color. A horse that carries this gene passes it on to its offspring. Instead of a black coat, the foal is born with a dark coat that has silver dappling over the length of it. This colour is not exclusive to a single breed of horse; it may be found in practically every horse, regardless of its breed.

8 The Sorraia Mustang

Because of the black stripe that runs down the rear of their backs, Sorraia Mustangs are frequently compared to horses. Sorraia mustangs are indigenous to the country of Portugal. These are not only magnificent horses, but they are also quite uncommon. They have a coat that is dun or light brown-gray in color. In addition, they are distinguished by a black stripe that runs down the back of their neck and all the way to their ears. For this reason, some people relate these horses to zebras, as they have similar characteristics.

When the horse’s dark brown or black mane and tail fly in the breeze, it is a beautiful sight to see. It’s easy to imagine a Sorraia mustang grazing freely over fields and meadows with the rest of its herd, but the reality is more complicated.

7 The Golden Akhal Teke

The coat of a Golden Akhal-Teke has a shiny sheen to it, which is its most distinguishing trait. Many horse aficionados consider the Golden Akhal Teke to be the most attractive horse breed on the planet. Turkmenistan is home to this particular breed of horse. The horse is known as the Golden horse because of its shimmering yellowish-gold coat. When the light shines on it, its golden coat takes on a shiny sheen. Another feature that distinguishes this horse as one of the most beautiful horses on the planet is its eyes.

It is true that the hue of this horse’s eyes lends this animal a mysterious air that is uncommon among horses of other breeds.

6 The Marwari

The Marwari’s main distinguishing trait is its inwardly-curved ears, which are its most unique feature. Photograph courtesy of Olesya Nakipova/Shutterstock.com There are a few of reasons why the Marwari is included in our list of the most attractive horse breeds. Marwari horses are distinguished by their long, thin legs and body. They may be seen with coats that are black, black and white, dark brown, bay, or palomino in color. These horses are even more appealing because of one of their most endearing characteristics.

  1. As a result, it is possible to see the points of a Marwari horse’s ears touch the top of its head.
  2. Marwari history begins in India and dates back to the 12th century, when they first appeared in Rajasthan.
  3. They were able to make their way back to the stable and safely return home.
  4. The Marwari is an Arabian horse that is famed for its majestic beauty, therefore it should come as no surprise that it is included on our list.

5 The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa horse is the official state horse of the state of Idaho. iStock.com/Anara55 These are American horses that have been bred by the Nez Perce people in the United States. Because of its distinctive markings, the Appaloosa is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful horses. Appaloosas are easily distinguished from other breeds of horses by the spots and splashes of color on their coat. For example, you could come across a dark brown Appaloosa with white on its hindquarters and brown markings on its back legs.

Despite the fact that Appaloosas have a diversity of designs, it is their spots and splashes of color that earn them a spot on a list of the world’s most beautiful horses.

4 The Friesian

Friesian horses are distinguished by the presence of feathers around their feet. One of the world’s most beautiful horses also happens to be one of the largest. Friesian horses are huge and tall, having a strong bone structure and long legs. While the majority of Friesian horses have a black coat, some of them might appear to have a dark brown coat when they are in the process of shedding.

The flowing dark mane and tail of this horse breed add to the captivating image of this breed. Horses from the Netherlands are known as Friesian horses, and they are thought to have existed as far back as 1000 B.C.

3 The Arabian

Arabian horses have big and flexible horses, which allows them to breathe more easily when sprinting at high speeds. iStock.com/Jessidi The Arabian horse is frequently recognized as the most attractive horse breed in the world. Why? The exquisite bone structure and arching neck of this animal make it a magnificent creature. A desert horse may even conjure up images of an Arabian horse galloping through the dunes with its head raised high when you think about this animal. An Arabian horse’s coat color can range from gray to white to black to chestnut to bay.

They have been around for thousands of years and are known for their high spirits and good health.

Arabian horses were owned by many prominent people throughout history, including George Washington and Alexander the Great.

