Mount And Blade Warband How To Dismount Horse? (Solution found)

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. When the horse is stopped you need to look down on the ground for the “Dismount” option to appear.

  • How do I dismount a horse in Mount and Blade Warband? During battle, move to a complete stop and center your camera to your horse’s head. You’ll get a “dismount” prompt. Press F to dismount.

How do you get off a horse in Mount and Blade Warband Xbox one?

Press “Z” to get off your horse.

How do I dismount a horse from my computer?

Just doing a long press on the right trackpad will do it. No need to look down at the horse.

How do you sprint in Mount and Blade Warband?

Bad news, we’re sorry to say: there’s no sprint button in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. As was the case in Warband, you have either walk or run to toggle between using “CAPS LOCK” and that’s it. For those who want to traverse the map faster, make sure you keep your horse close by.

What is the fastest horse in Mount and Blade Warband?

The Courser is the fastest horse type in the game, with a base speed stat of 50. A horse with the Champion variant grants +4 speed, and a horse with the Spirited variant grants +2 speed. This means that a Champion Courser combines for a blistering 54 speed, whereas the standard Warhorse has a speed of 40.

What can you do with prisoners in Mount and Blade?

Once you have taken prisoners, you may recruit them to your party, ransom them to Ransom Brokers (found in taverns in towns), or garrison them in a town or city.

How do you heal yourself in Mount and Blade Warband?

The only way to regenerate health points in M&B Bannerlord is letting time pass. There are no magic, consumable health items in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord that would let you replenish health – an injured character needs time to fully recover.

How do you dismount a horse in Skyrim ps5?

Yup, the same way you mount the horse is the way you dismount. The activate key/button.

How do you move faster in Mount and Blade 2?

The easiest way to improve your world map speed is to buy horses. These must be horses, not mules. While mounts can be equipped on your main character and your companion, they cannot be equipped on units unless the unit requires horses for an upgrade.

How do I increase my movement speed in Bannerlord?

Ways to Increase Party Speed in Bannerlord

  1. Trade good weight will affect your party’s speed on the map.
  2. You can change this option in the middle of a play-through.
  3. Battanians can move faster through forests.

How do you sprint on a horse in Bannerlord?

You can hold W to get up to a gallop or a full on sprint or tap it a few times to get up to a full sprint. But as always you cap tap the S key to get into the different stages like gallop or walk and tap it a few times to abruptly stop. You don’t have to hold the W key to keep at gallop.

Does having horses in your inventory increase speed Warband?

Extra horses in your inventory will offset the speed loss that comes from carrying lots of heavy goods in your inventory. However, if you aren’t carrying very much in your inventory, having lots of horses could actually slow you down (since they themselves count as goods).

Do horses in your inventory increase speed?

The speed of a horse can increase your attack. The horse’s attributes also do not matter, meaning a Sumpter Horse has the same utility as a Charger. Adding horses to your inventory can also further improve your overland speed by reducing the speed penalty from heavy items in your inventory (see Party speed).

What is the best armor in Mount and Blade Warband?

As for a better armor, the Lordy Plate Armor is the best is the game and will run somewhere around 150,000 denars (the exact amount of course varies depending on your Trade skill).

How to dismount your horse during combat in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlords

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlords is a game where combat is a typical occurrence. The vast majority of the time, you and your army will begin a campaign with a horse at your disposal, making movement between locations substantially more convenient. If you are fighting on horseback, you may wish to dismount and fight your opponents with your two feet. If you are fighting on foot, you may want to adjust your approach and try to dismount. During combat, you have the option of choosing whether or not to ride or dismount your horse.

You can also opt to dismount your horse by pressing the “Z” key on your keyboard, but you will need to use the “F” key to get back on your horse.

While in combat, you should avoid attempting to dismount off your horse because doing so will require bringing your horse to a complete halt.

Regardless of their army’s size, all commanders have the choice to make the same decision.

They will dismount from their horses and stand alongside their mounts, ready for action, as they continue to wait for your instructions.

It is critical that you select the most advantageous moment for your soldiers and yourself to battle on horseback.

If they don’t have any mounted combatants, you’ll have a distinct edge in the battle, so be prepared.

How To Dismount Horse In Mount And Blade Ps4?

In Mount and Blade II: Bannerlords, combat is a regular occurrence. The vast majority of the time, you and your army will begin a campaign with horses at your disposal, making it substantially easier to travel between locations. If you are battling on horseback, you may want to dismount and attack your foes with your two feet. However, if you are fighting on foot, you may want to adjust your tactics. During combat, you have the option of deciding whether or not to mount or dismount your mount.

  1. Additionally, you may opt to disembark off your horse by pressing the “Z” key on your keyboard; however, you will need to click “F” on your keyboard to saddle it again.
  2. While in combat, you should avoid attempting to dismount from your horse because doing so will require bringing the animal to a complete halt.
  3. Regardless of their army’s composition, all commanders have the choice to make the same decision.
  4. You may expect them to descend from their horses and stand close them, ready for fight, while they continue to wait for your instructions.
  5. They will then be able to ride their horses once more.
  6. You will almost certainly want to stay on your horse if your opponents are also warriors who are riding into battle.

As long as they don’t have mounted warriors, you’ll have an unmistakable edge during the conflict. What you choose will depend on the weapons you have accessible to you and your army, as well as any talents or perks you may have, so choose your pick carefully.

How To Dismount Horse In Mount And Blade Ps4 – Related Questions

All you have to do to get off your horse is gaze down at it and press the “F” button on your keyboard. You can also opt to dismount your horse by pressing the “Z” key on your keyboard, but you will need to use the “F” key to get back on your horse.

How do I heal in Mount and Blade Warband?

