What Is A Husband Horse? (Correct answer)

If you are a horse person, chances are you have heard or used the term “husband horse” on more than one occasion. This term describes a horse who is safe enough for your inexperienced husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or any significant other to be around. (Other terms include “bomb-proof” and “well-broke”.) 3. 4.

  • A husband horse is also referred to as a “kid horse” or a “bomb-proof” horse. This is a horse that is beginner-friendly and safe enough for a rider with little experience and/or confidence. Husband horses are usually older and have a calm, easy-going disposition.

What is a good husband horse?

A horse that is said to be husband safe is one that’s well behaved enough for an inexperienced rider (your husband) to control. Other terms used to describe horses that are well behaved include quiet horses, bomb proof, kid safe and well broke.

What is a husband proof horse?

Among seasoned equestrians, “husband-proof” refers to a horse that anybody’s spouse can ride safely, regardless of his horse-handling experience —or lack thereof. Generally, this kind of horse is purchased by a woman who has finally convinced her husband that horseback riding is a grand way for the two of them to bond.

What is a wife safe horse?

This term describes a horse who is safe enough for your inexperienced husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or any significant other to be around. (Other terms include “bomb-proof” and “well-broke”.)

What is meant by gaited horse?

What Is a Gaited Horse? “Gaiting” is the term for a horse that “single-foots” (always has one foot in contact with the ground), ambles, paces, or does a running walk. Here are 10 horse breeds known for their gaiting ability.

What is big lick?

Under normal circumstances, “big lick” action is created by horseshoes that have added pads and weight (sometimes called “stacks”), usually combined with additional weighted chains or rollers placed around the pasterns to create dramatic, high-stepping flashy action of the horse’s front legs, desired in the horse show

What is the gentlest horse breed?

Keep Calm & Ride On: Meet the 5 Calmest Horse Breeds

  • American Quarter Horse.
  • Morgan Horse.
  • Appaloosa Horse.
  • Norwegian Fjord.
  • Connemara Pony.

What is a warm blooded horse?

Warmblood Definition A warmblood horse is an athletic horse derived by crossbreeding cold large draft breeds with smaller, quicker hot horse breeds. They typically exhibit a calm temperament inherited from the cold-blooded breeds and their hot-blooded ancestors’ athletic ability.

What Is A Husband Horse? Equine Terminology

Published at 09:53 a.m. hinHorse Training,Lifestyle Advice If you are purchasing a horse for the first time, you may come across the term “husband horse” in numerous sales advertisements. Getting a horse that fulfills your needs as a rider and is able to best serve your riding abilities can be difficult; thus, it might be beneficial to familiarize yourself with basic sales lingo before you begin actively looking for your horse on the market. In this piece, I’ll go through some common language that you could come across in “horse for sale” advertisements.

A husband horse is also referred to as a “child horse” or a “bomb-proof” horse, depending on who is talking about it.

Husband horses are generally older and have a calm, easy-going demeanor.

When it comes to riding, a husband horse may be the best option for you if you are inexperienced or nervous.

Continue reading to find out more about “husband horses” and other helpful hints when buying a horse.

How Did The Term “Husband Horse” Gain Popularity?

Horseback riding is a sport that is overwhelmingly dominated by women in today’s society. In spite of the fact that you may be accustomed to seeing cowboys and tough guys riding horses in movies, in reality, the vast majority of horses are owned by women and girls. The phrase “husband horse” was coined to describe the sort of horse that an equestrian lady would purchase for her non-equestrian husband who was unfamiliar with horses. This horse would have to be secure and dependable enough to haul about a beginner while still being large enough to accommodate a fully grown man.

A considerable portion of your time is likely spent grooming, cleaning up after, feeding, and riding your horse if you own a pony or a horse.

Besides being beginner-friendly and a suitable match for novice riders, a real husband horse will also be well-muscled and have a substantial physique.

Of fact, “husband horse” is a word that is commonly used to describe a beginner-friendly horse these days, and you can probably find a little husband horse to use for your children if you look hard enough.

What To Look For In A Husband Horse

Regardless of who you choose to be your “husband horse,” there are a few characteristics you should look for when doing your search. Unfortunately, I’ve come across a number of horses that were nothing like the animals depicted in the sales advertisement.

While this is not the fault of the horse, you should make certain that you visit and examine a horse in order to assess whether or not it would be a suitable fit for your family. If you’re trying to figure out if a horse is truly a “husband horse,” here are some questions to consider.

What Is The Horse’s Disposition?

The personality of the horse will be one of the most crucial characteristics you will search for in a “husband horse.” Due to the fact that the rider for whom you are acquiring a horse is inexperienced with horses, you are seeking for a “husband horse.” Consequently, you will want a horse with enough training and experience, as well as one that is tolerant when his rider provides him with inconsistent or contradictory instructions.

In order to choose a horse that is safe enough for a novice to ride, you should search for one that is calm and friendly in its disposition.