2 The Haflinger

Haflinger’s forefathers and foremothers were medieval ponies. iStock.com/BiancaGrueneberg The Haflinger horse breed originated in Austria and has been around since the nineteenth century. This horse is modest in stature, but it is built to last. For a period of time between the late 1800s and the early 1900s, they were utilized as pack horses, pulling huge loads. Because of its smooth, flaxen-like mane and tail, the Haflinger is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful horses. It has a thick coat in a warm chestnut tone that is quite appealing.

1 The Andalusian

It was previously necessary to utilize the Andalusian in warfare. The Andalusian horse breed, in addition to being the most attractive horse breed on our list, has a long and illustrious history. It has been discovered that a cave wall has a picture of an Andalusian horse (or a horse that appears extremely close to the breed) on it, which was discovered by chance. It is thought that the picture dates back at least 20,000 years! Andalusian horses are descended from horses that originated in the Iberian Peninsula.

While the majority of Andalusian horses have a coat that is a blend of gray and white, there are also Andalusians that are black, bay, and dark brown in color.

They are also quite intelligent.

Following that, the Top 9 Fastest Horses will be discussed.

10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

Nature never ceases to amaze us with magnificent gifts, such as gorgeous horses, that give us with excellent company while we are out exploring. Although there are many beautiful horse breeds in the world, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Take a look at our list of the top ten most attractive horse breeds in the world of equestrian sports.


Spanish explorers brought this species to the United States, where it has developed tremendous power.

The wild American horse is notorious for being aggressive, which is why it was given the moniker. Despite the fact that this breed may dwell in the environment, it is descended from domesticated stock.

2. Appaloosa

In case you enjoy watching Western movies, you’re probably aware of how popular this horse is. Several activities, such as fox hunting and show jumping, are suited to the Appaloosa horse breed. Aside from the leopard-like patches that appear on its skin, this American horse breed is quite stunning.

3. Pintabian

This horse is a cross between purebred Arabians and Tobiano horses, which has resulted in the creation of a wonderful breed known as the Pintabian. Aside from its beauty, this breed is also noted for having a loyal and obedient temperament.

4. Icelandic horse

You’ll enjoy this breed of horse if you’re a lover of pony-like horses. The Icelandic horse, with its diminutive stature and pony-like look, is not your ordinary horse. This breed is believed to have originated in Iceland, which explains its name. It is susceptible to a number of ailments, yet it is typically utilized for recreational activities such as racing and even traditional sheepherding tasks.

5. Gypsy horse

The people of Ireland have been keen about selecting breeding horses for the last 100 years in order to make their jobs simpler while not having to spend a lot of money on feeding upkeep. As a result of this crossbreeding, the gypsy horse breed was created. There are several ways to identify it, including its blagdon fur (which is solid color with splashes on the belly, generally white), skewbald chicks (which are white and brown), and piebalds (with a pinto of black and white).

6.Norweigian Fjord horse

The practice of crossbreeding was outlawed in 1907; as a result, this breed has maintained its natural and purebred beauty up to the current day. The native breed of Fjord may be found in the hilly parts of Norway’s western half, where it is known as the Fjord. It has been employed in the farming business for many years due to its adaptability and strength of construction. Aside from that, this breed is excellent for therapy and Norweigian riding.

7. Andalusian horse

The Andalusian horse, which has been around since the 15th century, is regarded to be one of the world’s oldest horses. It is referred to as “Pure Spanish Horse from Andalusia” in the industry. Because of its grace and beauty, as well as its enormous size, it is no surprise that this horse has been used as a prize or trophy throughout conflicts, and is also widely employed in horse riding competitions. These horses have also appeared in other films, including The Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and King Arthur, to mention just a few examples.

8. Akhal-Teke

The Akha-Teke horse breed is one of the most well-known horse breeds in Turkmenistan, yet it is also one of the most endangered. Because of its indisputably stunning glistening coat, it is often referred to as “The Horses of Gold.” However, the unfortunate side is that it has a number of hereditary diseases, but it is also suitable for show racing, jumping, dressage, and becoming a sport horse due to its inherent athleticism and ability to go fast.

