How To Buy A Horse In Bitlife? (Best solution)

Players can buy a horse in the same section as all other pets in the pet tab under activities. That said, click pets, and you should see an option called horse ranch, here you will be able to buy horses; but, you will also need to meet a few additional conditions before the game lets you buy one.

Why can’t you buy horse ranch BitLife?

If you are looking to purchase yourself an Equestrian Property in Bitlife, you will need to visit a realtor and find one on the list of available properties. You can find the relator tab under the go shopping tab and will need around one million+ to purchase the property.

Why wont BitLife let me get a horse?

Can I Get a Horse? You can – but only if you’re rich! You can’t keep a horse in the shed or a backyard, so you’ll need to fork out for an equestrian property to give your horse space to run free.

What is an equestrian property in BitLife?

An Equestrian Property has that name in the title. It is not a ranch or a large piece of property that could contain and house horses. It needs to say ‘Equestrian Property’ in the title. These real estate locations cost anywhere between $6 million to $10 million.

How do you buy a horse?

10 tips to live by when buying a horse

  1. Know yourself. It’s important to have a realistic idea of what you intend to do with your new horse.
  2. Only buy a horse you can trust.
  3. Make specific requests.
  4. Buy at home.
  5. Look at the horse.
  6. Swot up on his breeding.
  7. Asses his confirmation.
  8. Ask to see the horse in-hand and ridden.

How can I become rich in BitLife?

To become a Billionaire in BitLife, it will require us to be a famous actor, do commercials, sell products via social media, and then get a whole bunch of houses that will gain value as we head into old age.

Can dogs breed in BitLife?

Once you’ve tapped the New Life button, you’ll see an option further down the list that lets you select your breed. Tap that and you’ll be able to choose which breed of dog or cat – we’ve listed them all below – you want to start as. You’ll need to have Top Dog to do it, though.

How do you find a unicorn in BitLife?

To find a Unicorn in BitLife, you will literally just have to age up and encounter one at random. There is seemingly no way to influence this and you just need to be lucky enough to run into one. Each time you age up, you get a chance to encounter an animal of some sort.

How long do unicorns live in BitLife?

Among the options, you must want to have it as a pet. Notably, if you keep a Unicorn as a pet, a couple of generation of your family is going to inherit it because it lives more than 200 years. That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Unicorn in BitLife.

Can you race horses in BitLife?

There are no horse races, in (country) because gambling is illegal.” and the character will not be allowed to bet in horse races unless they emigrate to a country that allows it.

How do you get a ranch in BitLife?

To buy an Equestrian Property or Horse Ranch in BitLife, you have to buy an asset with the word “Equestrian” in the name. The assets, though, are in the millions of dollars, so while buying one is easy, saving up the money can take some time. Select Assets. Go shopping by clicking the Go Shopping button.

How do you buy property on BitLife?

To buy a house in Bitlife, you will need to visit the go shopping tab, and under this tab, you will need to click on another tab called the realtor. Under this realtor tab, you will be able to buy any house of your choosing from a selection of listings.

How much is it to buy horse?

To buy a horse, you can expect to pay between $100 – $10,000, depending on the horse breed’s pedigree, how you are planning to use the horse, and your location. The average cost of a hobby-horse is about $3,000.

Can you buy a horse online?

Buying or selling a horse has never been easier. brings you thousands of horses that are for sale under one easy to use website. With a few clicks you can find horses in your area, or find horses with the breeding, training, color, or any other attribute that you are interested in.

How to buy a horse in BitLife

Bitlifeis a one-of-a-kind game that is not unlike from other games such as The Sims, and it makes whatever you’ve ever desired in life achievable. To fulfill a lifelong ambition of owning a horse, there are several options available in Bitlife. Here’s how and what you need to know.

Where to buy a Horse in BitLife

Horses may be purchased in the same section as all other pets, under the activities tab, in the pet tab under the activities tab. After that, go to pets and you should find an option named horse ranch. From here, you will be able to purchase horses; but, you will need to complete a few further requirements before the game will allow you to purchase one of them. It is necessary to possess equestrian property before you can acquire a horse, and you will need a lot of money to do so, since these properties may cost anywhere from one million to five million dollars.

Check them out below.

How to make money in Bitlife

  • BitLife How to Get the Most Money Possible Become Wealthy – The Most Effective Ways to Reach 100 Million
  • Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Billionaire in BitLife Jobs and Careers in BitLife with the Highest Paying Salaries

The bottom line is that you only need a great job to generate money, and being famous wouldn’t hurt too. That being said, if you’ve saved up enough money, you may purchase an equestrian property by hitting on assets and then locating a relator under the go shopping tab. How to Rob a Bank in BitLife is a related article. If you don’t notice any equestrian homes right away, try checking back every so often after some time has passed. Once you have purchased the equestrian property, you will be able to acquire horses from the horse ranch under the category of pets.