It can be difficult to determine a horse’s genuine mood after only a few encounters; thus, it is critical to be able to understand horse behavior and body language that may express what the horse is truly feeling.

How Big Is The Horse?

Unless you are specifically seeking for a “husband horse” for your husband, you will want to be certain that the horse is large enough to handle his size. If your spouse is 6’2″ and 250 pounds, you’ll be able to cut down your options. In general, a horse can carry between 10% and 20% of its own body weight, depending on who you talk to about it. It’s possible that you’re seeking for a draft cross if your partner is very bulky. If you’re searching for a “husband horse” for your 10-year-old, a huge horse can be a little daunting for him.

Look for a horse that is suitable for a starting rider and is the appropriate size for the rider.

Visit my post, What Size Horse Do I Need: A Beginner’s Guide, for more information.

Does The Horse Have Good Manners?

The rider who will be utilizing your “husband horse” will most likely not only be riding, but will also be guiding, grooming, and otherwise engaging with your horse on the ground. The fact that the rider is likely to be inexperienced means that dealing with a horse that does not respect their space or who may attempt to challenge them on the ground can be risky. Your horse should be willing to elevate its feet when requested, walk politely when led (not ahead of you or behind you), and take equipment without a struggle.

What Is The Horse’s Age And Experience Level?

A young, green horse is not ideal for a novice rider who lacks expertise. While it ultimately comes down to the nature of the particular horse, a decent rule of thumb is to go for a horse that is at least a teenager or older. Horses in their twenties generally have a significant amount of mileage left in them and should not be dismissed. In order to get the best results, you need a horse that is experienced, has been through it all, and has previously carried beginning or rookie riders.

Many horses get more mellow as they grow older, which is another reason to opt for a more seasoned horse as opposed to a younger horse when purchasing a horse.

What Is The Horse’s Ability Level?

Even when your husband reluctantly hops aboard his horse and begins riding, he may find that he enjoys the experience. If your rider falls in love, you will want a horse that will be able to develop with him or her as they progress through life. It is possible that you may want to ensure that the horse you are considering has a strong walk, trot, and canter. If you do this, your spouse (or another beginner rider) will be able to not only accompany you on trail rides from time to time, but even advance in the arena if they so want.

How Healthy Is The Horse?

In reality, the phrase “as healthy as a horse” is a misnomer, as many of the horses available for purchase will be suffering from health or conformation issues. The horse you are considering in should be subjected to a thoroughvet examination, and you should consider bringing over another experienced rider to inspect the horse as well. The last thing you want to do is spend your money on a horse for your new rider who will not be able to ride it. While this is true for more experienced “husband horses,” you should not expect the horse to be faultless if you are shopping for one.

Consult with your veterinarian ahead of time to evaluate what level of upkeep and financial responsibilities you are comfortable with in caring for an older “husband horse.”

Consider Leasing The Horse

If the seller is cooperative, you may wish to consider leasing the horse for a period of time before making the final decision to purchase it (and if the seller is not agreeable, this could be a red flag). Due to the large number of dishonest sellers and dealers on the market, it is possible that you may wind up with an entirely different horse on your property than the horse you saw at the seller’s farm. A common method by which some traffickers achieve this deceit is through the use of narcotics.

Where To Find A Husband Horse

Consider leasing the horse for a period of time prior to making the final decision to purchase it if the seller is cooperative (and if the seller is not agreeable, this could be a red flag). It’s unfortunate that there are so many dishonest vendors and dealers out there, and you may find up with a horse that is entirely different from what was on the seller’s farm when you arrive. A common method used by certain sellers to deceive customers is the use of narcotics. Sellers frequently medicate troubled horses with the purpose of passing them off as a calm, easy-going mount in order to increase their sales.

Exercise Patience In Your Search For A Husband Horse

You’re looking for a “husband horse” because you want a stable horse that will be safe for your spouse, your children, or even for you personally. It is critical that you choose the appropriate horse for your level of experience, as beginner riders are not familiar with horse training. However, if you are patient and discriminating in your search, you will eventually come across the perfect horse for your needs and requirements.

In addition to “green horse,” you may come across the phrase when you begin your search for your horse. What exactly is a “green horse”? For more information, please see my article What Is a Green Horse? Definition, as well as additional information. P.S. Pin this to your “Horse” Pinterest board!

5 Traits Of A Husband Safe Horse

Most riders are familiar with the terms ‘husband safe’ and ‘bombproof,’ which are used to describe horses that are calm and well-mannered. The fact is that the majority of partners, fiancés, and spouses have little or no knowledge of horses. However, for their own protection, these gentlemen are typically prepared to attempt and comprehend your enthusiasm. Get them a horse that is calm!

