How Much Are Horse Trailers? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • The costs of basic horse trailers vary greatly. They can range from $2,000 to $30,000 depending on their size, hauling capacity, weight, and material used to construct it. The cost can go up if you have a gooseneck hitch or add living quarters.

How much money is a horse trailer?

The costs of basic horse trailers vary greatly. They can range from $2,000 to $30,000 depending on their size, hauling capacity, weight, and material used to construct it. The cost can go up if you have a gooseneck hitch or add living quarters.

Is buying a horse trailer worth it?

It’s never a good idea to buy a trailer to haul horses for your friends, unless you don’t mind losing the friendship. Buying a trailer that holds more than two horses requires a heavy duty towing vehicle, so you will be spending more money not only for the trailer, but for the necessary truck to pull it.

Why are horse trailers so expensive?

Horse trailers are expensive because they have numerous accessories and built-in features.

How much is a horse?

To buy a horse, you can expect to pay between $100 – $10,000, depending on the horse breed’s pedigree, how you are planning to use the horse, and your location. The average cost of a hobby-horse is about $3,000. According to Seriously Equestrian, the most expensive horse breeds can cost up to $250,000.

How much is a horse saddle?

How Much Does a Horse Saddle Cost? On average, a horse saddle will cost around $500. But as we just stated, the price of horse saddles is influenced by many factors, thus it can vary greatly from one saddle to another. While some saddles will cost as low as $100, others can go up to $ 8, 000 or more.

Which horse trailer is best?

6 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

  1. Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer. Cimarron Norstar Horse Trailer – Image courtesy of Cimarron Trailers.
  2. Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer with Hay Pod.
  3. Platinum Coach Outlaw.
  4. Featherlite Country Estate Villa.
  5. Sundowner Special Edition Series.
  6. Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters.

How do you buy a horse trailer?

The first thing you should do when you consider the size of a trailer is look at the height, weight, and breed of your horse. Find a trailer where your horse is going to fit both comfortably and safely. If the space is overly large, your horse will be able to shift around too much during travel.

What do I need to know before buying a horse trailer?


  • Inspect the general condition of the Horse Trailer -sides, front and rear ramps, roof.
  • Look underneath for signs of woodrot or metal fatigue in the floor and ramp, especially the ramp top near the hinges.
  • Check the condition of the metal chassis.
  • Look at the way the trailer is sitting.

How much does it cost to wrap a horse trailer?

If you tie a horse to the trailer the wrap will surely be ruined. A good quality wrap is going to cost you $8-10 per sq foot for the print and installation.

Can you build your own horse trailer?

You can build the whole trailer like a box, making the sides long enough in height to put a flat roof on it. An alternative would be to build the sides about 8 feet high, then build an A-frame on the top to accommodate a piece of sheet metal or aluminum.

What is the most expensive horse trailer?

This Cimarron Norstar 4HLQ trailer deserves a closer look as it is one of the biggest, most luxurious, and most expensive trailers out there. In fact, the retail price on this trailer is $222,935 – just about the same as a new Lamborghini.

What is a 2 1 horse trailer?

What is a 2+1 Gooseneck Horse Trailer? It is a gooseneck horse trailer with two straight load stalls in the rear of the trailer with a third box stall towards the front. There is a dressing room compartment / tack room in the gooseneck portion of the trailer.

Can you buy a one horse trailer?

If you just have one horse, you may be thinking about purchasing a one stall horse trailer. These single horse trailers are great for doing one thing, transporting one horse. If that’s all you have, it may be a perfect fit. Purchasing is a big decision though.

Can you haul a tractor in a horse trailer?

Hauling Farm Equipment with a Horse Trailer Sometimes you may need to haul farm supplies with your horse trailer. This may include things like tractors, lawn mowers, or hay bales. Brad explained, “ As long as the equipment will fit and doesn’t overload the trailer axles and tires – this would be okay.”

Horse Trailer Cost-A guide with example prices

Any links on this page that direct you to things on Amazon are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a compensation. Thank you in advance for your assistance — I much appreciate it! So you’ve just invested in a horse. Congratulations. Even if this is your first time purchasing a trailer, you should conduct extensive research before settling on a certain brand or style of trailer. And, maybe most importantly, how much money you can anticipate to spend. The price of a simple horse trailer might vary significantly.

If you want to use a gooseneck hitch or add living accommodations, the cost will likely increase.

By doing so, you’ll discover which characteristics are most essential to you and you’ll save yourself some money in the long run.

Horse trailer with a simple bumper-pull design.

The following are some of the subjects I cover:

  • Purchase an old or new horse trailer
  • Which is preferable. Cost of an aluminum two-horse trailer with living quarters on a typical basis
  • A two-horse bumper-pull trailer with an average cost of $1,500
  • Where to look for the finest bargains

Buying your horse trailer: Used or new?

Having access to a horse trailer offers up a world of options for both you and your animal. Having the ability to transport your horse on trail rides, enter it in shows, and transport it to the veterinarian are just a few of the numerous reasons why owning a horse trailer is advantageous. You should consider your horse trailer to be one of the most significant investments you will make for you and your horse. Whether you are purchasing a used or new trailer, it is critical that you conduct thorough research and understand what you want from your trailer before making a purchase.