What is the best way to regain health? In M B Bannerlord, the sole means to restore health points is to just wait for time to pass. It is not possible to replace health using magic or consumable healing items in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord because a damaged character need time to properly recover from his or her injuries. However, you have the option of speeding up the procedure.

How do I follow someone in Warband?

When you join him, he will tell you what he wants you to do, for example, “we will be marching momentarily.” You may follow him by right-clicking his army on the global map and selecting “accompaniment.” Afterwards, he will move, and your army will automatically follow in his footsteps.

Where do you get cattle in Mount and Blade Warband?

You may obtain livestock by speaking with the village elder and selecting the ‘purchasing supplies’ option from the menu. Because most communities do not have livestock, it may take several attempts to locate ones that do. The greatest chance is to visit communities in the vicinity of thriving urban areas.

Can you mod Mount and Blade Warband on Xbox one?

The simplest way to obtain livestock is to approach the village elder and ask for the option of “purchasing supplies.” A few efforts may be required to locate communities that have livestock because most do not have any. Visiting villages in the vicinity of thriving metropolis is your best option.

How do you go faster in Bannerlord?

Purchasing horses is the most straightforward method of increasing your global map speed. Horses, not mules, must be used in this situation. However, while mounts may be equipped on your main character and your companion, they cannot be equipped on units unless the unit requires horses in order to advance in the game.

How do you level up athletics in Bannerlord?

There are a plethora of methods for raising the Athletics skill level, but they all revolve on one thing: movement. You may do this by fighting on foot during battles and tournaments, or you can opt to walk throughout the campaign map without a horse to accomplish this. Increase your level of activity by walking and running.

Are there cheats for Mount and Blade Warband ps4?

Activating the Cheat Menu by pressing Ctrl + (then typing in ‘cheat menu’) allows for a variety of hacks, including the addition of objects and the improvement of relationships. Here is a list of all of the Mount and Blade Warband cheat codes, as well as their effects. Ctrl + Left Click — Upgrades all of the troops on the way to that point.

How do you command troops in Mount and Blade Bannerlord?

To command your army, start by pressing the numerical key that corresponds to the squad you want to lead. The function keys will then become available to you, allowing you to issue orders to them. A second menu of choices will appear when the function keys for movement, altering the direction they’re facing, and the troop’s formation are pressed at the same time.

How do you go first person in Bannerlord?

Using the R button, you may switch between third-person and first-person perspectives.

When there is a significant difference between the FOV values and the camera position values, the transition between the two might be jarring. If this is an issue for you, be careful to experiment with both until you find something that is nearly identical.

How do you run in Bannerlord 2?

The key you’ll want to press is Caps Lock, which will toggle between running and walking. The good news is that this is the case. The bad news is that, as you may have noticed, your character isn’t particularly quick on his feet.

What do I do with prisoners Bannerlord?

In Bannerlord, you have the option of executing these prisoners, selling them, or recruiting them into your own army. Those captured captives who are either farmers or too weak to fight can be exchanged for some valued Deenars if they are not farmers or too weak to fight. The first step toward trading the convicts is to choose a location with a significant population.

How do you teleport in Bannerlord?

How to Teleport in Bannerlord Using a Cheat on Map Movement In order to teleport in Bannerlord utilizing the map movement trick, you must first hit Ctrl and then left click on the location where you wish to travel in the World Map menu. This will allow you to move around the map freely, fast, and, most importantly, safely, as you like.

How do I hire a companion in Bannerlord?

How to Teleport in Bannerlord Using a Cheat on the Map It is necessary to hold down the Ctrl key and then left click on the location you wish to teleport to in Bannerlord in order to use the map mobility hack. In this way, you will be able to navigate the map with more ease and speed while also being safe.

How many cows are in a head of cattle?

Cattle, like people, have their own comforts and discomforts, and they are always attempting to strike a balance between the two. So a head of cattle is a single animal, which might be either male or female. We didn’t use the word “plural” while we were talking about it. We wouldn’t say that those ten head of cattle are adamant about going to the auction barn.

Can you sell cattle in Mount and Blade?

It looks like the plan is for you to transport the cattle to the nearest city where fresh beef would get you the highest price in denars, butcher them outside of such city, and then sell the meat you have harvested. In other words, you are not permitted to sell livestock.

How do you get a cow in Viking conquest?

Cattle must be purchased in person from the Village Elder in the village; they cannot be purchased through the trade menu or through the trade menu. The quantity of items taken, as well as your chances of stealing them successfully, are determined by your Looting skill.

Can Xbox One be modded?

There is a very simple function available for the Xbox One that can assist you with your modding needs. There are certain games where this won’t work, but for many others, it may be a quick and simple method to reap the benefits of modding. First and foremost, you must have Xbox games to modify before you can begin editing them.

What slows you down in Bannerlord?

It is influenced by a variety of elements, including morale, the highest Pathfinding skill of the party, the number of mounted units in the party, captives, the terrain, the day/night cycle, inventory goods (for example, iron), and the weather. Traveling at night, through woodlands, and in inclement weather will cause your group to lag behind schedule.

Do caravans make money Bannerlord?

Caravans generate money in the form of interest.

The answer is straightforward: sure, it is worthwhile to construct a caravan. In a single day, a caravan may make more than 1000 gold pieces. All of this is accomplished without your involvement; you have no role in the caravan’s operation.

What is the max level in Bannerlord?

Thank you for your time if this information is already generally known – and more so if it is widely known to be incorrect – but I was just looking into the leveling system and, if all of my assumptions are true, it appears that the highest level that can be achieved is 25.

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Mount and Blade II Bannerlord: How to dismount your horse

Today we’re bringing you a Mount and Blade II Bannerlord guide in which we’ll show you how to remove your horse from its mount. We will most likely be engaged in combat, and it is possible that we will be doing so with horses at our disposal, which will not make traveling from one location to another any easier; however, fighting on horseback can be advantageous; however, if we decide to change our strategy at any point, it is important to know how to dismount your horse, which is the primary focus of this guide, and to which we can only pay attention from this point forward.

