How To Catch A Horse In Black Desert?

  • How To Catch A Horse Black Desert? Equip a Capturing Rope and get close to the horse, but not so close that it runs away from you. After you successfully rope the horse, move forward towards it.

Where can I catch a horse in BDO?

There are many horse locations all around Trent. (SW Calpheon territory) Some are a bit far from the Stable Keeper in Trent though! Kusha (Northern Mediah) is another horse location that has many spawn points. Nearest Stable Keeper is in Kusha, which might be too far if you’re in a rush.

Can you catch a Tier 8 horse BDO?

You can obtain a Tier 8 horse in the following ways: Once a baby horse is ready to be collected, select the female horse and press ‘Receive Foal’. With Horse Breeding, both Male and Female horses will remain, and the new foal will join them in the stable.

Where are the best horses in BDO?

It’s best to try for horses in more “hidden” locations like Bandit’s Den Byway, Ancient Stone Chamber and south of Olvia on the mountain side. The three locations south of Glish are also good.

How does horse breeding work BDO?

There are 3 different ways of breeding horses in Black Desert: Breed a female horse you own with another players male horse from the Breeding Market (your female horse will require at least 1 breeding count) Breed a female and male horse in your own stable. Pay 35,00 and LOSE both horses to receive a foal.

How do you get your horse out of the water in BDO?

You can try to call your horse to you (if it’s close enough) and prevent it from drowning. This can work even if it’s a steep embankment. To call it you just left click the horse icon on your UI. It won’t always work though.

What level can you ride a horse BDO?

Before players can tame their own horse, they must first obtain Beginner 5 Training. This is accomplished by riding a horse or donkey until it levels up, which provides the player with training experience.

How do you tame a horse in BDO?

Step-by-Step Process of Taming a Horse

  1. Once you have found a horse to tame, equip the taming rope and get close to the wild horse.
  2. If the horse is not running away from you, throw the capturing rope at the horse.
  3. Once you have the horse successfully roped.
  4. Eventually the horse will animate by standing on its hind legs.

What is the highest tier horse you can catch in BDO?

The highest tier you can currently tame is tier 5. Sometimes they will have events where you can rarely obtain a tier 6.

Is horse breeding profitable BDO?

The general consensus seems to be that Training can be profitable, but pales in comparison to other Life Skills like gathering, etc.

How much is a Tier 8 horse?

Only male horses are available on the Breeding Market. Horse Breeding Market Prices: Tier 8 L30: 48.9 million silver. Tier 8 L30 Courser: 176.3 million silver.

BDO Horse Taming: How to Capture a Wild Stallion

(This article was authored by Eminent (u/CadeGuitar), who graciously released a Horse Training Guide in ” Eminent’s Life Skill Guide ” as part of his charitable endeavors.) A horse taming guide would be incomplete if it did not mention sugar lumps, which is perhaps the most contentious issue in the Life Skill — and which is discussed in this guide. In the training world, there are essentially two groups of people to choose from.

  1. People who believe that giving a certain number of sugar lumps greatly enhances the chances of capturing the horse
  2. People who believe that sugar lumps have no influence on the success rate of taming the horse

It’s critical to recognize that both groups of individuals believe in tinfoil hats and conspiracy theories. Having stated that, I am a member of the second camp. The following is a broad description of how taming success is accomplished (remember this is all tinfoil, and literally no one can tell you the exact way things work).

  • As soon as you toss the rope, the timer begins to count down. As you progress through the minigames and approach the horse, a timer is constantly ticking in the background
  • This is a game about patience. If you attempt to mount the horse before 30 seconds have elapsed, you will be unsuccessful
  • If you arrive between 32 and 38 seconds, your odds of success increase significantly.

It is most likely that the presence of lumps of sugar has absolutely no influence on the overall success rate. Feeding the horse sweets, on the other hand, requires only a few seconds of animation time. In other words, utilizing sugar lumps is more likely to place you in the proper period for when you should get on your horse. To put it another way, rather of wasting time and coin on manufacturing sugar lumps, you may just use a timer to keep track of how long it has been since you began the taming process.

  1. Many people believe that various Tiers of horses have varied peak performance times when it comes to winning races.
  2. This all seems to point to one conclusion, which is that the majority of the taming community survives solely on tinfoil.
  3. In truth, 99 percent of players simply go with their gut instincts rather than conducting significant research and data gathering.
  4. When it comes to timings, I don’t bother myself with doing them differently for various Tier horses.
  5. My strategy is to attempt to mount the horse at a rate of around 33 seconds.
  6. It’s vital to understand that no matter which approach you use (sugar or sugarless), random number generation (RNG) will always come back to haunt you.
  7. Additionally, some horses are simply really resistant.
  8. I swear there are certain horses who despise me.
  9. While the no-sugar technique is unquestionably effective, not everyone enjoys keeping track of every catch with a stopwatch.

This might result in additional mental effort, which can make taming more demanding than enjoyable. Even though employing sugar is less efficient in the long run, if it allows you to tame for a longer period of time without being fatigued, you’ll end up with a better final result.

Black Desert Online Horse Taming and Breeding Guide

This article will walk you through the process of taming and breeding horses in Black Desert Online.