A big horse trailer with living quarters, on the other hand, is recommended if you want to travel numerous horses, exhibit your horse, or take your horse on camping excursions, among other activities.

The decision between purchasing a new or used trailer is also influenced by your budget.

Horse trailers degrade at a rate of 25 percent every three years, on average.

For every 10,000 dollars spent on a secondhand trailer, you save 2,500 dollars! If you decide to purchase a used trailer in order to save money, it is critical that you understand the advantages and disadvantages, which I have listed below for your convenience.

Pros of buying a used horse trailer Cons of buying a used horse trailer
Lower price.Your savings on a used trailer are typically 25% or greater. No warranty.Private party purchase means you forego service and warranties.
Smaller EMIs.If you plan on taking a loan for a used horse trailer, then your monthly payments will definitely be smaller than they’d be with a new trailer. Reliability– There is always a chance that you’d spend a lot on repairs. This is especially true if there is no warranty left.
Quick payoffs.You can quickly pay off the trailer within a short period. Lack of variety –with so many newer models of trailers coming in, you won’t get the same choices like colors, size, features, etc., in used trailers. Therefore, you’d need more flexibility and have to settle for what you get.

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The average cost of an aluminum two-horse trailer with living quarters

If you are a horse enthusiast who enjoys spending time at horse shows, you might consider purchasing a trailer that has living spaces attached to it. Because they are available in a variety of styles and configurations, the pricing of these items vary widely. The more luxurious models include various sleeping chambers, awnings, and even a tiny kitchenette. For example, a simple aluminum trailer for two horses with living quarters will normally cost around $25,000. It’s important to understand what to look for when purchasing a trailer so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Slant-load trailer

Slant-load trailers are quite popular, and some people believe they are safer and gentler on horses than straight-load trailers, which is not always the case. A comparison of slant and straight load trailers was written by me and may be of interest to you. The majority of slant load trailers have a carrying capacity of between 2 and 8 horses. It costs between $4,000-$10,000 to purchase and operate a 2-horse slant load trailer, depending on the weight, kind of hitch, and other factors.

Living quarters

2-horse trailers with living quarters can range in price from $20,000 to upwards of $100,000, depending on the amount of luxury included in the package.

Basic aluminum trailers for 2-horses

It is possible to purchase a simple 2-horse straight loading trailer for anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000, depending on the kind of hitch. These trailers are equipped with a manager or a feeding area.

Basic livestock trailer

It is possible to purchase a simple cattle trailer for as little as $4,000 to $15,000, which includes no living accommodations and no windows — just slats for ventilation.

Used horse trailers

Used trailers with living quarters can range in price from $1000 to $60,000, depending on the year of production, general condition, weight, and size, among other factors, and are available for purchase online. Find out whether a Gooseneck or a Bumper-Pull is more suitable for you!

Average cost of two-horse bumper pull trailers

The fact that bumper pull horse trailers may be attached to any towing vehicle and do not require a pickup truck makes them extremely practical for horse trailer owners. A brand new bumper pull-horse trailer can cost between $10,000 and $30,000, depending on the specifications. Used ones are less expensive, but keep in mind that the choices and sizes have an impact on the price. Bumper-pull trailers are significantly less expensive than trailers equipped with a gooseneck hitch. Don’t let the figures scare you away from your goals.

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Costs of horse trailers with living quarters

Are you looking for a trailer that includes living quarters? There are a variety of reasons why having one could be advantageous. When we were at horse events, it was wonderful to have a place to unwind and enjoy ourselves. It was also convenient to be able to take horses on weekend camping vacations, and having the option of sleeping inside and taking showers (and even flushing the toilet) was a lovely bonus. Depending on your needs, you may purchase a horse trailer with completely finished living quarters or one that is more basic, and then make adjustments as your preferences change.

We bought ours without air conditioning and had it installed by a third party for a fraction of the cost of what the dealer would have charged. I calculated the cost of a horse trailer with living quarters and included it in the table below:

Brand Price
Sundown Trailer (2 horse slant, gooseneck hitch with dressing room) $8,500
Featherlite (4 horse slant) $16,295
Exiss (2022, 2 horse bumper pull slant load) $21,900
Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters (4 Horse, with living quarters) $120,000
Platinum Coach Outlaw (2022, 3H, living quarters) $123,000
Star Trailer (1 Horse, living quarters, gooseneck, straight load) $38,000

Gooseneck trailer made of aluminum

Additional costs to consider when buying a trailer:

If you are in the market for a trailer, it is important to take into account all of the additional expenditures associated with purchasing one. Along with the cost of the trailer itself, there are additional expenses to consider, such as those for registration and sales taxes. In addition, you must prepare your vehicle for transporting by installing appropriate mirrors and hitches, among other things. Conversations with friends who routinely move horses or who own trailer dealerships are the most effective approach to determine what kind of funding is required for this type of job.

