How Much Does A Belgian Horse Cost? (Best solution)

A Belgian Horse costs from $5,000 to $10,000. It’s an average price for a young and healthy equine. The price depends on the Belgian’s color, age, gender, health condition, build, and training experience.

  • A Belgian Horse costs from $5,000 to $10,000. It’s an average price for a young and healthy equine. The price depends on the Belgian’s color, age, gender, health condition, build, and training experience.

How much do draft horses cost?

Bloodlines, quality, size, age, color and markings, and level of training all effect prices. Some Clydesdales may sell for as little as $1000, but most sell between $2500 and $5000. The top level of horses can sell for prices equivalent to luxury automobiles.

How long to Belgian horses live?

Belgians usually live for about eighteen years. Most heavy draft breeds have a lifespan of about eighteen years, and this is consistent with Belgians and Brabants. Some Belgian horses live into their twenties, but this is rare.

Which horse is bigger a Clydesdale or a Belgian?

Belgian horses are bigger than Clydesdales, a Belgian is typically between 16.2 and 17 hands tall and weigh from 1,800 to 2,200 pounds. Clydesdales are slightly taller but weigh less. Belgians are world record holders in numerous categories.

Can you ride a Belgian horse?

Belgians can be ridden, and some are first-rate trail riding horses; they have a calm temperament and are willing workers, two essential traits for a suitable mount. In fact, Belgians and other draft breeds are frequently used at commercial trail riding facilities.

What is the cheapest horse?

The cheapest horse breeds are:

  • Wild Mustangs.
  • Quarter Horses.
  • Arabians.
  • Thoroughbreds.

How much is a black Clydesdale?

The initial price of a Clydesdale horse starts at about $1000 to about $25000. In the United States, most Clydesdale breeders and farmers will sell their equine for between $1000 and $5000. The most expensive Clydesdale horse fetched a whopping $212,500!

How much are Shire horses?

Shire horses vary in cost from around $2,000 to $20,000, depending on age and their level of training. When selecting a horse, it’s important to get the full picture of its health, temperament, and history.

What is the fastest horse breed?

Thoroughbreds are considered the fastest horses in the world and dominate the horse racing industry, while Arabian horses are known to be intelligent and excel in endurance riding.

How strong are Belgian horses?

#1: Belgian Drafts The Belgian draft is the strongest horse in the world. Taller than many of the strongest horses in the world, the Belgian Draft stands at up to 18 hands and an impressive 2000 pounds. Although they are not the heaviest or stoutest breed on this list, Belgian horses are highly muscular and powerful.

Are Belgian horses gentle?

Both Clydesdales and Belgians are popular driving horses and are even gaining popularity as riding horses. Belgians still do agriculture work and are popular for pulling competitions. Both breeds are gentle, calm and cooperative in nature.

What is the calmest breed of horse?

Keep Calm & Ride On: Meet the 5 Calmest Horse Breeds

  • American Quarter Horse.
  • Morgan Horse.
  • Appaloosa Horse.
  • Norwegian Fjord.
  • Connemara Pony.

What is the biggest horse in the world?

The tallest and heaviest documented horse was the shire gelding Sampson (later renamed Mammoth), bred by Thomas Cleaver of Toddington Mills, Bedfordshire, UK. This horse, foaled 1846, measured 21.2½ hands, 2.19 m (7 ft 2.5 in) in 1850 and was later said to have weighed 1,524 kg (3,359 lb).

How much can Belgian horses pull?

These horses were very significant in war time to Hitler, who built bunkers up and down the coast covering over 100 miles of landscape. The Germans used Belgian draft horses to pull concrete, materials, and supplies. These amazingly strong animals can pull 8,000 pounds.

Are Belgian horses good for beginners?

Draft horses are great for beginner riders because of their docile nature. They are good weight carriers, and they also have slow rhythmical movements, which makes it easier for beginner riders to learn on.

Can a draft horse run?

The simple answer? Yes, because despite their size and bulk, drafts are indeed still horses and are capable of all four main gaits: walk, trot, canter, gallop.

Belgian Horses for Sale

Belgian horses (also known asBrabant horses) are some of the tallest and heaviest draft horses on the planet, with some towering over 20 hands tall and weighing more than 3,000 pounds at their peak. Belgians and Brabants are descended from the same ancestors, but since the middle of the twentieth century, Brabant horses in Europe have been developed to be larger boned, whilst Belgian horses in America have been bred to be a bit slimmer and taller. Waynesburg, OHLonnie is a 6-year-old Belgian cross with a white coat.

He has a height of 16.3hh.

Lonnie is the man of the house.

The auction will close on February 13th.

  1. Louise has a five-star rating.
  2. A 14-year-old Belgian mare crossed with a Haflinger.
  3. She is barefoot and in good health.
  4. $3,800California DRAFT OF THE GEORGE BELGIAN 15-year-old with 18 hands Approximately 2300-2600 pounds Rides are available (I put beginners on him) Drives There is no spook.
  5. There is no bolt at the back.
  6. $12,000Ocala, FLMASTER is a two-year-old Belgian stud colt that will be registered in the United States.
  7. A flawless pedigree would be.

Ambrose, a GASpotted Percheron and a Belgian cross, are all set to begin working immediately.

Elects Hardy has reached capacity.

Emma is an eight-year-old Belgian mare standing at 18 hands.

The trail is excellent and crosses everything.

$5,000 North Carolina is a state in the United States.

This horse is well-trained for both riding and driving.


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Known also asBrabant horses, Belgian draft horses may grow to be some of the tallest and heaviest draft horses on the planet, measuring over 20 hands tall and weighing more than 3,500 pounds. Belgians and Brabants are descended from the same ancestors, but since the middle of the twentieth century, Brabant horses in Europe have been developed to be larger boned, whilst Belgian horses in America have been bred to be a bit slimmer and taller than Brabants. Waynesburg, 6 year old Belgian cross, OHLonnie, is a sweetheart.

  • He is 16.3 feet tall.
  • I’m married to Lonnie.
  • It is the 13th of February that the auction will conclude.
  • She is a five-star performer.
  • In terms of height, Blondie is 16.1 and has a massive physique.
  • Blondie is a very simple dog to care for.
  • Nothing to spend your money on.

The approaching 2 year old stud colt, Master, is valued at $12,000 in Ocala, Florida.

Perfect pedigree would result in.

Ready to start working, Ambrose, a GASpotted Percheron and a Belgian cross.

Hardy has reached capacity.

Emma is an eight-year-old Belgian mare standing at 18 hands high (height).

Everything on the trail is accessible by foot.

