Bdo How To Revive Horsewhat Breed Is My Horse? (Solution)

  • Can you revive horse BDO? r/blackdesertonline Nah, you need to go to any stable keeper anywhere with silver in your inventory or in that city bank, open the stable, scroll to find your horse and click ‘recover’. It literally works from anywhere.

How do you reset a breeding horse in BDO?

You can reset the amount of times a horse can breed using a Pearl Store item which costs 330 pearls for a male and 640 for a female. You can only reset the breeding amount once. The horse level highly affects the results.

How do BSO breed horses?

To breed your own, have both horses at the same stable and an empty 3rd slot.

  1. Choose the male and select Register at Breeding.
  2. Choose the female and apply for mating.
  3. Other players may breed with your male before you can, but you can pay 35,000 silver to make it only available for yourself.

What happens when your horse dies BDO?

Life of a Mount If that happens the Death count in the mount information (F3 when looking at a mount you own) increases by one and your mount will be at the Stable Keeper where you need to heal it.

How do I get my horse back rdr2?

If your horse is in hearing distance, you can whistle twice by tapping Up on the D-pad and your horse should come right back to you. As you take care of the animal, by petting it, giving it treats, saying supportive nurturing things to it etc, your bond with the horse should grow.

How do you breed a Tier 8 BDO horse?

Register the male horse, and select “Show only Me” in the window so that your listing is private. Once he is listed, select your female horse then select the Breeding Market option, My horse list and find your male horse. Once a baby horse is ready to be collected, select the female horse and press ‘Receive Foal’.

Is horse breeding profitable BDO?

The general consensus seems to be that Training can be profitable, but pales in comparison to other Life Skills like gathering, etc.

Can you breed your own horses?

Bread is not meant to be a regular feed for horses. If by any chance, your horse has resistance to starch, don’t feed him bread with a high starch proportion – it can cause laminitis.

Can I get the white Arabian horse again?

Whenever you lose a horse from a set spawn spot, it respawns after about 3 in game days. So yes you will be able to find another white arabian near lake isabella as John Marston. The Arabian comes in a few different coat colors, with the rarest being the Legendary White Coat.

What happens when horse dies rdr2?

Whether you die both during a firefight or by falling from great heights, the game will load the last save. However, if your horse dies seconds before you, the game will give you another horse. Your saddle is automatically moved on a new mount, but this horse won’t have the same bond level as the one before.

Quick question about my horse : Black Desert General Discussions

Comments 1 – 3 of 3 are shown. If it dies, you can bring it back to life in a stable. Each revive incurs an additional silver cost. The number of deaths has an impact on breeding prospects as well. Without food, it would not perish; instead, it will just travel more slowly than you could on foot. Oh, and be extremely cautious around water in this game since horses are allergic to deep water and are unable to swim. On May 26, 2017, at 12:09 p.m., Nothson posted a message. If it dies, you can bring it back to life in a stable.

The number of deaths has an impact on breeding prospects as well.

Oh, and be extremely cautious around water in this game since horses are allergic to deep water and are unable to swim.

If it dies, you can bring it back to life in a stable.

  1. The number of deaths has an impact on breeding prospects as well.
  2. Oh, and be extremely cautious around water in this game since horses are allergic to deep water and are unable to swim.
  3. As well as in the event that your horse accidentally winds up in a river, a lake, or other potentially lethal deep pool of water.
  4. You just have about 3 seconds before your horse discovers it can’t swim and drowns in the water.
  5. On May 26, 2017, at 12:42 p.m., Lighthalzen posted a reply to Lighthalzen’s post.

BDO Horse Breeding & Exchange: How to Gain Tiers

Horses are being bred at several stables, as follows: It is not necessary for the parents to live in the same house. They do, however, need to be housed in stables that allow for registration on the breeding market:

  • Trent
  • sKeplan
  • sCalpheon
  • sEpheria
  • sVelia
  • sHeidel
  • sAltinova
  • sValencia
  • sDuvencrune

Stable Expansions via Horse Ranch

The default number of Stable spaces is two or three, however you may increase the number of available slots by acquiring a “Horse Ranch” structure. Expansions of a horse ranch’s stables:

  • Velia has four stable spaces
  • Heidel has six
  • Glish has six (no breeding)
  • Calpheon has seven stable slots
  • Trent has six
  • Keplan has six
  • Altinova has six
  • And Calpheon has seven.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Stability: After clicking on the city symbol, go to your World Map and Filter “Horse Ranch” housing to increase the number of Horse Stable spaces available in these cities. Keep in mind that purchasing Horse Ranch homes might be expensive in terms of Contribution Points. Many of them have necessary properties that you must purchase beforehand.

