How Much Is A Horse And Carriage Ride Downtown? (Perfect answer)

One of the fun and romantic things to do is downtown San Antonio is to take a carriage ride. On most days, the carriages line up on the streets surrounding Alamo Plaza and wait for people to approach them to ride. The cost is $25 per person who is riding. Children generally ride for free.

  • On most days, the carriages line up on the streets surrounding Alamo Plaza and wait for people to approach them to ride. The cost is $25 per person who is riding. Children generally ride for free.

How much are the carriage rides downtown Houston?

Basic Prices (2 Adults, 2 Children) It is $25 per adult for a 20-minute tour. One child (under 10) rides free with a paying adult. $50 Minimum charge.

How much is a horse-drawn carriage?

Horse and carriage rentals, on average, typically cost between $500 – $800 for 1 hour. However, this range can vary depending on your location, travel costs, carriage requests, and other requirements that are specific to your event. Before booking, discuss the breakdown of costs with the professional.

How much is a horse and carriage ride downtown St Louis?

Horse-drawn carriages offer leisurely, unobstructed views of many downtown sights. Rides for two: 30-minutes $50, one-hour $95; $5 for each additional person.

How much does a carriage cost?

The average new non-air-conditioned fiberglass buggy costs $7,000. The average price of a former Standardbred race horse is about $3,000. Add the harness: $500. Total for horse and carriage: $10,500.

What does a horse cost?

To buy a horse, you can expect to pay between $100 – $10,000, depending on the horse breed’s pedigree, how you are planning to use the horse, and your location. The average cost of a hobby-horse is about $3,000. According to Seriously Equestrian, the most expensive horse breeds can cost up to $250,000.

What is a horse and carriage called?

buggy, also called road wagon, light, hooded (with a folding, or falling, top), two- or four-wheeled carriage of the 19th and early 20th centuries, usually pulled by one horse. In England, where the term seems to have originated late in the 18th century, the buggy held only one person and commonly had two wheels.

How long is the Tilles Park carriage ride?

How long is the loop through the park? About one mile.

Which is cheaper horse or car?

Hands down, a horse is more expensive to own. The purchase price for a horse in many cases is significantly less than for a car, but the purchase price is the tip of the iceberg when talking about horses.

What is horse cart?

horse-cart – heavy cart; drawn by a horse; used for farm work. horse cart. cart – a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal. dray, camion – a low heavy horse cart without sides; used for haulage. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

Tours – Saint Louis Carriage Company

Allow us to tour you around Saint Louis. Discover the serene elegance of a horse-drawn carriage ride in the heart of historic downtown St. Louis, or take a trolley tour for educational purposes. Take a guided tour of St. Louis that is both instructive and entertaining with our professional tour guide. On Sundays through Fridays, tours are accessible at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 2:00 pm; on Saturdays, tours are available only at 10:00 am. Trolley Pickup is available. Union Statiion and The Ballpark Hilton are the designated drop-off places.

Adults pay $17.

*Ballpark Hilton pick-up is 10 minutes later than the given hours.

Our Trolleys are ideal for any occasion, including custom tours, weddings, corporate events, and parties.

  1. In order to make a group reservation, please call 314.241.1400.
  2. They are the ideal present for St.
  3. The carriage tours are provided every night of the week (weather permitting).
  4. Each extra passenger is $5.00 per person over the first two people shown in the price list.
  5. $50 Tour lasts 60 minutes.
  6. Tour Laclede’s Landing or the historic district of downtown St.
  7. Each extra passenger is $5.00 per person over the first two people included in the pricing.
  8. $70 Tour lasts 60 minutes.

Book A Horse Drawn Carriage

Since 1987, Brookdale Farms Carriage Company has been offering the highest level of horse-drawn carriage service to its customers. Our drivers are the best in the business and will ensure that you have a wonderful trip and many memorable memories.