What you need to know about increasing your inventory in Mount and Blade II Bannerlord

How to dismount your horse in Mount and Blade II Bannerlord?

It is possible that we will decide whether to mount or dismount our horse during combat; in order to do so, we will look at our horse and hold down the F to get off; it is also possible that when we press the Z, we will dismount it; in order to get up again, we will press the F; there is no option to return to our horse or get off it during full combat when we have any enemy troops nearby; in order to do so, we would have to stop during combat; therefore, it is better to We must consider when is the best time for a horse fight to take place, if our enemies are doing so, it is ideal for us to do the same, otherwise we will continue on horseback to seek the advatage.

  1. If you want to dismount your horses, you must press the F5 key, and the result will be that they dismount, standing very close to their horses, waiting for orders.
  2. As a result, we have arrived to the conclusion of our tutorial on how to dismount your horse, in the hopes that it will assist you in your advancement and enjoyment of Mount and Blade II Bannerlord.
  3. Action role-playing game, strategy, and other subgenres TaleWorlds Entertainment is the company that developed the game.
  4. Date of publication: March 30, 2020 Single-player and multiplayer modes are available.

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Known as Viking Conquest, or just Viking Conquest, MountBlade: Warband – Viking Conquest is a single-player and multiplayer expansion for the game MountBlade: Warband. It was developed by the same team that created the popular ‘Brytenwalda’ mod, and it was launched on the 11th of December, 2014, making it the second official expansion to be released for the game. The Floris Mod Pack is a collection of a large number of modifications for MountBlade Warband that brings together the best of the finest and adds many more.

  1. When a hamlet in your own country is being pillaged, you must do all in your power to stop it.
  2. It implies that the lords and the king/sultan/khan will believe you are not the most qualified candidate to be marshall.
  3. Your marshalship will be taken away by your leader after it reaches roughly 100 controversy (which is unavoidable; don’t be too hard on yourself if this occurs).
  4. You will be compensated, and there will be no negative impact on your relationships with other lords/leaders.
  5. The source of your disagreement is the degree to which others believe you are in the proper position for the job.
  6. The most noticeable impact it will have on your character, though, is that it will restrict you from obtaining fiefs from other players (I think the threshold is 50 controversy).
  7. After gathering a great deal of controversy in your role as marshal, you should conquer a fief and request that it be granted to you.

When you charge on horseback, you have the benefit of conveying your message.

Each horse has its unique set of characteristics, so you should select the one that best matches your personality.

Attacking on a horse when it is immobile, on the other hand, will result in a damage penalty.

When riding a horse outside of battle, it will normally raise your across the board unless your is significantly greater than your riding ability.

Adding horses to your inventory can also help you enhance your overland speed even more by lowering the speed penalty that you receive from your equipment (see).

More information may be found in the tables below.

The greater the value of this parameter, the better.

Speed: The maximum galloping speed of your horse, excluding any bonuses, is specified here.

If a strike is delivered in the opposite direction of the intended target, it is possible to do no damage, even to creatures with weak armor.

When riding over level ground, all horses, including lame horses, are quicker than foot troops.

In comparison to the other horses, a horse with a higher maneuver value will perform sharper turns and accelerate more quickly.

Following the initial charge, a greater maneuver value allows for more time to be spent setting up following attacks, which saves time.

Regardless of how high this value is, the damage done by your horse is typically little, yet if you are going at full speed, your horse will nearly always knock your enemy to the ground.

Furthermore, a horse with a high charge will not need to move as quickly in order to properly knock your target over the fence.

It is also important for getting out of trouble, as a horse with a high charge rating may push its way past swarms of troops, even after becoming encircled by the mob of soldiers.

Riding is required: To mount the horse, you must have a certain degree of Riding proficiency.

Horse modifiers, on the other hand, are more diverse in terms of what they affect, with the ‘best’ modifier being the one that delivers increases in the areas where you want your horse to succeed.

How To Dismount Mount And Blade

A horse ridden by the player’s character might be crippled in battle and become lame as a result of the injury. When a player’s horse gets knocked down in combat, there is a risk that it may be killed, in which case it will be taken from the player’s inventory. Following sufficient time in the inventory, Lame horses will heal provided that the player or a possesses at least 1.

Mount And Blade Dismount Horse

Horses that have any modifier, whether positive or negative, will, however, lose it permanently if they are lame, and will revert to being a horse of normal quality when they are healed. When horses are downed, it appears that lame and swaybacked animals are more likely to die. One exception is a horse that is lame but has a high enough default speed that the penalty for being lame does not hinder couching. This is the case only for a horse that is lame but has a high enough default speed that the penalty for being lame does not preclude couching.

The bad news is that if you subsequently sell the recovered horse, it will not sell for more money than you purchased for the lame one, even if you have a score of 10.


A significant and regular component of the Mount Bladeseries is battle. They assist you in your progression through the game by creating experience, money, notoriety, treasure, and captives, as well as having the ability to directly boost weapon proficiency. Battles can be conducted in one of two ways: on the battlefield or in the air.

  • Your forces can assault without you there, enabling the game to create losses for you and losses for the opponents until one side emerges victorious, which is an option. While this is a viable alternative, it is exceedingly unfriendly because the computer’s calculating frequently inflicts 1:1 casualties on your men regardless of their caliber
  • The second approach includes directly leading your forces into battle. This is the most effective approach to participate in any war since your presence can easily overcome overwhelming odds.

Your forces can assault without you there, allowing the game to create losses for you and losses for the opponents until one side emerges victorious, which is one possibility. This is particularly disadvantageous, though, because the calculation that the computer employs frequently inflicts 1:1 casualties on your men, regardless of their caliber; the second method includes directly commanding your forces in battle; In every war, this is the most effective method of participation since your presence can readily overcome overwhelming odds.


