Who Owns Horse Soldier Bourbon? (Correct answer)

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey Co-Founders Scott Neil, John Koko, Elizabeth Koko and Mark Nutsch.

  • American Freedom Distillery today is known to whiskey drinkers for their Horse Soldier Bourbon, so named for the mode of transport they used to get around Afghanistan. We recently had the chance to chat with one of the co-founders, Scott Neil, to learn about their whiskey making story and their journey from veterans to distillers.

Is Horse Soldier Bourbon veteran owned?

Kentucky’s bourbon industry continues to expand with the addition of a new veteran -owned Horse Soldier Bourbon facility in Somerset named “Horse Soldier Farms”The facility expects to create more than 50 jobs with a new $200 million tourism development project that will bring bourbon and tourism dollars to Pulaski

Who makes horse soldier whiskey?

Horse Soldier Wheated Bourbon This is a bourbon distilled in Columbus, Ohio, and bottled by American Freedom Distillery in St. Petersburg, Florida. The mashbill is 70% corn, 20% wheat, and 10% barley.

Where is Horse Soldier distillery located?

In 2015 some of these men began a new chapter in their lives as they launched Horse Soldier Bourbon. Now, six years later that bourbon has found a new 227-acre piece of land in Somerset, Kentucky to create a new home for their amber spirits.

Where is Horse Soldier bourbon bottled?

Horse Soldier Bourbon is currently distilled in Columbus, Ohio, and bottled in Florida.

What bourbon is made by veterans?

HAVE A SHOT OF FREEDOM The company is dedicated to creating whiskey that honors the heritage of our country while providing employment opportunities to veterans who have served or are currently serving, their family members, and those who seek to make a difference in general.

Who signed Horse Soldier bourbon?

The collection features a rare and sold-out Horse Soldier Commander’s Select III bottle hand-signed by founders and veteran soldiers Mark Nutsch, Bob Pennington and Will Summers. Much of our brotherhood was forged in fire during the first days after the 9/11 attacks.

Who started Horse Soldier bourbon?

America’s Response Monument at Ground Zero in New York City prominently displays a soldier riding horseback. Green Berets Scott Neil and John Koko, as well as Elizabeth Pritchard-Koko, co-founded the Bourbon after the two soldiers worked for years of labor in distilleries around Scotland, Ireland and America.

Who makes Chestnut Farms bourbon?

Chestnut Farms Bourbon is distilled by Barton 1792 Distillery, which is owned by the Sazerac Company. This straight bourbon whiskey from Kentucky is distilled from a mash bill of mostly corn, followed by rye and bottled at 45% ABV.

How many Stoppers does Blanton’s have?

Still, Blanton’s assures fans that it produces the same number of each every year. “There are equal numbers of all eight stoppers,” Amy Preske, public relations and events manager at Buffalo Trace Distillery, told The Bourbon Babe in 2012. “They are in random order when they are put on.

How old is Horse Soldier bourbon?

American Freedom Distillery offers four types of bourbon: Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon, which is referred to as a ‘straight bourbon’ because it’s aged between 2 to 4 years and uses a mash bill of 65% corn, 30% rye and 5% barley; Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon, a wheated using 70% corn, 20% wheat and 10% barley

Does bourbon have to be made in Kentucky?

Bourbon has a litany of rules that define it. It must be made from at least 51% corn. It must be aged in new, charred oak. One rule that does not apply to bourbon is that it must be made in Kentucky.

Will Summers Green Beret?

Will Summers grew up in Louisana and Texas, enlisting in the Army as a teenager in the late 1980s. Will completed Army Special Forces training through his decorated career, eventually landing with the Operational Detachment-Alpha (ODA) 595 Green Beret unit as a communications specialist.

What bourbon is made in Ohio?

Stillwrights Straight Bourbon Whiskey, an Ohio Bourbon, was awarded a Gold Medal at the event. Stillwrights Straight Bourbon Whiskey has come a long way over the last 6 years. First bottled at 2 years old, aged in 15-gallon barrels, our Ohio wheated Bourbon was on a course for greatness.

How do you drink horse soldier bourbon?

Award-winning bourbon While it can be used in mixing in elegant cocktails, it is made to be sipped neat, on the rocks or with a splash of water.

What is barrel strength bourbon?

Cask-strength, also known as barrel-proof or barrel-strength bourbon, is high-proof whiskey — and it’s not for the faint of heart. Whiskey lovers seek out these bottles for their purity, which allows the ability to customize the proof by adding water or ice.