9.Friesian horse

This horse breed – which is renowned for its magnificent mane – originated in the Netherlands, in the province of Friesland. The kindness and pleasant nature of this breed separate it from other breeds. Aside from the circus, where it can be seen in its beautiful black coat, it has also been utilized by the Germans during their conflicts in the past.

If the horse’s coat is not completely black, it might be chestnut in color. Another interesting fact is that in the film The Mask of Zorro, the horse of Zorro is a Friesian horse.

10. Arabian horse

The Arabian Horse is one of the most beautiful horse breeds on the planet, yet it is also one of the most endangered. This horse breed is believed to have originated in the Arabian Peninsula and has been there for more than 4,500 years. The Arabian horse is renowned for its toughness, intelligence, and willingness to be friendly with people. Because of its pleasurable and dependable temperament, this type of breed is frequently chosen for therapeutic riding, dressage, show jumping, and exhibition purposes.

15 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the World

Budapest International Photo Awards is an organization that has been recognizing and honouring top photographers from all over the world for over a decade. A panel of competent judges and subject matter specialists carefully evaluates each photograph, awarding Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals to the most outstanding submissions. Every year, they sift through tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of images in order to present you with the best of the best from the previous year. So, what did this year have in store for us?


1 The Ocean Color Canvas. Silver, Nature

In Lake Shusenko, there is a submerged forest that you can see here. “Lake Shusenko is very stunning.” Photograph courtesy of Hirotaka Shindo Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

2 Migrant Girls Mourn. 1st Place, Editorial

As migrants and riot police clashed on the Greek island of Lesbos on February 3, 2020 in Mytilene, Greece, two migrant girls wept. Refugees demonstrated against the appalling circumstances in which they were forced to live within the Moria refugee camp. Until the flames destroyed it, Moria was the largest refugee camp in Europe, giving temporary shelter to about 20,000 asylum seekers before it was finally abandoned in September 2020.” Photograph courtesy of Ivan Romano Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

3 Change The Conversation. 2nd Place, People, Professional

The term “midget” was coined by friends and family members who thought it was cute to address me as such when I was growing up. Nonetheless, as a result, I have struggled with the concepts of beauty, self-love, and admiration of myself that go beyond my physical looks for the most of my adulthood. It struck me the most when my eight-year-old daughter returned home and inquired as to whether she thought she was attractive. Changing the Conversation is a personal series that speaks about beauty as a notion that frees you, rather than as a bondage that holds you captive.

“Beauty exists outside of binary oppositions.” Sujata Setia took the photograph.

4 Born Of Fire. 1st Place, Nature, Professional

“It was taken on my journey to the volcanic area of Fagradalsfjall in southwestern Iceland, and it was the first shot I took right after coming into touch with lava and the prevalent noxious gas,” says the photographer. Observing the total alteration of the landscape that volcanoes bring about is an extremely unusual chance.

Places that were only a few years ago lowlands and meadows have now been transformed into hills, craters, and lava fields. It was a wonderful pleasure to be there.” Photograph courtesy of Filip Hrebenda Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

5 Drying Dried Persimmons. 2nd Place, Advertising

“Persimmons are harvested in large quantities every autumn. Women in rural areas are hard at work gathering and converting the leftovers into dry cakes. The sequence of photographs depicts the women’s determination to persevere in the face of adversity and hard work.” Yu Ling Ho took this photograph. Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

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6 Universe During Pandemic. 2nd Place, Science, Professional

The strange and stunning photos of the universe, including galaxies and nebulae, were captured over the course of a year by the author.” Every image was captured over a period of at least 25 hours, resulting in numerous nights for each final image. The majority of the photographs were taken in a remote location in west Texas. Every night while my equipment was functioning, I looked up at the sky and thought about how little we are as human beings, and how little color and luminosity we can detect with our eyes.” Photograph by Zixiong Jin; image courtesy of the Budapest Photo Awards.