Taming Preparation

Horse Taming is a fun activity in Black Desert Online that not only allows you to obtain additional horses for your trade wagons, but it also allows you to breed horses together to raise them to higher tiers as they breed together. It is necessary to complete the following conditions before beginning your horse taming career. 1. Have a level of 20. 2. Training for Beginners at Level 5 (includes: (Press P and look under Profession) If you are not yet at Beginner Level 5, simply ride the donkey you received from Velia around the area until you reach level 5 of the game.

  1. 3.
  2. The rope you’ll need to buy will set you back 1500 silver each piece.
  3. Lump of Sugar can only be made using raw sugar and mineral water, therefore you’ll need some silver to purchase them.
  4. Be prepared to travel long distances.
  5. Once tamed, the wild horse(s) will vanish and reappear in 2 hours, depending on the location.

Capturing Rope and Lump of Sugar

To begin taming horses, you will just require a Capturing Rope and a lump of sugar. Rope for Capturing This item may be purchased from any Stable Keeper in cities and towns such as Olivia, Velia, and Heidel, among others. To locate the Stable Keeper, tap the NPC button on your minimap and choose Stable from the drop-down menu. This will point you in the direction of the nearest Stable Keeper. The store symbol should be selected while engaging with a Stable Keeper; however, not all staple keepers have this feature; only those located in towns and cities do.

  1. This should cost you 15 thousand silver dollars.
  2. a lump of unprocessed sugar Lump of Raw Sugar is something that has to be made from scratch by the consumer.
  3. You will need to acquire 1 Minerial Water and 10 Raw Sugar (not Sugar) per Lump of Raw Sugar if you want to manufacture Lump of Raw Sugar.
  4. You may purchase them from the kitchen NPC in a town or city, which you can locate by pressing the NPC button and selecting cooking from the menu.

You will not be able to divide stacks here, but don’t worry, the surplus will not be eaten. You’ll most likely want to produce 10 Lumps of Raw Sugar to go along with the 10 Capturing Ropes, which you can find instructions for here. This will provide you a total of ten attempts at taming.

Finding Wild Horses

Now that you have a Capturing Rope and a Lump of Raw Sugar in your possession, it is time to go out and find some wild horses to tame. The Wild Horses may be found in a variety of locales, as shown below. It is possible for between one and four horses to appear at each area, with each horse having a respawn time of two hours after it has been captured and trained. 1. To the west and north of Heidel These are heavily disputed territories, and it is doubtful that you will come across many horses.

  • South of the town of Olvia If you are unable to locate any in the immediate vicinity of Heidel and do not have the resources to go to some remote regions, you may be able to locate one in the mountains south of Olivia.
  • To the south of Glish.
  • To the east of Trent The Mountains Are Climbing 5.
  • 6.

Horse Taming

You come across your first wild horse while armed with a catching rope and a Lump of Raw Sugar (which I would recommend putting on hotbars for ease of usage). What are you going to do?

Wild Horse Tiers

I think the wild horses in North America and Europe are only in Tiers 1-3 at the moment, so you could get lucky and obtain a Tier 3, but in order to move further, you will need to get into horse breeding. Make use of this chart to determine which color of horse reacts to which tier in order to determine the tier of the wild horse you are about to approach. As an example, sometimes it is not worthwhile to purchase a Tier 1 horse.

Video Demonstration

Using this movie, you will be able to observe several aspects of taming that cannot be well expressed in words and will be able to watch the approach outlined below demonstrated.

The Taming Processing

The First Minigame is titled When you come across a wild horse, you should go as near as possible to it and equip your Capturing Rope (putting it on the hotbar by dragging it from the inventory and placing it on your hotbar is recommended). Check to see that the horse isn’t racing away from you before aiming your rope at the horse and pressing the left mouse button to start the game. If everything is done correctly, you will be presented with a minigame in which you must push the spacebar when the grey thingie is inside the red section.

You can only play the minigame once per rope, so make the most of it.

  • If the horse is moving around or racing away from you, make sure the rope doesn’t catch on to it because if it does, the horse will be out of range and you will fail instantly.

The Second Minigame has been released. The next section is extremely crucial. Do not hit the spacebar immediately. This is the most common reason why so many individuals fail to successfully tame their first time. You want to begin heading approach the horse and keeping an eye out for any movement. After noticing that the horse’s front hooves are raised, and only when you notice that the horse elevate its hooves, hit the spacebar to begin the second minigame.

  • I squandered a lot of catching ropes by pushing the spacebar right away, and the taming would fail almost shortly.

When you push the spacebar, the second minigame begins, and you must keep pressing the spacebar in order for the indication to remain on the right side of the bar at all times. You must sustain this for a total of 10 seconds, which is quite simple given that you are only pushing the spacebar and no other buttons (make sure you are not holding down W). In some cases, depending on your distance from the horse, you may have to repeat this second minigame if the horse raises its front hooves again.

Instead of using it immediately from my inventory, I had to hotbar it in order to have it work properly. If everything goes according to plan, you may click R to mount the horse. There are two ways in which this final step might go wrong.

  • Getting on the horse too soon can result in taming failing because you climbed on it too quickly
  • Alternatively, taming can simply fail and you will be kicked off the horse if you approach and mount it too rapidly (i.e. you were close to the horse when you lassoed it with the rope). The use of a lump of raw sugar reduces the likelihood of this occurring.


Once you have successfully tamed the wild horse, you should transport it to a nearby stable (use the NPC look up function). During your conversation with the Stable keeper, you will be given the choice of registering the Wild Horse. Unfortunately, you will not be able to determine the gender of the seized horse until after it has been registered. If you’re running out on available stable areas, consider relocating. Make certain that you acquire a Horse Ranch in one of the town/cities listed above.