Brookdale Carriage Services Offer Four Convenient Pick-up Locations

Busch Stadium: The Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark is located at 1 S Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102, near the junction of Broadway and Walnut Streets. The Old Spaghetti Factory is located at 727 North 1st Street. St. Louis, Missouri 63102 (USA). The Convention Plaza is located at 701 Convention Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri 6310. Please meet us in front of the stairwell on the St. Louis Riverfront. The ride rates are based on (2) riders (except for Celebration of Lights). The cost for each extra rider is $5.

Payment in full is required at the time of booking to secure your reservation.

Are you putting together a special event?

Call us at 636-938-1005 if you want to help you organize the perfect occasion.

*** Please be advised that online booking for our carriage rides in downtown St. Louis has been blocked until further notice and that pre-approval is required till further notice. Please contact us at 636-938-1005 to make a reservation for your downtown carriage trip.

Prices – walk up rides only « DFW Carriages

Busch Stadium: The Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark is located at 1 S Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102, near the junction of Broadway and Walnut. 727 North 1st Street is the address of the Old Spaghetti Factory. Address: 63102 St. Louis, MO 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63110 (Convention Plaza): Please meet us in front of the escalators on the St. Louis Riverfront. It is estimated that (2) passengers will be charged for this ride (except for Celebration of Lights). A $5 fee is charged for each extra rider.

  • When you make a reservation, you must pay in full to hold the space.
  • Is there something special you’re planned this year?
  • In order to organize the ideal occasion, please contact us at 636-938-1005.
  • Louis have been blocked until further notice and will require pre-approval.

Pricing from the Historic West End

$45 for a standard historical tour or a romantic carriage ride. The Standard Tour passes via the JFK Museum, Dealy Plaza, the Kennedy Memorial, the John Nealy Bryan Log Cabin, and the Dallas Skyline, with the “tour” being entirely optional for passengers. The Standard Tour is available year-round. You can also select the Romantic Option for this ride if you so want. Designed for couples or those who do not want the driver to disrupt the atmosphere of the carriage and sound of horse hooves clopping on the sidewalk, this option is ideal for you!

  1. Either option will take around 20 minutes.
  2. Thanksgiving Square, The Arts District, Pioneer Park (bronze cattle drive), or via Victory Park are all possible destinations for the 1/2-hour Romantic Ride.
  3. $100 for the Grand Tour Passengers who have an hour to spare can bring their favorite beverages or food baskets along for the voyage with them.
  4. In addition to historical tours, we may also arrange romantic rides or a combination of the two.

Prices from Klyde Warren Park

Tour of the Park – $35 per person In the literal sense, this is a ride around the park. It gives you a small sample of the neighborhood, including the Dallas skyline, the activities at Fair Park, and a few of the eateries in the surrounding vicinity. This ride will take between 12 and 15 minutes. Tour of a 5 Star Restaurant – $55 This journey will take you by some of the most popular dining destinations in the heart of the city. Although there are far too many to mention, this trip takes you through some of the most popular nighttime food establishments in town and also provides you with a taste of Uptown Living, which is difficult to describe.

  • Uptown Ride – $75 per person When you take the Uptown Ride, we take you to see everything you would see on the 5 Star Restaurant Tour, plus we give you an idea of what the Uptown Night Life is all about.
  • This trip will take around 35-40 minutes.
  • If you think that one of our staff is “under the influence,” please report it to the City of Dallas at (214) 670-3161, or contact our main number at (214) 441-9996, as soon as possible.
  • If you need to file a complaint with the city, you can do so at the Department of Aviation’s Transportation Regulation Division, which is located at the City Hall.

Your complaint can be filed by calling or faxing them at (214) 670-3161 or by dialing 311 to report it to the authorities. In the event that you require Wheelchair Accessibility, please call us at 214-441-9996. We will make the necessary arrangements for individuals who require help.

Central Park Carriage Rides

This post is a comparison of two of the most popular horse and carriage trips in Central Park. We outline what is included in a ride and then compare the top two companies, taking into account pricing and other features.

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  • Any of the prices we provide are inclusive of all applicable processing fees. Prices are for the carriage only, not for each individual. Depending on the model, carriages may accommodate four adults, one adult and six children, two adults and four children, or three adults and two children. In all cases, the carriages are private, and all businesses provide blankets for those who are traveling in chilly weather.

