What Is A Dark Horse Mean? (Solved)

What is the spiritual meaning of a black horse?

  • Black Horse Meaning. The black steed symbolism is both death-defying and death-seeking. In other words, it is symbolic of death and rebirth. It signifies the closing of one door and the opening of another. It can also symbolize the need for you to take a leap of faith. Trust intuition even if you can’t see the reason or the result.

What does it mean to call someone a black horse?

If you describe someone as a dark horse, you mean that people know very little about them, although they may have recently had success or may be about to have success. ‘dark horse’

Is being called a dark horse good?

The saying dark horse usually means an unexpected winner. For example, a presidential candidate who comes from behind to surprise everyone by winning the election could be considered the dark horse.

Is dark horse same as underdog?

An underdog in a sporting competition is a competitor that nobody thinks will win. A dark horse in sports is an unknown team, or a team with unknown strengths that goes on to surprise people by winning or doing better than everyone expected.

What does the black horse mean in the Bible?

The first horseman, a conqueror with a bow and crown, rides a white horse, which scholars sometimes interpret to symbolize Christ or the Antichrist; the second horseman is given a great sword and rides a red horse, symbolizing war and bloodshed; the third carries a balance scale, rides a black horse, and symbolizes

What makes someone a dark horse?

A dark horse is a previously less known person or thing that emerges to prominence in a situation, especially in a competition involving multiple rivals, or a contestant that on paper should be unlikely to succeed but yet still might.

What does it mean coming at you like a dark horse?

To come at someone = To approach someone aggressively. “Because I’m coming at you like a dark horse” is not standard English, is not a standard idiom, and is a misuse of “dark horse”. A “dark horse” is an idiom. It is a horse-racing term and refers to a horse in a race about which very little is known.

What is a dark horse prediction?

Fig. someone or something whose abilities, plans, or feelings are little known to others. (From a race horse about which little or nothing is known.) It’s difficult to predict who will win the prize—there are two or three dark horses in the tournament.

What is the meaning of under dog?

Definition of underdog 1: a loser or predicted loser in a struggle or contest. 2: a victim of injustice or persecution.

Where does the term underdog come from?

In sports, it’s common to call the team that’s expected to lose in a game the underdog. This word was originally used in dogfighting around 1887, to refer to a dog defeated in a fight. A 1960s cartoon character named Underdog was an unlikely (and under-qualified) superhero dog.

What does the black stallion symbolize?

Well, it depends on its color. White horse symbolism is present in the Bible as a sign of death. The black horse’s meaning is the same with an addition of evil and destructive characteristics. But black horse symbolism combined with the symbolism of a white horse is an image of both life and death.

What is Death’s horse called?

Binky is a white horse owned by Death, being a living breathing creature.

What do black horses mean in dreams?

Black Horse – Black horses signify something negative awaits you can turn into a positive. They bring dark mysteries of the unknown and wildness to your life. Maybe you are about to make a mistake, or take a leap of faith on something unknown. Black horse can also mean death.

Definition of DARK HORSE

The Democrat from Utah has gone from being a dark horse to being the front-runner in the race for the White House in the last few months. The film is considered a dark horse for the award. His background is murky, although I did learn that he was a professional football player at one point. The Tigers are on the schedule, and LSU has a lengthy history with him and his family, so the Tigers may be able to maintain their status as an adversity. Recent Examples on the Web • Mark Heim | [email protected],al on October 19, 2021 Riley, who has emerged as a dark horse most valuable player contender this season, hit a solo home run in the fourth inning on Saturday to tie the Braves’ first National League Championship Series game at home in 20 years.

That status has accompanied the program into the playoffs, where the ‘Cats have been a dark horse in four of the previous five bowl games.

The Sicilian Classico ($8.50), which is the menu’s dark horse and a salute to Italians worldwide, is a wacky-looking mix of Italian sausage, mozzarella, marinara sauce, Parmesan, oregano, and black olive slices.