The three slots will remain in place by default throughout the rest of the world.

Storing Horses in Stables

If you keep your horse in a certain stable, you must bring it back to the same stable to reclaim it. The horse will not be transported from one stable to another via a mystical gadget, as is commonly believed. If you are unclear which stable holds your horse, simply inquire at any stable and you will be informed as to where your horse is kept.

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Alternatively, if you are running out of room in your stable or are dissatisfied with your seized horse, you may sell it to stables in town/cities nearby. Tier 1 Males, in general, will not sell well, whereas Tier 1 Females and upwards can sell rather quickly. The reason for this is that all of the Tier 5 horses available for pre-order are males, while females are less frequent and can only reproduce once in their lifetime (twice for males).

Horse Gear

For 10k-30k silver, you may acquire basic horse equipment from the stable keepers in towns and cities if you boost your amenity level with them sufficiently. For example, the Heidel one (Izaro near the docks) requires 100/300 Amenity, which is rather simple to obtain by raising the appropriate issues. For better ones, you will need to create them using the Horse Gear Workshop, which I will describe in greater detail in a subsequent tutorial.

  • The use of a saddle boosts turning speed, HP, and stamina. Stirrups allow you to fight while riding a horse and boost braking power
  • The horseshoe improves the speed of movement. Champron improves the speed of the vehicle. Barding increases the amount of DP

Breeding Horses

Breeding horses provide you with the opportunity to obtain higher Tier horses. In the world of tiers and levels, there is a divide. By running about, you can level up a horse to a maximum of 30 levels, however you cannot alter the tier of the horse you are riding. The tier is decided at the time of birth or capture, to put it another way. For a higher tier horse, breed two lower tier horses who have high levels of performance in order to achieve it.

Breeding Rules

Females can only reproduce once, but men can reproduce twice in the natural course of events (might be able to reset this with a pearlshop item). The fact that female horses are in such high demand is one of the reasons behind this. You may avoid breeding the horses one more time above their limit by using the Exchange method, which kills both parents. Furthermore, in addition to the parents’ tiers, the level of the parents at the time of breeding might have an impact on the tier of the children.

Having a chance to breed Level 30 Tier 4 horses will increase your chances of getting a Tier 7 horse.

If you breed two Tier 1 horses, there is a possibility that you will have Tier 1 offspring, even if the parents are of lower quality. There is a horse breeding simulator available for you to experiment with:

Self-Breeding Setup

You must ensure that the following items are properly configured for breeding.

  1. Have a horse that is both female and masculine
  2. There must be a common stable for both horses. Because of the foal, you have an extra space in the stable. Both horses have plenty of stamina left. Perhaps you’ll need to utilize the Stable’s recovery option or give them some carrots.

After that, you must right-click on your male horse in the stable and choose Register at Breeding from the drop-down menu. This will register them with the Breeding Market, which will subsequently allow your female horse to apply for mating with another male horse. This might cause problems since other players may be able to shoot your male horse in order to mate with their female horse. Fortunately, there is a way to list it for only yourself, but you will have to spend 35k silver in order to do so.

Breeding with Another Player

If you don’t have a male horse, you may simply utilize the Breeding Market to mate your female horse with a male horse that is already posted on the market, if you don’t already have one. To begin breeding, simply click on the appropriate icon.

Exchange Horse

Using the swap option, you can breed your horse one final time if you have exhausted all of your breeding efforts on that particular horse. This will instantly kill both parents and result in the birth of a new horse without the need to wait. You should only do this if you have exhausted all other options for breeding your horse. The trade will cost a total of 35k silver dollars.

Tiers and Appearance

Horses of various tiers have drastically varied looks. This is not a comprehensive list of all tiers, but it will give you a general sense of what you may anticipate. Ayalet, a reader, also put together a chart listing all of the tier horses and their appearances for future reference.

BDO Horse Taming Guide + Location Maps!

The art of training a horse in Blood Dragon Online is a satisfying aspect of the game, and it is essential important if you want to conserve your silver and produce better rank horses. The directions in this tutorial will take you through the process of taming horses step by step, and you’ll also get detailed maps for over 20 distinct horse locations. (Update: Additional Kama sites have been added!) (Warning! Taming has an addicting quality. It got to the point where I had 40 low-tier horses in my numerous barns at one time.) In the video below, I’ve also simplified the information and demonstrated how to tame a horse in detail.

To go to that area, scroll below.

Get Ready to Tame a Horse

It is necessary to have at least Beginner Level 5 in the “Training” skill line in order to tame a wild horse. By just riding your donkey or horse about, you may easily progress through the levels. You may purchase a donkey for a modest fee from any stable, or you can obtain one by completing beginning tasks in Velia. Once you’ve reached the appropriate level, you’ll require the following items:

  • Sugar lumps – either make them yourself (which is suggested) or get them from a market at a considerably greater price. Capturing rope may be obtained from any stable
  • And

To produce sugar lumps, you’ll need raw sugar and mineral water, which you can get from your local grocery store. Velia’s Inn’s cook (David Finto) or a store worker (Vangelas) waiting by the entrance inside the Inn at Heidel are both good places to buy them from. These ingredients are also available for purchase from other cookery NPCs across the realm. 1 sugar lump may be made by mixing 10 raw sugar with 1 mineral water (more can be made if your processing level is high and/or if you are using buffs).