7 Tears For George Floyd. Gold In Editorial, Political

On the ground for eight minutes and 46 seconds, US citizen Hermela Bealfan weeps at a Black Lives Matter rally in Cairns, Australia – the same amount of time it took police officer Derek Chauvin to kill George Floyd by kneeling on his neck in Minneapolis. Residents of Cairns turned out in large numbers not just to condemn Floyd’s death, but also to draw attention to the Australian indigenous death toll ‘in prison,’ which had reached 432 since 1991 at the time.” Photograph courtesy of Brian Cassey Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

8 Our Past. Photographer Of The Year, Book, Professional

“The history of the Soviet Union is a vivid demonstration of how propaganda influences a person’s perspective, values, and way of life. For those of us who were born in the Soviet Union and grew up with the ideals that were instilled in us from an early age, this was a deeply held conviction. And it was only during the Perestroika period that we found the Other World. Svetlana Melik-Nubarova contributed to this photograph. Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

9 People Of Tundra. 1st Place, People, Professional

The indigenous peoples of the Taymyr peninsula, located in Russia’s far north, continue to live according to their ancient way of life. They are nomadic herders that go from place to place with their herds of deer. They live on the tundra year-round, from birth to old age, with the exception of the period when their children depart to attend boarding schools in the winter. It came as a surprise to me to realize that they are not prisoners of their circumstances and that they have a choice. The vast majority of families own flats in settlements, but they do not wish to live there, preferring instead to travel the boundless plains.

10 Unyielding Floods. Gold, Editorial/Environmental, Professional

In South Sudan, floods have exacerbated food shortages throughout the nation. Approximately 1.3 million children are suffering from acute malnutrition, which has been compounded by the rise of malaria and the contamination of drinking water by floods, which have harmed a million people since July of this year.

The state of Jonglei is in the epicenter of the destruction. Specifically, this initiative records destruction on three levels: natural disaster, food insecurity, and the loss of a dignified way of life. Photograph courtesy of Peter Caton Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

11 Resonance. 1st Place, Science

“What if we had the ability to visualize sound? We would be immersed in incredible shapes created by acoustic waves traveling through space. Cymatics allows us to go beyond the limitations of our senses and visualize the patterns formed by a sound frequency on the surface of a fluid. By displaying the fascinating shapes generated on water by natural objects’ sounds (both Earthly and astronomical), the Resonance photographic project pays homage to the hidden beauty of Nature. The invisible symphony of reality is drawn in front of the camera’s lens, creating an invisible symphony of images.

The Italian photographer Simone Arrigoni (born 1973 in Rome) is a classical pianist, freediving world champion (holding 21 world records), and ambassador for the FIOF Italian Photography Festival in China in 2017.

12 Forest Fire. Gold, Editorial/General News

“A youngster inside a car near a forest fire in Oliveira de Frades, northern Portugal, on the 7th of September in the year 2020.” This forest fire required the participation of 327 firefighters, 103 ground vehicles, and eight airplanes.” Photograph by Nuno André; image courtesy of the Budapest Photo Awards

13 I Was My Husband. 1st Place, BookBest New Talent, Non-Professional

After a spouse dies, modern Indian society is unable to change some features of the most traditional Hindu culture, such as the belief that a widow loses her identity and has no rights or social worth after the death of the husband. They have been evicted from their homes and are barred from participating in any social activities. This is a phenomena that cuts across all socioeconomic groups, and it’s doubly contained behind the walls of ashrams and the cultural prisons of a society that likes to keep people invisible rather than confronting them with their own questions.” Photograph courtesy of Valter Darbe Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

14 Hope… Leprosy. 2nd Place, Editorial

“In March 2020, I went on a volunteer trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kimpese. A leprosy colony can be found here. If leprosy is identified in time, it may be treated, but sadly, many people do not realize they have it until it is too late. Gabriel is already 75 years old and has been a resident of this community for 20 years. Many were cured and no longer existed, despite their best efforts. However, society does not accept them because they believe they have been infiltrated by demonic spirits.

