What Is A Daily Double In Horse Racing? (Best solution)

You win if you correctly select the winners of two consecutive races. It’s not easy to hit a Daily Double bet, but it can be very lucrative!

What is daily double bet?

A daily double is a parimutuel wager offered by horse and dog racing tracks (and at jai alai frontons) in North America. Bettors wager on the winners of two races, pre-designated by the track for a particular race day. The Daily Racing Form’s glossary defines a daily double as two consecutive races.

How do you do a daily double?

The Daily Double is a randomly chosen clue on the board that has no assigned value. Instead, the player can wager any part of their score before the clue is read. If they are right, they add the wager to their score. If not, they lose that amount.

How much is a daily double bet?

In most cases for Daily Double and Pick 3 wagering, the minimum bet on a Daily Double in US horse racing is $2. You can bet more than that, which will raise your potential payback should you win. All Daily Double wagers must be in before the first race involved (also known as the first “leg” or “half” of the double).

What is a $2 double in horse racing?

A double bet is the most simple and straightforward multiple bet available. As the name suggests, it is simply two different selections bundled together into one bet. If the bettor makes two winning selections, they win and get a greater payout than they would if they have just placed two separate single bets.

What does Pick 3 mean in horse racing?

(a) The “PICK-3” is a unique pari-mutuel pool, separate from all other pari-mutuel pools. The object of the PICK-3 is to select the winners only of three consecutive races (legs) designated by the track operator and advertised clearly in the betting program.

How do you place a double bet?

The odds for a double bet are worked out by taking the odds of each single bet and then multiplying those to create your double bet odds. The other way to work out double bet odds is that the money won from your first bet would be put as a stake on the second selection. See below for a double bet example.

How is running double calculated?

1 must with the FIRST LEG (Race 4) and either 1,2 or 3 can win the SECOND LEG (Race 5). A Multiple Running Double is where you select two or more runners in each LEG. Either 1 or 2 can win the FIRST LEG and either 1,2 or 3 can win the SECOND LEG.

What does DB mean in horse racing?

Daily double: You’re betting on two separate horses in consecutive races in a daily double, usually the first and second races of the day. Each of your horses must finish first. Exacta: You must pick the first two finishers in a race in the exact order they finish—unless you box your bet.

How long is a Daily Double?

The host does not know which question will be the Daily Double, since the choice is randomized by the machine and is different every time. category, of as little as $0 or up to as much money as they have accumulated. The contestants have 30 seconds to write a response, again phrased in the form of a question.

Are Daily Double questions harder?

The Daily Doubles seem usually a shade more difficult than most of the answers, but I find most of them are made easy by the added time (not as rigid, it seems, as other answers) to come up with the question. Subjective answer since I only started watching when Art Fleming was young.

Are Daily Doubles random?

” Far from being randomly distributed, Daily Doubles are heavily concentrated at the bottom of the board. Of the roughly 10,000 such clues logged on J-Archive, 92 percent were in the bottom three (of five) rows.

What is a treble bet?

A treble bet is where you make three single outright selections, often known as legs, which are combined into one multiple bet. The treble bet needs all three of the separate selections to be successful for your bet to win. If one of the three selections is unsuccessful, then the entire treble bet loses.

What is a Daily Double Bet in Horse Racing?

It’s not always enough fun to choose just one winner, so why not attempt to pick two winners in a succession with the horse racing daily double bet? During the day, there are frequently what are referred to as “rolling Doubles,” which means that there will be one pool for races 1 and 2 and a another pool for races 2 and 3. (and so on). This form of parlay might be a fun way to pass the time while watching the races.

What is a Daily Double bet in horse racing?

If you properly predict the winners of two consecutive races, you will win the game. A Daily Double bet is not simple to strike, but it may be quite profitable if you do!

What is the minimum stake on a Daily Double bet?

In most cases, a Daily Double bet requires a minimum wager of $2. Some tracks, like as Keeneland, offer a minimum bet of $.50, and online Daily Double bets have the same minimum investment as wagering on Daily Doubles at the race track.

How much can I win on a Daily Double bet?

Horse racing winnings on a daily double bet are limitless and are decided by the pari-mutuel system, in which all winning tickets share a pool of money collected from all bets (less the money the track takes as commission). Take, for example, a $2 minimum wager on two consecutive races at Saratoga on the day of the Woodward. You would have won if you accurately predicted the winners of both races. Shaman Ghost is most known as the victor of the Santa Anita Handicap and the runner-up in the Pegasus World Cup, among other accomplishments.

Can I pick more than one horse to win in a Daily Double bet?

Yes! It will raise the cost of the ticket, but you may choose as many horses as you like in a single “leg” (race): you can even select ALL and take the whole field.