That’s useful to know. When arranging your trip, bear in mind that horses do not go out if the temperature is over 89 degrees Fahrenheit (31 degrees Celsius) or below 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius), if there is severe rain, or if there is a special event taking place in the park. Always keep an eye on the weather. In colder weather, this might be particularly crucial for night carriage journeys. The following are some of the highlights of most rides: Take a look at our self-guided tour of Central Park for an overview of what you could see on a carriage ride in the park.


This firm has the most alternatives for Horse and Carriage Tours and has an outstanding reputation based on customer reviews. Hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week. Rides are dispatched in shifts – the morning shift is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the evening shift is from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. It should be noted that there are fewer carriages than usual between the hours of 5:00 and 6:30 p.m. owing to the driver shift change. Horse and Carriage Rides (Prices are per carriage, which may accommodate up to 4 adults or 3 adults and 2 children under the age of 12) 15-20 Minute Ride – $57.4745-50 Minute Ride – $126.44 45-50 Minute Ride It is necessary to reserve rides in advance.

Please reserve your transportation by clicking here.

to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

  • 1-hour consultation: $125
  • Use the coupon code FTBFat at the checkout to receive a 20 percent discount. You will benefit from the driver’s extensive knowledge of the park. It’s time to take a break and snap some pictures. Reservehere

Reviews TripAdvisor has hundreds of 5-star ratings for Central Park Sightseeing, making it the second-highest-rated horse and carriage trip in New York City out of all the options. There used to be a number of businesses functioning in this area. Guests usually express their gratitude for the blankets and the simplicity with which they can go from the front desk to their driver.

NYC Adventures

In addition to short loops, standard/basic trips, and specialist services, this organization presently provides a variety of carriage rides in and around Central Park. They also provide carriage trips that will take you to places like Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., seven days a week. Tours In Central Park, there is a short loop carriage ride.

  • The cost is $119 for group of up to four persons. Availability: Every hour on the hour, every day of the week a total of 20 minutes in length

Horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park are standard.

  • The cost is $169 for group of up to four persons. Availability: Every hour on the hour, every day of the week Time commitment: 45 minutes

Carriage rides in Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square are all available.

  • The cost is $249 for group of up to four persons. There are two times available each night at 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm
  • The duration is 55 minutes.

With a romantic carriage ride around Central Park and complimentary champagne, what could be more romantic?

  • $289 per group of up to four individuals
  • Availability: every hour on the hour
  • Price: $289 per group of up to four people a time span of 50 minutes

Reviews Considering that NYC Adventures has received anything from 4.6 to 4.8 stars out of 5 stars on various review sites, you can be confident that they provide a dependable service (read reviews here). Guests have expressed appreciation for their carriage drivers’ professionalism and friendliness, noting that they are eager to answer inquiries about Central Park and New York City as they go through the park.

NYC Fancy Rides

This is another another firm that provides horse carriage rides in Central Park, and they now provide many various lengths of service that cover a significant amount of prominent land in and around the neighborhood. Time of day that the business is open

  • Monday through Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Tours include a carriage ride in Central Park with two photo stops.

  • The cost is $90 for group of up to four persons. Every half hour
  • Availability: On demand
  • Time commitment: 45 minutes

Ride in a private carriage in Central Park

  • It costs $105 for a party of up to four individuals and is available every half hour for a total of 55 minutes.

Carriage rides in Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square are all available.

  • The cost is $185 for group of up to four persons. Available every half hour from 8:00 pm until 12:00 am
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Availability:

Reviews NYC Fancy Rides has received ratings ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars out of 5, and the vast majority of its customers have stated that they provide an exceptional service (read reviews here). While some customers have complained that their drivers were unfriendly or uninformative, others have specifically mentioned their driver by name and have stated that this firm provides outstanding horse-drawn carriage trips.