$5,000 NC is a state in the United States that has a population of around 3 million people. ‘Julie’ is a 15.2hh Belgian mare that is roughly 15 years old. Ride and drive this horse with confidence since he is well-broken. Her demeanor is quite laid back, and she is simple to deal with. $3,500

Belgian Draft Horses for sale

From ZIP-code to Hto ZIP-code Radius Country Belgian Draft is a draft beer by Radius Country (11) a selection of options Sellers who are standard (8) and premium (8) (3) Make your search more specific. Included is a video (5) Your advertisement appears on the first page of search results (3) Horses for auction should be hidden (11) It has been online for one week (2) a period of two weeks (2)

Belgian Draft Horses for sale on ehorses

The Belgian Draft Horse is one of the most important heavy horse breeds in the world, and it is also one of the most popular. There are various names for it in Europe, including the Brabançon (also known as the Brabant) and the Belgian Heavy Draft (also known as the Brabançon). It is still possible to see this remarkable working horse out and about in Belgium, performing traditional activities such as transporting shrimp netters and their equipment down to the sea. Today, however, many people who purchase a Belgian Draft are likely to do so for the purpose of displaying it or using it in draft horse demonstrations.

Because there is increased interest in Belgian Drafts as riding horses, more breeders are discovering that they can market a Belgian Draft for riding as well.

Use and characteristics of the Belgian Draft Horse

Belgian Draft Horses are extremely powerful animals. They are around 2,000 pounds in weight and stand between 16.2 hands (66 inches/168 cm) and 17 hands (68 inches/173 cm) in height (900 kilograms). Belgium Draft beer is so popular in the United States that a separate variety has arisen, which is substantially different from its Belgian equivalent. When consumers buy a Belgian Draft horse in the United States, they are often acquiring a lightchestnutdraft horse with a flaxen-colored mane and tail, but the majority of Belgian Draft horses are roan with black points.

When it comes to livestock, Belgian horses are also utilized for meat production, while in the United States, horses are mostly employed as working and show animals, appearing in displays of strength at agricultural festivals.

Origin and history of breeding Belgian Draft Horses

Despite their small stature, Belgian Draft Horses are extremely powerful animals. They are around 2,000 pounds in weight and stand between 16.2 hands (66 inches/168 cm) and 17 hands (68 inches/173 cm) tall (900 kilograms). The popularity of the Belgian Draft has grown to such an extent in the United States that a separate kind has arisen that differs significantly from its Belgian equivalent. Most Belgian Draft horses in the United States are light chestnutdraft horses with flaxen-colored mane and tail, although the majority of Belgian Draft horses are roan with black points in their homeland.

Unlike in Belgium, where horses are also used for meat, horses are mostly utilized as working and show animals in the United States, where they are often seen putting on impressive shows of strength at agricultural fairs.

Belgian Draft Horses in equestrianism

After decades of growth, Belgian Drafts are among the world’s most powerful horses, and they have set several world records in the process. In one Heavyweight class, two Belgian Drafts with a combined weight of 4,800 pounds (2,200 kg) pulled 17,000 pounds (7,700 kg) across a distance of 7 ft 2 in with a combined weight of 4,800 pounds (2,200 kg) (2.18 m). In 2010, a Belgian Draft called Big Jake was officially recognized as the world’s tallest live horse by the Guinness Book of Records. 20 hands and 2 34 inches (82.75 inches/210 cm) was the height of this man!

Belgian Horses for sale

Belgian 23 resultsDiscover Belgian Horses for sale on America’s biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on

Rescue Gelding Very Broke And Beginner Safe

Subcategory Belgian GenderGelding he is 19 years old and stands at 15 feet 2 inches tall. The color is Sorrel, and the location is Trinity, TX 75862. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS HORSE AND OTHERS, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW. ARANCHHORSE. COM. Charlie is his given name.

Turro- Belgian x QH gelding

BelgianGenderGeldingAgeHeight15.1 subcategoryBelgianGenderGeldingAgeHeight15.1 hands LocationWadena, 56477ColorPalominoColorPalomino Turro is a four-year-old gelding of Belgian and Quarter Horse bloodlines. He is 15.1hh in height and sells only grade.

Belgian x Haflinger

SubcategoryBelgianGenderGelding Age: 5 years and 8 months; height: 15 hands ColorSorrelLocation Wadena’s phone number is 56477. Buddy is a gelding that is a cross between a Belgian and a Haflinger. He is 5 years old and is a legitimate 15 feet tall, and he is for sale.

Registered Belgian Colt

SubcategoryBelgianGenderGelding 15 inches in height, 5 years and 8 months of age ColorSorrelLocation Wadena’s telephone number is 56477. A gelding of Belgian and Haflinger bloodlines, Buddy is a pleasure horse. This 5 year old male stands a legitimate 15 inches tall and is for sale.

Belgian Gelding Rides and Drives

SubcategoryBelgianGenderGeldingAge15 yrsHeight17.2 handsColorSorrelLocationBath, 27808view video at// youtube. com/watch? v=5Ux3ejZbT7w t=55s This is a 15yr old 17. 2.

Belgian Horses for Sale

SubcategoryBelgianGenderGelding Age: 5 years and 8 monthsHeight: 15 hands ColorSorrelLocation Wadena’s phone number is (56477). Buddy is a gelding that is a cross between a Belgian and a Haflinger. He is 5 years old, stands a legitimate 15hh, and is for sale.

Belgian Gelding Sweet Guy

Mike is a 17.2h Belgian gelding who hasn’t been schooled with a lot of elegance, but who is incredibly willing and able, making him an absolutely charming willing mount to ride. I’ve built up a collection of stocks that will travel with him. He was originally from Amish country in Ohio. Equine Now Valley, AL, United States. $4,500.00 is the cost.

Beautiful 2 yr old filly

Experienced Red Sorrel filly with a lot of show ring success. Shown as a foal and as a yearling at the same show. She has also demonstrated exceptional performance as a juvenile showmanship horse. We have been unable to get dependable barn staff, which is the sole reason she is here. MORE DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON EQUINE NOW. Hillsboro, Ohio, United States of America $8,000 is the cost.

Registered Brabant stallion

Experienced Red Sorrel filly with a lot of show ring time. She has been displayed as a foal and as an older yearling.

As a juvenile showmanship horse, she has also demonstrated exceptional ability. This is the sole reason she is here: we cannot locate competent barn help. MORE DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE EQUINE NOW Ohio, United States of America – Hillsboro $8,500 is the cost.

Belgian Draft Horse team

At the MidOhio Draft Horse Auction in Mt Hope, Ohio, I sold a draft horse. The auction will take place from March 9th through March 13th, 2020. On the 13th, this well-trained crew will go on the market. They have been living on our property for the past two years. MORE DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON EQUINE NOW. Sugarcreek, Ohio, United States of America $7,000 is the cost.

8 year old Belgian Stallion

Belgian stallion that has been well-kept. With a significant amount of blood line. 17.3 inches in height. Twin Oaks is the sire of this tree. Martin Dam Mohrs LL Miriaha is half-sister to Mohrs Miss LaBelle and half-sister to Martin Dam Mohrs. Out of the BJ Legacy Supreme lineage. More photos are available on request. MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND ON EQUINE NOW Mitchell, Indiana, United States a cost of $60,000

PSG Dressage Horse

Viva la Vida (Living a Happy Life) Joey is a belgian warmblood pony with a white coat. He has been trained at 4thPSG and has the potential to compete at the Grand Prix level. He has the chrome and sparkling movement that any judge would want to see on a model. He was known as the pony cha champion of the world. MORE DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON EQUINE NOW. Gastonia, North Carolina, United States $500 is the cost of the item.