—Scottie Andrew, CNN, November 25, 2021 Three All-Big Ten big men, a dark horse candidate for conference player of the year in Jaden Ivey, and numerous outstanding recruits to augment an already lethal frontcourt round out the roster.

—Zach Osterman, The Indianapolis Star, published on October 8, 2021.

—Chris Walton, Forbes, December 28th, 2021 Examples of the term “dark horse” were compiled automatically from multiple online news sources to represent current usage of the phrase “dark horse.” It is not the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors that the viewpoints stated in the examples are correct.

dark horse

My choice for the best novel of 2012 is a bit of adarkhorse, to be honest. You will most likely be thedarkhorsetheone who fills the vacancy. In recent history, the attempts of darkhorsecandidates aiming to overthrow a political convention and emerge as the nominee have been unsuccessful. Always unexpected, always thedarkhorse, always counterintuitive, Twitter was a delight to see. According to individuals acquainted with the process, it’s also a little late in the game for verydarkhorsecandidates to be given meaningful consideration at this point in time.

  1. She may be a novice to mainstream music, but the strikingdarkhorsewinner with her signature haircut has been performing since she was barely five years old.
  2. It’s possible that it sprang from a group of leucistic black horses.
  3. Here’s a look at some of the more unlikely candidates.
  4. He was the first president to be referred to as a “darkhorse,” yet he was anything from that.
  5. In the event that a candidate is not nominated on the first several ballots, adarkhorse may be nominated on subsequent rounds, although this is not always the case.

These samples are drawn from corpora as well as from other online sources. Any viewpoints expressed in the examples do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cambridge Dictionary editors, Cambridge University Press, or its licensors, who are not represented by the examples.

Dark horse – Wikipedia

Unknown person or object who rises to prominence in a situation, particularly a competition involving multiple competitors, or a contender who appears on paper to be unlikely to succeed but who still succeeds, is known as a dark horse.


The word originated in horse racing vernacular to describe a race horse that is unfamiliar to gamblers and hence difficult to predict the outcome of. It is believed that Benjamin Disraeli’s novel The Young Duke was the first to make reference to the subject (1831). The Duke of St. James, Disraeli’s central character, witnesses a horse race that finishes in a surprise: “A black horse which had never been conceived of, and which the inattentive St. James had never even seen in the list, swept past the grandstand in sweeping triumph.”


Iran, the Philippines, Russia, Egypt, Finland, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are among the nations where the notion has been applied in political situations. Politically, the term first appeared in the United States in the nineteenth century, when it was attributed to James K. Polk, a relatively unknownTennesseepolitician who defeated a field of more well-known contenders to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 1844. Polk was elected president of the United States on the ninth vote of this party’s national nominating convention, and he was the country’s eleventh president.

  • The following presidents were elected: Franklin Pierce, who was nominated as the Democratic nominee and later elected the fourteenth president in 1852
  • Abraham Lincoln, who was nominated as the Republican nominee and later elected the sixteenth president in 1860
  • Rutherford B. Hayes, who was nominated as the nineteenth president in 1876
  • James A. Garfield, who was nominated as the twentieth president in 1880
  • Warren G. Harding, who was nominated as the twenty-ninth president Truman was widely regarded as a lame duck President with little chance of defeating Republican nominee and New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 United States presidential election, which is widely regarded as one of the biggest upsets in American history
  • Jimmy Carter, former Governor of Georgia, was elected the thirty-ninth President of the United States in 1976
  • At the beginning of that same year, Carter was relatively unknown outside his home state of Georgia
  • And Ronald Reagan, former Governor of Virginia, was elected the thirty-n Carter made a joke of his obscurity when he addressed the Democratic National Convention in 1976, saying, “My name is Jimmy Carter, and I’m running for President.”
  • Barack Obama, the Junior Senator from Illinois, who had captivated the Democratic National Convention on behalf of John Kerry in 2004, was still relatively unknown to the American people when he entered the Democratic Party presidential primaries in 2008, but emerged from obscurity to narrowly edge out the heavily favored Hillary Clinton. The nation’s first African-American president, Barack Obama, would be elected president
  • Donald Trump, a real estate investor and reality television personality, would defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the general election despite losing the popular vote by more than 3 million votes
  • And Trump has never held a political office prior to becoming president, but he had been running for president or expressing interest in running since 1999.

Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are among the most renowned unsuccessful dark horse presidential candidates in American history. William Jennings Bryan, a three-term congressman from Nebraskawho was nominated on the fifth ballot after impressing the 1896 Democratic National Conventionwith his famousCross of Gold speech (Bryan would go on to receive the Democratic presidential nomination twice more and serve as Secretary of State), and Republican businessmanWendell Willkie, who was nominated on the sixth ballot at the1940 Republican National Conventiondespite having never previously held elected office.

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William Jennings Bryan was nominated on the fifth ballot after impress The United States Senator Bernie Sandersis another classic example of a dark horse candidate, whose grassroots campaign in the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primariescame much closer than initially anticipated to dethroning front-runner Hillary Clinton for the party’s presidential nomination.

Outside of the United States, the designation of “black horse” has also been given to:

  • In Peru, Alberto Fujimori was elected president in 1990, despite the fact that he was mostly unknown before the election campaign. He finally defeated his opponent, Mario Vargas Llosa, who had been polling well ahead of him. It would be replicated in the 2021 Peruvian general election, when Pedro Castillo, a previously unknown elementary school teacher, would win the presidential race in the first round and ultimately in the Runoff. Several countries have elected presidents as dark horses, including Nigeria, where Goodluck Jonathan was the first president from the historically marginalizedNiger Deltaregion, and Finland, where Lauri Kristian Relander was elected president as a dark horse in 1925, despite his party naming him as its candidate only a few months before the election. The possibility of a dark horse presidency in Finland persisted and was occasionally speculated about until the country’s electoral system was changed to a direct personal vote in 1987
  • Several government ministers, including Olga Golodets, Vladimir Medinsky, and Alexander Novak, who were appointed to the third cabinet of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on May 21, 2012, were also described as “dark horses” because they lacked experience, including Vladimir Medinsky and Alexander Novak. Dark horses have been described as candidates for the presidency of Iran in 2013, including Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Mohsen Rezai, Mostafa Pourmohammadi, Muhammad Saeedikia, and Mohammad Gharazi
  • In the United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn won the 2015 Labour Party leadership election despite failing to secure enough nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party to stand as a candidate
  • And in Germany, government leaders were initially not expected to run for the presidency (1867-1918). Dark horse candidates were prevalent during the Weimar Republic (1919-1933)
  • Franz von Papen, a backbencher, and general Kurt von Schleicher, a general, were examples of such candidates. The most prominent person in the country was retired general and World War I leader Paul von Hindenburg, who was elected president in 1925 despite the fact that he did not even participate in the first round of the presidential election. Dark horse candidates are uncommon in the Federal Republic (which has existed since 1949). Martin Schulz, a former president of the European Parliament who also served as mayor of a small town, is perhaps the most noteworthy example. Although he had a brief boost in popularity, his bid for the chancellorship in the 2017 federal parliament elections was unsuccessful. It has long been predicted that the Green Party, led by Annalena Baerbockor, and the CDU/CSU, led by Armin Laschet, would come top in the polls and/or be able to elect their respective candidates to the position of chancellor in the 2021 German federal election. Olaf Scholz, head of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, who had himself lost his party’s leadership election to Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjan, was a candidate for the position. Since December 2019, the winners of that contest, who were also referred to as “Dark horses,” have risen to first place in the polls and ultimately led his party to the most seats in the Bundestag
  • In Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, then-President of the National Assembly and almost unknown in the Venezuelan political scene, proclaimed himself acting president of the country in January 2019 and subsequently appeared before the country’s parliament
  • In Germany, Angela Merkel, long considered a viable candidate for the chancellorship, A reporter for the Washington Post described him as “an inadvertent leader.”

