How To Get To Wild Horse Island? (Best solution)

To access Wild Horse Island by canoe or sea kayak, drive 29 miles south from Kalispell on Highway 93 to Dayton Yacht Harbor for a 90-minute paddle to the island. Warning: It’s a windy journey. By power or sailboat, you can launch from over 20 access sites, state parks, or marinas, most commonly from Big Arm State Park.

  • How to get there: The island can only be reached by boat. To access Wild Horse Island by canoe or sea kayak, drive 29 miles south from Kalispell on Highway 93 to Dayton Yacht Harbor for a 90-minute paddle to the island. Warning: It’s a windy journey.

Is Wild Horse Island worth it?

Wild Horse is not the easiest place to get to, but it is worth the boat ride. There are a few beaches along the shore to land the boat and get out to explore the island. There are a couple of hiking trails and a restroom on the island.

How long does it take to kayak to Wild Horse Island?

While hiking you might easily see mule deer, bighorn sheep, bald eagles, and wild horses. You can kayak to Wild Horse Island from Dayton Yacht Harbor. It’s a two-mile paddle across windy waters to Skeeko Bay, which can take anywhere from 50-90 minutes depending on the paddler.

How do you get to wild horses?

Access is by Boat Only and for day use only. It’s managed by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks and it lies within the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana. One great aspect is that FWP put a pit toilet there for Flathead Boat Rental folks to use while visiting! transportation elsewhere.

Where is the island with wild horses?

Wild horses inhabit the protected beaches, pine forests, and salt marshes of Assateague Island, a 37-mile coastal split between Maryland and Virginia. On a protected barrier island off the Atlantic coast of Maryland and Virginia, more than 300 untamed horses wander freely.

Can you stay on Wild Horse Island?

The park is noted for its wildlife including bighorn sheep, mule deer, songbirds, waterfowl, bald eagles, and falcons, as well as five wild horses. This is a day-use only park; camping is prohibited.

Can you hunt Wild Horse Island?

Hunting is not permitted on Wild Horse Island, which lies within the boundaries of the Flathead Reservation. And wildlife officials found no concerning pathogens while screening sheep for disease during the 2020 relocation effort.

Where can I launch a kayak on Flathead Lake?

For a launch point, I recommend the North Flathead Yacht Club boat ramp. Paddling on this northwest side lends the best possible view of the Mission Mountains to the east. Also, from here there’s an abandoned lumber mill about. 25 miles away that you can carefully explore.

Can you kayak in Lake McDonald?

Easy to reach from the Going to the Sun Road, Lake McDonald is at an altitude of 3,153 feet. This is the largest lake in Glacier and offers wonderful canoeing and kayaking, with a number of places to put into the water, including a public boat launch at Apgar.

Can you still catch wild horses?

Can You Capture a Wild Horse? Wild mustang horses can be found in the Western states of Utah, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota, Montana, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada. Over half of all mustangs in the United States live in Nevada.

What US state has the most wild horses?

Nevada is home to more than half of the wild horse populations in North America. Oregon’s wild horse populations increase 20 percent every year and are appreciated for their high quality and color.

Is Misty of Chincoteague a true story?

The book is fiction, but based on real people, Paul, Maureen, Clarence (Grandpa) and Ida (Grandma) Beebe, and real Chincoteague Ponies, Misty, Phantom, and the Pied Piper. The book is about Paul and his sister Maureen who lived on Chincoteague Island with their grandparents.

Where do horses roam free?

Nevada is home to nearly half of the nation’s free-roaming horse population. Many of those horses are part of the Virginia Range herd, which occupies a region in the western part of the state.

Can you drive through Assateague Island?

Driving on designated sections of the beaches in both the Maryland and Virginia units of Assateague Island National Seashore is allowed by permit only. Permits are good for one year and can be obtained at Toms Cove Visitor Center (Virginia) or the Ranger Station just inside the gates of the park in Maryland.