  • Sliding side view mirrors — range in price from $10 to $450, depending on the model
  • The cost of installing the hitch ranges from $200 to $1,500, depending on the type of hitch used. Batteries, switches, and wiring for a breakaway system range from $40 to $200. Repairs and maintenance that are ongoing
  • Insurance – in order to safeguard your trailer from collision, you must pay at least $30 per month in insurance premiums. The cost of a license ranges from $10 to $80, depending on your state. Maintenance is performed on a monthly basis.
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Places to find the best deals on horse trailers

Finding a reputable horse trailer vendor is best accomplished through word of mouth. Talk to other equestrians and seek for advice from those who have recently purchased so that you will know who to trust when making a purchase, whether it is online or in person. The following is a list of the most reputable horse trailer vendors on the internet:

  • Horse Trailer World
  • Horse Trailer New and Used
  • Horse Trailers Classified
  • Horse Trailers for Sale
  • Horse


Investing in a high-quality horse trailer is a significant investment. Their primary function is to protect the safety and comfort of your horses, but they are also constructed of high-quality materials that will endure for years if properly maintained. Choosing a model with cushioned walls, hay storage or feeding space, gear hooks, and comfy rubber floors will cost more money than choosing a simple model that does not have any of these amenities. In summary, there isn’t much you can do about the fact that purchasing a luxury-style horse trailer may be quite expensive, depending on how many bells and whistles it comes equipped with from the start.

The trailer should be large enough to accommodate your horse(s) and equipment, and you should feel comfortable transporting your horse in it as well.


For those who routinely transport horses to shows and other equestrian activities, a horse trailer is a sensible investment to make. You should make certain that you have the appropriate towing vehicle for the trailer.

Why are horse trailers so expensive?

Horse trailers are costly because they must be strong enough to withstand long trips over uneven roads while also protecting the horse transported within from harm. For this, heavy-duty axles, sturdy exteriors, and structural integrity are required, all of which are expensive.

Do horse trailers hold their value?

A decent horse trailer from a reputable manufacturer can retain a portion of its worth for several years, although they do decrease in value over the course of time. You will, of course, want to put money aside for the trailer’s care and maintenance. Some companies, for a small additional fee, include a 5-year warranty, which can be well worth it.


Straight-Load Trailer: $5,000-$17,000 Slant-Load Trailer: $5,000-$30,000+ Trailer With Living Quarters: $35,000-$100,000
Small horse trailers are typically bumper pull (also called drag or tag-along), meaning they use a standard receiver ball on the back of the tow vehicle. Larger and heavier horse trailers may have a gooseneck or fifth wheel hitch, either of which connects to a device inside a pickup truck bed. A gooseneck hitch connects to a standard ball receiver while a fifth wheel uses a king pin system like those used by semi-trucks. Bumper-pull trailers tend to be smaller and less expensive, but gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches can pull more weight with better control and stability.Typical costs:
  • The slant load horse trailer is the most popular type of horse trailer available on the market, as the horses are loaded at an angle. Bumper pull or gooseneck style slant-load trailers may accommodate 2-8 horses or more and range in price from $5,000 to $30,000 or more, depending on the number of horses hauled, the trailer’s size, weight (in pounds), and the trailer’s materials (fiberglass, steel, aluminum). Based on the size and level of luxury, a horse trailer with living accommodations may range in price from $35,000 to $100,000. Examples include the two-horse, slant-load, 13’9″, bumper-pull Thuro-Bilt Spirit, which sells for approximately $5,200-$5,300
  • The three-horse, slant-load, 25′ Sundowner Sportman Gooseneck, which sells for approximately $19,000-$22,000
  • And the gooseneck slant-load Exiss ES 307 LQ, which sells for approximately $5,200-$5,300. A simple two-horse straight-loading trailer can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $17,000, depending on the size, weight, and materials used, as well as the style of hitch. A basic three-horse trailer can cost anywhere from $37,000 to $41,000. These trailers provide enough space for two horses to be loaded in a straight line, as well as a “manger” area for feeding and storage. Typical horse trailer prices range from $8,000 to $9,000 for a bumper-pull, two-horse, 14-foot Homesteader Stallion horse trailer with rear ramp, aluminum exterior, and rubber floor system. Horses can also be transported in a basic livestock trailer with no inside partitions and instead of windows, open “slats” near the top of the trailer. A cattle trailer can range in price from $4,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on its size, weight, materials, and hitch configuration. For example, a 16-foot, bumper-pull, all-aluminum Exciss STC 16 B sells for between $12,000 and $14,000
  • According to, used horse trailers start at around $1,000.
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What should be included:
  • The materials used differ. Aluminum can not rust, takes less care, has a longer lifespan, and has a greater resale value in many cases, but it is the most expensive material to purchase initially. Fiberglass is the least costly and lightest of all the materials available, but it is also the most fragile and easily broken. Metals such as steel are less costly and less brittle than aluminum, but they are also the heaviest and need the most upkeep to keep them from rusting. Trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating of 1,500 pounds or more are required to have brakes on all four wheels in most jurisdictions. In certain areas, they are known as surge brakes, which are engaged after the trailer’s brakes have been applied by the tow vehicle’s brakes. In other places, electric brakes can be used in conjunction with the tow vehicle’s brakes. The American Boating Association has compiled a list of towing regulations by state. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides safety recommendations for those who are hauling a trailer. Gooseneck trailers can make sharper turns than bumper pull trailers because of their longer length. An summary is provided by
  • It is possible that extended side view mirrors will be required. These cost between $4 and $50 for devices that clip onto the current side mirrors, and between $150 to 450 for those that are permanently installed. In most cases, installing a normal balltrailer hitch on a tow vehicle will cost between $200 and $500 or more
  • A gooseneck hitch will cost between $400 and $800
  • And a fifth-wheel hitch would cost between $400 and $1,500. A spare tire can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 or more, depending on the size and kind
  • A bolt-on spare tire carrier can cost anywhere from $15 to $100 or more. Include the cost of continuous maintenance and repairs in your overall budget. The National Ag Safety Database outlines the fundamentals of agricultural safety. An electronic trailer brake controller normally costs between $40 and $200 and may be purchased through auto parts stores, trailer dealers, or internet merchants such as Amazon. Depending on whether the tow vehicle has been prewired, the controller can be plugged in and utilized right away. If not, installation and wiring will cost an additional $100-$200 or more. An emergency breakaway system to halt a towed trailer or vehicle in the event that it becomes dislodged normally costs $10-$40 and is comprised of a battery, a switch, and cabling. They may be purchased via trailer or boat dealers, as well as from internet sellers such as Amazon. When towing a loaded horse trailer, the fuel economy of the towing vehicle can be reduced by a few miles per gallon or even by half or more.
  • Tennesse Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association offers recommendations for selecting a safe horse trailer
  • offers purchasing criteria
  • And a few notable manufactures include CM, Elite, Featherlite, Homesteader, Sundowner, and Thuro-Bilt, to name a few examples. The websites,, and similar sites provide listings for both new and old horse trailers for sale.
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Size of Trailer:16 foot Make/Model:
Posted by:KAS in Somis, CA. Posted:March 11th, 2019 11:03AM
Size of Trailer:4 horse slant load gooseneck Make/Model:Logan Horse Competitor VI
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Needs a paint job but only has about 20K miles on it; customized for warmbloods; few more custom features
Posted by:Crystal Williams in Anna, TX. Posted:February 19th, 2016 07:02PM
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Horse Trailers for sale