Different terrain necessitates the use of various tactics and formations. When the terrain is hilly, dismount your knights and lure your opponents into deep rivers, where they will be slowed.

  • Rivers: These are sluggish moving and serve as excellent ambush spots for shock warriors such as the Nord Huscarls. By concealing your men in riverbeds, you render the enemy’s archer/cavalry tactics ineffective, forcing them to come down and engage in close battle with you. Rivers can hamper the efficacy of cavalry, such as theSwadian Knights, because they effectively impede charges from taking place on them. They may also be employed as a form of protection for archers, since the river allows them to attack farther away targets before they pose a danger. The necessity for breathing is eliminated when submerged in deep water. Even though water this deep is not frequent, horses become entirely immobilized when submerged in water that reaches their necks. Plains: Excellent terrain for cavalry, but not so good for infantry. Even the most skilled Rhodok spearmen will find themselves surrounded by horses when they arrive at their destination. Make use of whatever hills you can locate to position your archers and crossbowmen. Gorges: Nothing except flat plains with a few hills and bumps. When compared to heavy cavalry, light cavalry will have a better probability of winning. Mountain ranges: Everyone must dismount. There’s no use in attempting to ride the cliff on a horse. Establish an effective formation on high terrain for your soldiers. Forest: This is similar to gorges, but that trees will make cavalry operations more difficult. For heavy cavalry, it doesn’t really make a difference. Because of impediments, archers may have difficulty striking their targets.


A tiny army force of a few hundred soldiers. A second strategy for increasing your chances of winning or reducing your losses is to employ orders. You may pick a component of your army (such as your infantry, cavalry, or archers) and give them an order with the Function keys (F1-F11 with default settings) to hold a position, follow the player, or do anything else you want them to do with the number keys (default configuration).

Shift allows you to pick multiple troop types at the same time if you keep the key pressed. During the combat, use the Backspace key to get a list of all the commands that are now accessible.

Unit type

A tiny army unit with a limited number of soldiers Another method of increasing your chances of winning or reducing your losses is to use commands in your game. You may pick a component of your army (such as your infantry, cavalry, or archers) and give them an order with the Function keys (F1-F11 with default settings) to maintain a position, follow the player, or do anything else you want them to do with the number keys (default configuration). Shift allows you to pick multiple troop types at the same time if you keep the button pressed.


  • Press F1 to maintain your current position
  • F2 to keep up with me
  • F3 to charge
  • F4 to mount or dismount
  • F5 to hold fire or fire at will. F6 – Move forward ten steps
  • F7 – Retract ten paces
  • F8 – Tighter formation
  • F9 – Looser formation
  • F10 – Retract ten paces
  • F11 – Only use blunt weapons/Use weapons at your discretion

(Please note that while the hotkeys listed above are for conventional Mount Blade, Warband offers a more diverse and comprehensive set of settings.)


(Only while using FireSword)


When preparing for a fight, there are several factors to consider, including your environment, your army composition, and your own personal style of gameplay. These considerations will help you select the best course of action. Here are some fundamental strategies that can be really beneficial. The ability to neutralize foes is not the sole path to triumph. When enemy units’ morale reaches a specific level in Warband and With FireSword, they have the option to depart the battlefield.


In addition to their own moralevalue, enemy troops have a recent battle result that determines their moralevalue.

  • The morale of the entire army is harmed when lords and men are defeated. In the event that their morale reaches a breaking point, they will flee to the battlefield’s edge in order to avoid being captured. Runaway opponents never fight back, and defeating them lowers the morale of the army as a whole, producing even more terror among the troops. A spectacular attack (for example, a horse charge) may often do significant harm to the enemy’s morale. A few soldiers will begin to flee after taking a little damage
  • Nevertheless, the majority will remain. Runaway troops subsequently become Deserters (also known as Routed Enemies).

At least 45 seconds have elapsed before enemies will begin to flee the battlefield.

Ranged Combat

When archers and crossbowmen are stationed atop hills, they have a significantly greater chance of success.

  • Your ranged troops can fire more rounds at them as a result of the terrain slowing down any incoming units. Cavalry will also be unable to regain the momentum that they rely on to push forward and deliver devastating blows to their opponents. It is vital to remember that positioning your ranged soldiers on elevated ground will make them more vulnerable to attack by opposing ranged units. A single line of archers, waiting for the adversary to draw close, but not too close before firing, may have a devastating effect on the battlefield. When projectiles are fired at close range, a large number of foes will perish at once, driving opposing forces to flee.

Soldiers who do not have ranged weapons can escape being hit by projectiles by positioning themselves behind hills.

  • When it comes to safeguarding your soldiers from archers, this is a particularly effective method, and it is especially handy if you don’t want to risk losing your poorly-shielded powerful units like as Hired Blades. In the case of cavalry, this may be a terrible choice because they will gain speed as they come over the hill, increasing their damage when they come into contact with your line.


When dealing with highly armored forces on foot, a gradual advance might be the ideal strategy in some situations, such as when facing a large number of ranged foes.

  • When employing heavy infantry with huge shields (such as the majority of higher-ranking Nordic troops), moving slowly will force them to march with their shields up in the air. A charge when it is close will frequently doom the enemy archers, crossbowmen, and skirmishers
  • If archers run out of ammo, they will charge into your lines and be immediately slain
  • If crossbowmen run out of ammunition, they will charge into your lines and be soon killed
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It is advantageous for foot soldiers of any type to be in a compact formation when battling cavalry, regardless of their weaponry.