Traits of the Husband Horse

  1. Experienced: These horses have often logged a significant number of miles in the saddle. Those individuals have actually gone there and done it! It is typically beneficial if they have worked with a professional trainer in the past. Forgiveness: Let’s face it, newcomers make a lot of blunders at the beginning. It is unlikely that this sort of horse will harbor a grudge or take advantage of their riders. Slow and steady: There isn’t a race to be won here. A husband horse is content to stroll around in peace and quiet. They are enthralled by very little
  2. They will not bite, kick, or breach your personal space if you are courteous. You would even feel comfortable leaving your children in their care. Trustworthy: A bombproof horse is one on whom you can put your trust. You may rest assured that they would always watch after their rider.

The color and breed of the horse are less significant than the five characteristics listed above. If you locate one that checks all of these boxes, you know you’ve found a keeper!

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The Perfect Husband Horse. – Horse and Man

Okay, we’ve all heard the expression. So, what exactly is the ideal husband horse? As far as I’m concerned, the perfect husband horse knocks on the door with my husband’s riding clothes tucked under his hoof, wrestles my husband from whatever he is doing, throws Hubby on his already tacked back, sprints up to the ring and performs all of his exercises, with the occasional miss thrown in just to make sure Hubby is still awake. In the closing act, the perfect husband horse would gather into his exhilarating canter and skillfully perform the “jump over the water barrel” trick — which always makes my husband giggle like a baby — and leap over the water barrel a few more times before relaxing into an easy walk.

More!” Hubby exclaims enthusiastically while flapping his hands and wiping away cracker splatters.

Well, it’s kind of close.

It was during my search for a Husband Horse that I discovered that you must locate the horse that will spark Hubby’s fire, not your own.

So, regardless of whether horsey has a little clubbed foot, a tendency to flap his lower lip while pondering, or a sparkle in his eye that isn’t quite honorable, you have to overlook what YOU don’t want in order to find the sort of horse that will motivate him to ride — while still remaining safe.

  • There isn’t one.
  • (I discover that teaching the horse is considerably less difficult than I expected.) SEARCHING FOR ONE’S SOUL This is the most difficult aspect.
  • According to my observations, my husband was color aware and treated the horse as if it were a dude.
  • He was selecting his horse in the same way that most guys select a girlfriend or a drinking companion.
  • I agreed with him.
  • Consequently, I had to work within those boundaries while also sneaking in certain attributes he didn’t even realize he should be looking for, such as honesty, smooth gaits, a lack of craziness, and a high degree of training.
  • Before they murdered each other, he wanted a certain color horse with a brawny “little friend” persona, and I wanted to acquire him a horse that would grow with him rather than against him.

During my investigation, I discovered that many of the advertised “husband horses” were broken down and dejected to the point of having no soul.

In most cases, they were horses who had “been there, done that” and had given up.

It honestly made me feel depressed.

Alternatively, for the kind-hearted, there were a plethora of posted husband horses that I believed might benefit from some tender loving care and attention.

As a result, that would not be the best option.

Don’t even get me started on individuals who sell horses.

(The photo above is of Bodhi, then known as “Diego,” taken by his previous owner and used to sell him.) After numerous failed efforts at the advertised husband horse, I decided to give it some serious consideration and choose the most appropriate horse for my husband.

I simply wanted to pack them all up and take them home with me.

The Horse Who Has Been Incredibly Trained and Is Always Honest.

These horses are extremely valuable, and with good reason.

On the contrary, my dear friend.

If you come across a rare gem between all the chaff of mistreated and inadequately taught horses, don’t hesitate to purchase it!

My husband is a very athletic individual.

Physically, this horse had to be a big horse to accommodate my very tall husband, he had to be willing and forgiving to accommodate my husband’s riding level, and he had to be slower on the reaction scale but also spunky when necessary to accommodate my husband’s rather maverick (read “noisy”) hands but athletic ability.

  1. It was necessary for them to develop together.
  2. That’s where I started.
  3. They all agree that it is time to move forward.
  4. However, this was not the case in our situation.
  5. I would never pair a rookie rider with a horse that was not kind.
  6. Not well-trained, not many trail miles under his belt, not many victories.
  7. Green may be acceptable to me if the horse knew the fundamentals of riding but had not spent a significant amount of time in the saddle.

This particular sort of green horse could be useful to him.

We’ve got a limited amount of time here, Buddy.

AndHubby would outgrow a trained horse with a push-buttoned collar because he enjoys the cause and effect of animal and human connection.

He enjoys seeing a project through to completion.

Now, I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with an older, well-trained horse; just the contrary.

You know, the climbing partner, the bike partner, or the Oktoberfest partner.

(This photo was shot today of a much bigger Bodhi and her husband.) BRING HIM BACK TO SEE WHAT HE THINK ABOUT YOUR OPINION ON THE MATTER This was quite beneficial.

Alternatively, I would take him to a horse that I thought he may enjoy but that I didn’t—and that he didn’t as well.

I was starting to grasp it.

He truly desired a sense of belonging, a sense of community, and a body type that fit his aesthetic preferences.

You know that special “something” that catches your eye.

He began to pay attention to me a little more.

in which case I called his attention to the fact that she appeared to be having difficulty standing still.