Learn more with our other betting resources below:

With the Daily Double, you are attempting to predict who will win two consecutive races in a single wager. The typical betting amount for this bet is $1, however some tracks need a minimum stake of $2 in order to accept the wager. This was the very first sort of multi-race wager given by horse races, and it is still available at practically every horse track in North America to this day. It is most frequently used as a wager during the first two races of a card, when the field is quite small.

  1. Some thoroughbred racetrack provide daily doubles on a “rolling” basis, meaning that they are available on every race until the last.
  2. This might assist you in determining how much money your combination will pay out if it is drawn.
  3. It’s unlikely that you’ll receive any money back if there are two big favorites in each of the two races.
  4. However, keep in mind that there are many people who are betting on the same combination as you, so see if you can outwit one of the favorites by placing a better wager.
  5. This will result in greater rewards and a higher overall return on your investment.
  6. It’s worth considering if you have a favorite horse in either race and pushing the “all button” (choosing every horse in a certain race) on that horse in the same race, especially if the opposing race is one in which you believe anybody may win.
  7. If a medium-priced or longshot horse enters the race, you might earn a good return on your investment.

This will protect you from losing the wager since you did not include a horse in your selection.

However, it is one that might provide a profit while also providing you with enjoyment for two races without requiring a significant financial commitment.

Make certain that you have done your homework before investing large sums of money on a daily double.

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What Is A Daily Double Wager?

The daily double bet is one of the most popular exotic bets in the world of horse racing betting, having been around for almost a century. The first time this enormously popular wager was offered was in 1931. Typically, it is only offered to bettors during the first two or last two horse racing events of the day, depending on the time of day. When compared to other types of exotic bets, the daily double bet type is arguably the most straightforward to comprehend. Additionally, it is the most straightforward to utilize at the racecourse or while placing bets online.

We will also provide a list of daily double bet kinds, as well as some instances, in this section.

After that, we’ll compare the daily double bet to pick 3 and choose 5 exotic bets, as well as provide a brief history of each.

You’ll have the confidence to place a daily double bet like a true professional once you’ve finished reading our detailed guide.

What is a daily double in horse racing?

A daily double is a type of exotic bet in horse racing that asks you to pick the winner from two consecutive racing events that take place on the same day. Initially, the daily double bet was only available on the first two races of the day, with no further options. These days, the majority of racetracks throughout the world provide a daily double bet on the final two races of the day in order to keep bettors interested and on the track until the end of the day. You will also come across some racetracks that provide rolling daily double bet options that are available at all hours of the day and throughout the day.

The early one is preferred by the majority of bettors since it provides them with an early profit margin and allows them to extend their betting options for the remainder of the day.

In other instances, it is more difficult for bettors to succeed.

Types of daily double bets

On race day, there are four different sorts of daily double bets that you may place:

  • Early daily double
  • Late daily double
  • Running daily double
  • Multiple daily double
  • Early daily double

Don’t get too worked up over it. The next sections provide a detailed explanation for each of these bet kinds, as well as an example.

Early daily double

A daily double bet is a wager on the first two races of the day that is placed early in the day. It is necessary for you to identify the winners of two consecutive races in order to pass the test.

To be the winner, you must correctly guess both of the game’s outcomes. Consider the following scenario: you choose horse No. 3 for the first leg and horse No. 8 for the second leg. You will pay $2 for your early daily double ticket, which will be shown as follows:$2 Daily Double (3-8).

Late daily double

A late daily double bet is a wager on the final two races of the day that is placed late in the day. It is necessary for you to choose two winners from two consecutive races in order to complete the task. In order to be eligible for a reward, you must accurately predict the winners of both races. Consider the following scenario: You choose horse No. 7 to win the first leg of the final two races of the day, and horse No. 1 to win the second leg of the last two races of the day. In order to qualify for a late daily double ticket, you must pay $2 and present the following information: $2 Daily Double is a daily double that is offered on a daily basis (7-1).

Running daily double

A running daily double bet begins with the first race and continues through all of the races until the conclusion of the day. Consider the following example: If you have a ten-race event, the running daily double will be made up of races 1-2, races 2-3, races 3-4, races 4-5, races 5-6, races 6-7, and so on. For example, suppose you choose races 4-5 and select horse No. 9 in the first leg (fourth race) and horse No. 2 in the second leg (fifth race) (fifth race). It costs $2 to place a running daily double wager and your ticket should be as follows:$2 Running Daily Double (9-2).

Multiple daily double

There is no difference between a multiple daily double bet and the other daily double bet kinds discussed above; however, you can make more than one pick on both the first and second legs of the bet to boost your chances of winning. So, instead of selecting just one option in the first leg and another choice in the second leg (for example), you may choose four choices in the first leg and five selections in the second leg (for example). For example, suppose you choose horses Nos. 3 and 12 for the first leg and horses Nos.

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You will be charged $20 for this daily double option, and your ticket will look like the following: Multiple Daily Double Bets for $20 (3-12 First Leg, 1-4-6-8-12 Second Leg).