Horse trailers may be used for a variety of purposes more than simply transporting your beloved companion. The ability to purchase used horse trailers for sale on eBay might give you with the opportunity to buy a reasonably priced, high-quality horse trailer for your horses. Read on to learn all you need to know about horse trailers before you make your next purchase. Choosing the most appropriate horse trailer for your needs Horse trailers are generally classified into two categories.

If you own a car, the sort of horse trailer you choose will be influenced significantly by your vehicle’s capabilities. Horse trailers of both sorts are available for purchase on eBay in a variety of configurations.

  • Ball mounts – These are used to attach to the vehicle’s frame or to the bumper, depending on the situation. You can still pull a trailer with this choice because it is the least expensive and has a lesser overall weight that can be hauled. This connection enables for a more stable load and the towing of a significantly larger trailer, thanks to its fifth wheel design. These sorts of trailers can accommodate a greater number of horses.

What choices do horse trailers have in terms of design? There are many different forms and sizes of horse trailers to meet different sized horses and their requirements. It is the no-frills alternative for transporting horses on the road, giving open vents and exposure to the weather while nevertheless ensuring that the horses’ safety is not jeopardized. Other trailers offer additional alternatives for the driver and the horses in terms of comfort, which is a plus. A stall’s shape might be either rectangular or tilted, depending on how the trailer is constructed.

  • Often, stalls are split by a head divider, which is a partitioning that is at head height in order to keep each hose contained inside its own section.
  • Providentials for drivers of horse-trailer trailers Yes.
  • On fifth wheel connected trailers, this is often the section of the trailer that hangs over the bed of the truck.
  • Some trailers will be equipped with a built-in generator, which will provide energy to the driver when the trailer comes to a halt.
  • It is important to be aware of the various different possibilities available while searching for used horse trailers for sale by owner or bank owned horse trailers for sale.
  • Escape doors are installed in the vehicle as a safety feature for the driver. These are normally positioned at the front of the trailer, nearest to the towing vehicle, and provide an escape path for the driver or caregiver in the event that a horse becomes unpredictable. Some trailers are also equipped with inside lights. If you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night, this will be beneficial to both the driver and the animals
  • Storage places for the horse in tow within a horse trailer are also beneficial. An example of such a location would be a place where hay, water, and other supplies are stored for use either en route to or at the final destination.

6 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Escape doors are installed in the vehicle as a safety feature for the driver. These are normally positioned at the front of the trailer, nearest to the towing vehicle, and provide an escape path for the driver or caregiver in the event that a horse becomes unpredictable. Some trailers are also equipped with inside lights. If you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night, this will be beneficial to both the driver and the animals; storage places for the horse in tow within a horse trailer are also beneficial.