How to get a horse in BitLife

Image courtesy of Candywriter It is possible to live multiple lives in BitLife, all from the convenience of your smartphone. For those looking for something a little more exotic in terms of excitement and adventure, you can purchase a horse to care for and include them in your small family. These creatures are not inexpensive, and you’ll need a large amount of space to accommodate them and their needs. The type of property you must purchase in order to keep horses is a significant consideration when considering horse ownership.

It will have the word ‘Equestrian’ in the title, which will let you know that it is the one you want to purchase.

When you do, the option to purchase a horse becomes open to you for consideration.

These ones are a tad costly, but nothing compared to the Equestrian Property you’ve just acquired to access the horses.

If you’re worried about money, there are lots of occupations to explore. There are a variety of careers available, including professional athlete, doctor, lawyer, and even political figure. These occupations provide enough cash to maintain a horse and all that you need to live this lifestyle.

How to Buy a Horse in BitLife

Although you are already aware that BitLife is a game in which you may transform into anything and live your life anyway you choose, So, if you’re interested in owning some horses, you can find yourself here since you can’t find the option to purchase one on the website. The reason for this is because you require a piece of land large enough to accommodate horses, or more particularly, an equestrian property. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of owning a horse in BitLife. Many previousBitLifechallenges have stipulated that participants must own a horse.

The following is the procedure for purchasing a horse in BitLife:

  1. You should have between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in your bank account. Navigate to Assets and select the Go Shopping option. Select any Real Estate Broker from the drop-down menu. Purchase any property that has the Equestrian Property emblem on it. Select Pets from the Activities drop-down menu. To acquire a horse, go to Horse Ranch and choose one from the list.

You’ll need either an equestrian property or a significant amount of land before you can contemplate purchasing any horses in BitLife, to put it another way. To put it another way, you’ll need a large enough plot of land, which is often available in the form of an Acreage. Looking for the circular symbol with grass in it is a simple method to tell if you’re looking at a good piece of real estate. These may cost anything from $500,000 to $5,000,000, so you’ll need to have a lot of cash on hand to compete.

  1. After you have become the happy owner of a large piece of land, you will be able to acquire a horse.
  2. Horses may be quite costly in BitLife, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $75,000 and above in most cases.
  3. Not to mention your Bitizen’s qualities, which include health, happiness, intelligence, and craziness.
  4. This amount will grow as you acquire more horses.
  5. The following options are available to you: bathe; release; ride; sell; spend time with; treat; and take it to a veterinarian.
  6. Everything you need to know about purchasing and owning a horse in BitLife is covered in this guide.

How to Buy a Horse in BitLife? Explained for Beginners

A life simulator game in which users assume the role of a stranger and guide him or her through the game’s many stages. In accordance with CandyWriter LLC, the app-free program has risen to the top of the Apple app store’s rankings. Using a set of instructions, random conditions, and comedy, BitLife allows users to explore what would happen if they studied biology or were jailed for assault, for example. Although the gameplay is quite simple, as it is only a step up from classicMUD(or Multi-User Domain) games that were popular in the early days of computing, it is nonetheless enjoyable.

  1. When you start BitLife, you are a baby in a random nation with two parents who are entrusted with taking care of you.
  2. As you grow older, your perspective on the world steadily broadens.
  3. When you reach the age of six, you begin attending elementary school.
  4. If you want to ride a horse in BitLife, you can purchase one for your avatar.

It is one of the most costly goods in the game, and purchasing it will cost you a significant amount of money. Here, the gaming professionals will provide you with some suggestions on how to save up enough money quickly so that you may purchase a horse.

How do I Get a Pet in BitLife?

If you’re looking for a new pet, check out the new “Pets” menu in BitLife, which includes options for felines and amphibians. When you get there, you’ll notice that there are a number of different options to consider. Alternatively, you may adopt a stray puppy, get a purebred from a breeder, or purchase an exotic pet from a pet store. If you choose the breeder option, you will be able to select a specific dog or cat breed from a wide selection of options. This is a costly solution, and professional gamers do not advocate it unless you have a lot of money to spare.

In the United States, the average equestrian property costs approximately $6 million, with the most expensive versions costing upwards of $8 million.

You may also come across creatures in the wild while hunting, and if you decide to rescue them, you have the option of keeping the animal in your possession.

Although this is often true, it is not always the case because you are relying on chance.

Where to Buy a Horse in BitLife?