UPDATE: $200 million Horse Soldier Bourbon project breaks ground

AT 10:54 A.M. on October 19, 2021, an update was posted. SOMERSET, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – SOMERSET, Ky. (WTVQ/Press Release) – On behalf of the entire state of Kentucky, Governor Andy Beshear joined with leaders from the Somerset community to congratulate Horse Soldier Bourbon on the official groundbreaking of a $200 million tourism development project that will bring new jobs, bourbon, and tourism dollars to Pulaski County. “I’d want to express my gratitude to the Horse Solider Bourbon team for their contributions to our country,” Governor Beshear remarked.

The Horse Soldier squad was practicing on the Cumberland River on September 11, 2001, when the call came to protect our country during its darkest hour.

According to John Koko, president and CEO of Horse Soldier Bourbon, the company represents “every individual you’ve ever met in your family.” “We’re just regular guys.” It was just a matter of time before we took action.

Horse Soldier Farms will strengthen and improve an already exceptional community by instilling the virtues that its people have traditionally held dear — qualities that are equally important to us — in its people.

The distillery will include a 27,585-square-foot distillery visitor center, a 4,600-square-foot activity center, a 5,000-capacity amphitheater, an outdoor event space for 500 people, an adventure center, a 3,200-square-foot wedding chapel, a 60-key luxury lodge with 20 cabins, and a retail village.

With the new distillery, Somerset will be able to compete with Lake Cumberland as the main off-the-water destination in the state.

“From the outset, Horse Soldier Farms has been a project that encourages people to think that anything is possible,” stated Somerset Mayor Alan Keck.

Our enthusiasm and enduring legacy for Somerset will continue to grow as these two stories converge and as we make our way towards being a Kentucky Bourbon Trail destination.” The addition of bourbon to Somerset’s burgeoning tourist economy is likely to have a significant economic impact on the surrounding communities.

Kentucky Distillers’ Association President Eric Gregory stated that the historic trade group is pleased to welcome the Horse Soldier family to the state and congratulated them for their devotion to our country, tremendous investment, and forward-thinking tourist plans.

” We are thrilled that they have chosen our beautiful Bluegrass as their home, and we look forward to welcoming them to the Kentucky Distillers Association’s world-renowned Kentucky Bourbon Trail.” Horse Soldier Farms LLC obtained clearance from the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority for incentives totalling more than $29.9 million for the new distillery project, which was recommended by the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet.

  • The Tourist Development Act allows qualified Kentucky companies to receive an annual refund for taxes spent on qualifying tourism development projects through the Kentucky Tourism Development Fund.
  • Approximately 70 spirits plants employ more than 5,100 workers now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Horse Soldier Bourbon’s investment and anticipated job creation will help to maintain the recent economic momentum in the commonwealth, which is regaining strength as a result of the pandemic’s consequences.
  • AT 2:06 P.M.
  • Gov.
  • HORSE SOLDIERS BOURBON is an award-winning, ultra-premium bourbon brand developed by former veterans of the United States Special Forces, who were among the first to enter Afghanistan on horseback after the terrorist events on September 11, 2001.

Never content, the Horse Soldiers embarked on a new quest in 2014 to make history once more, this time by developing a world-class, ultra-premium bourbon brand that would be recognized across the world.

” Horse Soldier Bourbon is delighted to begin this new era of collaboration with the local community in Somerset and Pulaski County.” said the company.

In order to expedite construction and completion of the new distillery facility in Somerset, the firm will relocate its activities there.

Located in southeastern Kentucky, Horse Soldier Farms will be the region’s first distillery experience and will serve as the southern entryway to Kentucky’s renowned Bourbon Trail.

Horse Soldier Farms LLC obtained clearance from the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority for incentives totalling more than $29.9 million for the new distillery project, which was recommended by the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet.

Mike Berry, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Arts, and Heritage, stated that the administration “continues to encourage tourism growth because we recognize the direct economic importance that our industry provides to both rural and urban areas throughout the Commonwealth.” As a result, one of Kentucky’s most popular tourist attractions will be expanded into southeastern Kentucky, increasing the availability of bourbon and generating extra cash for the Lake Cumberland region.