Stable Expansion with Pearls

A maximum of 10 Stable spaces per territory can be purchased for 300 Pearls each. TIP: The Coupon for the Calpheon Stable Expansion contains three cities that allow breeding: Helpful Hint for Horse Breeders: To see the Stable locations of your horses, open your global map (M) and choose the city, then click the horse symbol in the bottom right of the screen. The Stable Keeper can also provide you with information about the whereabouts of your horse.

Breeding Timer: In June 2018, the 6-hour delay between breeding attempts was eliminated from the equation. Horse Deaths: According to the patch notes from March 28, 2018, the death count no longer has an impact on breeding results.

How to Get a Horse in Black Desert Online

On foot, traversing the harsh landscape of Black Desert Online may take a significant amount of time and effort. But isn’t that what mounts are for, after all? Unfortunately, despite the fact that they are necessary due to the lack of quick travel in the game, they are not included in the game’s price. The following information will assist you in your quest to obtain a horse in Black Desert Online. These procedures are basic, even if they may take time to complete. Continue reading to find out more about the techniques used.

Taming a Horse

Taming a horse is one method of obtaining a horse of your own. However, there are several conditions, such as the following: After receiving a free donkey as a result of a mission, you should continue to ride it until you achieve Beginner 5. You may also purchase lassos and carrots from the stabler, which are both useful commodities in the game. It’s preferable to bring more of both than less because you can’t promise that you’ll be able to tame the horse. Once you have everything prepared and have located a herd of horses, proceed as follows: 1.

  1. Utilize a lasso to tame the horse you wish to train. During the minigame, hold down the Space bar. Make a little approach to the horse
  2. Continually play the minigame and repeat the process until you are near enough. A carrot and (optional) raw sugar should be given to the horse. Try mounting the horse
  3. It could work.

If you are successful in mounting it, you will be able to ride it to the next stable right away. You get to name your new mount, and it will be yours to rely on for the rest of the game. If, on the other hand, you get thrown out, you can try again. Everything in taming a horse is dependent on your luck. Taming horses can help you obtain horses in levels one through five.


In order to obtain the greatest horses (those in levels four through eight), you must first breed them. You’ll need two horses, one of each gender; however, if you only have a mare, you may rent a stallion for the day. Unfortunately, a mare is always required for breeding purposes, and you cannot hire one. The following is the procedure for breeding the horses:

  1. Go to a stable where breeding is permitted
  2. Check in your horses by going through the check-in process. Regain their strength and stamina
  3. Check to see that there is a spot available for the foal. Select your male horse and register him for breeding by clicking on him. Only you will be able to benefit from his breeding opportunities if you select “Show Only Me.” Choose a mare for yourself. Make a selection from the “Breeding Market.” Select your horse from the “My Horse List” drop-down menu. “Apply” should be selected. You should return in 2.2 hours to claim the foal.

Even with resets, horses have a limited number of breeding opportunities. As a result, you should make the most of them. For those who don’t mind renting out the men for additional money, you can register the property as “Show All.”

Buying a Horse From Other Players

Purchasing horses from other players is the most convenient approach to obtain a horse with suitable stats and characteristics. Horses with exceptional numbers, on the other hand, are pricey. In most cases, it is preferable to breed your own animals unless you have a lot of money to spare.

Your Trusty Steed

The ability to ride your own horse allows you to move quickly over the globe of Black Desert Online. The process of finding the horse of your dreams may take a long time, but perseverance is typically rewarded. Of course, you may always get a fantastic one on the market from someone else. What is the tier of your finest horse? Do you have a passion for horse breeding? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

How to Get Bastion in Destiny 2


Black Desert Online Horse Taming and Breeding Guide

This article will walk you through the process of taming and breeding horses in Black Desert Online.

Taming Preparation

In Black Desert Online, this tutorial will walk you through taming and breeding horses.

Capturing Rope and Lump of Sugar

To begin taming horses, you will just require a Capturing Rope and a lump of sugar. Rope for Capturing This item may be purchased from any Stable Keeper in cities and towns such as Olivia, Velia, and Heidel, among others. To locate the Stable Keeper, tap the NPC button on your minimap and choose Stable from the drop-down menu. This will point you in the direction of the nearest Stable Keeper. The store symbol should be selected while engaging with a Stable Keeper; however, not all staple keepers have this feature; only those located in towns and cities do.

  • This should cost you 15 thousand silver dollars.
  • a lump of unprocessed sugar Lump of Raw Sugar is something that has to be made from scratch by the consumer.
  • You will need to acquire 1 Minerial Water and 10 Raw Sugar (not Sugar) per Lump of Raw Sugar if you want to manufacture Lump of Raw Sugar.
  • You may purchase them from the kitchen NPC in a town or city, which you can locate by pressing the NPC button and selecting cooking from the menu.

You will not be able to divide stacks here, but don’t worry, the surplus will not be eaten. You’ll most likely want to produce 10 Lumps of Raw Sugar to go along with the 10 Capturing Ropes, which you can find instructions for here. This will provide you a total of ten attempts at taming.