  • Increasing the tightness of unit formations will reduce the spaces that cavalry can exploit after dealing a devastating blow on your forces. Because of this, the horses will halt dead in their tracks and their riders will very certainly perish. Cavalry that uses projectiles, on the other hand, will not be defeated in this manner. They will, however, ultimately run out of ammo and charge, and will succumb fast as a result.


Cavalry may be deployed to divert the attention of an opposing army while your other units move.

  • This is very useful at the start of a conflict if you want to shift your soldiers to elevated terrain or any other section of the battlefield
  • However, there is a good possibility that your cavalry will be lost if you employ this method. In contrast, cavalry may be deployed as the foundation of your army’s defenses. Knights are virtually unstoppable by any other forces, and because they are the strongest cavalry, knights will not be defeated by other cavalry. Cavalry may also be used fairly well in a pincer assault, which is a type of pincer attack. Prepare to advance/charge towards the enemy while informing your cavalry to follow you, as seen in the diagram below. Once you have done this, attempt to loop behind the opposing formation, moving continuously to limit the odds of archers striking your mounted units. Once your infantry has engaged the enemy in combat, you can either lead or order your cavalry to charge into the fray. Enemy formations that are assaulted from numerous directions will typically have their morale down, allowing you to kill them more quickly than if you ran headlong into them.

If you tell your infantry to stay position and maintain formation, only their cavalry will charge at you, and their infantry and archers will arrive considerably later than they would otherwise. This will prevent your army from disintegrating (this is always true when your advantage is comparable to or greater than your opponent’s).

  • Pick off the soldiers on the sides of the formation and scatter them across the formation
  • The fact that they are told to march slowly means that they will never swarm you and that archers will not open fire. Keep in mind that the opposing cavalry will charge your soldiers regardless of what you do.


If your position is precarious, any sort of troops from any country will charge towards you without regard for their own safety.

  • If this happens, you’re in big danger, but if you have a strong army, you still have a chance of winning. enemies will be severely unorganized and slightly scattered, allowing an army of knights to rip through them like paper as they charge through them. In the case of an army that is mostly built on range, you might instruct your troops to spread out and wait fire until the opponent gets near. When they do, start fire and watch their dispersed warriors fall to the ground
  • Even troops from the Kingdom of Rhodoksspear will run towards you.

In order to position their cavalry before charging, the Kingdom of Swadia always seems to have “preparation time.”

  • This is your greatest opportunity to strike them down without encountering any opposition. Keep in mind that if their cavalry is successful in charging your infantry, losses will unavoidably result.

Some less obvious methods can help you win conflicts that are overwhelmingly in your opponent’s favor.

  • If you fight anybody in a village, all of their troops will spawn without their horses if you win the battle against them. As a result, Khergits or even Swadian Knights will be slaughtered in short order. You should wait for the attackers to enter your castle when defending a castle (but before they really engage in war with your fortress) (you must be waiting outside). Because the troops in your castle have already decided not to participate in this battle, you may assault the final few groups of enemies on their route to your castle and effectively cut their whole army in half. As a result, you can assist your castle in its battle against the other half immediately thereafter
  • For example, when defending a castle, halt your archers’ firing until they begin mounting the ladders or siege tower. This can increase the accuracy of your archers while also allowing them to save their ammunition. If possible, attempt to use your soldiers and knights to close off the entrance to the castle, which will prevent your archers from getting in. Depending on your armour and ability to strike lethal blows (especially with a bardiche), you may be able to march ahead of your infantry and significantly diminish the enemy’s ranks before they can get to your infantry, knights, and eventually your archers. Positioning your archers and soldiers on a very high terrain might help to decrease the efficacy of cavalry attacks. Charge your opponents with knights at the beginning of a battle to prevent them from launching charge assaults. Aside from that, try taking out their archers and infantry first before going for their cavalry
  • If you discover that the ground you are presently fighting on is not to your liking, you can escape (before they get too close
  • You will lose troops if you wait too long). As you withdraw, three separate maps will be displayed, each of which will rotate. Search for and destroy your opponents on your favorite (maybe one with a river in it if you have a large number of archers)
  • In the event that you have a large number of archers (or possibly a pure archer army), you can escape before the opponents get too near, and they will start far away until the combat is reengaged. When they don’t have many skilled archers in their army, you may continue this process until you have slain thousands of troops if you so wish (this decreases your renown award as well if you hit and run
  • Select reward above saving troops to maximize your renown reward). Cavalry charges can be halted by placing impediments in their path. Cavalry will be stopped in their tracks by rocks on the field, trees, lazy horses, and even your battle standard at the commencement of the war. With techniques like this, you can beat Khergit armies on flat terrain – even if you just have archers and/or infantry at your disposal
  • And It is possible to dodge and weave, picking off enemy troops at the fringes of their formations while their archers run out of ammunition, if one is competent at horse archery, has a fast/maneuverable horse, or is tough enough to withstand strikes. However, this requires a great deal of experience and is only suggested in the most dire of circumstances (for example, if you are surrounded by a much bigger army and are unable to flee in time to save your own life).