(I was also beginning to wonder how he had chosen me.) BODHI Bodhi was the person we ended up with.

Every person on the planet would probably believe that a three year old anything was a horrible pick.

Bodhi was in a state of green bankruptcy.

He was quite tolerant in the bridle and seemed to be somewhat insensitive to subtle instructions from the rider (perfect).

And, oh joy of pleasures, he trotted and cantered with a nice balance.

In exchange, he promised my husband that he would teach him how to cue correctly without having to put up a fight, that he would make every effort to understand Hubby, and that he would learn to ride the way Hubby wanted him to learn, not the way I or another handler would teach him.

THE MOST EXCELLENT PARTI is not the sort of rider that like to compete in rings.

It’s not for me, despite the fact that I admire the expertise of ring riding and have a great deal of respect for the riders who have ridden my show horses.

Then, as luck would have it, I let the cooperative voice select Bodhi, and guess what.?

Arena work is something that both Bodhi and Hubby enjoy!

I have the impression that my child has run away and joined the circus!

Hubby participated in a horseback riding instruction that included cantering and cavaletti jumps.

Bodhi was beaming, and my husband was cracking up like a toddler.

Hubby went on the internet a few months ago and ordered a pair of proper riding jods.

At the time of writing, my husband is unpacking his new Eventing boots and planning his lesson schedule for the next few weeks.

In my opinion, the one that makes Hubby forget he is an engineer, put on his English breeches with pride and go out and get some newfangled boots, all in order to lead his now 5 year-old, still “green” horse in to the arena and take on those poles.

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Husband Safe Horses for Sale

Many horses have a propensity to startle or scare readily. For inexperienced riders, it can be difficult to maintain control of a scared horse while still avoiding injury yourself. A horse that is considered husband safe is one that is well behaved enough to be controlled by a novice rider (such as your husband). Other phrases used to describe horses that are well behaved are quiet horses, bomb proof horses, child safe horses, and horses that are properly trained. In Catskill, New York, there is a house for sale.

  • Trail rides, whether done alone or in a group, will take you across.
  • Her age is 14.3 years.
  • She does a fantastic job.
  • Along with other information, such as a UTD vet examination, coggins, and.
  • Price: $4,000KentuckyThe price listed is the most recent offer on TheHorseBay.com.
  • Along with other information, such as a UTD vet examination, coggins, and.

Cheyenne is a very safe horse to ride for anyone of any experience level.

She is the sort of horse on which novices may be safely placed.

The auction will close on March 12th.

Do you require a mare that will produce a large.

Wichita Falls, TX**ONLINE AUCTION** Place your offer NOW at Magichorseauction dot com to participate in this auction.

$4500 is the starting bid.

There is no price listed.

BrowseHusband Safe Horses by State

Stalls, barns, and other structures ArenasBreeds History Horse Ads in the Newspapers Equine Sales and Auctions, Photographers, Art, Pictures, and Videos, YouTube, and more.

“Husband Horses” and the Feminization of the Horse Industry

Let me introduce you to my late mother before anybody accuses me of being a sexist – I am about to speak on the subject of women and horses – so please bear with me. Petra Amanda Herem was born in 1910 on a farm in Montana to parents who were Norwegian immigrants. She didn’t learn to speak English until she was in the first grade, when her given name was changed to Pearl. Her upbringing was adversity-filled. For the six youngsters, a happy Christmas meant an orange for each of them. She used to sneak into neighboring fields and jump horses bareback over fences when she was a kid.

  1. The marriage ended soon, and as a single mother in the midst of the Great Depression, she took in laundry to make ends meet.
  2. A country dance had been known to draw my father, Johnny Moore, who was 5’2″ and 105 pounds at the time.
  3. This little bundle had enough tenacity and stamina to enable her to give birth to eight children and to lose one of them when he was only four years old.
  4. When I was younger, my mother used to tell me, “If you and I had a little area of our own, we would keep the excellent horses and train them right.” She was feisty and outspoken, and she never failed to inform me on the workings of the feminine mind.
  5. Aside from that, females of any species were generally considered to be more clever than men.
  6. Missy was actually a Mister, which was a source of humiliation for my mother, but she never let it get to her.
  7. Those who thought they were ladies’ men were unable to deceive Her Majesty.

Gary Cooper is a famous actor.

A coffee cup with the words “Men Are No Damn Good” on it was handed to her with only a sliver of sarcasm.

She adored her children, but she wasn’t afraid to admit that she could have survived without them.

Because of a phone call I received from a female journalist in Boston two years ago, I’d want to bring this to your attention.

“Do you know what a ‘husband horse’ is?” says the narrator.

According to her, “it’s a horse that is mild enough for a man to ride.” The majority of riders in the east are girls and women, rather than males.” As a result, the guys require a very safe horse.” The only difference is that we call them kids’ horses or, presumably, ladies’ horses in the West, which I found amusing.

A horse trainer in Illinois informed me that the phrase “husband horse” was commonly used east of the Mississippi, and I’ve lately seen commercials for the same on the west coast as well.