As your skills improve, you will only only a single rope for the majority of horses, but you will always require four lumps of sugar each horse.

Most recommendations – including the stable manager in Glish — recommend using three lumps of sugar, but we’ve found that four lumps of sugar yields a greater success rate.

Steps for Taming a Horse

The following is a step-by-step procedure for taming:

  1. Prepare your hot bar by putting your rope and sugar lumps there. Be cautious when approaching the horse
  2. If you come too closely, the horse may startle and run away. When aiming at the horse, push the number on the rope that you previously set, and a little red crosshair will emerge. Your character will start swinging a lasso and will begin to move more slowly at this point. When you’re ready to toss the rope, click the left mouse button, then press the space bar when the meter reaches the “good” region (exactly as in the fishing mini game)
  3. In order to advance oneself closer to the horse, you must hit W when the horse’s front hooves are flat on the ground
  4. Else, you will be thrown off the horse. Whenever the horse rears up on its hind legs, you must press “Space” and then maintain the meter in the “win” region by continually hitting the Space bar until the timer runs out. If the horse rears up on its front legs, you must press “Space.” Continue to play until the timer reaches zero and the mini-game has disappeared from the screen. Immediately once the horse has stopped rearing, continue going forward. When you approach near enough to the horse’s head, you’ll notice a circle menu emerge over its head. You are now able to communicate with the horse. If you don’t want to try to mount right now, you can feed sugar lumps. Feed the horse sugar lumps (we recommend 4) one at a time, while keeping an eye on the cooling. You should wait a few of seconds between each lump before delivering the next one. Mount the horse by carefully walking around it to the side of it and pressing R on your keyboard. The horse will either accept you or kick you in the shins if you refuse to cooperate. If you get tossed out, you have to start again from the beginning.

Horse Taming Without Sugar: You may have heard that it is possible to tame horses without using sugar. True, however various ways work for different individuals, and we’ve seen that some methods inexplicably stop working after a patch. who knows what’s going on. In fact, we can confirm that taming a horse may be accomplished by just standing near to the animal and waiting at least 45 seconds before attempting to saddle it. Some “tells,” such as the horse elevating a leg or dropping its head gently, are effective for some individuals while others are not.

Once your horse has been tamed, it becomes your property — but you must first register it at a stable that has an available slot.

Travel at a leisurely pace, as it will not run quickly.

That’s all there is to it!

Wild Horse Locations

There are eight distinct varieties of horses in Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (see which ones they are here), all of which may be found at the areas listed below. The capture of a horse results in the respawn of a new horse two hours after the first capture. Some neighborhoods are more well-liked than others. The Marni Cave Path, for example, is located just off the road between Keplan and Calpheon, making it quite convenient for visitors to grab a horse and ride it to one of the nearby stables. It is preferable to look for horses in more “secret” spots such as Bandit’s Den Byway, Ancient Stone Chamber, and the mountainside south of Olvia.


After being addicted to the process of locating and training horses, Sofianna and I devised a few of circuits that appear to be rather successful: 1) Heidel/Olvia/Velia (Balenos and North Serendia); 2) Southern Serendia (Balenos and North Serendia). 3) The adjacent territory of Calpheon, and 4) Mediah North. Because there are more places and they are closer together, the first circuit is the simplest because it contains the most information. The Calpheon circuit is the most time-consuming, yet it is quite beneficial for leveling the horse you are riding.

Balenos North Serendia is a town in the province of Serendia.

Individual Locations

Here are the separate location maps, as well as a screenshot of horses in the area for your convenience and information. When you are galloping through dense foliage, this can really help you pinpoint where the horses are. Heidel Map shows a hill to the northwest of the city. Map of Horses Heidel Horse Location is located on a hill northwest of Heidel Horse. Map of the Cow Farm West of Heidel Horses Location of the Cow Farm west of Heidel Horses Detailed Horse Map of Lynch Farm Ruins Lynch Farm Ruins Horse Location Lynch Farm Ruins Horse Map of the Bandit’s Den Byway Bandit’s Den Byway Horse Location is located on the Bandit’s Den Byway.

Map of the Olvia / Florin Ridge Horses Location of the Olvia / Florin Ridge Horses Horse Map of the Southwestern Gateway Horse Stables in the Southwestern Gateway Horse Map of the Serendia Shrine Forest Location of the Serendia Shrine Forest Horse Horse Map to the West of the Southwestern Gate Horse Stables are located west of the Southwestern Gate.

Horse Map for the Marni Cave Path Horse Location on the Marni Cave Path Trent Hill Map with Horses Site of the Trent Hill Horses Map of the Epheria Port Hill Horses Map of the Epheria Port Hill Horses Map of the Northern Media Horses Location of the Northern Media Horse Location of the North Media Cliffside Horses Horse Map of the North Media Cliffside Mediah Castle Inlet is a small inlet on the coast of Scotland.

1 Horse’s Geographical Location Mediah Castle Inlet is a small inlet on the coast of Scotland.

Map of Two Horses Mediah Castle Inlet is a small inlet on the coast of Scotland.