Tips and Trivia

  • Your horse can be used as a meat shield, but if it is injured, it will flee the scene of the crime. The effectiveness of this strategy is limited unless your horse is an arrow-proofCharger. If you’re playing on the default settings, having good armor is essential. When rushing an archer line, make sure to point your shield in the direction of the incoming fire (up if above, down if below). Aside from that, if enemy archers are firing at you from a distance, angle your shield up
  • There is no way for them to fire directly at you
  • They can only fire in an arc at you. Taking part in battle on the front lines provides you with instantaneous access to fallen weapons that might replenish your ammunition or offer you an advantage over specific opponents (piercing weapons against heavily armored enemy, for example). Whenever feasible, mount a horse and fight. Fighting infantry while mounted provides you the edge of speed, letting you to deal a blow, escape, and then repeat the process over and over again. As an added bonus, a charging horse will knock an infantryman out of his position and provide some blunt damage. Attacking an enemy’s ranged unit line will cause the majority of them to convert to melee, which may provide your forces with a little respite from the enemy’s fire. Bring along some riding companions and prepare to tread on some toes while hacking heads off. To avoid being stale, always remember to attack yourself first, killing as many foes as you can before sending your men into battle. This is especially important if your troops are weak and you are battling against superior forces. Acquire some recruits and launch an attack on a small (6-8 member)Sea Raiderparty at the beginning of the game (but not immediately after you’ve begun). Although the majority of your troops may perish, this strategy will allow you to collect valuable equipment (which will sell for a high price) as well as a great deal of combat experience. In the event that you are a horse archer engaged in combat with troops that have archers, attempt stealing their discarded arrow pouches. It’s important to remember, though, that if the enemy archers convert to melee weapons, they won’t leave behind any bags of arrows or crossbow bolts, so keep that in mind while employing this strategy. If you are fighting in sieges or similar engagements, you can refresh your supplies by using projectiles that have been implanted in barriers or the earth (one at a time, however). Fighting crossbowmen as an archer (Warband only) can be aided by this ability. By riding ahead of your army, you may often block opposing charges or flip adversaries around so that their shields are facing the opposite way, resulting in a victory. This can make your cavalry attack against Rhodoks extremely lethal because they will not be paying attention to the entirety of your cavalry. This also serves as a means of forcing attackers to come to a halt at a safe distance from your archers (often with their shields the wrong way). However, exercise caution to avoid being struck (particularly by missiles). It is important to use caution while directing your troops to assault without you, as many units are less effective in the simulated fight compared to the actual conflict.

See also

  • The following are the strategies and tactics: general combat, faction specialities, and scouting. Tips and strategies for certain fighting situations
  • Player Tactics

Don’t Stop Me Now (mounted combat tweaks)

Mounts are getting ready to spring into action. Rearing up as a result of the usage of polearms: When horses take a certain amount of damage from polearms, they will rear up. This is true in the base game. Using this mod, you will have some control over this feature and will be able to adjust many factors, such as whether it is available for additional weapon types and whether it has a cooldown. You may also completely turn it off for the player, the AI, or all of them. Fatigue is a state of being exhausted.

  • Consider the possibility of a concealed fatigue bar that fills up when mounts are damaged by weapons.
  • Fatigue regenerates at a steady pace, regardless of the environment.
  • The possibility of a rider falling from a horse exists if a mount rears up suddenly.
  • Concerning fees and charges An alternative charge damage formula is as follows: When you choose this option, the charge damage formula is made a bit easier to understand and will produce results that are more consistent.
  • If the target is not shifting, there should be no discernible variation in performance.
  • You may also change the damage type of charges from Blunt to Cut or Pierce instead of cutting or piercing.
  • This may be changed with the help of this mod.

The base damage can be customized.

This mod gives you the ability to alter these settings in order to make them more or less frequent.

Concerning dismounts The Braced, Hammer Bolts, and Knock Off perks are available to characters in the main game, and these abilities allow them to dismount riders.

This mod gives you the ability to change these settings.

As of e1.5.4 (and maybe earlier) – e1.7.0, some polearms are equipped with a secret flag that allows them to unseat riders without fail, regardless of whether the character has Braced (it is unknown if this is an incomplete, forgotten feature or not).

It is possible to manufacture these polearms, but they must have one of the following guard pieces:

  • A pair of weighted long thorns (spear guard 14)
  • A pair of double hook wings (spear guard 4)
  • A single hook wing (spear guard 5)
  • A pair of hooked wings (spear guard 9)
  • A tied spear wing (spear guard 17)
  • And a pair of double hook wings. a pair of weighted long thorns (spear guard 14).

Using this mod, you may adjust the dismount probability of these weapons in a manner similar to how you would adjust perks. Alternatively, by hovering your mouse over a weapon or crafting component and hitting ‘left shift’ + ‘D’, you may turn the dismount flag on or off for that item. It is recorded in ModuleDataDismountAbleElements.yaml that the internal IDs of the weapons and crafting components that obtain the flag as a result of this function are saved. In addition, a “Can Dismount” symbol can be added to the tooltips of weapons and crafting items that have the “Can Dismount” flag.

  • In order to give you with a user-friendly graphical user interface, this mod makes use ofMod Configuration Menuv4 as a soft dependency (which means that it will not crash if you do not have it).
  • However, if you prefer the old school manner, the config file is stored in the folder ModuleDataConfig.yamland will be produced when you first play the game after installing this mod.
  • An additional file namedDismountAbleElements.yamlwill be produced the first time you launch a game, and it is connected to the dismount feature discussed above.
  • Here’s my personal recommendation (which you may implement by picking the suggested setting if you’re using the Mod Configuration Menu):
  • Charge damage is multiplied by 2.5, and the formula is updated with a more consistent one to get more consistent results. With a basic damage of 8, self-inflicted charge damage is enabled for both the AI and the player. In addition, the knockback and knockdown mechanics have been updated. The angle has been set a little broader in order to prevent units from being moved about. Knockbacks are triggered when the relative speed between the two entities exceeds 6 m/s, while knockdowns are triggered when the relative speed between the two entities exceeds 9 m/s. The magnitude of the earthquake is no longer relevant
  • The rear-up mechanic has been changed. It may be triggered by any weapon, and there are no thresholds. “Fatigue,” on the other hand, is enabled with a value of 90 and three fatigue restored every second. “Fall off” is also enabled, with a 34 percent probability of occurring, although it is rare to occur at high skill levels, with a 0 percent chance of occurring at 275. Mounts will also be unable to rear up more than once per 5 seconds, and the dismount mechanism has been changed. The necessity for a minimum magnitude has been abolished. Perk possibilities have been reduced to 20 percent, but they have been enhanced by 0.33 percent for every point of damage sustained. When hitting from the sides, the arms are likewise considered acceptable body parts for the sake of uniformity. “Special polearms” have been turned off. Blows that are shrugged aside are disregarded. Swing assaults are now considered legitimate.
See also:  How To Tell If A Horse Is Colicing?