Because approaches focused on feel rather than force have been the norm, horse training has become a more delicate art today.

Modern approaches, pushed to their logical conclusion, are moving towards anthropomorphism, or the ascription of human characteristics to animals. Or, maybe, something that goes beyond human characteristics to a level of altruism that beyond explanation.

12 Signs You May Be a Horse Husband

Waiting patiently in the rain for my equestrian wife to compete in a dressage competition. David Taylor provided the photograph. Possibly you’re living in denial, or perhaps you’re just unsure. Listed here are 12 indications that you may be a horse spouse.

  1. SmartPak catalogs and horse publications make up the bulk of your bathroom reading material. Your weekend revolves around the horse show schedule that your wife has. There will be no Sunday football for you. Sunday is the day of the show. Because your wife is never at home, you suspect she is having an affair with another man. You engage the services of a private investigator, who discovers that she has been spending all of her time at the barn, and that she is, in fact, having an affair. Rusty’s name is Rusty, and he’s a 16-hander with four white stockings on his feet. When you are with your wife, you believe that the majority of your time is spent acting as her personal Sherpa, carrying buckets and stacking hay. Your wedding and anniversary celebrations take place at George Morris clinics
  2. Your wife constantly forgets your birthday, but she manages to remember the birthdays of all of her horses, as well as the time of day on which they were born
  3. You’re baffled as to why your wife couldn’t be satisfied with a pair of adorable, cuddly hamsters as her only pets. As a substitute, she is content with a thousand-pound beast that requires the support of a year’s pay and which attempts to murder you on a consistent basis
  4. Instead, You’re still driving your high school automobile, but your wife insists on buying a new truck every year in order to keep up with the demands of her horse’s needs. You’ve been compelled to attend a dinner with your wife’s pals. Horse talk is the only topic of conversation at the dinner table. You greet them with a grin and a nod, then sneak into the restroom and sob, asking God, “Why me?” You’re continuously trying to get your wife to engage in conversation, but all you get are head shakes and groans since she’s constantly buried her face in her mobile phone, hunting for the next horse to rescue off of Craigslist
  5. During the previous Christmas season, your wife felt it would be amusing to place a pair of breeches beneath the tree from Santa
  6. When you’re ready to give up and throw up the towel, you arrive home to discover that a horse specifically for YOU has been waiting for you in the barn. Oh, such delight!
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Horse owners are paying close attention to a seminar. David Taylor provided the photograph. Are you the husband of a horse? Do you have any other warning signals that you’d want to add to the list of indicators? Make your voice heard in the comments area! Thank you to David Taylor of Eventing Nation for allowing us to use his photographs. Crashing a horse show is a bad idea. David Taylor provided the photograph.

The Husband-Proof Horse

“Niiiice horsie,” says the trainer. “Wonderful horsie.” A horse that is “husband-proof” is one that any spouse may ride safely, regardless of his or her horse-handling experience—or lack thereof—according to the opinion of seasoned equestrians Typically, this type of horse is acquired by a lady who has finally persuaded her husband that horseback riding is an excellent opportunity for the two of them to spend quality time together. Finding a horse that is suited for your needs might be difficult.

The following is a list of prerequisites:

  • Big. When it comes to keeping your spouse at bay, size does important. In order to comfortably transport a spouse, the horse must be both tall and substantial. Please, no little horses for hefty guys
  • Instead, please use larger horses. Calm. This implies that the horse will refrain from doing any dancing moves and will remain completely motionless during the mounting process. The wind will not bother him, nor will the trees that sway in the breeze. He will also be tolerant of any little critters that happen to run across his path. The horse that is husband-proof is “dead broke.” It is also mature. Horses that are husband-proof are normally at least 15 years old at the time of purchase. The majority are between the ages of 20 and 30. Despite the fact that age is not often a consideration, feisty 3-year-olds typically do not qualify. Experienced. This horse has already been around the block a couple of times. He’ll go along with you on a trail ride without fussing, showing off, or spooking at every little surprise that peeks through a neighboring cluster of trees
  • He’s calm and collected. Patient. Husband-proof horses are patient of humans who ride on the wrong side, fuss with the reins, squirm in the saddle, and are generally anxious about riding a 1,500-pound beast in the first place
  • They are also calm and steady in their movements
  • When confronted with an unusual sight or sound, these horses are more likely to recognize it with a flick of the ear than than bolting in the opposite way. Self-reliant. A truly husband-proof horse is one that is able to put his own head through a halter without coaxing, move through a gate without bolting, and is willing to allow an inexperienced horseman to move him from pasture to barn without taking advantage of the fellow’s inexperience. A husband-proof horse is not necessarily expensive, but it is never inexpensive. Frequently, horses who have shown to be husband-proof are sold to excellent homes after having spent a long time teaching children to ride or transporting all types of riders through bridle ways. Due to the high demand for husband-proof horses, owners should expect to pay a premium for the horses’ expertise and specialized abilities.