How to calculate daily double payouts

The rewards of a daily double bet may be calculated using a variety of online bet calculators, which are all completely free to utilize. To calculate your potential payments manually, on the other hand, you will require the following information to assess your prospective earnings:

  • The total number of people that have placed a bet
  • This is the total amount of tickets that were purchased in the betting pool. To assess your prospective profits, the house will take a percentage of the betting pool’s total revenue.

For the sake of illustration, below is a simplified example of how to compute a daily double wager:

  • A total of 1,000 daily double tickets are offered for $2 each
  • The betting pool has a total prize pool of $2,000 ($2 x 1,000 tickets sold)
  • And Each of the 100 winning tickets from the two successive races will be paid out at the rate of $20 to the bettor who purchased the ticket. ($2,000 for each of 100 winners)

Please keep in mind that we did not subtract the house percentage that is deducted from the betting pool before each winner receives their payment from the betting pool. A typical housing percentage ranges from 10 percent to 15 percent, and you will need to account for this in your calculations.

Daily double vs. pick 3 and pick 5 bets

It is easy to see that a daily double bet is the most straightforward of the bunch when compared to exotic bets such as a pick 3 or a choose 5, which are both more complicated. It is only necessary to choose the winners of two successive horse racing events in order to place a daily double wager. If you choose a pick 3, on the other hand, you will have to guess the winners of three consecutive horse racing events. In addition, with apick 5, you will be required to identify the winners from five consecutive horse racing events in order to win.

The odds of winning a daily double bet are therefore less enticing than the odds of winning a pick 3 or choose 5. When two consecutive races are run, the selection procedure is less difficult than when three or five consecutive races are run.

Origins of the daily double bet

The popular daily double bet is often recognized as the first exotic wager to be made available at horse racetracks in North America, having first appeared in the 1970s. The daily double bet was initially offered at the Connaught Park Racetrack in Ottawa in 1931, and it has been around ever since. It was initially only available on the first two racing events of each day in order to guarantee that spectators come for race day as early as possible. It was extremely popular in New York, bringing in more over $500,000 during the lunch hour, compared to the late daily double, which only managed to bring in $200,000 during the same period.

When compared to the show, put, and win bets, it yielded bigger payments.

Following the introduction of computer technology into sports wagering, we saw the emergence of additional exotic bets, such as thepick 6, superfecta, and trifecta exotic wagers.

The national anthem is played twice daily at several racetracks in North America, before the second song is played.


What is the cost of a daily double bet? According on where you put your bets, a daily double wager comes with a choice of minimum bet amounts to choose from. In most cases, the normal wager amount for a daily double bet is around $1. Please keep in mind that there are certain racetracks that need a minimum of $2 for each daily double bet, so be sure to double-check before you go. Do you have what it takes to box a daily double bet? No, you will not be able to place a daily double box bet either online or at the racetrack.

  1. You will not be able to choose numerous horses to finish in different places when placing a daily double wager since there is only one position available in a daily double wager: the winning horse.
  2. The greater the size of the betting pool, the greater your chances of winning.
  3. For example, you will need to know the total amount of all tickets sold in the betting pool as well as the number of bettors who placed the daily double bet.
  4. The amount of picks in a daily double vs a pick 6 is the most significant variation between the two.
  5. Even while the chances of a pick 6 wager are more favorable, it is also far more difficult to get it correctly.

What was the result of the daily double payout at the Belmont Stakes on Saturday? The largest daily double payout for the 2019BelmontStakes happened in race 10 when a $2 Daily Double ticket resulted in a rewarding$41.50 payment for a $2 Daily Double ticket.

Daily Double Bet

When placing a daily double wager, you are selecting the winners of two successive races. Consider the following scenario: A daily double bet on horses 7-2 would pay if 7 won the first race and 2 won the second race. Bonus of $150 on your first deposit Promotional Code: BUSA150Available Bonuses Bonus of $200 on your first depositBonus Code: BET200Get Bonus First, you may get up to $300 risk-free. Bet Get a $300 bonus by using the promo code RISKFREE300. Typically, racetracks provide daily doubles for the first two races of the day, and many also offer daily doubles for the final two races of the day.

The majority of tracks require a $2 minimum stake on daily doubles, however some races allow wagers as little as $0.50 or $1 to be placed.

The Daily Double Advantage

In horse racing, the daily double is virtually considered a formal tradition, although its popularity is founded on more than just habitual behavior. Bettors have the opportunity to put win bets on each of the first two races, but the daily double offers more value because to the way the track takeout operates. All individual horse racing bets are subject to track takeout, which is the amount of money that the track retains from every betting pool in order to cover different expenditures and produce a profit for the track.

Making two separate win bets subjects the bettor to the takeout twice: once for each bet and once for the total of both bets.

Therefore, the daily double provides a greater value to the bettor than the daily single.