Equine pets may be gained in the same location as other pets, under the pet tab in the activities section of the game. That being said, if you select animals, you should be presented with the option to acquire a horse ranch; but, you must first meet a few extra requirements before the game would allow you to do so. Briefly stated, you must first obtain equestrian land before you may purchase a horse. Because the costs of these homes range from one to five million dollars, you’ll need a substantial sum of money to purchase one of them.

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However, once you’ve amassed enough money, you can invest in an equestrian home by tapping into your assets and then finding a realtor who will do all of the shopping for you.

How Can You Buy a Horse in BitLife: Step-by-Step Guide

You’ll need to have between $500,000 and $1 million in the bank to get started. Afterwards, you should carry out the following actions:

  • Select Assets from the drop-down menu that appears in the upper right corner of your computer screen. From there, select Go Shopping from the drop-down menu. By clicking on it, you may find any Real Estate Broker in your area
  • You can buy any object that has the Equestrian Property icon on it. Open the app and select Activities from the drop-down menu. Pets can be selected from the drop-down menu
  • A horse may be purchased by tapping on Horse Ranch and then picking a horse from the list on the Purchase page.

You might even establish a royal family in order to get the necessary funds more quickly. If you were to give birth to a royal family, it would be much more expedient. First and foremost, you’ll want to purchase a substantial amount of land. Because you need at least five horses for the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife, you’ll need a significant piece of land to accommodate your horses. This indicates that you must analyze the area of any property to determine whether or not it meets the standards for an appropriate equestrian facility.

  • A horse property may cost millions of dollars, with the most costly estates fetching up to $5 million in the market.
  • Another fantastic option may be a well-paying career such as that of a doctor.
  • It’s time to invest even more money at this point.
  • As a result, you’ll require extra funds because you’ll be required to acquire five of them in order to participate in the weekly tournament.
  • There are also many different types of horses to choose from.
  • These species also have numbers for health, happiness, intelligence (brains), and craziness, among other things.
  • You may communicate with your horse by going to the Relationships page in your account and clicking on “Contact Horse.” When you click on that link, you’ll be presented with a number of options, including Sell, Ride, Treat, Spend Time, and Visit the Veterinary Clinic.

Keep an eye on your pets’ statistics and make sure that they remain high in order to guarantee that you are able to deal with them properly. Next, if you’ve collected five of them and maintained them healthy, you may go to the next task. Afterwards,


You can do it, but it will cost you a lot of money! Because you won’t be able to keep a horse in your shed or backyard, you’ll need to invest in equestrian property to ensure that your horse has enough of space to move around and enjoy himself.

How do I start my own equestrian property in BitLife?

The procedure of purchasing a residence that has the term “equestrian” in its name is uncomplicated in most cases. The homes are worth millions of dollars, but putting money aside to purchase them may be tough.

How do you pick a winning horse in BitLife?

In Bitlife, the chances of winning a race are entirely dependent on chance, and each race seems to choose a random horse to win. One user on the BitLife Reddit, on the other hand, noticed that particular horses with distinctive names appeared to win more frequently than others. Consequently, it’s worth investigating if you should place a wager on any of the horses listed below:

  • The characters Lady Laila, Forrest Jump, Bitizen, Gee Whiz, and Simple Simon are all based on female characters.

Equine names with masculine or feminine themes were more likely to win than horses with neutral or feminine-themed names, such as Horse, Greek God, and Wild Hare. When it comes to gambling with your money, though, experts recommend that you only do so on the horses listed above if you intend to lose it all at the track. Even with these horses, there is still a potential that they may lose the race, so exercise cautious. Gambling may be thrilling, but it also has the potential to become addictive.

However, if you get addicted to gambling, you may always seek treatment at a simple clinic or a high-end facility by visiting the health and mind option on the site navigation bar.

How do you get a unicorn on BitLife?

It is possible to come across a Unicorn in BitLife merely by growing older and running into one at random. It’s not apparent how to affect it, but you simply have to be fortunate enough to come across one when you need it. Every year of your life, you have the potential to come into contact with an animal of some kind. Even while this isn’t always the case, it is likely to occur at least a few times throughout your life. You may increase your chances of winning by configuring your computer such that when you reach a certain age, you lose half a year in the settings.

  • When you come across one, you will be presented with four options: run for my life, back slowly, take it to a shelter, or keep it as a pet.
  • It is recommended that you keep it as a pet because they are faithful creatures who live for a long time!
  • It’s only a chance event that you’ll be wishing to happen to you.
  • Continue to grow older while waiting for it to happen.

What’s the full list of pets in BitLife?

In addition to horses, you may purchase other types of pets in BitLife, such as dogs, snakes, cats, rabbits, parrots, goldfish, lovebirds, hamsters, tigers, lions, and unicorns, among other things.