  1. Kentucky’s tourism business is worth $8.9 billion dollars.
  2. Companies wishing to expand their business in Kentucky in order to embrace tourism have been authorized for six tourist development projects by the state this year, representing a total economic investment of more than $182.6 million.
  3. I consider it a great pleasure to have met and gotten to know these real American heroes, and it is a delight to call them friends.” Their epic adventure continues as they continue to build an iconic and symbolic brand that is recognized across the world,” Girdler explained.
  4. “A large part of my vision for Somerset has been about shifting people’s expectations of what they believe is possible in their lives.
  5. For their willingness to embrace that enthusiasm and for choosing to match their famous narrative with ours, I will be eternally thankful to the Horse Soldier Bourbon team.” In Somerset, you’ll find a plethora of authentic Kentucky experiences.
  6. Approximately 70 spirits plants employ more than 5,100 workers now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  7. Private-sector new-location and expansion announcements in Kentucky have totaled more than $2.8 billion in total planned investment, resulting in the creation of more than 6,600 full-time jobs over the next several years, according to year-to-date figures.

Horse Soldier Bourbon will host a private ground breaking ceremony in Somerset, Kentucky, on October 19 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the team’s entry into Afghanistan.

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits to Distribute Horse Soldier® Bourbon

MIAMIDALLAS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Miamidallas is a city in Texas. Following the events of September 11, 2001, Southern Glazer’s WineSpirits(Southern Glazer’s)—the world’s preeminent distributor of beverage alcohol—announced today that it will distribute Horse Soldier® Bourbon, an ultra-premium brand produced by former Green Berets who rode into Afghanistan on horseback following the events of September 11, 2001—across its entire U.S. distribution footprint. As part of Southern Glazer’s new Fine Wine and Artisanal Spirits strategy, as well as its national alignment with Foley Family Wines, the distribution plan will expand the availability of the rapidly expanding brand across the country.

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Horse Soldier Bourbon is a genuine, award-winning, and 100% American-made bourbon whiskey produced in the heart of Kentucky.

“Craft and artisanal spirits play an important role in driving innovation in our industry, and we’re excited to welcome Horse Soldier Bourbon into the Southern Glazer’s network to assist them in further accelerating their growth in the United States,” said Ray Lombard, Executive Vice President, Supplier ManagementBusiness Development at Southern Glazer’s Distillery.

  • Horse Soldier Bourbon is made without the use of chill filtration, resulting in a full-bodied and rich finish.
  • In addition, a limited-edition Commanders Select is released once a year.
  • John Koko, Chief Executive Officer of Horse Soldier Bourbon, stated, “We are thrilled to begin this new chapter for the company.” “We recognize the value of assembling a strong group of people who are committed to a common goal.
  • A little about Southern Glazer’s WineSpirits: Southern Glazer’s WineSpirits is the world’s leading distributor of beverage alcohol, and the firm is pleased to be a multi-generational, family-owned enterprise.
  • Southern Glazer’s encourages all of its retail customers and adult consumers to promote, sell, serve, and enjoy its products in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Join the conversation on social media by following us on Twitter and Instagram @sgwinespirits and on Facebook at Facebook.com/SouthernGlazers.
  • Petersburg, Florida, that produces all-American, award-winning, genuine premium spirits.
  • The tale of these individuals was recounted in the 2018 Hollywood film12 Strong.

Horse Soldier Bourbon is now available for purchase in 13 states, with intentions to build a location on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail as the company expands its distribution network.

Legendary Men, Legendary Spirits: The Story of American Freedom Distillery

To tell the story of theAmerican Freedom Distilleryis to tell the story of true American entrepreneurialism. A group of ex-Special Forces veterans, noted both in the annals of recent military history and alsoa recent moviefor being among the first on the ground in Afghanistan post-9/11, turned their collective skills learned during military service into the foundations of what they hoped would be a successful distillery operation out of Florida. American Freedom Distillery today is known to whiskey drinkers for their Horse Soldier Bourbon, so named for the mode of transport they used to get around Afghanistan.

  • Note this interview is edited for clarity and brevity.
  • Its name, background, what motivated you to start it.
  • Probably four years ago I had retired out of the Special Forces after 25 years.
  • We had done a big fundraiser in New York City, raise all kinds of money for the program, and on stage I said, “I quit.” If I couldn’t go start a business and live the American dream I’d been defending, it was all for naught.
  • How do I start something?” He said, “The best thing to do is let’s go spend a month in Yellowstone and figure it out.” We climbed mountains and we fly fished and we spent 10 days riding across Yellowstone on horseback.
  • We thought it was interesting and cool.
  • We spent the next three weeks hitting every craft distillery we could find all the way back to Tampa, Florida where we’re from.

He grew up in the same neighborhoods as some of the Brown Forman and Beam families.

They right away became behind the scenes mentors to us.