Example: Sam Houston Race Park in Texas has one of the lowest daily double takeout rates in the country, with only 12 percent of all wagers being returned.

Daily Double Wheels

For an improved chance of winning the bet, bettors can wheel their daily doubles in the same manner as they would other exotic wagers. Wheels in their entirety If you have a good feeling about which horse will win one race but not the other, you may choose a certain horse for one leg and cover the field on the other leg to maximize your profits. Consider the following scenario: you are confident4 that your horse will win the first race, but you have no idea which horse will win the second. You may put a daily double wheel bet, selecting 4 horses for the first race and ALL horses for the second race.

It is defined by the number of selections in the race of the non-keyed horse that determines the price of a daily double complete wheel.

Bettors have the option of placing entire wheels in either direction.

The wagering on daily double full wheels is not as expensive as some exotic horse racing wagers, but one thing to bear in mind is that even if the favored horse in each race wins, the wager may not return enough money to break even because many other individuals have bet on the same combinations of horses.

Part-Wheels Bettors can also put part-wheels in order to lower their expenses.

The cost of a component wheel is determined by the amount of options available. As an example, a $2 daily double with the aforementioned picks would cost $6 in total because it covers three possible outcomes: winning, losing, and a tie.

  • 4 wins the first race and 2 wins the second
  • 4 wins the first race and 6 wins the second
  • 4 wins the first race and 7 wins the second

Choosing Multiple Horses for Each Leg of the Race Another option for playing the daily double is to choose numerous horses for each leg of the wager. This is known as the multiple horse strategy. As with other sorts of exotic wagers, this is simply a variation on the box betting concept. Making numerous picks for each race may become expensive since it ensures that every potential combination is covered, but bettors can save money by omitting horses who are of lesser value from their selections.

The bet will cost you $12 if you put a $2 daily double with these picks, because it covers six different potential combinations:

  • 1 wins the first race, 3 wins the second
  • 1 wins the first race, 4 wins the second
  • 1 wins the first race, 5 wins the second
  • 2 wins the first race, 3 wins the second
  • 2 wins the first race, 4 wins the second
  • 2 wins the first race, 5 wins the second

Calculating the price of a daily double with multiple selections in each race is straightforward: simply multiply the number of horses in the first race by the number of horses in the second race, and then multiply the answer by the amount of the base wager. If you ran the following example through the formula, the result would be as follows: 2 horses in the first leg x 3 horses in the second leg = 66 horses multiplied by $2 basic wager is $12.

Daily Double Payouts

When playing daily doubles, the reward potential is quite varied. When two favorites win their respective races on the same day, the daily double reward is often minimal in comparison to other exotic bets. The daily double, on the other hand, may produce big returns if bettors accurately forecast the outcome of longshot horses in their respective races. In general, the daily double is not the gamble to make if you’re searching for rewards on the order of the lottery. If it is large rewards that you are looking for, the Pick 6 and Superfectaare the wagers to consider.

Even while it is not likely to make you wealthy, it is a simple wager to place and a wonderful way to extend your time at the track without having to risk a lot of money.

How to Bet Daily Doubles and Rolling Daily Doubles

In its early stages, the daily double was used by tracks to lure larger audiences to the first two races of the day while also keeping fans in attendance for the last two races of the day. The wager is currently available at the majority of racetracks in the form of “rolling daily doubles,” and it can be placed on any consecutive race sequence. The goal is straightforward: to determine the winners of two consecutive races. The wager appeals to gamblers who favor multirace gambling as well as those who believe it is easier complicated to handicap winners than it is to determine which runner will finish second or third in a race.

Daily Double Basics

Picking a single winner may be difficult enough without having to deal with the extra stress of selecting back-to-back winners as well. Therefore, the “straight double” would normally be an intimidating assignment for even the most experienced handicapper, even if the odds were in his favor. In order to place such a wager, a player would need to choose only one horse in the fifth race, followed by another single horse in the sixth event. Despite the fact that this wager may be placed for a flat minimum investment of only $2, a player would be unlikely to feel confidence in cashing the ticket unless both runners were considered big favorites.

Let’s take a closer look at how to design a daily double wheel that is successful.

Betting the Daily Double as a Wheel

Most of the time, a handicapper can pick a standout runner from within the pack in a single race with confidence. Such runners, on the other hand, are frequently forced to compete against unattractive odds. It is preferable to create value with the standout horse within the framework of an exotic wager such as the daily double, rather than discarding the horse based on low returns or sitting out the race, which is something that many bettors are inclined to do. In fact, the double is an excellent betting option in this sort of situation.

In the upcoming event, race 9, just three runners out of a ten-horse field (numbers 3, 7 and 9) appear to have a rational chance of winning, according to the oddsmakers.

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In this case, a $2 daily double wheel 6 with the numbers 3, 7, and 9 would cost $6.

Bet the Daily Double Online!