1.Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer

a Cimarron Norstar horse trailer (photo courtesy of Cimarron Trailers). Cimarron Norstar horse trailers are designed with flair, durability, and safety in mind, so that you and your horses may travel in comfort and safety. Personalize the interior and outside of your trailer to give it a unique look and feel. It is possible to configure slant load and straight load zones for your horses in a variety of configurations. This trailer is loaded with features and is designed to provide maximum safety and comfort for you and your horse.

It has an entertainment center with a television, satellite dish, radio, CD, and DVD players, as well as a computer station.

You’ll also like the carbon dioxide detector, which helps to assure your safety when you’re using the gas stove. Not only is this trailer well-constructed, but it also offers more than enough space to accommodate six people comfortably.

2.Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer with Hay Pod

Pictures taken with the permission of Equine Motorcoach and used with their permission. It’s possible that the Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer is the appropriate choice for you if you need to move up to six horses. This huge horse transporter and recreational vehicle has a towing capacity of 40,000 pounds. Horses may travel comfortably in a sleek mobile stable that can be configured for straight load or slant loading and has plenty of equipment and storage space. There are configurations for between two and six stalls, so horses can ride in luxury.

When it comes to first-class living quarters, you have a variety of options to pick from, as well as a variety of improvements.

The spacious cabin gives all of the space you’ll need to relax and enjoy your horseback riding excursion.

3.Platinum Coach Outlaw

Photographs courtesy of Platinum Coach for their Platinum Coach Outlaw model. The Platinum Coach Outlaw trailer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a low-cost solution that offers comfortable and handy amenities at a reasonable price. Not only does it have the capacity to accommodate up to five horses, but it also has some wonderful amenities in the living area, such as a sleeper sofa and an HDTV. It also has plenty of storage space for your horse’s equipment as well as unique side windows for each horse.

4.Featherlite Country Estate Villa

The Country Estate Villa is a 53-foot model that offers luxury-class accommodations. This luxurious living space has upmarket luxuries such as an electric fireplace and copper vessel sinks in the bathroom and kitchen, solid maple cabinets, a gas stove, hardwood floors, a 32-inch flat-screen television and XM Satellite Radio, among other things. Not only does this trailer include top-of-the-line amenities, but you can also personalize the features and design to suit your tastes and preferences.

The interior living space of this trailer is a whopping 33′ long, and it has four slide-outs for additional living space.

Stall pads, mangers, and a non-skid spray-on floor liner are all specifically made for the facility.

There is a three-horse slant load area on the upper deck. A one-horse straight load space behind the living quarters with a variable stall layout is also available, which may be used to store a golf cart if necessary. Featherlite’s horse trailer offers everything you need, and it does so in flair!

5.Sundowner Special Edition Series

Featured picture courtesy of Sundown Trailers, from the Sundowner Special Edition Series Trailer Sundowner is well-known for its high-quality products, which are available in a wide selection of models ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. A premium option, the Special Edition Series has larger living accommodations and more upmarket features that can compete with the majority of other luxury horse trailers on the market today. A whole family and four horses can be accommodated in one of the available accommodations.

Furthermore, the trailer is totally automated and can be controlled with a simple press of a button on the control panel.

Sundowner is one of the few trailer manufacturers that makes both the living quarters and the trailer in the same facility by the same business, which means you’ll only have one point of contact for servicing.

6.Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters

trail boss custom living quarter – pictures and information Thanks to Trail Boss Conversions for their assistance. Why buy a trailer off the shelf when you can create your own to meet your specific requirements? If this sounds attractive to you, then Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters is the only place to go for your accommodations. These trailers are available in over 15 different unique floor plans and designs, and include all of the luxury elements in the living area that many of the other trailer companies provide.

  1. Additionally, their design center can assist you in selecting your design style, color palette, and features, as well as demonstrating how to make the most of the given space.
  2. They will take you through every step of the process.
  3. When it comes to planning your trip excursions, the alternatives we’ve presented here provide a plethora of tempting possibilities from which to chose.
  4. Look no farther than Ken Feagin TruckTrailer for all of your horse trailer requirements!
  5. Pre-owned alternatives are available, or you may get started on ordering your ideal trailer from Sundowner or Homestead right now!

Other excellent alternatives for horse necessities may be found in our tack assortment. Every product we carry has been thoroughly reviewed by our knowledgeable team and has received positive feedback from our consumers. Comments will be reviewed and approved before they are shown.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Horse Trailer

Shopping for horse trailers is a lot of fun! It might sometimes appear to be a daunting task. Prior to getting started, develop a list of the most important items to remember. It is possible to separate the wheat from the chaff and make your trailer purchasing experience much more enjoyable by selecting on specifics such as horse trailer structure, loading manner, and hitch type. In today’s blog post, the team at Trails West Trailers will discuss five factors to consider when purchasing a horse trailer.