How do you cheat in BitLife?

A hookup might be used to deceive one’s spouse or other significant other. There is a considerable risk that your spouse will find out about it. When the player’s partner discovers that he or she has cheated on him or her, a problem will occur.

Can you be a billionaire in BitLife?

The first step in becoming a billionaire is to get widespread recognition as an actor, which may be accomplished through commercial endorsements and increased social media following. As your character matures, you should continue to make investments in real estate and other assets that can provide income, focusing your efforts on accumulating wealth and purchasing more properties as needed.

How do you always win the lottery on BitLife?

In the Assets section, you have the option of using your dice. You may then go out and buy a lottery ticket in the hopes of winning the jackpot when you’ve finished playing with your dice. Alternatively, if you want to gamble, you may go to a casino; however, there is no guarantee that you would win anything there.



How to buy a horse in BitLife

BitLife, a hugely popular life simulation game that incorporated pets last year, has become even more popular. While it wasn’t possible from the start, players were eventually allowed to adopt, acquire, or breed several sorts of pets, including dogs, cats, snakes, tigers, hamsters, horses, and other animals. To obtain the majority of the pets in BitLife, players just require one thing: a lot, a lot of money. With money, players may meet all of the conditions necessary to retain a pet such as a horse, unicorn, or other exotic animal.

  1. Tips and Cheats Related |
  2. Whether it’s the Charming Equestrian Property, which costs around 6 million dollars, or the Unique Equestrian Property, which costs approximately 7.5 million dollars, there is something for everyone.
  3. You are ready to acquire a horse in Bitlife; simply complete the transaction and you will be the proud owner of a horse.
  4. Tips and Cheats for Getting More Athleticism In order to effectively get an equestrian property as well as a pet such as a horse or a unicorn in BitLife, players must have lived a wealthy lifestyle, as you cannot possess any of these animals without money.
  5. BitLife is a life simulation game that is now available for download on the Android and iOS operating systems.

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How To Buy A Horse In Bitlife?

What Is The Best Way To Purchase A Horse In Bitlife? What is the procedure for adopting a horse on BitLife? The property must be suitable for horses in order for the horse and its owner to live happily ever after at the stables. When it comes to equestrian property, you must have a minimum of six million dollars in order to own one. Depending on the offer you receive, the price might rise to eight million dollars. You may simply obtain a horse if you have the necessary funds. How can I go about purchasing a horse ranch on BitLife?

The relator tab can be found under the go shopping page, and you will need around one million dollars or more to acquire the property.

A Unicorn may be found in BitLife by just growing older and encountering one at random.

There appears to be no way to affect this, and the only way to do so is to be fortunate enough to come across one.

How To Buy A Horse In Bitlife – Related Questions

While it is possible to be born into royalty in BitLife, this will not be the case for everyone who plays the game. Fortunately, there is another option for those who want to become members of a royal family in this famous life simulation game: they may marry into one.

What animal lives the longest in BitLife?

The shortest lived animals are hamsters and fish, whereas the longest lived animals are birds.

What pet lives the longest in BitLife?

Birds, such as parrots, parakeets, and macaws, have the longest lifespans, with some living more than 50 years in the wild. Rabbits and fish are the animals with the lowest lifespans.

How do I become a billionaire in BitLife?

To become a billionaire, you must first establish yourself as a well-known actor, which may be accomplished by appearing in commercials, selling items, and growing your social media following.

What is an equestrian property BitLife?

You may acquire an Equestrian Property if you wish to handle one of the most expensive pastimes in BitLife, which can be rather pricey at times. The word “Equestrian Property” appears in the title of an equestrian property. A ranch or huge piece of land on which horses may be kept and housed is not in the cards for this property. The title must include the words “Equestrian Property.”

What is a horse equestrian?

An equestrian is a horseback rider who is highly skilled. When you understand that the Latin word for “horse” is equus, the meaning of the term “equestrian” becomes evident. Someone who is involved with horses is referred to as an equestrian. If you want to describe something that has anything to do with horseback riding, you may use it as an adjective.

How long does a unicorn live in Bitlife?

The fact that you will be passing your unicorn down to several generations of your family is worth highlighting because a unicorn has a lengthy lifetime, perhaps reaching more than 200 years when kept as a companion.

How do I immigrate to us in Bitlife?

You must go to the “License Hub” in order to obtain a license.

Following that, you must navigate to the “Activities Page.” You will find the “Immigration” option under the “General” heading. Following that, you must select your favorite country in order to migrate to a different city. When playing Bitlife, it is not possible to pick a city.

What job pays the most Bitlife?