He let us train there for a week or two to really understand the behind the scenes part.

We also spent time at Kilbeggan and found out that their head distiller’s daughter lives in Tampa as well.

About three years ago we were looking for a building in Tampa, but we realized that we needed to start laying barrels away.

Come January last year, there’s a movie that came out, 12 Strong.

We decided that we wanted to launch our brand for soldiers and have timing with the movie, but we didn’t have our own aged inventory yet.

We thought we’d only do about 1,000 cases our first year.

We would start in Florida, and we would grow into our business, but what we discovered is it really took off.

The juice, the mash bill we chose with a wheated bourbon.

We sold through the first 1,000 cases in the first month, and then we had a reserve of another 1,000 cases, and then we really had to start thinking about seriously upping our production and building our brand.

We went through 4,000 cases.

We decided to recapitalize ourselves.

Also, the Wal-Mart corporate buyers were in Florida and they heard about our story and they wanted to stop by and say hello.

Wal-Mart invited us to speak on Veterans Day to the senior executive staff in Bentonville that was then broadcast out to all Wal-Mart associates., Anchor Glass, is here in Tampa, our headquarters.

At the end of it we were watching a bottle mold, which really is what takes the brunt of the heat, pressure, and fire and that’s what costs craft brands so much.

We were asking what kind of steel it was and we discovered that it was the same kind of steel that was used in the World Trade Center.

Number two is we buried pieces of that World Trade Center steel all over Afghanistan when we first went in.

About three weeks later I had 500 pounds shipped to their foundry in West Virginia, and they made our bottle molds, and supported our brand, so that we could have our own unique glass.

Neil: We were all Green Berets, and Green Berets are Army Special Forces.

We all go through the Special Forces’ qualification course, which last up to two years.

We’re like expeditionary entrepreneurs.

We’d learn and adapt very quickly.

Well, if you think about distilling, you have art and craft meets science and technology.

There’s the production side.

There’s the maintenance.

That made a perfect match for our personalities, and what we did just like a Special Forces A-team is everybody took a different lens and attacked it.

What my co-founder John has is a very strong sales background.

He really understood what it took to reach a customer and sell it.

She came out of 20 years in the perfume and beauty industry, which she knew about packaging.

The look and the feel and the eye appeal.

Rob, our Green Beret lieutenant colonel, was about processes and procedures.

Mark and Bob, who were the Horse Soldiers’ commanders, became the grand face to the public because, after the movie, people wanted to hear the story of how 12 Green Berets organized 2,500 cavalrymen and 1,000 mujahideen fighters in less than three weeks to overthrow the Taliban.

What was your thought process around the mash bill and what is your long-term vision?

Neil: Actually, we went both ways.

Wheat is very soft and sweet.

I mean, we tried everything.

A lot of us have been blown up or shot.

We started manufacturing both.

That’s been two years.

American Freedom Distillery barrels (image via American Freedom Distillery) (image via American Freedom Distillery) TWW:You’re distilling on-site now?

We realized in Florida, after talking to a lot of the people and some folks in Texas, that the heat was too much for bourbon.

We do a couple hundred barrels at a time.

Neil:It is Middle West Spirits.

He has a lot of experience.

The facility here in Florida that we’re building will focus on our rums, vodkas and gins, but we’ll just always keep our bourbon up there.

TWW:Neil: We discovered three principles, three tenants.

They were, number one, the packaging has to be exceptional.

People don’t know what you taste like.

That’s where Elizabeth came in, being from the beauty industry.

If it was us guys, it would be camouflage and crayons, I always kid.

Number two is the juice, the inside of it had to be exceptional as well.

Number three, they said you have to have enough to build the brand and deliver it to the distributor.

Nothing to the distributor is more frustrating than partnering with you, building the brand and then you can’t deliver it. You can’t meet growth in what they’re willing to invest in it. We knew we had to have production in order to meet where we believed this brand could grow to.

Horse Soldier Bourbon Building Its Own Tourism Distillery In Kentucky

Horse Soldier Bourbon is a bourbon brand that was developed by former members of the United States Special Forces (U.S. Special Forces). They were former Green Berets who subsequently became known as the “Horse Soldiers,” and their story was the subject of the 2018 film “12 Strong,” which was released in theaters on December 14. It has just announced the forthcoming arrival of Horse Soldier Farms, a new $200 million tourist development project in Kentucky, as part of its aggressive expansion strategy.