Horse Trailer Construction: Aluminum vs. Hybrid Styles

This is a topic that we’ve covered in greater depth in another blog. For the time being, be aware of the following:

  • Horse trailers made of aluminum are 10 percent to 15 percent lighter than steel trailers. In the case of frequent hauling out, this can result in considerable fuel savings
  • However, hybrid construction trailers, which are made of a combination of steel and aluminum, are durable and have emerged as a viable option for professional livestock CDL drivers who travel 70 hours a week.

Next, examine the type of hitch.

Bumper-Pull vs. Gooseneck Horse Trailers

Towing capacity of your truck has a significant influence on the type of horse trailer that you choose. If you intend on moving three or more horses on a regular basis, a gooseneck-style trailer and a larger vehicle will be more appropriate. Goosenecks also give additional alternatives, such as more tack space, dressing facilities, and even housing accommodations for those who choose to stay on the rodeo grounds for a prolonged period of time. For those who just have two horses and won’t be in the show grounds for more than a couple of days, a bumper-pull trailer would suffice.

Loading Style: Slant Loads vs. Straight Load

“When a horse enters a tight, gloomy place, he is acting against his natural survival instinct, which is a throwback to his days spent in the wild.”, according to a article. However, entering a bright, airy trailerthat is appropriate for your horse’s size and has proper ventilation can help to prevent the most prevalent causes of stress and stress-related accidents.”

  • Despite the fact that many horses appear to prefer to load in a slant loading trailer, most can be trained (at some point) to manage an upright load. Purchase a trailer that is appropriate for your financial situation and your horse’s preferences. Also keep in mind that elderly, arthritic horses may prefer to use a ramp. (We’ve also written on osteoarthritis in competition horses in greater detail. )

Next, let’s consider the size of your horses, both existing and prospective, to see how they compare.

How Tall Are Your Horses?

Any horse trailer will be able to transport a horse that is around 16hh, give or take a few inches. If you intend to compete in classical disciplines such as dressage or showjumping, you will ultimately purchase a larger Warmblood type horse, which will need the purchase of a horse trailer that is large enough to accommodate him.

  • Several smaller — but enormously popular — breeds, such as Quarter Horses and Arabians, may be transported in any ordinary horse trailer.

And finally, consider the tack space of any horse trailer you consider purchasing.

Adequate Tack Room

Consider the trailer of your dreams. Consider the possibility of taking your horse trailer on a trip. Your gear is up to the task, whether you’re hitting a local trail for a hike, hunting up in the high country, or rolling into the rodeo grounds on a Friday night jackpot to “chase cans.” You’ve put a lot of money into those saddles, so make sure you buy a horse trailer that has enough capacity for your accessories! Those that compete in events, we’re also looking at you. We’re well aware that it needs three sets of tack to go through three days of intense competition.

Every equestrian has a different concept for their new horse trailer, and this is no exception.

Trails West has the perfect horse trailer for every rider, whether they are a competitive or pleasure rider. Visit our blog for more fantastic information about horse trailers and hauling, and get in touch with us for a quotation right now.

3-Horse Trailers & 4-Horse Trailers – New & Used

A 3- or 4-horse trailer is the greatest option for horse owners who need to transport many horses to shows and events. These trailers are designed to keep your horses safe while traveling on the road. The trailers are available in two different configurations: with living quarters and without living quarters. Because it provides you with a place to stay while traveling, the living quarters design is an excellent choice if you are a frequent traveler. If you’re on a shorter journey, the non-living quarters type is a good choice because it is more lightweight.

  • Goosenecks are far more frequent on both 3-horse trailers and 4-horse trailers than they are on other trailer types.
  • If you are on a small budget or want to be able to tow the trailer with a conventional car, a bumper pull type is the best option for you.
  • That is why we are happy to associate with the greatest trailer manufacturing companies in the world, like Cimarron and Logan Coach.
  • Once you’ve decided on a trailer, we can provide you with dependable on-site financing options that are tailored to your specific requirements and budget.
  • We urge you to go through our collection and then get in touch with one of our friendly sales representatives to arrange a personal tour.

Horse Trailer World- Used and new trailers for sale.

Platinum 5H for the year 2019

$150,000 2019 Platinum 5H Full Rear tackDUBA conversion 37’ floor, 8’ nose Full rear tack Side load Mangers Drops on both sides Werm floor Swing out saddle rack Giant integrated haypod (82” x 10’ x 27”) Onan generator – MarquisRomance, AR
2018Sundowner Horizon 8011 RS18 $59,000 WA
2018Featherlite 940918 $20,500 CO
2012Exiss50 $18,500 TX
20044Star 3 horse slant77 $22,000 CA
2020Featherlite 940729 $22,900 MN
2004Bison LQ738051 $24,000 MO
20154 star 2015123 $78,000 OK
2000Barrett490 $21,500 MO
2015Shadow Select95 $23,000 MO
2004Logan Coach Qualifier129 $22,500 WY

New Dealer Trailer Listings have been added.

