How To Get Into Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint? (Perfect answer)

Getting Inside Just like the Old Pioneer Cemetery, to get inside Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint you’ll need to push a blue truck. This truck is located close to the train tracks, in the back of the MMU unit. As you can see, it’s standing on a hill, which means that when you push it down it will stop next to the building.

  • Just like the Old Pioneer Cemetery, to get inside Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint you’ll need to push a blue truck. This truck is located close to the train tracks, in the back of the MMU unit. As you can see, it’s standing on a hill, which means that when you push it down it will stop next to the building.

How do I restore Horse Lake Nero checkpoint?

Restore Power Head to the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint and locate the generator near Mobile Medical Unit (MMU). Once located, make your way to the green tractor near the mass graves to find the gas can lying on the ground nearby. Grab it then head back to the MMU and toss the gas can over the fence.

Is there a horde at Horse Lake?

Horse Lake Horde: Start moving towards the eastern side of the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint. You will spot this Horde sleeping in a cave on the left.

How do I restore power in Nero checkpoint?

In the majority of cases, NERO Checkpoints will consist of a generator and a monitoring unit. To restore the power, you just need to clear out the area and locate a fuel can. Use this fuel can to refuel the generator and hit the button.

How do you get on the roof of Nero checkpoint?

Just check the area, and you should find it quickly enough. Now, head for the dirt ramp that leads down to the side of the Nero building itself, and you will see a blue truck at the top. Go up the ramp and push the truck down. This will now let you climb onto the roof, as you can see in the main image for this article.

How do you get into the Chemult Community College Nero checkpoint?

This Checkpoint is only accessible after the completion of the mission entitled “You Couldn’t Stop Shaking “. The first thing to do when you arrive near the Checkpoint will be to scout the surroundings in search of the horde that occupies the area (pictures1-2).

What is the biggest horde in Days Gone?

1 Old Sawmill Horde During a mission titled ‘I’ll Save Some for You,’ Deacon has to clear out the Old Sawmill Horde, which is the biggest horde Days Gone has to offer.

How many Nero injectors are there in Days Gone?

There are 30 Days Gone NERO Injectors for you to collect in all – that’s 10 for each ability – and you may not want to focus on just collecting all of one upgrade to start with, but rather build up all your skills in tandem.

Where is Horse Lake days gone?

Horse Lake is a NERO Checkpoint in the Cascade region.

What is the IPCA Tech for in days gone?

You can find Days Gone IPCA tech throughout the game, although you’ll have no idea why until the end. Once you’ve completed all the requirements you’ll find out that the Days Gone IPCA tech is used to construct a secret NERO weapon.

How do you open the Iron Butte pass?

Iron Butte Pass – Restore Power at the Nero Checkpoint Eliminate the ripper group. Break the speakers on the roof, the entrance, at the gate in the back, and at the checkpoint. Get the fuel tank. Fill the generator with fuel.

Days Gone: Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint Guide, How To Get In

The Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is a little difficult to find in Days Gone due to the terrain. It’s surrounded by a fence, and there’s no visible way to get to the generator from anywhere. Until the sun goes dark, we will lead you through the best method to get access to it and prepare it to be a secure place to sleep when the light comes up again. Because the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is surrounded by a barrier, gaining entry to it must be accomplished in several steps over time. Taking out the speakers in the little guard huts at each end of The Checkpoint should be the first thing you do after sneaking around and stealing their equipment.

Once you have gone up into the guard huts and taken down the speakers, return to the main camp area to finish your mission.

Simply look about and you should be able to locate it rather fast.

Push the vehicle down the ramp after you’ve climbed it.

Go up to the roof and remember to take two sets of speakers down with your saw.

Jump down behind the fence, next to the generator, and fill it with gas before turning it on to save time.

While you’re in there, be sure to pick up the Nero Injector, which will give you a good boost to either your Health, Stamina, or Focus.

Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint

Horse Lake is one of the 12 Nero Checkpoints in Days Gone, a video game created by Bend Studio for the PlayStation 4. It is located in the western region of the game.


Copeland’s Camp Trust Points: 800
Credits: 550
XP: 1000

Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is also a place that appears in the World’s EndStoryline, which means that you’ll have to visit it in order to complete the videogame to its fullest extent. Cascade Area’s O’Leary Mountain Safehouse, Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp, and Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp are all within a few miles of this checkpoint, which is located north of the safehouse and north-east of the radio tower.

Getting Inside

To enter inside Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint, you’ll need to push a blue truck, much like you did to go into the Old Pioneer Cemetery. This truck is placed near the railway tracks, in the back of the MMU unit, and is easily accessible. The fact that it is situated on a hill means that when you push it down, it will come to a halt just beside the structure, as you can see.

Horse Lake Nero MMU Speaker 1

In contrast to Little Bear Lake, you will be required to destroy four MMU Speakers at this checkpoint.

If you don’t, you’ll draw the attention of surrounding Freakers as well as a Horde that roams the region. The first one is located at the corner of the building, on the right side as you go to the top of the structure.

Horse Lake Nero MMU Speaker 2

In the same corner of the building, but this time facing the courtyard.

Horse Lake Nero MMU Speaker 3

On the hillside opposite the railroad tracks, at the top of the guard station.