The necessity of having a strong staff as well as the need of establishing a permanent residence are both understood by Horse Soldier Bourbon CEO John Koko, who made the announcement in a prepared statement.

Horse Soldier Bourbon will be the first distillery experience in southeastern Kentucky, and it will act as the southern states’ entry point to Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.

Site of the proposed Horse Soldier Bourbon Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky (image via American Freedom Distillery) Governor Andy Beshear stated, “Kentucky’s bourbon sector continues to grow, providing great employment and generating tourism revenue for towns around the commonwealth.” Our commitment to making Kentucky a prime tourism destination as well as a premier site for businesses to thrive and expand is further reinforced by today’s announcement,” said Governor Matt Bevin.

I’d want to express my gratitude to Horse Soldier Bourbon and the leaders of the Somerset community for being a vital part of our continuous efforts to make Kentucky a better, brighter place for the future.” American Freedom Distillery is in charge of the production of Horse Soldier Bourbon.

Petersburg, Florida, in addition to the planned site in Somerset.

Horse Soldier Bourbon honored with citations from KY General Assembly

(Left-Right) John Koko, Scott Neil, and Robert Stivers are three of the most talented people in the world. SOMERSET, Ky. — The city of Somerset in Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky House and Senate presented citations to Horse Soldier Bourbon founders John Koko and Scott Neil on Jan. 20 during regular session, in recognition of their military service following the September 11th attacks and their commitment to building a $200 million distillery experience in Somerset-Pulaski County.

  1. It will be the 20th anniversary of the day their hand-selected detachment of 12 Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group rode into Afghanistan on horseback that the Horse Soldier Bourbon team will officially break ground on their 225-acre distillery experience, Horse Soldier Farms.
  2. The narrative of 12 Strong was the inspiration for the film.
  3. In addition to establishing their ultra-premium, award-winning brand, they resolved that their legacy would be the construction of a distillery in Kentucky.
  4. Horse Soldier has designed a distillery experience that weaves together their love of country and craft.
  5. SPEDA was awarded by State Senator Rick Girdler for its contributions to the transformation of the economic development environment in Somerset-Pulaski County.
  6. On the premises, there is a sustainable distillery inspired by the Horse Soldiers, as well as a town with activities that are both related to and apart from the distillery’s mission.
  7. Horse Soldier Farms will also contain a luxury lodge, cottages, and will be a prominent culinary destination in addition to its other amenities.

Koko expressed his appreciation to members of the House and Senate for their thoughtful acknowledgement of his firm and his brothers-in-arms in the military. More Kentucky business news may be found by clicking here.

Taliban-chasing horse soldier vets foster ‘American spirit’ in bourbon distillery

The horsesoldiers of Afghanistan and Iraq, who were given instructions to hunt down the Taliban days after September 11, 2001, have constructed an entirely American distillery founded on the American ideal. Master Sgt. Scott Neil, co-founder of AmericanFreedom Distillery, spoke with FOX Business’ Stuart Varney about the background of the business endeavor he and his fellow horse troopers started together. “We’d been serving together for all of those years,” Neil said. “And. we wanted to experience firsthand the American ideal that we’d been protecting.” We just kind of looked down at each other and said, ‘Boy, if we can build this, we can sell it.'” Over a drink of bourbon.

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“Someone said, ‘Why don’t you just call it Horse Soldier?’ I thought about it and decided to go with it.

Horse Soldier is a military term that refers to a horse soldier who is mounted on a horse.

In addition, “our spouses are participating, and our children lick the labels.” “It’s all about the American dream,” says the author.

Post-9/11 Horseback Heroes Make American Whiskey Honoring Mission

Horse Soldier Bourbon photos courtesy of Horse Soldier Bourbon Horse Soldier is available in three different flavors: Straight, Small Batch, and Barrel Strength (for those who want it strong). Every bottle prominently displays a soldier on horseback, as well as a tomahawk and an arrow crossing pathways to signify the rangers and special forces, among other things. In case you’ve lately paid a visit to Ground Zero in New York City, you’ve probably spotted the America’s Response Monument, a statue depicting a soldier riding on horseback.