Wild Horse Island State Park – Boat Rentals and Rides

WildHorse Island is the biggest island in Flathead Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in Montana and home to almost a million people. For decades, the Salish-Kootenai tribe made use of the island, which is 2,164 acres (8.76 km2) in area, to graze horses and preserve them from being kidnapped by other tribes, a practice that continues today. The island near Big Arm Bay, which has been protected as a state park since 1987, is home to a diverse range of animals, including Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, waterfowl, Bald Eagles, and, most recently, five to six Wild Horses.

Located on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana’s Yellowstone National Park, it is overseen by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

FWP staff have been able to catch and move the Bighorn Sheep on the island because they are in such good health that they are able to produce a large number of young, which has allowed them to reinforce other herds.

For Flathead rental boats, there are a plethora of things to discover and enjoy, like geocaching, picnicking, hiking, swimming, animal viewing, photography, and several other activities.

  1. Geocaching, which derives from the words geo meaning “world” and caching meaning treasure, is a treasure hunt that makes use of GPS equipment to determine your latitude and longitude in order to locate hidden treasure boxes that may be found absolutely anywhere.
  2. When using the map feature, you may see the approximate position of each cache that you need to discover.
  3. On Wild Horse Island, you may enjoy some picnicking.
  4. In 2015, the Montana State Legislature passed a resolution to construct a new dock at Wild Horse Island for the benefit of Flathead boat rentals.
  5. It is located at the Wild Horse Island trailhead, which is quite popular.
  6. Wild Horse Island offers some of the most spectacular hiking in the Flathead Valley.
  7. In and around the island, there are several routes, some of which are well-maintained and well delineated/marked for wheelchair accessibility, while others are scrambles through gravel and pine needles.
  8. This is by far the nicest place to have a picnic in the entire world!
  9. Swimming on the various soft pebbled beaches and bays will undoubtedly provide you with lifetime recollections.
  10. The shoreline is dotted with enormous smooth slanting boulders that curve further into the ocean as you leave the coast.

In addition to offering excellent wildlife viewing and photography opportunities, Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake has a secret that only those who have visited are aware of: the animals have become almost domesticated as a result of little or no predator activity and countless years of friendly encounters with humans.

If you visit Wild Horse Island by Flathead Boat Rental, you will see Mule Deer that are as large and majestic as you have never seen them before, Bighorn Sheep with full curl horns, and a greater number of Bald Eagle nesting and fishing activities than you are likely to see anywhere else in the world.

  1. There are several approaches to achieving your objective – Paddle across in a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard, or stand up paddleboard (stand up paddleboard).
  2. Use a personal watercraft to get about (which are also known as a Seadoo, Jetski, or Waverunner, depending on the manufacturer).
  3. For those beginning at the Boat Rentals and Rides Flathead Lake site, it will take roughly 3-7 minutes to reach the island.
  4. Renting a pontoon boat or a pontoon ride on Flathead Lake is possible with two distinct options: an eight-person pontoon boat or a 12-person pontoon boat.
  5. The concept of circumnavigating the island and stopping at all of the several trailheads along the route is a fantastic one.
  6. Ski boats can accommodate up to eight persons.
  7. Take a ride with someone.

Boat Rentals and Rides provides boat cruises to Wild Horse Island at any time of day or night. Please contact us to make arrangements; we are happy to assist you. Please contact us at 406.260.5090 or [email protected] if you need to make any of the above arrangements.

Wild Horse Island State Park (Kalispell) – 2022 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

To go to the island, you’ll need to rent a boat, which will cost you extra. We could only get to it by swimming off the boat, which we did. Because the shoreline is rough, I recommend that individuals wear water shoes with good traction. Written on the 26th of July, 2021 This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor LLC. The rental of a boat ($45 per person) was made in June 2021. On the way out, there are some spectacular vistas of Flathead Lake.