Knownincompatibilities This mod may be safely deleted from your mod list without having any negative impact on game stability. However, it should be noted that, while changing the load order may be able to resolve compatibility issues, the way this mod operates means that changing options through the in-game menu effectively causes some parts of this mod to be disabled and then reloaded, and thus applied after any other mod, regardless of what the load order is set to in the launcher. Realistic Battle Mod – Combat Module (1.5.5): This mod adds realism to battles.

  • If Realistic Battle Mod is installed before the alternative charge damage formula, the alternative charge damage formula will not be implemented. Charge damage, on the other hand, will be insane if it is applied and Realistic Battle Mod is installed afterwards. (Another suggestion is to turn off the alternate formula.)
  • If Realistic Battle Mod is loaded first, the Charge damage type choice will not be correctly applied, and the damage type will be set to Blunt by default. (Recommendation: Do not modify the damage kind.)
  • Because Realistic Battle Mod raises base charge damage based on the weight of the mount and its rider, self-inflicted charge damage will also be enhanced based on the same parameters as base charge damage in the game. (Suggestions: Disable self-inflicted damage, but feel free to give it a go
  • It might not be as awful as I think it is.) (Suggestions: Disable self-inflicted damage, but feel free to give it a shot
  • It might not be as bad as I think it is.) Perhaps there are other issues? Overall, both modifications may be utilized at the same time, however not all of their functionality are available.

Armor that is effective in a fierce battle Charge with Lethal Intensity Friendly Fire (also known as “friendly fire” or “friendly fire” in some circles): Although not tested, it is likely that several features may conflict with one another. Issues that have been identified None. 7-Zip is a file archiver that you may use. Notepad++ is a text editor that is free to use.

Horse won’t move

The same thing happened to me the other day when playing MP with my children. To give you an example of my situation, the horse was wedged into the side of a mountain, and I came up to him and rode him in an attempt to get it away from the mountainside. I, too, became stranded and, like you, was unable to dismount, move, or do anything else other than punch at the dirt/stone that covered the mountainside’s surface. The game crashed as soon as one of my children attempted to dig us out of the mountainside with a spade, and both my horse and I died instantly, with the message “You seem to have died from falling a little too far.” (or something similar) and all hell broke loose with my respawning, as I believe the game was resetting me to the original spawn point (another issue), and it at that point locked up both the equine and human characters.

Unfortunately, the bug caused my host to crash, and now after three attempts to reload the world file (with a couple of subsequent lock-ups while attempting to open it), I believe our world is permanently “broken,” as I am unable to interact with any chests, workstations, appliances, or other objects when I do log in.

I’m disappointed because we’ve spent around 10 hours constructing and exploring that map.2 (This article was edited by Ethan Gordon Wilson.)

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord troops guide: how to raise and command an army

Tips for keeping your soldiers under control Taking command of massive armies in spectacular battles is what Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is all about. But first and foremost, you’ll have to gain their trust. The key to conquering the country will be to maintain their allegiance, feed them, and upgrade them to more powerful troop kinds along the way. It will need a significant amount of effort, therefore we will explain how to go about it below. This Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord soldiers guide will walk you through the process of recruiting troops, increasing the size of your party, and commanding your forces in combat.

  • Soldiers to be recruited in Bannerlord
  • The best Bannerlord troops, sorted by faction How to expand the number of your party in Bannerlord
  • Instructions on how to lead an army in Bannerlord
  • A set of guides for Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Recruiting troops in Bannerlord

Recruiting troops is a very simple process. In order to recruit troops, you’ll need to either purchase recruits from communities for a little amount of cash or convert captives into troops once they’ve been captured. As the game advances, regular soldier kinds appear to be more advantageous than any of the bandit classes, so try creating troops from their respective factions rather than relying on a bandit army to defeat your enemies. As soon as you have recruited a soldier, you may employ him or her in battle to collect experience, which will allow him or her to advance to a more advanced troop type.

You can learn how to upgrade them by consulting the Encyclopedia (hit the N key on the map and look at the troops pages).

Maintainingtroop morale

Following the recruitment of soldiers, there are a few things that you should bear in mind as you go about your business. They will only remain loyal to you if you provide them with a living wage and adequate food, as nobody works for free. You may lose soldiers if you do any of the following:

  • Your number of troops recruited exceeds the size of your party (more on that in a moment)
  • You are unable to pay a salary to your troops. The general morale of your troops is poor
  • You fail a hideaway operation (which effectively destroys your whole army, so proceed with caution)

Aside from paying them, you should make certain that your troops participate in wars where they have a good chance of winning. A well-balanced diet is also an excellent approach to improve one’s mood. One unit of food purchased will provide enough food to feed one of your troops, and it makes no difference whether that unit of food is meat or grain.

Best Bannerlord troop types by faction

Assuming you’ve learned how to obtain soldiers and what you should do to keep them on your side, here are some of the greatest troops available in the game:

  • Empire: The Imperial Elite Cataphracts, Legionaries, and Sergeant Crossbowmen are among the heavily armored warriors that the Empire possesses. Because to their high level of armor, the Legionaries are the greatest infantry in the game. Battania: The Fian Champion is a special ranged troop exclusive to Battania, and it is the sole ranged soldier in the game. Longbows are quite effective in Bannerlord, so have a couple on hand for your back line. Due to the fact that these guys are anti-cavalry professionals, the Voulgier and Sharpshooters will be able to dispatch the horses in rapid order. In the shape of the Banner Knight, they also have a powerful heavy cavalry unit at their disposal. Sturgia: The Shock Troops and the Ulfhednar are the best units for dealing with infantry in the city. They also have the Druzhinnik Champion, which is used by a heavy cavalry unit. Make use of these forces from a distance, notably the Mamelukes and Master Archers, according to Aserai. The Vanguard Faris is a fantastic heavy cavalry unit that is also part of the Vanguard Faris regiment. Khuzaits: These warriors are excellent for quick attacks, whether they are accompanied by Heavy Lancers, Heavy Horse Archers, or even the Darkhan. Besides that, they have the Khan’s Guard, who can shoot arrows from a long distance before charging in with polearms.