Map of the Stonebeak Shore Horses Stonebeak Shore Horse’s Geographical Location Horse Map of the Navarn Steppes Equine Location on the Navarn Steppe Horse Map of the Caduil Forest Caduil Forest Horse Location Caduil Forest Horse Horse Map of the Manshaum Forest Horses in the Manshaum Forest can be found in the following locations:

Horse Taming – BDFoundry

Taming horses can be difficult at first, and you may end up wasting a lot of time and resources. I strongly advise you to completely study this advice before attempting to tame a horse. If you are looking for a more in-depth guide on horses, I recommend that you look at ourTraining guide. You may continue this quest line which will teach you how to tame horses and offer you some prizes for finishing them: Have you ever. tamed a wild horse before? However, you will need novice 6 training to start so ride around on your donkey/horse to level it and acquire some EXP in training if you don’t match the criteria.

  1. To purchase the capturing rope, first speak with the stable hand, and then go to the shop and spend 1,500 silver on one.
  2. If you want to make the lump of raw sugar, you’ll need to visit a food merchant (cooking merchant) and purchase all of the ingredients necessary for the recipe.
  3. I recommend making 3 to 4 lumps of raw sugar for each horse in your herd.
  4. Now you should have all the materials you need.
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Check out the BDFoundry Interactive Map for horse spawn locations.

Starting out with horses may be difficult, and you may find yourself wasting valuable resources. Before attempting to tame a horse, I strongly advise you to read this instruction completely. If you are seeking for a more in-depth information on horses, I recommend that you look at ourTraining section. It is possible to complete the following quest line, which will teach you how to tame horses and provide you with some rewards when you do so: Have you ever. tamed a horse or ridden a horse? In order to get started, you will need beginning 6 training, so ride about on your donkey/horse to level it up and acquire some EXP in training if you don’t satisfy the criteria right away.

The catching rope may be purchased for 1,500 silver by speaking with the stable hand and then going to the shop.

If you want to make the lump of raw sugar, you’ll need to visit a food merchant (kitchen merchant) and purchase all of the necessary components for the process.

The amount of raw sugar I recommend each horse is 3 to 4 lumps. You may then pick “Heating” from the crafting menu after you have all of the supplies. To begin, right-click on the ingredients you’ve purchased and select “Start.” You should now have everything you need to complete your project.

Check these out before you go!

Black Desert Online, like many other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, contains a mount system. Horses are, in fact, the most common mode of transportation in the BDO community. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, and levels. Despite the fact that the customizing method is far from the complicated system allocated for character development, there is sufficient diversity to satisfy everyone. What’s intriguing is that there are a handful of various ways to obtain horses in Black Desert Online.

How To Get a Horse

Transferring your horse from a donkey is something that you may do in several different ways.


A Tier 1 horse may be purchased at a horse stable. It will cost you 15,000 silver, and it will be unappealing to most people. Beginner horses are only available in two colors: brown and grey. They are not available in any other colors. Everything is dependent on the insignia you choose. Furthermore, Tier 1 horses are born with a basic speed of 94 percent, which is a bit on the low side.

Free Reward

A horse is now available for free if you do not choose to spend your silver money. You may not be aware of it, but a free horse is included in the welcome package for your new player. A horse symbol will be awarded to you when you have played for two days from your brand-new account. There are several additional presents available in the rewards window, which you may access by clicking on the rewards button. The horse insignia may then be redeemed and exchanged for your first horse mount, if you haven’t already.

There is, of course, a third alternative.


Consider the following scenario: you want something better than a Tier 1 horse, but you don’t want to pay a lot of cash. What does a 7,500-silver horse’s voice sound like? When it comes to BDO, that’s how much it costs to tame a horse (if you’re lucky). In principle, it’s less expensive, and you can obtain basic speeds ranging from 104 percent to 109 percent faster. Taming, on the other hand, is a more involved procedure that may not be ideal for new gamers. Furthermore, you must have achieved at least level 20 in the game and have acquired a few things along the way to be eligible.

  1. From the Stable, you may purchase lassos and carrots. Horse herds should be sought out in the wide areas. Make direct contact with one of the horses to have a 50% probability of starting the taming process
  2. As an alternative, feed the horse four times to get it to calm down first. To begin the mini-game, toss the lasso in the air. Maintain concentration and play the taming mini-game
  3. To quickly fill the meter, press the Space Bar button several times. To get near enough to the horse to feed it, keep playing mini-games until you reach close enough. To make an attempt to mount the horse

Remember that completing the mini-games successfully does not ensure that you will be able to tame the horse. When attempting to capture a wild horse in BDO, it is critical to have extra lassos and carrots on hand at all times.


The intricacy of BDO is what has contributed to the success of the MMORPG among its player base. The mount breeding system in the game is one of the most fun systems to play with. It is possible to breed a better horse if purchasing or taming don’t appeal to you at this time. Make a note of how much your comprehension of mares and their breeding points will depend on your ability to breed successfully. Mares can only give birth to a certain number of horses. But, how does the process of breeding work?

Then you may go to the Breeding Market and rent a male horse for the night, which will save you money.

It might take up to three hours to complete the breeding process.

Following that, you’ll be given a new mount. There will be just one beginning skill assigned to the new horse, and its gender will be determined at random. It is entirely up to you whether you want to mount the new horse or sell it on the market to get some additional money.


A relatively recent approach of getting your hands on a horse is to use a horse-trading service. It’s pricey, as it costs around 100,000 silver to produce. You may, however, rent some very spectacular horses from other players for a period of up to a week.

  1. Pay a visit to a stable caretaker
  2. In the newly opened box, select the “Rent” option. From there, select “Rental List” from the drop-down menu. Make a note of any horses that you like or that you can afford on the list
  3. Rent the mount of your choice between Tier 1 and Tier 8 for the day.