Finding Wild Horses

Now that you have a Capturing Rope and a Lump of Raw Sugar in your possession, it is time to go out and find some wild horses to tame. The Wild Horses may be found in a variety of locales, as shown below. It is possible for between one and four horses to appear at each area, with each horse having a respawn time of two hours after it has been captured and trained. 1. To the west and north of Heidel These are heavily disputed territories, and it is doubtful that you will come across many horses.

  1. South of the town of Olvia If you are unable to locate any in the immediate vicinity of Heidel and do not have the resources to go to some remote regions, you may be able to locate one in the mountains south of Olivia.
  2. To the south of Glish.
  3. To the east of Trent The Mountains Are Climbing 5.
  4. 6.
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Horse Taming

You come across your first wild horse while armed with a catching rope and a Lump of Raw Sugar (which I would recommend putting on hotbars for ease of usage). What are you going to do?

Wild Horse Tiers

You come across your first wild horse while armed with a catching rope and a Lump of Raw Sugar (which I would recommend placing on hotbars for convenience of usage). What are you going to do?

Video Demonstration

Using this movie, you will be able to observe several aspects of taming that cannot be well expressed in words and will be able to watch the approach outlined below demonstrated.

The Taming Processing

The First Minigame is titled When you come across a wild horse, you should go as near as possible to it and equip your Capturing Rope (putting it on the hotbar by dragging it from the inventory and placing it on your hotbar is recommended). Check to see that the horse isn’t racing away from you before aiming your rope at the horse and pressing the left mouse button to start the game. If everything is done correctly, you will be presented with a minigame in which you must push the spacebar when the grey thingie is inside the red section.

You can only play the minigame once per rope, so make the most of it.

  • If the horse is moving around or racing away from you, make sure the rope doesn’t catch on to it because if it does, the horse will be out of range and you will fail instantly.

The Second Minigame has been released. The next section is extremely crucial. Do not hit the spacebar immediately. This is the most common reason why so many individuals fail to successfully tame their first time. You want to begin heading approach the horse and keeping an eye out for any movement. After noticing that the horse’s front hooves are raised, and only when you notice that the horse elevate its hooves, hit the spacebar to begin the second minigame.

  • I squandered a lot of catching ropes by pushing the spacebar right away, and the taming would fail almost shortly.

When you push the spacebar, the second minigame begins, and you must keep pressing the spacebar in order for the indication to remain on the right side of the bar at all times. You must sustain this for a total of 10 seconds, which is quite simple given that you are only pushing the spacebar and no other buttons (make sure you are not holding down W). In some cases, depending on your distance from the horse, you may have to repeat this second minigame if the horse raises its front hooves again.

Instead of using it immediately from my inventory, I had to hotbar it in order to have it work properly. If everything goes according to plan, you may click R to mount the horse. There are two ways in which this final step might go wrong.

  • Getting on the horse too soon can result in taming failing because you climbed on it too quickly
  • Alternatively, taming can simply fail and you will be kicked off the horse if you approach and mount it too rapidly (i.e. you were close to the horse when you lassoed it with the rope). The use of a lump of raw sugar reduces the likelihood of this occurring.


Once you have successfully tamed the wild horse, you should transport it to a nearby stable (use the NPC look up function). During your conversation with the Stable keeper, you will be given the choice of registering the Wild Horse. Unfortunately, you will not be able to determine the gender of the seized horse until after it has been registered. If you’re running out on available stable areas, consider relocating. Make certain that you acquire a Horse Ranch in one of the town/cities listed above.

The three slots will remain in place by default throughout the rest of the world.

Storing Horses in Stables

If you keep your horse in a certain stable, you must bring it back to the same stable to reclaim it. The horse will not be transported from one stable to another via a mystical gadget, as is commonly believed. If you are unclear which stable holds your horse, simply inquire at any stable and you will be informed as to where your horse is kept.


Alternatively, if you are running out of room in your stable or are dissatisfied with your seized horse, you may sell it to stables in town/cities nearby. Tier 1 Males, in general, will not sell well, whereas Tier 1 Females and upwards can sell rather quickly. The reason for this is that all of the Tier 5 horses available for pre-order are males, while females are less frequent and can only reproduce once in their lifetime (twice for males).

Horse Gear

For 10k-30k silver, you may acquire basic horse equipment from the stable keepers in towns and cities if you boost your amenity level with them sufficiently. For example, the Heidel one (Izaro near the docks) requires 100/300 Amenity, which is rather simple to obtain by raising the appropriate issues. For better ones, you will need to create them using the Horse Gear Workshop, which I will describe in greater detail in a subsequent tutorial.