1999Adam1999 ADAM 74 $5,500 SC
2005Kiefer built 251 $32,500 TN
2016Trails West2H Straigh 38 $15,995 AZ
2007Titan2 Horse Av 41 $7,995 CO
2013Bloomer4HR LQ 108 $92,900 MN
2019Sundowner16′ Stockm 114 $13,995 OK
2022Platinum Coa24′ Perfec 17 $39,990 TX
2022S80 Warmbl 6 $28,995 GA
2017CimarronSlant Load 29 $31,000 FL
2015Bloomer4H 15’6 SW 211 $135,995 TX


New Dealers Online dealers that want to sell trailers come to this location. Horse Trailer Manufacturing Facilities Manufacturing facilities for horse trailers. Testimonials Selling trailers on the internet is effective! Take a look at what our customers have to say about us. Gallery of Photographs There are just photographs. This is a collection of photographs of various brands and models for your viewing pleasure.

Advertising Rates

4259 resultsFind new and used horse trailers for sale, as well as horse trailer dealers on Horseclicks today. We have over 6000 on site for you to browse, including Featherlite, Exiss and Sundowner Trailers. Get searching now!

3 horse slant, 15’ Short wall, 9’slide out, LQ

The following subcategory is available: Horse TrailersBrandHoosierYear2012ModelMaverickPull Type GooseneckLiving Quarters are located on the Gooseneck Peninsula. Absolutely immaculate, little used 3 horse slant with 15′ living quarters with 9′ slide out, 8′ wide, and.

2022 Shadow 38′ Gooseneck Toy Hauler Trailer

Horse TrailersBrandShadowYear2022Model38′ Gooseneck T.Pull TypeSubcategoryHorse TrailersBrandShadowYear2022Model38′ Gooseneck T.Pull Type The GooseneckLiving Quarters (Information) (2) The following features are included: 8, 000 pound axle rating, tandem axle, 14 tire plies, aluminum wheels, and dual hydraulic.

2023 4-Star Trailers 2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer

SubcategoryHorse TrailersBrand4-StarYear2023Model2 Horse Goosenec.Pull TypeGooseneckLiving Quarters-Info -(2) 3500 Axle Rating -15” Tire/Wheel Size -8 Tire Ply -(2) Electric Axle Brakes -Manual.

Learn About Different Types of Horse Trailers

Horse trailers are available in a variety of designs and sizes. If you simply have one or two horses, you are unlikely to require a trailer that can accommodate more than two horses. A smaller vehicle and trailer combo is also a little simpler to get your feet wet in the world of transporting. When looking for your first horse trailer, you’ll want to have a general concept of what’s available and what you’ll be using the trailer for so that you can choose a trailer that meets your requirements.

The following are the fundamental facts regarding horse trailers, including their materials and construction.

Bumper Pulls or Tag Alongs

  • Katherine Blocksdorf is a writer for The Spruce. Bumper pull or tag along trailers are attached to your truck by a hitch that is permanently attached to the truck’s frame and extends beneath the rear bumper. Bumper pull trailers are capable of towing up to four horses, depending on the size of the trailer and vehicle. Wind, horse movement, and other factors might cause swaying in these trailers, which are designed to be stable. They are a little more difficult to back up than a gooseneck, but not by much. Although they are referred to as bumper pulls, they are not linked to your bumper.


  • Trailers of the East Coast / Flickr / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Gooseneck trailers are far heavier than tag-along trailers, and they may necessitate the use of a bigger truck with a truck bed hitch to transport them. They are less difficult to handle than a bumper pull, and you may not even notice the movement of your horse or the wind when using one of them. As a result of their increased weight, gooseneck trailers will consume more gasoline, but if you’re frequently transporting more than two horses, this may be the best option for you.


  • Photograph by Ktmoffitt / Getty Images When shopping for horse trailers, the height and breadth are critical considerations. When being dragged, your horse should be able to stand with its head at a regular height and should not be required to skooch down. Horses of greater size require wider trailers. Trailers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from pony to draft horse, so make your selection based on the number of horses you’ll be carrying. It is preferable to have too much room, particularly at head height, than to have too little.

Stock Trailers

  • Courtesy of Fuse / Getty Images There are no barriers or stalls separating the inhabitants of a stock trailer, which is effectively an open box. In a stock trailer, you have the option of tying the horse at an angle or facing forward. Some stock trailers, depending on their size, are equipped with a gate that separates the boxstall area into two halves. Many horses who do not like to ride in a horse trailer will be more eager to ride in a stock trailer since they are brighter and more open in design than a horse trailer. When purchasing a stock trailer, be certain that it has a roof that is high enough for horses, since many are designed for cattle and have a low ceiling. Please proceed to number 5 of 11 in the following section.

Straight Loads

  • Zave Smith / Getty Images provided the image for this post. Straight load trailers are designed to transport horses with their heads forward and their tails at the back of the trailer. Only a few types of straight loads are capable of pulling the horse with its head turned backward. Due to the fact that horses may brace themselves on their haunches while you are braking and acceleration, this may be less stressful for them. You are not permitted to load a horse backward in a standard straight load trailer. Trailers with a straight loading ramp may accommodate two or more horses.