It is still possible to earn experience when riding a hired horse. The mount, on the other hand, will be restricted to the equipment chosen by its owner.

How to Get a Horse in Black Desert Mobile

The taming and breeding mechanisms in BDO Mobile are extremely identical to those found in the core game, with only a few small variations here and there. As an example, to catch a wild horse, you’ll need horse taming rope and sweets, among other things (not carrots.) To maximize your chances of successfully taming the horse, you must take the same steady approach.

  1. Find a herd that is out in the open
  2. Slowly make your way closer. When requested, provide sugar
  3. After the horse has been fed three to four times, tie the lasso around it. Completing the mini-game is essential.

It’s important to note that the likelihood of successfully taming a horse decreases by 10% as the horses’ tiers or ranks climb. If you already have female and male mounts registered in Black Desert Mobile, you may use them to breed horses in the game. If this is the case, proceed to your own camp. Make certain that you have two horses of the same level and tier, or else the trick will not work for you. Before beginning the breeding process, it is necessary to empty the horses’ stockpiles.

How to Get a Horse Saddle

Mounts are equipped with five slots for functional equipment in Battlefield 2. While some things just modify the appearance of the character, others have an impact on their stats. To give an example, the saddle has an effect on three statistics: maximum HP, maximum stamina, and maximum turn rate. It should be one of the first pieces of equipment you purchase for your mount. If you happen to already own a camel, you can simply transfer the saddle from your camel to your horse to complete the transformation.

However, if you do not have access to one, there are alternative options available.

Alternatively, if your character has enough Amity to unlock saddles, you can purchase a saddle from a stable keeper.

If you spend enough time in the game and accumulate enough materials, you will be able to make your own horse saddle.

Black Desert How to Get Horse Armor?

Obtaining horse armor is accomplished in a manner similar to that of acquiring saddle armor. A separate store may be found in each of the stalls. It’s typically possible to pick up some quite basic horse armor from that location. However, in order to obtain the equipment you desire, you must first reach a particular degree of friendship with your character. Armor that has been crafted has much superior stats. First, you must acquire the Horse Armor Crafting House in order to begin your crafting journey.

With this information, you may look at different armor sets to determine which resources are necessary for each. Each armor component has its own set of materials that it is made of. Find them, store them in your warehouse, and then assign a worker to create the needed item from scratch.

You Can Get Lost in the Mount Mechanics

Mounts in BDO are quite different from those seen in other massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Yes, they both provide the same fundamental purpose of transportation. BDO, on the other hand, takes it to a whole new level. Horses, camels, donkeys, and other mounts may be used to navigate about the game world, participate in battle, race, and do other tasks. The intricacies of making and breeding can consume a significant amount of your time. But they also provide a new depth to the game and a wealth of additional side material for you to discover and enjoy.

Which of your breeding experiments was the most successful?

Step by Step Horse Taming Guide

Horse taming may be accomplished in a few easy steps.

  1. You’ll thank me later if you remember to put your rope and sugar on your ability bar. Find a horse to ride
  2. Go at a reasonable proximity to the horse (if you get too near, it will bolt). As you get more expertise, you’ll learn how to approach as near to the animal as possible without frightening it away)
  3. Equip the rope from your toolbar, then click to toss the rope at the horse. We waited until now to equip it since it makes you move very slowly while it is on your person
  4. If you want to play the first minigame, just hit space while the bar is in the red zone (it’s pretty much the same as the fishing minigame)
  5. If you want to play the second minigame, press space when the bar is in the green zone. If you were successful in the first minigame, you should go to the horse. Ultimately, the aim is to walk all the way there. As you approach closer, it’s possible that a second minigame may occur (probably more than once). Simply pressing the spacebar as quickly as possible will enough for this one. Once you’ve made it all the way to the horse, use three or four sugar lumps from your bar before attempting to ride the animal. If you are successful, you must return the horse to a Stable Keeper in order to register it. You will not receive any Training experience points until the horse has been registered. If you did not succeed the first time, try the process with a new rope. (You will know if you have failed horse taming if the horse kicks you in the face and bolts away from the arena)

Reading about it may make it appear complex, but after you’ve done it once or twice, you’ll have it down pat. – If you would prefer a visual approach, Violet Astray has also created a video guide for catching horses that you can watch on YouTube. Taming Techniques While the information above covers the most of what you need to know about capturing horses, there are a few additional recommendations that can help make the process go more easily for you. In the first place, after you have completed the process of catching a horse (i.e., you have completed the minigames and climbed onto its back), you are not required to ride the horse all the way back to a Stable Keeper.

The tamed horse will accompany you all the way to your destination.

Because tamed horses are exceedingly sluggish until they are registered, this will save you a significant amount of time and frustration (especially if the horse was caught a long ways away from a Stable Keeper).

In the training world, there are essentially two groups of people to choose from.

  1. People who believe that giving a certain number of sugar lumps greatly enhances the chances of capturing the horse
  2. People who believe that sugar lumps have no influence on the success rate of taming the horse

It’s critical to recognize that both groups of individuals believe in tinfoil hats and conspiracy theories. Having stated that, I am a member of the second camp. The following is a broad description of how taming success is accomplished (remember this is all tinfoil, and literally no one can tell you the exact way things work).