Use in music, television, and film

Dark horses are sometimes referred to as nominations for prestigious awards such as the Academy Award (given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) that are unexpected or unlikely to be nominated. Because of his increasing prominence as a songwriter and performer later in The Beatles’ career, notably on Abbey Road, guitarist and singer-songwriterGeorge Harrison was termed the “dark horse” of the band. Harrison went on to establish his own record company, Dark Horse Records, and to release an album and a single titled “Dark Horse” under that name.

The 24th chapter in Mark Helprin’s novelWinter’s Taleis titled ‘White Horse and Dark Horse,’ and it refers to the figure of Praeger de Pinto, who is running for Mayor of New York City and is considered an outlier candidate.

Katy Perry released her fourth studio album, Prism, in 2013, which included the song “Dark Horse,” which was written by her. It was the third single to be released from the album, and it spent four weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

Use in sport

In sports, the word has been used to describe teams and players who have excelled their expectations in a competition when they were not expecting it. A few examples are theLos Angeles Kingsduring the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs (who finished first despite having an 8th-seed entry into the playoffs; they were the first and only team in history to accomplish this feat) and Croatiaduring the 2018 FIFA World Cup (who placed 2nd despite being ranked 20th in theFIFA World Rankings).

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  14. s^ A serious chance for Croatia to win the World Cup, according to S. I. Staff (retrieved on 2021-07-04)
  15. Aleksandar, you’re a jerk. Croatia is emerging as a World Cup dark horse, according to a recent article in the New York Times. According to Bleacher Report, the date is 2021-07-04.

Urban Dictionary: Dark Horse

Winner in a humble manner. Someone who is more likely to win than the obvious choices, but who no one can predict because of their down-to-earth and laidback demeanor. a person who does not want to gloat or outshine others, even when they are superior in some way He is the underdog who maintains his composure and humility. He is completely confident in his own intelligence and does not feel the need to extol his own greatness. Get yourself a Dark Horse mug. When a nude guy sits on another man’s hairy back in the riding position and jerks him off from below, the ‘horse’ is forced to neigh, and the ‘jockey’ shits him all down his back, creating a tail, the sexual act is considered to be a tail.

  1. The title track of the 1974 Apple album of the same name by the late, great George Harrison, which is also a song (and a fantastic one, but not very well performed or produced) by the late, great George Harrison.
  2. Harrison was also referred to as the “Dark Horse of the Beatles,” a term that refers to a racehorse that is undervalued at the start of the race but who ultimately outperforms his competition at the finish line.
  3. According to the Man himself: “I’m a black stallion.
  4. Since the day I was born, I’ve been a member of the human race.
  5. I’m a dark horse who’s looking for the source.” Get yourself a Dark Horse mug.
  6. Someone who is relatively unknown but who far exceeds the expectations of everyone else participating in an event.
  7. A black horse galloped by the stands in a thunderous victory while this was happening.
  8. An enigmatic or reserved individual who unexpectedly demonstrates exceptional talent in a certain area.
  9. Dark horses have the ability to seduce even the most attractive and educated girls into bed because of their element of surprise.

‘Did you put Lizzie to bed? You’re definitely a dark horse, man. ‘We’ve been trying for months,’ everyone says. byMJ79 The 7th of March, 2006 Get yourself a mug of thedark horse.

Definition of dark horse

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This indicates the grade level of the word based on its difficulty. This indicates the grade level of the word based on its difficulty. nouna racehorse, contender, or other entity about which little is known or who wins in an unexpected manner suddenly nominated for the nomination of a political party at a political convention EVALUATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF AFFECT AND EFFECT VERSUS AFFECT! In effect, this exam will determine whether or not you possess the necessary abilities to distinguish between the terms “affect” and “effect.” Despite the wet weather, I was in high spirits on the day of my graduation celebrations.