  1. I saw a few deer in the trees, but the horses were nowhere to be found (another traveler told us where they were but we had to catch the boat back).
  2. It’s a peaceful setting.
  3. Contributions from Simon CCoeur d’Alene and ID8 The month of September 2020 We hired a kayak from Big Arm Boat Rentals in Big Arm, Montana, which was a great experience.
  4. The paddle to the island was not too tough, but it did need the ability to paddle for around 1 1/2 hours each way in order to complete the 3.5 mile journey to the island.
  5. The island is beautiful, the paths aren’t clearly indicated, but we were able to make it to the highest point on the island.
  6. The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely breathtaking, and it was well worth the trip.
  7. The walk to the summit is a rather difficult one.
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September 2020CouplesWith Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Wild Horses, Osprey, Eagles, and an Eight Point Buck Deer populating the island, the island is exactly as it was one hundred years ago.

Bring a high-quality camera with you.

Written on September 10, 2020This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor Inc.

Somehow, we ended up in a neighborhood with some extremely nice houses.

Written on September 7, 2020This review represents the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor, LLC.

August 2020Family BEWARE: There is a resident bear on the island, and you should use caution when visiting.

We saw mule deer, but no horses or sheep, which was disappointing.

We were given a brief overview of the island’s history, as well as information about the bear.

Written on August 27, 2020This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor LLC.

From Big Arm, we boarded a pontoon boat to the island for the day.

Even with a map, it was difficult to follow the paths due to the lack of well indicated markers.

There are no picnic tables or benches to take a break on.

Hiking and animal viewing are two of my favorite things to do.

They didn’t appear to be terrified of us; they just went about their business and woke by.

There was an osprey nest with 5 baby ospreys nearby.

During our time here, we only encountered one other hiker.

We were in the region visiting Glacier National Park and had heard good things about the island, so we decided to give it a shot.

We observed more animals in this park than we did at Glacier National Park.

While we were hiking, we left them near to the shore.

Jeff CHarrisburg, Pennsylvania There were 16 submissions.

We were able to view Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, and Wild Horses on the way.

Written on July 17, 2020This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor LLC.

The paths were well defined, and we were able to see mule deer and large horned sheep along the way.

The view is very stunning and breathtakingly beautiful.

August of this year We were in Whitefish for the month of August, and spent the most of our time hiking in Glacier National Park.

Despite the fact that we did not spot any wild horses, we did observe 38 great horn sheep galloping down a hill just in front of us.

We boarded one of the first boats and then stopped for lunch at the Tamarack Brewery, which is approximately 15 minutes away from the Wild Horse Resort and Spa.

This is an excellent day for families or anybody looking for a short, yet beautiful walk. Written on September 19, 2019This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and does not reflect the views and opinions of TripAdvisor, LLC. Results 1-10 of 96 shown.

Wild Horse Island State Park

State Park is a park in the state of New York. Island of the Wild Horses State Park is a park in the state of New York. OverviewServiceActivitiesOverviewServiceActivities The biggest island in the largest freshwater lake (Flathead Lake) west of Minnesota, and the largest island in the world. Since the Salish-Kootenai Indians were claimed to have utilized Wild Horse Island to graze horses in order to protect them from being kidnapped by other tribes, the island has become a local icon. Bighorn sheep, mule deer, songbirds, ducks, bald eagles, and falcons, as well as five wild horses, may all be found in the park, which is also known for its biodiversity.

Hikers, boaters, swimmers, and sailors enjoy the gorgeous shoreline of the island, which is a popular destination for them.

Skeeo Bay has a composting toilet that you may use.

Toilets Trail Bird Observation BoatingFishing Hiking and motor boating are two popular outdoor activities.

1639 Lake Blain

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4 B’s Restaurant

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650 Somers Road

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A Beautiful House on Big Arm Bay

Big Arm, Montana Vacation RentalSee more

A Beautiful House on Flathead Lake

Vacation RentalPolson, MTSee Additional Information

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Wildhorse Island Boat Trips Pointer Scenic Cruises

Wildhorse Island is a great place for an adventure tour. Trips on the water Scenic Cruises with a Pointer OverviewServiceActivitiesOverviewServiceActivities Flathead Lake and Wild Horse Island personalized charter cruises are available via Pointer Scenic Cruises, which is licensed and insured. Pointer Scenic Cruises is a tour boat company that provides personalized charter tours. All of Flathead Lake and the nearby Flathead River are covered by our service, which begins in downtown Bigfork. The Coast Guard requires that all boats be adequately licensed, insured, and inspected.