Leading actor or singer will be the highest-paid position in BitLife, according to salary estimates. Both of these professions provide you with the renown bar, which may be used to obtain a large sum of money. Even while the occupations themselves pay well, you may also utilize the Fame option to publish a book, shoot an advertisement or appear for a magazine cover.

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What is the richest country in BitLife?

Tips. It is one of the most financially stable countries in BitLife since it does not have an income tax (until there is a new update) and does not have an estate tax (UTNU).

What is karma in BitLife?

In BitLife, there is a concept of karma. Karma assists a player in living longer and navigating difficult situations more easily. After a character dies, the level of karma they had, as well as their overall happiness, will be revealed. You can learn about your character’s karma through meditation or after they have passed away.

How are you born into a royal family in BitLife?

It will not be a typical job like the others that are now offered in BitLife. The only way to become a member of the Royal Family is to be born into it or to fall in love with someone who is royal and marry them. Unfortunately, it’s a game of chance. However, establishing a new life in one of the aforementioned nations will be the most beneficial option.

Can you have puppies in BitLife?

But, no matter what, after you reach the age of six, you may click on the Activities button and then on the Pets button in order to be able to explore the complete world of fluffy friends and animals. It is possible to obtain a new pet from an Animal Shelter, a Cat or Dog Breeder, or a Pet Store, among other places.

How do you fish with your dad in BitLife?

To make advantage of this feature, first choose the relationship tab, then locate and select your father from the drop-down list. After that, you’ll need to go down to the bottom of the page and click on the activity choice that’s listed there. Simply press the button to activate it, and you will spend quality time with your father.

How long is the lifespan of a bearded dragon?

What is the average lifespan of a bearded dragon? Owning a bearded dragon, sometimes known as a ‘beardy,’ is a significant commitment because they can live for 10 to 15 years, or even longer.

How do I get a ring on BitLife?

Diamonds and Jewelry: Shows two prospective jewels stores to visit, one of which sells phony jewelry. It will demonstrate its quality before you purchase it through the use of a bar. They sell a variety of jewelry, including rings, earrings, and pendants.

Can you be a trillionaire in BitLife?

In order to become a Billionaire in BitLife, we will need to be a well-known actor, appear in commercials, sell products through social media, and then accumulate a large number of properties that will increase in value as we approach old age.

Why is my monthly outflow so high in BitLife?

What is causing my monthly outflow in BitLife to be so high? The person you enter into a relationship with may have a limited financial means, which may result in a bigger cash outlay for your character. In order to be successful in BitLife – Life Simulator, you must always keep in mind the money drain that your character will experience.

How do I win the lottery every time in BitLife?

It is time to buy lottery tickets if you come across the fortunate dice since you have a chance to win an heirloom on a daily basis.

You must select the dice from your Assets area and use them to play the game. After you’ve finished playing with your dice, go out and get a lottery ticket, and you should have a good chance of winning the Bitlife lottery jackpot prize.

How To Get An Equestrian Property (Horse Ranch) In Bitlife

Ever thought of owning a horse ranch in your spare time? This is something that is conceivable with BitLife, to be sure. If this is your ambition, you should be aware that equestrian property is expensive, but it provides you access to owning a horse, and you may have a large number of these lovely beasts. Following is the procedure for purchasing an equestrian property in BitLife, whether you are a royal, have won the lottery, or simply have a lot of money.

How to Buy an Equestrian Property or Horse Ranch in Bitlife?

In order to purchase an Equestrian Property or Horse Ranch in BitLife, you must first purchase an asset that contains the term “Equestrian” in its name. The assets, on the other hand, are worth millions of dollars, so while purchasing one is simple, building up the necessary funds may take some time. If you want more assistance, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Select Assets from the drop-down menu. Shopping may be done by clicking on the Go Shopping button. Then, by scrolling down, you’ll locate Real Estate Brokers. Attempt to locate equestrian property through one of the many brokers who are available
  • Purchase the property outright or obtain a mortgage

Owning an equestrian property or horse ranch in BitLife is quite comparable to owning any other type of property in real life. It is possible to resolve the issue of an equestrian property not appearing on the registration in several ways. You could think about aging up one year and re-checking, or you could just restart BitLife. When you reach the age of a year, the Real Estate Brokers should have fresh new listings ready for you to choose from. Although restarting the program yields the same result, you can try one of the other techniques first to see if you can locate the property you’re looking for.

It is necessary to add the phrase “Equestrian Property” in the title.

In order to finance this lifestyle, we highly advocate obtaining a career that is financially rewarding, whether it be as a professional athlete, a well-known author, a doctor, a lawyer, or any other profitable occupation that you have established for yourself.