Origin ofdark horse

The year 1825–35 was the first time this was documented.

Words nearbydark horse

Dark-eyed junco,dark-field,dark-field illumination,dark-field microscope,dark glasses,dark horse,dark internet,darkish,dark lantern,darkle,darklingDictionary.com has the following terms: dark-field,dark-field illumination,dark-field microscope,dark glasses,dark horse,dark internet,darkish,dark lantern,darkle,darkling Unabridged Random House, Inc. 2022, based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

learn more aboutdark horse

  • Since its inception, advertisers have seen Amazon as a dark horse that has the potential to upset the Google-Facebook duopoly. Honeywell, a dark horse in the quantum computing race, startled many by coming onto the scene with a version of its own technology earlier this year. A bit of a dark horse in comparison to other Hyundai vehicles, the Ioniq is a good example. A dark walking stick was in his possession, as were white gloves, a respectable long black coat, matching slacks and vest, and he carried them all
  • In my mind, I imagined the mother, her terror of the dark, and the potential danger that she worried might befall her girls. Afterwards, she was able to struggle for a mile through the dark, rain-soaked woods
  • Although network television is experiencing a difficult period, experiments such as Galavant provide a ray of hope. After all, the reality of the situation was that I had to walk out and get on a horse, ride in, and discharge the gun — how difficult could it be, right? Ripperda’s attention was drawn to the mantle, which had been discolored a dark red in several spots
  • He nodded his approval, and the guy exited. Whenever the Merrill Horse was mentioned, Poindexter’s visage took on a demonic appearance. However, you are wrong in believing that the Merrill Horse is the sole component of the army heading west. During this session of parliament, the well-known legislation banning horse racing and deceptive gambling were approved
  • When he turned his head, he noticed a very beautiful, black face that appeared to be slightly familiar

British Dictionary definitions fordark horse

The term “unknown” refers to a contender in a race or contest about whom little is known; a person who discloses little about himself or his activities, especially one who possesses surprising capabilities or abilities. unexpected nomination or election in politicsa candidate who is suddenly nominated or elected 2012 Digital Edition of the Collins English Dictionary – Complete Unabridged Edition (William Collins SonsCo. Ltd. 1979, 1986) In 1998, HarperCollinsPublishers published the following books: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Cultural definitions fordark horse

Unexpectedly, there was a winner. Dark horses in politics are candidates for office who are deemed unlikely to earn their party’s nomination, but who may be nominated if party leaders are unable to agree on a more qualified candidate. The Third Edition of The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is now available. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company acquired the copyright in 2005. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company is the publisher of this book. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Other Idioms and Phrases withdark horse

The surprising triumph of an unknown candidate, as in “You never know,” a dark horse candidate may come along and win a Senate seat. In its original context, this metaphorical statement refers to an unknown horse winning a race, and it was used in a novel by Benjamin Disraeli to convey this meaning (The Young Duke, 1831). It was quickly passed to political candidates, with James K. Polk being one of the first to get the transfer. On the eighth ballot, he was elected to the Democratic presidential candidacy for the year 1844, and he went on to win the election.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company owns the copyright for the years 2002, 2001, and 1995.

‘Dark horse’ – the meaning and origin of this phrase

A dark horse is a competitor who had previously been unknown but has risen to notoriety as a result of his or her performance.

What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Dark horse’?

This was first used in the context of horse racing. A black horse was a horse about which little was known at the time, making it impossible to predict its performance. Later, the figurative use moved to various industries, and it has come to refer to someone who is being scrutinized but who had previously received little attention. It was Benjamin Disraeli’s novel The Young Duke published in 1831 that provided the oldest recorded mention to the phrase: “A black horse, which had never been conceived of before, went past the grand stand in sweeping victory.” First, it appears that the metaphorical use was used when referring to the applicants for academic preferment: The Saturday Review, 1860 – “A Headship is frequently conferred by the College conclaves on a man who has prudently kept himself obscure,” writes the author.

sketch from Cambridge, 1865: “Every now and then a dark horse is heard of, who is claimed to have done miracles at some unknown minor institution,” says the author of Sketches from Cambridge.