Customers can expect complete satisfaction with ECO, which has over 10 years of expertise in the horse and carriage sector. The company’s guides are licensed, honest, pleasant, and extremely adaptable. A snapshot with the carriage is taken at the conclusion of every tour. In addition, they are the only one of the three firms that offers a price match guarantee on its products. They will match any and all of their rivals’ prices on the spot. Time of day that the business is open From 10 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week.

  • Long Ride (45 minutes) for $127.47
  • Short Ride (15-20 minutes) for $71.38
  • Long Ride (45 minutes) for $127.47

ReviewsThis establishment has received a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. In the reviews, people express how pleasant they found the journey, as well as how informed the tour instructors were. One of our guests commented on how prudent it is to plan the trips during the evening hours. NYC Horse Carriage Rides is an extra service provider. We hope you found this page to be helpful in your search for the best horse and carriage business for your needs. Keep in mind that riding a horse and carriage around Central Park is not the only method to see the park.

You can learn more about them here.

Also available are private Central Park Tours on foot or on bicycle, which may be requested here.

Central Park Horse and Carriage Rides

Horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park are a unique and historical way to take in the park’s splendor.

Make a beeline for well-known sights such as Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, and the Mall of America. Weddings, proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions may all be made into customized rides.


Each carriage will be thoroughly detailed and cleaned on a daily basis. After each ride, the seats will be sprayed with disinfectant, and hand sanitizer/wipes will be offered for passengers. Carriage coverings will not be deployed unless it is pouring or strongly snowing outside the building. Blankets will be cleansed and sprayed after each ride, on a regular basis. If you prefer not to use a blanket, we offer heated chairs available for your convenience. When the canopy is open, guests can also request to utilize both facilities at the same time.

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Pricing is Per Carriage*
Up to 30 Minutes: $120.00 Book Now
Up to 45 Minutes: $155.00 Book Now
Buy a Gift Certificate

Notes: Carriage capacity information is available at the time of purchase. Ride times are estimates, and variations may occur, particularly during the vacation season, as a result of the speed at which horsecarriage traffic moves.

Add-On Options

Add-ons are available at the time of purchase to personalize your experience.

Roses or Mixed Flowers

It is essential that you arrive on time. If you arrive late for your tour, drivers will not be able to accommodate your complete group. Why should you reserve a ride in advance rather than just showing up at the park? By pre-arranging, you may assure availability, allow for customization of your carriage journey, and ensure that you will have the carriage ride of your choice. Licensed and insured, everyone of our drivers is on the job. We make every effort to give you with the greatest customer service experience we can supply you with.

  • For pre-arranged carriage trips, the prices are calculated based on the usual walkup rates (see below), plus a charge for making the reservation in advance.
  • Add $22.99 for every additional ten minutes or fraction thereof above the original time.
  • The charges for walk-up customers remain unchanged.
  • For marriage proposals: Please allow 15 minutes extra time if you choose to exit the carriage to make your proposal (45 minute rides only).
  • Unless otherwise stated, gratuity is not included in the charge.
  • Policy on Cancellations: If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours, you will receive a full refund.
  • There are no reimbursements for cancellations made at the eleventh hour.


You will receive exact information about where to meet your driver in your confirmation email.NOTE:If you will not be reachable by phone on the day of your tour, please call the number in your confirmation email.

Getting Here

  • To 59th street/Columbus Circle, take the A, B, C, D, 1, 2, and 3 trains
  • The N, R, and Q trains to 57th and 7th
  • And the M5, M7, M10, M20, and M104 trains to 57th and 7th. Q32 Bus to Columbus Circle
  • Q32 Bus to Columbus Circle

Carriage Ride Regulations:

All rides are subject to the following laws, regulations, and ordinances of the City of New York: 1. Summer operating limits – No carriages are permitted to run when the temperature exceeds 89 degrees. During the summer months, it is recommended that you keep an eye on the weather forecasts. Frequently, the authorities will send the carriages home because the temperature is 87 degrees. 2. Winter limitations – No carriages are permitted to operate below 19 degrees Fahrenheit or during blizzard conditions.