  1. As soon as you toss the rope, the timer begins to count down. As you progress through the minigames and approach the horse, a timer is constantly ticking in the background
  2. This is a game about patience. If you attempt to mount the horse before 30 seconds have elapsed, you will be unsuccessful
  3. If you arrive between 32 and 38 seconds, your odds of success increase significantly.

It is most likely that the presence of lumps of sugar has absolutely no influence on the overall success rate. Feeding the horse sweets, on the other hand, requires only a few seconds of animation time. In other words, utilizing sugar lumps is more likely to place you in the proper period for when you should get on your horse.

To put it another way, rather of wasting time and coin on manufacturing sugar lumps, you may just use a timer to keep track of how long it has been since you began the taming process.

Black Desert Online: Beginner Horse-Taming Guide

Kristian has always enjoyed playing games, and he is confident that he will never grow out of his love of them! His ambition is to one day compete against a professional gamer. This Black Desert Online tutorial is intended to instruct and lead you through your first effort to catch and tame a wild horse. It is available in both English and Spanish. It covers the steps involved in gathering supplies, constructing the necessary materials, tracking down wild horses, catching them, and finally taming and training them.

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Depending on your needs, you may either utilize the horses to support you in your travels or sell them to gain some silver.

Continue reading to find out how to obtain and tame your first horse!

Getting Started

It is necessary to complete a few preliminary steps before beginning your BDO horse-taming journey and claiming your first wild horse. The qualifications that you will require are as follows:

  • A minimum character level of 20
  • Horse-training starter level 5
  • And a minimum character level of 20. In addition, there is a lump of sugar (which must be created by the player)
  • A capturing rope (which can be purchased from a store)
  • A net

Please continue reading to find out where you may obtain these ingredients and how to meet these requirements.

Achieving a Minimum Character Level of 20

It is necessary to have at least level 20 character level before you may catch, tame, and ride a wild horse in order to complete this quest. The most efficient method of accomplishing this is to completely finish the early quests. Most of the information for newer players is geared around teaching you how to play, which, if you are a new player, will be extremely beneficial to you whether or not you are interested in catching wild horses in the game itself. Furthermore, if you complete all of the objectives, you will be able to explore new places and get a horse insignia, which will be useful for your next step.

If you want to achieve level 20 as quickly as possible, simply grind enemies who have active experience boosts and you will reach level 20 quite quickly.

Horse Training Beginner Level 5

Before you can begin training your first horse, you must first achieve beginning level 5 in horse-training skills. This will necessitate the use of a horse or a donkey. At the case of a novice, you can earn them via organically questing and obtaining the horse symbol, or you can purchase one in a town for a relatively little sum of cash (10,000). Once you have your horse or donkey, all you have to do is ride it about for a while to progress in your training level. While playing the game, this may be accomplished in a natural manner, and it doesn’t take very long.

This stage should only be completed in a safe environment with carrots available for the horse’s consumption to ensure that the animal does not perish.

Carrots will help a horse regain his or her stamina. Because it might be a depressing experience to return to your game only to discover that your horse has passed away, exercise caution when planning your journey.

Ingredients: Lumps of Sugar

Following the procedures outlined above, you will have met the very minimal needed to begin taming your first wild horse! You will now need to acquire all of the ingredients that will be needed. This will require around 20,000 silver to cover the cost of the basic supplies. In order to begin, you will want lumps of sugar, since they will substantially boost your chances of successfully trapping a horse. A total of ten raw sugar and one mineral water will be required to make one of these treats.

Both of these raw ingredients are available for purchase from any cookery NPC in any town, regardless of location.

We recommend that you aim to obtain at least 7 – 12 lumps of sugar on your first few efforts because this procedure may be a bit of a learning experience that involves trial and error.

Ingredients: Capturing Rope

In addition, you will require a capturing rope. Purchase of these items may be made from the stable NPC for 1500 silver. When capturing and taming horses for the first time, it is advised that you take at least ten of them with you. This is similar to the situation with the lumps of sugar. The majority of people fail on their first attempt. Expect to lose a few lives until you have a handle on the game’s mechanics. Rope for Capturing

Finding Horses

You will be able to capture and tame a wild horse if you have completed all of the requirements listed above. The most difficult phase in this approach is locating a wild horse herding area. This may be rather difficult due to the fact that many other players are also attempting to acquire and tame horses. Horses spawn in horse spawn places in groups ranging from one to four horses. Once a horse has been captured and tamed, it will take approximately 2 hours before it will respawn, making it a very competitive process to find a horse when other players are attempting to do the same thing as you.

Many people have put up excellent resources to help people discover wild horses in their area.

Going to higher-level locations can boost your chances of success, but it will need you to travel for a longer period of time.