While you’re here, have a look at our otherBitlife tutorials, which will be of great assistance if you want to experiment with alternative occupations.

Horse Races

The horse races are the sixth option on the list of activities in this section. The entrance charge is ten dollars in any currency. When you select the option to pay for the cost, the player’s account is immediately debited. You will also be admitted to this portion if the player agrees to accompany his or her pals to this location. Gambling is prohibited in several countries, thus if your character is from one of such nations, you should avoid choosing this option “When you click on “Horse Races,” a pop-up window will appear saying “Seriously?

A character attempting to win the Highrollerribbon will not be disqualified from winning the ribbon if he or she moves to a nation where gambling is prohibited. Notifications can provide a suggestion as to which horses are the best to bet on during a certain race, but they might also be incorrect.


In this part, you may simply sit back and enjoy the races. It is not worthwhile to watch since the player will be required to pay a price for doing so (and because watching does not improve any of the player’s statistics). It’s essentially paying 10 pounds/dollars to sit and watch a race, which is a sum that is not worth the money spent.


In this area, the player may pick one of five different horses and the amount of money they want to wager using the drop-down menus (each option raises the amount of bet money based on the player’s bank balance), or on iOS, they can slide the amount of money they want to bet to the right. The results are determined by a random number generator for each race, making it more chance-based than the Casino. Following that, the player may sit back and enjoy the race. The color in which the name of the selected horse is highlighted on the screen corresponds to the color of the player’s selected horse on the screen.

  1. There is a possibility that one of the horses will fall over.
  2. After all is said and done, the player may see the location where their horse originated from directly next to the horse’s name.
  3. The user may see which horse they have bet on and how much money they have wagered at the bottom of the screen shown.
  4. or You lost!
  5. The player will only get money if the horse on whom they placed their wager finished first.
  6. If they were to win, they would get five times the amount of money they had staked.
  7. “(winning horse name) won the race.” I lost (amount of money) by placing a wager on a losing horse!”

Horse Names

  1. In the betting portion, the player must select a horse that will represent him or her in the game. These are the names of the horses in question. (Some of these names are allusions to real-life individuals, for example.) 5 people will be chosen at random to compete in each race
  • The following horses have been named: Adam Saddler, Air Mail, Ap, Arm in Arm, Athena, Atlas, Belle Jet, Bellingham Slim, Bitizen, Bitten, BoJockey Horseman, Bold Bandit, Bold Myth, Born to Win, Boy Genius, Butterknees, Candyrider, Commando, Crusty Toe, Daring Spirit, Dasher, Debonair, Diego Garcia, Dinner Winner, Dorian Hay, Dry Bones, Fair Among the songs are I Love Lena Luthor, Super Lunar, Top Foot, The Don, Two Kevins, Ur Mom Running, Wandering Star, War Duty, Whiz Kid, Will Travel, Wrecking Ball and Yankee Midas, among others.

Bitlife Kentucky Derby Challenge Guide – How to Get Equestrian Property, Own Horses, Win Bets

Another week has passed, and Bitlife has released yet another interesting challenge for its millions of gamers to enjoy themselves. This week’s challenge is centered on none other than the Kentucky Derby race, which takes place today, on April 1, at Churchill Downs. The horse race, which takes place in Australia, is one of the most well-known in the world, ranking among events such as the Grand National in the United Kingdom. With that in mind, here’s how to accomplish the BitlifeKentucky Derby Challenge, including all of the tasks involved.

  • Announcing the BitLife Code Merge: Android Release Date and Time as well as Royalty and Mafia Updates

Will New Pokémon Snap Become the Next Animal Crossing?

Players who want to finish the BitlifeKentucky Derby challenge as soon as possible will be pleased to know that there are just four separate tasks to accomplish. The following are the four stages to follow:

  • Having an equestrian property
  • Having 5 or more horses
  • Having a horse called Secretariat
  • Winning bets on 5 or more horses

The prize for completing the challenge will be awarded to participants when they have completed the stages outlined above.


Please don’t be concerned; we’ve got you prepared with a detailed step by step tutorial for each of the four separate challenges in the Bitlife Kentucky Derby challenge. Ownership of an equestrian property – This stage is quite straightforward; players only need to acquire any property with the word “equestrian” in the title. The properties, on the other hand, are worth millions of dollars, which means that while acquiring the property is simple, saving up the necessary funds may take some time.

  1. Obtain ownership of a horse named Secretariat — This is almost certainly the simplest stage in the entire process.
  2. Win bets on 5 or more horses — This one is a little more luck-based.
  3. This means that each race has a 20 percent probability of being won by the person who starts it.
  4. And with that, the Bitlife Kentucky Derbychallenge has been completed in its entirety, with all four phases completed.