Registered Belgian Stallion

ShadyCrest This year, PrincePrestige is being offered for breeding outside of the country. He is eighteen hands tall, barefoot, and he has a substantial amount of bone and muscle. His demeanor is wonderful, and he is considerate of everyone around him. MORE DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON EQUINE NOW. Alto, Texas is located in the United States. the cost is $3,800

Draft x Gelding

QHBelgian gelding with a good disposition. In the next 6 hours or so, approximately. 15.3 hours. Because he is still inexperienced, he is best suited for a confident novice with a coach. Wtc enjoys going on pole work trail rides, whether with or without others. No, it’s not creepy at all. MORE DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON EQUINE NOW. Kincardine, Ontario, Canada is the location of this event.

How Much Does a Belgian Horse Cost? A Detailed Breakdown

Who doesn’t appreciate a well-bred Belgian horse? I’m sure I do. If you’re interested in purchasing one or wondering how much it would cost, then you’ve come to the correct spot since I’ve already gone down that rabbit hole and crunched the figures to provide you an estimate. The following is an estimate of the cost of purchasing a Belgian horse. On average, a Belgian Horse can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on its condition. For a young, healthy horse that is ready to be purchased, this is a common asking price.

These elements have a significant impact on the price, and they define how pricey the horse may become.

Keeping a Belgian horse in good condition may be quite expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing or how much you can expect to spend on monthly care.

For your convenience, we’ve covered all of the important components of purchasing and caring for a Belgian horse in this post, as well as the associated costs for each of them.

Who Should Buy a Belgian Horse?

In addition to these 14 additional breeds that we’ve included for the same purpose, Belgians are a wonderful choice for novices and first-time horse owners. They are submissive and deafeningly quiet. Not to add that they are a pleasure to be around because they are so peaceful and polite. When it comes to horse maintenance, the Belgian Draft Horse ranks high on the list, which is a great bonus. There is nothing negative to say about them, and they are quite easy to work with.

Factors That Affect the Cost

The cost of acquiring a horse is one thing; however, keeping a horse requires a number of other fees. The color, size, and temperament of the Belgian horse, among other things, are some of the primary characteristics that might cause the price to fluctuate significantly from one place to another.


The color of a Belgian horse has a significant impact on the price of the horse. They are well-known and well-paid for the color of their chestnut fur. A flaxen tail and mane may readily raise the value of a horse if it is in possession of such an attribute. However, as compared to roan and sorrel horse, these colors are becoming increasingly scarce. As a result of their breeders’ preference for these particular coats, they have become highly popular and well-known, particularly in the United States.

The white markings on these horses, which enhance their attractiveness while also increasing their cost, are a nice touch.


In general, trained horses get a greater price when they are sold. Training a horse requires a significant investment of time, energy, and effort. The cost as a result is greatly influenced by this factor. Because of the many years of training and talents a horse has acquired, the price of a horse might soar by thousands of dollars. People that engage pricey and highly experienced trainers increase the cost of their horse for sale to the price they are asking for it. Training a horse is expensive since it requires a trainer to work with them many times each week in order to keep them in condition.

Consequently, a horse kept in show training will cost more than a horse that is merely exercised once or twice a month, depending on the breed of horse.

In fact, such horses fetch high prices when they are auctioned off.

Display Records

A horse with a successful show record is something that every horse enthusiast seeks in a horse. As a result, this has an impact on the price, which might reach new heights depending on the company’s talents and years of show records.

Customers who are serious about their purchases and horse enthusiasts prefer to spend more money on horses who are well-trained and have excellent display histories. Horses for racing and dressage competitions are in great demand in general.


Purebred horses are extremely rare and hence quite valuable. The task of finding and purchasing a purebred horse is quite difficult, and as a result, they are rather expensive. True beauty, on the other hand, can only be found in purebreds. As a result, the bloodlines of a horse have a significant impact on its price.


In comparison to horses who are younger or older than this, horses that are between the ages of 9-14 are more costly. This is due to the fact that a horse is at its peak performance between these two ages and is thus ideal for riding, breeding, and other activities. Because they are slower and less healthier than horses in their prime, horses in their prime years might be more expensive than horses in their prime years. A horse in its late teens or early juvenile years is significantly less expensive.

Alternatives to Purchasing a Horse

Individuals who are unable to afford to purchase a horse might pursue alternative means of transportation. Leasing and shared ownership of horses are the two most common modalities of horse ownership in the United States. Owners of horses have the option of leasing their horses in a variety of situations. This allows you to use a horse for a portion of the time or all of the time without having to pay as much money as you would if you owned a horse. There are three loaning options available, which are as follows:

  • Loans of many kinds, including standard loans, permanent loans, and companion loans, as well as breeding loans

The following are the many forms of leases that are now available:

  • Full lease, half lease, quarter lease, and free lease are all options for off-farm and on-farm leasing.

The majority of horse enthusiasts who cannot afford to purchase a horse instead choose for loans or leases, which save them the money they would have spent on the original investment. Depending on the arrangement that you come up with, you may still be required to pay for the monthly expenditures of maintaining a horse if you do not own one. Another advantage of leasing and loaning is that it allows you to get valuable riding experience before deciding whether or not to make the investment in owning a horse.

Before signing a contract, be sure that all necessary legal documentation has been completed and that all relevant content has been properly discussed, negotiated, and signed by all parties involved.

The Regular Maintenance Cost of a Belgian Horse

Researching how much an animal of this kind costs per month is a smart idea before making a decision on whether or not to get one.


A horse’s boarding may cost anywhere from $150 to $1,000 per month, depending on whether the horse is housed in a stall or is given pasture land to roam. The cost of breeding, basic care, and nutrition are all included in the cost of inboard amenities.


Farrier fees increase raise the overall expense of owning and maintaining a horse. Their professional skills are supplemented by the fees they charge for the use of their tools, services, equipment, and travel expenditures. Given that hooves are made of keratin, they must be trimmed on a regular basis, much like nails.

The cost of a single trim is often less than $50. For a new set of shoes, farriers might charge upwards of $100 each pair. Based on your connection with your farrier and the size of your profit margin, which is now estimated to be rather substantial, the profit margin may shrink with time.


Veterinary therapy costs $200 to $400 per year, but medical dentistry costs $80 to $250 in 6 months to a year. Medical dentistry is less expensive than veterinary care. Aside from the purchase price of the horse, you must also pay for health tests and the horse’s first veterinarian visit. A horse should see a veterinarian for a routine examination every 2-4 months for the best care. The average cost of a visit to the veterinarian is around $200. Equine patients, on the other hand, are more prone to becoming unwell or injuring themselves.


Also, keep in mind that if you’re looking for a horse to ride, you’ll need to take into consideration the riding equipment you’ll require. A horseback riding helmet, trousers, and riding boots are all required equipment. Because of the riding equipment, it is a comfortable and safe experience to ride. You may encounter a variety of challenges and your experience may become, at times, rather uncomfortable if you do not have it.