What Is the Meaning of ‘Dark Horse’?

The Kentucky Derby will take place on May 4th, 2015. Bolo or Ocho Ocho Ocho are both considered “dark horses,” which means you’re placing your wager on them. In both the literal and metaphorical sense. These two ponies are dark bay colts with white markings. That indicates that their bodies are a deep brownish red in color. Their manes, tails, and legs are all a dark shade of brown. They’re referred to as “dark horses.” In addition, they have a limited probability of winning. Bolo’s chances are currently set at 30 to 1 just two days before the Derby.

  • Bolo and Ocho are also dark horses in the literal sense.
  • Keep in mind that, in addition to denoting a dark tint, the word dark may also denote “unknown, hidden, or secret.” According to what you could have suspected, the phrase “black horse” originates in the world of horse racing.
  • It was “a dark horse, which had never been considered.rushed past the grand stand in sweeping glory,” as he describes it.
  • Consider the following passage from a Wall Street Journal story from 1893, which characterized the Democratic National Convention as follows: “Bryan got away from me too soon.
  • After then, it will be anyone’s race.
  • The term is still in common usage today.
  • To round off today’s information, let’s look at the definition of dark horse: “an underdog or an improbable winner.” Dragonfly Editorial is managed by Samantha Enslen.
  • She also has a blog.
  • Horse with a dark past.
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, 2nd edition (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013).
  • April 13, 2015).

Bay Horse Coat Color Modifier.The Equines t. April 13, 2015. Chicago Special (The Wall Street Journal, July 10, 1896; reprinted in its entirety on April 13, 2015). “dark.” Required (accessed on April 26, 2015): Oxford English Dictionary, online (required). Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.com.

dark horse

A dark horse is a horse that hasn’t been beaten yet.


  • A little-known but surprisingly successful participant
  • Someone who was previously unknown but has suddenly risen to prominence
  • Someone who keeps their abilities and ideas hidden but shocks others by achieving something unexpected
  • Someone who is previously unknown but has suddenly risen to prominence
  • A person who wins a race or competition despite the fact that no one predicted that they would win

Example Sentences

  1. Someone from the shadows may come along and earn a seat in the House of Lords
  2. You never know what may happen. Despite the fact that many people predicted the larger teams to win the tournament, the local squad was a dark horse and astonished everyone with their amazing performances
  3. While everyone predicted that the seasoned campaigner would win the election this time, the fresh contender proved to be a dark horse and defeated him handily
  4. Even though Dennis is considered the favorite to win the tournament, our own local guy Harris has the potential to be a dark horse because of his aptitude and abilities. No one had heard of her before, but now she is being heralded as the “black horse” after putting on such an impressive exhibition of her ability. A lot of people believe she has a chance to win a medal at the championships and that she is the dark horse to do so.


The term, it should be noted, is derived from the horse racing industry. A dark horse was a horse that was unknown before the race, but who went on to do exceptionally well. Later, it evolved to be used figuratively in the manner that it is currently understood. The oldest recorded mention is found in Benjamin Disraeli’s novel “The Young Duke,” published in 1831. thoughts on assorted topics such as horses and successD7 put a damper on the proceedings and called it a day

Phrase of the week: a dark horse

Dark horse is defined and explained by Tim Bowen, who delves into the phrase’s roots and definition. According to the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, the word “black horse” means “a long shot.” 1. “someone who has a secret, especially a secret aptitude, skill, or success that you are surprised to learn about when you ultimately learn about it” 2. “someone who wins a race, competition, election, or other event that no one predicted they would win.” The expression’s roots are sometimes linked to a 19th century American horse owner who competed with a black stallion in horse racing.