REMINDER: You must be of legal gambling age in your state or province in order to legally gamble on thoroughbred or harness horse races. Please use caution when placing your bets.

Dalily Double Wagering Explained

Double wagering on a daily basis is described. (Photo courtesy of Cheryl Quigley | Dreamstime.com) When you place a Daily Double Wager, it is identical to placing an exacta, only you are betting on two distinct races. The first two races of the card, as well as the last two races of the card, are usually where you may get Daily Doubles. Some courses now include “Rolling Doubles,” which means that you can play any two races you like on the same day. The bet must be placed prior to the start of the first of the two Daily Double events on Saturday, April 13.

If you were to utilize two horses in each race, the lineup would look like this: 1, 2 with 1, 2 with 1, 2 with 1, 2.

Finding Value

The Daily Double is a terrific method to locate value, and it’s typically simpler to hit a Daily Double than it is to get an exacta, which is a positive thing. It is often simpler to predict who will win a race than it is to predict who will come in second place. The PlayUp Racebook is on its way! When you pre-register, you will receive a free $10 bet! Sign up as soon as possible! Another excellent application of the Daily Double If you come across a horse you like that is being offered at a low price, you should consider purchasing it.

Even with a little bet, if you can tie your 6/5 favorite with a handful of longshots, you might potentially cash in on a significant payout.

The “Rolling Doubles” are a wonderful choice for players who are dissatisfied with just placing win or place bets and who do not have the financial resources to take on more difficult wagers like as superfectas and Pick 3’s.

If you are skilled and fortunate enough to strike three or four Daily Doubles in a single day, you may make a tidy return on a relatively small investment of time and money. What is horse racing betting and how does it work?

  • Win Place Show, Exacta, Trifecta, Daily Double, Quinella, Pick 3, Pick 4, Futures, and Match Ups are all possibilities.

Daily Double Bet – What is it?

Horse racing betting has evolved significantly throughout the years in a variety of ways. One of the first significant modifications to horse racing betting was the introduction of so-called exotic wagers. The Daily Double was one of the first exotic bets to be created, and it remains one of the most popular wagers in existence today. When placing horse racing bets online, the Daily Double may be a good source of value for your wagers on horse racing. See additional forms of horse bets on this page.

We’ll go over the specifics of how the wager works, as well as the best strategies for placing the wager at your chosen online racebook of choice.

Several horse betting sites are recommended by us.

About the Daily Double

The Daily Double was the very first exotic wager made accessible to gamblers in North America, and it was the first of its kind. Despite the fact that it is often thought to be a particularly American gamble, the first Daily Double wager was offered in Ottawa. Since then, it has been a standard feature at horse racing tracks throughout the United States, Canada, and other areas of the world. The Daily Double is a multi-race, multi-horse bet in which the gambler must select the winners of the first two horse races on a single card in order to win the wagering round.

  1. There is no consolation award for making a single correct choice out of a possible six.
  2. All money gambled on the Daily Double is utilized to pay out the bet’s winners, with no money going to the house.
  3. The most significant of them is the odds set on each horse that wins a leg in the competition.
  4. When favorites win the first two races in a row, the reward is quite small.
  5. This horse racing wager has a high perceived value.
  6. When it comes to horse racing, this is how the clever bettors earn their money.

Playing the Daily Double Online

The Daily Double is a wager that may be placed at practically every racetrack in the globe, except for a few. Generally speaking, it will be held on the first and second races of the day, however some circuits also offer a rolling double. When playing the rolling double, each race on the card is played in two-race sequences, for example, race 1 and 2, race 2 and 3, and so on. This pattern continues throughout the whole card of events, culminating in the final two races of the day. The wager is available from all reputable online race book providers.

Furthermore, online racebooks provide players with access to a large variety of different race courses.

It is the same pools for the Daily Double that are formed on the racetrack by live bettors that are used by online racebooks for their wagering. Alternatively, you may acquire access to the same payment by playing your favorite racing courses on the internet instead.

Strategies for Winning the Daily Double

A lot of winning techniques for the Daily Double have been created by bettors over the course of many years. For some gamblers, the best way to play the bet is to choose only one horse in each of the two legs of the race. This is a cost-effective method of placing the wager, but it is not necessarily the most rewarding. In order to increase your chances of winning, you need select more than one horse in each of the Daily Double legs. Here’s an illustration: By placing this wager, the player will win the Daily Double if the following races are the winners of the two races:

  • Horses 3 and 1
  • Horses 3 and 5
  • Horses 4 and 1
  • Horses 4 and 5
  • Horses 3 and 1

In the example above, assuming a $1 minimum bet, the total cost of the wager is $4. This is due to the fact that the bettor is creating four individual tickets rather than one single ticket. For the purpose of determining how much the bet would cost, multiply the number of horses that were used in leg one by the number of horses that were used in leg two. After that, the total is multiplied by the base amount. A $1 Daily Double is the norm at the majority of racetracks in the United States. Spreading is the term used to describe this method.