Whatever the price, such a horse is well worth the investment. Because, let’s face it, witnessing your husband get his first taste of freedom is priceless. Patrice Bucciarelli is a Florida-based freelance writer who works from home. This story first appeared in the April 2016 edition of Horse Illustrated magazine. It has been updated. To subscribe, please visit this page.

An Ode To Horse Husbands (And All Equestrian Significant Others)

You stepped into the role of a devoted Horse Husband completely unintentionally. You had no idea what the position you were applying for entailed when you first started dating your equestrian partner. At first glance, the employment criteria appeared to be straightforward. In order to “spend time together” at her horse show and meet “the other man” in her life, your significant other suggested that you “attend together.” You took this as a positive step forward, as your future wife was sharing with you the things that were important to her, and you were naively accompanying her on her journey.

  1. It was all in good fun, after all.
  2. Horse Husbands are the cream of the crop, and such a selection isn’t made without the input of a panel of professionals.
  3. Yes, there is a good chance that the horse’s reaction to your introduction played a significant role in the future of your relationship.
  4. The equine authority evaluated you based on a specific set of criteria that determined whether or not you were qualified to be a Horse Husband in the first place.
  5. Were you confident in your ability to feed carrots, or were you overly concerned about your fingers?
  6. Over time, though almost imperceptibly, the expectations for a horse spouse grew stronger and stronger.
  7. Your equestrian love will need you to hold the aforementioned decisive horse while she goes to get something from the car.

Least of all, don’t react as you’ve been handed the leash to a loin.


You also learned that a blue ribbon didn’t always mean doing well, it just meant there was no one else in the class.

To an equestrian there is no higher devotion than a financial one, and for that – God Bless You.

Instead, you got your own account at Dover because Christmas and Valentine’s Day weren’t celebrations if there wasn’t the beige and green bag.

Now, when the lovely Horse Wife comes home smelling of the barn and kisses you with the same mouth that graced the muzzle of an equine known for using his water bucket as a toilet, you don’t question it.

Regardless, you’re clearly an expert Horse Husband and it has not gone unnoticed.

The judge’s verdict is in – you make an excellent pair. Dare we call you a stud, Horse Husband. Here’s to you, and all that you do. By all accounts (equine included), you are worth your weight in carrots. dressagecommunity amateurhour

Horse Husband

Jan 22, 2014 – 12:30 PMDiane Wilson photo.TheChronicle ‘s newest blogger takes you through the adventures of being a “horse husband.”My name is Jesse, and I am a horse husband. Now, don’t take that literally. I am not actually married to a horse. Well, not directly anyway. But there are a lot of horses in my marriage. When my wife refers to someone new, it is usually another round of a game we play in the car called “horse or person?”“We are going to pick up Joey on the way…” “And Joey is a, um, person?” “No, Joey is a horse.” “OK, cool, then he can ride in the back.”You would think the game would get easier based on the context of who is introduced, but you know, it kind of isn’t. All the people and horses are doing the same things—showing, getting their leads, trailering in. So in short, I know a lot of horses, and a lot of riders, but sometimes I can’t tell them apart, not by name anyway.Horse husband is actually short for “horse show husband.” I go to a lot of horse shows. Usually they are located close by, on the weekend, like NFL opening weekend. I typically have three primary responsibilities at any horse show. I watch other horse show husbands, and I see them doing the same three things. First, I carry the bucket. The process of preparing a horse for the ring takes about 20 minutes, and all told, the horse and rider strap on about 50 pounds of leather. But the funny thing is—no pockets!So that’s where I come in—me and the bucket. Any accessories you want to bring, it goes in the bucket. I have seen more than a few horses on the way to the ring, looking left, looking right; looking for who is bringing their bucket. It is kind of like carrying their purse. They might not need anything in it, but it’s just the security of knowing it is there.After we get to the ring, horse and rider go off to the practice field and run some scrimmages, and I head up into the stands. It’s important to get there early, to get the best position. Well, the official photographer and the judge pretty much have the best positions staked out, so I guess actually, you are looking for the next best position—the one with good angles. Horse husbands are the official videographers of the show, so anybody who couldn’t actually get to the show will be watching on YouTube whatever you capture in that little viewfinder, so in a way, you are recording history. I personally take my inspiration from those old NFL Films footage. I try to get down close to the ring, so you can see the clumps of dirt flying up, the heavy breathing, the trash-talking trainers pacing the sidelines.When the division is completed, the grounds crew comes in to prep the field and the champion is announced. This is the third responsibility for the horse husband—accepting the trophy. They have a makeshift grandstand set up, just like the one they use for giving out the Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl. The ring master is up there, doing her best Terry Bradshaw impersonation. She has a microphone and everything.I know, I didn’t actually win the contest, but how are you gonna get the horse and rider up those steps? So I am there as proxy. “I am accepting these ribbons on behalf of My Boy Malloy and the best fans in the league…” I mean, um, “thank you.”Then I walk the ribbons back through the barn—think of that Lombardi Trophy getting handed from player to player who put their palms on it—until it reaches the trophy case outside the tack room.That’s life as a horse husband. It has its highs, its lows, and the natural rhythm. I do it all for love of the game.Jesse married into the horse world in 2009. His wife, Diane, rides and trains with Dev Branham in Tomball, Texas. He has ridden, if you must know, but he does not ride regularly. Jesse prefers to interact with horses more on an eye-to-eye level, two and four feet firmly on the ground, respectively. He enjoys long walks in the pasture and grazing on a rainy afternoon.Laura LemonFeb 18, 2022 – 7:59 AMBlogger Matt BrownFeb 17, 2022 – 2:55 PMBlogger Lauren SprieserFeb 8, 2022 – 8:00 AMBlogger Laura AdriaanseFeb 4, 2022 – 7:57 AMBlogger Camilla MortensenFeb 2, 2022 – 10:26 AMBlogger Sophie CoffeyJan 27, 2022 – 7:59 AMAlison O’NeillJan 26, 2022 – 8:01 AMBlogger Sara BradleyJan 21, 2022 – 7:57 AMBlogger Laura AdriaanseJan 20, 2022 – 7:59 AMBlogger Sophie CoffeyJan 18, 2022 – 2:58 PMBlogger Lauren SprieserJan 18, 2022 – 7:57 AMTracy C. GoldJan 5, 2022 – 7:59 AMBlogger Lauren SprieserJan 4, 2022 – 7:49 AMChronicle BloggerDec 31, 2021 – 9:50 AMMelissa WrightDec 30, 2021 – 4:08 PMJody JaffeDec 29, 2021 – 2:56 PMLoading.
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Horse Husband Training