  • The use of a saddle boosts turning speed, HP, and stamina. Stirrups allow you to fight while riding a horse and boost braking power
  • The horseshoe improves the speed of movement. Champron improves the speed of the vehicle. Barding increases the amount of DP

Breeding Horses

Breeding horses provide you with the opportunity to obtain higher Tier horses. In the world of tiers and levels, there is a divide. By running about, you can level up a horse to a maximum of 30 levels, however you cannot alter the tier of the horse you are riding. The tier is decided at the time of birth or capture, to put it another way. For a higher tier horse, breed two lower tier horses who have high levels of performance in order to achieve it.

Breeding Rules

Females can only reproduce once, but men can reproduce twice in the natural course of events (might be able to reset this with a pearlshop item). The fact that female horses are in such high demand is one of the reasons behind this. You may avoid breeding the horses one more time above their limit by using the Exchange method, which kills both parents. Furthermore, in addition to the parents’ tiers, the level of the parents at the time of breeding might have an impact on the tier of the children.

Having a chance to breed Level 30 Tier 4 horses will increase your chances of getting a Tier 7 horse.

If you breed two Tier 1 horses, there is a possibility that you will have Tier 1 offspring, even if the parents are of lower quality. There is a horse breeding simulator available for you to experiment with:

Self-Breeding Setup

Normal breeding behavior for females is just one pregnancy, however men can have two pregnancyes (might be able to reset this with a pearlshop item). In part, it is because of this why female horses are in such high demand. It is possible to avoid breeding the horses one more time over their limit by using the Exchange method, which kills both parents. Furthermore, in addition to the parents’ tiers, the level of the parents at the time of breeding can have an effect on the tier of the children.

It is possible to get a Tier 7 horse by breeding 30 Tier 4 horses at Level 30.

For horse breeding simulation, you may use the following link:

  1. Have a horse that is both female and masculine
  2. There must be a common stable for both horses. Because of the foal, you have an extra space in the stable. Both horses have plenty of stamina left. Perhaps you’ll need to utilize the Stable’s recovery option or give them some carrots.

After that, you must right-click on your male horse in the stable and choose Register at Breeding from the drop-down menu. This will register them with the Breeding Market, which will subsequently allow your female horse to apply for mating with another male horse. This might cause problems since other players may be able to shoot your male horse in order to mate with their female horse. Fortunately, there is a way to list it for only yourself, but you will have to spend 35k silver in order to do so.

Breeding with Another Player

If you don’t have a male horse, you may simply utilize the Breeding Market to mate your female horse with a male horse that is already posted on the market, if you don’t already have one. To begin breeding, simply click on the appropriate icon.

Exchange Horse

Using the swap option, you can breed your horse one final time if you have exhausted all of your breeding efforts on that particular horse. This will instantly kill both parents and result in the birth of a new horse without the need to wait. You should only do this if you have exhausted all other options for breeding your horse. The trade will cost a total of 35k silver dollars.

Tiers and Appearance

Using the exchange option, you can breed your horse one final time if you have exhausted your breeding efforts. A baby horse will be born soon after both parents are killed by this method. Once you have exhausted all other options for breeding your horse, this is the last option remaining. Making the swap will cost you 35k silver.

Horse Breeding – BDFoundry

Deaths The number of horse deaths does not effect the breeding results anymore.
Breeding Count Horses have a breeding count and will not be able to breed “safely” once it hits 0.To check a horses breeding count go to the stable hand, press “Stable” and the icon of your horse.Under your horses stats it will say “breedable” with the amount of times that horse can breed.Female horses can only breed once while male horses can breed two times.You can reset the amount of times a horse can breed using a Pearl Store item which costs 330 pearls for a male and 640 for a female.You can only reset the breeding amount once.
Level The horse level highly affects the results. I recommend leveling both horses to level 30 before breeding them if you want the best results.
Tier The horse tier will also affect the results and you should try to breed two horses of the same tier to get the highest results.The female tier is more important however and will affect the results more (higher tiers only). For example: Breeding a tier 7 female with a tier 6 male will give better results than a tier 6 female and a tier 7 male.
Courser Breeding using a courser horse can give the foal an additional skill when it is born. 1 courser parent = 50% chance of an additional skill 2 courser parents = 100% chance of an additional skill

Breeding horses in Black Desert may be accomplished in three distinct ways:

  1. Breed a female horse you own with a male horse from the Breeding Market owned by another player (your female horse will require at least one breeding count to be successful)
  2. In your own stable, you can breed a female and a male horse. (Both horses will require a minimum of one breeding count.) To obtain a foal, you must pay $35,000 and give up both horses.

(More information on each approach will be provided further down the page) Horses must be in peak condition in order to breed, and they may only procreate once every six hours. Once you have completed one of the ways listed above, it will take 2 hours and 30 minutes for the foal to be born to be born. By selecting the breeding horse and then clicking on the breeding count, you can see how much time is left (s). The foal may be obtained after 2.5 hours by clicking on the female horse and then selecting “Obtain Horse.” After that, you’ll need to register your horse.