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His horse would then be entered into a race, and to the astonishment of everyone in town, his horse would come in first and take home the prize money for the day.

Soon after, the phrase came to be used to refer to political candidates who were unexpectedly elected to office.

Bill Clinton, who defeated a field of more popular contenders to win the Democratic nomination in 1992 and go on to become President of the United States in 1993, was perhaps the most recent dark horse candidate.

What does dark horse mean?

  1. Nouna political candidate who is not well-known but who has a chance to win in an unexpected manner
  2. Racehorse about which little is known, referred to as a dark horse

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:

  1. Dark horse is a term that refers to a person who is feared. candidate nominated in a surprise manner who hasn’t previously been mentioned or thought upon as a possible candidacy Etymology: Originally an allusion to an unknown horse winning a race, as used in Benjamin Disraeli’s 1831 novel The Young Duke
  2. Black horse noun is derived from the phrase “dark horse.” It was a pleasant surprise. Etymology: Originally an allusion to an unknown horse winning a race, as depicted in Benjamin Disraeli’s novel The Young Duke (1831), the phrase was adopted.

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition:

  1. A dark horse is a horse that hasn’t been beaten yet. It is a lesser-known person or entity that rises to prominence, especially in a competition of some type, or a contender who appears to have little chance of winning

How to pronounce dark horse?

  1. Chaldean Numerology is a system of numbers that was developed by the Chaldeans. The numerical value of dark horse in Chaldean Numerology is 4
  2. The numerical value of dark horse in Pythagorean Numerology is According to Pythagorean Numerology, the numerical value of the dark horse is:9.

Examples of dark horse in a Sentence

  1. “Parasite” has the potential to be a dark horse candidate in the future, says Alison Willmore. It’s quite popular. As soon as we get over that, there’s a good possibility we’ll see another season of ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’, according to Tom Robbins’ book _Skinny Legs and All_, which was published in 1990. .to place emphasis on the hereafter is to reject the existence of life. Concentrating on Heaven is equivalent to creating Hell. The religious multitudes are gambling with their only life on a dark horse in a race with no finish line, in their desperate longing to transcend the disorderliness, friction, and unpredictability that plague life
  2. In their desire for a fresh start in a tidy habitat, germ-free and protected by angels.
  3. Alison Willmore:Right now, it appears like ‘1917’ will be the winner, but I can imagine a scenario in which ‘Parasite’ may be a dark horse candidate. It’s quite popular. Once we get over that, there is a good probability that ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ will be revived.


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Often referred to as a “dark horse,” a candidate for public office for whom little is known or for whose expectations are low, but who goes on to win or prosper in spite of the odds is known as a “surprise winner.” The phrase “dark horse candidate” has been used in the context of presidential politics for some time now, despite the fact that there have been several examples of dark horse candidates who have gone on to win local, regional, state, or national government throughout history.

For example, according to a local Massachusetts reporter, “the attractiveness of the dark horse is similar to the American Dream: an unknown candidate, the little guy, overcomes enormous odds to steal a surprise win away from the hands of an establishment favorite.” Originally from horse racing, when it was used to describe a horse that was unknown to bettors and, as a result, difficult to handicap.

  1. “A black horse which had never been dreamt of, and which the heedless St.
  2. First recorded usage of the phrase in a political context dates back to 1831, when James K.
  3. According to White House historians, Polk’s “dark horse” status was due to his unlikely nomination to a higher office in the first place:” When Whig opponents changed the “Who is James K.
  4. Polk’s reputation as an obscure protégé of Andrew Jackson stood in stark contrast to his successful career as governor of Tennessee and speaker of the United States House of Representatives, which was widely publicized at the time of his death.
  5. Hayes, who were considered dark horses at the time of their nominations, theWashington Post said that “James Garfield, Warren Harding, and John W.

Davis were also considered dark horses at the time of their nominations.” Hayes, Garfield, and Harding were the three that were elected president out of the five.