When Steve and I first met, I was leasing a horse, so he was aware that horses were a significant part of my life and my identity. Your significant other may be aware that you are “into horses,” but they may not be aware of the impact this has on the relationship at the outset of the relationship. As for our family, it took several years before Steve realized what it meant to be married to a horse lady. Pregnancy, children, financial constraints, and health difficulties all conspired to keep me from becoming a horse owner.

  • It was feasible for me to begin riding a friend’s horse on a regular basis.
  • Steve noticed how delighted I was as a result of it.
  • It was a very pleasant experience.
  • He has, on the other hand, been the ideal horse spouse.
  • In addition, he attends our classes and horse exhibitions.
  • Tonka is madly in love with Steve.
  • However, in the six years that I’ve owned Tonka, Steve has done nothing but this for me.

Next week, I’ll be in Dallas for the American Society for Testing and Evaluation conference.

Weather conditions will be bitterly cold and ice if the current conditions are any indication.

I go to the stable to hand walk Tonka even when it’s below zero degrees and I can’t ride because of the weather.

However, he would require more instruction.

Tonka’s halter has never been put on by him in all of this time!

Tonka is very motionless in anticipation of it.

It seemed like a pleasant moment spent with a buddy.

Horse people are equipped with (or should be equipped with!) a particular harmful obstacle radar.

It is necessary to exit the stall in a straight line in order to avoid jabbing the horse with the latch.

In the event that you don’t notice, your horse will, and instead of marching up the aisle, you’ll be dragging your horse’s head out of someone else’s bucket, which will be embarrassing.

Is there a blanket spread out on the floor?

Once I was in the aisle, I demonstrated to Steve how Tonka understands that the wordhome means to stop and remain still.

At this stage, he is allowed to eat a carrot.

Tonka was in charge of supervision.

A walk around the arena followed after that.

Others are thinking along the same lines.

Tonka likes getting out of the house and meeting his buddies, among other things.

Those perky ears are pointing in my direction.

Do you have a horse husband or significant other that appreciates the fact that you like spending time at the barn?

If you look at them from a distance, do they appear to be assisting or amused? Valentine’s Day is here. Did you buy a horse-related present for your non-horsey partner? Steve received a dish towel with the message “I have to leave.” “My horse is beckoning my name.”

I Chose My Horse Over My Husband

According to everyone who has been in a failed, long-term relationship understands that a couple may decide to call it quits for any number of reasons at any point in their partnership. Horses, on the other hand, would be at the top of my ex-list husband’s of reasons why we split in the first place. No, horses were not the cause of our separation, but they did play a role in it, as did everything else that comes with loving and owning one of those gorgeous, and incredibly costly, beasts of the countryside.

  • When I was 21 years old, I took my first lead line lesson.
  • Once I got started, I couldn’t stop.
  • With my earnings, I was able to pay the rent on my studio apartment, purchase groceries and pay for utilities while still enrolling in riding classes.
  • She was my closest buddy, the one thing in the entire world who never judged me for everything I did or didn’t do.
  • I rode whenever the opportunity presented itself.
  • Because my then-boyfriend worked the graveyard shift for a tiny town newspaper, the time I spent at the farm had no impact on our relationship.
  • It was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We purchased a home, and as is customary in adulthood, our monthly expenses began to rise.