Of course, when a bettor places a larger number of bets, the total profit of the wager is diminished.

Suppose a bettor decides to play the Daily Double only when the horses being played are predicted to be more than 6-1.

The success rate of the wager would be expected to be lower, but the profit made when the wager is successful would be expected to be larger.

Why You Should be Playing the Daily Double Online

The Daily Double is an excellent betting option for horseplayers who want to place their bets on the horses online. It is a simple wager to understand and execute. Here is a look at some of the additional benefits of playing the Daily Double. Taking a chance on the Daily Double is a low-risk proposition. It is possible to play it strategically for less than $10, which is a figure that is within the financial reach of the majority of horse racing gamblers. A player with a $100 starting bankroll may devote all of his or her attention to Daily Double wagering and have a fair chance of winning.

The Choose 6 wager requires you to predict the winners of two, three, or four horses in two races, which is far less challenging than trying to pick the winners of six races in a succession for the Pick 6.

Take a moment to register with one of the online betting websites that we have recommended.

Check out our Bovada racebook review, our Twinspires review, or even our Betamerica review for more information. If you live in the United States, you have a lot of options. 5Dimes review for everyone in the world!

What does daily double mean?

  1. On the same day, you can place a daily double nouna single wager on two horse races

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:

  1. Double on a daily basis A daily double is a bet made on horse and dog racing courses that is given on a daily basis. Bettors place wagers on the winners of two races that have been pre-determined by the track on a specific race day. While the Daily Racing Form’s glossary defines a Daily Double as two consecutive races, this is a shaky definition based on the context of the sport. Many tracks’ Daily Doubles are not consecutive, as is the case with many others. Because it is increasingly difficult to predict two consecutive wins, successful daily double bets frequently pay off at generous odds. The daily double was the first so-called “exotic” wager provided by racetracks in North America, and it remains the most popular today. The wager, which was initially introduced in 1931 at Ottawa’s Connaught Park Racetrack, was normally offered exclusively for the first two races of each day’s schedule as an incentive for spectators to attend early for the whole program. The “double,” like all other American racing wagers, is done in a parimutuel manner, with the number of betting interests in the daily double pool equal to the product of the number of entries in each race, rather than the sum of the two. When 10 horses enter the first race and eight horses enter the second race, there will be eighty betting interests, one for each combination of two probable winners in the first race and eighteen in the second race. Payouts are higher as a result of this strategy than they are in plain betting for win, place, or show.

How to pronounce daily double?

  1. Chaldean Numerology is a system of numbers that was developed by the Chaldeans. In Chaldean Numerology, the numerical value of the daily double is 1
  2. In Pythagorean Numerology, the numerical value is 2. When it comes to Pythagorean Numerology, the numerical value of the daily double is 2


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Word of the Day

This week’s Beginner’s Bet of the Week, presented by NYRA Bets, is the latest chapter in a new series on America’s Best Racing, the Beginner’s Bet of the Week. Every week, this blog will look at a different sort of wager, explaining what it is, how to utilize it effectively, and putting the wager into reality in a racing setting. Have you entered the New York Racing Association’s Aqueduct Saturday Contest yet? The buy-in is $300. Cash prizes are awarded until seventh place, with one entry into the following $300 contest awarded to the eighth through tenth place finishers.

  • And it all starts with a wager on NYRA.
  • Simply use the coupon code ABR200 to get started right now!
  • This week, we’ll transfer our attention to “horizontal” bets, which are wagers that cover many races at the same time.
  • The double is the oldest of the so-called “exotic” bets, having been established in the 1930s and being the most popular.
  • Doubles are now available on all successive two-race sequences, which is a new development.
  • Using more than one horse in a race is not a restriction while playing a double.
  • Suppose you prefer 1 and 2 equally in race 1, and 3 equally in race 2, and you may play a 1 and 2 with 3 double on those races respectively.

That wager will cost you $2.

Doubles do not pay as much as other horizontal bets due to the fact that they are considered to be low-risk.

On the other hand, the average payment on the seven $1 pick 3s played on that day was $200.75, a difference of $207.75.

When you spread your bets too thinly, you dilute your projected return.

Saturday’sAqueduct Double Play on a daily basis With regard to this week’s game, I’ll be looking at the daily double sequence in Races 2 and 3.

He made his maiden start on grass in his first start off the claim of Linda Rice, finishing last out in his debut.

He’s generally considerably more in sync with the speed than he was the last time.

This horse is expected to put up another strong performance for me.

Ruey Rodriguez’s 7 Baby I’m Perfect, who has a lot of early pace and is having his first start after being claimed, is a horse I like.

He should do far better over shorter distances.

If one of them wins, I’ll take my money and call it a day. For a teller, just state “Aqueduct, Race 2, $1 double,2 with7” to place this bet with them. Remember to choose the 2 box in the first column as well as the 7 box in the second column if you are placing a bet on an ADW.