BitLife: How To Buy Equestrian Property & Horse Ranch

Having a Horse Ranch and purchasing equestrian property is something that everyone desires, but it is not always achievable in real life. We all know how costly equestrian property can be, but if you enjoy playing BitLife, you can get your hands on it in the game itself. Having equestrian property gives you the opportunity to keep a horse as well as a variety of other animals. There are many of BitLife users who have been having difficulty purchasing a Horse Ranch, and if you are one of them, look no further because we have a tutorial that will walk you through the process in the simplest way possible.

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for more information.

BitLife: How To Buy An Equestrian Property

To purchase an equestrian property in BitLife, you will first need to speak with a real estate agent and then look for an asset that has the word ‘Equestrian’ in its title. For those who are unfamiliar with the process, a real estate agent can be easily located in the shopping center and will demand you to have at least $1 million in order to purchase the property. You should now have a clear understanding of the type of employment you must have in order to purchase an equestrian property in the game.

  • For this, you may need to age up for a year or two.
  • You will have to spend anywhere between $6 million and $10 million to purchase these real estate assets, depending on your location.
  • – Candywriter Achievement Guide to learn more about working for Candywriter.
  • In order to purchase a horse in BitLife, you must first visit the Horse Ranch option, which can be located under the pet tab in the activities section.

You may easily purchase and name a brand new horse from that location. In BitLife, this guide will teach you all you need to know about purchasing equestrian land and horses.

BitLife: How to get a horse

Thank you for visiting our BitLife guide, in which we will explain in full how to obtain a horse. When it comes to BitLife, there are a variety of features to discover, including the ability to have several lives in the course of a day and the ability to have pets. This puts us in the situation of learning how to obtain a horse and the specifics that follow in this tutorial.

What to know about the horses in BitLife?

Horses are extremely expensive, so if we want to obtain one, we must first amass a substantial sum of money. Additionally, there is a specific type of property that we must possess, which increases the importance of wealth. Now that we have established this, let’s see how to obtain a horse by reading the following text.

How to get a horse in BitLife?

  • More information may be found at: BitLife: How to Complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge
  • BitLife: How to Complete the Rain Man Challenge. If we want a pet horse, we will need to purchase either one of the charming equestrian properties or the one-of-a-kind equestrian property. The charming one is priced at $ 6 million and the only one is priced at $ 7.5 million. dollars, it is important that you have that money in your bank account. Our life has been and continues to be very successful. We purchased the property by going to the assets, then to the real estate brokers. Once we have the property, we will normally purchase Knowing how to obtain a horse is obviously beneficial to progressing and having more fun in BitLife. iOS, Bluestacks, and Android are the supported platforms. Game of the genre(s): Life simulation Candywriter LLC is the company that developed this application. Candywriter, LLC is the publisher(s). Other Keywordsvideo game, gameplay, pricing, 60 frames per second, steam

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BitLife Pets Guide: All Pets Listed and How to Get Them

Candywriter has finally brought dogs to BitLife, providing us with yet another solid reason to disregard the real world and spend our lives through our mobile devices once more. These new pets vary from the more common cats and dogs to the slightly more bizarre gorillas and, um, unicorns, among other things. There is some doubt as to whether or not the latter of the two exists. All of it is beside the point, though, because we are not here to provide you with a history of unicorns. Instead, we’ll go through all of the pets that are now available in BitLife, as well as how to obtain each one of them.

How do I Get a Pet in BitLife?

Simply go to the new ‘Pets’ option to get your hands on a new fuzzy or slithery friend in BitLife’s virtual world. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find that there are a number of various alternatives available. Visiting an animal shelter to save a poor little pup in need, visiting a breeder to obtain yourself a purebred animal, or visiting a pet store to acquire a more exotic animal are all options available to you. If you choose the breeder option, you will be able to select a specific dog or cat breed from an extensive selection of possibilities.

Furthermore, why would anyone want to purchase a pet when there are so many needy animals waiting for a new home in a shelter?

Can I Get a Horse?

You can now get your hands on a new fuzzy or slithery friend in BitLife by visiting the new ‘Pets’ menu. Following that, you’ll find that there are a few distinct alternatives available to you. There are other options available, like visiting an animal shelter to rescue a stray puppy, visiting a breeder to get a purebred dog, or visiting an exotic animal retailer for something more unusual to add to your collection of pets. With the breeder option, you have the choice of picking out a specific dog or cat breed from an extensive selection.

However, this is a costly alternative, and we wouldn’t recommend it unless you had a lot of money to burn on it. Aside from that, why would you spend money on a pet when there are so many needy animals in shelters waiting to be adopted. Put yourself in the best possible position.