Three, street closures may be caused by police blockades or visits by prominent political people in New York City who are visiting the city.

4.Carrier Capacity – Four (4) adults per carriage, or three (3) adults per carriage.

5.Rides begin at 10 a.m. on Mondays through Fridays, and at 9 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays6. There will be no rides below 34th Street. This is the law in New York City. Greensward Group, LLC retains ownership of the copyright from 2004 until 2022. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Louisville Horse Carriage, LLC Pricing

Horse-Drawn Carriage Service in Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Horse Carriage, LLCPricingThe cost of your Louisville Horse Carriage experience varies depending on the numbers of people and the length of the ride. The most popular tour is our 30 minute downtown ride which starts @ $50 for 2 – 3 people. Longer tours are also available.Weddings in the downtown area start at $150. Special events, corporate functions and events outside the downtown area are all custom designed and priced.Reservations are recommended but not mandatory. Gift certificates available.Stop back regularly for specials.Accepting Visa, Master CardDiscover
Persons 30 Minutes 45 Minutes
1-3 $ 50.00 $ 75.00
4 $ 60.00 $ 90.00
5 $ 70.00 $ 105.00
6 $ 80.00 $ 120.00
7 $ 90.00 $ 135.00
8 $ 100.00 $ 150.00
9 $ 110.00 $ 165.00
10 $ 120.00 $ 180.00
11 $ 130.00 $ 195.00
12 $ 140.00 $ 210.00
13 $ 150.00 $ 225.00
14 $ 160.00 $ 240.00
15 $ 170.00 $ 255.00
Hours of Operation
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Friday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Horse-Drawn Carriage Service in Louisville, Kentucky Louisville Horse Carriage, LLCLocated in Louisville, Kentucky 40290Call Us At:Before 5:00 PM (502) 581-0100 or After 5:00 PM (502) 741-4690ContactUs by Email
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We recognize that you have a plethora of alternatives for things to do in Chattanooga, and we are grateful that you have taken the time to look us up online. The Chattanooga Carriage Company will reward you with the most spectacular trip that is currently offered. We make no representations as to its accuracy. Horse Drawn Carriages are always available to take you on a lovely trip around downtown Chattanooga. Look for us in front of the Chattanooga Aquarium with many Horse Drawn Carriages. The Tennessee Aquarium serves as the starting point for all tours.

In addition to carriage rides on the weekend we offer photo opportunities and special occasion rides.Let us help you propose to your sweetheart, provide unique transportation to your prom or wedding or celebrate a birthday or anniversary.For more information please select a link below.

For weddings in the Chattanooga region, the best horse-drawn carriages are available. Hamilton, Bradley, Sequatchie, Bledsoe, Rhea, Walker, and Catoosa counties are served by this office.


When you want high-quality horse-drawn carriages for your picture session, you can rely on us to provide a large range of carriages and horses, as well as beautiful flowers, braids, and other treatments.


Utilize our carriages to add a touch of elegance to your important occasions and events such as: holidays, engagements, weddings, family picture sessions, reunions, proms, bar mitzvahs, and Quinceaneras.


View Chattanooga from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage! We may supply you with historical knowledge and great anecdotes about our city, or you can have a romantic journey with that special someone in a tranquil setting.


To have your loved one transported to their last resting place in the serenity and tranquility of a horse pulled hearse is a lovely and sentimental way to say goodbye to them.


With an elegant trip in a horse driven carriage, you can make your special event even more unforgettable for your guests. Our fully insured professional Coachman comes at your event in a formal tuxedo, ready to greet your guests. Our horses are exhibited in a high-quality silver and leather harness that is designed for the show ring. Our carriages are beautifully embellished with silk floral arrangements, making them suitable for any event. Signs that read “Just Married” are available upon request.


Our majestic draft horses and qualified drivers make these trips a popular among families throughout the day and a fantastic way to enhance a romantic evening out on the open road. Always search for the “76 Carriage Company” emblem or ask for us by name if you don’t know who we are. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Non-Reserved Rides departing at the carriage stand on the corner of 6th and Chestnut streets, directly across from Independence Hall. Monday through Friday, 10:30 a.m.