Money Making Strategies: Playing Doubles and Pick 3s

“Horizontal” bets, which include selecting the winners of numerous races in a succession, are among the most lucrative wagers in the sport of thoroughbred horse racing. The prospect of a delicious Pick 4 or Pick 5 sequence is enough to set any bettor’s heart racing. It is as a result of this that their equivalents – the double and the Pick 3 – are frequently overlooked in the chaos. Both of those wagers, on the other hand, have a lot of money-making potential and are a terrific way to cash in on a strong opinion without having to take on a lot of risk.

  1. “Rolling doubles” were originally only available on the first two races of the day, but many circuits are now offering them on any consecutive two-race sequence.
  2. On doubles, the majority of tracks offer a $1 minimum wager.
  3. This wager was initially established in California in the 1980s and quickly gained popularity around the country after that.
  4. The most typical minimum wager on a pick 3 is 50 cents, however a few tracks, most notably the NYRA venues, allow a $1 minimum bet on a choose 3 on occasion.
  5. On Aug.
  6. However, the three Pick 5s that were played that day each paid more than $1,000 for 50 cents, with the late Pick 5 earning more than $22,000 in total.
  7. That is when you have a very strong opinion in at least one race in the double or Pick 3 series, and that is the optimal moment to place such bets.
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As with other horizontal bets, bettors have the option to “spread” and employ many horses in separate races, but at a higher cost than with a single horse in a single race.

Playing a double with three horses in each leg, for example, will cost you $9 (3 X 3) on a $1 minimum wager when you use all of your favorites in each leg.

When you limit down one of those races to a single horse, though, you may reduce the total cost of your wager to $3 (1 X 3) and save yourself some money, as shown in the example above.

Although the Pick 3 provides you a bit more space to stretch your wings, every play should still be centered on one or two strong points of view.

Especially for newcomers to the game, doubles and Pick 3s are excellent introductions to horizontal betting.

In addition, unlike the Pick 4 or the Pick 5, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a high chance of winning with this game.

The trick to make money in doubles and Pick 3s is to play them at higher denominations than you would normally do.

There are just too many wide-open races in which you would not feel comfortable if you didn’t go over your budget.

You may put your money into a double with those two races, or possibly a Pick 3 with one of the races in the surrounding area, and play for a higher total.

A Pick 3 bet at a $5 increment allows you to utilize as many horses in the surrounding leg as you like while spending the same amount of money ($60).

Shortly put, gamblers with all sizes of bankrolls should avoid betting on doubles and Pick 3s.

If you have some strong ideas on a string of races, don’t feel obligated to play a Pick 4 or a Pick 5 just because they’re more visually appealing to watch. Smaller investments can provide just as much benefit as larger ones.

Betting Terminology « Cal Racing

Betting does not have to be a difficult endeavor. Maintain simplicity by selecting a horse with a catchy name. Alternatively, one that is dressed in your favorite color. Learn how to read a Racing Form and practice handicapping if you’re the analytical sort that wants to take a horse’s racing history into consideration.

Placing Your Bet

  • This includes the racecourse (keep in mind that you can bet on races at different tracks)
  • The number assigned to the race
  • The amount of money you wish to wager in dollars
  • The sort of bet that will be made
  • Your horse’s identification number

“At Santa Anita, the third race, five dollars to win on number two,” for example.

Types of Bets

Win— If your horse takes first place, you will get monetary compensation. Placement—If your horse comes in first or second, you will get monetary compensation. Show— If your horse takes first, second, or third place, you will receive $.

Exotic Bets or Combination Wagers

Three equal bets on the win, place, and show are placed across the board.

  • If your horse comes in first, you win all three bets
  • Otherwise, you lose all three bets. If your horse finishes in second place, you win both the Place and Show bets
  • If your horse finishes in third, you win both the Place and Show bets. If your horse finishes third, you win the Show bet
  • Otherwise, you lose.

Exacta—Choose two horses to compete in a single race. You will be the winner if they finish first and second in the same sequence. Quinella: Choose two horses from the stable. You will be the winner if they come in first or second, in whatever order. An Exacta Box is another term for this type of box. Pick three horses for a trifecta. You win if they finish first, second, and third, in that same order. Pick four horses for a superfecta. You win if they finish first, second, third, and fourth, in that same order.

  1. Choose one horse to run in each event.
  2. You must place your wager before to the start of the first race.
  3. Pick 4— This is similar to the Daily Double, except it is for four consecutive races instead of two.
  4. Choose the victorious horse in each of six consecutive races.
  5. If no one correctly predicts all six wins, those who correctly predict 5 out of 6 winners will each get 30% of the Pick Six pool.

Watch and Win

After you’ve placed your wager, sit back and watch your horse race. If your horse wins the race and you are paid, congratulations! But don’t get your hopes up about purchasing a private jet just yet. You must wait until the race has been officially deemed “official.” Then you may go to any window and get your prizes.