  • On the East Coast, trailers are everywhere. / Flickr / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Slants provide extra space for storage and living quarters, and depending on how the stalls are arranged, you may transport more horses in a smaller trailer with fewer stalls. Slant load trailers are classified into two categories. Both types of slant loads have the horses standing at a 45-degree angle to the road, but the horses in a reverse slant load are facing farther backward. As you put the brakes on, some horses may feel more comfortable in this setup because they can brace themselves with their stronger hindquarter muscles when you slow down. This may be less exhausting for the horse when carrying over extended distances. On the negative, it’s more difficult to get to a horse in the front stall of certain slants if the situation calls for it.


  • Getty Images / ROMAOSLO / ROMAOSLO Horse trailers may be equipped with a ramp for loading horses. A ramp may appear to be a smart idea, and many trailers are built with them, but they are not always the best option. Using a ramp provides a horse that is cautious about loading onto a trailer more time to consider his options. It is necessary to bend and raise in order to secure the ramp in place, placing you in the path of a horse’s heels. Additionally, ramps might be difficult to lift. It is possible that horses who are reluctant to load will be less reluctant to climb into a step-up entry if there is no heavy door or ramp to collapse or kick down.

Step Ups

  • Masakazu Watanabe is a photographer for Getty Images. Some trailers need the horse to step up in order to be loaded into the trailer. In many cases, this is less difficult than attempting to get a horse to walk up a hollow-sounding ramp that may seem like it is bending underfoot. The use of step-ups, on the other hand, may encourage a horse to rush as it jumps up, making it critical to train your horse to load gently regardless of the style of entry the trailer has. 9th of 11th paragraphs are below
  • Continue reading.


  • Photograph by David Wasserman / Getty Images It is typical to see steel trailers. However, they are more substantial in weight than aluminum or fiberglass combinations, but they are durable and provide some protection in the event of an accident. They should be kept in good condition and stored in a dry environment to avoid rusting.


  • Courtesy of Davidf / Getty Images Aluminum is lightweight and brilliant, but when it comes to repairs, it may be expensive and difficult to do.

Tack Areas and Living Quarters

  • Courtesy of JasonDoiy / Getty Images Some trailers contain compartments for storing your belongings. If you’re displaying or trail riding out of your yard, this will come in extremely helpful. Living quarters, sometimes known as “LQs,” let you to travel long distances with your horse, stay overnight at horse exhibitions, or camp on the trail. Many trailers with living quarters provide the same level of comfort as a traditional camping trailer
  • Nevertheless,

Horse Trailer Blue Book

Need horse trailer prices?Click here$9.99- A 24-hour, single user usage for the general public.Click here$59.99- A 30-day, single user subscription for retail and finance institutions.Click here$299.00- Annual subscription fee which includes up to 8 users for financial institutions and governmental [email protected] Used Valuations 1993-20192019 Horse Trailer Blue Bookonline onlyThe all new 2019 Horse Trailer Blue Book contains years of comprehensive data to be used as a valuation guide for used trailers.

Prices are derived from the MSRP, retail dealer input, and actual sales records.

The following makes are currently represented in this edition.

4 Star Aluminum Trailers 2003-current
Adam Trailers 2004-current
Alum-Line 1993-current
Bison Coach 2001-current
Bloomer Trailers 2012-current
Boeckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH 2007-current
Brenderup Real Trailers 1999-current
Charmac HorseStock Trailers 1993-current
Charmac Trailers 1993-current
Cherokee Trailers 2007-current
Cimarron Trailers – Aluminum 2005-current
Circle D Stock Trailers- Steel 1993-current
CM 2002-current
Diamond D HorseStock Trailers – Steel 1993-current
Donahue HorseStock Trailers- Steel 1993-current
Double R Trailers 2008-current
Dream Coach 2001-current
Elite HorseStock Trailers 2002-current
Enclosed Cargo/Utility Trailers(Generic) 1993-current
Exiss HorseStock Trailers – Aluminum 1993-current
Featherlite 1993-current
Fusion Custom Trailers 2008-current
Generic HorseStock Trailers- Aluminum 1993-current
Generic HorseStock Trailers- Steel 1993-current
Gore Trailers 2009-current
Hart Manufacturing 2003-current
Haulmark Trailers 1993-current
Hawk Trailers 2009-current
Hillsboro 1993-current
Interstate – Aluminum Skin 1998-current
Jackson HorseStock Trailers- Steel 1993-current
Kiefer Built 2001-current
Kingston Trailers 2009-current
Logan Coach 2002-current
Merhow Industries 2003-current
Pace American Trailers 1993-current
Platinum Coach 2005-current
Ponderosa Trailers- Steel 1993-current
S and H Trailer Manufacturing 2004-current
Shadow Trailer 2012-current
Sooner Trailer- Aluminum 1993-current
Sundowner 1993-current
Thuro-Bilt HorseStock Trailers – Steel 1993-current
Titan HorseStock Trailers- Steel 1993-current
Trails West HorseStock Trailers 1993-current
W-W HorseStock Trailers- Steel 1993-current
Wells Cargo Trailers 1993-current
Xpress Trailer Group 2008-current

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