Horse Lake Nero MMU Speaker 4

Second guard post is located under the railroad tracks on top of the second guard post.

Generator Fuel (Gas) Location

It’s time to turn on the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint generator, which can be found within the little courtyard after the MMU Speakers have been turned off. It is possible to find the gasoline canister on the same hill where you discovered the blue vehicle. Take note of the location, which is near to the railroad tracks and some black containers. Once you’ve located the fuel, transport it to the generator and pressO to refill it with gas. Finally, hit theSquare key to begin.

Notable Items

Item: Location:
Nero Injector Inside a white crate, near the door
Nero Intel Recorder ( 16) Next to the microscope on a table opposed to the bed
Sterilizer On the table next to the Nero Injector crate
IPCA Tech Outside, on the hill between the large green truck and the train tracks

Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint

View the index of the guide It is the focus of this segment of The Days Gone Guide, which is the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint. You’ll learn about the opponents you’ll face as well as the numerous essential objects you’ll come across while exploring this location in this section.

Copeland’s Camp 800 Trust + 550 Credits
Elements Found NERO Injector + Inspector Field Note – 1376 + Field Recording – 1260

When you get close to the Checkpoint, stay away from the railway track on the higher level, because that’s where the Death Train Horde will be waiting to attack you (picture1). You can eliminate these adversaries with the numerous bombs scattered across the region, but it will be a time-consuming and potentially deadly operation (picture2). If at all possible, first approach the military truck that is parked on the side of the road to acquire Inspector Field Note – 1376 (picture3). After that, proceed beneath the bridge and demolish the speaker on the storage shed (picture4).

As soon as this is completed, take the gasoline nearby and climb to the roof of the building, where you will demolish the speakers (picture6).

After that, you can enter the building and get theNERO Injectoras well as theField Recording – 1260 (if necessary) (pictures8-9).

Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint: Days Gone Walkthrough

Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is a side task in Days Gone that takes place at Horse Lake Nero. It is your responsibility to get the generator at the Nero checkpoint back online. Walking through Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint in Days Gone is demonstrated here.

Get to the checkpoint

Your initial goal is to get it to the checkpoint in time. On the map below, it’s located slightly north of the O’Leary Mountain safehouse, which is whence it gets its name.

Find a way to start the generator

The most important task at hand is to turn on the generator. Caution should be exercised when approaching the abandoned railroad cars. One of them is hiding a crazy legion of zombies inside of it. They’ll all come after you if you don’t take precautions. It’s similar to what happened to me. Leaving the horde aside, you must gain entry to the compound in order to approach the generator.

Push the vehicle

Get to the car, which is located on the left-hand side of the building. Continue to push it until it is really near to the structure. After hitting the button for a bit, you may observe the horde starting to emerge.

Allow them to be as you quietly go forward. There may be marauders passing through every now and again, catching the attention of the freakers in the process. After this, you’ll have a method to go to the roof and, eventually, to the generator.

Disable all alarms / loudspeakers

If you turn on the generator, the sirens will go off and the horde will descend on your location. Disable all three alarms at the same time. I made the error of merely deactivating two of the options. A total of two of these loudspeakers / alarms may be found on the roof. The third one is concealed somewhere else, perhaps on a pole.

Refuel the generator

After you’ve disabled the alarm, go look for gasoline. When you get to the railroad tracks, there’s a fuel can right next to it. Grab the gasoline can, climb inside the automobile, and finally to the roof of the building. Jump down to the compound and refill the generator from the roof of the building. Start the generator as soon as it is finished. When you enter the building, you’ll discover several stuff. The NERO injector, which provides you with a permanent stat increase, is undoubtedly the most useful equipment.

You will receive 1,000 XP for completing this task.

The Walkthrough for Days Gone is Nice and Bloody.

Days Gone Out Of Nowhere: Days Gone Walkthrough is a game that takes place in a fantasy world.

Days Gone – Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint

Objective(s): Items of Particular Interest:

  • In the laboratory of the Mobile Medical Unit, on a counter

Repair PowerHead to the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint and look for the generator beside the Mobile Medical Unit to restore power (MMU). Following your discovery, proceed to the green tractor near the mass graves in order to locate the gas can that has been dumped on the ground nearby. Take it, then return to the MMU and chuck the gas can over the perimeter fence there. After that, climb the slope behind the MMU and use the SUV at the top of the hill to push it all the way down to the bottom. Make use of the vehicle to propel yourself to the top of the MMU.

In the train carriages right past the MMU, there’s a swarm of people waiting to be seen, and it’s rather simple to attract their attention.

It must be turned on in order to restore power to the MMU.

r/DaysGone – Anyone got any tips on clearing the horse lake nero camp?

Level 1Throw molotov cocktails, plus there’s also a huge ass gastruck and oil drums that you can take out with your gun. When I was lvl 3, I made the mistake of doing this. I was in a state of terror, yet I managed to stay alive. The next night, I had nightmares about it. 1st grade Tip: Aggro the horde with a molly (hoping to kill at least a few of them) and then flee down the road as quickly as possible. The horde will pursue you, but only up to a certain point in the battle. Once they begin to return to their carts, murder them one by one in the shadows using stealth.