  1. 10:30 a.m.
  2. on Saturday and Sunday Evening hours: 6:30 p.m.
  3. Evenings in the Spring and Summer: 6:30pm – 9:00pm Fall/Winter A limited number of evening visits are provided upon request.
  4. We ask that you contact to confirm your reservation as well as to obtain the name of your chauffeur.
  5. There is a limited number of carriage trips available each day.
  6. Your private bus is driven by an experienced guide who will offer you with customized attention when you go on one of the interesting trips listed below.
  7. For 1 to 4 persons, the price is $60.00; for each extra person in the carriage, the price is $15.00.

Pricing information: $ 75.00 (for 1 to 4 persons) plus $19.00 for each extra passenger in the carriage.

The cost is $ 150.00.

Tour in the Evening: (1 hour) Evening prices and appointments are available by appointment only.

Tour of the Haunted Carriage Chauffeur-driven transportation $200 for up to four persons For each additional person, the cost is $50 per person.

$25 Description On your ghostly Carriage Tour, you’ll ride through the streets of old Philadelphia.

Explore 15 various locales, including Independence Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, Betsy Ross House, City Tavern, and others, to learn about the legends and ghost stories that have occurred there.

Tours begin at the carriage stand on the corner of 6th and Chestnut streets.

Included in the tour is our complimentary courtesy shuttle, which runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and is available from various locations across the city.

Gift Certificates are available in the following denominations: Carriage rides offer for a wonderful alternative for the ideal present for any occasion.

Allow 76 Carriage Company to offer you with the carriage trip of your dreams, whether you want to view the sights or cuddle up with your sweetheart.

Call the Gift Certificate Hotline at 215-923-8516 for more information. You acknowledge and accept the risks associated with horse activity under Pennsylvania Law.

Services and Pricing

Horse-drawn Carriages and Wagons are still in use today.

Special Occasions

Pricing can be obtained by contacting us. First impressions are irreplaceable, and this is precisely what people will think about you when you arrive in your luxurious coach! The perfect gift for anniversaries, proms, birthdays, historical tours, seasonal events, grand openings, parades, community festivities, corporate parties, customers, promotions, and to express gratitude to a valued customer.

Old Time Wagon Ride

$1.50 $1.50 $1.50 (per person) Visit Old Sacramento, Sutter’s Fort, and other iconic monuments in the old fashioned way with a wagon trip that the entire family will love. It’s only $2 per person for a ten to fifteen-minute trip through Old Sacramento, or you may plan a ride to come to you. We will come to your company, school, or house for any event or occasion – this is especially useful for seasonal events, parades, and celebrations throughout the holidays!

Old Town Sacramento

a twenty-dollar bill (per carriage) Experience Old Town, which was formerly known as the Sacramento of the Gold Rush. Museums, concerts, restaurants, a broad selection of stores, the Delta King paddle boat, and a 28-acre State Historic Park are just a few of the attractions. The session will last around 10 to 15 minutes. All charges are based on the carrier, not the individual. Each carriage may carry a maximum of 6 passengers.

River and Park Rides

$35, $40, and $45 are the prices (per carriage) RIDE ON THE RIVER: Take in the sights of the magnificent Sacramento River. It’s possible that you’ll witness the ancient Tower Bridge elevate in anticipation of an old-fashioned paddle-wheel boat sailing past. It will cost you $35. PARK RIDE: This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the town and the park at the same time. A modest picnic area, but one that makes up for its little size in charm and character. A lovely Victorian-style structure and the Crocker Art Museum are also located nearby, providing a pleasant canopy of shade for the park visitors.

Ride down the river and through the park for a unique perspective of the town and its surroundings.

The fee is $45 per person.

Capitol Ride

a total of $80 (per carriage) You’ll get to enjoy the River and Park rides, as well as the option to walk right up to the front steps of California’s State Capitol building. It will take around 50 minutes to an hour.