  1. Picnics, hiking, and animal viewing are all available at the park.
  2. Please inquire for more information.
  3. Our seating capacity is nine adult passengers, with a total weight capability of 2,000 pounds.
  4. RESERVATION Late Cancellation Fee, Walk-Ins Welcome, Reservations Accepted, Reservations Recommended Welcome Bigfork’s Pointer Scenic Cruises depart at 452 Grand Drive, which is in the heart of the city.
  5. Dinner on the Water Charter a Boat Programs for Educating Children Merchandise Store Guide LunchMaps Parking, Tour, Trail, and Bird Observation Children’s Recreational Activities Tours of the Cultural and Performing Arts Ecology Hiking HistoryNatural History is the study of the past.

Photography Picnicking Sightseeing Observation of Wildlife Show AllOther Accommodations Things to Do and EatFood and Beverage Resources for Travelers Articles

1639 Lake Blain

Vacation Rental in Kalispell, MontanaSee more

4 B’s Restaurant

Polson, Montana’s Family RestaurantSee more

650 Somers Road

Condominiums in Somers, Montana More information may be found here.

A Beautiful House on Big Arm Bay

Big Arm, Montana Vacation RentalSee more

A Beautiful House on Flathead Lake

Vacation RentalPolson, MTSee Additional Information

A Charming Montana Farmhouse

Home for the Holidays Columbia Falls is a town in Montana. More information may be found here.

AB Properties

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Wild Horse Island Tour — Paddle Board Outfitters

Featured on our Morning/Evening Tour: We depart from our dock in Somers Bay on Flathead Lake and proceed down the West side of the lake, taking in the views of mountain ranges to the East. Painted Rocks is the first destination on our tour, and here you will get the option to participate in some cliff jumping ranging from 10-80ft. After spending 30-45 minutes at Painted Rocks, we continue our voyage to Wild Horse Island, passing past a castle perched on its own little island in the distance. Once we reach at Wild Horse Island, we will anchor the boat and drop you off to trek and explore for 1.5 hours on a journey that will take you to view wild rams, wild horses, bald eagles, panoramic beauty of the lake, and the Mission/Swan mountain range to the east, among other things.

  • In order to have waivers signed and everyone on board, we ask that you come 15 minutes before to the start of each trip.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all of our tours begin and conclude in Somers Bay at the hours listed below.
  • The excursion includes the services of a captain.
  • Included in the All-Day Tour is the completion of the same scenic things list as in the Morning and Afternoon Tours listed previously.
  • Depending on the weather, we may spend up to 2 hours at Painted Rocks, and 3-4 hours at Wild Horse Island.
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Sea Me Paddle Kayaking Wildhorse Island Tour

Paddling out to Wild Horse Island, a unit of Flathead Lake State Park, in a kayak is a breathtakingly beautiful experience that should not be missed! The journey begins with a beautiful two-mile paddle across the pristine waters of Flathead Lake to the trailhead on Skeeko Bay, which is located on the island. Once we get at the island, we plan on hiking for 2.5 hours on our own. We supply a meal for each participant, as well as water bottles, a backpack with a map, and binoculars for viewing the rich animals!

It is a tremendous joy to hike around the island, and we have yet to have a paddler who did not get to see either the record-sized mule deer or the horses or the bighorn sheep!

There are around two miles each way in the kayak section of the journey, and it takes 45-60 minutes, depending on how quickly the paddlers move through the water. To see a map of Wild Horse Island, please visit this page.