  • a second-grade education Okay, this was a lot more sophisticated than mine.
  • I’m not sure if they’re building a nest there or simply traveling by, or if they’re just there at night or only during the daytime.
  • However, I have not come across a nest.
  • In order to avoid being discovered throughout the night, you may either wait until they’ve finished their meal or, if you want to take a chance, sneak up on them during the day when they’re sleeping.
  • level 1Unlock the ability that makes you silent, then go about your business, cutting the speakers and refueling that generator.
  • Best of luck.
  • level 1 1st grade My second NERO camp was successfully cleared.

Kill them in the shadows as they leash them back to the trains and restart the process. When the sun sets and it becomes nighttime, the remainders depart. XP may be obtained from a very simple source. If you’re trying to combat more than two opponents at the same time, you’re doing it incorrectly.

Days Gone: Restore Power – Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint

In Days Gone, one of the objectives is to restore power (DaysGone). When you get to the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint in Days Gone, one of your objectives is to restore power.

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  • Make your way toward the MMU’s main building. As you approach, keep your distance since there are a large number of Swarmers on the train that is just above the MMU
  • From the MMU, proceed south, passing the tow truck on the hill here, which is a short distance away. If you are looking for the gasoline canister, look to the rear left of the vehicle
  • Take it and make your way back to the MMU, creeping gently as you near it. Toss the gasoline canister over the fence and into the MMU’s little yard
  • This will save time. From here, head to the north, slipping up the neighboring slope to the vehicle that’s waiting there. Toss the truck into the MMU from the front of the vehicle
  • Crawl onto the roof of the MMU in a crouching position
  • Move cautiously on the rooftop to avoid interfering with the Swarmers in the area. The first loudspeaker may be found on the roof to the right, on the right side of the building. Arrive in the backyard and climb up onto part of the roof that faces the east. For now, ignore or cover the gasoline can with your hands. Follow the path to the right to discover the next loud speaker. There is one additional loud speaker on the booth, which is located to the east. Because of the enormous Swarm, approaching this area is quite dangerous at the moment. Enter the yard and retrieve the gasoline canister that you hurled earlier in the day
  • Take a trip to the Generator and fill it with fuel
  • Afterwards, engage with the generator to get it back up to speed.


Players can now go to the generator once they have reached the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint. This gadget is positioned in a courtyard on the right side of the little structure, on the right side of the entrance. A gasoline canister may be found on the hill opposite the blue truck, however it must be pushed down in order to be used, therefore be sure to do so. The gas canister will be hidden behind a small rock in the middle of the field. After they have filled it, they will be able to climb to the roof and put it to use.

Days Gone Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint

First and foremost, you must demolish the speakers on the guards’ cottages in order to pass through the Checkpoint. Afterwards, proceed to the railway bridge and smash the speaker with hammer and chisel until it is no longer functional. The smell of gasoline will draw the attention of the Freakers and other NPCs in the area. After that, you may proceed to the generator and utilize it to power the generator itself. After that, the generator will turn off the sounds of the Freakers, making it easier to get through the night.

This will draw the attention of the Freakers and other adversaries.

The Freakers will be less inclined to approach you as a result of this.

This will also deter Freakers from assaulting you in the future.

Days Gone Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint Guide

In the Days Gone universe, you will come across the Nero Checkpoints in the forest near Horse Lake, which you must pass through to progress. At these checkpoints, the goal is to eliminate as many Freakers as possible by employing Nero Injectors and turning on the generator in order to obtain the most quantity of ammo feasible. It is important that you reach the cabin in time for this checkpoint so that you can turn off the speaker and then leap down next to the generator so that you may fill it up.

  1. You should bear in mind, however, that this location is difficult to locate.
  2. Failure to identify Freakers will result in your inability to reach the Generator.
  3. After that, you’ll need to push your automobile down the hill to the cabin.
  4. It is necessary to drive to the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint as the following stage.
  5. In order to confront the Death Train Horde, you must first push a blue truck up a steep slope, then climb into the vehicle yourself.

Afterwards, you’ll need to acquire an explosion or a weapon to use against the Horde to finish them out. According to the game, this assignment is a component of the World’s End Storyline, and it is extremely vital for the final boss battle.

Days Gone Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint Restore Power

Going to the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint in Days Gone will allow you to re-energize all of the structures and doors in the game. You’ll need to locate the generator, which may be a little difficult to locate. There isn’t an apparent method to get there, but you can get there by following the instructions in this document. First and foremost, you must clean up the area. After that, you’ll need to refill it with gasoline, which you may obtain in the control panel of a neighboring building nearby.

  • First and foremost, you must take out the speakers in the guard huts in order to accomplish the Nero Checkpoint in the most expedient manner possible.
  • Following your entry inside the building, you’ll need to get the generator to the generator site.
  • You’ll need to utilize your generator to re-energize the Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) at the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint, which will require your assistance.
  • Obtaining the gas can requires you to look for a gas can near the green tractor and hurl it over the fence, which is not difficult.
  • After that, you’ll have to turn off the speakers in order to restore power to the MMUs.

How to Get to the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint in Days Gone

There are a variety of routes that players may take to reach the Nero Checkpoint in Days Gone. The most efficient method is to locate the generator and open the white box that you will discover inside. The generator will assist you in locating the gasoline required to operate the vehicle. You’ll also need a few more supplies, including as gasoline and the Nero Injector upgrade, to complete the mission. To save time, you may simply drive by the Generator and it will not cause any problems. First and foremost, in order to get access to the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint, it is necessary to disable the speakers in the guard huts.