Our financial deficit continued to grow as I worked longer and longer hours (as well as campaigned for additional promotions and bonus opportunities).

I thought it was my obligation to figure out a way to keep things afloat until the end of the semester.

I felt terrible for requesting that my spouse look for a job that would offer him more money (trust me when I say most journalists make very little money).

He had a different approach in mind: he wanted to rid himself of the horse.

I agreed.

We wouldn’t have to coupon any longer, and we wouldn’t have a cause to fight any longer either.

She was a member of the family.

I felt cheated and drained as a result of this experience.

My husband (as well as many friends and family members) interpreted this to indicate that I preferred my horse than my partner.

My mare, on the other hand, remained my riding companion throughout the years.

After three years of arguing, attempting to align our goals, and improving our communication, I finally filed for divorce with my husband.

After my divorce, I even moved inside my horse trailer for a few months to help me pick up the pieces of my life.

My mare, on the other hand, remained by my side throughout it all. I’m presently in a relationship with someone who recognizes that we’re a package deal. I sincerely hope that every horse enthusiast finds a companion of this caliber in their lives.

About the Author

Therese Nery is an amateur equestrian who who blogs about her experiences. Check out her blog, rightfulself.com, to follow her journey from the corporate world to a tiny horse farm, and to understand what life is like for a California gal horsin’ around on a tight budget in Kentucky.

Training Tip Tuesday – How To Be A Horse Husband (Or Wife)

Greetings, Dressage. It’s not you, it’s me, different readers! Daniel, Bonnie’s husband, is here! And I have some advice for all of the horse spouses, pony-girl lovers, pony-girl girlfriends, and pony-girl partners that are out there. The purpose of this article is to provide you courageous lads and women with some of the facts you will want in order to sustain a happy and successful relationship with your equi-centric female mate. These suggestions will assist you in answering concerns such as “What is Dressage?” and “Will Dressage fit into my budget?” as well as “How much does my wife’s horse matter to her, really?” So, fellow explorers, please continue reading.


You’ve just been eliminated from the game, my friend.

Keep in mind to smuggle some of the generic non-dairy creamer you get at work so you may feed your cat after hours.


Return to the previous page!


It is expected that your wife’s horse would consume the following diet supplements on a daily basis: Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Horses, Recovery EQ HA, and Electro-Plex are some of the products available.

Neigh-Lox Advance, B-Kalm Paste, SandClear Natural Psylium Fiber Crumbles, Probios Dispersible Powder, Cosequin ASU Plus, Equine Hoof Pellets, Wind Aid Breathing Aid, Motion Potion Liquid with HA, and hay, hay, and more hay were all used in conjunction with each other.

Get ready to witness a reality in which your wife and all of her friends live in a world in which horses are considered to be human as well.

Your wife’s horse is capable of absorbing and comprehending every word that is said to it.

It may infer meaning from the tone of your voice as well as even the most minute changes in your body posture and posture.

Prepare your mind to perform both mental and physical effort for no compensation.

Whether you want to or not, you will learn more about horses and your wife’s sport than 99 percent of the population of the world.

That’s interesting.” It appears like the horse became trapped in the last walk pirouette to the left.

Congratulations on your recent advancement to the status of subject matter expert in an area other than your own.

Inform them that she is employed at a bank.

An example of a normal discussion in which you tell a buddy about your wife’s activities might be as follows: “Can you tell me what your wife does?” says a friend.

“What exactly is it?” says a friend.

The manner of riding is “English in nature” (they have no idea what this means).

“No, it’s like in the Olympics when you see people riding horses in, say, suits and top hats.” You: “It’s like when you see people riding horses in, say, suits and top hats.” “Oh, you mean like when they’re going over leaps and stuff?” says a friend.


“So, what exactly do they do?” You, on the other hand: (sweet Jesus) “They seek to do a sequence of sophisticated pre-determined moves that appear to be effortless, in which the horse and rider act as if they are one entity.

“I’m just kidding, she works at a bank.” You laugh.

Your wife will amass a collection of clothing that no one person has the right to acquire.

Normal socks will not enough, in fact, they will not suffice at all.

For the rest of the year, she will need a different long sleeve shirt, vest, sweater, and jacket combination for each day of the week.

She will wear the “July 12th-15th” jacket to work, if just to and from the car, but she really requires it in this situation.

Consider the work boots you purchased for the office; they are composed of counterfeit leather and perhaps even some synthetic material.

You wear these boots every day at your labor-intensive job, and, like any good, moderately priced pair of work boots, they get more comfortable with wear and seem to last an indefinite amount of time, if well maintained.

They will cost as much as the Apollo moon landing to produce, and they will last around 30 days each boot.

That’s all there is to it, fellas!

Tune in next time at some indeterminate point in the future, when we will dig headlong into themes such as your duty as a horse husband or partner during Dressage contests; your day-to-day existence with the horse-woman of your dreams; and assisting your wife at the barn, among other things.

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