Step-by-Step Process of Taming a Horse

  1. Once you have located a wild horse to tame, equip the taming rope and approach the wild horse as closely as possible. The horse should not be rushing away from you at this point, thus it is advised that you hot key the rope. If the horse is not going away, toss the catching rope at the horse. As soon as the small bar reaches the marked location, you will be sent to a little mini-game in which you must press the space bar to proceed. While it can be a bit challenging at first, you can anticipate to fail a couple of times before you finally get it right
  2. Nevertheless, once you’ve got it worked out, it’s not that difficult. As soon as you’ve properly roped the horse, you may ride away. You must begin walking in the direction of it. In the event that you push the space bar too soon, you will fail the capture attempt
  3. Eventually, the horse will animate by standing on its hind legs. When it does, hit the space bar to confirm. Once you’ve done so, another mini-game will begin, in which you’ll have to hit the space bar repeatedly in order to hold the bar on the right for around 10 seconds. If you are successful, you will be able to continue with your wild horse taming endeavors in the future. If you fail, you will lose and will have to start again from the beginning. It’s possible that you’ll need to try this second mini-game a few of times before you get the hang of how to get near enough to the horse. You should give it some sugar after you get near enough to it, according to the instructions (again useful if hot-keyed). As a result, you have a better probability of succeeding when you saddle it. You must now mount your seized horse. There’s a danger that you’ll come up short. It is unfortunate that success is entirely dependent on chance
  4. Nevertheless, providing the horse with the lump of sugar lessens your chances of failure
  5. If the horse allows you to mount it, it is now yours to keep, tame, and ride on. Congratulations

Storing Your Horse

At this point, you’ll most likely want to ride your horse to the local stable and register it with them. The possibilities with your new horse are virtually limitless from that point on. You may use it to ride, breed it with other horses, or sell it on the market if you want to make money. The number of spaces at each stable will be three, and you may acquire a horse ranch in a big city to boost your storage possibilities.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to determine the gender of your horse until after you have registered it. When it comes to breeding your horse, this is a crucial factor.


The activities of horse-taming and horse-breeding may be highly enjoyable and gratifying in the world of Black Desert Online. Even though this BDO tutorial covered the fundamentals of capturing and training your first horse, there is still a great deal more to learn about BDO horses, including horse items, horse gear, horses breeding, horses tiers, and other aspects of the game. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’ll be catching and training horses in BDO like an expert in no time. Of course, you can customize your horse with “real-world cash” and horse armor to make it appear even more elegant by purchasing them from the Steam store: 2017 is the year of the pig.

  • Kristian Howe (author) from the United Kingdom posted on June 5, 2017: Hello, Jocely.
  • I’ve just recently discovered BDO, but there are many parts of the game that are perplexing and not adequately described in-game, horse taming being one of them!
  • I cannot comment on the late-game material, as I have not had the opportunity to play it!
  • The auto-start option is also really convenient!
  • Kris Jocelyn Figueroa wrote the following on June 4, 2017 from New York, NY: Wow, this is really cool.
  • This is similar to the mount x9000.
  • However, I’ve heard that there is a significant learning curve.

Black Desert Online How to Get/Tame a Horse

Obtaining horses in Black Desert is the subject of this essay, which will cover the topic in detail.

Buying a Horse From The Marketplace

Obtaining horses in Black Desert is the subject of this piece, which will be discussed in detail.

Things You Need Before Taming a Horse

Taming horses is the second approach, and I’ll demonstrate it immediately for your consideration. You will require a few requirements in order to complete this task. One of them is that your character’s level must be at least twenty, and your training level must be at least beginning five in order to participate. To find out what level your character is at, go to the top-left corner of your computer screen. If you are not yet level twenty, though, I would recommend just grinding enemies or performing missions until you are.

If this isn’t at least novice level five, you’ll have to ride a mount to get it to the appropriate level.

Once you’ve gotten your affairs in order, the next thing you’ll need is a catching rope and a lump of raw sugar to complete your setup.

Using the Capturing rope, you will be able to capture the horse, and the lump of sugar will help to ensure that the horse does not push you off once you have attempted to mount it.

Capturing Rope

You will need to go to the stable manager and purchase a capturing rope for 1,500 silver in order to obtain the capture rope. I propose that you purchase at least 10 of them in case you fail in one of your attempts at achieving success.

Creating a Lump of Sugar

It will be necessary to heat the lump of raw sugar that you purchased. In order to accomplish this, you must first visit your local grocery store and get mineral water and raw sugar. In order to produce one lump of raw sugar, one mineral water must be combined with ten raw sugars. Again, make sure you have enough raw sugar for numerous tries. After you have gathered all of the components for your recipe, press L to bring up the cooking menu, and then select heating as your processing technique.

A lump of raw sugar may also be purchased on the open market, which should be mentioned as an alternative to making your own.

Finding a Wild Horse Hotspot

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, you’ll need to locate a wild horse hotspot. In order to assist you, below is a map showing where horses spawn, with the orange circles indicating the locations: Once you’ve arrived, you may add an extra layer of protection and turn on wild horses. Wild horses should be found in the orange patches on the map, which should be indicated by the color orange. Once you’ve decided on a destination, make your way there. If there are no horses in your region, it is likely that they have been tamed or that they have been murdered.

How To Tame a Horse

When you arrive at a horse hot zone, equip your capturing rope and point it at a horse that you wish to catch with it. Once you have sneered at a horse, you will be sent to a minigame in which you must hit the space button on the board in the blue spot given by the horse. Following that, you will need to use W to walk up to the horse, but if the horse’s rear legs rise, you will need to hit the spacebar, and another minigame will occur in which you will need to use the spacebar to win. As soon as you get close to the horse, the lump of raw sugar will be revealed to you.

It is suggested that you have at least five lumps of raw sugar on hand since if the horse kicks you off, you will have to start over from the beginning of the minigame.

If you are successful in mounting the horse, you should take it to your local stable manager to get it registered.

When you first saddle your new horse, you will notice that it walks quite slowly. If you have a horse, mount it, and the tamed horse will accompany you to your destination on its own. As opposed to having to deal with a slowly walking recently domesticated horse, this will be much more efficient.

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