FAQ’s Regarding the Cost of a Belgian Horse

This article must come to an end, just like all excellent things. But, before we conclude, let’s have a look at some often asked questions about the cost of a Belgian horse in general. What is the average price of a Belgian draft horse? On average, a Belgian Horse may cost between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on its condition. For a young, healthy horse that is ready to be purchased, this is a common asking price. A variety of additional characteristics, such as the Belgian’s race, age, gender, fitness, physique, and training experience, all have an impact on the price.

  1. The horse is able to maintain its weight and does not require a large amount of food to survive.
  2. What kind of riding horses do Belgians make?
  3. These incredible animals give high-rise, comfy chairs for anyone in need of assistance.
  4. Given that Belgians are noted for their placid demeanor, they are simple to manage and become used to, even if you are a complete novice to horseback riding.
  5. Quarter horses, Mustangs, Paint horses, Thoroughbreds, and Standardbreds are the most inexpensive horse breeds on average, according to the American Quarter Horse Association.
  6. What is the average lifetime of a Belgian stallion?
  7. Having stated that, the breed or common data is only of minor significance in this context.
  8. Keep your horse’s health and welfare in good condition, and it will live for a much longer period of time.
  9. All of the draft horses have a robust and hefty look, and they are all well-bred.

The Belgian breed of draft horses is one of the most powerful of all the breeds of draft horses in the world. Shires, Suffolks, Punches, and Percherons are among the strongest draft horse breeds available after that.


Last but not least, draft horses are expensive, with a starting price of $5000 and a range of additional costs depending on a variety of criteria. This breed of draft horses is very attractive in their chestnut hue, which makes them highly sought after. Flemish people are well-known for their calm and gentle nature, which makes them an excellent choice for this position. They are the best choice for those horse enthusiasts who are fresh to the adoption process. For all beginners, Belgians are the most suitable alternative.

Not to add that they are outstanding horses in practically every area.

Draft Horses: More to Love

Big Jake, a Belgian draft horse that stands at an amazing 20 hands, 2.75 inches tall, has been acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest living horse. Belgian draft horsesBig Jake and Almighty Bruce, both of which stand higher than most NBA players and both weighing more than one ton, make up a major portion of the squad. Big Jake’s claim to fame is his Guinness Book of World Records distinction as the world’s tallest living horse, which he holds at 20 hands, 2.75 inches (6’10” at the withers).

The horse weighs around 2,600 pounds and is owned by Jerry Gilbert and his family.

While not all draft horses grow to the spectacular proportions of Gilbert’s Belgians, the majority of these heavier breeds still require larger stalls and may rack up significant expenses in terms of equipment, care, and food, among other things.

Big Digs

Your ordinary 15-hand, 1,000-pound horse may be content in a stall that measures 12’x12′ in size. The larger the horse, on the other hand, the larger the stall he need. It is necessary to double the size of conventional stalls in order to accommodate enormous drafts such as Jake and Bruce. Gilbert claims he stores his drafts in stalls that are 20’x20′ in size. Each of Gilbert’s stalls is supplied with a water tank that holds 25 gallons. The ordinary horse drinks 5 to 10 gallons of water per day, thus a horse that is twice the size of the average horse will eat around double the amount of water.

Draft horses are larger than smaller equines and can be more destructive than smaller equines, therefore a standard 5-foot fence should be sufficient to keep them in.

If you use electric tape or wire towards the top of your fence, your draft will be deterred from pushing through.

Standard trailers are intended to securely transport horses up to 16.3-hands in length, with an interior height of 7′ or 7’6′′ and a width of 6′.

Stall lengths are 10′, and the width is 6′. Standard trailers may be sufficient for draft horses that are smaller or lower in stature. If your horse is massive and tall, though, you will need to get an extra-large or even a custom-sized trailer to accommodate him.

Double Duty

A larger horse equals twice the manure. and double the amount of labor for you. According to eXtension: America’s research-based learning network, a 1,000-pound horse will defecate about four to thirteen times per day and create roughly nine tons of manure per year, depending on the breed. The normal horse may create up to 50 pounds of waste every day on average. If you stall your horse for the majority of the day, the amount of dirty bedding produced might be nearly twice the amount of manure produced.

Consider what would happen if you added another 1,000 pounds of horsepower to the mix!

Grooming can also take twice as long as normal and will frequently necessitate the use of a step stool in order to reach all regions of the horse.

Big Bills

Keep in mind that a larger horse will result in a larger charge. Tack and equipment for any horse, especially when there aren’t many “BigTall” retailers around, may be prohibitively expensive. Gilbert explains that when he is horse shopping, he like to put bespoke orders for his horses. While he may occasionally locate what he’s searching for at draft shows, he says that because there aren’t as many purchasers as there used to be, tack stores don’t stock up on large quantities of goods. Most tack stores will have blankets in sizes ranging from 58 to 84 inches, but you’ll be hard pushed to find one that is 110 inches in length on the shelf.

For example, a 2012 University of Maine study found that maintaining a light-bred horse costs an average of $3,876, taking into account feed, veterinarian and farrier services, bedding and training as well as care of buildings and pasture—and this is just for an average-sized horse.

Veterinary Care

Finding the appropriate veterinarian is critical when going into the business of draft horses. Irongate Equine Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, is where Gilbert takes his high-performance pulling and driving draft horses for care. The clinic’s vets are Pat Griffin, DVM, Ph.D., DACT, and Dr. Howard Ketover, DVM. Griffin and his team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of draft horses. Despite the fact that maintaining the health of draft horses is not much different from maintaining the health of light-bred horses, Griffin claims that executing some common operations can be slightly more fascinating.


Because of their size, however, it is a little more difficult to place them on the ground. There are no differences in recovery except that you are dealing with a 2,000-pound animal as opposed to dealing with a 1,000-pound animal getting up.”

Leg and Foot Troubles

Larger horse breeds, like larger dog breeds, mature more quickly and are more prone to lameness as they become older. Working draft horses, according to Griffin, are more prone to arthritic difficulties in the fetlock and pastern, as well as ringbone-like symptoms, as a result of the high loads they must bear on their shoulders. It is fairly typical for people to have problems with their feet as a result of poor foot care. As Griffin points out, “the hoofare the most significant concern in terms of proper treatment.” “It’s partly because to their size, and partly due to the difficulty in locating a farrier who is comfortable and knowledgeable with draft horse trimming and shoeing.” According to Griffin, abscesses are a common complication of improper foot care.

Budweiser Clydesdales are a type of horse that represents the company Budweiser.

Weight Watchers

Draft horses, despite their massive size, are considered to be low-maintenance animals. You may imagine they require a large amount of feed, but Dan Burke, Ph.D., director of Tribute Equine Nutrition at Kalmbach Feeds, Inc., says such is not the case. Draft horses, like any other type of horse, have varying calorie requirements based on their unique metabolism and amount of exercise, just as do other horses. The BudweiserClydesdales, on the other hand, don’t always consume as many calories per day as one might expect.