Automated Betting Machines

Once you’ve gotten the hang of making bets, you may try your hand at utilizing one of the self-service, automated betting machines. These simple-to-use devices are accessible at every racetrack and provide straightforward instructions on how to place a wager or retrieve money from a winning ticket after a race. It’s as simple as pie.

Daily Double Betting Strategies

Daily double betting entails selecting the winners of two consecutive races, which you must do twice a day. The daily double is traditionally available on the first two races of a card at most racetracks, but some tracks also offer it on the final two races of the day. Some tracks also offer rolling doubles, which means that you may wager the daily double on any two consecutive races throughout the whole card, rather than just the first two. In order for you to cash a $2 daily double of 2-3 on the first two races, horse 2 would have to win the first race and horse 3 would have to win the second race in order for you to pay a ticket.

For example, a $1 daily double wheel of 1 with 4,5,6 would cost $3 and would require that horse 1 win the first race and any of horses 4,5,6 win the second race in order for the wager to be profitable.

Because this bet is a $1 wheel rather than a complete $2 daily double stake, you would only receive half of the indicated $2 daily double payment if it came in, rather than the entire $2 daily double payout.

Daily Double Takeout Value

The daily double, like other multi-race bets, has its own independent wagering pool, exposing bettors to just one pari-mutuel takeout rather of the two separate takeouts that would be imposed if you bet on each horse to win in each race if you bet on each horse to win in each race. This is the primary reason why the daily double typically pays out more than a win parlay on the same two horses would pay out. For example, if you bet on a horse to win the first race, your win bet will be subject to a track takeout of anywhere between 14 and 20% of the total amount wagered.

To put it another way, this means that your two wagers are taxed at a rate of 28-40 percent combined.

It goes without saying that the daily double is the superior choice if you have two strong picks.

Other Reason to Like This Wager

There are a number of additional factors that contribute to the daily double being a successful bet. Considering that it was first offered at Connaught Park in Canada in 1930, it is the most established of the unusual wagers, and as a result, it has widespread popularity among both casual gamblers and horsemen. And, as a result of its durability and simplicity, it has been passed down from one generation of bettors and riders to the next generation. Horsemen preferred to employ the double to wager their horses in the early days, when the likelihood of daily double payments was shown on computerized tote boards, simply because it allowed them to keep their intentions hidden from the general public betting on their horses.

However, with the daily double, horsemen could wheel their horses with a number of others in the following race without the public being aware of what was going on in their stable.

Some tracks forced you to place your daily double wagers anywhere from 15-60 minutes before the first race began, making it difficult, if not impossible, to identify the inside money at the time of the wager.

In the daily double betting pools, both old and new money is always pouring in, and this is especially true in the case of the early double, which is popular with bettors since it allows them to get the day started on a winning note.

As a result, you can almost always count on a respectable betting pool.

Daily Double Betting Strategy

For many bettors, it is preferable to “grab” the early daily double so that they will have more money to play with for the duration of the card. Aside from that, they enjoy hedging their bets, which means they will frequently wager on numerous horses against multiple other horses, even the favorites in a $1 daily double wheel. For example, they may choose to play a $1 double wheel 4,5,6 WITH 2,3,4, which includes nine potential $1 combinations for a cost of $9 and includes nine possible $1 combinations.

Overall, by betting many combinations, including the favorites in the double, a gambler lowers their rate of return and forfeits the very edge that a single daily double takeout would have provided them.

Alternatively, if you can discover a value play in one leg of the double, you may wheel it with a number of other horses in the other leg of the double – just as the clever horsemen used to do – and continue to do – in the olden days.

The fact that casual bettors are putting money into daily double wheels utilizing the three favorites in each leg just so they may have it does not deter them from doing so – which is to their benefit.

Just as in any other horse betting circumstance, the key to betting the double is to identify value bets and mix them with one another as well as with the favorite in some cases.

The best way to make money on a straight daily double ticket is to believe that the favorite is going to win the second leg.

This is the most important thing to understand: if you wheel many favorites against a pool of multiple favorites in the daily double, you will cash more tickets but lose more money than if you concentrated on finding value and beating the favorites in at least one leg of the double.

You can always hold out for the late double, when bettors who have lost money on the early double and throughout the card come out swinging with wild multiple wheels in an attempt to make up for their losses.

In the late double, you can discover value even in the lesser priced horses since many combinations are bet with the mindset of “get out for the day” rather than according to chance.

As with other exotic wagering techniques, betting the daily double is most successful when you identify the greatest value bets and stick with them — restricting your wheel combinations to only the most reliable ones.

It’s true that you’ll cash fewer tickets if you follow this daily double betting approach, but providing your handicapping abilities are strong, you’ll make more money. Isn’t it the gist of the concept? Exacta Wagering Strategy is related to this.

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