When viewing the horse’s statistics and looks, you will be able to determine the horse’s gender; however, this will not be revealed until the horse has been named. The horse will now be in the stable when you have entered its name and clicked “Confirm.”

Breeding method 1

In order to employ this strategy, you will need a female horse with at least one breeding count. To access the breeding market, go to the stable hand and choose “Stable” followed by “Breeding Market.” You will be able to examine all of the horses that are available for breeding as well as the rates that you will pay the horse owner to produce a foal with your female. Once you have identified a female horse with which you would like your horse to mate, click on the symbol of the female horse in your stable and then click “Apply.” If you encounter an error, check to see that your horse’s stamina is fully charged.

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Breeding method 2

You will need both a female and a male horse to complete this approach. Even if the horses do not have to be kept in the same stable, you must be able to register a horse at each of the two locations. Stables in Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel, Altinova, and Valencia are available for use. Both horses will require a minimum of one breeding count. The Breeding market is where you will need to submit your male horse’s information. This will result in a 35,000 silver deposit, which will be refunded to you after the foal is delivered.

Aside from that, any other horse will be able to mate with yours.

Selected the female horse symbol on the left and then clicked “Apply” on the computer.

Breeding Method 3

This procedure will result in the loss of both parent horses as well as the payment of a non-refundable charge of $35,000 to the breeder. Both a female and a male horse in the same stable will be required for this strategy to be successful. Go to the stable hand and press the “Stable” button. Then, at the bottom of the screen, click “Exchange horse” and input both a female and a male horse’s information. Finally, press the “confirm” button. This service is not available at every stable, therefore if the “Exchange horse” option does not appear, you will need to relocate both horses to a new stable.

This approach may only be used once per 24 hours, and it is not recommended.

Horse Breeding Calculator

Using the breeding calculator created by somethinglovely is strongly recommended. It is often updated, quite accurate, and simple to use. The calculator may be found here; simply input the tier and level of both the male and female horses. You can find a list of possible outcomes, as well as the likelihood of obtaining each outcome, below (3F refers to a tier 3 female horse, 5M is a tier 5 male horse).

Tier 8 is the highest tier that may be obtained through breeding. In the details page, you will also be able to see two charts that illustrate what level of horses are necessary to reach the next breeding “milestone.”

Colour Theory

Horses are available in three various colors, each of which has an impact on their appearance: white, red, and black. There is a popular belief that using “purebred” horses will increase your chances of winning the race. Although it has not yet been proved, many gamers, including myself, feel that this notion is valid after much testing has taken place. There is also a brief mention of it in the Korean wiki, which was authored by one of the creators himself. It is recommended that you read this tutorial on the old boards for additional information on color theory and how it all works.

Check these out before you go!

Whatever the case, horses play an important role in each sandbox RPG, whether it’s Roach from the Witcher trilogy or Epona from the Ocarina of Time. Black Desert is no exception, and in a gaming world as huge as Black Desert Online, where there is no fast travel, they are absolutely essential for getting around. What is the best way to discover and acquire horses in Black Desert Online, given that they are such an important component of the game’s gameplay? In Black Desert Online, there are three distinct methods to get a horse: taming, breeding, and purchasing.

Here are the three alternative methods to obtain a horse in Black Desert Online, depending on whether you want to save your cash, seek out a stable master, or breed your own horse from scratch.

Where to start

Keep in mind that in order to tame a horse in Black Desert Online, players must first pass the fifth level of training. This may be accomplished by riding either a horse or a donkey until they increase the degree of your training expertise. What is the best way to locate a horse or donkey? It is possible to purchase a donkey from the town chief in Velia after successfully completing the Black Spirit quest “Big Fish in a Small Pond.” You will, however, need to attain level 10 in order to be able to participate in this quest.

When you initially enter the stable keeper’s inventory, you will be presented with two basic options to pick from: Horse Emblem: A beginner’s brown or gray horse is used as a symbol.


With your training level 5 completion, it’s time to go out and train some horses. But what do you need to get started? Where are you going, and how are you going to get there? A horse capture requires the use of two separate objects, both of which must be obtained before to embarking on your adventure. The following items are required to catch and tame a horse in Black Desert Online: capturing rope, lumps of sugar, and a taming rope. Generally speaking, players should have at least three lumps of sugar in their drink.

  • However, while players can purchase rope from any stable keeper, they will be need to make the sugar lumps themselves.
  • Cooking merchants may be found in all of the game’s towns and cities.
  • To make each one, you’ll need ten raw sugar and one mineral water, plus some time.
  • Keep in mind that there are no set locations where they may be found in the universe of Black Desert.