  1. The Bourbon, which was fittingly named Horse Soldier, was co-founded by the real horse-mounted Green Berets who were dispatched to Afghanistan to lead America’s counter-terrorism campaign very soon after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.
  2. Co-founders Scott Neil and John Koko, together with Elizabeth Pritchard-Koko, were Green Berets who had spent years working in distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States before coming together to form the Bourbon distillery.
  3. In that attitude, the Afghans welcomed the American soldiers as they arrived in town on their military transport.
  4. They worked together, hands-on, from distillery to distillery, transporting grains in locations like Kilbeggan and Teeling in Ireland, carrying on their “shared sacrifice” in a completely different way than they had done previously.
  5. This went on until the guys began to design their own versions of the game.
  6. After all, the purpose was to begin a new profession while also demonstrating that military veterans can achieve success after leaving the service.
  7. In order to accomplish this, they needed to get steel that was acceptable for the production of glass of the appropriate grade, as steel molds are critical in the shape of glass throughout the bottle-making process.

Neil and Koko were able to collect steel scrap from the exact buildings that they were fighting to avenge thanks to an agreement with the New York Port Authority and a little poetic justice.

to manufacture its bottles, and as a result, every bottle of Horse Soldier has a trace of the World Trade Center.

Horse Soldier Bourbon is produced in Columbus, Ohio, and St.

Horse Soldier Bourbon is made in Columbus, Ohio, and St.

The company also releases limited-edition expressions on an annual basis, such as the Commander’s Select Limited Edition Release ($595, 132 proof), which is available for a limited time only.

A number of honors have been bestowed to the whiskies, including three Double Gold Medals from the San Francisco International Spirits Competition.

The Urban Stillhouse in St.

An additional three million-gallon destination distillery is now under construction in Somerset, Kentucky (in the Bourbon Belt), and it will rely on former military horses to aid in the production of Bourbon.

The lads drew parallels between the history of America and the history of whiskey, both of which were birthed out of fire, in their discussion.

And, as Green Beret Scotty Neil put it, “We’re still serving, we’re just serving excellent whiskey now.” They may also be seen in the CNN documentary, Legion of Brothers, which contains interviews with the guys who recount their remarkable experiences in the military.

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The Green Berets Who Went From Elite Warriors to Elite Bourbon Makers

Days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as many Americans were watching the news in shock and despair, a squad of 12 Green Berets went into action. They infiltrated Afghanistan and mounted a cavalry assault against the Taliban, launching a successful offensive. Sunship Productions It wasn’t until 48 hours before their deployment that the guys were notified that they would have to ride horses over Afghanistan’s rugged and hazardous topography. There would be many more facets of this mission, codenamed Task Force Dagger, that they would have to find out as they went along, and that was just the beginning.

  1. The narrative of the Horse Soldier was turned into a book, a movie, and a monument, which can be found at the 9/11 Memorial in New York.
  2. The founders of American Freedom Distillery are retired Special Operators Scott Neil, Rob Schaefer, Mark Nutsch, Bob Pennington, Tyler Garner, and John Koko, as well as Elizabeth Pritchard-Koko.
  3. The company is based in Kentucky.
  4. Entrepreneur: What compelled you to form a bourbon-making collective in the first place?
  5. Trying to figure out what the next chapter of our life would look like and what we would do next was a major focus of our discussions.
  6. We were let back into the operation by the husband-and-wife team, and this was a sort of “aha!” moment for us.
  7. We were certain that this was what we wanted to accomplish.

What was your next course of action?

We traveled to Scotland to see a buddy who had served in the Royal Marines and had founded the Wolfburn Distillery.

Afterwards, we traveled to Ireland, where we received instruction from one of the world’s oldest distilling families.

There was a distillation school there that several of us attended.

The bottom line is that we didn’t launch until we were confident that the product satisfied the high criteria we established early on.

In related news, learn how to be your own boss while also drinking on the job.

What distinguishes yours from the rest of the pack?

We are true to ourselves.

The Horse Soldier name on our bottle refers to the warriors who rode into Afghanistan on horseback just days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the America’s Response Monument statue at Ground Zero is dedicated to them.

It has received several awards.

Can you tell me about the design features on the bottle’s bottle?

For each bottle, a mold was created using steel from the Twin Towers and pressed into the glass.

The hatchet and the arrow are emblems of the Green Berets and Army Rangers, and they represent strength and determination.

The bottle is very stunning, stylish, and eye-catching, and it could easily pass for jewelry in a bar environment.

It must have been a surreal experience when you saw the first case that was ready for sale.

Those were long, physically taxing days, which made the accomplishment all the more satisfying.

Our children and other members of our family were frequently involved in the hand-bottling runs, and as a mother, this was one of my finest parenting achievements.

This is especially true when you notice some of the bottles with crooked neck labels, which were applied by our children, relatives, and friends.

What has been the most important lesson you’ve learnt from the process of creating and promoting it?