Where Are the Unicorns?

If you truly want to adopt a unicorn – or any other unusual or mythological animal – you’ll have to spend a lot of money. In this case, we’re referring about actual cash in the bank. When playing the basic, free version of the game, you can obtain regular animals; but, if you want a unicorn, you must upgrade to a premium membership level. The variety of pets available to you has been greatly expanded as a result of this. As soon as you become a Bitizen (a premium member), you will be able to visit the Exotic Pet Dealer, who trades in all kinds of strange and fascinating creatures.

Basic users are limited to adopting a total of four pets.

Is There Any Other Way to Get Pets?

There is, in fact, something. It is possible to come across creatures in the wild at random, and if you choose to rescue them, you will be given the choice to retain the animal. It appears that you may obtain any animal using this method as well – regardless of your membership status. You are, however, reliant on chance, which does not always work in your favor, as you may have discovered.

What’s the Full List of Pets?

This list is likely to increase in the future, however for the time being, we are aware of the following pets:

  • Dogs
  • sCats
  • sSnakes
  • sRabbits
  • sGoldfish
  • sParrot
  • sParakeet
  • sLovebird
  • sFinch
  • sCockatiel
  • sHamster
  • sTiger
  • sLion
  • sMonkey
  • sGorilla
  • sPanther
  • sCoyote
  • sLeopard
  • sUnicorn

BitLife Kentucky Derby Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Kentucky Derby Challenge

The BitLife challenge takes place on Saturday afternoons, and in the absence of new updates in recent months, players of the popular life simulator game have been loading it up on Saturday afternoons, as well as the first few days of the new week, to see if they can create a new character, live their virtual lives based on the given theme, and complete it within the allotted time frame. These challenges, as any BitLife user should be aware, are frequently based on popular movies and television series, but they may also be more generic in nature in certain cases as well.

The Kentucky Derby has just concluded as of the time of this writing; nevertheless, Candywriter started a challenge inspired by the iconic horse race not long before this year’s edition took place.

So, with that in mind, please enjoy this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, in which we will outline all of the steps you must take in order to “win” the Kentucky Derby Challenge and race for the roses.

Starting Out – Get An Entertainment Job And Make Small Bets On The Horse Races

When establishing a character for the Kentucky Derby Challenge, there are no special restrictions – your character can be from any city or nation, and can be either male or female, depending on your preferences. We would recommend re-rolling until you have a character with high Looks for the sake of one of the requirements of this challenge. In the strictest meaning of the word, you are not required to keep re-rolling until you have a character with extravagant stats in a certain area. For the simple reason that horse properties are extremely costly, and in order to buy them, it’s preferable to have a very high-paying career, such as an actor or a fashion model or an author or anything like.

  1. As any seasoned BitLife player should be aware, it might take up to a decade or more before you become a well-known artist or star, which means your first few paychecks will be nothing to write home about.
  2. BitLife Casino is a related site.
  3. As a result, limit your bets in the hundreds of dollars — if at all possible, don’t let them surpass $1,000 — and if you lose, utilize the tried-and-true “leave and restart” technique.
  4. In spite of recent advances, there is still no foolproof strategy to improve your 20 percent chance of winning at the races.

In this case, betting on the same number of horses on several occasions, for example, horse1 all the way through without betting on the second, third, fourth, or fifth horse would be a potentially safe bet to make.

Save Up At Least $1 Million For Your Equestrian Property

If you have a high-paying employment that allows you to buy an Equestrian Property and at least five horses, the rest of the qualifications for the Kentucky Derby Challenge should be very easy. However, it is recommended that you have at least five horses. Equestrian properties are often worth at least $1 million, so start looking for one as soon as you are able to purchase one. As a result, it may be preferable if your character is not married at this time, because spouses can, and will, raise objections if they don’t like the house you’re intending to buy.

Additionally, you may wish to save aside between $400,000 to $500,000 for the horses that you will be required to purchase as part of the following prerequisite.

It’s Just As Simple As Buying Five Horses And Renaming One Of Them

Last but not least, you must own at least five horses and have a horse named Secretariat in order to participate in BitLife’s Kentucky Derby Challenge. Although this will only be available when you’ve acquired an Equestrian Property, after you’ve navigated to the Pets menu and selected the Horse Ranch option, you’ll be able to select the most affordable horses available. You may do this in a single year, or you can spread it out over a few years if you want to save some money in the process. (Keep in mind, though, that deceased horses do not count against the “own 5+ horses” minimum criterion!) You should also rename one of your horses Secretariat in order to fulfill the last condition – there is nothing complicated about it; simply input “Secretariat” when asked whether you want to give your pet a new name when the prompt appears.

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