Horses may be found all across the game’s globe, but what happens once you locate one is a mystery. Of course, you have to keep it under control. In the game, the following are the steps to taming a horse:

  1. Make a transfer from your inventory to your heated bar of sugar lumps and catch rope. Sneak up on the horse slowly and deliberately not to scare it
  2. Take a hold of the capturing rope from the hot bar and point it at the horse. Keep in mind that when you have a rope on your person, you will move more slowly. When you’re all lined up, left click to throw the rope, just like you would in the BDO fishing game. When your meter reads ‘good,’ press the spacebar to end the game. Make your way towards the horse. When it lifts its front hooves, you will need to rapidly hit the spacebar for 10 seconds in order to keep it in the ‘win’ part of the screen. After getting near enough to the horse, a menu will emerge in the shape of a circle over its head. You have two options at this point: either attempt mounting it or feeding it sugar lumps
  3. Or both. To relax the horse, feed it between 3 and 5 lumps of molasses. The ideal quantity is 4 to 5
  4. Once this is completed, you can ride the horse and return it to the nearest stable to register it. You should keep in mind that you won’t be able to rush back to the stable, therefore try to choose a spot that is near a stable to make things go more quickly

Taming horses is by far the most cost-effective method of obtaining a horse in Black Desert Online. Only horses of tier 5 or below are capable of being tamed, which is one of the few drawbacks of taming. What are the advantages? When taming, players have the option of choosing the color and even the tier of their horse, as long as they know what they’re looking for.


Purchasing a horse in Black Desert Online is by far the most expedient method of acquiring one in the game. Furthermore, it is perhaps the most effective method of locating a higher-tiered horse with a given set of talents if you are seeking for a specific set of skills. Purchasing it come at a high cost in terms of silver and pearls, but if you’re not strapped for cash, it may be your best option. May you tell me where I can locate horses to buy? In order to purchase a horse, players must first locate a stable keeper, which can be discovered by clicking on the hourglass in the upper right corner of the game’s menu.

To be able to access the whole horse market, players must first get to the fifth training level.

Once you have reached training level 5 and have unlocked the whole horse market menu, you may search for horses by tier (1 through 8) as well as particular talents and gender, depending on what you are searching for.

You may then browse to your stable tab by clicking on it from the menu bar.


There are currently no tier 6 horses available in Black Desert Online, with the exception of rare special events that allow you to tame tier 5 horses. There are only two methods to gain a horse that is between tiers 6 and 8, once those special events have concluded. First and foremost, you may purchase a horse from other players at the stable keeper’s horse market, which will cost you a significant amount of gold. Alternatively, through the process of breeding. Horses may only be bred in the Black Desert’s principal cities and the Keplan region.

  • Players should also look at the specifications of their horses to see whether or not they are breedable.
  • Firstly, gamers must visit their stable menu and pick a male horse to register for breeding before they can begin.
  • At this point, players must enter the breeding market and negotiate their way over to their horse list, where they will find a female horse with which to breed.
  • However, there is an additional cost for doing so.
  • Breeding can take anywhere from two to six hours to accomplish, depending on the levels of your horses’ performance.
  • The final outcome of the breeding will be determined by the male and female horses that you have chosen.
  • In general, the higher you rank your horse’s tiers in advance of breeding, the better your chances are of breeding another horse of the same or higher tier.
  • Keep in mind that if you don’t want to tame, breed, or even acquire a horse, you have another alternative that will allow you to avoid doing all three things at the same time.

So that’s how you obtain a horse in Black Desert Online! Do you have any ideas or comments for this guide? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.


Mount of the White Horse Mounts are the major mode of transportation in the game, replacing walking as the primary mode of transportation. The mounts offered range from horses to camels to elephants to donkeys and everything in between. Horses are now the most efficient mode of transportation in and around Calpheon. In desert regions, the only animals that may be used as transportation are camel and elephants. Horses are classified into nine different levels, ranging from tier 1 to tier 9. The quicker the mount is, the higher the rank it belongs to.

In addition to riding a mount, travel can be made easier by using private vehicles drawn by mounts, private ships, or public transportation ferry services.

Obtaining a Mount

Mounts are available in a variety of sizes.

  • Wild horses (horses tier 1-5) can be tamed using theTrainingSkill
  • They can be purchased with money when purchasing the game or in the real-money ingamePearl Shop
  • They can be purchased from other players via the ingameMarketplace
  • They can be purchased directly from other players via the Trade option
  • And they can be tamed using theTrainingSkill. Breeding from a breeding pair utilizing theStables
  • Obtaining fromEvents
  • Obtaining from Quests (particularly donkeys, early on in Balenos)
  • Obtaining from Quests

Life of a Mount

In the same way as players’ avatars and pets have attributes, mounts have stats and skills, tiers and levels. Every mount is susceptible to death if it is assaulted or drowns in water (they are unable to swim in deep water!). If this occurs, the Death count in the mount information (accessed by pressing F3 while viewing a mount you own) will grow by one, and your mount will be at theStable Keeper, where you will need to tend to its injuries. For donkeys, the only way to heal them is to speak with them by standing in front of them and pressing F5.