Keep a can of gasoline close by in case you need it.

You will require this fuel in order to get access to the Nero Building.

The Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is the first site you’ll come across in Days Gone, and it’s also one of the most difficult spots you’ll see during the game.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to set up speakers and utilize the gas can to replenish the generator’s fuel supply. NEWS AND HACKS RELATED TO THE GAME DISCORD SERVER IS AVAILABLE TO US

How many speakers are at Horse Lake Nero checkpoint?

In contrast to Little Bear Lake, you’ll be required to destroy four MMU Speakers at this checkpoint. If you don’t, you’ll draw the attention of surrounding Freakers as well as a Horde that roams the region. To put it another way, how do you get to the Nero checkpoint? Simply look around the area. After obtaining the fuse, find the fuse box on the outside of the building (see figure 2) and attach the newly obtained item to the wall of the building. All of the building’s entrances will become accessible as soon as the generator is turned on.

  • Yes, you can certainly take them out with a shotgun.
  • indeed Where has the Horse Lake horde vanished to?
  • In a tunnel that descends deep into the mountain, directly north of the safehouse where Boozer resides throughout the first portion of the game, is the O’Leary Mountain Horde’s base of operations.
  • After you’ve turned off all of the speakers, it’s time to turn on the generator.

Where is the gas at the Nero checkpoint?

This region’s fuel can be located directly behind the little security checkpoint structure that serves as the entry to this area. The generator is located behind the Nero building in a fenced-in area; in order to get to it, you must dash around the gate.

What is the secret ending in days gone?

When it comes down to it, the so-called “hidden ending” is essentially merely a bonus cut scene that players may see after finishing the main campaign plot. Players will need to complete all of the Finding NERO tasks in order to get access to it. There are a total of twelve objectives to perform in order to find NERO in this game.

What does the secret ending in days gone mean?

When the Days Gone secret ending is revealed, it has significant repercussions for the serious since it introduces a new aspect to the Freaker virus, which may be quite dangerous. O’Brian discloses that his superiors at Nero, who have been doing research on the virus, have been aware of the pathogen’s changing characteristics all along.

What is the secret ending in Days Gone?

When it comes down to it, the so-called “hidden ending” is essentially merely a bonus cut scene that players may see after finishing the main campaign plot. Players will need to complete all of the Finding NERO tasks in order to get access to it. There are a total of twelve objectives to perform in order to find NERO in this game.

What’s the best gun in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, these are the 15 best weapons.

  • 8 Drifter Crossbows.
  • 7 Boozer’s Shotguns.
  • 6 PDWs.
  • 5 PPSH-41s.
  • 4 MWSs.
  • 3 Stinger SMGs.
  • 2. 50 BFGs.
  • 1 Chicago Chopper. This weapon, which is based on the well-known Tommy Gun, is the greatest that a player may obtain in Days Gone.

Are there Days Gone cheats?

No, although there is an easy difficulty setting, and the HUD offers several clues as to whether or not you are producing sound and whether or not you have been spotted.

How big is the sawmill horde?

One of the most massive hordes you’ll encounter in the game, the Old Sawmill’s horde has over 500 freaks that are eager to devour Deacon’s flesh.

Do hordes regenerate Days Gone?

Days Gone has 40 different zombie hordes that are all connected to the plot. When you defeat these hordes, they are fully eliminated from the game and will not reappear in the future. However, even if you just manage to eliminate a part of these hordes, their numbers will gradually increase over time.

How do you skip Chemult horde?

There is no way to get around the subterranean hordes. It took me a few of tries, but explosives are beneficial. Later on in the game, there is also the Sawmill Horde to contend with. You can take advantage of this by standing atop a cable reel that they are unable to reach.

How do you restore power days in Gone Marion Forks?

When you open the crate, you will discover the fuse that you require for the fuse box. Leave the trailer and make your way to the south, to the NERO MMU and its fuse box, which is located in the middle of the northern side of the building. Return to the Generator at this point and turn it on; time will now begin to flow out of it.

What are Nero research sites?

Here’s our selection of Nero research sites for you to peruse:

  • Belknap – Nero Research Site location 1
  • Belknap – Nero Research Site location 2
  • Lost Lake – Nero Research Site location 1
  • Cascade – Nero Research Site location 1
  • Cascade Nero Research Site location 3
  • Cascade Nero Research Site location 4
  • Cascade – Nero

Where is the fuse at Nero checkpoint?

The Location of the Nero Fuse First and foremost, a fuse will be required in order to activate the Marion Forks Tunnel Generator. It’s hidden inside a crate in a container on the left side of the tunnel’s entrance, which you may locate by opening the door. Take a look inside the container and get the Nero Fuse, after which you should install it in the control panel on the wall of the building.

How do I find out what gas My generator has gone?

Locate the fuel for the generator. A can of petrol has been discovered on top of a tow truck that has been abandoned in the middle of the road. Run back to the generator and fill its tank with the fuel you’ve saved in your can.

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Why are there no Days Gone 2?