  1. The company, Purina Animal Nutrition, is the official feed provider for all three Budweiser Clydesdale hitches, as well as Grant’s Farm, where young stock and retired horses are housed.
  2. Horses that perform less effort require less calories in general.
  3. For a 2,000-pound draft horse, 2 percent of his total weight is 40 pounds, which translates to 30 to 35 pounds of hay per horse.
  4. In the opinion of Burke, draft horses are particularly susceptible to acquiring metabolic syndrome, which is analogous to type II diabetes in humans.

Fat deposits may signal that you have consumed too many calories. Fat deposits should be checked on the top of the neck, the tail head, and behind the shoulder blade, to name a few locations. The presence of fat deposits in these locations is frequently a symptom of metabolic syndrome.

Thinking About Owning?

Gilbert’s grandfather was a draft horse owner, and it’s in his blood. “Draft horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.” “That’s how it works for the vast majority of draft owners.” The choice to purchase a hefty horse is not one that should be taken lightly, especially if you have never owned a horse before. Before acquiring one of these enormous breeds, Gilbert advises prospective owners to conduct study on them, spend time with them, and speak with draft horse handlers and other experts about their experiences.

LISA KUCHARSKI is a freelance writer based in Woodstock, Illinois, who likes recreational trail riding as well as participating in open pleasure events.

It has been updated.

Belgian Draft Horses for Sale

ChargerWell, much of the equipment, TSS, wagon rides, parades, and plows were damaged. w. selling a w. Collins, a resident of New York Belgian DraftGeldingSorrelBelgian DraftGeldingSorrelBelgian DraftGeldingSorrelBelgian DraftGelding 13Collins, New York, New York$4,000 MissileWell was destroyed, TSS was utilized, wagon rides were held, parades were held, and a plow was utilized. Charger is included with the sale. Collins, a resident of New York Collins, New YorkSorrelBelgian DraftGelding15Collins, New York NY$4,000 CindyCindy is a 15-year-old Belgian mare that has been in training since she was a foal.

  • Ci.
  • Belgian Draft Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sor Mare15 Sebeka received MNMN$5,500.
  • He is owned by a private individual.
  • MISold VictoryCreekside Victory is a 12 year old 18hh Belgian stallion for sale.
  • Amenia, a resident of New York $10,000 SorrelBelgian DraftStallion12Amenia, New York, New York BOONEBOONE has an incredible 16.3″ hand size, is a strong gentle giant, and is completely handso.
  • The BayBelgian DraftGelding10Stanchfield, the MNMNSold, and the MNMNSold BuddyBuddy is a gelding that is a cross between a Belgian and a Haflinger.
  • Sebeka, Minnesota is a town in Minnesota.

TippyTippy is a Belgian quarter horse cross.

Patton Village is a town in the state of Texas.


In the town of Rock, Michigan Belgian Draft in Chestnut Mare16Rock, Michigan is a town in the state of Michigan.

This young lady is around 15 years old and st.

Belgian Draft in Chestnut PAPA, Mare16Gardners, and PAPA $4,500 LexyLexy is a 15-year-old Belgian Mare that is around 17 hands tall.

Gardners is a town in Pennsylvania.

With a long line of ancestors.

Mitchell, Indiana is a town in the U.S.

SorrelBelgian DraftStallion10 is a Belgian draft stallion.

A Belgian mare in foal to a Belgian, Shirel is an 11-year-old roan Belgian mare who has been in foal for two years.

Drafted in Red RoanBelgian Mare13Mechanicsville, Maryland (Mare13) MD $4,500 VIVViv is a 16-year-old Belgian mare with a height of 16.3+hh.

Otter Lake is a lake in Michigan.


16Tucson, AZAZ SorrelBelgian DraftGelding16Tucson, AZ $7,500 MollyMolly is a charming 16-hand 15+-year-old Belgian (the dentist estimated her age to be between 15 and 18).

BrownBelgian DraftMare19Walkerton, ININ$1,500 BrownBelgian DraftMare19Walkerton, IN JayJay is a 13-year-old gelding that has been in training.

He has also been a part of it.

SorrelBelgian DraftGelding17 (SorrelBelgian DraftGelding17) Athens, Wisconsin WIContact Mom I’m seeking for a free horse so that my mother, who is 70 years old, may ride.

Witter, Arkansas is a town in the U.S.

Tobiano Belgian Draft is a type of draft that is used in Belgium.

For sale is an x Amish Belgian mare that is suitable for experienced beginners.

Chestnut Belgian DraftMare22 (also known as MEME is located in West Gardiner.

13 June 2013), with a lot of potential.

Chestnut Belgian DraftStallion9 (also known as Belgian DraftStallion9) BEBE Ruiselede Ruiselede Ruiselede $4,500 Belgian Draft Stallion (also known as a Belgian Draft Horse) Excellent temperament, as well as a pleasant demeanor.

Nokesville is a town in Virginia.

Horses that can plow the field or trail rider horses that can plow the field Dry Ridge is a town in Kentucky.

295 eurosBelgian Draft Stallionssingle or double driven, road safe, including vaccines and coggins for 2008 220-pound-gravity-meter Ripon, Wisconsin is a city in Wisconsin.

Belgian Draft Stallion for $3,000 Beautiful Belgian draft horse that is seven years old.

Ontario THE BELGIAN DRAFTSTALION-, THE ONON Belgian Draft Mare for $2,000 A well-broken Belgian draft mare with a registration.

I’m 17 feet tall.

Gananoque, from the province of Ontario Belgian Draft Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sorrel Sor Marina Gananoque (Onondaga County) $2,500 Belgian Draft Mare (also known as Belgian Draft Mare) This is a team of four-year-old half sisters that are quite safe.

  1. They go by the name of Belgiam Maresand.
  2. SorrelBelgian DraftMare-White Plains, KYKY SorrelBelgian DraftMare-White Plains $3,800 Belgian Draft Mare (also known as Belgian Draft Mare) She is no longer able to ride because she hasn’t been ridden in around 2 years.
  3. House Springs, Missouri is a town in the U.S.
  4. Belgian Draft is a type of draft that is used in Belgium.
  5. Will contain the entire collection of antiques.
  6. state of Colorado.
  7. COCO$4,500 for Mare-Fairplay.
  8. Gerber is a city in the state of California.

Wonderful Conformation. Thank you. ShotsWorming is a UTD ShotsWorming. L.Lucerne Valley is located in the state of California. CACA, SorrelBelgian DraftMare-Lucerne Valley, SorrelBelgian DraftMare-Lucerne Valley $1,300


Many pieces of equipment, TSS, wagon rides and parades, and snow plows were damaged by the ChargerWell. We are selling our company w. Collins, a resident of New York City The SorrelBelgian DraftGelding (SorrelBelgian DraftGelding) is a type of draft game in which a player attempts to win a game of chess. Coles, New York ($4,000) 13Collins, New York Wrecked missiles, a TSS, wagon trips, parades, and plows are all part of the storyline. Charger is included in the selling price of this item. Collins, a resident of New York City New York City’s Collins Park is home to the Sorrel Belgian Draft and Gelding15.