  1. The second alternative is to feed it special food designed for it (carrotsfor horses or donkeys for example).
  2. Different grades of carrots provide varying quantities of HP and Stamina to the player.
  3. Due to the fact that mount feed has a limit of 4 minutes, you cannot just feed a nearly dead animal to 100 percent with a large number of low tier carrots, for example, but a high tier carrot may be sufficient.
  4. A higher tier feed may be obtained from higher tier seeds by breeding the seeds to that tier and then growing them behind a fence, which is accomplished through Farming.
  5. If you wish to swap mounts, you must first check the mount that was previously active into aStable before checking out another mount (or vehicle).
  6. However, you may check in a mount from anywhere in the world; it is not required to stand next to the Stable Keeper in this particular location.

Keep in mind that if you check in a mount that is located a long distance away from the Stable Keeper, the mount will have to “travel” and as a result will lose practically all of its HP, which will not immediately regenerate while at the Stable keeper.

Training a Mount

A mount can be trained in a variety of disciplines.

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Mount Level

The Level has an impact on the character’s speed, the amount of weight it can carry, its hitpoints, and the likelihood of learning a talent. The better a player’s trainingskill, the faster a horse levels up on the battlefield. Mounts levels when ridden or used in conjunction with vehicles. It is unclear whether or not they can level up in battle, however there is mounted combat and mount combat abilities available.

Mount Skills

Every horse, whether tamed, bred, or otherwise, begins with a single random talent that cannot be modified later on. During the course of a mount’s development, it may receive additional skills at random. It appears that greater training skills possessed by the player riding the horse improve the likelihood of the horse acquiring a new talent – but, horses do not obtain the same amount of skills or acquire skills at the same level as humans. The greater the horse’s skill level, the more likely it appears that they will learn a new talent.

Some talents are automatic and can be mastered at 100 percent right away, while others require you to teach your horse in order for it to be safe to use.

Once the talent is executed flawlessly or you are successful in remaining in the saddle during the minigame, the skill’s application is taught.

Changing Skills

A horse’s ability to perform a talent can be changed by paying a fee. An animal’s mount must be bestabled in order to alter a talent, and the horse must possess at least one skill that may be modified or removed. It is not possible to modify the initial talent that the horse was born with. You selected the talent from among the unlearned abilities that you HOPE the mount will learn. There is a possibility that you will get that particular talent, but you will almost always lose the one that you choose to convert to instead.

  1. You must stable the horse in order to transform a taught talent to one of the unlearned ones.
  2. Click on the stabled horse, then on the “hope” button for the skill that you want to try out.
  3. The newly acquired skill is always a previously unlearned skill.
  4. That implies that, despite the fact that you paid real money for the voucher, it is not particularly valuable until you use it on a high-level horse with few unlearned talents and only rare skills remaining.

The hope function just slightly enhances the likelihood that this skill will be selected. After a skill has been changed, the previously taught skill becomes an unlearned skill, and if you try another change, the horse may re-learn the previously learned skill.

Available Skills

Obtainable from: Black Desert Online Horse Skills

Bug – horse gone. Not dead. Just gone.

I preordered the Ultimate Edition, which included two additional DLC horses as a thank you for my support. A war horse from the Ardennes and a thoroughbred race horse named Dabble Black. After more than 50 hours in the game, these horses have become an inextricable part of my whole experience. I matched their jackets with my clothes and tack, which I made myself. However, when I arrived at the venue last night, I discovered that BOTH of these horses had been replaced by a sack of bones named Tennessee Walker.

  1. The TW horse has taken up the identities of both of my former horses, as well as their unique equipment and stable locations.
  2. If that were the case, I would be quite content with my situation.
  3. I slept in my hotel room till the next morning and then created a hard save before exiting the game completely.
  4. In addition, the one that was stabled is now a TW as well.
  5. I effectively paid an additional $40 for these horses, grew to really enjoy playing with them over the course of 50 hours, and then had them taken away from me for no apparent reason.
  6. This is the most absurd error I’ve ever experienced in my more than 30 years of gaming experience.

[Tips & Guides] [Life] My Horse Guide!

1Date of last revision: 2018-07-12 Hello there, fellow explorers. Today, I’m going to show you how to obtain your very own horsey in the Black Desert over the internet. Everyone, as we all know, adores horses! During your excursions in the black desert online, the horsey steed that will accompany you will serve as your primary traveling companion and will be your most devoted partner. So let’s get this party started! First and foremost, the starting / default tier 1 horses may be purchased for 15,000 silvers from any stable keeper NPC in any of the major towns.