However, there is no possibility of being welcomed back into their family if they do not heal.

Romania is where I was born and raised.

All of my travels are intertwined with volunteer work. Consequently, my primary purpose is to assist.” Photograph courtesy of Emese Balazs-Fülöp Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

15 Creatures From Another Dimension. 1st Place, Science, Professional

It is common for people to be terrified of insects. The insects resemble monsters from other parallel realms or sci-fi films in their appearance. The physiology, superpowers, and manner of life of insects are very different from those of humans, as is their style of existence. With the use of negative pictures of the original photographs, I attempted to capture the actual essences of beings from other dimensions.” Photograph courtesy of Irina Petrova Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

16 Pasola – A Sumbanese Sporting Tradition. 1st Place, Events

“At the conclusion of each rainy season, the Sumbanese celebrate with a magnificent spear duel on horseback, which is heralded by the entrance of the nyale, mythically revered sea worms,” says the author. Pasola is a war ceremony that is performed to commemorate the beginning of the rice growing season. Captured in 2020 on the Indonesian island of Sumba Barat.” Wolfgang Weinhardt captured this image. Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

17 Black Dress. Gold, Advertising, Professional

A beautiful feminine picture was created, one that was romantic and mysterious at the same time, as well as bold and thrilling. That was the inspiration for this photo project.” Photograph courtesy of George Maye Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

18 Fire Escapism. 2nd Place, Advertising, Professional

“My continuous series of New York fire escapes is a joyful ode to the rhythm of this wonderful city, and I hope it inspires you as well.” The fire escapes and the facades that surround them, in my opinion, are very characteristic of New York. While they are abstract compositions on the one hand, the stairwell and windows in the background give a real connection to human size on the other.” Photograph courtesy of Paul Brouns Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

19 The Persistence Of Family. 2nd Place, Fine Art

“By combining old and contemporary family images, this collection allows generations to communicate with one another throughout time.” The photographs, which are motivated by personal desire, bring to life the things that I cherish. Nonetheless, they are addressing a universal experience by questioning the ways in which familial ties and history play a role in defining our sense of ourselves and our position in the universe. They argue that the present moment, which exists in each of us, comprises both the past and the future at the same time.

Diana Cheren Nygren captured this image.

20 Requiem Pour Pianos. 2nd Place, Architecture, Professional

“Can you tell me what’s left of their finery?” Marble has been blown away, fireplaces have been dismantled, and hangings have been destroyed. These magnificent mansions have been stripped of their majesty. Amazing wood and cast iron monsters with lacquered skin, on the other hand, are lurking in the shadows, flashing their toothless smiles with ivory reflections on their ivory skin.

These pianos are the heart and soul of the establishment, and they are too heavy to be relocated.” Photograph courtesy of Romain Thiery Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

21 As Time Stood Still. 1st Place, Fine Art

During the London lockdowns in 2020, this is the diary of a photojournalist. In the absence of being able to roam the streets and create my regular work, I chose to turn the camera on myself and examine my sentiments, my uncertainties, my hopes, and my concerns via photography. During this extremely uncertain moment, the camera provided me with a sense of purpose, and the development of this project turned out to be a really therapeutic process. Margarita Mavromichalis has spent her entire life traveling and living in different parts of the world.

She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

Her love is also for capturing current events that she believes strongly about, as well as exposing their societal implications.

Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

22 You Are My Mother. 1st Place, Portfolio, Professional

Many of us found ourselves returning to our roots and spending more time with our family as the Covid epidemic spread over the world. Because she wanted to chronicle the profound emotional healing that she observed between a mother and her adult daughter, Angelika began photography her project in April 2020, while the country was under total lockdown in South Africa. She then began investigating the same’story’ in other mother-child relationships, studying the impact it had on her own family life as well as on her audience,” she says.