  • Beginner to intermediate levels of experience are required. Depending on your level of experience, we will tailor the trip for you. Time: The trip will take around 5 hours in total. At 9:30 a.m., meet at the Sea Me Paddle office in Lakeside, Montana, 7220 Hwy 93 Suite 3, which is located at 7220 Hwy 93 Suite 3. Prepare to travel roughly fifteen miles in a vehicle to our launch spot in Dayton, Montana
  • The cost is $175.00 per person (plus applicable taxes). The price includes kayaks and all of the equipment needed to securely paddle to Wild Horse Island. In addition, we supply all of the necessary equipment to ensure that you have a pleasant self-guided trip, including a backpack, trail map, binoculars, a snack-lunch, and water for each paddler/hiker.

Wild Horse Island

Check out these more articles: Wild Horses|Bighorn Sheep To get to Wild Horse Island State Park on Flathead Lake, you’ll need to rent a boat to get to this remote 2,000-acre state park. Wild Horse Island is the biggest island in Flathead Lake and has a long and illustrious history. According to legend, the Salish-Kootenai Indians utilized the island to graze their horses and safeguard them from being kidnapped by other tribes when on the mainland. Despite the fact that the island is state territory, private property may be found throughout the perimeter of the island.

Hikers, boaters, and swimmers go to the island in large numbers.

There are no facilities or fees associated with this activity.

Transportation to Wild Horse Island

For anyone interested in obtaining access to the island through a charter boat, Captain Norm’s Tours is a good choice.

Map of Wild Horse Island

This useful map illustrates where you can get to the island by boat, as well as the hiking paths that are accessible and where the bathrooms are situated. If you have any questions, you may contact Wild Horse Island at 490 North Meridian, Kalispell, MT 59901 or by phone. The island is open all year.

Additional Wild Horse Island Information

Wild Horse Island is a true “jewel” in Montana’s State Park system, and it stands out from the others. Between Missoula and Kalispell, it is the largest island in Montana’s gorgeous, pristine Flathead Lake and is located inside the confines of the Flathead Indian Reservation, which is home to the Flathead Tribe. It is one of the three major attractions in western Montana, along with Glacier National Park and the National Bison Range, and it is a must-see for any visitor (also within the Flathead Reservation).

  1. I had initially planned to visit in May, when the island’s Arrowleaf Balsamroot is in full flower.
  2. It was not until late August that they were eventually able to make it due to the weather.
  3. During the rut, it is one of the greatest spots in the world to witness large horn sheep rams dueling.
  4. The area also has five wild horses left in the wild, which are protected by the National Park Service.
  5. However, there are seven approved landing places around the island, each of which has self-guided interpretive paths.
  6. Hikers, boaters, swimmers, and sailors enjoy the gorgeous shoreline of the island, which is a popular destination for them.
  7. These pathways carry visitors up to the highest point on the island, which is 850 feet above sea level.
  8. Camping and dogs are not permitted in this park, which is solely open for day usage.
  9. It is a 2,200-acre island wilderness that is just waiting to be discovered and cherished by everyone.
  10. There is a positive aspect in that boats may be leased at either Big Arm or Polson, and passenger service is provided from Big Arm.

Its long-term viability is now assured. However, this has not always been the case, since the country’s past is lengthy and tainted.

Hike, Photograph, Picnic and Swim on Wild Horse Island

To begin, Wild Horse Island State Park is one of the largest islands in Flathead Lake, and it is home to a number of wildlife species. A rustic 2,200-acre state park that can only be reached by boat, it is a must-see destination. Osprey, bald eagles, deer, big horn sheep, and wild horses are among the animals that inhabit the island.

Wild Horse Island State Park on Flathead Lake:

FWP Region 1 Headquarters490 N Meridian Rd Kalispell, Montana 59901Phone: 406-849-5256 FWP Region 1 Headquarters490 N Meridian Rd Kalispell, Montana 59901 You should also be aware that the island is only open for day trips and that around 4 kilometers of trails are maintained. Private property may be found along the perimeter of the island. Please respect private property and refrain from trespassing. Skeeko Bay, on the north side of the island, is one of the more accessible public entry sites to the island.