  1. Then, after purchasing the emblem, select the stable option this time and register the horse emblem that you already purchased, and voila!
  2. Yay!
  3. It’s right across the street from the horse market, as depicted in the screenshot below.
  4. Nonetheless, here’s a simple hint from me: Tier 1 horses level up more quickly, which aids you in improving your training lifeskill, which will come in handy later on when you are capturing wild horses.
  5. Having your own horse is a great feeling.
  6. Before you set out in search of wild horses, there are a few things you need prepare.
  7. 1.

(Acquired from a non-player character, the stable keeper.) 2.

Let’s go out and get some wild horses now that we’ve gathered all of the essential supplies.

Wild horses are available in four different tiers, and capturing them requires only a simple mini-game.

Every time I make a new recipe, I use around 5 lumps of sugar.

Breeding A higher tier horse may be obtained through breeding horses, which increases your chances of obtaining one.

The level of the horses, as well as the number of deaths, have an impact on the outcome of the baby foal you will receive.

To begin breeding, first register your male horse in the breeding market.

Select a private breeding facility.

All that’s left is a period of waiting.

Getting your horse to the right level There are a variety of methods for leveling up your horse; your horses acquire experience based on the distance traveled; higher tier horses take more experience to level up than lower tier horses.


When you are out of the office, the wagon will automatically loop.

Using auto loop before you AFK or go to bed frequently results in an increase of 10 levels when you wake up the following morning. That concludes my easy horse guide, and I hope that it is useful to new players or gamers who have just begun their horse breeding journey in the Black Desert online!

black desert how to call horse

  1. Step 1: Evaluate the mare’s general health.
  2. Step 2: Schedule a breeding soundness assessment and resolve any issues that may have arisen during the examination. …
  3. Step 3: Get the mare up and running. Step 4: Keep track of the mare’s estrous cycle in order to determine when she is ovulating. .
  4. Step 5: Determine when the mare should be bred

Does my horse follow me in Skyrim?

The only horse that will follow you is one that you own. This requires either purchasing one for 1000g from a stable or obtaining one as a prize through a mission, such as the Dark Brotherhood’s Shadowmare, to complete the task. Wild and stolen horses are not interested in following you.

Can you call Shadowmere in Skyrim?

To Kill an Empire concludes with Shadowmere respawning near the sanctuarypool, which you will find upon your return from Solitude. Shadowmere may be summoned to your position by using the console commands prid 9ccd8 and moveto player. If this doesn’t work, try using player.placeatme 0009ccd7 to construct a new Shadowmere at your current position instead.

How do horses work in Skyrim?

For those arriving quickly into a city, their horse will be waiting at the stable outside of town. In cities where there are no stables, the Dragonborn will remain on the horse and will be able to ride it throughout the surrounding region on its back. Horses are generally non-aggressive and will escape if they are dismounted in a combat situation, which is common.

How do you teleport a horse to a name?

It was astonishing to see how effortlessly the horses could navigate their way back to their stables, even being up to 80 kilometers away. During a second trial, horses were placed at various sites ranging from 15 to 25 kilometers away from their home base. Some of the horses were outfitted with a magnet that was worn around their necks.

How do you find a stolen horse?

Make contact with the appropriate authorities. Report the theft to the law-enforcement agency with main jurisdiction in your region first, and ask for a case number as well as a copy of the incident report to keep on file. Then call additional law-enforcement agencies, such as state livestock/brand inspectors, auction/sale yards, and so on (see “Authorities to Contact” for a list of agencies to contact).

How do you slow down a horse in rdr2?

The ability to slow down and even come to a complete halt on your horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 is available if you’re riding too quickly on your horse. In order to control the horse, you must use more than simply an analogue stick. Instead, if you hold down the R1 button on a PlayStation 4 or the RB button on an Xbox One, your horse’s pace will be severely reduced.

How do you whistle in rdr2?

Whistling is a new feature in Red Dead Redemption that was added in the game. It enables the player to summon his or her ride from any distance by pressing the up arrow on the d-pad on the controller’s analog stick. Players will be able to accomplish this in both singleplayer and select multiplayer modes, depending on the game.

How do you summon a mount in Black Desert online?

Right-click the symbol in your inventory and then type a name for your donkey in the text box that appears after you. If you want to get your donkey out of the stable so you may ride him, click on his photo on the left-hand side of the screen and then select “Take Mount.” Your donkey will appear next to the stable hand as you enter the stable.

What is Amity black desert?

Building amity with particular characters, such as merchants, dealers, and stablehands, is accomplished via having successful (!) talks with them.

The ability to provide you access to quests, raise the amount of products they sell, force them to teach you a certain crafting skill or other expertise, sell you workers, or lower their pricing are all possible.

Black Desert How To Summon Horse

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