Storybook Weddings

$300 for the first hour, and $100 for each extra hour When it comes to wedding transportation, our exquisite horse-drawn carriage service is the ideal approach to ensure that the bride-to-be has the most memorable experience possible on the most significant day of her life. The prices shown are for the downtown region of Sacramento, and are subject to change. Please get in touch with us if you require prices outside of this area. For additional information, please see our Storybook Weddings page.

Fab 40’s Christimas Tour

$150 (for transportation); $250 (for lodging) (wagon) A favorite Christmas ritual for many families and friends is to tour the Fab Forties by horse-drawn carriage or wagon, and there’s no better way to take in the holiday lights and decorations than by horse-drawn carriage or wagon.

It will take around 1 hour. For additional information, please visit our Fab 40’s Christmas page.

Final Remembrance

Pricing can be obtained by contacting us. When a loved one passes away, it is a painful moment, but you may honor them with a touch of old world respect, formality, and flair by holding a funeral service in their honor. The deceased and the bereaved will be transported in luxury and style by a horse-drawn hearse that is both comfortable and traditional in design. The best way to say farewell is with an artistically crafted interior that includes your choice of color for both the horse and the carriage.

Noble Horse Carriage Ride

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and River Dyeing in Chicago 12Mar

Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade/River Dyeing

Parade and river dyeing in Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day 12Mar

Chicago Restaurant Week

Dining patrons may take advantage of special prix fixe meals offered by restaurants across the city during Chicago Restaurant Week. More information can be found at Six performances at the CIBC Theatre 29Marto03Jul

Six at CIBC Theatre

Six of Henry VIII’s wives, ranging from Tudor Queens to Pop Princesses, take to the microphone to regain their identities. More information can be found at Opening Day for the Chicago White Sox is March 31st.

Chicago White Sox Opening Day

Summer will officially begin on March 31st, 2022! More information can be found at Maxwell Street Market is open from 3 April to 18 December.

Maxwell Street Market

In addition to homemade crafts and vintage clothing, the Maxwell Street Market also offers resale homes and antiques. More information can be found at Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs is April 4th.

Chicago Cubs Opening Day

On April 4, 2022, the Cubs will return to Wrigley Field for the first time in over a century! More information can be found at EXPO Chicago will be held from April 7th to April 10th.

EXPO Chicago

Opening at the historic Navy Pier is EXPO Chicago, the International Exposition of ContemporaryModern Art (IECMA). More information can be found at The Mole de Mayo Festival will take place from May 27th to May 29th.

Mole de Mayo Festival

Prepare to sample mole sauces from over 20 participating restaurants, as well as a greater selection of mole sauces from across the world. More information can be found at

Uptown Carriages – Downtown Memphis Carriage Rides

SERVICE HOURSMonday-Thursday 3pm-1am Friday 3pm-2am Saturday 12pm-3amSunday 12pm-1am *CARRIAGES ARE AVAILABLE ANY OTHER TIME WITH ADVANCE RESERVATIONCarriages sit up to six adults. Carriage rides are per carriage not per person.Make the memories last a lifetime, ask about our photo shoot with no obligations to buy. www.wolfeyephotography.comCOURT SQUARE TOUR$55/15min includes Court Square park and the main street trolley line.COTTON ROW TOUR $95/30min includesCourt Square Touralong with Confederate park(overlooking river) and Cotton Row.ROCKBLUES TOUR $145/45min includesCotton Row Touralong with a Beale Street tour.OLD MAN RIVER TOUR$185/1hr includesCotton Row Tour, Jefferson Davis park, river walk, Tom Lee park(right ON river) Beale street and Peabody Place entertainment district.ARTS DISTRICT TOUR $275/1hr 30min includesOld Man River Tourwith the South Main Arts District and The National Civil Rights Museum.PINCH-ARTS DISTRICT TOUR$365/2hr includesArts District Touralong with the Pinch District, Civic Center and The Pyramid.

-We honor Visa, Mastercard, DiscoverAmerican Express-.

*select carriages are heated/enclosed for rain/cold weather.HOMEPAGE2021 Uptown Carriage Co.

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