  1. The Flathead Nation owns and operates this park, which is located inside its borders.
  2. When visiting Wild Horse Island, keep in mind that it includes private properties along portions of the island’s border, which should be taken into consideration.
  3. Visitors are invited to make use of Skeeko Bay, which is located on the island’s northwest side.
  4. A normal daytrip can take an hour for the small loop and as long as you like on the long loop, depending on how adventurous you want to be.
  5. Finally, if you have any questions regarding The Flathead Lake Vacation Booklet, including advertising opportunities and affiliate programs, please contact us through email at:[email protected].
  6. We’ll see you out on the water soon!

Wild Horse Island – Wikipedia

Wild Horse Island

Flathead Lake with Wild Horse Island visible in the distance
Wild Horse Island
Location Flathead Lake
Coordinates 47°50′43″N114°12′54″W / 47.84528°N 114.21500°WCoordinates:47°50′43″N114°12′54″W / 47.84528°N 114.21500°W
Adjacent bodies of water Big Arm Bay
Total islands 1
Area 2,163 acres (875 ha)
Highest elevation 3,749 ft (1142.7 m)
United States
State Montana
County Lake
Indian Reservation Flathead Indian Reservation
Additional information
Official website Wild Horse Island State Park

With a total land area of around 2,164 acres (876 hectares), Wild Horse Island (Montana Salish:t’ieém, Kutenai:kwiqanqmi) is the biggest island on Flathead Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in the state of Montana. The island at Big Arm Bay, which has been protected as a state park since 1977, is home to a diverse range of animals, including bighorn sheep, mule deer, ducks, and bald eagles. Montana Fish and Wildlife Parks manages the park, which is located within the boundaries of the Flathead Indian Reservation and Lake County, Montana.


It was the Salish and Kootenai who utilized the island to graze horses and prevent them from being taken by other tribes for hundreds of years. From the time of the reservation’s establishment in 1872 until its dismantlement in 1904, when the island was divided into individual plots of property, the island was a part of the Flathead Native American Reservation. A variety of initiatives were made to promote agricultural growth, but none of them were fruitful. The island’s homesteaders knocked down a lot of old growth trees between 1910 and 1915 and introduced non-native grasses and other plant species that were not originally there.

This short grass prairie is one of the few left in Montana, and as a result, efforts must be taken to regulate the numerous animal species on the island in order to prevent the grasses from becoming over-pastured and eventually becoming extinct.

When the population reached 160 to 200 sheep in 2014, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department tried to move 59 animals to other herds in the Northwest Montana area.

At the time of writing, the wild horse population consisted of five mares and one gelding.

There are 56 private properties on the island, each measuring around an acre (0.4 hectare). The highest point on the island is at 3,749 feet (1,143 m), which is 853 feet (260 m) above sea level and 853 feet (260 m) above the sea level.

Climate and topography

According to the results of a research done over a 25-year period, the average annual precipitation on Wild Horse Island is 15.7 inches (400 mm). The average daily temperature ranges from 24 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 19 degrees Celsius), with lows as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) during the colder months and highs as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) during the hotter months during the drier years. In general, the island endures temperatures below freezing for around two-thirds of the year.

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Its coastlines rise to a height of 2,900 feet (880 meters) above sea level.

Meadows and grasslands dominate much of the western and southern coasts, while grasslands and meadows cover much of the southeast.


  • The island is home to a herd of bighorn sheep. Jet-skis moored on the shores of the Eastern Seaboard
  • A hiking route that runs through a forest of pines.