You make errors, but you learn from them and continue to go forward.

We create beverages that we like drinking.

Regarding fundraising, what have you learned from your experience that you can pass on to future startups?

We had planned to produce 1,000 cases in our first year, but we went through that in the first month, and then we sold through our reserve of another 1,000 cases, forcing us to really consider increasing our production and expanding our brand.

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At the outset, the capital consisted entirely of the personal funds of the co-founders.

We received a round of investment, which enabled us to expand our operations across the country; nevertheless, it took a long time to accomplish.

There is no amount of money that can compensate for the erosion of your essential brand values.

It is far more beneficial in the long run to remain true to yourself, and this is especially true while raising funds.

It is possible to believe in something so strongly that you manifest it.

You should be allowed to define your own success in whichever way you desire, regardless of what that means to you.

“If you want to move rapidly, you should travel alone. If you wish to journey far, it is best to go with others.” (Photo courtesy of Sunship Films) A replica of the America’s Response Monument may be found here.

Chapter 7 Scotch, Horse Soldier Bourbon & More New Whisky

As many Americans watched the news in shock and sorrow in the days after September 11, 2001, a group of 12 Green Berets went into action. Using horseback, they infiltrated Afghanistan and launched an all-out assault against the Taliban. Films produced by Sunship It wasn’t until 48 hours before their deployment that the guys were notified that they would have to ride horses over Afghanistan’s mountainous and hazardous terrain. As the mission, code-named Task Force Dagger, progressed, they would have to find out several facets of the task as they went along.

  • An award-winning book, a feature film, and a monument dedicated to the Horse Soldier may all be found at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City.
  • The award-winning Horse Soldier Bourbon is the firm’s hallmark offering, and it is offered in bottles that were pressed in molds created from steel recovered from the World Trade Center site.
  • In related news, here’s how to get into the whiskey business if you have no prior experience in the industry.
  • Entrepreneur: What compelled you to form a bourbon-making collective in the beginning?
  • Trying to figure out what the next chapter of our life would look like and what we would do next was a major focus of our efforts.
  • We were welcomed back into the operation by the husband-and-wife team, and this was a sort of “aha!” moment for us.
  • That’s what we wanted to do, and we were certain of our decision.

To begin, start at the far left and work your way around.

Your next move, what was it?

While in Scotland, we stopped by a friend’s distillery, Wolfburn Distillery, which he had built after leaving the Royal Marines.

In order to develop our art, we have toured the bourbon path from coast to coast in Kentucky.

When it comes to sharing information with us, everyone in this community has been nothing but friendly.

It had to be precisely the same as what we like drinking.

Is there anything that distinguishes yours from the competition?

Genuineness is what we stand for.

The Horse Soldier name on our bottle refers to the warriors who rode into Afghanistan on horseback just days after September 11, 2001, and the America’s Response Monument statue at Ground Zero dedicated to them.

A lot of people like it.

How would you describe the bottle’s design aspects in further detail?

For each bottle, a mold was created using steel from the Twin Towers and pressed into place.

Symbols of the Green Berets and Army Rangers include a hatchet and an arrow.

The bottle is incredibly stunning, elegant, and eye-catching, and it could easily pass for jewelry in a bar setting!

As soon as you saw the first case that was ready to be sold, describe your feelings.

Long, physically demanding days made the accomplishment all the more satisfying in the end.

Since a mother, this was one of my happiest moments as our children and family members were frequently involved in the hand-bottling runs.

This is especially true when you notice some of the bottles with crooked neck labels, which were applied by our children, relatives, and friends.

In terms of production and marketing, what has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?

It is okay to make errors and learn from them.

A lot has changed in terms of our design and brand, and things are just going to grow more impressive from here.

The fact that this is our passion should be evident.

Because of the brand’s initial popularity, we were unprepared — which is a wonderful thing to have, but it is nevertheless an issue.

Our surroundings were accelerating at a rate we had never anticipated.

We came to the conclusion that we needed to reinvest our profits.

Keeping your basic principles, as well as your family and colleagues, is the most important piece of advise.

In the process of seeking capital, one may encounter several “near but not quite there” instances.

For you, what exactly does the term “entrepreneur” imply?

Instead of evaluating success based on how much money you make, evaluate it based on how much you enjoy the road, errors and all.

“Take the road less traveled by yourself. You’ll get further together if you work as a team.” Sunship Films provided the image. America’s Response Monument, a replica of the original.