  1. She measures 175 inches high and is a top seller in her class.
  2. It is located in the town of Sebeka, in the state of Minnesota.
  3. A 7-year-old unregistered Belgian gelding with an 18-hand height, MontyMonty is a handsome specimen.
  4. Pickford The SorrelBelgian DraftGelding (SorrelBelgian DraftGelding) is a type of draft game in which a player attempts to win a game of chess.
  5. MISold VictoryCreekside A 12 year old Belgian stallion for sale, Victory stands at 18hh and has been registered with the Belgian studbook.
  6. He is absolutely handso.
  7. The BayBelgian DraftGelding10Stanchfield, and MNMNSold are examples of such a strategy.

A leg has been amputated from him at the age of five.

MNMN$7,000 for SorrelBelgian DraftGelding4Sebeka.

If you’re looking for a kid horse, utility horse, or anything in between, look no further than TippyTippy!

Paxton Village, TXTX$3,800 RoanBelgian DraftGelding13Patton Village, TXTX Sky is a Belgian/QH mare that is 15-16 years old.

trails, green spaces, and arena work are among his favorite activities.

It’s estimated that this girl is 15 years old and has st Gardners, Pennsylvania is a town in Pennsylvania.

Beginner with some experience.

Brut Belgian Draft with Silver Dapple.

It comes with a long line of descent.

Belgium Draftstallion Sorrel10 is a Belgian Draftstallion.

In foal to a Belgian, Shirel is an 11-year-old roan Belgian mare named Shirel.

Belgian Draft with Red Roan Maryland, United States Mare13Mechanicsville, MD MD $4,500 A 16-year-old Belgian mare with a height of 16.3+hh.

In the town of Otter Lake, in the state of Michigan Mare19Otter Lake, MIMI, SorrelBelgian DraftMare19SorrelBelgian DraftMare19SorrelBelgian DraftMare19SorrelBelgian DraftMare19SorrelBelgian DraftMare19 $2,850 Samson A Belgian cross gelding, Samson, is available for purchase.


16Tucson, AZAZ SorrelBelgian DraftGelding16Tucson, AZAZ AZ $7,500 “MollyMolly” is a sweet 16-hand 15+-year-old Belgian (the dentist estimated her age to be between 15 and 18).

DraftMare19Walkerton, ININ$1,500 BrownBelgian DraftMare19Walkerton, IN A 13-year-old gelding, JayJay is a handsome horse.

SorrelBelgian DraftGelding17 is a draft game developed by SorrelBelgian DraftGelding17 in Belgium.

WIContact Mom The horse must be free so that my 70-year-old mother can ride it.

Witter, Arkansas is a town in the United States of America southwestern region.

Advanced beginner safe Amish Belgian mare for sale, bred by Amish.

Chestnut DraftMare22 from Belgium MEME, MEME, MEME, West Gardiner $2,300 Belgian Draft Horse (also known as a Belgian Draft Horse).

13th of June, 2013).


The person has an excellent temperament and a pleasant demeanor.

There is a town in Virginia called Nokesville called Nokesville.


18,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds) Located in the city of Ripon, in the state of Wisconsin The Belgian DraftStallion-Ripon, WIWI, is a beautiful horse.

The most beautiful Belgian draft horse, aged seven years.

Ontario ONON is a Belgian DraftStallion.

Belgian draft mare that has been well broken.

17-foot-tall (in hands).


  1. Their name is Maresand, and they come from Belgium.
  2. In White Plains, KYKY, there is a SorrelBelgian DraftMare.
  3. Since she hasn’t been ridden in over two years, she is no longer able to ride.
  4. House Springs, Missouri is a small town in Missouri that is known for its springs and springtime.
  5. Driving instructor, 1500 lbs, very gentle.
  6. Denver, Colorado’s Fairplay is a small town with a large population of immigrants.
  7. As I am planning to col., Balthazar is three-quarters Balgium, one-fourth QH, and one-fourth QH.
  8. Gerber, CACA, Sorrel, Belgian Draftstallion-Gerber $1,500 Belgium Draft Mare is a breed of mare that was developed in Belgium.

Beautiful Gentle Mare with a sweet disposition. Exceptional Conformation! The UTD ShotsWorming team is back in action! A place in California known as L.Lucerne Valley. CACA, Sorrel Belgian DraftMare-Lucerne Valley, Sorrel Belgian DraftMare-Lucerne Valley $1,300

Which horse is bigger a Clydesdale or a Belgian?

In comparison to Clydesdales, Belgian horses are larger. A Belgian horse stands between 16.2 and 17 hands tall and weighs between 1,800 and 2,200 pounds on average. Clydesdales are slightly taller than other breeds, although they weigh less. Belgians possess world records in a wide range of areas, including swimming.

What’s the difference between a Belgian draft horse and a Clydesdale?

A bit shorter and stockier in build than Clydesdales, Belgian draft horses are known for having broad backs and powerful shoulders, as well as kind and kind attitudes. Clydesdales are typically 18 hands in height and seem significantly less muscular and stocky than other breeds. It is the legs and feet of the two breeds that are the most noticeable distinction between them.

Are Clydesdales expensive?

The cost of Clydesdales varies depending on a variety of factors. Prices are affected by factors such as bloodlines, quality, size, age, color and markings, and level of training. Some Clydesdales may sell for as little as $1000, but the majority of them sell for between $2500 and $5000 on the open market. Horses of the highest caliber may fetch sums comparable to those of high-end vehicles.

Are Belgian horses easy to train?

It is because Belgians are simple to teach and have a pleasant attitude that they are so popular. Belgians are still used in some areas for plowing, logging, driving wagons, hitches, sleighs, and a variety of other draft-related tasks. It is because of their compact and muscular build that they have a narrow, long back and firm loins.

What is the temperament of a Belgian horse?

Belgian horses are noted for being docile, calm, and kind in their disposition. The fact that they are intelligent and eager to please makes them extremely trainable, which makes them quite popular. Despite their small size, this kind of horse is industrious, loyal, sociable, and easy to train.

Which horse is taller Belgian or Clydesdale?

In comparison to Clydesdales, Belgian horses are larger. A Belgian horse stands between 16.2 and 17 hands tall and weighs between 1,800 and 2,200 pounds on average. Clydesdales are slightly taller than other breeds, although they weigh less. Generally speaking, Belgians are slightly bigger in stature than Clydesdales; nevertheless, body size isn’t the only attribute that divides the two types of horses.

What is the history of a Belgian draft horse?

In comparison to Clydesdales, Belgian horses are larger. A Belgian horse stands between 16.2 and 17 hands tall and weighs between 1,800 and 2,200 pounds, depending on the breed. Despite being slightly taller, Clydesdales are significantly lighter than other breeds of horse. Generally speaking, Belgians are slightly bigger in stature than Clydesdales; nevertheless, body size isn’t the only difference between the two breeds.

What is the history of the Belgian horse?