It is suggested by the Bloomberg report that Sony Bend did submit a pitch for Days Gone 2, but that this pitch was rejected by Sony. “Even though the first game was financially successful, its development had been time-consuming and the critical reception had been mixed, so a Days Gone 2 was not considered a viable option,” according to Bloomberg.

Does Sarah still love Deacon?

Deacon receives whatever he desires and never has to deal with the realization that what he desired has changed. Sarah is still alive, she still loves him, and they are able to spend time with one other. It turns out that all of the friendships he has developed and all of the work he has done are really merely embellishments to the primary plot.

Why is O’Brien a freaker?

At the conclusion of the game, it is revealed that he has been infected with an advanced form of the Freaker Virus, which has granted him superhuman agility and strength while still allowing him to retain his human knowledge and perception.

What is the Nero secret weapon?

The IPCA Stun Gun is the official name for the NERO Weapon known as the Unknown NERO Weapon. This is a nod to Siphon Filter, a PS1 game that was also created by Bend Studio at the time.

Who died Days Gone?

Mr. Jesse “Carlos” Williamson was slashed in the throat by Deacon.

Iron Mike –Dies as a result of his wounds sustained during the militia’s attack on the Lost Lake camp. Skizzo – Skizzo’s throat was cut by Deacon as a result of his betrayal. Sarah poisoned Colonel Mark Garreth by placing a hemlock in his teacup, and he died as a result.

Do hordes reset in Days Gone?

After updating to patch 1.60, it is now possible to reset the hordes in Days Gone and battle them once more. It is likely that even if you are not a fan of Days Gone, you may still empathize if you have ever become addicted to any other open-world games (for me, Far Cry).

Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint

Horse Lake is a Nero Checkpoint in the Cascade area of the United States.


NERO workers are dealing with an unplanned freight train that is transporting victims to NERO Depot Site 27, where they will be interred in mass graves. Train traffic has become held up between Chemult and Farewell, as stated in the tape. The command has requested more Federal help, which has been granted.


  • Copeland’s CampTrust is worth 800 points
  • Copeland’s CampCredits are worth 550 points
  • And Copeland’s XP is worth 1000 points.


  • Alarm Clockx1, Bandagex2, Beer Bottlex3, Box of Nailsx3, Canx1, Gas Canx1, Growlerx2, Kerosenex1, Medkitx1, Poisonx1, Polystyrenex1, Ragx2, Scrapx2, Spark Igniterx1, Sterilizerx4, Sterilizerx4, Sterilizerx4, Sterilizerx4

Days Gone All Nero Checkpoint Locations

Days Gone has a total of 12 Nero Checkpoints. Listed below is a list of all Nero Checkpoint Locations, listed in the order in which they may be reached. The World’s End trophy and questline are completed after all of them have been completed. After completing a checkpoint, it becomes available as a quick travel point. They also include a Nero Injector, which is unique to each (used to max out your stats: health, stamina, focus). Each Nero Checkpoint also contains a Nero Intel Collectible, which you may use to further your research.

  1. There are always two gasoline canisters available in the area surrounding the Checkpoint.
  2. Then the electricity is restored to the doors, and you are able to enter the Nero Building.
  3. You may also need to fix the generator from time to time, which will cost a little amount of scrap.
  4. Following the tale, you have free-roaming privileges, allowing you to return to any place and complete any side activities and treasures you may have left.
  5. One may be found at the conclusion of the third area, “Lost Lake,” while another can be found at the end of the fifth region, “Crater Lake.” This will prevent you from accessing some areas until the conclusion of the narrative.

Nero Checkpoint1: Little Bear Lake

Cascade is a geographical region. The first Nero Checkpoint is directly tied to the tale and cannot be overlooked. During the narrative task “Bugged the Hell Out,” you will travel to this location (one of the first few missions). A power generator is located right next to the Nero building. In order to turn it on, you must locate one of the fuel canisters located within the Nero Checkpoint area. Nero Checkpoints always have a large number of them available. One may be located on the back of a maintenance truck parked at the end of the street, which is visible from the road.

After that, the doors will be powered, and you will be able to enter the building.

To complete this Nero Checkpoint, use the large white box located within. This will be a recurring motif; at each Checkpoint, you must locate fuel to power the generator and then unlock the large white box within to receive an upgrade to the Nero Injector (which will be a regular theme).

Nero Checkpoint2: Horse Lake

Cascade is a geographical region. A vehicle is parked behind this Nero building, which is somewhat up a hill. You have the ability to push this vehicle downhill (stand in front of the car and push). Then you may scale the automobile to go to the top of the Nero Checkpoint’s roof and plunge down the side of the building. The generator may be found in this location. Fuel may be discovered outside the gate, near where the automobile that you pushed had been abandoned.

Nero Checkpoint3: Old Pioneer Cemetery

Cascade is a geographical region. This one is really straightforward. When you get to the Checkpoint location, there will be a couple of Freakers eating on the ground. The gasoline canister is being guarded by these maniacs, so eliminate them. Later, you will be able to utilize the canister on the power generator that is located next to the gate and next to the Nero building.