Chapter 7 Allt-á-Bhainne 9 year old

Single malt scotch whisky Scotland is the place of origin (Speyside) 9 years old at the time of writing Proof: 60.7 percent of the population ABVP rice costs $65 per pound Date of publication: January 2018 Bottles are available in 321 quantities. This is a single cask whiskey that was made on August 4th, 2008, and then aged in a first-fill bourbon barrel for an additional year. On September 9th, 2017, it was officially bottled.

Chapter 7 Aultmore 9 year old

Single malt scotch whisky Scotland is the place of origin (Highlands) 9 years old at the time of writing Proof: 62.2 percent of the population ABVP Rice costs $70. Date of publication: January 2018 Bottles are available in 311 quantities. What you need to know: This is a single cask whiskey that was produced on April 3rd, 2008, and then aged in a first-fill oloroso sherry cask for a total of three years. On September 9th, 2017, it was officially bottled. Whisky Advocates have the following to say: Allt-á-Bhainne is a single malt whisky that isn’t usually seen in bottles.

Aultmore, on the other hand, has traditionally been used in mixes (particularly Dewar’s), although it is also available as a single malt from Bacardi, the firm that owns the brand.

Horse Soldier Wheated Bourbon

Bourbon is the preferred style. Ohio is the place of origin. 8 years old at the time of writing 47.5 percent of the population can attest to this. ABVP a bag of rice costs $60 Date of publication: January 2018 Florida, New York, and New Jersey are available.What you need to know: This bourbon is made in Columbus, Ohio, and bottled by American Freedom Distillery in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is a blend of rye and corn whiskey. Corn makes up 70% of the mashbill, with 20% coming from wheat and 10% coming from barley.

Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Bourbon

Bourbon is the preferred style. Ohio is the place of origin. 8 years old at the time of writing Proof: 56.5 percent of the population ABVP Rice costs $80. Date of publication: January 2018 Need to know: This is a barrel-proof version of Horse Soldier Wheated Bourbon that is only available in Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

Horse Soldier Commander’s Select Bourbon

Bourbon is the preferred style. Ohio is the place of origin. 8 years old at the time of writing Proof: 58 percent of the population ABVP rice costs $595 Date of publication: January 2018 Florida, New York, and New Jersey are all available. need to be aware of: Horse Soldier is a higher-proof version of Horse Soldier that comes packaged in a special box with a military challenge coin and is signed by the Special Forces Commander, Captain Mark Nutsch, and the Deputy Commander of Operational Detachment Alpha, Chief Warrant Officer Bob Pennington.

The parcel also contains a signed military dispatch from the battlefield, which was delivered by the Commander himself.

They are now in the process of constructing the distillery in St.

According to the current distillation schedule, Horse Soldier Bourbon is produced in Columbus, Ohio at an undisclosed distillery.

In addition to the America’s Response monument, which is placed at the National September 11 Memorial in New York City and displays their tale, the film12 Strong, which was released on January 19th, tells the story of the survivors.

Essence of Suntory Collection

Single malt and single grain are the styles to look for. Japan is the country of origin. Age: varies—it is not specified between 12 and 14 years old. Proof varies from 49 percent to 57 percent of the time. ABVP Rice prices range from $180 to $350. Date of publication: February 2018 Availability is limited; it is only accessible in Japan, while it is available for purchase online in select regions. What you need to know: Three limited-edition whiskies from Suntory are included in this collection: the Yamazaki 12 year old Peated Single Malt ($350), the Hakushu Single Grain Rye ($180), and the Chita Single Grain 4 year old Wine Cask Finish ($350).

The whiskies are marketed in 500-ml bottles and are exclusively accessible in Japan, where they are also limited in number.

Whisky Advocate states that while these whiskies are solely available in Japan, the power of e-commerce allows dealers to transport them anywhere in the world, provided that it is legal to do so.

Manatawny Still Works Keystone Whiskey

American whiskey is the preferred style. Pennsylvania is the place of origin. Age: between 12 and 36 months 45 percent of the population can attest to this. ABVP Rice costs $40. Date of publication: 2016 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. What you need to know: When Keystone Whiskey was first introduced in May of 2016, it was a blend of whiskeys that had been matured for 12 to 25 months in fresh charred American oak barrels. From now on, the whiskeys will be aged anywhere from 12 to 36 months.

Although Manatawny Still Works has been around for a while, one of our editors just visited the distillery in Philadelphia and brought the whiskey to our attention.

The company also produces a Small Batch line of whiskeys, in which it experiments with different mashbills, barrel types, finishing barrels, and maturing times.

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