  • Harding was nominated during a 1920s smoke-fume convention, despite the fact that he had stated repeatedly that he had no interest in running for president. Ohio Gov. Hayes won the Republican nomination in 1876 on the seventh ballot
  • Congressman Garfield, an Ohio Republican who was the last person to go directly from the House to the White House, won the 1880 GOP nomination on the 36th ballot
  • And Seymour was nominated during a 1920s smoke-fume convention

Abraham Lincoln is frequently referred to as a dark horse, particularly in his case because he left politics only to return more than a decade later: “Even Abraham Lincoln, who had left politics entirely after serving a term in Congress in the late 1840s, but who would win the presidency in 1860, has been referred to as a dark horse candidate.” In recent history, candidates like as Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have all been characterized as “dark horses.”

dark horse – Wiktionary

Originally a reference to an unknown horse with a black coat winning a race, as depicted in Benjamin Disraeli’s (1804–1881) novel The Young Duke (1831).


Darkhorse is a horse that has a dark color to it (pluraldark horses)

  1. A person who possesses abilities or desirable attributes that are unknown or unanticipated by others
  2. (idiomatic)
  • “Monte Verità,” a story by D.H. Lawrence published in 1952’s The Apple Tree: A Novel. He described her as a ‘dark horse.’ I don’t think she’s any more knowledgeable in mountain climbing than you or me. In fact, she was ahead of me the entire time, and I was unable to catch up with her.’
  • Celandine by Steve Augarde, published by Corgi Books in London in 2006 (ISBN: 978-0-7128-073-9), page 13: Just as she was about to slam the door behind her, she heard the nurse remark, “Well!” I have to admit, you’re a spooky horse! “Do you recognize that strikingly beautiful young lady?”
  • Sophie Kinsella’s novel, Twenties Girl: A Novel, was released in 2010 by Black Swan Publishing in London and has the following ISBN: 978-0-7128-073-X: ISBN: 978-0-7128-073-X: ISBN: 978-0-7128-073-X: ISBN: 978-0-7128-073-X: ISBN: 978-0-7128-073-X: ISBN: 978-0-7128-073-X “Well!” In a loud, trilling laugh, Genevieve expresses her displeasure with whatever it is she’s been feeling particularly aggravated by. “Ed, you are a shady character! “I had no clue you had a girlfriend!” says the author.
  1. (idiomatic,politics) An unexpectedly nominated candidate for an election who had not been mentioned or viewed as a potential contender before being nominated Horse racing: A horse whose qualities are unknown
  2. A horse under training. Other than in a metaphorical or idiomatic sense, this expression is used: seedark,‎horse

Derived terms

Candidate that was surprisingly nominated because of his or her surprise abilities or favorable attributes The translations listed below must be reviewed and entered into the relevant translation tables listed above, with any numbers removed from the translations. The numbers in the definitions may not always correspond to the definitions in the numbers. See the following instructions atWiktionary: Layout of the entry Translations Translations must be double-checked

See also

  1. Benjamin Disraeli (1831), “Chapter V: Ruined Hopes,” The Young Duke: A Moral Tale, albeit Gay (Volume II), London: Longmans, Green, and Longmans, Green in which a dark horse, who had never before been considered, sailed past the grandstand in spectacular fashion
  2. And

What does dark horse mean?

It is an idiomatic statement that refers to a person who is normally unknown but who suddenly wins or excels, especially in a competition of some form. The phrasedark horse According to historical records, the term originally appeared in Benjamin Disraeli’s book The Young Duke (1831). The Duke of St. James, Disraeli’s central character, witnesses a horse race that finishes in a surprise: “A black horse which had never been conceived of, and which the inattentive St. James had never even seen in the list, swept past the grandstand in sweeping triumph.” More information about this idiom may be found on Wikipedia.


Jane turned out to be a bit of a wild card. In spite of the fact that she had been suffering from a serious sickness this year, she managed to win the event. There are more idioms in theanimalscategory than in any other category.

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