Nero Checkpoint4: Marion Forks Tunnel

Belknap is located in the region of The gasoline canister at this checkpoint is mounted on the back of a military truck that is positioned in front of the tunnel entrance. However, that is not the only thing you must do in this situation. After you’ve used the gasoline, you’ll still need to find a fuse to repair the door panels. On the mini-map, you should be able to see a blue search area that will direct you to the shattered door panel. Having completed your investigation, you may follow the tracks on the floor to a white container at the tunnel entrance, where you will find the fuse.

Nero Checkpoint5: Iron Butte Pass

Belknap is located in the region of You may discover the gasoline canister on the far left side of the road as you approach the entrance of this Nero Checkpoint (if you’re approaching from the north). After refueling, this generator, on the other hand, will need to be fixed as well. This will need the use of some scrap metal.

Nero Checkpoint6: Old Sawmill

Lost Lake is located in the region. On the right side of the checkpoint, there are a few of tents that contain fuel for this checkpoint. The generator is located in the middle of the space, next to a large boulder.

Nero Checkpoint7: Santiam Tunnel

Lost Lake is located in the region. There are a few phases involved in this Checkpoint. First and foremost, you must extinguish the infection nest in this checkpoint zone (to the side of a dark tunnel). There is a fuse hidden inside the nest. Use this fuse at the Nero building’s fuse box to turn on the lights. Then you’ll need to get some gasoline (which you can find in the tent) and take it around to the backside of the checkpoint. There’s a generator behind the Nero building that you may access by climbing up to the top of the building.

Nero Checkpoint8: Rogue Tunnel

Lost Lake is located in the region. Fuel may be found on the back of an SUV adjacent to the Nero building, which is conveniently located. The generator is located on the other side of the Nero building.

Nero Checkpoint9: Spruce Lake

Crater Lake National Park and Preserve Fuel may be found on the right side of the camp, immediately after arriving, or in a tent on the left side.

You’ll also need to locate a fuse. After you’ve looked into the fuse box, look for the hints. It’s in a box, and it’s up the hill.

Nero Checkpoint10: Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

Crater Lake National Park and Preserve A yellow school bus is parked in the parking lot. Near the Nero building, there is a fenced-in area where the generator is located.

Nero Checkpoint11: Chemult Community College

Highway 97 is located in the region. This place is closed until the point in the tale that you get there. Simply go through the tale until you reach the College area, and you’re done (do more missions in Crater Lake region). Returning to the location after seeing it for the first time is permitted. You must locate gasoline as well as a fuse. The fuse is located in one of the tents; all that is required is that you follow the indications from the fuse box. Located just in front of the Nero building, beneath a wooden roof, is where you will find fuel.

Nero Checkpoint12: Pillette Bridge

Highway 97 is located in the region. Fuel may be located directly behind the little security checkpoint building at the entrance to this location, just a few steps away. The generator is located behind the Nero building in a fenced-in area; in order to get to it, you must dash around the gate. That completes the list of Nero Checkpoints in Days Gone. This completes the World’s End storyline, as well as granting you access to the “World’s End” award. For more information on all of the other Days Gone Collectible Types, please see the complete Days Gone Collectibles Guide.

Days Gone: All Nero Checkpoint Locations

Days Among the many features of Gone are a large open environment to explore, as well as many items and awards to gather. However, with such a large globe, it is sometimes difficult to locate specific areas. As a result, we’re going to walk you through the process of finding all of the Nero Checkpoints.

Days Gone All Nero Checkpoint Locations

The fact that some of these sites will have Frekerscrawling all the them is a good indication that you should always come prepared with some firepower when on the quest for new checkpoints. In the case of nests, you will almost certainly want Molotov Cocktails or some other type of explosive. Never underestimate the destructive force of fire and a loud explosion. Also, keep an eye out for the alarm systems installed on the roofs of the buildings. Examine the poles and the exterior of buildings for speakers and be sure to take them out before turning on the facility’s electricity, otherwise you’ll be inviting an invasion.

Nero Checkpoint – Chemult Community College

There will be no access to this section of the map until later in the game’s storyline. A mandatory assignment with Sarah will be assigned to you once you have completed various missions in theCrater Lakeregion. This quest will unlock the location in theHighway 97region. Following this, the gate will be unlocked, and you will be allowed to proceed farther into the back of the school, where you will locate the checkpoint, if you so want. You will need to locate fuel at each checkpoint, just like you would at any other (and sometimes a fuse).

Once you have located the fuse box, you will be sent to one of the Military Tents, where you will find further clues to guide you to the fuse box. Locations for Days Gone-Lab Sarah’s Notes are also available.

Nero Checkpoint – Horse Lake

Horse Lake Checkpoint may be found in the Cascade area of the United States. You’ll need to locate something to climb on in order to get entry to the building. Behind the Nero building, you will discover a vehicle on top of a hill, which you may use to knock it down (pressSquareto do this). This will then function as a stepping stone for anybody wishing to enter the facility through the roof. Fill up the gas tank on the opposite side of the fence from where you pushed the car, and you’ll be set to go!

Nero Checkpoint – Iron Butte Pass

This checkpoint will be located within the Belknapregion, near the Iron Butte Pass. Prepare yourself with some scrap metal, since you’ll want it for repairs on the generator before you can start it up with gasoline. Fuel can be discovered to the left of the garbage heap, near the entrance.