23 Black Eye. Growing Up Travelling. 2nd Place, Book

“Growing up” is a phrase that means “going through life.” With words from the children themselves, Traveling is a collection of images depicting the truths and lives of Irish Traveller children growing up in caravans on the sides of the road throughout Ireland, as well as images of the children themselves, who yearn to be understood and just treated as humans. I hope that this book will show these beautiful children how and who they are, and that it will open up their world to a better understanding that a child is a child and should be loved and respected for who they are as a result of their appearance.

Since then, she has traveled the world, taking photos of children and childhood in different parts of the world.

Her passion for children grows with each new adventure.

24 2021 Dajia Zhen Lan Temple Mazu Pilgrimage. 1st Place, Events, Professional

“This yearly festival takes place over the course of nine days and eight nights. Pilgrims go from Dajia and travel to Taichung, where they travel south till they reach Jiayi Mazu Temple, where they return.” Photograph courtesy of Chen Che Wang Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

25 The Space Between. 2nd Place, Fine Art

‘For this series, Holfeld has concentrated on the Calpe housing development La Muralla Roja, which was designed by the legendary architect Ricardo Bofill.’ La Muralla Roja is a modernist apartment complex in Manzanera, Calpe, Spain, that was completed in 1973 and is considered to be one of Ricardo’s ten most distinctive buildings. Architectural surfaces that Holfeld observes are assembled as painterly abstractions in his series The Space Between, which is based on his particular visual language.

Daniel Holfeld was born in Dublin in 1984, grew up in Ireland, and graduated with a BA in photography from Dublin’s Institute of Technology in 2008.

Since childhood, Holfeld has been drawn to big open spaces, acquiring a deep appreciation for and fascination with the intricate language of building.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has bought editions for its permanent and esteemed Robert Elwall collection.” Photograph courtesy of Daniel Holfeld Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

26 Twins. 2nd Place, Architecture

The Meiko Triton Bridge in Nagoya-shi is a Japanese bridge with a similar name. I wanted to express myself in monotone. Photograph courtesy of Hirotaka Shindo Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

27 Who Left The Bloody Lights On? 1st Place, Nature

From the cockpit of my Boeing B777 and B787, I’m photographing the world’s lighted cities, towns, and villages at night. Guess what would be the next best thing if Rico wasn’t clever enough to be an astronaut, but his mother and father were still proud of him, so it was a win-win situation. Oh, and I suppose Rico should also include something about climate change/energy use blah blah, but I’m sure you’re already aware of that information. Enjoy. It’s finally over! Rico feels he is quirky, original, distinctive, one-of-a-kind, or unique, in the same way that the other 7.8 billion individuals on this globe do, in addition to being awake.

conveying a message that is diametrically opposed to its literal meaning through the use of words; including or exemplifying irony: (an ironic novel; an ironic remark.) 2.

characterized by, pertaining to, or prone to utilize irony or mocking; sarcastic The fact that I was seated next to my ex-husband during the dinner was an unfortunate turn of events.” Photograph courtesy of Rico X. Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

28 Cocoons. Concrete And Steel. 1st Place In Architecture

“A sequence of buildings around Europe with a variety of shapes, forms, and textures,” says the author. Photograph by Gino Ricardo; image courtesy of the Budapest Photo Awards.

29 Tartan Army Descend On London For Euro 2020, Silver In Editorial/General News, Professional

In the West End of London, drunken Scottish football supporters are gathering to celebrate Euro 2020. In preparation for the match against England, thousands of Scottish fans flocked to Leicester Square, where they donned their national team’s shirts and kilts, waved flags, and hurled smoke bombs before watching the match, which ended in a 0-0 draw, which was enough to keep Scotland in the tournament. Supporters were encouraged not to go to London unless they had purchased a ticket or had made other arrangements to see the game in person.” Photograph courtesy of Jeff Gilbert Image courtesy of the Budapest Foto Awards

30 Hair. 1st Place, Advertising

“A hair drier that is little but powerful.” Photograph by tefan Csontos; image courtesy of the Budapest Photo Awards

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