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Further reading

  • McCurdy, Edward B., et al (1975). Wild Horse Island, the past, the present, and the future. Treasure State Publishing Company is based in Polson, Montana. ASINB000730F64.OCLC41721811

External links

  • Wild Horse Island State Park is located on the island of Wild Horse. Wild Horse Island State Park Trail Map courtesy of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. Fish and Wildlife Parks in Montana

Hoofprints And Footprints: History On Flathead Lake’s Wild Horse Island

Published on November 3, 2019 at 5:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. Even the name – Wild Horse Island – piques the interest of visitors’ imaginations. There’s something special about taking the short boat ride to this island on the west side of Flathead Lake, about ten miles north of Polson. This is hardly a place where people have left nothing but footsteps, to put it mildly. Even the name hints that there is a tale behind it. It might be a reference to a phrase heard and then repeated by members of the Stevens Survey team in 1855, when they were seeking for a possible railroad route across the Montana Territory, according to Wikipedia.

  1. His response had been to steal an even bigger quantity of horses from the Blackfeet and imprison them on the island as a form of retribution.
  2. The only remnants of the homesteading era are the ruins of ancient houses and an orchard in the vicinity.
  3. It was established in 1931 and operated until Mr.
  4. Mrs.
  5. Lewis Penwell of Helena purchased the Edington assets in 1938 and oversaw the dude ranch from 1938 to 1941, but the operation collapsed because of the Edingtons’ connections with eastern guys, which were lost without them.
  6. Lloyd Helmer and set out to purchase all of the land on the island.
  7. J.C.

The horse ranch continued to operate under the supervision of a hired manager until 1954, when a sale was staged to decrease the herd.

She left half of the land to her husband and half in trust for her brother and his heirs.

Burnett died in 1959 at the age of 76.

In 1960, the Rockefeller Foundation and the state of Montana suggested that the island be turned up to the federal government as public land.

The Rockefeller Foundation recommended that they pay 70 percent of the asking price for the Burnett estate, leaving the state of Montana with a $79,500 obligation to settle the estate.

Following that, R.

There are presently just 24 cabins left.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks finally acquired control of the open area, and a state park was constructed as a result of much bickering and disagreement.


At the time, five horses live on the island that bears their nickname.

The Montana Natural History Center publishes a publication called “Field Notes.” (Field Notes was broadcast on the 5th and 8th of November, respectively.) Listen to the show on the radio every Tuesday and Friday at 4:54 p.m., or download the podcast.)

Wild Horse Island Tours

Join the captain for a private boat tour of Flathead Lake if fishing on the lake isn’t your thing, but you still want to see and enjoy the gorgeous lake and surrounding area. The pleasure of simply drifting down the beach is unforgettable. Witness stunning beauty in every direction, gorgeous mountains around the lake, crystal clear water, and much more at this resort. We can’t wait to show you all of the wonderful things we’ve discovered, such as our famous Indian petroglyphs, also known as painted rocks.

  • Pets are not permitted on the island in order to preserve possibilities for wildlife watching.
  • Because there are no food storage lockers on the island, it is important that you keep your food correctly on your boat or in your possession.
  • Hiking on the island is done at your own pace.
  • More information on Wildhorse Island may be found at the following link: Permits are required for groups larger than 15.
  • Please contact Amy Grout, the park’s manager, at 406-837-3041 if you require any other information.

Kayak to Wild Horse Island

Wild Horse Island, the largest island in Flathead Lake, provides excellent chances for hiking, animal viewing, swimming, and kayaking. This is a spot you will not want to miss out on because of the numerous coves, trails, and easy access. There are many boat ramps that provide access to Flathead Lake, but the one that is closest to Wild Horse Island is at Dayton, Montana. For beginning kayakers, Dayton Island is a short paddle away, taking just approximately an hour to reach by sea kayak or canoe.

A public reserve may be found in Dayton, Ohio, two blocks north and two blocks east of the boat ramp, respectively.

Take pleasure in the views of the Swan and Mission Mountain Ranges to the east of the property.

Pass Cromwell Island and make your way towards Skeeko Bay on the water (Reference the attached picture which provides a map of public access points on Wild Horse Island).

Once on the island, bring the kayaks to the shore and be sure to read the State Park instructions, register, and pay any fees that may be owed before continuing.

There are just a few horses left on the island, but there are also big horn sheep, mule deer, and a variety of bird species to be found. When you’re finished, turn around and go back the way you came.

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