History. Belgian horses were initially developed in Belgium, as their name indicates, and are descended from the so-called “big horses” that were employed in war by medieval knights, according to legend. Belgians had an abundance of hay and grain to work with because of the extremely rich land, which allowed them to grow this enormous, robust breed. In the late nineteenth century,.

Belgians for Sale

  • DRAFT OF THE GEORGE BELGIAN 15-year-old with 18 hands 23002600 kilograms (23002600 pounds) Rides I put him in the company of novices. No spook, no buck when driving. There is no bolt at the back. Good for farriers since he is a bit stubborn with his hind feet, but he still does the job. GIANT teddy bear, my darling. Excellent work, Bo. a day and a half ago on Equine Now
  • Julie is a 16.2hh Belgian mare that is around 15 years old. This horse is well-trained for both riding and driving. She is a really easy-going person who is simple to deal with and get along with. She is an excellent trail rider and passes all of the obstacles she is meant to. The vehicle she drives is a single and a double


  • BELGIAN DRAFT BY GEORGE BELGIAN the age of 15 years old and the number of hands 2302600 pounds is the weight of this item. Rides I assigned him to novices. The driver is not afraid of anything and is not afraid of anything. It does not have a bolt in the back Farriers will like this horse since it is a bit stubborn with its back feet but still capable of performing the task. GIANT teddy bear, my darling. Bo, you’re amazing. On the subject of horses, 21 hours ago Now
  • ‘Julie’ is a 15.2hh Belgian mare that is roughly 15 years old. Ride and drive this horse with confidence since he is well-broken. Getting along with her is a breeze since she is very laid back. She is a good trail rider and traverses all of the obstacles that are required of her. Both single and double-wheeled vehicles are driven by her.

How much does a Belgian horse cost? – Roadlesstraveledstore

A Belgian Horse can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

The pricing is reasonable for a young and healthy horse of this age and breed. The color, age, gender, health condition, build, and training experience of the Belgian are all factors that influence the price.

How big is a Brabant horse?

Hands ranging from 16.1 and 17.1 Brabants generally has a standing height of between 16.1 and 17 hands. It is possible to find them in a range of colors such as chestnut and bay roan, as well as black and dun, bay roan, blue roan, and red. It is friendly, active, robust and bold, but it is also wise, as seen by its name.

How expensive is a Belgian draft horse?

Most draft horse owners will agree that the horse’s acquisition will normally not be remembered, but what happens later will be remembered fondly. It is estimated that an average draft horse will cost between $4,000 and $7,000, which is comparable to an average riding horse.

How much is a Dutch draft horse cost?

From around $4,000 to several million dollars are within the price range. An estimated 11 million Euros sale was made to a German trainer of a black horse by the name of Totilas. The Dutch Warmblood is a large, impressive horse with a pleasant disposition. It is considered a premium performance breed.

What is the cheapest draft horse breed?

Here are the top 5 affordable horse breeds to consider purchasing.

  1. Quarter horse, courtesy of S.M. /
  2. Mustang, courtesy of S.M. / A Mustang is an excellent choice if you are seeking for a challenging vehicle at an inexpensive price. Paint horse, Thoroughbred, and Standardbred are some of the breeds available.

How long do Belgian horses live?

Approximately eighteen years Belgians have an average lifespan of roughly eighteen years. Belgians and Brabants have a lifetime of around eighteen years, which is commensurate with the average longevity of heavy draft breeds. Belgian horses can survive into their twenties in certain cases, although this is quite unusual.

How long do Brabant horses live?

Information in a Hurry

Other Names Belgian Horse, Belgian heavy horse, Belgian heavy draft, Belgisch Trekpaard, Brabant Trekpaard, Brabander, Brabancon, Cheval de trait Beige
Lifespan 30 years
Colors Chestnut or sorrel and roan with snow white markings on the legs, face, mane, and tail

What is the strongest horse?

The World’s Strongest Horse Breeds are listed below.

  • Belgian Draft Horse, sometimes known as a Belgian Draft Pony, is a breed of draft horse native to Belgium. The Belgian Draft Horse, also known as the Dutch Draft Horse, is often regarded as the world’s most powerful horse. The Dutch Draft, which originated in Holland and was commonly employed on farms to pull plows, was followed by the Shire Horse, Percheron, and Suffolk Punch Horse.

Are Clydesdales good for riding?

Clydesdale horses aren’t too large to ride, even though they are large. Despite the fact that Clydesdales are massive horses who were originally meant to pull, they make wonderful riding horses. They are at ease, have a laid-back demeanor, and are eager to put in the necessary effort.

What kind of horse is the Brabant Horse?

The Brabant draft horse is considered to be the forerunner of the American Belgian horse. Until roughly 1940, the Brabant and the American Belgian were practically the same horse in appearance and temperament. with a lot of feathering around the legs

Where can I buy a Brabant Horse in NC?

He gets along well with other horses, both huge and little. Brabant stallion of 16h. Personality that is outstanding Lexington, North Carolina is home to a stud farm. Fee for studs: $500 For the cost of shipping sperm, please contact us. Mare care is being charged. Merlin possesses a calm demeanor as well as a sharp intellect! Gentle and simple to work with. Pasture service is offered, as well as mare care services. He is kind and considerate to women.

Is there an American Brabant filly for sale?

FOR SALE: A filly that is 92 percent American Brabant is available for purchase. Born on the 14th of April, 2020. Weaned and ready to go is a good thing. As shown in the image below: These photographs show Rusty (of Rusty Ridge Farm) enjoying himself while doing what he enjoyed! Rusty (Rusty Ridge Farm’s founder) enjoyed working with and learning about Brabant Horses, which led to the establishment of the farm.

Is the American Brabant the same as the Belgian?

The filly has been RESERVED and will be shipped to California after she has completed her weaning.

The fact that this filly will be joining Marcus and his family fills us with joy. The Brabant draft horse is considered to be the forerunner of the American Belgian horse. Until roughly 1940, the Brabant and the American Belgian were practically the same horse in appearance and temperament.

How Much Does A Clydesdale Cost?

Generally speaking, the greater the size of anything, the more money it costs. Is this, however, true for horses? It goes without saying that the right answer to this question is, as with everything else in the horse world, “it depends!” These are general rules that apply to all horses, including Clydesdales. How much does a Clydesdale terrier weigh? My answer to the topic, “How much does a Clydesdale cost?” will be the focus of this post. The expenses of draft horses, and specifically Clydesdale horses, are not much different from the costs of normal riding horses in terms of range.

I will also address the wide variety of pricing available in the Clydesdale bread market, as well as the factors that contribute to such wide price variances.

History Of The Clydesdale

The Clydesdale is one of the most recognised drafthorse breeds in the world today. The majority of individuals, even those who are not familiar with horses, will recognize one when they see one. These improvements are mostly due to the Budweiser Clydesdales’ efforts to promote and safeguard the breed. Despite the fact that the Clydesdale is a national emblem of the United States, the breed originated in Scotland, notably Lanarkshire. Lanarkshire used to be known as Clydesdale before it was renamed.