Nero Checkpoint – Little Bear Lake

This is yet another checkpoint that can be located in the Cascaderegion, and it is truly necessary to the beginning of the tale. You will be required to travel to this location as part of one of the first plot objectives, Bugged the Hell Out. Fuel can be located behind the truck that is now being serviced; simply fill the generator with fuel and the doors to the facility will open. Related: Days Gone – Complete List of All Available Trophies

Nero Checkpoint – Marion Forks Tunnel

Another Nero Checkpoint has been discovered in Belknap, and this location will require bothFuel and aFuse to be cleared. On the map, find gasoline on the back of theMilitary Truck, and the fuse will be discovered after traveling to theBlue Search Perimeter. Following your interaction with the locked doors, the game will present you with clues to help you locate the fuse, which is located near the Tunnel Entrance.

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Nero Checkpoint – Old Pioneer Cemetery

In the Cascaderegion of the map, you’ll find this one. You will need to eliminate certain Freaks in order to complete this task. As you approach the cemetery, you will notice that they are feeding, and they are conveniently located just on top of the gasoline canister that is required to refuel the generator. After you have removed them from the facility, you may grab the canister and turn on the electricity.

Nero Checkpoint – Old Sawmill

This one may be discovered in theLost Lakeregion of the game (a game favorite of ours). Look for the generator, which is sandwiched between two large boulders, and you may locate the fuel for this bad boy under some tents to the right of the generator. All things considered, it was a rather straightforward assignment. Even if you’re not really loud throughout the day, you should be able to go in and out of here quite easy. There are some Freaks about, but they are not too difficult to deal with.

Nero Checkpoint – Pillette Bridge

This is another one that will be available a little later in the game, as it is located along Highway 97. Run around the perimeter of the complex to obtain access to the generator. Fuel may be located near theSecurity Outpost on the grounds of the facility.

Nero Checkpoint – Rogue Tunnel

Another one may be discovered in theLost Lake region of the game.

In order to collect fuel, you will need to go to the opposite end of the Nero building, where you will be able to get it from the rear of an SUV parked out front.

Nero Checkpoint – Santiam Tunnel

Located in theLost Lakeregion, this one may require a little more effort on your part before you can get entry. As you make your way into the Dark Tunnel, Deacon should begin to comment that he can scent a nest close. Because the fuse for the checkpoint is located inside, you will need to burn out the infestation on the interior of the building. Place the fuse in the fuse box, and then proceed to theTent, where you will discover someFuel on the interior walls. Make your way around the rear of the building and up to the generator to refuel it.

Nero Checkpoint – Spruce Lake

Following your entrance into theCamp, you will find theFuel on the righthand side of the map in theCrater Lakeregion. There will be a fuse box up on the hill, but the game will reveal information when it has analyzed the fuse box.

Nero Checkpoint – Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

Finally, but certainly not least, this checkpoint is located within the Crater Lakeregion of the game map. Follow the Yellow School Bus to the back of the building where you will find some fuel. Take the fuel inside a fenced-in area beside the facility, where you will locate the generator. There are a plethora of NERO Checkpoints for you to visit and investigate! These are by no means the only locations you’ll need to visit in order to obtain collectibles in the game, but they are a good beginning to begin your search.

Instead, why not look into thehorde spots for Days Gone?

Days Gone NERO Injectors – all locations for the stat boosting syringes

Days Gone NERO Injectors are critical to the advancement of science. At every time you come across one of the Days Gone NERO Injector locations – which are normally found at a NERO Research Station or NERO Checkpoint – you can use them to improve your health, stamina, and focus (a slow mo aiming ability you can unlock). Days Gone’s labor can be difficult, and although you’ll need to explore in order to locate these critical supplies, the excursions you’ll be making between checkpoints and across the wilderness will be loaded with risk and hazard.

These wonderful Days Gone NERO Injectors wonder-drugs may be found at NERO checkpoints, which can also be used as fast travel stations after they have been set up and operational.

If you can’t reach an area of injectors, upgrading your bike’s speed and nitrous boost will likely provide you with the boost you need to get there and find the Days Gone NERO Injectors you can’t reach at first.

You may not want to focus just on collecting all of one upgrade at first, but rather on upgrading all of your abilities at the same time. However, if you’re having trouble in the game, you should concentrate on the following:

  • Health is useful for regular gameplay, but it isn’t absolutely necessary until you encounter more deadly adversaries, given how easily you can repair yourself. A high level of stamina is required for running away, especially early in the game when you may unintentionally come upon a horde and lack the stamina to flee
  • Focus – you’ll need to obtain the Focus Shot skill in order to use this, but it’s quite useful while fighting swarms of enemies since it allows you to aim in slow motion and keep the tide at bay

Where to find all Days Gone NERO Injector locations

As previously stated, Days Gone NERO injectors may be located at checkpoints that are permanently marked on the map, as well as research stations that must be discovered and then vanish after the syringe has been claimed by the player. When you reach near enough to these research stations, they will be tagged on your map, and discovering the bunker at cleared Ambush Camps will also mark them on your map. They are normally equipped with a red flashing beacon that emits a loud noise, however this is of little value if the device is buried in a cave or in a place that cannot be reached without the use of a bike jump.