How to increase party size in Bannerlord

The Steward skill has a direct relationship to the number of people in your party. However, keeping your troops’ morale strong by providing them with a variety of foods will help you increase your Steward skill faster than you may expect. Your army Quartermaster can also be assigned to you or to one of your allies who possesses a high Steward skill. Your Steward talent may be improved by taking on management responsibilities in towns.

This will gradually increase the total number of people in your party. I’d also want to point out that the maximum number of captives that may be held is half of your current party size. More information on them may be found in our Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord prisoners guide.

How to command an army in Bannerlord

So you’ve gathered a large number of troops, but what do you do with them? When you join combat, your army will be divided into four troops, each of which will fight separately. If you’re not familiar with the controls, commanding them can be a little difficult because it necessitates the usage of the numbered keys and function keys. First and foremost, you must choose the unit that you will be commanding. Normally, these troops are categorized into certain categories, with ranged units all belonging to one group and mounted units belonging to a distinct group that may be ordered to do a different task than ranged units.

  • To command your army, start by pressing the numerical key that corresponds to the squad you want to lead.
  • A second menu of choices will appear when the function keys for movement, altering the direction they’re facing, and the troop’s formation are pressed at the same time.
  • The whole set of commands is listed below, along with the buttons that must be pressed for each command and the sequence in which they must be pressed.
  • Troops may be selected using the arrow keys.
  • Choosing the first unit: 1
  • Selecting the second unit: 2
  • Selecting the third unit: 3
  • And selecting the fourth unit: 4

Keys for troop movement in a certain order

Command Button Effect
To position F1 + F1 + use your mouse to move the banner. Moves selected unit to the banner.
Follow me F1 + F2 Makes selected unit follow you.
Charge F1 + F3 Selected unit will run towards enemy and attack.
Advance F1 + F4 Selected unit will walk towards enemy in a certain way. ThisReddit postby “The_Love_Pudding” has more details on the kind of movement they have.
Fallback F1 + F5 Selected unit will withdraw but not retreat from battle.
Stop F1 + F6 Selected unit will stop moving.
Retreat F1 + F7 Selected unit will run from battle.
Return F1 + F9 Cancel command to select movement type

Order keys for the troop facing direction

Command Button Effect
Face Direction F2 + F1 + use your mouse to move the banner. Makes selected unit face towards the banner.
Face Enemy F2 + F2 Makes selected unit face the enemy.
Return F2 + F9 Cancel command to select movement type

The importance of troop formation

Command Button Effect
Line F3 + F1 Selected unit moves to a line formation.
Shield wall F3 + F2 Selected unit moves to form a shield wall.
Loose F3 + F3 Selected unit adopts a loose formation.
Circle F3 + F4 Selected unit adopts a circle formation.
Square F3 + F5 Selected unit adopts a square formation.
Skein F3 + F6 Selected unit adopts a skein formation. (Looks like a V)
Column F3 + F7 Selected unit adopts a column formation.
Scatter F3 + F8 Selected unit scatters.
Return F3 + F9 Cancel command to select movement type

Command keys for the troop (other)

Command Button Effect
Fire F4 Toggles between “Fire at will” or “Hold fire” states for selected unit.
Horse F5 Toggles between mounting and dismounting horses for selected unit.
Command F6 Toggles delegation of command between you and the troop’s AI.
Transfer F7 Allows you to transfer specific units to certain locations. (For example, you can select shield units to go out in front, then have ranged units follow behind them, and mounted units to the side).

Mount And Blade 2Bannerlordguide series

We appreciate you taking the time to read our Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord army guide. If you haven’t already, I hope that controlling your army has been a bit less stressful for you. However, I would recommend you to practice with formations against bandits and rogues of lower proportions so that you are better prepared to fight armies. There are other other tutorials available for you to peruse, including information on character creation as well as information on the problems that are sadly present in the game.

  • Getting Started in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord: A list of helpful hints and suggestions to get you started in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord
  • Skills of the Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord include: A comprehensive list of abilities and suggestions for developing your character
  • Requirements for Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord on a PC: Obtain the highest possible performance from Mount and Blade 2
  • Bannerlord problems in Mount and Blade 2: Some suggestions for getting Mount and Blade 2 to operate properly, as well as a list of known main difficulties
  • How to use the Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord console, including cheat mode and all of the console commands. Companions for the Bannerlord in Mount and Blade 2: Learn how to recruit companions to join your army in this lesson. Trade in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord: Make a lot of gold rapidly by trading and caravanning across the world. Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord quests: This section contains all of the answers to every quest in the game that have been uncovered thus far. Everything we know about the Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord conspiracy: Everything we know about this annoying quest
  • Learn a simple technique to gain money and recruit skilled troops from within the Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord prisoner’s ranks. Workshop with the Bannerlord: Learn how to utilize workshops to help your colony prosper. Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord combat: Learn the proper techniques for fighting with each weapon type and while mounted on a horse. In this section, you will learn how to get married and raise offspring to carry on your conquest. Bannerlord siege in Mount and Blade 2: Learn how to conduct a siege against an opposing village. The best Bannerlord modifications are as follows: See which modifications are the most effective in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord

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