  • It was decided to introduce Flemish stallions to Scotland in order to increase the size and power of the indigenous horses.
  • In Lochlyloch, thanks to the efforts of John Paterson, another Flemish stallion was imported from England and brought to Scotland.
  • Baron of Buchlyvie, one of the most famous stallions of all time, was born in the early twentieth century.
  • With the end of World War II and the increased availability of farm technology, the number of draft horses decreased drastically, putting the Clydesdale breed at serious risk of extinction, and the breed is now extinct.

Clydesdale Characteristics

The Clydesdale stands between 17 and 19 hands tall and weighs between 1,600 and 2,400 pounds, depending on the breed. The breed is powerfully muscled and built for power and strength, as its name suggests. The majority of Clydesdales are bay, with stunning white markings and extensive leg feathering on their legs. They are, on the other hand, sometimes black, chestnut, or even grey in color. The size of their hooves can be up to four times that of a Thoroughbred’s, making them a formidable opponent.

This includes skin infections on their legs as a result of incorrect treatment of their feathering, as well as lymphedema, which is a persistent swelling of the legs and ankles.

The Budweiser Clydesdales are meticulously groomed from the time they are born until they achieve superstar status. Take a look at the following procedure.

How Much Does a Clydesdale Cost: Range of Horse Price

The cost of acquiring horses in general has such a wide range that it is difficult to explain it in detail. Depending on where you live, you can obtain a green broke four-year-old quarter horse for less than a grand, and you can buy grand Prix jumpers and international hunter derby horses for amounts in the mid-six figures. There are a variety of elements that might contribute to this wide range of pricing. Breeding, age, quality, size, markings, training, show records, and location are just a few of the considerations.

  • If you compare the Clydesdale to other breeds or high-quality sport horses, it is not an extremely costly animal.
  • Also, when acquiring a horse, it is common for the price to include the expense of moving, which is something to keep in mind while making a decision.
  • Depending on the parameters described above, you may expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 for a Clydesdale horse.
  • Clydesdales that are really exceptional and well-trained might cost substantially more than $10,000.

How Much Does a Clydesdale Cost:Cost of an Average Horse

It is common for a good-looking, sound, broke horse with a few show kilometers to fetch a couple of thousand dollars. For example, I’ve assisted in the sale and acquisition of a few horses ranging in age from 10 to 14 years old, including Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and Paint Horses, all of which were saddle broke and trained but had little or no show experience. These horses have sold for between $4,000 and $7,000 each. Generally speaking, the more experience a horse has (as evidenced by show mileage and training), the more costly it is.

However, a safe estimate for the cost of an ordinary horse is around $5,000.

Cost of an Average Draft Horse

So, due of their larger size, dodraft horses are more expensive than traditional saddle horses. It all depends on the situation. Yes, that does happen from time to time, but it does not always. The common assumption among draft horse owners is that, in most cases, the horse’s acquisition will not be remembered, but what happens later will. It is estimated that an average draft horse will cost between $4,000 and $7,000, which is comparable to an average riding horse. Nevertheless, draft horse owners explain how external expenditures such as dewormer, vitamins, fly spray, and gear may often add up to more money while keeping a draft horse in a thread on theHorse Forum.

There are, of course, certain exceptions to this general rule. It is expected that draft horses that have competed effectively in the show ring, whether for pulling competitions, breed shows, or any other discipline in which they may have been involved, would command higher prices than the norm.

Cost of an Average Clydesdale Horse

As reported by Clydesdale USA, Clydesdale horses range in price from $2500 to $5,000, which is in the lower to mid-range of my projected typical horse cost. Bloodlines, quality, size, age, color and markings, and degree of training are some of the most significant variations in Clydesdale costs, and all of these factors have been examined as variations in horse expenses previously. Clydesdale mares are often somewhat less expensive than Clydesdale stallions or geldings, with the average price of a broke, show-ready Clydesdale mare being approximately $3500.

However, the average price of a Clydesdale would be between $3500 to $4000.

The Real Cost of a Clydesdale Horse

Owning a Clydesdale requires a significant financial investment over an extended period of time. Horses require certain things in order to maintain their physical and emotional well-being. As every horse owner is well aware, the most expensive part of owning a horse is not purchasing the horse, but rather maintaining the animal. As a result, when acquiring a Clydesdale, there are a few crucial maintenance considerations to keep in mind. It is true that some things and services are more expensive for draft horses than they are for conventional saddle horses, but this is not always true.


Farrier services for a draft horse will normally be more expensive than farrier services for a standard-sized horse. After all, when you consider the size of a draft’s feet, not to mention the tremendous effort that goes into keeping them, it seems only fair. However, if you are considering purchasing a Clydesdale, you should keep in mind that the cost of farrier services will increase. Foot trimming is the least expensive farrier service, but if a Clydesdale is expected to undertake any type of labor, it will almost certainly require shoes.

Keep in mind that this is a one-time cost rather than an ongoing one.

Because of their size and the requirement for specialized equipment, shoeing a Clydesdale is a difficult task.

Tack/Harness Equipment

When trying to purchase a draft horse, it is also vital to evaluate if you want a different or larger saddle and bridle, or a harness (for driving). The importance of having correctly fitted equipment for any new horse cannot be overstated. However, if you are a first-time draft horse owner, you may find that you have numerous items of tack that require replacement.


Hopefully, you will only need to visit your veterinarian once a year for immunizations. On its own, this will cost around $300 every set of immunizations, with some of them being provided twice a year. You will also need to bring along our normal wormer, which should be used in accordance with your veterinarian’s recommendations for your area.

No one, on the other hand, has had such good fortune with horse ownership. A veterinary visit for an unforeseen reason such as an accident or colic is unavoidable, and you should plan on it. This has the potential to drastically boost expenditures.


Draft horses require more food than a standard-sized horse since they work harder. Draft horses, such as Clydesdales, are well-known for being “easy keepers,” but it is critical to be able to give them with the quantities of food they require in order to remain in good condition. This includes twenty to forty pounds of hay per day, as well as two to ten pounds of grain per day, depending on their labor and weight maintenance requirements. Clydesdales will most likely be fed a diet that is comparable to that of standard-sized horses, consisting mostly of forage (grass, hay, or both), grain, and maybe other supplements.


Clydesdales are often too large to fit onto a standard-sized trailer. Clydesdales and other draft horses are frequently transported in totrailer trailers or other modes of horse transportation, such as vans, for their convenience. If you intend to travel with your Clydesdale, this is something you should take into account before proceeding. Read about the similarities and differences between the Shire Horse and the Clydesdales.


I hope this post was useful in providing you with information regarding the prices of Clydesdale horses! When it comes to horses, costs and expenses are always open to interpretation; nonetheless, it is important to be able to obtain an estimate before proceeding with any sort of purchase or lease! The Clydesdale is still considered an uncommon breed in the United States, with just around 600 foals born each year in the country. Even while this can have an impact on the price, a quality companion or pleasure horse is not prohibitively expensive when compared to other sorts of horses.

Despite the fact that this breed is a gentle giant, you should exercise caution when purchasing one.

It adds up to a significant amount of money over time!

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