  1. In addition to checkpoints that are permanently marked on the map, you’ll also locate Days Gone NERO injectors at research stations that must be discovered and then vanish after the syringe has been collected. In addition to locating the bunker at cleared Ambush Camps, these research stations will be indicated on your map if you approach close enough to see them. The majority of them are also equipped with a red flashing beacon that emits a loud beeping sound, however this is of little utility if the device is buried inside a cave or in a place that cannot be reached without a bike jump. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of every one of them:

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Days Gone – Locations of Nero Checkpoints and Nero Injectors – SamaGame

The Nero Checkpoints in a Week’s Time Gonethey are only one of many different sorts of items and locations that you may visit. Even in a post-apocalyptic world, there are topics that are worth investigating, and these are most likely the ones that you will want to learn about first and foremost. Nero Injectors, which increase your maximum health, stamina, and focus, may be obtained at these checkpoints, making the effort spent searching for them worthwhile. Throughout this guide, we describe the locations of Nero Checkpointsand the sites of Nero Injectorsthat we’ve discovered so far, as well as any other information you should be aware of if you don’t want to be startled by an army of Freakers on your tail.

Days Gone – Nero Checkpoints and Nero Injectors explained

The Days of Nero, the Nero Checkpoints You may find a variety of treasures and locations to visit in Gonethey are only one example. It is possible to find topics that are worth investigating even in a post-apocalyptic society, and they are likely to be the ones you will want to learn about first in this situation. It is at these checkpoints that you may obtainNero Injectors, which boost your maximum health, stamina, and focus – thus making the time you spend searching for them worth it. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the locations of Nero Checkpoints and Nero Injectors that we’ve discovered so far, as well as other important facts to keep in mind if you don’t want to be shocked by a swarm of Freakers when you least expect it.

Days Gone – Nero Checkpoint and Nero Injector Locations

Following is a list of Nero Checkpoint sites that is updated on a regular basis. Each checkpoint contains the location of a Nero Injector, but there are other Nero Injectors that may be found outside of these checkpoints, which we have listed below for your convenience.

Locations of Nero Checkpoints (1x Nero Injector per site) in Days Gone: Other locations where Nero Injectors might be found in Days Gone include:

Cascade – Nero Checkpoint on Horse Lake

Traveling north from the O’Leary Mountain Safehouse, use either the trail on the right or simply go through the forest. Near Horse Lake is Nero Checkpoint, which you may locate by following the signs. At first appearance, this doesn’t even appear to be a tough task; the gasoline tank is located just where the train begins, and there are some loudspeakers located at the top of the bunker to provide guidance. Because there is a Horde inside the train, you should keep as far away from it as possible.

Cascade – Nero Checkpoint on Little Bear Lake

The Checkpoint at Little Bear Lake may be found if you travel northwest from Copeland’s Camp in the direction of the Rocky Mountains. Do not be concerned if you find yourself here repeatedly during your missions; there is a good possibility that you will. The gasoline tank is located in the trailer on the road, and loudspeakers may be found on the top of the trailer as well as in the little cab under the bridge.

Belknap – Nero Checkpoint in Marion Forks Tunnel

As you approach Belknap from the north gate, you will come across the Marion Forks Tunnel Nero Checkpoint, which is located near the entrance to the town. The roads surrounding here aren’t too difficult to navigate — just be cautious around the third speaker in the cab close to the tunnel. Oh, and the gasoline tank is in the van on the main road, which is slick with ice.

Belknap – Nero Checkpoint on Iron Butte Pass

This checkpoint, which is located on the southwest part of the map, is a little difficult to navigate. A lot of Rippers are lurking around, and there are also a few Freakers thrown in here and there for good measure. The difficulty is that the gasoline tank is hidden in plain sight — to discover it, you should head to the left and look for a pile of dead. Take a walk over to the generator in the center of the road and switch it on, making sure to first demolish the speakers in the process. Check the lines flowing from the bunker since there are at least five of them, and there is another one at the closed entry that is obstructing the path to the bunker.

Lost Lake – Nero Checkpoint in Santiam Tunnel

Always proceed south down the main road from Mike’s Lost Lake Encampment. This is a must-do. Continue straight ahead to a secret checkpoint that is encircled by four nests right in the middle. It is best to do this throughout the day to prevent encountering additional adversaries. When you access the property, look to your right for the generator, which is hidden behind a fence since the gate door is locked. You can get the gasoline tank if you go to the large tent on the left side of the field.

Finaly, there are just two loudspeakers that can be discovered on the bunker’s roof, and they are as follows: How to develop Milcery into Alcremie in the Pokémon Sword and Shield game

Lost Lake – Nero Injector at Crash Site

In addition to the locations of Nero Checkpoints, there is a Nero Injector that is not a part of them and that you can easily miss if you are not paying attention. While traveling through the southern section of the Lost Lake region on your motorbike, you will come across a spot that is not readily apparent on the map and that can only be entered by a ramp if you are riding a dirt bike. Even though you may believe that nitro is required in this situation, if you’ve already increased your bike (or at the very least its speed), you should have no difficulties.

Eventually, you’ll come across a helicopter crash site, and then you’ll be able to see a tent if you continue down the road to the right.

There are no adversaries in this location, so don’t be concerned. Take whatever treasure you come across and continue down the route until you come across another one of those files with an extra Nero Injector, which you should take. More Checkpoints will be added in the near future!

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